Andrea Rossi Talks About E-Cat Production and Third Party Report on Tom and Doug Radio Show

I have just been contacted by Tom Florek of the Tom and Doug Radio Show who have recently conducted a new interview with Andrea Rossi. In the portion of the interview that can be viewed below, Andrea Rossi talks with Tom about the current situation with the production of the E-Cat. The show also includes a couple of Tom and Doug’s E-Cat songs, and some questions and answers from Tom and Doug’s listeners.

Tom informed me that the clip above is part of a larger interview which is still in the editing stages.

  • orsobubu

    Rossi is italian like me and I do understand perfectly 100% of what he’s saying, while I can guess only 50-70% of Florek’s. So scientifically I conclude that Rossi’s english is so much better.

    • captain

      I’ve watched mainly the first part of the video, say Rossi’s interview. And Rossi tells what’s going on now and what he expects for next months. Really nothing new worth to be considered. Still a hard job in his factories…

      Rossi is the Chief of scientists now, and the only person authorised to give out informations, and that’s well-known.

      But, suppose, repeat suppose 😉 that the E-Cat inventor has already sold out his ‘brevet/patent/IP’ to the new important american partner for say …,000,000,000$ (thru Escrow, of course), this explains better how Rossi feels actually, waiting for 3rd party certification, validation, USPTO and UL patents/certifications… each month seems one year 😉

      As I’ve said other times, The italian scientist is sincere, he’s a polite guy, and he doesn’t say lies.

      In the meantime the R&D is going on in Italy, mainly and in the states too: as he said, also the new important Leonardo’s partner is making (hot) plants and he seems to me like a Blackknight on a Whitehorse 😉

      Important is that thanks to Rossi’s E-Cat the LENR is real and it works fine, too much fine, he he he…

      And for the real good news, say 2 or 3 for this year, I’m confident they’ll arrive.

      • had enough of this bulldust.

        it doesnt properly work yet, he handed over the data to “the third party” so they could fix it for him.
        he now has two development teams basically…until some one pins down the theory of what is exactly what is going on then it has the potential to “melt your windows” as nasa put it.
        rossi clinging onto the “secret” catalyst is evidence that this thing has military implications…
        if it were open sourced and the “scientists” read “inventors/entrepeneurs” would share their data- it may be a beautiful but this is an ugly process alright.
        But it would be nice to know the mechanics so that all the worlds physicists can have a go at theorising and thus controlling the devices.
        This machine and descendants and all the icat appple versions that follow it are biggewr than rossi ,bigger than nasa and bigger than oil- the secrecy and the money concerning energy isnt ever going away.
        If rossi were to just release the catalyst he would be forever recognised for it and we could make him king of luxembourg or something if he wants to fill his pockets.
        The only reason i can see he wouldnt open his books is if it were dangerous to him or to the world- if id solved the future for all mankind i wouldnt try and hold back on how i did it or wait one second to get it implemented and actually changing the world- every scientific brain on the planet should be fully informed and working hard on the solution, but they are not…we are picking up pieces from press releases of faceless and evavise corporations.
        new energy but same old people…
        we dont deserve it if it does work thats all i know…
        and that the nickel isotope ratios in the lattice are very important

    • Thomas

      Lol, nice comment 🙂

      I understood both 100% and I’m German … What does this say? 🙂

      • Bob

        Sie sind ein Produzent fyr die Show??
        Bitte erläutern Sie den Witz über einen Hund wistle

        You are a producer from the Show?
        Please explain the joke about the Dog Whistle

  • Felis Fervens

    Rossi certainly chose an unusual venue for his first media exposure in some time (wasn’t it no more media until the 3rd party report was released?). It’s like Nikola Tesla going on Pee-wee’s Playhouse to inform the public of advances in AC generators.

    Most unusual guy. Hope he has the goods.

  • Mike888

    what every happened to BlackLight Power, they made big claims and then vanished off the map.

    • Ash

      Not exactly – BLP has been around for more than 20 years and has raised more than $60m from investors. I doubt they will disappear that quickly. I also doubt they will ever ship a product.

  • GreenWin

    The Tom and Doug “I Believe in E-Cat” song from their web site. And an earlier interview in which Rossi explains how he got involved with Prof Sergio Focardi suggesting that he would pay Focardi to convince him that LENR “was wrong.” Focardi refused. Entertaining.

  • lieno

    If an E-cat had a COP of 0.5 and was used in conjunction with carbon fuels to make steam, would it be cost-effective at some purchase price? What do you think that price would be?

    • yamal

      no, it wouldn’t be cost effective, of course. or did you mean 1.5?

      • lieno

        Yes, I meant 1.5

        • yamal

          i think it depends then. for a low temp thermal application like heating a house, cop 1.5 is much less than what an average heat pump could achieve – so there it comes down to factors like cost and complexity. with other applications it may be different. for high temperature operation, 1.5 would be useful almost everywhere (provided cost and complexity doesn’t eat up the advantage, obviously).

          • Bob

            A COP of 1.5 would only be of use to prove the principle works.
            The first transistors had a gain or amplification of only 3. They only served to prove there was something there worth further investigation. Transistors can now have gains of well over 100 and are dirt cheap.

