Thoughts on the Report

Yesterday’s posts by Andrea Rossi have certainly caught the attention of many E-Cat watchers. It’s always interesting to watch traffic patterns on the site, and over the last two or three months the average number of page views has fallen to its lowest level in the last 12 months — until today that is, when traffic has suddenly spiked — by more than double what has been the normal amount of hits recently.

I can fully understand the decline in interest. It has been over two years since the first Rossi Focardi press conference, and although in my opinion evidence presented since that time has been convincing as to the reality of the E-Cat technology, for many that evidence has been less than bullet-proof — and I understand why people take that position.

There has always been the ‘Rossi says’ factor to deal with. Some people don’t trust what he says, and have bee waiting for a qualified and impartial party to give it the thumbs up before believing that the E-Cat is really what Rossi says it is. So now that it seems we are on the cusp of an independent report, and people are sitting up and paying attention. Yes, it’s possible that Rossi could be concocting one last desperate lie to hoodwink his followers — but that would mean he is literally mad, I don’t see that as being realistic.

So we have a few weeks (or maybe more) of nail biting, clock-watching, and wondering before hopefully, we get to read the report that puts an end to all the speculation. Once that happens we enter a whole new phase which will be very different from what we have doing up until this point which has basically been a mystery solving exercise — something that I find enthralling, but it’s not for everyone.

With a validated E-Cat we start to deal with with real world issues, such as politics, money, economics, lifestyles, etc. I believe Rossi’s invention will turn out to be something that will have a widespread impact, and could affect our world in the same way as other fundamental inventions and discoveries, such as electricity, telegraphy, telephony, aviation, television, and the internet. We have been living in amazing times over the last few decades — and it seems like technological innovation will continue to accelerate and lead us to a world that at the moment is impossible to imagine.

BTW, I’m hoping the report hits before April 14th — the 2nd birthday of E-Cat World! I’d like to try and organize an online party 🙂

  • credo

    You can’t submit something for publication and have it appear in print 3 weeks later. So either Rossi is referring to “submitting the report for publication” in April or publication would have to be in an e-journal or similar web publication if it is to appear in April. Just saying, …

    On the whole, I agree with your comments. The slower pace and the details of problems that need to actually be resolved, etc., actually add credibility. Engineering a real and actual reproducible and sellable device as opposed to a one-off science project requires hard work and time. That is what the last year has been.

    Here’s hoping for more good news in April.

    • Garry

      Yes you can publish things fast if, as Pekka suggested, the request for more experiments was really to satisfy a reviewer. Top journals can work magic for the right “hot” topic. Seen it personally. One week from submission to publication in top journals in biology (Nature and Science also publish physics).

      • Peter Roe

        I confirm that. In recent years I have worked as a sub-editor on a couple of medical research journals. On one occasion I was handed a paper that had been submitted the day before, with instructions from the editor to email the potential referees and only choose those who promised to turn the job around in under 3 days, and then to lean on the people I used to make sure that the digital copy was ready for the next issue. The copy deadline was a little over a week away.

        I was lucky, the referees did as promised and I survived to fight another day (freelance sub-editors are eminently disposeable, and frequently used to carry the blame for an editor’s mistakes!)

  • fibbermcgourlick

    Can a large glot of professors, technicians, their wives and their associates keep the biggest secret in the world (if it’s real) for days or weeks, or even months? Being somewhat acquainted with human nature, I sincerely doubt it. Let’s face it, we’re not talking a military secret, so word that the world has been utterly transformed would leak out from one of the several university sources long before the associated reports are published. The storm the leak creates will cause the whole thing to come out.

    • Karl Weiss

      The skeptics will not be convinced even if a fully positive paper backed by several prominent names is published. Their first reaction will be to question the competency of the professors involved. They will do their best to capitalize on any uncertainty that is present (i.e. methods of calorimetry being a prime example). They will claim the the absence of a viable theory makes the experimental results irrelevant (which is exactly backwards, but that’s how it will be presented). If the journal is not Science, Nature, or the like, they’ll dismiss it as being of marginal quality. And so on.

      How do I know? All the waiting has made a skeptic of me too.

      It will just be another step in the process. The skeptics (which is most everyone) will not start believing. So it doesn’t matter whether a technician leaks something or not.

      • Gerrit

        my thoughts exactly.

        Many of us will be completely amazed by the reaction (or lack of reaction) of the media and the scientific world.

        Most of us will start frantically waiving the report around every time Rossi is discussed and nobody will care about what the report says. They will depict us as gullible fanboys.

        Rossi knows this, that’s why he concentrates on the only thing that can create undeniable facts, mass commercialization.

