Future Energy Contest Thread — Last Day of Voting!

Since lots of people are commenting on the tight race in the Future Energy online contest, I thought it might be good to have a thread where people can keep readers updated on the present state of voting. It looks like George Miley’s LENUCO LENR project has been moved in to second place, and we have quite a bit of time for the project to be passed by the photovoltaics project.

What’s at stake is an automatic invitation to present to potential funders at MIT in April.

If you are backing the LENUCO project and haven’t yet voted you can do so here. I am not able to keep a live running tally — we’d all be grateful for people following the contest to post the latest numbers.

  • Gerrit

    The SmartPwrNet project that is now on the first place has had a very suspicious voting happening. The votes came in with bucketloads at a time and then suddenly it stopped at 693 votes and no vote for almost an hour.

    Very, very suspicious.

    Nevertheless we must now concentrate on keeping the second place.

    Lenuco – 575 votes
    Photovoltaics – 509 votes

    If you have already casted your vote, maybe you know someone in you personal contact list who hasn’t yet. Family, friends, neighbors.

    Please go the extra mile to defend our position.

    It will be so rewarding to see Miley present at the MIT event.

    • Maybe the guys from ARPA-E investigated SmartPwrNet and found some anomalies and blocked further votings until they checked this issue in detail?

      It is very odd what’s going on with them…

      • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

        I had a reply from the Admin of the competition. The votes for SmartPwrNet were stopped soon after.

        In tracking the Future Energy Ultra Light Start Up votes. I am concerned by a trailing organisation, SmartPwrNet suddenly gaining 100 votes in a few minutes. Can this be investigated?

        Yours sincerely, Ivone FitzGerald.

        Hi Ivone,

        Thank you for your message here. We are currently looking into this. We take this contest very seriously and I asure you that all projects will be reviewed in order to confirm their legitimacy. For reference, you can check this page (http://futureenergy.ultralightstartups.com/pages/guidelines), which states that any companies participating in fraudulent voting activities will be disqualified.

        Thanks again for calling this to our attention.


      • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

        LENR Distributed is now in third place on 611 votes.

  • Andre Blum

    I feel some barrier to speak out my mind on this, as many people seem to have this Future Energy Contest in very high esteem. But I’ll have the guts anyway. That leaves me with the other problem: find the right words.

    Let me start by saying that of course I voted for Miley. And by all means, you all should, too, since it is such a small effort and nothing is lost by doing so.

    With that, we immediately reach my first concern. I am not sure how serious I can take this contest if it is based on a voting mechanism like this. Many projects are getting no votes at all. “Don’t they have mothers?” is what someone asked. It seems there is no weight behind this organization, it doesn’t give the feeling that it is something that matters to anyone. So why should it matter to us?

    My second, maybe more important concern is this:

    If all of this pans out, Miley will ‘win’ a chance to pitch at MIT.

    “Big deal!.”

    I have never met Miley, nor have I had a chance to hear him speak, not even online, so I cannot really comment on how his performance would be, there. I do know that he has been around for a while. He comes across as an excellent scientist, but he has not left an impression that he is a good businessman.

    And that is my point: for a good businessman there is *always* a chance to pitch. He does not have to earn it by winning a contest. he would buy himself a seat. I would go further: for a mediocre businessman, too, there is *always* a chance to pitch, if he has a product that is good enough.

    Miley needing this contest to get his product to the attention of people means, at least for this moment, he is not a good businessman, or does not have the goods, or both.

    Summarizing — catch 22:

    If Miley wins this chance to pitch, he still would need to make an excellent performance there to take anything home from it. If he was capable of making that excellent performance, he would already have done so, and would not need this contest.

    • Gerrit

      Andre, you are right.

      But, but, but, getting Miley to speak at the MIT venue will put LENR another small step up in visibility.

      It is just so nice to know that he might be presenting his LENR device there.

      • yamal

        you may want to add that he doesn’t have a lenr device yet. all he has is an idea for one and the results of an experiment which may or may not have shown excess heat on the order of a little less than 8 watts for about 100 seconds. miley has presented at nasa and at mit before. he is well known there. so if the voting goes accordingly, he’ll present again. good luck and all that – but if any of the future energy contest candidates didn’t need another mit presentation, it was probably george miley.

        • Gerrit

          it’s not a problem that it is still a concept. Ultralightstartups is open for good ideas, regardless of their maturity.

      • Andre Blum

        Gerrit, thank you. You reacting like this (yes, especially you) is all I hoped for.

