Rossi: Work in E-Cat Factories 'Never Been So Intense'

Going by the latest comments by Andrea Rossi says, what he and his associates see, and what we, the waiting public see are quite different things. E-Cat enthusiasts (and some skeptics) are looking for even the tiniest glimpse, or a 3rd party report a plant in action, but nothing recent has been produced.

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Steven Karels asked if Andrea Rossi might ignite the world’s imagination by putting on a demonstration of a self-sustaining plant in action and silence the critics who say he has nothing.

True to form, Rossi rejected the idea and commented:

1- we are working very strong to manufacture our plants. In our factories the work has never been so intense as it is in this period. Therefore the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market, will not fade, be sure. If there is around somebody saying the contrary, let them talk, while we work.
2- the report of the indipendent third party will be published, as I always said. Whatever the result
3- the efficiency and the convenience of the E-Cats is very simple to measure: the Customer looks how much energy consumes and how much energy produces: it is not difficult.

Understandably people are eager to know whether this miracle technology is real or not — but Andrea Rossi does not seem to be interested in satisfying our curiosity before he is ready to move. If he wants to work in peace the current situation probably suits him fine.

  • Owen

    Rossi sure has a way of stirring the imagination. I for one wish him all the best.

  • Kimball

    And we wait… patiently.

  • Well I certainly hope he has the goods, it would jumpstart LENR investment everywhere. It will be fun to watch LENR+ play out over the next few decades, hopefully beginning in Winter 2013….


    • Andre Blum

      Winter 2013. A broad term. Do you mean January? July? December? Any of these would be very fine, BTW 🙂

  • captain

    quoted fm Admin:
    … If he wants to work in peace the current situation probably suits him fine.

    U’re right Frank: give time to time and U’ll see

    Rossi is an Italian, accustomed to work hard and in silence.

    Do U want an example? The Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. What he’s done to save Chrysler seems unbelievable, but it’s real. Work hard and in silence.

  • Peter

    I too wish Andrea Rossi all the best, and pray to God that his technology is real and I will see it running in my home, in my lifetime!
    Thank you Mr. Rossi.

  • Apropos

    Either you keep 100% quiet/closed or 100% informative/open. He should not have talked at all in the last 5 years. Or he should give full info. His cat-and-mouse play is insulting and hinders progress in both theory and in the betterment of experiments. He has caused a loss of 2-3 years to whole of mankind. Greed, self-importance, stubbornly not listening to well-wishing advice, criminalizing all and sundry as untrustworthy liars – that is no way forward in science or technology or politics or economy.

    We need a conscientious whistle-blower in his team. He freely takes knowledge/skills/products from others but hides his own.

    • Gerrit


      • clovis

        -2 strike three and your out,

        • Barry


    • GreenWin

      The looming reality of ultra-low cost LENR energy brings about a certain “garyfication” in some. And rather broad smiles in others. It would appear that the Rossi team is building these first hot-cats for long term heavy duty.

    • captain

      How much Rossi’s job costed to US taxpayers? ZERO$

      U should be grateful to Rossi for his invention and very hard job.
      Please forward your ‘greetings’ as U like to call them, to USPTO and their 24 yrs of HEAVYWATERGATE.

      What F&P, as it’s said, were unable to replicate in the states, has been easily replicated abroad soon after, in Italy first of all!

      So plz think 3 times before granting insults.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer


    • Sue him.

  • Jeff Clark

    I wonder why we havent heard from any ecat paparazzi. Seems to me like someone would have taken enough interest to take some pictures of him and his team entering or leaving his facility.
    We all want pictures of his e cat, yet no one (that i know of) has given the easiest thing to prove….that he actually has a manufacturing facility. It cant be that much of a secret where it is.

  • Michael

    ” In our factories…” So, at least two factories. Anyone who knows the location of these?

    • Bigwilly

      There is one in Florida that is a secret so that the Florida radiation authorities don’t cause to much trouble.

      There is also one in Europe i believe in Switzerland or other place.

      I think he said he was going to build one in Africa also that way those most in need of plants and carnots can benefit


      • Andre Blum

        I’ve been a close follower of this site, and what you say about Switzerland and Africa is new to me.

