Hope this Christmas

I sometimes have to ask myself why I spend so much time following this story.

Might it not seem a bit strange to day by day, month by month, year by year, follow every statement, article, twist, turn, meeting, etc. about something that after all this time still remains so secretive, mysterious and unknown? I can see how from the point of view of some the answer might be, yes — very strange, and maybe stupid.

But in all honesty, I don’t get bored or tired of learning as much as I can on the topic. It seems to me like the most natural thing in the world to follow a story about a technology that has the promise and potential of the E-Cat. Certainly I’d like more information, I would like to have seen certain things happen quicker, but I realize delays and problems are part of the development of most new technologies.

We all know there is a crying need for much improved energy technology in the world today. So much suffering could be alleviated if can come forth. My hope and wish this Christmas is that for the sake of all of us, the E-Cat, or something similar, will find its way into the real world in the coming year, and start to change the world for the better.

I know I am not alone in this hope. It is a pleasure to interact with the readers of E-Cat World — I wish you all a very happy Christmas!


  • Zaghlool

    Here is a Chrismas gift for readers and researchers:
    Cold Fusion Reactions by Renzo Mondaini from Havana , Cuba :


    You can carry out these experiments in your home’s garage.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Why do you say Renzo Mondaini from Havana , Cuba, when Mondaini says he’s from Ravenna, Italy? Has he moved?

      • Ramsy

        My God, all the Cold Fusion scientists are from Italy !
        Andrea Rossi, Cilani, Mondaini,…

        • AstralProjectee

          Sergio Focardi

  • Roger Bird

    I am also very facsinated and hopeful about LENR, but I know in my heart that we the human race will just be trading one set of problems with another, different set of problems when (not if) LENR comes on line. If there is a spiritual revolution, then real happiness will dawn. I draw your attention to Burma. It has a government second only to North Korea in stark evil and oppression, and thanks to this gang of mobsters (a kleptocracy) that call themselves a government, the country is in dire poverty, yet the people are very happy, perhaps second only to Bhutan in the Gross Domestic Happiness Index. And isn’t the happiness index the only one that really counts?

    • Pweet

      We may be trading one set of problems for another but one of the features of the human race is that we are survivors and we do that by solving the problems which we face.
      There is no doubt that cheap energy generation will create a new set of problems but whatever they are, I am equally confident we can work around those problems and come up with a better world out of it all.
      In the long term most of those problems will be solved when we use outr discoveries to go off and infest some other inhabitable planets.
      Some time over the next thousand years, regardless of all the technical difficulties, I am sure we will do that.

      • Roger Bird

        I am saying that without a spiritual revolution within the hearts and minds of individuals, the Gross Happiness Index will not budge because of LENR. And I say that as someone who is very excited about the LENR.

        It is almost certain that the suffering of poor people will be reduced, like fresh water in the Sahara, etc. But there will be more of the disease of kardashian-itis in the world, etc.

        • AstralProjectee

          I think LENR will naturally bring about a spiritual revolution. Since people will have more time on there hands.

          • Roger Bird

            It will also naturally bring about an epidemic of kardashian-itis.

    • admin

      I agree that cold fusion, or any other miracle technology, cannot of itself ensure happiness — and no doubt it will bring a new set of problems in its wake. However I think it can be a tool that can help alleviate a lot of suffering, especially among the most impoverished of the world. If handled well, I think LENR can contribute to happiness, but it will take wisdom to be able to handle it.

    • Whether or not it can increase happiness, LENR can increase the prospects of man’s and life’s long term survival on this planet and outside it.

    • AstralProjectee

      I agree LENR will make give us a new set of problems, but those problems will not be as bad as the last. And eventually we should balance out our beliefs, powers, and energies and have equilibrium with mother nature and have no real problems. That will not be for another 1000 years perhaps.

  • Pweet

    Here’s wishing you a very happy Christmas Frank, and a big “thank you” for taking the time to keep this web site running.
    Even though I now have little hope anything will come from A.R. and his e-cat, (as you can tell from my contributions) I still have high hopes that somewhere along the way we will find some form of cheap energy production other than just burning everything we can get our hands on.
    If A.R.’s circus can promote this without taking millions from innocent bystanders then I am more than happy for him to continue.
    Unfortunately however, when large companies put money into these sorts of risky ventures, when they turn sour they usually try to get their money back by passing the loss onto the enthusiastic bystanders somewhere down the chain. That could be anyone who frequents this web site looking for confirmation. It’s therefore good that they at least hear that there are different opinions other than ‘everything is looking good and there’s millions to be made if you get in early.’
    For that reason it’s good that you publish some of the more cautionary posts. Thanks for that.

