Dennis Cravens Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Cold Fusion Car

Here’s a new name for for me in the cold fusion field — Dennis Cravens. I just came across this video in which he is launching a campaign to raise $20,000 to convert and old Ford Model A car to be run on cold fusion.

There’s a link to a crowdfunding project here, but at the moment it says it is in draft status:

Cravens is not new to the cold fusion field. Here’s a link to an interview with him by Steven Krivit on New Energy Times, and below is a talk he gave at the ICCF-14 conference in 2008 at Washington DC.

I have contacted Mr. Cravens and hope to be able to learn more about him and his project.

  • Kim Patterson

    They need to show that we can at
    least make a cup of morning coffee
    before going on tangents.

    Give me a Break


  • yamal

    yes, it seems rather superfluous to build a car around a reactor that doesn’t even exist yet. but think of the possibilities these would offer for endless delays. he could open a blog and post on and on that the reactor works fine and the military is already driving around in super secret atvs powered by it. but there is that nasty nhtsa certification keeping his partner (mercedes? ford? toyota? we could speculate for decades) from selling it to civilians – and he could promise a pending review without knowing whether or when it will appear on topgear, fifthgear or ams.

    • Gedo

      Why that bad thought about a scientist wants to do something useful for human kind ? Is the bad thought about the others and hatred is one of our new generation’s character ? Bad Atheist generation.

      • barty

        A LENR Car is nice, but why build a Car without a working LENR reactor?
        That’s the problem.

        If he just produces working LENR reactors everyone with some handwork skills can build a LENR Car!
        That’s not the problem. The problem is the reactor, and cravens isn’t talking about that problem. He just let believe us he has a working one and now wants money for the final steps to build it into a car.

        It’s just a logical problem if you know what I mean.

        We already have the infrastructure to build electric powered cars. We only need a “on-demand” energy generator to replace the heavy and expensive accumulators.

        • Gedo

          He already has a working reactor , look behind the video photo, it is there – Do you think that he is so stupid to start with such project and no reactor ?

          • barty

            Maybe he is so stupid, or he is hoping WE are stupid and think he has a working reactor because there are some tubes in the background with a flashing light in it 😉

            I don’t trust him, like I don’t trust Rossi yet. And instead Cravens, Rossi already has some people who said he has a working device.

          • Maybe he is stupid. But maybe he’s hoping WE are more stupid and think he has a working reactor because there are some tubes with flashing lights in it in the background.

            I don’t trust him, like I don’t trust Rossi.
            And Rossi already has some people which say he has a working device. And Rossi don’t want money from us.

          • yamal

            good question. if he really has a reactor powerful enough to run a car then why is he building a car around it rather than powering something simple and stationary which could be easily examined. if he hasn’t got a working reactor, then why isn’t he concentrating on building one first? either way it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

          • Gedo

            He already has a working experimental reactor shown in the video, His plan now is to work on a new reactor designed specially to fit with the requirements of the Ford car he has.

          • yamal

            would you do that? if you had a working fusion reactor, wouldn’t you attach it to a calorimeter or (if you must) to a steam engine running a large propeller or a dyno bought from e-bay or something cheap and simple that just proves it is working? wouldn’t you try to spread the news as quickly as possible so you can collect your nobel while you’re still able to travel to oslo? or would you really go on youtube and try to convince 10.000 people to give you two bucks each so you can convert an old ford to an electric car charged from a steam engine getting its power from your reactor?

          • Gedo

            Any way ,I offer the help, $2 is nothing ,$2 is the price for cup of coffee these days.
            I would like to know the way to send $2 for this project via the internet (PayPal).

          • Fibber McGourlick

            If he has a working reactor with a decent output why not show it to the world and become an instant billionaire?

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      yamal….May I recommend a book for you to read or reread… Discovering the Power of Positive Thinking

      • SteveW

        Sorry, I agree with yamma, it makes no sense at all, in fact I think it’s nutty.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Do you think the Wright Bros were thought of as “being nutty” in 1903?

