New ECW Forums Now Open

I have opened up a new Forums page for those who want to discuss outside of the post comments area. I have installed a brand new forum package which is integrated into WordPress, which allows for greater security, and for future expansion. To participate in the forums you will have to be a registered E-Cat World user. If you are not already registered, you can do so here.

So far I have created three separate forum areas, but more can be added over time if the need arises. One of the forums is for discussion topics related to Cold Fusion/LENR, another is for off-topic subjects, and the third is for tech support topics. I hope that people find them useful and enjoyable. Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions on how these forums, and the site in general can be improved.

  • Anonymous

    If other people could help, I would suggest a bit more granularity at the top level of the forum, i.e. about 7 major forum sections.


    Official Announcements and Guide Lines
    Other LENR Projects
    LENR Physics
    Other Emerging Technologies
    Off Topic

    • admin

      Thanks for these ideas. I would be interested in others’ thoughts on categories. I feel like too many categories can dilute the effectiveness of a forum, especially if there are not a tremendous number of posters, but I am certainly open to suggestions.

    • Peter_Roe

      I agree with Admin. I can’t see any point splitting CF into various sub-categories. They are all connected and generally of equal interest, and I would prefer not to have to jump around to find the latest comments on each sub-topic.

      I would like to see a separate section for other emerging (or at least proposed) energy technologies as you suggest, plus one for general OT discussions. Other topic areas might emerge in time.

      • Owen

        Yes to Peter’s idea: Other Emerging Energy Technologies

        And I agree, no reason to split LENR into subtopics unless the forum grows substantially.

        • GreenWin


        • admin

          Ok, I have added a new category for no CF/LENR energy technologies.

  • Mickey

    Well, Gary Wright dropped another bombshell.

    “Has 22 Steps of Love Given up on Rossi?”

    Daniele Passerini, Rossi’s friend shut down his blog.

    Frank – this needs a new page.

    • Methusela


      It doesn’t deserve a new page.

      He has a new woman in his life – that takes a lot of time, together with his other commitments.

      It’s hardly headline news.

      Just Gary exaggerating as usual.

    • Andrea

      I think this is because there is nothing wery soon to the horizon. Many people are walking away from the topic. Vaporware.

      • Peter_Roe

        Name six.

    • RenzoB

      Gary Wright, who ever he is, makes me sick

      • Peter_Roe

        He’s not very well in the head. We should show more sympathy and understanding.

        • GreenWin

          Possibly the Three Bridges Unit, on the grounds of Hanwell Asylum in West London?

    • captain

      Nothing of what mentioned above is right: it’s simply a matter of Passerini’s personal (actual) economic situation, absolutely not related with his blog management!
      His blog remains now ‘frozen’ awaiting possible better times.

      All is due for having helped a friend… Now he need a full time free to take care of his personal interestes, nothing else.

      • Gerrit

        Yes, very wise decision by Passerini to prioritize his private life.

  • Pweet

    I think if you fragment things too much you will end up with a lot of forums with not much in them. I find exactly this with Rossi’s blog. Lots of headings and you never know which one he’s saying something important on, if any. So now I mostly just look up the Rossi blog reader.
    I don’t mind the off topic stuff being thrown in.
    After determining if they are of any interest or not, it’s no trouble to flick over them if you’re not interested.
    And some of them are interesting.
    I often go back and look them up later if I see something interesting.
    Just my opinion.

  • elasticbucket

    Perhaps the following would cut closer to the chase, yet leave plenty of meat for discussion, just a thought on admin’s reply to anonymous’ post.

    1. Official Announcements and Guide Lines,
    2. LENR Commercial Projects – Suitors and Pretenders (as in aspirants) -: i.e. Rossi, Defkalion, etc. (which should also include discussions on LENR physics),
    3. Other recognised advanced LENR Research Projects and up-and-comming,(Not rehashed juvenile LENR projects) LENR like projects,
    4. Off Topic.