  • blanco69

    Merry Christmas Frank, and to you all. Let’s hope that Rossi has the look of someone who knows he’s about to give the world the best Christmas present ever.

  • Andreiko

    Dutch parlementariers Search E-Cat!

  • georgehants

    Frank. many of us may feel the same way I think, when at my age one see’s the terrible mess that my generation has achieved one is always hoping for a miracle of some kind to help put right the philosophy of greed and corruption that is so rife everywhere.
    It seems very unlikely that a change of heart is going to come from within so we are left with the hope that some agency is able to lead the World to some kind of rationality more worthwhile than our own version that we practice everyday.
    Whatever that agency may be, Enlightenment is it’s name and if that comes from within or without any hint of a positive catalyst to spark a change is worth following.
    Not being religious, which does not mean I dismiss any core belief without it’s twisted human interpretation to gain privilege and position for the few, I am Spiritual in the simple way of caring for People and all life and the World itself.
    Happy Christmas to Everybody and everything in the World.

  • georgehants

    Frank Acland
    December 24th, 2012 at 2:06 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    I hope I am understanding correctly your reply to an earlier comment:
    The hot cat prototype will be ‘driven’ by electricity produced by itself? This would mean almost zero input energy from an external source — a COP of almost infinity.
    Have I interpreted correctly?
    Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
    Frank Acland
    Andrea Rossi
    December 24th, 2012 at 8:00 PM
    Dear Frank Akland: we are aimed to that target. The Tesla dream.
    Warm Regards,

    • NJT

      “The Tesla dream.”
      Thanks Frank for ‘pinging’ Rossie on this question. It looks like we may be GO for that target in 2013. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year in 2013…

  • georgehants

    Dr. Myron Evans
    Thoughts on Science, History, Poetry and Politics
    LENR : Celani Cell Replicated
    The Celani cell in low energy nuclear reactions has been replicated and so this new industrial revolution is well underway. So I will work on the LENR theory a bit more, adapting the theory of UFT234 for this purpose. It would be most reprehensible of any government not to develop LENR as quickly as possible. Similarly for the Alex Hill devices, which are already in widespread use in Mexico. In matters of funding it should be sought from bona fide government agencies. It is difficult to know the credentials of approaches on the internet, so due diligence is needed at all times. There are also interesting problems in new types of magnetic fields, and superconductivity. I encourage the group to apply ECE theory independently to any new problem. There are now 233 papers as background.

  • R101

    Christmas day is nearly finished here, but best wishes to all and sundry to those still in the throes!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Frank…..Merry Christmas.

    • andre blum

      merry Christmas!

      • admin

        Thank you, Jeremy and Andre, Same to you!

  • artefact

    From MFMP:
    Bob Greeneyer:

    We hope that you can all get properly involved in the many mini-projects we will be launching in the collaborate section. Literature/pape r/web review and distillation as well as design and manufacture will all be part of these projects and will mean that MFMP watchers can do more than just comment, they can become truly active participants in this Live Open Science approach and be a part of defining it.

    We have a vision, to publish a scientific paper with over 1000 authors.

    Join us, in the meantime, have a very happy Christmas”


  • georgehants

    9 Space Pictures That Look Like Santa, Rudolph, And Other Christmas Things

  • sven

    Well, this year has been a good one regarding more positive involvement from both media and larger companies, such as NI, STMicro, Toyota Mitsubishi etc. to name few. LENR was discussed at CERN, a EU committee noted LENR as one of the focus areas for future energy resources, Brillouin Energy seem to have got the funding of 20MUS$ after positive demonstration for investors and finally we got a 60minuite like TV program on the Swedish national television that was positive to Andreas Rossie’s operations. This is the same organizations that if I recall correctly condemned NyTechnik just a year ago for even discussing officially LENR as an option. So altogether, the evidence and interest is stacking up and the attention of the $280 billion spent every year on renewable energy investment will soon find it’s way into LENR.

    It is already the question if the more enlightened governments have started considering the LENR possibility. The first thing that we will notice will not be big announcements in the media but an increased oil and gas production with a drop in prices. This is due to the fact that if LENR is going to be reality, first there are no moral issues with pumping up a little bit more of CO2 for few years and secondly you only have a short time frame to make the most out of your oil resources. The best informed government would most likely be the US and what are they doing at the moment? The cheapest energy in the world today is natural gas in the US for heavy industry and the plans are all moving towards massive oil production from all available resources in the shortest time possible to pump up the economy. Just as you would expect from a government that has been informed on the possibility of an energy change.

    So stay tuned, 2013 will definitely be a good year for LENR.