      • fibbermcgourlick

        I don’t agree. I think it’s unsupressible world busting news, if the results are positive, and it will be treated as such. But let’s wait and see.

    • Roger Bird

      Yeah, why haven’t we heard any rumors?

      • MK

        I feel the reason might be: people who are told about it don´t believe it/ the “next row” of people being told don´t believe it….
        Even after publication of the report and even if the report will not leave any chance for a question mark, a lot of people (but less then now) will deny.
        My reasoning: The Wright brothers flew, but “experts” still said that this was not possible…….

        • Roger Bird

          But eventually people did believe.

        • Peter Roe

          MK – That’s exactly right. For self interested reasons the news will be unwelcome in many quarters – so it will continue to be ignored, denied, ridiculed and so on just as we have seen. There will probably not be many overnight epiphanies among the ‘movers and shakers’, but more of a process of seepage as the truth is literally forced on deniers by slowly spreading knowledge of the facts.

          I hope that many of those who have posted or just ‘lurked’ here will play their part in spreading awareness when undeniable proof is available (but not before – that is a waste of time). We may also have to do our best to try to counter a surge of disinformation that might be commissioned to coincide with any ‘launch’ of cold fusion. I think that a small buch of blog posters could actually make a significant difference to the speed with which awareness spreads, if they pick their targets well.

  • Luca Salvarani

    It’s all fantastic and I strongly believe Rossi… There’s only one thing that disturbes me: Rossi’s semi deadline of mid April…. I hope all it’s going normally but I fear that something can go wrong, because Rossi doesn’t control all the process, and thus delay the report… For example my 2 friend scientists told me that publication times are usually much longer (up to 1 hour in the phisics field expecially for controversial researches)… but maybe the process is already going on… who knowk? My advice is to forget the mid april deadline… take it “cum grano salis”

    • TPaign

      If Rossi really does have a large corporate partner, an the E-Cat is real, my bet right now is that the partner is United Technologies (UTC, stock symbol UTX). Their Carrier division is the ideal partner for developing the E-Cat into combination heating and absorption chilling units for both heating and cooling buildings and industrial processes. They are also experts in engineering and manufacturing Organic Rankine Cycle systems.
      Also, notice that UTC completed the sale of their UTC Power fuel cell unit last month, and they sold their Pratt & Whitney Power Systems unit (gas turbines for power generation) to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries last December. If UTC knows that they have exclusive rights to something (i.e. E-Cat) that will make those two market segments obsolete overnight, it may be a smart move to unload these business units while they still have some perceived value.

      • Luca Salvarani

        Smart arguments, I agree. I would add that they already work for the military…

        • kasom


      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        I disagree the major customer will be electric utilities that tells me GE, integration of the E-Cat into our power grid will be all important.

      • Pedro

        Remember that weird comment from Rossi back in october when he announced the new partner: “up to now we were just a small rowing boot, now we have become a big carrier” or something along those lines. Rossi hinting at “Carrier”?

    • Karl Weiss

      I agree 100%. The only way this might be published in a month is if the “extra tests” mentioned before were at the demand of reviewers of a paper already submitted. Otherwise, it could be a year or more before results are published.

    • Roger Bird

      And “cum grano salis” means…..

      • Garry

        with a grain of salt…

      • Luca Salvarani

        I was “sentenced” to study latin for 5 years in public compulsory high school…. so forgive me please!

        Correction: up to 1 YEAR, non 1 hour of course!

        • Peter Roe

          I also ‘did’ latin for a few years at school. Sadly I think that after 50+ years, all the brain cells concerned have withered away, except for a few that gleefully chant “amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant” whenever I see or hear the word ‘Latin’.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Rossi is a born optimist, he has to be to have done what he has done, I bet the report publication will slip into late May. I am not in a hurry, it is fascinating to watch and listen to history being made.

    • GreenWin

      To be pragmatic about this “Report” – let’s consider what happens when dozens of LENR papers, published, peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed, and unpublished have been completed. None, including a Nobel laureate’s (Rubbia & DeNinno) finding of He4 in Cold Fusion experiments at Italy’s Department of Energy (ENEA, 2002) has caused a stir.

      Plenty of attacks will be made upon the people of the independent team (already termed “delusional” by an ECW poster.) The test methodology will be heavily criticized; the results will be found suspicious/lacking, the universities and departments accused of incompetence, etc.

      Strict orders may prevent this report from ever being published (as in Report 41 – rejected by 41 “science journals.”) The only irrefutable argument for commercial LENR is… commercial LENR in operation. Perhaps a bit cynical, but peer-review/publishing of controversial subject matter has a p*ss poor track record. Just look how TED censored two TEDx Whitechapel Talks (Sheldrake and Hancock) a couple weeks ago.

