Aldo Proia of Prometeon Responds to Inquiry

I recently sent an inquiry to Aldo Proia of Prometeon, the Italian Licensee for E-Cat products asking about the current situation with his company and specifically about Prometeon’s business model. This is his response.

Dear Frank,

I am very sorry, but I cannot provide information, especially in these months, on the business model, the American partner and so on, since most of these topics are strictly confidential.

Prometeon is now well organized, but for a technological product going from the labs to the market requires always much time, and this is more obvious for a revolutionary new product like the E-Cat. However Rossi and his coworkers did not encountered major obstacles, so work is going on well and I think that we will see the first civilian facility this year.

Also the research, partially made here in Italy, is going on in these months because there is great room for performance improvements, especially for some versions of E-Cat. So, it is not possible to predict the time required to move from the laboratory to the prototypes and then to a larger production. If you ask to an engineer, he will explain why all this is not a matter of days or weeks.

Please consider also that every serious company, in this phase, would not provide any new relevant information and that we are only distributors, so it is not our task to provide news before and/or instead of Leonardo Corp and his American partner. Of course, we will inform the public when the time is ripe.

Best regards,

Aldo Proia

  • lcd

    At this point I’d rather hear from Focardi and Levi.

    Why don’t you ask Rossi what became of the unsuccessful hot cat test by one of his partners? I’m referring to the “friendly fire” incident. Did they reneg?

  • ” to move from the laboratory to the prototypes and then to a larger production.”

    ugh, time lapses are each time longer, and progress is each time backwards…

    • GreenWin


  • OT and old news, but 1st of March is on Friday: On Defkalion’s page there has been the announcement “We are ready to accept in our laboratory, by 1st March, interested companies requesting to conduct common R&D on applications of our technology”.

    • artefact

      They said to be in contact with half of the top 100 companys or so.

      I hope some of them will be there and are allowed and willing to give some information.

  • OT: There seems to be a slight chance that the large comet C/2013 A1 “Siding Spring” found in January 2013 might collide with Mars on October 19, 2014 (

    The cometary nucleus might be as large as 50 km and it’s moving in a retrograde orbit so its relative speed with Mars is as fast as 56 km/s. If it would hit, the impact energy 1e26 J would be equivalent to exploding 25 billion 1 megaton nukes on Mars (one megaton nuke every 70 metres) and the size of the impact crater would be 500-1000 km. From the crater, an enormously thick atmosphere of glowing hot silicate vapour would emanate and envelope the planet whose whole surface would get heated to thousands of degrees and would melt down to hundreds of metres depth. The previous impact of such magnitude on Mars probably happened more than a billion years ago.

    Probably it won’t hit. But the present calculations don’t seem to rule it out completely. If it doesn’t hit, Mars orbiting spacecraft and landers can image a spectacularly bright comet at nighttime. Orbiters might also be harmed by the dust tail, I think.

    • georgehants

      Wow, as time goes by the measurements should become more accurate.
      This will put money in NASA’s pocket to develop technology to handle such a thing re.the Earth after the little Russian event.

  • Fyodor

    I would like if you could ask him if he has personally ever seen Rossi’s factory or his dozens of employees.

  • Roger Bird

    It seems unlikely that Aldo Proia and a few others are part of a gigantic scam, even if it is a well-intentioned scam to light a fire under other LENR researchers. This is one data point for Andrea Rossi being close to setting the world on (new) fire (thank God for puns).

    • Fibber McGourlick

      There is no such thing as a well-intentioned scam. Dishonesty is what it is.

      • Sorry for a bit of topic but it seems Shrimps Might have been able to achieve repeatable Fusion before humans.

        This process is called Biological Sonoluminescence and referred to as Bubble Fusion, Quantum Vacuum Radiation etc.

        These phenomena are not very well explained to day but they certainly raise a few interesting questionmarks regarding our understanding of the conservation of Energy.

