Rossi on the Military Plant

Someone today asked Andrea Rossi about how the 1 MW plant that was delivered to some military entity was doing. It’s a good question, since apparently this military customer is so far, according to Rossi, the only one he has with a working E-Cat.

Here are the questions and answers.

1. We wonder if, after delivery, your customer has remained in touch with you: if requested technical informations, expressed his satisfaction or his complaints. A. — yes, we are in dayly contact with him.

2. After more than 6 months of operation a fuel recharge has already been carried out by your technicians. A. yes, the recharge has been made

3. When recharging your technicians have definitely reported information, comments, news. A. 3- information is confidential

4. Would you to tell us what you believes is the degree of satisfaction of your client? A. we are working very well with the Customer: I think he is satisfied.

I followed up with a question of my own — about Rossi’s level of satisfaction with the plant.

Are you satisfied with the performance of this plant so far? How closely has it met your expectations and specifications? A. Yes, I am satisfied, it has teached to us an enormous amount of data.

Of course we’re not going to get a confirmation from any military entity about whether or not they have an E-Cat, so we only have Rossi’s word to go on here. If we take him at his word, this is promising news. The recharge mentioned above is of the nickel powder, which is supposed to take place after six months of operation, so the E-Cat should have been in operation for a number of months. It’s good to hear that there is daily communication between Leonardo and the customer, and that both parties are satisfied. Let’s hope it’s not too long before this report can be confirmed by witnessing a plant operating in public.

  • KD

    I asked Mr.Rossi about the other dozen 1MW E-Cats, the military customer ordered. If they were in process of building, or maybe the customer is waiting for the newly designed Hot 1MW E-Cat?
    My question disappeared and no answer.

    • Bob

      I would be very surprised if even the first one has been delivered considering that although it was said to have been delivered a few days after the demonstration of 28th October 2011, it was still in the same place a year later. It was said the one delivered was a different one. I doubt that. That would explain the complete lack of any reports from anyone as to how it is working. NDAs can’t stop that sort of stuff from leaking eventually.

      • elasticbucket

        “that sort of stuff from leaking eventually.” to me, it is absolutely astonishing that leaks today are not approaching the holding capacity of a seive, money or no. Hope if e-cat’s not a goer, the formula for this brilliant secrecy model may be revealed.

      • Peter_Roe

        We have seen from photos that the original unit has been completely refitted. Why would anyone bother doing that if it was just an elaborate stage prop? In fact this is completely consistent with the claim that the original unit was faulty and a new improved version was built for the military customer. Having carried out such a redesign it would be logical to then refit the original faulty unit to the same improved design and specification.

        If the customer is military, why would any personnel risk a court martial in order to release operational data that could only be understood by specialised engineers and would bring no financial gain?

        • kasom

          Alway a bit of confusion wether hot or what else……

          The question from JONP reader “gian” was related to the “hot” e-cat, not the very first “warm” one.

          “I’m wondering what news you are able to give of the hot cat from 1 megawatt delivered to a military Institution unknown to us.”

          • Peter_Roe

            It seems to be the questioner who is confused. Rossi has never claimed that a hot cat plant has been delivered to any buyer, only that progress on a prototype being built by the new owner of the IP is satisfactory.

        • Bob

          I wasn’t really expecting the leaking of a detailed engineering report. I would more expect a leak in the order of a few photos taken with a mobile phone which everybody now has, along with maybe a note on where it is, even if only by way of a vague hint.
          As for motives, there are all sorts but predominately people just love letting it slip that THEY know something that no one else does.
          The fact that in all this time we have heard absolutely nothing is strange. Combined with a continual non delivery of any hard evidence that anything has ever been delivered is not a good sign.

          If it all turns out to be true then this is an amazing achievement in secrecy which all governments could learn from.

          • Omega Z


            All would be shocked at how good secrets are kept. The Military release info all the time that the News Media & the public are/were not aware of. Things in the works for years.

            I have a Relative who works for the Military by way of contract. Do to slips of the tongue when inebriated, I could make a guess at what he’s involved in, Then again I could be wrong. Even when inebriated he’s tight lipped. I’d also never put his job at risk.

            If you ask him what he does he’ll respond- I Work on Lawn Mowers. Right! And for that he earns a $100 Grand plus per year.

            Oh! Those must also be some pretty Sophisticated Lawn Mowers he works on. They occasionally send him to undisclosed locations to work on them. That or there’s a Hugh shortage of lawn mower repairmen in the world.:)

        • Gerrit

          A new threat on the horizon !