        We know and have seen pictures of a lab near Bologna. It seems however — as I have posted earlier — that this is more like a demo and certification room. Many clues suggest that it is not where a team works on a daily basis: coats have to be hanged on the folding chairs and there is a general lack of normal ‘office’/work infrastructure and rubbish. Not a lot has changed or moved in the photo’s we have seen of that lab over the years.

        Rossi also told it that way a year ago when skeptics asked why he did not heat his lab with ecats:

        “Dear Bob K,
        Good question. As a matter of fact, we use the Bologna Laboratory only for experiments and tests, not every day but only now and again.”

        He says *the* Bologna laboratory, from which it seems that there is not another, more secret one, in or near that city.

        Besides that, we know Rossi has some operations in Florida and Leonardo Corp has an office in Bedford, New Hampshire.

        AFAIK there are no clues as to where other labs or factories are. It is very well possible that he is using facilities of either his (military?) customer, or his commercial partner / owner, if these are not the same.

        • Hugo

          It is even more possible that there is no factory at all.

          • Andre Blum

            I agree, especially if you take the word factory quite literally as a facility with dedicated arrangements for manufacturing of units.

            I tend to believe that Rossi has been producing / assembling a low number of 1 MW plants for either the early customer or the new partner. ( e.g. the 12 units he mentions now and then ). I believe he may be stretching the word factory to mean any place where such assembly even in low numbers has taken place.

    • You analyze “In our factories …” like Biblical scholars analyze every letter of the Bible. This is Eng. Rossi. He is quite capable of embellishment. Especially if he is attempting to keep stuff under wraps, a little exaggeration can be effective at misdirection.

      • Bigwilly

        I disagree Bruce. The one reason I believe Rossi without certifications, validations and production that he has discovered the secret to Cold fusion and scaled it up by a factor of 10,000 is that he has unflinching integrity and is word is a strong as oak.


        • Jarvis Cooper

          Well said!

      • GreenWin

        Bruce, you need to consider the modus operandi of certain commentators. The more t-rollish ones will resort to the tired and utterly expelled method of ad hominem attack. This is last resort of the denier who knows full well there is a sizable group of scientists at work on LENR/cold fusion and that commercialization is imminent.

        BW, is a tongue-in-cheek sarcast generally. But in person a very nice man we’re quite sure. 🙂

        • georgehants

          BBC: What YOU spent on our lawyers in Secret Climate 28 debacle
          The only UK govt agency with a blanket FOIA exemption
          The BBC has revealed the cost to the licence-fee payer of its surreal legal fight to keep a publicly available list from the public. Or at least a small part of the cost we all paid in the affair which became known as “28Gate”.
          Regular readers will no doubt recall that 28Gate saw the Beeb attempt to keep secret the names of 28 people whom – it said – had convinced Auntie corporately that there was no longer any need to include sceptical viewpoints in its coverage of climate change. These folk were said to include “some of the best scientific experts”.
          A hefty legal team was deployed to keep the “experts”‘ identities secret in the face of FOIA requests from blogger Tony Newbery (who represented himself) but in the end the names were discovered on the Wayback Machine, which had archived a webpage listing them all before their names and affiliations could be erased. (Curiously enough, the names had disappeared from the current version of that page – on the website of a green advocacy organisation – shortly after the FOI requests were received by the BBC.) As had been expected the secret 28 included few scientists of any repute, and plenty of green lobbyists and activists.

          • GreenWin

            Is it even possible for a one sided argument to “represent” all the people? Surely there are qualified opponents and a publicly funded media source is obligated to convey the minority thought. NO? Okay.

      • Bigwilly

        Trolls never understand or realize how long Hot fusion has taken to materialize and they expect Cold fusion to be faster. I suspect they are mostly shills for big wind or if you believe in conspiracy theories the paved road conglomerates.

        GW thanks for the kind words. I do enjoy some sarcasm sometimes. Have to break up the day somehow.


        • GreenWin

          You’re welcome BW. BTW, has hot fusion actually materialized anywhere on Earth outside an H-bomb? That we could, boil a cup of tea??

  • GreenWin

    News of factories building “strong” units of the 1MW e-cat may be well timed to coincide with an independent verification of LENR. And it seems the oil and gas industry is getting nervous:

    While we do not want to see the energy sector collapse – there is little reason it should IF management is in the energy business. The industrial e-cat can easily be licensed and re-branded as many products and services are. The only reason the petro business will collapse is refusal to see the handwriting – or to hear the sound of the trumpet.