        Or what do you think?

        Love Dr Bob

        • Peter_Roe

          Sonoluminescence is a very interesting topic, but I find the rate of progress of research depressingly slow, considering how relatively simple it is to demonstrate the phenomenon. The story of one researcher cited in the linked Physics World article may provide a clue about the reason:

          “In 2002 Rusi Taleyarkhan, then at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, US, and colleagues claimed to find evidence for nuclear fusion occurring alongside sonoluminescence. Although a few other research groups have since made similar claims, most nuclear scientists believe them to be misguided. Taleyarkhan has since moved to Purdue University, where in 2008 he was reprimanded by the university for “research misconduct” related to a paper on fusion.” (bolding mine).

          • GRRRR

            Without funds for research no one can build advanced physics experiments.

            I heard that already in 1912 or 1913 there was a scientist in Sweden detecting Helium4 after performing Electrolytic experiments. He withdraw that later on concluding that he “must have been wrong.”

            I like the MFMP approach, OPEN.

            I would also like to see in the future groups of people getting together in other OPEN experiments, starting companies, performing research and accelerating science through other means.

            Lets just face facts… the best way to collect money for Scientific LENR research at the moment is NOT to sit around and wait for university research fundings.

        • Do the shrimp perform this fusion in the water near an electric eel?

    • yamal

      ‘It seems unlikely that Aldo Proia and a few others are part of a gigantic scam…’

      depends on which kind of a part he would be. he could be a victim rather than a culprit. certainly his distribution license wasn’t for free and unless he resold it to subcontractors (like roger green apparently does), he could very well lose it all. and if it is a scam, it wouldn’t be ‘gigantic’, relatively speaking. we don’t know the dimensions, of course, but there have been many scams that were probably bigger and running much longer than this one if it turns out not to be legit. at least proia doesn’t seem to have a history with fraud. looking at the swiss distributor (a. schneider) for example, i’m not so sure. he sells magnet motors so he already is part of at least one scam.

    • Shane D.

      I think that has always been the argument put forth by us believers; that there are too many behind the scenes involved with Rossi to be a scam. If it were a scam, then someone would have come forward by now to confess… or that is the theory.

      On the other hand, the skeptics have argued that if this were the real deal, then something more convincing would have surfaced by now. With all these entities and individuals now involved with Rossi, it would seem that someone would have cracked by now.

      How could so many people keep such a great discovery quiet for so long? Or at least leak out pictures, reports, etc.? Or so their theory goes.

      Further supporting the skeptics; the military supposedly has had the “warm cat” for a year now. If it were working as advertised, there would be, one would think, so much smoke pouring from the military industrial seams that one could conclude that there is fire, or an ecat purring along taking in x and putting out 6x. But nothing. Very odd.

      Helping them (skeptics) even further along in their argument, of course, is Rossis’ own words on his JONP. There he (Rossi) seems to be very good at communicating in English when he answers easy questions, yet evasive and confusing when answering more direct questions. It seems that every time Admin asks him something it has to be debated endlessly here what he really meant. Fishy.

      Anyways, here we are two years after the fact, wondering if the long timeline strengthens the hand of us believers, or the skeptics.

      I am still a believer absent any proof to the contrary, but I am starting to have my doubts.

      • Peter_Roe

        For a self-proclaimed ‘believer’ you seem very ‘skeptical’, Shane. Are you sure you have labelled yourself correctly?

        • georgehants

          Morning Peter,
          So Maybe There ARE Chemtrails…,

          • Peter_Roe

            Hi George. The linked video is a good summary of this devastating, dire, and man made, problem. The US military is digging a planetary hole we may not be able to climb out of, and all of our politicians are complicit. I would urge anyone following this blog to watch it, do their own research on this subject and take what action seems appropriate.

          • yamal

            you guys should really attach a bunch of happy faces to messages like these. otherwise people may start thinking you’re serious.