    • Gerrit

      2012 also brought two NASA videos on the issue. LENR was discussed at several conferences: ILENRS-12, NETS2012, UN WSEC2012, The Atom Unexplored to name a few.

      Two american popular science magazines, _discover magazine_ and _popular science_ published articles about it.

      The article “Reviving Cold Fusion” appeared in the science magazine Chemical & Engineering News published by the American Chemical Society

      Another significant highlight is the 5.5 USD funding by the Kimmel Foundation for the University of Missouri SKINR institute to study the phenomenon.

      2012 was a good year for CF/LENR. Let’s hope 2013 brings more 🙂

    • Peter_Roe

      “The first thing that we will notice will not be big announcements in the media but an increased oil and gas production”

      That is a very interesting observation, and it would explain the sudden renewed enthusiasm for burning gas in particular, displayed first in the US and now in the UK. However before I can believe that it is actually the case, I will have to hear that the six huge new nuclear plants planned for the UK have been abandoned. The present govt. seems wedded to nuclear fission, and I haven’t seen any indication of any change in Cameron’s rather inexplicable enthusiasm for this deadly technology.

      I only hope you are right.

  • b4FreeEnergy

    Yes it’s strange, I’ve been following this E-CAT evolvements now for quite some time and yes sometimes you start wondering, will I still be reading here a year from now while still nothing really changed in the real world and we’re still filling our oil-burners (being cars or central heating or whatever) with oil. Oil which gets always more and more expensive.

    With the real world I mean that if I would need to buy a new burner for my central heating, would I have the option to buy something which is not burning oil or gas and which gets me off-grid and I mean really off-grid not a heat-pump still needing electricity from the grid to do its job?

    Some time ago some people here were wondering what happened with Robert Mockan who used to post here from time to time. Then this site was moved to another server and all posts which were related to that questioning were lost in the move to the new server. This may sound paranoia but it still proves how easy it still is to let something disappear without causing much noise or attract a lot of attention or even leave much traces …

    Merry Christmas to all and may the force be with us! 🙂

  • Marc Irvin

    Merry Christmas,

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done. Your site is my main source of hope for this life and this world.


    • admin

      Thank you Marc, thanks for visiting!

  • Methusela

    More Hope, I Hope!

    “Italo R.
    December 25th, 2012 at 6:27 AM
    Good morning Dr. Rossi:
    from http://www.cobraf.com, part of a message (translated with google):

    “… The two Cat, denied by skeptics and loved by Believers are complex, ingenious and very interesting – and especially not belong to the thought of a single person, not even in the basic insights – would be too many and different areas: there photonics, nanotechnology and nanochemistry, plasma theory, generation of RF power, antenna theory and, en passant, nuclear physics. A few role our Univerisità must have had, and not only in the development of individual modules, but also in making up of the devices in their entirety. and, indeed, this is strange: the rumors, there should have been, if only know a little the environment [and I know]. Instead, all silent … ”

    Could it be something true in it?

    Christmas Regards,
    Italo R.”

    “Andrea Rossi
    December 25th, 2012 at 7:33 AM
    Dear Italo R.:
    We are a very strong team and very well organized. Obviously we have learnt from Universities with which we made R&D. Between the E-Cat as it was 3 years ago and as it is today there are strong differences, and this evolution comes from the work not only of Leonardo’s employees, but also of all the University Professors we worked with.
    Warm Regards,

    • Frank

      Less hope (e-catworld is mentioned here):
      The fading dream for free and abundant energy

      • captain

        Krivit is selling hot air only.

      • Renzo

        Fading what? The author attempted a thorough overview of the situation but it seems his primary source is Krivit. Why bother with the issue of wet steam/dry steam that has been long superseded by the tests with running water, like the october 5, 2011 ? The rest is mostly baseless innuendo and unfounded negativity.

      • Jimr

        This appears to be an accurate history. In my opinion.

      • Gerrit

        very good story

      • V.p.S.

        I have been following the LENR story since almost two years now and this article looks to cover it quite well. The trend is clear – the story will be dead for the media soon, if there would be no tangible results acceptable in the public in the next couple of months. But may be this is good too – people like me just would not waste time for things that are not yet ready for dissemination and Rossi can work in quiet. And may be later, a year or two, we all will really become witnesses of the New Fire for the mankind.

  • Frank,

    Rest assured you are not alone in the hope for CF/LENR/Cats to succeed, soon.

    Thanks for making it a fruitful year for all of us thru your ECW.

    Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas & an incredibly happy 2013.

    • admin

      Thanks, Krish!

  • psi

    And a very merry Christmas to you, too Frank! Its great to have a site where there is continuing discussion on these important developments. Keep up the great work!