    • Gerrit

      …as Saipem cuts earnings forecast …

      Saipem was present at Rossi’s “conference” last year.


    • GreenWin

      According to AlainCo, (LENR Forum) a SAIPEM representative inquired of Rossi at the E-CAt Zurich convention – to acquire a hot-cat for testing/demonstration to senior management.

      And ISCMNS confirms Dr. Jacques Ruer, of SAIPEM SA, France, attended the 10th conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Anomalies in H-Loaded Metals.) As did Dr Walter Pecorella of Ansaldo Energia – which is now subject of an intense bidding war by giants Samsung, Siemens, and Doosan Inc.

      • Lukedc

        I think there might be more to be fleshed from that GreenWin. Do you have any more information about SAIPEM’s potential knowledge of a game changing energy platform??

        • GreenWin

          Yeah, but I’d be trodding on too many toes then.

          • captain

            he he he

        • GreenWin

          Luke, treading lightly:

          Dr. Jacques Ruer, Deputy Director of Technology Development at French Saipem SA, has been interested in nuclear energy to produce process steam for oil & gas recovery. But he suggested in 2010 that “In the long term nuclear energy can be the prime source of energy, hydrocarbons being used as efficient energy vector for mobility.”

          In April 2012, he attended the Anomalies in H-Loaded Metals conference in Italy – and may have expanded his thinking.

  • Fyodor

    Has *anyone* other than Rossi (Stremmenos, Levi, licensees) ever said that they’ve seen Rossi’s “factories” with their own eyes? Anyone? Frank, you’re in contact with some of these people. Can you ask one of them?

  • georgehants

    …nothing is so easy to ignore as something that does not yield freely to understanding.
    Giorgio de Santillana

    • Jim R.


    • GreenWin


  • barty

    Anyone registered that JET Energy is now archiving COP up to 80?

    This was mentioned at the current MIT CF/LANR course.

    • How do you know? Were you at the course? If so, I would love to hear much more about what was presented there.

      • barty

        I read this at

        Today was the last day, I think there will come a conclusion within the next few days.

      • barty

        Okay, i found the original source:

      • Barry

        Mitchell Swartz reported 80 cop for thirty minutes with one of his series 7 NANORs. Last years demo was series 6. He’s made about forty NANORs over the years. Peter Hagelstein said MS has improved the NANORs by 3-5 times over the years. The class ended yesterday ahead of time.

    • the site of the company is there

      they seems to market their nanor as a lab demonstration device to prove LENR… a bit like MFMP with their celani cell…

  • CP in FL

    What is the point of keeping a factory a secret? At least if Rossi divulged the location of his factories, this would give him some credibility. When I first started following the Rossi story, I was about 75% convinced that he had a working product. Now after waiting what seems like an eternity, I would say that I am less than 10% convinced that Rossi has anything. Show us the third party report. Show us pictures of your factory. Show us one satisfied customer. Show us anything of value please!

    • artefact


      • Hugo

        How about: “Because if this is real, not making it known as soon as possible will lead to even more billions and billions unnecessarily invested in energy solutions either dangerous, ineffective or bad for the planet rather than being spent on something fruitful.”

        • artefact

          I, too would prefer if Rossi would open source his knowledge. But we know Rossi went the business way.

          • Hugo

            I don’t think it has to be open source in order to trigger a different behavior on the side of investors. They have to know it exists and they have to be sure that it works. Rossi could achieve both without giving his secrets away.

        • Andrew Macleod

          There is no way to tell who knows what, some investors could already know and have tested. I’m hungry for conformation just as any who have been following are but a public deceleration of this disruptive technology before he has people and iron clad proof/data on his side is setting himself up for humiliation just like P&F back in ’89.

    • Why does Rossi need credibility? He only needs credibility if he needs something from others. I think that his quiet ’til ready position holds a lot of merit.

      • Hugo

        He isn’t exactly “quiet”, is he? Just devoid of substantial information.

        • Yeah, so.

          He has the right of freedom of speech. He has the right of silence. He even has the right of partial revelation. Even his right to lie is only limited if the lies are a material issue for others.

          • Hugo

            Right, I simply fail to see how his making excessive use of these rights holds any merit.

          • Owen

            He owes you nothing. Get over it.

          • lcd

            I agree with you Hugo.

            At this point he just sounds ridiculous quirky a third party validation.