          The project SmartPwrNet is currently picking up roughly 20 votes/hour and now has 235 votes.

          Lenuco is roughly getting 3-4 votes / h and now has 490 votes

          If these rates stay the same, this would mean:

          20-3 = 17 votes / hour
          490-235 = 255 votes

          255/17= 15 hours before take-over.

          • Gerrit

            in the last hour:

            Lenuco 504-498= 6 votes
            Photovoltaics 419-415= 4 votes
            SmartPwrNet 238-238 = 0 votes

          • Gerrit

            Lenuco 516-504 = 12
            Photovoltaics 429-419 = 10
            SmartPwrNet 249-238 = 11

            keeping the distance

          • Barry

            off topic- George Miley still in the lead but he is not a shoe in. Time to try to convince the relatives who stare at us with dull expressions to vote.(It’s come down to that)If GM can present at MIT, how could it not be a huge breakthrough.
            As soon as I find out GM gets it I’m going to buy a ticket to go to the Future Energy pitch at MIT on April 4th.

          • Gerrit

            Great Barry ! Take your camera with you 🙂

          • GreenWin


          • clovis


          • Barry

            PS I panicked and bought a ticket on faith GM will win (only 16 tickets left) now you guys really have to help vote him in or I’m out 20 bucks.

          • artefact


          • admin

            So long as he ends up first or second in the voting he’ll be presenting at MIT, according to the web site. Hope you can see the presentation — will you report back to us?

          • Barry

            You bet Frank. If he gets in, Ecat World (and other CF sites I’m sure) will have taken a participatory role in the history of Cold Fusion. All from our cushy computer chairs.

          • GreenWin

            Barry, I’ll have you know my chair is anything but cushy. More like a straight back parson’s chair – but history making all the same (we hope!) 🙂

          • Peter_Roe

            If ‘UPower’ gets through (seems unlikely at present unfortunately) I’d be very interested in anything you could tell us about that. If it’s ‘real’ it must be CF of some kind from the looks of it. Could it be another entrant in the race?

          • LCD

            Upower just sounds like a compact fission reactor.

          • Peter_Roe

            Its a bit hard to see how/where a bunch of young entrepreneurs could have found some U235 or plutonium!

    • kasom

      I’d like to know as well what happend with the order of 12x 1MW plants. As far as I remember, these should be delivered already and be in operation as well………..

      • KD

        Not so fast with delivery.
        The 1MW plant was tested in Italy. It needed some corrections and changes.
        Rossi have R&d and production plants in USA. So the needed changes was done also in USA and from there was delivered Low temperature 1MW E-Cat to military customer, (of course if it is true) but only after of months of work to do the changes.

        Customer might wait with buying the the 12 others reactors, until he gets enough needed information and correction other
        unexpected problems.

        • clovis

          Come on bob, what the heck do you think the 1 mw pant was made of, it just a number of warm e-cats, only one small e-cat is enough to replicate, the rest were left to be moved at some further date, simple

        • Omega Z

          According to Rossi’s posts, at least a 2nd 1Mw unit has been shipped to the Military customer & considering the time that’s past since then, It’s likely a 3rd has been delivered.

          I Don’t expect to here anything about these Units until years after the E-cats make it to market. It would then possibly be in a Bio of the E-cat story.

  • kallie

    lets try and find the military base where the ecat is
    then we can at least get some sort of confirmation its working or not
    i doubt that the military will say its working if its not and whether they are satisfied
    we dont want any secrets from them

    • Mannstein

      Start looking at Area 54.

  • Matteo M

    A future question could be: Has the military customer actually been using the plant for a practical purpose? Or is it just running and being monitored for possible future applications? Of course, Signor Rossi can’t say exactly what the purpose is, we know that–but I’d love to hear that it’s being put to a real world use.

  • John-64

    We’ll discover the Yeti and the second shooter of JFK, before we’ll find out whether the military plant is real or not.

  • rolando

    Hi Frank,

    Is this the 1MW warm E-Cat or Hot Cat? Perhaps, he could release some data.

    • Peter_Roe

      It’s the original type 1MW container unit. As far as we know the hot cat prototype is not yet running. I would think (usual caveats) that Rossi is able to provide data gained from operational experience to potential new customers, but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for releasing this kind of information to the public, and several for not doing so.

