MFMP Kickstarter Rewards Proposal

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Fund team at are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their goal to demonstrate the “New Fire” of LENR in an unequivocal way. As part of their preparation they have posted a blog in which they are seeking comment on some of their ideas for rewards they can offer in return for backing from donors.

It might be useful for the team if readers here can provide feedback on the rewards they are thinking about. Here’s a summary of their ideas — full details can be found here.

£5 — Pure love
£15 — DVD of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary
£20 — Bumper Sticker
£40 — 3D print of Delta Pyro mascot
£50 — BlueRay of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary + T-shirt
£75 — DVD of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary — signed by Francesco Celani
£100 — BluRay of “Lighting the New Fire” documentary — signed by Francesco Celani
£150 — Name on honors list on the quantumheat web site.
£299 — Piece of Celani wire
£499 — Visit experimental site
£599 — Name on replication cell
£4,000 — Dinner with Celani in Rome
£5,000 — Mounted replica of the New Fire MFMP version of the Celani experimental cell

They are also trying to figure out what their fundraising goal should be. Remember, with Kickstarter, you have a set number of days to reach your fundraising goal. If you don’t make your goal, you get nothing, and all pledged funds are returned. So it’s important they pick the right number.

Ideas and comments can be left here, or at the Quantumheat site. I am sure they will be appreciated.

  • Where is the kickstarter page?

    • admin

      They haven’t launched the campaign yet — they are trying to make sure they have the everything organized right before they kick off, and that’s why they are soliciting input.

  • artefact


    Why Are the Big Financial Institutions Selling Oil BIG?

    “LENR might already be a technological fact on the industrial scale, and not further away in time than the banks can manage to keep it secret. This makes a huge difference on the outcome. Maybe this is exactly what they know. It certainly would not be surprising if they have verified the E-Cat and actively trade on that information. The information advantage is huge and so are the potential profits.”

    • Garry

      Agreed. It will be the people SHORTING oil to watch. Whoever has that kind of insider information could become an overnight billionaire if they know what they are doing. Of course, they could also become an overnight pauper if they time it wrong…

      Any financially savvy people in the stock market arena that know how to search for such trades and bets?

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Garry…I watch historical XOM option prices.

    • Garry

      Ahhh.. should have read the link. Answers my question. Interesting.

    • yamal

      i had to laugh out loud when i read the article – especially the “e-cat verified by us gov and big banks?” marker in late 2010. this is just silly. ask yourselves this: if ‘they’ would have secretly verified the e-cat back in 2010 and were so convinced that they short sell oil stock because of it, then why would roger green have to sell sub licenses for e-cat distribution rights for peanuts two years later?

      • Peter_Roe

        Possibly because he became aware that the domestic e-cat was a non-starter and the industrial units would all go to the big boys, as Nyberg speculates.

        • yamal

          walk me through that, peter, in a way which makes the slightest bit of sense for rossi and/or the us government and/or the big banks. i don’t see how that wouldn’t be the worst of all possible routes to take for all of them if the secret verification had in deed happened.

          • FlanOBrien

            According to Shell, Oil will only be 10% of current production in 77 years time. Solar will be around 40%.


            Adjustment has to start at some stage. Sales contracts are much more likely to be associated with recent advances in solar technology, such as a potential 70% efficiency rate. See

          • Miles

            Would you ever TRUST what an oil company has to say?

          • Jim

            Re MFMP Kickstarter: Approach: treat this as a marketing campaign in which you are selling the opportunity to be associated with New Fire. In such an approach:
            > is there a “total addressable market model” that estimates the total number of potential donors, divided into interest/demographic categories?
            e.g. high school science geeks, alternative energy enthusiasts, scifi fans, and …?
            > is there a communications model for how that market can be made aware of the opportunity?
            e.g. the web site, a PR campaign, dangling on kickstarter?
            > are the rewards correlated to identified market categories?
            > can you recruit high/broad reputation advocates? like sci fi authors? Prince Charles?
            > can you find some professional fundraisers to work with you pro-bono?

            When it’s over, the results will have been determined by a network of causes and effects centering around things like interest, awareness, motivation and identification. Even if modeling the marketing is a largely speculative activity, it should be done to fortify less analytic decision processes. As long as you’re doing good analysis and design in the lab, don’t slight it in the fund raising. You may only have one shot; the market is fickle, and if you fail and then try again, you could find it dead cold.

          • Hi Jim, you make some good points thank you. We are very conscious of the “one shot at this” thing – that is why we have held back from doing it until we are confident we have a good shot at delivering, it has been quite frustrating. We recognise we need more help on the information war, it will be hard to get listened to and we are sure there will be people working against us or not willing to run our story.

            We are working on a news flow plan for during the KS – Tyler has suggested placing press releases on the “newswires” and this in theory they would get picked up by a wide range of publications outside of the usual forums for this space, but it costs $1,500 per release!

            Jim if you any others have specific skills in this area, we now have a means to contact us directly on the site (click on little green +) and we would be great ful for your assistance because it seams you have a handle on these things. We want to launch inside 2 weeks so it is quite urgent.