        A small step up is exactly what it is, not much more, and at the same time, maybe — who knows — just the step we need.

        So, with that in mind, let’s go for it!

        • Gerrit


    • Shane D.

      Last time this contest surfaced Dr Storms over on Vortex argued against this process as not good for LENRs image… feeling that LENR should be funded on its merits, at which present time there are too few, and not on who can attract enough votes.

      Alain came up with a pretty good response; something to the effect that all the projects in the contest were short on merit and long on hope… so why not get on board with the others and get in on some much needed funding?

      That sounded like pretty good reasoning then, as it does now.

  • Gerrit

    Lenuco 581-575 = 6 votes
    Photovoltaics 530-509 = 21 votes

    difference down to 51 votes

    • Shane D.

      Thanks to whomever for pointing out that after casting your vote you have to verify via an automatically generated email sent after you vote on the website.

      Unfortunately this email usually ends up in the “junk mail” as it did mine. I thought I had voted but didn’t… now I am officially counted.

      • Gerrit

        Thanks for highlighting it again.

        People please check your inbox (or junk mail) and click on the confirmation link if you haven’t done so yet, otherwise you vote will not count.

  • Krish

    SmartPowerNet: 693

    Lenuco: 585

    Photovoltaics: 544

    • It is not looking good…5 hrs left and only ~40 votes to third place 🙁

  • Barry

    Hi Andre, Your right. I don’t understand why some of these projects have 0 votes.
    George Miley is part of the fascinating unfolding story of Cold Fusion. He picked up where Patterson left off with his miniscule beads. Perhaps he is like a musician who just wants to play music and not deal with the distraction of the business side of things, I don’t really know, but he is one of the spokes of LENR and Cold Fusion is at the hub. Our hope lies with the spokes, Rossi’s one, Mitchell Swartz, Piantelli, Celani, Hagelstein, McKubre, etc. If there was just one it would be hard to feel passionate, but there are many and they are under acknowledged. If Rossi does not come through it will be difficult, but it will by no means be a defeat.
    MIT has such a dark history with CF even to this day. When I went to the short class in January I asked Peter Hagelstein what his colleagues think about CF and he asked “Do you see any of them here?” He and Mitchell Swartz (who is no longer with the college) are the only Cold Fusion hold outs at MIT. Last year, as you know funds from a private company was returned from a higher up. To me if GM talks at MIT, I may be wrong, but it would have a huge impact. With LENUCO having a showing at MIT, it would no longer just be the NANOR. Cold Fusion would be standing on two legs rather than just one. Maybe I’m building my hopes too high but this is the history of Cold Fusion happening before our very eyes. I’m also hoping the MIT higher up will be attending.
    This is our Theory of Relativity. Especially for us baby boomers. This is also a huge empowerment (in my opinion) for us to be part of the unfolding story. (Besides I shelled out twenty dollars for a ticket to go hear him) Take care, Barry
    ps as I write George Miley is in second place.

    • Andre Blum

      Barry, thank you very much for sharing your views. It is especially your last paragraph, about wanting to be part of the unfolding story, I want to react to.

      There are so many different words to describe one’s interest in this field of LENR. Some would call themselves believers, thus they would say they ‘belief’ in the existence of cold fusion. I myself am not a religious person, and tend to stay away from that word. Others would call it hope.

      I would rather say I follow the developments because I see a high chance-times-impact value: I know the impact LENR would have is incredibly huge. So I come here to keep monitoring the chance part. Weighing all evidence I see, weighing all probabilities and likelihoods, I currently conclude that there is a reasonable chance that LENR is a real phenomenon; that its energy can be harvested; and that we are getting close to the point where this will really happen. In other words, that we are going to see this revolution in the near future.

      You and I and many others on this forum share this kind of belief, interest or hope. Following this and seeing it unfold gives a great feeling of ‘being part’. Many of us would love to be even more involved. You did, when you visited MIT earlier last year and created and published your excellent video. I did when I wrote software for the peer pressure project of fusioncatalyst.org, a project that seems to have died, unfortunately.

      I do recognize that the possibility to vote for George Miley is another possibility to have an active participation, even if it is a very small one. I can see from the reactions that voting gave some readers great satisfaction.

      So this is all very good. I just felt that some posts about this contest were blown up to unjustifiable proportions, and made it seem like winning the contest would equal the start of the revolution itself.

      • AlainCo

        nice vision.
        LENR is not a belief, but an observation, and we simply are aware of that reality, convinced it is real, by fact and not by faith…

        what we hope, what we judge, (not believe), is that LENR will change the world, that it is a disruptive innovation.

        what we observed is the tragedy of pretended scientist, believing in badly understand theory like priest believe in God, breaking all moral of their beliefs in name of their beliefs like Tremplar Knight.

        as usual.

