Voting Tightens in Future Energy Competition — LENR Still Leading

As the Future Energy startup contest enters the final days of voting, there seems to be more attention being paid to the various projects listed on the site, and more projects appearing by the days. George Miley’s LENUCO LENR power units project is still in the lead with 372 votes of last count, but the gap is closing with a Renewable Energy Inc.’s printable photovoltaic panel project coming up close behind with 286 votes as of last count.

We saw in the last round of voting that things can change rapidly in the final days and hours, and no doubt each project’s backers will be campaigning to get more votes.

Here’s what’s at stake, according to the Future Energy web site:

The next Future Energy pitch event is scheduled for April 4 at MIT. At this event, eight energy/cleantech startups will present to a panel of investors for Q&A, feedback, and the chance to win some great prizes.

There are two ways to get your company chosen to pitch at Future Energy – by the Selection Committee and by crowd voting. Six companies will be chosen by the Selection Committee and two will be chosen by crowd voting on this site. The two companies with the most votes on this site will get automatic bids to present at Future Energy at MIT on April 4.

Voting closes on Friday.

  • artefact

    Think of Peter Hagelstein from MIT who had somebody willing to fund him but a famous physicist from MIT cancelled that program:

    “However, a very famous physicist at MIT, who is involved in the energy program, found out what we were trying to do, and he cancelled the program. And he called up the vice president of the company and said some things that weren’t very polite about the research. And not only did the funding not come and the experiments didn’t happen, but my colleagues at the company were very worried about where they’re going to work next.”

    If Miley is under the 8 best than he can be at MIT to present his LENR idea … maybe in front of some upset physicist 🙂

    • Gerrit

      the pseudo skeptics will never attend venues where they could hear about the reality of LENR.

      For instance at the cold fusion colloquium in Eindhoven university nobody from the “hot fusion” physics department participated. Probably out of fear of being ridiculed afterwards.

      “The pressure for conformity is enormous.” – Julian Schwinger

      But the press might notice that a LENR device is being presented at a MIT venue. And that alone is worth the effort.

      • Yes, media attention is the main target of this MIT presentation I think.

        The more “normal” people get interested in LENR, the higher the pressure on mainstream science.
        Most people don’t care about LENR because they never heard of it… 🙁
        And if there are just a few people which ask about LENR progress, it’s easy for science to cheapen it.

        But the time is near, where mainstream science can’t longer deny.

        More and more LENR events, more and more media attention.

        • clovis


    • Barry

      GM presenting at MIT would be a dream come true.

  • artefact

    An interesting post by Axil, Axil on Vortex:

    Another piece of the LENR puzzle.[email protected]/msg77822.html

    • clovis

      +1 Very interesting piece, they may figure out that lenr,is a fundamental part of all mass.Another piece of the LENR puzzle.

  • Sergio

    Thanks for the reminder, I just voted.

  • zero

    Come on guys I know there’s more of us out there that can vote. It’s easy. Took me all of one minute. We’re only ahead by 90 votes and it looks like they’re trying to close the gap. From the poll on the side of this website I know we have the potential man power. Let’s show them that LENR has a following not to be messed with.

    • Gerrit

      And those who have already voted, please try to get in more votes through family and friends.

      my family / friends network had yielded 7 votes so far, that’s 7 fold my single vote 🙂

      • Invy

        +6 for me…

    • LCD

      I have not been able to vote on my android phone, just refuses to work for that link properly. Now I’m at my computer and will make the effort.

  • LCD

    People may also want to vote for this guy reproducing a BLP device independently.

  • Barry

    It amazes me too see a few other companies not getting a single vote. Don’t some of them have mothers?

    • Gerrit

      I had my mother vote for Miley ! And my father too. And the rest of the family.

    • Invy

      Yeah, that is the problem… they would rather their sons go out and get wives than work on their geeky little projects.

  • admin

    As of 12:35 U.S. Central time, Miley’s LENR has 413, followed by RET Inc.’s printable photovoltaic cells at 322. Next is the eco Vent wireless home heating and cooling system with 161 votes. Since the top two go through to MIT automatically, things don’t look to bad for LENUCO at the moment.

  • artefact
    • GreenWin

      New calorimeter looks good. With visual effects even.

    • Peter_Roe

      It sure is purdy! I’d go with some of the commenters though – it’s too complicated – meaning calculated (rather than observed) thermal values. Personally I’d prefer to see a simpler arrangement using liquid calorimetry in a dewar (moderate volume with cell immersed, passive cooling with gentle stirring, direct measurement of temperature rise of known volume cf. input energy over run). If such a simple arrangement failed to show gain, the focus should probably move to multi-wire or ribbon arrangements to try to increase anomalous heat output, rather than further tweaking the calorimetry.

  • georgehants

    Very slowly science may be catching on to the idea that the only way to find things out is to actually do research and not listen to sacred “expert opinion.”
    They may even begin to catch up with what has been well known for thousands of years.
    A few more years and the same idea may spread to Cold Fusion.
    Sound is so fundamental to life that some scientists now think there’s a kernel of truth to folklore that holds humans can commune with plants. And plants may use sound to communicate with one another.