Quantumheat Introduces Delta Pyro

We talked recently here about the age of cold fusion followers, and it seems that a good majority of us are not so youthful. In an attempt to engage the younger generation, the members of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have come up with a character, Delta Pyro, who they hope can be used to spark interest in cold fusion.

Delta Pyro

The group has posted a number of pictures and videos of the new character in a recent blog post, and are looking for ideas from the general public on how to use him. They write:

We are going to be supplying 3D prints of Delta Pyro for you to play with or give as gifts. He will be one of the many exciting pledge rewards you can choose from in our Kickstarter (look out for the imminent post). If you have any comments for our friend, model/texture/animation ideas, what poses he should be supplied in etc. let us know. We don’t want to give too much away about how we see him looking as you likely will have a better idea!

Should we put high quality renders on t-shirts? Any ideas like this for maximising how we can capitalise on him will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Greenyer of the MFMP emphasizes the fact that the resources used to create the Delta Pyro character came from his own personal resources and those of his business — none of the donations to the project have been used in creating the character.

    • GreenWin

      “Nuclear power produced by quasi-resonant electron assisted double nuclear processes in these Ni−H systems is calculated. The power obtained tallies with experiments and its magnitude is considerable for practical applications.”

      • Chris the 2nd

        Slightly broken record but, Peer reviewed?

    • Sanjeev

      Not reports.
      Both are theoretical papers, which is good, but not what is needed.
      I read only the summaries, but I hope they make verifiable predictions which can be tested by experiment. Else its a waste of bytes.

  • Glorg

    This seems like a waste of time. They should focus on the science, not marketing efforts like this. They need to prove the Celani claims with hard data, and worry about marketing later.

    I’m really disappointed that they would even think of creating such a lame character. They really think people will buy this?

    • Sweeney

      Could not have said it better…

      “This seems like a waste of time.”

      • CosmicCastaway

        Being what sounds like one of the few 20 somethings to be watching this, I agree with Glorg and John-64 what is needed are some experiments that can stand up to peer review showing LENR/New Fire is worth looking into.

        I stopped reading quantumheat when only a few watts of excess energy were demonstrated. Did they ever get anything close to the 6 times input/output Rossi was claiming?

        (I also agree that that mascot is aimed at preschoolers and looks like a fire hydrant)

        • We have been voluntarily working very hard to go through the many criticisms of Celani’s experiment and deal with them one by one. Developing an incontrovertible experiment is not glamorous and requires perseverance and patience. We are not in the business of making wild claims, we have to be credible and maintain integrity at all times.

          It is power density that is important. We are not trying to make a home heater, we are trying to make a repeatable experiment. We appear to have seen PXs in Celani wires that has a power density of the order of Rossis claims, however there are significant questions about the experiment and so we have to first get an experiment that can not be challenged to show similar results before these early tentative findings get proper recognition.

          If we succeed in showing similar PXs when there is no doubt in the experiment, the Celani wire reactors will be perfect experiments to explore the phenomenon in a scaleable and controllable way. It has the advantage that you can past current through it, expose it to many potential triggers easily and you know the amount of the material under test.

          • NJT

            Right on Bob – Please continue your experiments to prove up your prior findings…

          • yamal

            i agree that as mascot isn’t exactly what’s most desperately needed now and will go a step further saying that it won’t ever be needed. if this works it will turn the world on its head all by itself. right now it seems almost cynical – like burger king planing a campaign to save starving kids in africa and the first thing they do is handing out paper crowns.

          • CosmicCastaway

            Sounds like a plan.

            I heard about LENR from a slashdot article after Rossis plant passed its validation in 2011. If your next experiment is successful you could post an article on Reddit and Slashdot to drum up public interest.

    • GreenWin

      Yeah, but it’s not your time or money. See “Solina” from Plank Inst. Plasma Physics – waste of taxpayer money!

      • Glorg

        It is my money actually, because I’ve donated to MFMP, and they are looking for more support with a Kickstarter.

        • Not a single penny of any donors money was spent on this character – every penny for this still in development character came from my personal pocket.

    • I agree. The mascot may be a good idea as such, but showing it before success is not wise.

  • georgehants

    My opinion, it will be found to be instantaneous, because everything at this level is connected in time and space.
    March 7th, 2013,By Lucian Parfeni
    Quantum Entanglement Travels at Least 10,000 Faster than Light
    Quantum entanglement describes the link between two particles that are not physically close or in any form of contact, i.e. there’s no information exchange, as far as modern physics is concerned, between the two particles.

  • Joseph Fine

    Alas, Delta Pyro looks like a fire hydrant. “New Fire” does not need a new fire hydrant. It needs a “New Fire” Engine. We hope that’s about to happen.


    • Haha, this is an early test render, has euro plug sockets on the back of his hands, will have a Mizuno glow in his belly and the top is actually meant to be the top of an oversized glow plug (just has wrong texture in this shot). It is meant to be a blend between Celani, Defkalion and Rossi reactors.