          • Peter_Roe

            Clearly they weren’t – but if they had built a propeller plane before any suitable engine was available, people might have questioned the logic of this.

            The whole thing depends on whether the apparatus Prof. Craven briefly showed in the video is really anything more than a stage prop, and he has not yet shown any evidence for this.

  • GreenWin

    Here is data supporting a CF-car dream:

    Tried to post results and links to the SKINR LENR confirmation and it will not appear on this blog for whatever reason. Suffice it to say, there is significant new data from eight scientists at University Missouri. You will find a link by searching on the title:

    Diamond-based charged particle and neutron sensor for LENR experiments
    Eric Lukosi1, Mark Prelas2, Joongmoo Shim2, Haruetai Kasiwattanawut2, Charles Weaver2, Cherian Joseph Mathai2, Shubhra Gangopadhyay2
    SKINR, University of Missouri, U.S.A, —[email protected]

    The pre-print paper confirms massive burst of neutrons, charged particles from Pd/D2 – strongly indicating fusion at low temperatures – i.e. COLD FUSION just as Fleischmann and Pons demonstrated 23 years ago.

    • Gerrit

      many thanks Greenwin. This is so nice to read.

      • GreenWin

        What with the thin discussions going on here, it is nice to know that very serious scientists are making fantastic progress in understanding just what makes LENR tick. The work at SKINR is world class, using world class instrumentation (and NI Lab View).

        Rob Duncan’s goal is to run enough Pd/D2 experiments to nail down one or more probable reactions that produce the neutrons/particles – thereby creating a solid theory foundation. Bravo to SKINR and it’s financier Mr. Kimmel.

        • yamal

          yes, a good paper. it asks a lot more questions than it answers but that is to be expected at this early stage. i can only hope they’re chasing an artifact here because if there was neutron emission of any serious magnitude, lenr would go down the drain along with fission.

          • GreenWin

            Um, “early stage”??

            If you read the paper you will see they measured bursts of 225keV charged particles, and speculate they are beta, not neutrons. But then Steven Jones PhD of Brigham Young University reported similar results in 1987 issue of Scientific American (J. Rafelski and S.E. Jones, “Cold Nuclear Fusion,” Scientific American, 257: 84-89) – now scrubbed from the internet.

            In 1988 these results were confirmed at Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Fusion Gran Sasso Laboratory and two other Italian laboratories. A year later 1989, “Physicist Howard O. Menlove of Los Alamos reported last Wednesday that, in two separate types of experiments, he and his colleagues had seen the same amount of neutrons observed by Jones. It was the first confirmation of cold fusion by a U.S. government laboratory.”
            Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times May 1989.

          • GreenWin

            CORRECTION: the 1987 SA article discusses “muon-catalyzed, or ‘cold’ fusion, suggested by Vesman (1967); it depends on a resonance effect that requires precise tuning, and in which the temperature of the gas has a great effect on the rate at which ‘muomolecular’ ions are formed. Attention is presently given to the configuration of a possible, commercial cold-fusion reactor that could be built with existing technology.”
            Jones’ experiments at Los Alamos and Brigham Young produced neutrons that were later confirmed by Gran Sasso Lab and Los Al.

            The 1987 SA article is behind a paywall.

          • kemo sabe

            Those results were orders of magnitude below the claims necessary for P&F type effects. And a year later in much better experiments, the same experimenters could not see neutrons. Here’s what Morrison said in 1992 about the more careful work done later: “the level of neutrons observed in 1989 and the level of bursts claimed in 1990, have been disproved by the same experimenters working with numerous cells tested for long periods of time in the Kamiokande detector under favourable conditions.” A few years later, even Jones conceded the neutron evidence was not compelling.

          • GreenWin

            Yeah, sure. Stunning results, then suddenly some guy comes forward and says “Naw, they’re wrong. We did more work and there’s nothin to see here, move on.”

            Trouble is this ruse has been used so long, people don’t buy it anymore. And the guilty are seeking redemption:

          • yamal

            strange. when i click on that link i get to a page full of crazy ufo stuff.