  • georgehants

    Morning, can I thank those who have spoken up for not hiding the corruption and incompetence of science regarding Cold Fusion and many other subjects.
    Those who would like to keep these things away from discussion as per the indoctrination of there superiors seem to unable to reply to my question.
    What would you suggest is done to remove the said corruption and incompetence displayed clearly by science in Cold Fusion.
    Until they answer that question I will not take them very seriously as they clearly would seem to just be displaying pique at science being shown in it’s True light.
    For those that think I take liberties with this site, I am sure Admin will not mind me informing readers that I keep in touch with him as regards to if I am to far off topic.
    The terrible state of science is far to important to allow the travesty’s practiced daily by their administration to go unreported.

  • georgehants

    CNET reporter quits over CBS interference January 15, 2013
    Technology reviews by website CNET have long been respected for their thoroughness and integrity, but that reputation has come under scrutiny after a top reporter quit over what he says is editorial interference by its parent company, CBS Corp.
    Read more at:

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    January 15th, 2013 at 4:53 AM
    Dear gian:
    The Third Party Validators are paid by nobody. They worked exclusively for scientific purpose. Tha pact with us is: they are allowed to publish where they want the results, whatever the result. We had to put at their disposal the Apparatus, in a clean room, with all the electric connections under their control, without limit of time.
    Warm Regards,

    • Gerrit

      pick one of these:

      a) Rossi is making this up. No validation took place and a report will never be published

      b) Rossi is telling “the truth”. The validation team will publish their report within a few months.

      Unless the report is published, there are no hard facts for either a) or b). Worst case there will be another option c) “validation performed, but doesn’t proof anything.”

      What I do not understand is why Rossi has avoided scientific validation for so long and now would allow it. Maybe he wasn’t ready before or maybe he was pressed into action by advances from competitors. Who knows.

      What will happen to the world when the validation report gets published ? Will the world go crazy over night ?

      The biggest fear I have is that market penetration will be bogged down with patent wars, regulation red tape, politics and competitor FUD.

      • lcd

        most interesting comment by Rossi in the last month.

        I agree with gerrit, even c could be a possibility at this point.

        With Rossi you just don’t know.

      • Bob

        To your points:

        A) While possible, I certainly hope this is not the case. However, I cannot understand why there can be no revealing of who the certifier is. It is certainly not forbidden to name the certifier ahead of time. This would certainly give more credit to the statements unless…

        B) the certifier is of unknown reputation or acredidation. Then even if the tests are done and prove positive, they will mean little to many people, especially the critics. Again, revealing the certifier would only help the situation in my opinion.

        C) If the results are positive, this will be the responses of critics. (“It proves nothing”) If the results are negative, this will be the response of many supporters… “it does not prove anything, it is just one test!” I believe this will be the case unless the certifier is well established and vocally comes out in support of thier report, (Whatever the findings) with both data and public press releases.

        What will happen when/if the report gets published? … Nothing…. There already has been one report published and it had no effect what so ever. Critics ignored it and supporters lauded it. The “World in General” never was even aware of it. The same probably will be of this report. The “World in General” will be ignorant of the story.

        Hopefully I am wrong, but I think not.

      • “why Rossi has avoided scientific validation” Since all we can do at this time is SPECULATE, I think Rossi misjudged, thinking he could invite scientists from around the world to observe and take some measurements, and that would convince others that the E-Cat was real. However, with the strong attack from Krevit and others, Rossi was labeled a fraud. That convinced many to criticize everything Rossi said about his energy reactors. And that is where we are today – until we get an independent validation report and/or a working reactor on display. jdh

    • clovis

      thanks, Dr. Rossi.
      Well said, and a very significant statement,if you tell the truth,
      you need not worry about any repercussions. stand tall and strong, the world lays at your feet, and i am trusting in you to carry out gods plan.