      • Peter_Roe

        Good post Andre. Paras 2 and 3 in particular exactly express my views too, as does Alain’s comment above.

      • Dr Bruce Williams

        André, you expressed very well what many of us CF followers think,particularly paragraphs 3 and 4.Well said!

    • Tom H

      Barry, if you attend the presentations voting from the audience is by Twitter.

      • Barry

        Ut oh, I never twittered in my life.

        • Peter_Roe

          Good for you. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook either – no-one is interested in what I had for breakfast.

  • Steven N. Karels March 15th, 2013 at 9:28 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    You stated “Yes, I am satisfied, it has teached to us an enormous amount of data.” 1. What level of availability did you eaperience? 2. How many operating hours per year did you observe? 3. What output temperatures were provided (e.g., 110degC)?

    Andrea Rossi March 15th, 2013 at 11:32 AM
    Dear Steven N. Karels:
    1- what do you mean exactly with “level of availability”?
    2- 8 000
    3- 100- 110 °C
    Warm Regards,

    8000 hours per year equals 90 percent availability. Satisfactory value for a first generation device.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      It’s hard to compete with the Greenie Cult. LENR is green but it lacks the religious symbolism of the Sun or mesmerizing windmills on the horizon.

      Same with charities trying to compete with the Humane Society’s picture of a starving horse or a friendly puppy. The touchey-feelie crowd would much prefer dying humans to the thought of abused pets.

      • AlainCo

        that is a real problem, a huge risk. Physicist are paper dragon compared to green priests.

        Seriously one technique, could be like Defkalion to do “Image Stealing”.
        it is a politician technique.
        paint LENT in green, with sun, with birds, with white bear, with penguin, with fresh air, with flowers, with mountains…
        serious. no joke. that is a job. My home spin doctor explain me that.

  • Tom H

    There seems to be some “LENR Fatigue” in the community…almost as though there will be disappointment if a working device isn’t on a HomeDepot shelf by Christmas. It took decades after Rutherford, Compton, and others appreciated nuclear fission and then it still took a multi-billion dollar Manhatten project to make a “working device”…and decades longer for something for civilian use. It will take many small steps and this Energy Future activity might just be one of them that causes U.S. DOE ARPA-E or some entrepreneur to take notice.

  • Barry

    Oh no! G Miley has slipped into third place.

    • Not good… and on a friday!

      Just four hours to go.

      Come on everyone.

      • AlainCo

        seems dead

  • LCD

    I spam emailed my entire family. Some of them will vote.

    • Gerrit

      I asked my whole extended family to vote, but we’re 100 votes behind now, so I guess we won’t make it into the top2 anymore.

      Still Miley may be asked to present at the MIT venue even if he is not in the top 2.

      Let’s see what happens

  • Sanjeev

    I doubt that there are only 600 supporters for lenr in this world. Its more probable that many of the serious supporters think that this way is not the best, especially when MIT is involved.

    Imho, it will be private funds and independent inventors who will take it forward, not the governments or big universities or businesses. These are the ones who will oppose it, most probably, because lenr is going to shake their status quo vigorously.

  • Curbina

    I have not been able to vote again, and I got some friends to vote, but not much else.

    • Curbina

      Anyway, weren’t the top 3 the winners of the invite, or just the top 2?, if there are only two winners, we have only 4 hours to get 200 votes.

      • The first 2 are automatically invited, then the ARPA-E team will choose some others.

        But it’s possible they disqualify the SmartPwrNet Team, because it looks they used illegal votes.

        • Barry

          How do you know that Barty?

          • This is written ontop of the Future Energy site:


            Six companies will be chosen by the Selection Committee and two will be chosen by crowd voting on this site. The two companies with the most votes on this site will get automatic bids to present at Future Energy at MIT on April 4.”

          • Barry

            I mean the part about the illegal votes.

          • Veblin

            I was watching the voting for SmartPwrNet starting at about 3:00 AM US central time. During the hours I watched there was a steady minute by minute increase in their votes at a rate of close to 80 votes per hour. Their vote total quickly passed everyone else and stopped at 693 votes which was exactly 125 votes more than the previous leader LENUCO LENR.

            They got 400 votes in five hours followed by 35 votes over the next fifteen hours.

          • Invy

            For some reason yahoo mail had issues with the verification email.. My mom uses yahoo, so I had her make a gmail account specifically for voting on Miley’s project.