          • GreenWin

            The lesson yamal is those who choose or are coerced into lying about hard evidence – sooner or later confess their sins. Think about it.

          • kemo sabe

            Not “they’re wrong”, “we’re wrong”. Menlove abandoned the field after the Kamiokande measurements, and Jones published a retraction in 1994.

          • GreenWin

            Funny how many experiments since 1994 prove that Menlove, Los Alamos, Jones, Gran Sasso, et al were all correct in seeing energetic species in CF experiments.

            And Governor Fife Symington confessed he had covered up a UFO sighting. Maybe those confessional Catholics are on to something.

    • the main competitor of that project is LENR-Car .
      it is funded, and commercial.

      Nicolas chauvin have much more connection that what many imagine.
      He can make it.

      • GreenWin

        Looks like the very savvy entrepreneurs are beginning to put real $$ into LENR commercial ventures. While Sidney Kimmel has led the way by funding an entire LENR research center SKINR at University Missouri, Logitech founder Daniel Borel has invested with Chauvin in Geneva. There are other venture capital players looking for LENR players with potential (some deals are done.) There will be a gold rush. And it will make the ’49 gold rush (US) look like a tea party.

  • If the reactor of Mr Cravens is so convincing, I guess that he will quickly convince his near friends to help him !

  • yamal

    while we’re on the subject of putting the cart before the horse, does anybody remember kresenn ltd? yes, they were the ones working with celani and promising not cars but lenr powered it-centers. i just had a look at their home page and there is an update:

    “The module is currently entering prototype stage and market release will be moved to Q1 2014. Delay was due to fund collection and changes in the project plan due to a breaktrough in research that forced us to rethink the blueprint. Those improvements will generate a much more efficient reactor than the one was originally planned.”

    that sounds eerily familiar

    • Gedo

      I know the Cold Fusion issue is still in the stage of research and improvements every day – And a great promise is there.

    • _Frank_

      Well, a dream for sale is always good business.

      Here is another one who is asking for fundings:
      (Have a look at the name of the CTO, and don’t miss to watch the “Elevator Pitch video” on that site)

      And here youtube movies from that “facilitator”

      • GreenWin

        Thanks Frank. Keith Owens, is working with Peter Hagelstein CTO on commercialization. I expect that every dedicated LENR scientist would enter a commercial venture to recoup some of their invested time and $$. Makes sense to me. And for Owens to be working with Dr. Hagelstein is a huge positive for him. I wish them both very good luck in the LENR sweepstakes.

        • _Frank_

          ” I wish them both very good luck in the LENR sweepstakes ”

          i guess they will need good luck! With how many cf theories did Hagelstein come up so far? I think I read somewhere his newest theory is number 120. …

      • yamal

        thanks. now i’ve got a sore neck from tilting my head for 28 seconds. he should have read the “for entrepreneurs” section before posting that flick.

    • Omega Z


      Maybe it has something to do with this post.

      A Post by Robert Greenyer 2013-02-27
      As annoying as it is, we can only report on our own findings and those we can gain sanction to release from others. What I can say is that you should expect the unexpected from Celani and I mean that, hopefully at or before ICCF18.

      Possibly Celani has made a leap in COP

      • yamal

        well i certainly do hope he will in deed publish in one form or other at or before iccf xviii rather than trying to sell his technology under some nda exclusively to people interested in kresenn it-centers at some undetermined and endlessly delayed point in the far future.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I am sending him 20 bucks, all he needs is 1000 more, and we will have entertainment for at least a year.

    • Gedo

      I want to send him money, what is the way ?

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        I guess his site is not up yet.

  • Cliff

    Interesting concept. To build a LENR car you need two things that don’t currently exist. 1) Working LENR electric generator and 2) High capacity durable battery.

    When Rossi gets his hot-cat working with the ability to produce electricity that takes care of one thing.

    When EEStor or the Graphene or some other Ultra Capacitor gets working, that takes care of the second thing. I say ultra capacitor rather than chemical battery, because on a long road trip at highway speeds, you’ll need to do quick charges because the LENR generator won’t be able to keep up.