          • Peter_Roe

            Take a real look at the evidence, look up during days that start out clear and blue in the summer months. If you still think nothing is wrong – then ignorance truly is bliss, and you should enjoy it while you can.

          • yamal

            if you really are serious about this, then that puts your other convictions and beliefs into a not very favorable perspective. but above all it is completely depreciating your usage of the word ‘evidence’.

          • Peter_Roe

            Your opinion is of rather less importance than the objective facts, in particular analytical evidence showing a massive recent increase in aluminium, barium and strontium in snow, rain and soil in affected areas.

            The evidence available online is plentiful and in many cases of a high standard. If you are unwilling to do the simple research or to properly assess the data, or are unable to understand its significance, then that is unfortunate but of no consequence.

          • yamal

            so now you added ‘facts’, ‘research’ and ‘high standard’ to the phrases you can’t possibly be trusted to use in a proper way, peter. probably not surprising but you and george should still think twice before endorsing something like the silliest conspiracy theory ever invented in, of all places, this blog. i doubt it helps making our already difficult main subject any more presentable.

        • Shane D.


          Still a believer but obviously transitioning to a skeptic as you noticed. Regarding Rossi that is.

          Maybe I am wrong, but I have noticed some erosion of support for Rossi here on ECW also. Understandable I guess in light of the lack of provable developments and Rossi’ own evasiveness when asked difficult questions.

          Anyways, I’ll stay a believer for a little while longer and if Rossi doesn’t follow up with some of his long promised “reports”, or “invitations to the first non-military warm cat inside the customers plant” or something, anything… then that will about do it for me.

          • Peter_Roe

            Shane, I’m not sure that the labels ‘believer’ or ‘skeptic’ are really very helpful, as they imply fixed positions which depend largely on ‘faith’ or prejudice. IMHO the healthier option is to try to assess what is really happening on the basis of available evidence, as objectively as possible. I am sure that if you bothered to look, you could find examples of where I don’t follow my own counsel, but that’s the theory.

            Personally I think that it will be some time (Rossi’s statements about 3rd part testing notwithstanding) before there are any further real developments in this story, and many of the people who currently post here will have drifted away by the time there are any announcements (if indeed there are any). This of course will not affect the outcome or timing one iota, so all we can really do is wait, and to try not to let our frustration cloud our judgement.

      • georgehants

        Well very quiet today, anybody like to talk about, why when It is well known Fact that animals can detect earthquakes etc. almost no scientific research is conducted to find out how they do it.

        • B

          Can I freestyle my answer?
          Just for the sake of a discussion… (i dont have the answers)

          Our brains are in fact quantum computers.
          The fact is that we only use a small part of our capacity and the problem with humans are that they rely to much on “logical” algorithms and filter away calculations that is made on more subconscious levels?

          Animals does not rely on logic so much and are more sensitive to f.ex variations in electromagnetically fields around us.
          Also animals are more fine tuned to the nature around them.

          / B

          • georgehants

            B, your answer seems to contain good ides of possible answers.
            The question is why when any of us can come up with perfectly sensible possibilities does science fail to research the area, possibly allowing thousands to die unnecessarily.

          • B

            Dear George,

            Maybe because humans does not care about animals.
            There is probably 100 money going in to scientific animal research related to “make up”. (sadly I am not joking)

          • B

            Actually George if your bored and want some interesting reading you should check out the projects of friends of mine,, they have engineering backgrounds and they are working on Permaculture and Eco Engineering, its related to Making Desserts Self Maintained Green Eco System.
            (look under projects)

            / Love B

          • georgehants

            B, thank you, many interesting things to read.
            Just like to see how others feel about certain things regarding Science, while we wait for any Cold Fusion news etc.

        • ken deboer

          One mystery that someone might solve is:
          US Pat App #20130044847, dated Feb 21 2103 “Apparatus and Method for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”, by Dan Steinberg.

          Who are these guys? and what is new here?