  • georgehants

    May I point out to those people that are complaining, that yesterday I put up a clear case of selective reporting by science and the Media.
    The report I posted was on the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life.
    If this had been a NASA report then even with the controversy over their last possible cover-up the media and science publications would be full or the story.
    The story was taken up and received many reply’s from interested readers.
    It was not about red rain but the corruption and incompetence of science.
    I may add for those that feel they must stay within the instructions they are given by authority that Admin puts up reports as found to keep the site interesting etc. this does not mean as today that we can only talk about “Forums.”
    Sometimes things are so quiet on Cold Fusion that it must be difficult to find anything new to put up.
    New Topics, unless real news are just to change the page and stimulate discussion.

    • Karl

      Fully agree with you. I do think Frank really appreciate variations of the discussion topics as it also helps him also to find new topics to maintain the dynamics in this site.

    • artefact

      Thank you George for your posts. I know you look for interesting CF news to post here (as I do from time to time) if you find any.

      As I love to think outside the box to get the bigger picture your slightly OT posts are very welcome and in my eyes they make the page visit here more interesting.

      If we have real news from the CF front (reports etc.) the user posts quickly get back on topic as we have seen in the past.

    • Gerrit

      George, most of us sympathize with your anger towards scientific corruption, I feel very informed about the position you have on that topic. I also appreciate most of the stuff you post here.

      I have two wishes: please pick the most interesting things, ie don’t post too many per day and please don’t complain to us here about science corruption, we have understood your point and I guess most of us already share that view with you.

      • Andre Blum

        for lack of a like button:


        I, too, like many of George’s posts, when they are closely related to LENR. But reading about extraterrestrial life is not what I come here for (at all!) And too much of that kind of talk will scare away new visitors.

        As far as I’m concerned, this is a cold fusion site, not a general unexplained phenomena site, or one about science corruption.

      • georgehants

        Gerrit, thank you and others, how do I answer your good points?
        I agree, It is not the scientists or people on page that see the point that need to look at my posts and of course I appreciate that continually pressing a point becomes boring to us all.
        It is the establishment and their followers that need to change or Science will stay the corrupt and incompetent joke that it has become.
        I do not know how to both put up posts that encourage scientists etc. to see the True position and yet not bore those able to see the necessity of change.
        I will think on the problem and welcome any more suggestions that are not abusive, Ha.

        • GreenWin

          IMO… part of the triumph of LENR is its demand for a far broader view of the conscious world. The fact that LENR has been studiously ignored in favor of a less beneficial agenda is not just political; it speaks to the moral evolution of human nature.

          We cannot improve that which we refuse to see as unhealthy. Only by acknowledging mistakes and selfish intent, can we grow and become better, more compassionate beings.

          But all is well in these spheres; the good voices of this forum have insisted on the need today for a powerful new energy source. It is well in hand due in part to the steadfast contributors here. What an excellent journey, with a satisfying outcome. Thank you George for being an enthusiastic part of that process. The Earth has trembled and a great drama unfolded – cold fusion is here, as it always has been.

  • georgehants

    Having now thought about the situation, I have decided that I will take a much more backseat position on Cold Fusion etc.
    I look forward to (on my new tablet) following the Wonderful points made by many of the contributers on these pages.
    I will make a couple of points —-
    The Rossi saga was finished three years ago when he first announced that he had made a breakthrough in the quantity of Energy achieved by his method.
    Every word printed and spoken since then except for fun has been a complete waste of time.
    He either has or has not made that breakthrough and only clear confirmation or refutation of the Evidence will determine that.
    Professional scientific life is not a matter of wasting time on speculation or opinion but finding the TRUTH.
    The Wonderful profession of Science, in many areas, is in a state of irrational denial on subjects as diverse as Cold Fusion to UFO’s and unless scientists start to, with great vigor, put that situation right, science will remain a second class occupation held up only by continual recourse to past successes and the few areas where freedom of thought is tolerated, defense and profit.

    • artefact

      Your new tablet for sure is also very good not only to read but to write posts.

    • georgehants
    • SteveW

      “The Wonderful profession of Science, in many areas, is in a state of irrational denial on subjects as diverse as Cold Fusion to UFO’s and unless scientists start to, with great vigor, put that situation right, science will remain a second class occupation held up only by continual recourse to past successes and the few areas where freedom of thought is tolerated, defense and profit.”