            I mean how long can he get away with dressing that out.

          • Roger Bird

            History is being made here, folks, with Rossi. He is either the greatest con in the history of the world, or else he is inventing the greatest invention in the history of the world.

          • Hugo

            Google for past hoaxes and you’ll find that he won’t even make the top fifty.

          • James

            Yes, and he has stuffed me around with endless broken promises. I chose not to install a PV system on my roof because of his claims. Now that the government has withdrawn the solar incentives, I am still waiting for the first domestic e-cat. In a way, due to his incorrect advice when the e-cat would be available, I have lost money.

            So, he should be very careful as to what he says in terms of when an e-cat will be available, the pricing and the energy output. By the way, the Australian distributor seems to want to sell the e-cat for three times of what it would sell overseas.

          • GreenWin

            James, you should consider a lengthy lawsuit to remedy your loss. Please keep us posted on your progress. 🙂

        • daniel maris

          Yes, this is the distinction I would make. If he wants to pursue things quietly, fair enough. But he doesn’t just go off and do that does he?

          I am not saying he is not genuine – because there are positive signs as well, such as the SGS certificate and statements from credible co-workers in the past. I am just saying it’s very puzzling (and irritating) behaviour.

        • Garry

          Bruce– You are welcome to stop paying attention to his non-communicativeness.

    • GreenWin

      Many of us back in the ancient 60s believed the promise of “unlimited, clean energy” from hot fusion, to be a part of daily life certainly by 1984…er, 2001, er, 2012?? But low, the earliest new projection for unlimited hot fusion energy is… 20-30 years away! Still. After $$$ billions taxpayer dollars. Talk about waiting an eternity CP !

      • Ecatnow

        Do we really know how the sun works? The electric universe theory casts a shadow on the hot fusion model of the sun.

    • captain

      Are U ready to buy an 1MW warm thermal plant, made by Rossi, already on sale?
      Y or N?

      • CP in FL

        If Rossi had anything of value then I would expect these 1MW plants would be flying off the shelves. Do you know of any customers that have purchased one besides the ones that Rossi says did and we never heard from?

        • Richard Hill

          Previous commenters have noted that the 1 MW plants have been carefully priced to match alternatives. EG cogeneration, waste heat recovery,,, there are only a few places where large quantities of low temperature heat are required. The 1 MW plants wont “fly off the shelves” at Rossi’s price.

          • captain

            1) Those plants are regularly on sale: this is clear.
            2) Those plants do have an adequate price to actual market situation, due to lack of similar competitors.
            3) As stated more than once. Rossi has received many repeat many requests for having those plants, but his policy is to be very careful in selecting the potential customers, in order to PROTECT AFAP HIS IP, not yet duly protected by USPTO.
            4) I say Rossi, but I mean Leonardo corp. and the strong american partner. And this partner is the key of the very near future.
            DON’T FORGET the ‘secret’ american partner, that has already ‘bought’ a big amount of the incoming 1MW hot thermal plants. A partner that is well introduced the world all over, is producing energy plants of every type, is managing large plants, is a key supplier for US …. and can place E-CAT 1MW plants easily here in the states in various locations.

  • GreenWin

    It may be that imminent introduction of commercial LENR – hot-cat was foreseen by some as a “perfect storm” in the petro business. Result is to cut projections for future earnings.

    “The profit warning “looks set to heavily penalize Saipem in the short term,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch said today in a note. “It seems the core issue relates to the phasing of the backlog, where lower profit projects remain, and the continued delay of awards for the better-priced contracts has led to a perfect storm.” Nidaa Bakhsh – Jan 30, 2013 – BLOOMBERG

  • Miles

    “In our factories the work has never been so intense as it is in this period. Therefore the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market, will not fade, be sure”.

    – How soon will it hit the market??? This year? The eCat Australia website say’s Mid 2013 but I got an email from Roger Green (CEO) saying it’s going to be late 2013.

    “we are working very strong to manufacture our plants”. Manufacture as in the FINAL product for sale??? or is this still being tested.

    Shouldn’t Rossi be WAITING for the “report of the independent third party will be published” before “Manufacturing” the plant. He seems confident at this stage – is this the home stretch for 2013?

    Sit n wait.

    • James

      I got the same reply from Roger Green. The units have not been tested in Australia and have no certification. I’m not an expert, but I am sure that anything that claims to have a nuclear reaction, that produces heat above 50 degrees celcius and that could be connected to a power grid must have various certifications. When are they coming?