  • Gerrit
    • georgehants

      Have any of the skeptics on page voted for them.
      Of course they would know that the way to prove that Cold Fusion does not exist is, Research.
      If they have not voted then I think that is an admission that they are afraid that the results may show a positive effect.
      That sounds like a lot of other subjects in science where fear of reality leads to an unhealthy denial.

      • fusionrudy

        Here is a nice example of dogmatic versus empirical science in the climate discussions:

        and a slideshow over politically inspired science that approaches religion:

        • georgehants

          All the Evidence is there for those that wish to look for it.
          Thanks fusionrudy

          • Rockyspoon

            There is no evidence that humans have impacted the climate with their CO2 emissions. The earth continues to warm up at a steady (albeit bumpy) rate since the end of the Little Ice Age, around 1860. There has been no statistically significant warming in the past 16 years, and there have been at least three prior periods in ths past 11,300 years where global temperatures were significantly warmer than they are today. Mann’s “hockey stick” has been proven to be bunkum–his PhD should be rescinded.

            On the other hand, CO2 is a huge benefit to the biosphere, with a significant greening of the earth (so why are environmentalists so concerned?) Trees now grow 30% faster than the did 50 years ago and foodstuff production is up 9-15% worldwide just from “atmospheric fertilization” alone.

            The reason the IPCC and the UN want to make it a CO2 issue is because they can then control everything–energy, food production, transportion, etc. etc. What’s not to like from loss of individual freedom, right? Why wouldn’t we bow to the “elites” that think they’re smarter than we are but never follow their own advice?

            Am I talking out of my hat? No, with advanced degrees in both science and engineering, it’s an issue I’ve studied for decades and am appalled at the brainwashing our leaders are trying to foist on the general public, but then that furthers their agenda. Sad, but true.

            That’s where LENR potentially comes to the rescue–if they let mankind have it.

        • Peter_Roe

          Delingpole slightly loses his objectivity in the final sentence: “Over to you greentards. I look forward to reading your extravagant apologias as to why this is a story of no significance and that it’s business as usual for the great Climate Change Ponzi scheme.”

          A throughly warranted sentiment – this politically driven ecofascist nonsense has cost us all dearly.

  • Peter_Roe

    It’s hurting – but it’s not working. The finest irony that money can buy.

    • georgehants

      Morning Peter.
      Ah, so with this knowledge they are going to reinstate all the peat bogs that have been drained over the last hundreds of years for farming, houses, factories, etc. etc.
      Think of the addition to Global Warming that must have produced and apparently “scientifically proven.”

      • Peter_Roe

        Morning George. Quite a bit of that has gone on, but true peat land is now protected in most areas where building or farming would be feasible although it’s still being ‘extracted’ for horticultural uses in some places, such as near here on the Somerset Levels.

        It’s really just the fact that yet another ‘green’ energy source turns out to produce a net increase in CO2 production relative to the energy output (as do biofuels and biomass power generation) that appealed to my sense of irony! Joined up thinking doesn’t seem to be something our lords and masters are very good at.

  • Still Rossi says…
    I’m getting tired of it.
    He should be quiet or give real verifiable facts.

    Without a name of a customer, I also could say I’ve sold 10 1MW wate-fuel-energy-generators. But it’s confidential…

    I still hope he has something, but the hope decreases the more he talks about confidential information… 🙁

    • John-64

      Wouldn’t it be funny if it was all a total con?

      Has he ever said anything that was 100% verifiable? He probably has, but we’re still waiting for this, waiting for that.

      It would not surprise me if Rossi was sponsored by a soft drink company that had a new marketing phrase “when you are tired of waiting, just like waiting for the e-cat, open a bottle of Popolar and enjoy the moment”, and everything was a set up for the release of the soft drink.

      • kasom

        oooops, a softdrink with an antidepressive effect?

    • Rockyspoon

      If you’re tired of this, go find something else to do. It provides nothing to the discussion to complain. Rossi isn’t picking your pocket but you are wasting time posting complaints rather than investing time more wisely doing something else. If you have doubts, erase those through diligent study.

  • captain

    E-Cat inventor Rossi ==> Leonardo corp ==> US Navy ==> Leonardo’s new investors team ==> Babcock & Wilcox (new strong am. partner), or better say new E-Cat IP ‘owner’… 🙂

    Yes, B&W, every kind of modern energy generating plants, official supplier of US gov.t military entities, US Navy, submarines, a.s.o. and ‘indirectly’ NASA… 😉

    Is it enough?