      -That won’t happen because the system of suppression works so well. Scientists are so easy to manipulate, all they have to do is threaten their mental competence not to mention tenure, grants, etc., and they fall right into line with the party line. They are so afraid of looking foolish they dare not mention the king looks naked to them. Once scientists say something is impossible, the press can just ignore it and not take it seriously since scientists are the ones more capable of determining what’s plausible. When someone from the “uncontrolled” public makes a claim, the controlled mass-media ignores it or makes a joke of it so the boob sitting in front of the tv doesn’t get distracted from more important things like Lindsay Lohan.

    • Sean

      My feelings are the same. Unless I had the equipment & money to develop cold fusion, I can only consider myself as a bystander. I prefer to participate. I have worked in industry and seen inventions grow into production very quickly. My patents in high voltage were made by necessity without the help of academia or scientists. My qualifications are minimal in electrics / mechanical. My only professional qualification is Pilot, multi engine Air & Sea. In fact most of the great inventions were done by ordinary people. My bet is that someone else will make an even bigger discovery than Rossi and hopefully to be shared as did Sir Frank Whittle with his. There are more materials to be found terrestrial and extraterrestrial for useable energy production (Electrical and gravitational.) Compressed and organised energy will be made into very smart materials that resemble metals. So I believe in an open science policy. Lots of exciting discoveries yet to come.

    • George,
      Although this is off topic, perhaps it’s worthwhile to tell how I encountered the red rain in Kerala. I’m speaking from memory so the details may be slightly wrong. Anyway, we had an astrobiology meeting in Copenhagen about 6-7 years ago. Someone from India gave a presentation (talk) about something which either was Kerala red rain or something very similar to it. The audience listened and made some reasonable questions such as: if you think you have ET organisms in your samples, why don’t you get their DNA sequenced for $XYZ dollars (which is not very much) and thereby prove beyond reasonable doubt that the DNA is not related to earthly organisms. Then my colleague stood up and said that to him the samples look exactly the same than spores of ABC that he has seen under microscope.
      No one in the room believed the results at the end, but there was no ridicule. Maybe because people in astrobiology are generally rather open-minded and/or because the amount of audience was not terribly big (about 50).
      In my opinion, there is irrational denial in some areas such as CF, but red rain in Kerala is not among them.

      • georgehants

        Pekka, thank you, I am afraid I have little knowledge of the findings previous to my post regarding N. C. Wickramasinghe*1, J. Wallis2, D.H. Wallis1 and Anil Samaranayake findings from the last page.
        Peter I think has more familiarity.
        From your report I can find very little to applaud, you say —-
        “Then my colleague stood up and said that to him the samples look exactly the same as spores of ABC that he has seen under microscope.”
        –That appears to be an opinion that surly would need much more conformation to be respected.
        If this man reporting stood up with no more Evidence than his opinion that his red rain was extraterrestrial I cannot see the point in his standing up in the first place.
        We I think have agreed in the past that I talk in generalities on these comment pages, as to describe every exception is impracticable and license must be given.
        I of course have the greatest respect for the many capable and talented scientists but these people are not my concern as they if open-minded are already in a good place.
        My concern is not to set off the good against the bad but to do as all scientists should do, condemn and demand that those parts of science that can be clearly shown to be corrupt and or incompetent are highlighted and changed.
        What do you make of the link I gave reporting in a fairly professional way the latest possibility of extraterrestrial life.

        • George, perhaps I didn’t express it clearly enough. What I meant was the following: My (Finnish) colleague/friend stood up and remarked to the presenter (the one from India) that the images on the screen that the presenter had shown as being of ET origin, maybe they were not because he (my friend) had seen similar things (spores) in his microscope, and he thought he even could identify the species (although I don’t recall now what it was). So it was a debunking, sort of, but it was done in a very polite way.