      I’d like to get my hands on a couple to power my house and electric car with.

  • Nixter

    Many insiders are saying Rossi’s technology is real, more than one Italian Physicist with good reputations backed Rossi, they said the eCat looked credible, and there are others standing with Rossi on his venture with much to lose. I,m pretty sure he has achieved something big, a scam of this magnitude would be suicidal to any and all associated with it. He did say over a year ago that his eCat tech would be out in the open by last October, but that was based on his assumption that the home eCat would have been approved by then. Since that occurrence was out of his control, I cannot hold him responsible for missing the deadline.

    I do wonder about the mystery Military entity, probably the Navy Research Laboratory or something similar. How and why their involvement is blocked by a non disclosure agreement. What exactly are they allowed to do with the information that they discovered from working with Rossi? I think that Rossi will not have any control over projects that are classified as secret, if they saw something of value, it will immediately be transferred to Top Secret status, to be used in “Black” projects and research for military use. No NDA will block a new and valuable technology like this from being exploited to maximum effect.

    To me, this is probably something very real, why all the foot dragging and delays? I do not have enough information to make an educated guess, it could be a highly sophisticated fraudulent scheme designed to fleece unsuspecting investors, but I don’t think so. How much longer can Rossi delay the revelation of the true nature of his invention? If it is real, and all who see private demonstrations of it are convinced that it is real, then Rossi can delay for many more years without any problems.

    • Stuey81

      NDA, so mr. Rossi, what can you tell us???? Anything? What can you show us??? Anything???? When can you talk bout or show us something, anything?
      What are the facts so far?
      Has anybody got a lists of FACTS they could put in a timeline mabey?
      Only facts, not hearsay

      • Stuey81

        Just trying to establish what we know for sure as truth

  • Cat Jonessen

    I am always puzzled by the common argument here that since hot fusion research has gone so slowly we should give Rossi a break. Are there inventors out there claiming that they have factories producing 1 MW hot fusion reactors for commercial use?

    • GreenWin

      Since Ing Rossi et al have consumed ZERO taxpayer dollars, and hot fusionistas have consumed ~$$273Billion taxpayer dollars over 60 years (yielding ZERO useful energy) – the public is absolutely correct to be angered by the hot fusion fiasco – and happy a private enterprise is seeking a low cost solution. At ZERO cost to the public.

      But great psychic pain to the pathyskeps!

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    January 30th, 2013 at 6:03 PM
    Dear Brian:
    Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy. We are programming a manufacturing center in Sweden. All the other information are confidential, let alone the photos.
    Warm Regards,

  • mike

    I hear a few things in your comments. For one, you blame the inventor for the misuse of their invention. How can one control the actions of another, particularly when they have never met? Besides, most inventions arenot for war and such, or do you blame the inventor of the screwdriver because it was used to make a bomb? Secondly, you clearly dont like greed. Greed is a fine and fair motivator. Its incentive. Please name me one society where greed is not a motivator. Sure not all wish for money, but others can wish for poer and control. How is being rich in party affiliation and differe than being wealthy? It not. The only difference is the currency. It could be ability or strength among athletes. It could be knowledge among intellectuals. Regardless, people always strive to be better and to grow. That base desire is in all of us and is fundamentally greed. I see nothing wrong with it, so long as its tempered with morality. Greed is neither good nor evil. It just is. How you apply it, is what matters.

    • Apropos

      To mike

      I think you are replying to my post (although you do not mention it).

      I did not blame any inventor. No word of that. I merely stated that no major inventor could PREVENT misuse of his invention (sooner or later). It is/was not about (minor inventions like) paperclips or goggles with wipers or nappies that absorb a liter of fluid.

      You wrote:
      “Greed is a fine and fair motivator. Greed is neither good nor evil.”

      Both these statements are expensively wrong. Mankind, especially the weak and the defenseless, have paid bitterly for it.

      That is why I wrote that : IF e-cat comes THEN we URGENTLY need a paradigma-change in our attitudes: … and who else could initiate it better than Engineer Andrea Rossi himself (now that Mahatma Gandhi is dead since 65 years).

      Greed, distrust, arrogance, superiority complex, I-know-everything-better complex, I-want-to-be-in-total-control complex – who will be paying the price for it?