            An ordinary heat pump has a COP around 3 and can be used for both heating and cooling, including water heaters. They run for years with no servicing at all. They are now very cheap.
            It would be hard to compete with this if the COP was less than 3, specially if it requires regular servicing.

  • obro

    In this interview Rossi mentions several times that he is going to deliver the e-cats he’s sold “soon”. Of all the questions the interviewer asked him, he didn’t ask what to my opinion is the most important one: How soon is “soon”? This year? This decade, or century, or millennium?

    • John-64

      Of course the interviewer didn’t ask the value of “when” because he would have been risking a walk out.

    • clovis

      see above,– smile

  • clovis

    HI everyone
    Nice video Frank, I hope we see more and more, of like information.
    it will be just what the e-cat needs, when the time is right, and Dr. Rossi comes across as a most intelligent person, i have ever heard, you can tell he loves his work, and i can’t imagine what the pressure must be on him, he is a very religious man, so that helps him cope, he will be one of the most famous men in the world , i would hate for it to be known that i called him bad names.

    • yamal

      i wonder if you will ‘hate for it to be known’ that you praised him when it turns out that there never was an e-cat.

      • clovis

        this from the horse’s mouth,
        In this period many important things are on their way, it will not take long before important events.
        Warm Regards,

      • captain kirk

        Of course we all know it’s just measurement errors….. ha, ha , ha ,ha , ha!

        • yamal

          the point is we do NOT know. all we can do is hope or speculate or wish or believe. with rossi (and lenr in general) it is interesting how far the very same information splits people rather distinctly. the middle ground seems to be relatively unoccupied and on both extremes of the spectrum people can’t understand how anybody could possibly think the opposite of their own conclusion holds any merit at all.

  • Omega Z

    The interview was recorded on February 27, 2013

  • Sanjeev

    So far about 300 people voted for Miley. Shows that lenr community is really tiny. His is on top anyway.

    May be T&D can help to get more votes. Can someone write to them?

    • Peter_Roe

      I would have thought that most interested people (say 80% plus?) would visit this site. Maybe admin could tell us roughly how many separate people visit regularly? Given that the overall numbers probably are low you have to wonder why CF blogs are so frequently plagued by shills of varying degrees of skill.

      • Peter_Roe

        I see we have a rather feeble one plying his trade below.

        • GreenWin

          Certainly the rise in shillery here indicates growing desperation. All of which is supportive of Rossi et al and the imminent arrival of news 🙂

          “By casting public doubt and scorn upon the heretical idea, it germinates in private, to full bloom.” jt guruvian

        • GreenWin

          Peter, hence the cry, “Shilery is not dead!”

      • Bob

        I think it would be a serious error to count as a shill anyone who posts a negative opinion on the likelihood of Rossi coming up with the goods.
        It seems most who post here seem to be of the opinion everything is going just great, but that is possibly because those with opposing views have long since been banned from posting.
        I think until such time as there is positive proof that Rossi actually has something which works, I can’t see big-oil or big-anything taking any interest in it at all and would certainly not bother employing shills to speak on their behalf.
        In any case, if it actually works then all the talk against it will be pointless. It will happen anyway.

    • Gerrit

      I think that the early lack of competition took the wind out of our sails. Now other projects are getting votes and it is possible that we still lose this if we don’t keep track of the competition.

      1300 people have voted on the age poll. If only 50% of them would vote for Miley.

      • GreenWin

        Curious, is it not? People would rather discuss their age than support a low cost way to build an LENR device. Depth?

        • For example I don’t vote because I’m not American.

          • GreenWin

            Pekka, is the voting not open to anyone? I would rather see tax dollars go to George Miley’s startup than certain destructive projects.

          • AlainCo

            note that among voters there are swedish, germans, french, indonesian…

            it is not like deciding to elect a mayor, but to say some idea is good…
            foreigners opinion is not less valluable than local…

            the bad point is that we have less voters today (less than 350), and others project seems far worse prepared. all that look like a joke.

      • Roman S

        “1300 people have voted on the age poll. If only 50% of them would vote for Miley.”

        I’m here for fun. I don’t believe in Rossi nor Miley.

      • Invy

        Perhaps the admin could post a update article for every 50 votes, so once it passes 400… Just to get some readers here who might not read it everyday to go vote.

  • Rene Vega

    The link is
    Some of us prefer not to enable Flash on multiple WEB sites.

  • georgehants

    Very soon, one hopes, a certain third party report on Mr. Rossi’s endeavors will be published.
    If it is encouraging then the money flowing onto Cold Fusion will be unstoppable, if not then the substance of the report will show the situation that must be addresses to be clear if a practical high output system is on the horizon.
    This report is the catalyst that will Free Cold Fusion or at least put it in a better perspective.

    • rolando

      He needs the patent ASAP. Soon E-dog, E-Tiger, E-lion will fill the market if the flood fundings is rolling

      • e-dog

        Some mention my name???

        Hi All! Been a long time between rants. Hope eveyone is healthy and having a great year so far!

        Any real developments happened while I was away?… other than the usual bold statements??

        Like the new site Frank!