          Concerning the link you provided earlier about claimed diatoms fossils found in a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite in India. I remain highly sceptical, one reason is that diatoms are a relatively young oceanic species on earth so how could they be found living inside meteorites, even if some form of life did in fact occur there. But… maybe. They should prove their case with more detailed analysis. At least they were able to publish this one so there seems to be no “blockade” in place on that front.

        • Still concerning possible life on asteroids. If someone finds algae cells on carbon asteroids or meteorites, the likely explanation is that living cells were ejected from Earth as a result of large enough meteorite impact, and the cells happened to enter a sufficiently large carbon asteroid whose interior had enough pressure to contain some liquid H2O in the pores where they could continue to live, reproduce and evolve. Later, asteroid impacts might then have spread life to more asteroids. It’s a theoretically possible scenario; how likely it is is anyone’s guess. The bottom line is just that finding some life on asteroids or Mars is not necessarily a proof of life having originated there spontaneously. Only finding ET life which is sufficiently different at molecular level from Earth’s life would be a firmer indication of the latter.

          Meteorite impacts which are large enough to throw ejecta from Earth to space are rare (exactly how rare I do not know), but they have occurred, and they were big so the total mass of ejecta having transported out by that mechanism over billions of years could be moderately large. Even much larger mass was transported from Mars to interplanetery space, because of Mars’ thinner atmosphere and smaller gravity.

  • Owen

    Printable Gun Magazines

    This video shows how rapidly evolving 3D printing technology can sidestep government attempts to control things. The same thing could very well happen with efforts to control LENR. Sooner or later full LENR details (free workable plans) will be available to do-it-yourselfers and then there will be no turning back the clock.

    • Allen McCloud

      Resistance is futile.

      • Invy

        All your base are belong to us!

      • clovis

        Hi, GUYS.
        First rule in the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe is.

        ———– DON’T PANIC ———–

    • RenzoB

      I really like it

    • Peter_Roe

      A cold fusion reactor made of plastic – now THERE is something to worry about. I’d need a double set of bicycle clips fitted before I switched one of those on.

      • Owen

        You’re probably just joking and realize it’s not about plastic. And, the main point is not about 3D printing (although the new ones can fabricate metal parts). The point is how those in power do not and can not have total control over everything. New ideas are coming along faster than anyone can control. Yes, resistance is futile. Good will triumph over evil.

      • Torlon plastic automotive engines have already been made, so why not, at least the main structural parts.

  • GreenWin

    Thank you Admin for adding these new areas to explore CF/LENR and alternative topics tangential to science. Per a couple comments earlier re the “report.” Reports have only as much import as they are given by the reader. AR has made it clear, he has done his part in providing his technology in a clean room with no influence whatsoever over the test process.

    AR also tells us he is working 16 hours a day for his customers. I don’t recall the report on the Wright Bros. airplane before airplanes went into commercial production. Nor can I find the scientific report on the motor carriage. Granted LENR is a breakthrough new physics and confirming an underlying theory is a scientific challenge; but alternative energy solutions need only be a benefit to commerce to be successful.

    Meanwhile, here is Dr. Iwamura’s illuminating talk on CF/transmutation at the American Nuclear Society two months ago. It is likely as more old fission plants are retired that Mitsubishi Heavy (and possibly Toyota) will enter the nuclear waste process business. The potential is huge as there is not yet ANY other clean solution to disposing 65 years of radiative nuclear waste.

    • Gerrit

      That’s a great link. Very entertaining to read the comments over there. People start to pick up the story.

      • Peter_Roe

        A few physicists among the commenters are obviously aware of CF developments, but there are still a depressing number ignoring Iwamura’s actual evidence and more or less flatly stating that such a thing is impossible…. because the evidence doesn’t tally with what they think they know. A certain type of mind can be very slow to realise that evidence trumps theory – no matter how elegant the theory.

      • GreenWin

        Yes Gerrit I too am amused by the obstinate posture of comments that insist there must be fast neutrons, gamma, etc. As Peter points out, there are people who will believe their theory is correct, and reproducible evidence must be wrong. In the great tradition of Ptolemy defenders!