    For most things the LENR generator will just charge the battery, you drive 50 or 100 miles and park, do your stuff, while it continues to charge the battery, you drive 50 or 100 miles home and it continues to charge the battery. If you drive 1000 miles, you will need to plug in now and then.

  • Torbjörn

    It has been mentioned before, but this report is very interesting:

    “The first suggestive evidence supporting the above consideration appeared in the astronomical research on the enormously enhanced pycnonuclear fusion reaction in the metallic hydrogen liquid in stars e.g. supernova progenitors of white dwarfs. The mechanism of this reaction seemed to be the nuclear fusion enhanced by the coupled spontaneous chemical reaction forming the united atoms in the liquid of metal atoms with valence s-electrons. Based on this conjecture, the author observed successfully the enormously enhanced fusion reactions in the metallic Li liquids under the collaborations with R. Pettersson in Uppsala and T. Watanabe in Sakura/Tokyo. The above described enhanced nuclear reations or transitions are generally expected through the spontaneous chemical reactions coupled with the nuclear transitions in the thermodynamically stable liquids.

    The enhanced nuclear transitions chemonuclear reaction/transition called after S. Kullander open up broad ways providing new energy and matter resources.,d.bGE

  • GreenWin

    There is a nasty history in the development of CF which actually began in 1987. Its airing will bring about a cleansing of the poor souls that have knowingly helped suppress the technology. For some people, they have no moral or ethical issue with suppression of life-saving technology. Others, have been tormented by their acquiescence to authority. They will all have to answer for their actions.

    I can only hope there is a forgiving mind at work, and that these acts against humanity can be forgiven. Admitting error comes first. Asking for forgiveness follows. It will all come out sooner or later.

    • GreenWin

      For details see GreenWin March 4, 2013 at 7:03 am above re: attack on CF and the ONE man who refused to go along.

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    As time goes by we all have our opinions as to Mr. Rossi’s methods of releasing his technology (if genuine)
    But is their anybody on page willing to defend the scientific establishment for their almost complete neglect of Cold Fusion and many other important scientific areas.
    It would be interesting to hear any logical reasons that could stand up against the Evidence of a proven phenomenon.

    • _Frank_

      When you are bored you may want to have a look at the comment section here

      • Peter_Roe

        You mean the endless ranting of ‘Joshua Cude’? You would need to be very bored indeed to want to slog through his endless, circular verbiage. Cude is a well known and noisy pathoskep with little of interest to contribute to the blogs and comments sections he infests (

        • GreenWin

          Josh “popeye” Cude – Schroeder appears to be a grad student at Columbia Uni, who attended the school of “AGW” at UC Boulder. He is likely paid by some agency of business to rant about CF & energetics from a home-built pedestal. Or simply consumed by NPD.

          I find him easily the most amusing character on the net, and from the number of times he’s been banned from Wikihearsay – constantly looks for new battleground.

          • _Frank_

            GreenWin, it seems your really feel pissed off by Popey/Joshua Cude.
            Just a few months ago you told us that Popey/Joshua Cude is in real life Kirk Shanahan (working for the ‘old nuclear power industrie’), now you want us make believe that he is a student, paid by “some agency” to rant against cf … What will come next?
            How about yourself – any connections to Rossi?

          • Veblin

            Frank, it seems you really feel pissed off by E-Cat World.

            Frank says:
            February 23, 2013 at 2:48 pm
            The number of believers is dwindling. Most of the remaining ones are only the very dumb and unpleasant remnants.… and shills pretending to believe firmly in the e-cat. When I read the comments from the most persistent Rossi promoters on ecw, I can only hope that they are shills – otherwise one would really have to worry about their state of mind.

          • Peter_Roe

            To be fair, the first sentence is just Frank echoing maryhody – but from ‘and shills…’ is all his very own work.


            It seems somehow a bit sad that a little group of the more rabid ECN sneerers are now having to huddle together on Quax’s spin-off site because no-one else will tolerate their endlessly recycled bile for long.