          • kwhilborn

            I think Andrea Rossi has the real ecat, and I have been an advocate for cold fusion for many years.

            You have not approved my comment that I think this fundraising is mainly to line the pockets of the MFMP staff.

            I think it is sad that they are doing this for profit, but LENR will come about soon enough.

            I noticed some comments were approved after my post so I’m guessing you disagree.

            Their entire website and demeanor is geared to donate money, and you cannot read a page of it that does not refer to their financial woes.

            Let’s just wait for Rossi or Miley and let these scammers go unfunded.

            But every press release costs $1500.00 Let’s see a few and then we can discuss it.

            If someone raised money for a little childs operation and paid themselves $100k salary out of the funds you would be mad at them, and I think this is the same thing. Pretending to do good and just raising money for their own use.

        • GreenWin

          Tro11 red flag, Peter.

          • Peter_Roe
          • GreenWin

            Indeed. Rule 17, and 19, I would say. Noting the Rule specific to a comment seems appropriate. Three Ds of Disinfo: Delay Deny Defend.

          • Add 4, 5 and 18 below. I think we may be about to work through quite a significant chunk of the list.

          • GreenWin

            Strike the nerve… LOL 🙂

          • yamal

            let me get that straight. you guys say it is likely that the us government and some big banks (however you define the two) conspired together and verified in late 2010 that rossi’s e-cat is working. they then start short selling oil and at the same time keep rossi from making a big breakthrough so they can drag out the demise of the oil industry as long as possible because that somehow makes more money for the big banks and the us government than anything else they could think of doing with the information that lenr works. at the same time they keep the pressure up on the oil companies by letting nasa fake evidence for global warming and having bushnell giving interviews where he supports rossi. while they’re doing that, they do everything they can to keep lenr suppressed by harassing science to ignore and ridicule it. on top of all that there is, or so you say, indisputable evidence that this government is spraying the world with harmful chemicals from airliners and continuously denies the existence of thousands of extraterrestrial visitors. i can’t begin to imagine what state of mind one has to be in in order get all that together in a consistent way and don’t really want to know either. but how on earth can you say that NOT sharing this ‘view’ of the world qualifies for being a troll?

          • robyn wyrick

            I really enjoy Peter and GreenWin – I would almost say that I come here *mostly* for their commentary.

            And even though I think LENR is a real phenomenon, your defense is excellent and sharp.

            I can get why people get their hackles up sometimes, but I *really* want differences of analysis, perspective, and opinion to be welcome.

            I have disagreed with *lots* of comments on this site, but most of the time, I think people are all on the up and up trying to work this out.

            Thanks for your rebuttal.

          • Dickyaesta

            Maybe you should open your eyes more than 20 degrees.

            You can practice this when you want to cross more than one road all crossing at the same point and you cannot focus on one road only, you have to use your eyes to its utmost 180 degrees or more to capture movements on one of the roads.

            This applies also on your minds eye if you not look around and open your minds eye you might miss an oncoming train that is so silent, because it has been made that way by bad science and others.

            Saludos Didymus

    • Peter_Roe

      Excellent find, Artefact. Anyone experiencing doubts about Rossi’s claims needs to read it.

      Torkel Nyberg’s speculations seem to tie together a number of factors that have been noted on this blog – one of the ‘dedicated sparsely visited sites’ he mentions! The big picture he paints is one of government agencies, big oil, banks and the controlled media working together to ‘manage’ the effects of the introduction of cold fusion power:

      “…they [the banks] certainly know by now if the first customer is the US Navy, as Rossi (almost) says, and nobody denies. The thirty billion dollar question is how to make as much money as possible from this information.”

      • artefact

        Thank you Peter.
        If you have not done so you could also read the comment by walkera below the article.

        • GreenWin

          Yes, Walker fairly dismembers Anonymole’s naive view. The appearance of stability is exactly what the banksters want as they continue to acquire shorting instruments.

      • GreenWin

        This big bank position is further supported by petro-dollar friendly University of Texas Austin’s Dr. Thomas Grimshaw’s ICCF17 presentation. Grimshaw, Research Fellow, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, spells out a Technology Assessment plan for the imminent introduction of commercial LENR, and how to minimize disruptive infrastructure effect.

    • Torbjörn

      The the graph is also available here: (By Torkel Nyberg? )

    • GreenWin

      The banks are not actually shorting, rather they hold put contracts, now a huge number: “And now, by March 2013, they [banks] are net-short 300 thousand contracts (300 million barrels of oil = $30 billion).”

      Excellent article from one of the few public newsletters that admits LENR is a game changer. The author speculates that the banks are buying time and stabilizing oil (at $80-100) so they and oilco partners can continue divestment of oil fields, and quietly buy more short contracts. The longer they delay the Rossi verification, the more time they have to profit from the collapse.