        • Third party measurements have been going on for months and are scheduled to end near end of March. After that the report should come out; when exactly, no one knows, but not before April I think. Robert Mockan (one poster here) seemed to vanish in November or so and hasn’t come back.

          • sempervivum


            Roberts insight and comments are sorely missed

          • buffalo

            the mystery case of robert would make a good lenr suspense novel or film.

          • Veblin

            He stopped posting on lenr blogs and deleted his web sites.
            He does seem to have a real name, address, phone, email, age, political contributions, etc.
            He does not seem to have an obituary.

          • Peter_Roe

            I can’t find anything at all dating from after his disappearance from this blog towards the end of last year though. The domain was renewed for 2 years in May 2012 so the registration details will persist until May next year.

          • Veblin

            I don’t feel it is my place to take it any further, but if someone really wants to know I would suggest.

            Write a letter.
            Make a phone call.
            Send a email.
            Go to Chatsworth.

    • Paolo

      At this stage, Lenr research is not a matter of money but of intelligence. It would important involve in this field the best minds, like in Project Manhattan for nuclear fission military applications. A third party report on E-Cat would definitely give strong credibility to this field, even if many stakeholders already know the truth on the reliability of this tecnology because in our society infos travel faster than wind. Also Nasa tested it secretely some time ago but they covered all information and the test itself for reasons that are well beyond normal people imagination: this is, however, the reason explaining why the Nasa chief scientist Dennis Bushnell is pro-Lenr, they tested the best tech available.

  • GreenWin


    One immediate benefit of very low cost thermal energy will be its application to desalination. Presently Multi-Stage Flash & vapor pressure desal costs around $0.50/m3. With very low cost LENR thermal energy, $0.05/m3 is possible. Further, by building LENR co-generation power plants at coastline, waste heat from combined cycle turbines can be used for desalination.

    Countries with little or no fresh water like Quatar(<74mm/year rain) now produce 3.5M m3 of water annually. More importantly, with cost of electric energy around $0.01/kWh, pumping water to elevations such as Mexico City, and far inland areas (e.g. East Africa) becomes fiscally possible.

    Just a single application of abundant energy to look forward to. March 22 is World Water Day…

    • yamal

      i think most beneficial for mankind will be rossi’s program to help children with cancer. there will be many hundreds of billions in profit so there’s a good chance cancer will soon be a thing of the past.

      • Omega Z


        Rossi has stated that 50% of what (HE) makes off LENR will go for Cancer “treatment” bypassing as many of the middle people as possible. Thus minimizing the skimming of funds.
        This wont be applied to finding a Cure. This is another area of suppression in our Society. Cures are to final. Treatment just keeps on bringing in the money.

        As for how much Rossi will make off this technology. He’ll be very well off. But nothing near what many here speculate. The System doesn’t work that way unless you can keep the tech All to Yourself. For LENR, it’s to big for that. Rossi will be lucky to keep 2% of the Profits & that’s an Optimistic number.

      • Bigwilly

        Cancer cure suppression? Another conspiracy? How many interwoven conspiracies are there? I feel like I am left in the dark.


        • GreenWin

          Willy, I think Z refers to the probability that “cures” for disease terminate income potential for certain pillars of the medical industry.

      • Captain kirk

        I find one of the most despicable comments from psycho skeptics is a comment like this but since you obviously think Rossi is a fraud you also dislike the fact that he is playing on peoples emotions otherwise you wouldn’t be making comments like this

        • GreenWin

          Captain, do not feed the tro11 – they are voracious destroyers of good. It is not unheard for an inventor to donate a portion of his profit/wealth to a charitable cause. If we were to accuse every philanthropist of playing on people’s emotions, there would probably be less charitable giving in the world.

  • Leo Kaas

    Rossi said no more interviews back on November 13. Has something changed, is the 1 MW plant going to be presented to the public soon?

    “I am receiving many requests of interview in this period, and I am spamming all of them. This comment is the answer for all: I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public”.

    • I hope so…

    • john29302

      Water for quatar? us americans are energy consumption freaks. water for quatar? isnt that the richest country per capita on earth? use is for real working devices. i wouldnt dream up uses for energy. i think its an after thought compared to energy consumtion here in U S of A. lets focus on the product.

  • Gerrit

    More info on the work done at SKINR @ MU

    The seven collaborative scientific groups within the SKINR matrix include:

    – High Intensity Ions Bombardment- Dr. John Gahl-Lead.
    – Low intensity Ions Bombardment and High Pressure Shock ways on Gas Loaded targets- Dr. Scott Kovaleski-Lead.
    – Development of Nano Structures on Metallic lattices- Dr.Shubhra Gangopadhyay-Lead.
    – Charged Nano Particles suspension- Dr. Kattesh Katti – Lead.
    – Neutron Scattering employing the MU Research Reactor (MURR) of loaded targets- Dr. Helmut Kaiser-Lead.
    – High Pressure Gas Loading- Dr. Peter Pfeifer-Lead.
    – Gas Loading Thermal Shock and Neutron Diamond detectors- Dr. Mark Prelas-Lead.

    Director of SKINR is Dr. Graham Hubler