    • admin

      Thank you, psi!

  • Redford

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    I’m a religious man,and it is my belief that he is the most powerful being in our universe, no one can stop e-cat if he wishes it to be.
    And I believe he is taking action, in this reguard, and andrea rossi has said as much, he said that God was in control, and that he was only a tool. i believe this is true.
    it is too big a power for mortal man to control, just yet, he chose Dr. Rossi, to hold and develop this device so we can clean up our world that the powers that be have trashed, they too are on their way out, it looks to me like good times ahead, the Lord knows that mankind, has suffered enought,and now we can start acting like the son’s and daughters of the most high, today his birth is celebrated, lets all use our minds colectively, and make this e-cat device his bithday present, that’s the way God wants us to act. P.S.—And thank you sir, for all you do, this is a most excellent web site, —clovis

    • Kimball

      The other day you made a comment to one of my posts where you said we could exchange names because of our like-mindedness. Today I can say the same of you and your post. May God bless you on this holiest of days.

      peace on earth

    • captain

      Me too, I’m a religious man.
      That said, I’ve seen in italian forums ‘voices’ that are assigning the ‘secret’ of Rossi’s e-cats as coming from another inventor and then passed to Rossi in some way.
      To me, 3 things are important now as now:
      – that Rossi is going ahead with his creature;
      – that he trusts in our Lord;
      – that he has wisely seen the only actual practical way, repeat the only practical way (technological/commercial partnership) to have his hot plants soon operational on the market, producing electricity;
      – and as consequence, hopefully, helping in speeding up his credibility for having granted the due patents, brevets, a.s.o. from competent offices.

      • NJT

        Yes, He will catch most industry competitors ‘Flat Footed’. His present business plan is the only way into the industrial market place and us – hopefully…

  • Ramsy

    I remember the Cold Fusion discovery news started in 1979-1980 in all media including the American magazines “TIME” and “NEWSWEEK” ,about 10 years earlier than the year 1989 (Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann ).

    • Jacob

      Any one of us is that old to confirm this news ?

  • Jacob

    Yes, I’m agree with you Covis, Andrea Rossi received a special inspiration regarding uncovering the secrets of the Cold Fusion Phenomena at this time.
    Yes every thing is under God’s control, He wanted the Cold Fusion to be known at this time for reasons we don’t know about it right now.
    God blessed Adrea Rossi to be grace for all – Merry Christmas.

    • willgh

      Ambiguos feelings!

      I’m full of hope like all here, but still suffering doubt as long as there is no clear proof and MFMP is unable to show irrefutable results.

      Rossi has this italian attitude which everbody makes doubtful, NDA on nearly everything……………..

      Selling IP to US-Company is definitvly not what i would have prefered, i-pad has no open standard port to make you depending from it like from a drug.
      So every other US-Company will try to protect itself with patents and make their customers dependent from them. This will we the contrary of free energy, just another monopol…..

      • TPBurnett

        Rossi definitely needed to join a pack. His attempt with Defkalion turned out disastrous and his process probably stolen. This thing Rossi has is way to big for one man and he needs to keep his mind on what he does best (engineering). Having a US group running Leonardo Corp. is good news. US laws are fairly good at keeping companies operating fairly. In the US monopolies are illegal, for instance. Don’t worry about Non Disclosure Agreements. That is what protects investors and it goes with the territory.

  • mikeS_50

    Merry Christmas ALL

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    December 25th, 2012 at 7:33 AM
    Dear Italo R.:
    We are a very strong team and very well organized. Obviously we have learnt from Universities with which we made (and make) R&D. Between the E-Cat as it was 3 years ago and the E-Cat as it is today there are strong differences, and this evolution comes from the work not only of Leonardo’s employees, but also of all the University Professors we worked with and all the Consultants we ask the help of for specific issues. From November 2012 we also are teaming with the new Partners of the USA, and the evolution is growing exponentially, for many reasons.
    Warm Regards,

    • I found your note especially meaningful, Frank, because I and my newspaper, The American Reporter, have invested a great deal of time and space to developments in cold fusion that began with Randell Mills and Andrea Rossi. We continue to believe very strongly in its promise. I, too, became rather obsessive about the topic. Regrettably, the kind of public inquiry and examination that will be the true “test of fire” for cold fusion has yet to occur. Until that time, our doubts and fears are not stilled by the intermittent and uncritical offerings of Blacklight and Leonardo. I do believe, as Rossi states recently (see above), that progress is being made. We should not expect a world of free eneergy to burst upon us in a single moment. It will be a slow, hard climb to acceptance, yet I believe it will come. For now, I wish Mills and Rossi a very happy and productive New Year, full of positive results!