      • Paolo

        The price of oil, on a long time span, tends to increase following exactly an exponential curve, because we were approaching – and now in these years we are on – the so-called “peak oil”. It is possible, in the future, a sudden fall of oil price due to E-Cat validation effect, but it is not difficult to forecast that this pattern will be only temporary, because the main uses of oil are in transportation and materials, where it has no substitutes now and in a foreseeable future. The E-Cat technology would spread in 1-2 decades, not in a few years, so the short and medium term effect on the world oil consumption would be almost negligible.

        • AlainCo

          quite right.
          at the beginning all speculation will evaporate on oil, and an anti-bubble will be created.

          oil will still be useful, but in less than 5 years more than 50% of ground fuel consumption will disapear, and some about transportation will disapear.
          The price of oil will be blocked between the need not to frighten the consumer with high proce, pushing him to invest in LENR, and the fact that without investment the cost of extraction will stay high…

          what will happens quickly is that oil production will decrease quickly, price too… and in 10 years people will be forced to use LENR, because there will be no pump, not oil drilling, no investment.

          same for nuke, except that decommissioning will be done quickly, and if LENr cannot help, there will being fast neutron reactor to clean nuclear waste.

    • Omega Z

      @ artifact

      Problem with these articles is they are a little Vague for laymen. They should point out that these are long term Development projects.
      15 to 40 years out.
      Most of these sales/leases wont even be touched for 20 years. If LENR comes to market they will have a much lower value then they have paid for them. Thus you sell them now at cost or a small loss. Repurchase them later at even lower prices. Loses regained, Even profits made in many cases.

      Most of us think short term. Oil Companies are always thinking 20 to 40 years from now. It’s the nature of the business.

      Oil Refineries require 40 years for pay back. Same as Deep Water Drilling Riggs that can cost between 12 & 20 Billion dollars each.
      So the Bottom line is if demand declines & you may not need them or need them only for 10 to 15 years- You don’t buy or build them. Simple Business Economics.

      • artefact

        I agree with you. And interesting is, that for them to sell their stuff, they need companys who still do not know what they know. Else no one would buy it.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Talk about the inside trade of the century! The big banks are too big to prosecute.

    • I fail to see a convincing correlation between Rossi’s doings and oilprice curves.

      • Perhaps not convincing, but there are clear trends that indicate that profound changes are taking place in the energy market. LENR may not be the only factor working its way through, but the article’s premise seems broadly feasible I think.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        It might not be Rossi but there has been a shift in energy investment by very big money interests.

  • GreenWin

    @Bob Greenyer,

    Having read through your goal ideas, I think even the lower ($150k) may be too high at this stage. After researching successful projects I’d recommend going lower still, say $50k. Kickstarters oversubscribe if the idea is exciting enough. Check out this very successful (1,708% funded) science project (listed as “Comics”) titled SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543. Irreverent humor meets science.

    New Fire’s advantage is it’s a revolutionary new science. You can incorporate the Delta Pyro character to appeal to younger investors. The key is irreverence. Anti-establishment (it clearly already IS.) Edgy and risque are very important. Zach Weiner and Seth McFarland (TV’s Family Guy)travel the same satirical road – which has proven to be wildly $uccessful.

    • @GreenWin

      You make a very good point, we started at $500,000 adding everything up and then meeting after meeting we lowered our target… we don’t want to get this wrong.

      Your ideas are great, would be good to have your input further, we will have a contact form on the site soon and people will be able to directly contact team members on a range of matters.

      Together, we can do it.

      • georgehants

        Bob if it would help I can offer my-self to be taken for dinner, but I think a little more than the £4000 for Mr. Celini would be in order.
        Ha, good luck.

        • George, we proposed the pledge amount. We just asked Celani if he would accept our proposal fully expecting him to say no, however he accepted without hesitation. I have had the pleasure of sharing a table with Celani and 6 others in Rome for a brief lunch and I can tell you, he is one of the most likeable persons I have met in my life and his brilliance and modesty is evident in every word. Anyone that feels that they can afford to contribute in this way, would be rewarded with a very special experience.

          The way Kickstarter works is, you pledge an amount of money of your choice, and choose the reward you wish to receive that is below that amount. Alternatively, people could take a friend.

          The thing is, the stated top pledge that can be listed on Kickstarter UK is £5000.

          • georgehants

            Hey Bob, I am sorry, I was just making one of my bad jokes.
            Of course I would love to have lunch with anyone of the Cold Fusion pioneers.
            I am sure I will be donating toward the Wonderful effort.
            Best regards.

          • Haha, suspected you were, but what can you do?

  • Torbjörn

    “44 W is obtained from a rod of diameter 0.5 cm and length 9 cm at 0.5 atm and T= 753 K. If instead the surface area is increased by using powdered Ni with particles having diameters Dp = 0.001 cm then a device with similar volume can produce 33 kW (similar to Rossis results). This means by this model practical fusion is possible.”

    • artefact

      they refer also to Rossi in the second paper

      • artefact

        so the catalyst could be the nickelpowder itself and the basis is a nickel blog/rod/mesh?