    • yamal

      oh yes. enough groundless speculation

      • captain kirk

        What no mention by yamal of Rossi wanting to help children with cancer?

        • yamal

          no. you went ahead and did that today. but thanks for the reminder.

          • georgehants

            yamal, would be very interested in any comment you could make that is not “groundless speculation.”
            Look forward to seeing one.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Directly or Indirectly it is GE.

      • yamal

        any reason to assume so?

        • georgehants

          yamal, any reason not to assume so.

    • captain, I sure hope you are right about the E-Cat and Babcock & Wilcox as a Rossi partner. THE WORLD REALLY NEEDS THIS ENERGY CATALIZER! Please tell us: where do you get your information? Are you sure about the B&W connection? jdh

      • captain

        Look at my mex on this thread “NYT: Energy Miracles Wanted” –

  • georgehants

    March 14th, 2013 at 5:17 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    When the third party report is published then the whole scientific world will at last begin to take notice of Cold Fusion.
    Do you feel that you will have enough of a technological lead to keep ahead of them and others for a while.
    Best wishes.
    Andrea Rossi
    March 14th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
    Dear Georgehants:
    1- I have no idea of what the indipendent report will say
    2- we have the organization necessary to develope our industrial manufacturing and it is totally indipendent from any report.
    Warm Regards,

    • Peter_Roe

      I have to admit that I’m beginning to get an uncomfortable feeling that the 3rd party report may not be as convincing as Rossi hoped it might be, and that he knows this and is reverting to ‘the market will decide’.

      If operating the hot cat ‘black box’ is still as much art as science, it seems possible that inexperienced operators might get poor results from it.

    • Observer

      “When the third party report is published then the whole scientific world will at last begin to take notice of Cold Fusion.”

      Sounds like someone is not waiting for evidence to speculate.

      • georgehants

        Observer, good point and I had noticed my genuine mistake.
        You seem to have read my other comments to pick that up.
        I will confirm my position, there is no Evidence that the third party results will contain any positive results at this time.
        Personally I hope they do.
        Well spotted.

  • Rajeb

    I am afraid , E-CAT could be big lie, and the Cold Fusion issue to be a big myth !!

    • Gerrit

      Thank you for letting us know that you are afraid.

      Maybe if you would care to understand the issue better some of your fears might vanish.

  • Felis Fervens

    The MFMP could turn around a decent open source test of an e-cat in less than a month. Give them a shot.

  • georgehants

    Just a reminder that it is not only Mr. Rossi that is living the (supposed by some) dream.

    • They bought the license, so they have to dream 😉

      • georgehants

        barty, would you agree that until somebody shows Evidence for mis-conduct by Mr. Rossi or the above link, anybody commenting adversely unless just stating a pointless opinion is scientifically and morally in error.
        Was your comment just pointless opinion or do you have some Evidence to justify your observation.

        • Andre Blum


          No need react like that at all.

          Barty is stating the obvious: the licensees have joined their fate with Rossi’s. He doesn’t need to give evidence for that.

          While I am certainly for keeping out trolls from this website, it is good to have people here who take a certain distance and sometimes give us a both-feet-on-the-ground opinion.

          • Jimr

            Well said. I enjoy and respect Georges comments on this site but feel he was a little over the top with this comment.

          • georgehants

            Guy’s, I understand your points but the comment that “it is all a dream” is typical of what is used by main-line science etc. to debunk anything they wish to deny and avoid.
            That is serious and has created the present situation for Cold Fusion and many other subjects.
            Either the attacking of people unjustly is brought to an end, or Science will remain the same irrational institute that it has become, dominated by petty attacks and opinion that destroy many areas of science that should be treated with the greatest of respect until shown to be in error, I refer again to Cold Fusion.

          • Andre Blum

            It was you who started to use the word dream. Now you are making a large issue over its negative connotation.

          • georgehants

            Andre, You may wish to read my use of the Word “dream” again including my use of brackets.
            You have not responded to my points but are accusing me, while I am in defense of my position, of “making a large issue over its negative connotation”.
            You seem to be using innuendo for some reason.
            I will apologise for upsetting you but retain my points unless you or somebody can show me wrong.
            Best wishes.

          • georgehants

            Andre, I have reacted to an attack without justification, not marked clearly as an opinion.
            I will do the same against any unwarranted attack on genuine scientists etc.
            We I think can keep our “feet on the ground” and keep to the Facts.

          • Please notice my smilie.