        Denial however will not slow Mitsubishi management with an eye on the $$billions in nuclear waste mitigation. Theory vs commerce. Who would you bet on??

    • Peter_Roe

      If this technology can be made to render radionuclides safe, then it comes just in time to rescue the world’s political classes (and the rest of us) from their own dangerous idi*cy. No-one wants this stuff anywhere near them, the dumps are overflowing, and clueless politicians just want to push it into trenches and forget the matter.

      The transmutation of tungsten to gold is a headline maker, but the ability to create rare earths such as praesidinium may be more significant in the longer term, as these are essential to all sorts of electronic and magnetic applications and China has the market cornered.

  • Bigwilly

    Dear Friends,

    I am utterly flabbergasted that GeorgeH and Daniele Passi have both dropped Rossi. I hope this doesn’t sound the death knell for the rest of us. I myself do not need validations, certifications and commercial products and other such nonsense to continue to believe. As I have said before I will give Rossi until Jan, 2058 to show some solid proof otherwise i will seriously reconsider my support. These things take time. Look at hot fusion!!!!


    We must carry on through the storm

    • clovis

      hi, big w.
      I whole heartily agree, we must keep the faith or nothing will change, we have to keep the pressure on, relentlesly.

    • captain

      Hi BW, Rossi’s technology is in good hands, let’say B&W 😉 that is not Black and White, but much better.
      Obviously I can’t say it, but if I could, I’d say it!

      • Jorge

        You sound like you know something more about Rossi’s partner.
        Would you care to elaborate?
        I can also put my address so you can tell me privately. I won’t tell a soul:)

        • Peter_Roe

          I believe that Captain is hinting that Babcock & Wilcox (boiler makers) is Rossi’s US partner.

          Any supporting evidence, Captain, or should we just add them to the list of possibles?

          • captain

            B&W fits perfectly all what needed by Leonardo corp. for the E-Cat sales.
            If U remember all what written/said by Rossi, U’ll see that everything is perfect if matched to B&W. Military and commercial. Goals, times, locations, intentions…
            First, U have to know the B&W history, mainly the actual, and consider their commitment in the nuclear energy field.
            E-Cat is the safe, clean and cheap replacement for the dangerous nuclear energy. Everywhere.
            And with the 1MW hot plants producing electric energy under B&W supervision in their own properties, granting the patents/brevets/certifications/validations a.s.o., from USPTO and ULs, is only a matter of few months (this IMO).
            And ASA Rossi’s IP is protected, then we’ll see the real Revolution in the energy sources.

          • The company was said to be international and to have presence in China. BW seems mainly US. But maybe they have enough presence to name.

    • Miles

      2058 or 2013.

      According to the below link: it’s 2013.

      I’m still not purchasing Solar Panels as I think the eCat will be a better investment. But then again, I might wait until the end of 2013 to buy solar panels because the eCat is not out yet. Certificate &/or manufacturing delays.

    • Tangled Connections

      Am I the only one smelling a healthy dose of sarcasm here?

  • clovis

    hey, everybody,
    I too agree, sub-categories is ok, but i also think the diveresity has worked well for a long time, and can only get better.
    I’m am hooked, if you don’t believe just shutt it down, and i will be climbing the walls, smile, so thank you george , pete , green win captain, frank and many others, who contribute their thoughts here, i feel right at home, and that is a very good feeling, indeed.–clovis

  • georgehants

    From Wired
    To Make Open Access Work, We Need to Do More Than Liberate Journal Articles
    By Dan Cohen
    In the days since the tragedy of Aaron Swartz’s suicide, many academics have been posting open-access PDFs of their research. It’s an act of solidarity with Swartz’s crusade to liberate (in most cases publicly funded) knowledge for all to read.
    While this has been a noteworthy gesture, the problem of open access isn’t just about the ethics of freeing and sharing scholarly information. It’s as much — if not more — about the psychology and incentives around scholarly publishing. We need to think these issues through much more deeply to make open access widespread.

    • GreenWin

      The fact it’s being discussed is a major step. Ivory towers do not fall easily.