            I hope your right about the mischief.

          • Peter_Roe

            I got my wife, daughter and her boyfriend to vote for Miley yesterday at different times, but curiously none of them seem to have received confirmation emails.

          • Barry

            I got my wife to vote but I have to take her out to eat now.

          • Barry

            Just kidding.

          • Gerrit


            Buying votes is not allowed

  • Omega Z

    LENUCO 685
    SmartPwrNet 727
    H E Photovoltaics 818

    Is Anyone Really surprised.

    MIT Deep Sixed Dr. Peter Hagelstein NANOR Device funding. It would be easy for them to manipulate voting on this. They are after all a University and enticing people to vote in a certain manor under multiple E-mail addresses wouldn’t be to difficult. In Fact, they could promote any project they saw fit considering the total number of likely votes. All predetermined from the Start.

    This Fact came to mind right at the beginning of the Voting process when I read that the presentation would be Done At MIT.
    I Was Just Hoping I Would Be Proved Wrong.

    George Miley didn’t stand a chance.
    NOTE That Nothing Else came Close. Just Enough to keep George out of the Top 2……..

  • Gerrit

    So LENUCO came in third after being in the first position for the whole week.

    Instead of merely suggesting foul play by others, I think that the LENR community is just not (yet) savvy enough to “manage” the crowd when it comes to getting many votes.

    The other projects somehow managed to get attention from huge online (facebook) communities and convinced many to vote for them.

    The freeenergytruth facebook page has 19000 likes, but strangly most of those “likers” didn’t vote.

    If we want to change this situation, we should create a “social media working group” and work the “green” networks to gain support there.

    There must be thousands of people out there that would be willing to vote for LENR, if they only knew about it.

  • JJE

    First of all, sorry for my poor english which is not my native language.
    I am not a scientist, I am not a financier, I am just an ordinary man very interesting by LENR. At my level, I ask myself how can I be proactive in advancing the cause of LENR. The possibility given by Future Energy to vote for a LENR project was a concrete action for us to make our cause advanced.
    I have an idea but, before expose it, i would like to know who are the forumers on this site. I mean, are you people who “hopes” in the LENR technologies or people “totally convinced” by this technology.
    It seems to me that more convinced people may be willing to participate in an investment fund, even if it is a small amount of money. Many small amounts of money can make a big investment fund.
    Participate in an investment fund is a practical way to act. Internet is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with people interested by LENR and bring them together. Sites, forums, blogs who talking about LENR are easily identifiable and their members are easily reachable. It would be easy to let them know they can have access to an investment fund.
    This one would help any project LENR
    So it would be nice if the Webmaster could organize a small survey to see if you would be interested in investing in a fund such as this one.
    I remind you that I am not a financier, I have no financial interest in this approach. It’s just and only an idea. Should know the opinion of a true financial to see the possibilities of creating such a collective fund.
    I have another idea to make this fund very attractive for those who want to participate, but it’s for another post if you want.
    I gives the rights to the Webmaster to correct my bad english 😉

  • V.p.S.

    Even if it’s rather sad to see the results, I don’t see any reasons to let them discourage us. The win would be just a nice bonus, but not be able to boost LENR story much in the near future. Most likely George Miley is still at least a year or two from bringing his product to market. I doubt he could be any quicker than Rossi.

    I find the result much more interesting from the other point of view. May be later when the phenomenon of the LENR story will be studied in retrospective, this voting would show that even “5 minutes” to the breakthrough the technology was still missing the decisive visibility and credibility in masses.

    Apart from that I think at the current state of affairs it is still really hard to compete against well-understood and established technologies and approaches in the energy market. Given the fact how thoroughly it has been discredited over the past 20 years, it is now not enough to make just small steps towards its rehabilitation. But luckily, we still have Rossi and MFMP out there. Patience is a virtue.

  • Roger Bird

    So, what was the final score?

    • JJE

      1) SmartPwrNet : 728
      2) Photovoltaics : Disapeared from the site ! (Discalified ?)
      3) Miley : 693

      • Tom H

        JJE- Energy Future archive still shows the photovoltaic project with 833 votes.

        • JJE

          Oh yes, you’re right. I looked on the Solar page for the result of photovoltaics and not on the Archive page.

          So the final ranking is as follows :

          1) Photovoltaics: 834
          2) SmartPwrNet: 728
          3) Miley 693

          Too bad for Miley, but I’m still happy with the result obtained by the Photovoltaics project. This seems like a good project.