            I also hope Rossi has what he says, but being realistic, at the moment we don’t have evident facts at all 🙁
            At the moment we only can wait and “dream” it’s true.

            I also hope the licensees didn’t buy the pig in a poke, and visited a running plant before signing the contract.

            That’s what I actually meant.

          • Andre Blum

            And it is exactly how I read it.

          • georgehants

            Barty, I thought you did but reacted to the bee I have in my bonnet about unjustified attacks in science.
            The debunking of the Placebo Effect could have cost much suffering and distress because of it’s joking dismissal.
            If the licensees brought a “pig in a poke” but do not try to raise money unscrupulously then that is just their concern and I am sure you agree that although possible it would seem unlike that they paid without testing.
            Mind you, anything is possible in this World.
            Guys please take my points seriously but not necessarily me, as I am no saint.

  • georgehants

    Just for those that like to keep up with reality.
    Product Design & Development
    Quantum Biology: Is Life Quantum Mechanical?
    This lecture introduces the speculative yet exciting new field of Quantum Biology. Jim Al-Khalili is one of a growing number of physicists struggling to understand how fragile quantum mechanical phenomena previously thought to be confined to highly rarefied laboratory systems at temperatures close to absolute zero, manage to survive in the wet, warm biological world.

  • Kim Patterson

    The people in the rafters will either let
    us have the new fire or they won’t.

    Case Closed.


  • The delays are really a bit of an enigma.

    This is important to solve many of the worlds worst problems.

    Yet there has been no cold fusion/LENR race on the scale of
    the space race especially by governments.

    In 2009 platinum nano particle / deuterium cold fusion was
    reliably and consistently confirmed. It is relatively easy to
    reproduce without a secret NDA. Devices with this method are
    highly economical compared to conventional power and fuel

    Did Rossi stop all the other development in the last four years
    touting a cheaper but a bit more complicated and secret method?

    If any medium funded venture just went ahead and started building
    devices they would have had an open market for 4 years to establish
    themselves and a lot of funds for improvements to design.

    • georgehants

      Allan, much may be explained by the debunking and denial of Cold Fusion by establishment scientists.
      This will make any “True” scientist fear for his position and livelihood.
      Also if a young graduate student wished to pursue Cold Fusion he would I think be strongly discouraged by his mentors who tend to follow the party line.
      So we are once again left with those few Brave Rebels who regard Truth as more important than politics etc. and are willing to throw their own reputations etc. to the wind.

  • georgehants

    From Forbes via Vortex with thanks
    Tiny Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?
    Compact fluorescent light bulb
    Harmless low-energy nuclear reactions may be taking place routinely inside of compact fluorescent lightbulbs, according to a physicist whose theories have NASA researchers abuzz with the prospect of cheap, non-polluting energy.

    • Isotopic fractionation (which was observed) doesn’t yet mean evidence or even suggestion for LENR. The story sounds like groundless, empty speculation.

      • georgehants

        Pekka, seems a strong response on Vortex.
        Should be interesting.

      • Gerrit

        no it’s not evidence for LENR, but the researchers that found the unique fractionation “can’t explain why it’s so unique”.

        Larsen claims he is able to explain it with the W-L theory.

        So if science is science and not dogma, now is the time to test if the W-L theory is really the correct explanation for the effect or not.

      • GreenWin

        Larsen does take liberties in his interpretation: “He has found evidence of LENRs occurring in lithium-ion batteries, catalytic converters, and naturally in bacterial processes and lightning.”

        Still I am encouraged to see this public support for LENR “greenness.” One way or another the claims of fear mongers re “nuclear reactions” in the home, will need to be countered.

        • Peter_Roe

          Indeed. Top of the list should probably be to find a group term for the phenomena that does not incorporate the word ‘nuclear’, as otherwise it will inevitably be seized on by fearmongers. Hopefully a workable theory will come to the fore at some point, which may suggest a suitable term.

    • GreenWin

      Wonderful! The disclosure roll out now has a “Harmless” component. This is an excellent method to introduce the LENR concept via a household item. Recall the early days of Cathode Ray Tubes, aka your old TV set that filled millions of living rooms world over. Those TV sets emitted X-rays, a form of radiation we know to be harmful to human health. Yet, industry and “science” convinced us the dangers were minimal.

      With the NASA taking a similar stand on LENR – we can expect to see domestic e-cats arrive on retail shelves sooner. This is all good news. And a special hat tip to Jeff McMahon at Forbes for picking up this plum assignment.