          • GreenWin

            A SAD day for Quax as there are only 8 deniers still commenting. And four of them the same person :).

          • GreenWin

            Frank, clinically Josh and Kirk suffer the same disability and regardless of who their puppet masters are, it is inappropriate to sneer.

          • georgehants

            Frank, Would you like to make a point that we can clearly debate with you instead of just innuendo and opinions.

          • Peter_Roe


            In view of the rather – er – revealing comment copied above by Veblin above, I’m not sure that any further ‘contributions’ from this individual would be welcomed. He has made his real views about ECW and its regular contributors eminently clear.

          • _Frank_

            A clear point? – I think I asked GreenWin a clear question.
            And since he is the one who frequently accuses sceptical voices to be “paid agents”, it’s just legit to ask him if he has any connections with Rossi.

          • GreenWin

            None I’m aware of Frank.

          • Peter_Roe

            Why does the phrase ‘hide of a rhinoceros’ spring to mind?

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      georgehants….there is only one logical explanation, “they” are trying to delay the implementation or LENR. It is my opinion it is too scary for them economically.

      • Peter_Roe

        I’d say we were probably quite well into the second stage of Arthur Schopenhauer’s three phases – “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”.

        In this case the opposition is probably most likely to manifest as ‘management’ based on spurious safety concerns, with the technology disappearing behind official/corporate firewalls in the process. From there its validity can safely be ‘recognised’ by the research establishment, and then delayed for as long as is needed to make the necessary adjustments.

      • lcd

        Come on you guys don’t really believe that. Any suppression of cold fusion is likely done on a voluntary and widespread basis. Certainly there but I don’t think it’s as coordinated as we might like to think. Like wildfire

    • John-64

      It’s really hard to work with things that only work sometimes, and don’t work other times.

      • georgehants

        John-64, are you saying that if something is “hard” then science does not want to know and just denies that it exists.
        I can’t believe science is so incapable as all that.

        • John-64

          I agree with you (I believe in CF, skeptical about Rossi’s claims) but the fact is that scientists are human. Figuring out CF has been put in the “too hard basket”. There is just not enough research money around.

          The good news is that within 50 years artificial intelligence will be sufficiently powerful to allow computers to do their own research.

          • georgehants

            John-64, fair, but would you consider it unreasonable to transfer a little of the Hot Fusion Budget to an area that is proven to hold much potential for mankind.

    • guga

      Why do you all the time complain about science? Modern science has contributed a lot to the unbelievalbe high standard of living we have nowadays.
      Concerning LENR: It seems like a few scientist in the field continued to work on cold fusion even after the Pons and Fleischmann experiment. But it is completely understandable that most did not. Imagine you are a scientist that tried to reproduce the PF experiment. And it did not work. And there is not even a theory why it should work. And there are tons of other things you could or should be working on, many of them very promising. It is hard for me to believe that you know that you would have continued to work on it, against all odds.
      Anyway, something seems to be moving along in that field. Even though I´m not sure as to what extend LENR can be considered a proven phenomenon. I´m not a scientist working in that field, neither are you, I assume. Even if some well known scientists had published works that support LENR, the denial by others does not necessarily mean ignorance or even a big conspiracy. A LOT has been published over time that has been proven wrong later. Just because something has been published after peer review does not make it true. There are many reasons why the assumptions or measurements can be wrong. Scientific dispute is what eventually leads to the acceptance of a view that is hopefully close to the truth. And the dispute goes on, all the time. You can not blame people for being (even very) critical of cold fusion or LENR. If that would not happen, science would be dead.

      • georgehants

        guga, good comment.
        To answer your question — “Why do you all the time complain about science?”
        I do not just complain about science, I compliment those scientists who are doing good open-minded Science, which means searching for the unknown.
        I “complain” rightly against Dogmatism, Denial and debunking in any form.
        One cannot say there is good science in defense of bad science, they are two completely different things.
        Good Science I applaud.
        Bad science I, like you and every concerned person should highlight and condemn every time it rears it’s ugly head.