      • Joseph Fine

        Thanks. Make it look more like a hot cat.

        • So like a jet black cylinder with a yellow/red core?

  • georgehants

    Long predicted atomic collapse state observed in graphene
    Berkeley Lab researchers recreate elusive phenomenon with artificial nuclei
    The first experimental observation of a quantum mechanical phenomenon that was predicted nearly 70 years ago holds important implications for the future of graphene-based electronic devices. Working with microscopic artificial atomic nuclei fabricated on graphene, a collaboration of researchers led by scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have imaged the “atomic collapse” states theorized to occur around super-large atomic nuclei.

  • clovis

    hi, guys,
    What age group, are you trying to target here, it would be my guess that the older group of kids would be most effected,data pyro, seems pointed at
    kindergarten, or preschoolers, i was thinking more like, a little red, or green dragon with steam coming out his ears, and maybe sparks coming out his nose. and a yet to be visualized new fire protruding from his mouth.
    Maybe a slightly more mature character, aimed at a little older group riding the lenr dragon, fighting off the bad black fossil fuel pterodactyl,and his rider some mean old oil sheik.
    The lenr dragon and his rider the hot cat girl will always win the battle for the blue planet Because they have mother nature as an allies.

    • NJT

      Yeah, maybe something on the order of a White Night versus a Black Night (the black oil barons). Uh, maybe I am too old to add anything useful for this new generation…

      • He is meant to be friendly and non-threatening for young kids, but you might have something with this idea for the teenager to young adult market if it was a game or piece of graphic art. I don’t have the resources, funds or time to do this but if someone does, that would be great!

        • GreenWin

          Bob, pay NO attention to the old farts and whiners here. You have a great idea and a humorous character is an excellent way to communicate.

          The pathoskps are seeing their disinfo op fail and are POed.

          • NJT

            Greenwin, I may be an old fart, but i have been an ardent supporter of these anomalies for many years too – I do respect most of your comments, but please be respectful of those of us who post here with our ideas, however, OLD fart-ash they may be!

          • GreenWin

            NJT, back when discussing age I posted the following:

            “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

            Bob Greenyer’s character is meant to have fun with, and perhaps help communicate the extraordinary benefits of LENR to a generation raised on video games.

          • Well, if my team can take on some criticisms and please a few more people in their design that can be no bad thing. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • Andrew Macleod

    Not to be insulting but delta pyro is lame. This might intrest my 3yr old but that’s about it.

    • We are very open to other ideas, this one was a freebie to the project from my own company and personal resources. It is not for adults, not even teenagers, it is for pester power. And it is just for fun!

      When I was walking with my 4 year old daughter the other day, she kept picking up plastic and other rubbish and we were putting them in the bins, she tells me exercise is good. Sometimes it takes the very young to point out things to their parents.

      I love that this is creating strong opinions, keep them coming.

      • Dear Greenyer,

        The last thing I want to see is a depressive cartoon character complaining about how suppressed he is all the time.

        However, Mr Delta Pyro does not seem to come across that way at all! I will follow him with interest!

        Peace and Love, Your Friend / Dr Bob

  • Hi Folks,

    The most influential person in 2012 was in fact not a real person at all.
    I will follow Delta Pyro with interest and help promoting him. Personally for ME, It will be easier to relate to a cartoon character rather than nerds sending scientific reports back and forwards in obscure forums.

    Its my belief that Information & Technology can solve all our problems but when people do not understand the information they are being given, the answer is not to spend more time making scientific papers.

    I predict 99.9 % of the worlds population feel the same.

    Love / Dr Bob

    • Thanks DrBob for your insight,

      For those that can understand the very technical reports we make and the large volume of data we are live publishing (which is about to get massive) there will be a lot to explore and analyse. We have produced some great data in the past few months, but interest is limited – that is the reality of these things.

      We hope that if we can verify the planned extension of the V2 Celani protocol, which has very limited scope for controversy and also have positive results in our experiments designed to capture the full output from the wires then we will all be in a very good position.

      But this kind of stuff barely interests a minute percentage of scientists – let alone the general public!

      If people get a DVD/BluRay, who will be able to sit their friends down and get them to watch it? People want explosions in their video entertainment, we dont!

      Delta Pyro, I hope, will inspire debate and questions, I want him to be controversial and to generate strong reactions. I also want him to be plain fun. Fun and sex are what sells things. Adults can poke fun at him and kids can imagine a friendly hero, fighting for a brighter future.

      I imagine a kid that has been given a 3D print of him and is playing with him, others may see that kid and say “what is that ridiculous character?” and there is the excuse to tell someone to go investigate.

      There has been 100+ years of LENR evidence and still the community is small, we need to try different things to build this space. It is too important to waste time not trying things.