  • buffalo

    ridiculous.he just has to prove he has in fact got a working l.e.n.r. and billions of dollars will undoubtedly be thrown at him,even if he didnt want the billions.this case is closed

  • Bruno

    Let’s first see proof that cold fusion is even a practical technology. Rossi’s ecat aside, every other “successful” apparatus operates at only slightly over unity, and at impractically low temperatures. Unless Rossi’s hot cat is the real deal (and I get more an more skeptical each month that we don’t get to see “the beef”), or someone other inventor actually cracks the code, we’ve got a LONG way to go before we’ll ever see a cold fusion car. Would be GREAT if it does happen. It would certianly be the most revolutionary energy technology since our ancestors first harnessed fire.

    • georgehants

      Bruno, what would you say would be the best way to find out if Cold Fusion is as you say —
      “Let’s first see proof that cold fusion is even a practical technology.”

  • Jimr

    I agree it’s foolish to invest in anything like this until it is a proven technology. I think many have this semi operational technology but all have the same problem, control and sustainable unassisted operation (multi-month). Even after sustainable operation there will be most likely a year or more for state/gov approval. It would be nice to get in on the ground floor of this technology but we are still at under ground levels.

  • GreenWin

    While there is little benefit to dwelling in the past, it is greatly beneficial to know what has gone before. And what may still be operating. Here is a copy of a letter written by Dr. Hal Fox President of Fusion Information Center Inc., former Director University Utah Laboratory Research Park in 1999 – ten years after the F&P announcement. Dr. Fox describes what he terms “well orchestrated activities” against cold fusion. And points to one man of integrity who refused to capitulate.

    “A person (representing powers-that-be in Washington, D.C.) called many of the physics and chemistry departments at major universities in the United States. Here was his message as relayed to me from one such department: “If you have so much as a graduate student working on cold fusion, you will get no contracts out of Washington.”

    All of the editors of the major scientific journals were contacted and were instructed not to publish articles on cold fusion. All editors but one then set up barriers against cold fusion publications. The one editor who did not accept that type of instruction was Professor George Miley, editor until this year of Fusion Technology, the international journal of the American Nuclear Society.”

    • artefact

      Thank you GW.

    • Peter_Roe

      Many people are aware of the effects of this embargo, but may have assumed that it came about as a result of networking and unmistakable hints and suggestions dropped at suitable times and places.

      I must admit that I find the blunt and naked bullying by the Washington govt. exposed by this to be slightly shocking, both in its illegality and in the complete lack of any subtlety or any attempt to disguise the threats. Clearly this 800 pound gorilla is utterly out of control, and has been for decades.

      Edit: Moderated again – really, Disqus wasn’t all that bad!

      • GreenWin

        The question then remains, how do we reign the brute in? With so many people caught in the spider’s web? One idea taken from the immigration playbook, is to offer amnesty to those who come forward, and lay their cards on the table. There are many good people who have been coerced or trapped into capitulation – and they must be given an honorable way out. Amnesty is a reasonable solution.

        Admin: the auto-moderation is a pain, but layout of this format is visually superior IMO.

        • Will

          You can’t reign the brute in. It’s a rabid animal, dying and snapping at all who come within reach.

          The lesson is: Stay out of reach and put the hammer down on continuing research. This diseased beast will be dead soon enough.

  • John Di Turo

    In this case a car powered by any form of LENAR would be a significant threat to the established unsustainable ecosystem of fossil fuel based transportation. Even if a viable alternative energy powered car were successfully produced, for it to become main-stream, it would have to be embraced by the masses. Electric powered vehicles even if generated by LENAR are dependent upon batteries and with the sale of Stanford Ovshensky’s EV1 battery patent to Chevron and Chevron’s choice to shelf it, the industry has been set back 10 years. The good news is that the patent expires in 2014 and then becomes available in the public domain. Honda and Toyota already have the equipment to produce them, having been sued by Chevron to prevent their sale. Everything will change next year.