      But I hope I am wrong.

      • Gerrit

        I fully agree.

        The report will be attacked for the simple reason that they have not opened the e-cat and thus cannot say anything about the nature of the effect and thus no theoretical explanation can be given.

        Science (especially Physics) has become perverted in that they put theory first and then try to demonstrate their theoretical prediction with experiment.

        This report does not follow that scheme, it will “merely” report about a measurement, without any theory. That will be the reason that most physicist will completely dismiss this report and ridicule the scientists and the journal/magazine that publishes it.

        “Without a theory to describe the effect, the effect cannot be true” is the maxim of science today.

      • Karl

        I agree with you we might see some final attempt to “kill that cat”. Though, I’m quite optimistic that we are heading against the turning point. The timing of a commercial low temp E-Cat demonstrator in about the same time is an important move by Rossi to prevent too strong influence by pseudo denials. The number of people that will be aware and understand that small scale clean and cheap anomalous energy products are for real and will be available by anyone will rise in magnitudes.

      • Gordon Docherty

        Like others, since its announcement, I have been waiting for the appearance of “the report”, although I have continued to visit this site to keep up-to-date on developments as they unfolded: it would seem, however, that what has been happening has been happening “behind the scenes”, so there has not been too much to comment on.

        One thing that has been of interest in the intervening period, however, are the Youtube posts of David LaPoint on his experiments into what he terms “The Primer Fields” (although he pronounces it “The Primmer Fields” for some reason). Anyway, interesting stuff.

        Finally, it would seem that Lawrenceville Plasma Physics have continued to make good progress in this intervening period.

        What is clear from all that is coming out from actual research, however, is that the way forward is implosion technology and the power of the vortex – something already understood by Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and a host of other experimenters whose work seems to have been “put to one side” by the mainstream scientific community – maybe it’s just too hard for them 🙂

      • “Plenty of attacks will be made upon the people of the…”
        I suspect there will be ‘ONE ALL-OUT LAST EFFORT’ to ‘STOP ROSSI’ – even after the Validation Report. A few Hot Fusion scientists and their attack dogs (card-carrying Skeptics) will launch an aggressive attack. Count me IN on a strong defense of Rossi and his E-Cats. jdh

        • GreenWin

          John, possibly more than a few hotfusionists since ITER is now overrun to $13B, which employs thousands. Likewise at NIF, a $5B budget employs many who will kick and scratch if they think their jobs are threatened.

          HF jobs are NOT threatened IMO. Provided big ticket science recognizes the dynamic opportunities offered by the transition to LENR. Government might even hire MORE theoretical physicists to determine just what is going on in LEN Reactions. And, someone will have to rewrite the laws of physics (humbling as this may be.)

  • daniel maris

    “Yes, it’s possible that Rossi could be concocting one last desperate lie to hoodwink his followers — but that would mean he is literally mad, I don’t see that as being realistic.”

    The thought crossed my mind. I have never bought the idea that Rossi is consciously deceptive. His body language doesn’t communicate that. Either he is telling the truth or he is a sociopath.

    On balance the evidence points to the former, so I look to the future with hope. But it has to be said that if this technology does turn out to bona fide, one has to question Rossi’s game plan. However, let’s see how events turn out.

    And yes, I am not surprised traffic dropped off. I stopped posting having become disillusioned with so many postponements. But I approach the next few weeks in an open frame of mind. Let’s hope this time it is the real deal and the energy revolution starts here!

  • Morgan

    Do you people actually believe this technology will come out while we still have such large investments in oil & gas? The US government will make it illegal for you to own such a device and send you to prison for 20 years if you do, just to protect their own financial interests.

    • dsm


      Why do you only cite the US govt ? – What about Nth Korea, Israel, Russia, Iran, Japan, Germany, etc: – are you saying these will all conspire together to block a radical new energy ? – I really don’t think so.

      If the magic lamp has been found & the genie is about to be set free no one will be able to put the genie back into the lamp.

      The issue is deciding to believe if we will see genuine 3rd party validation ‘this time’ & the cynics will say why is this particular time any different from all the times before that we have conveniently brushed aside as old news.

      Andrea simply does not have a good track record of delivering on each promised ‘validation’ and this goes right back to his 2012 dealer conference when 3rd party validation was promised (for just after the event was to end). Those reports evaporated.


      • Christian

        > Why do you only cite the US govt ?
        There are some countries which have a lot to loose when LENR becomes reality (for all).

        First, the oil-producing countries. Quite obvious, they’ll loose income. Some of them might increase their spending on terrorism (some of them donate money to and offer protection for religiously similary minded groups. Remember, Bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia…), or might drop their support (thus turning their former protegees agains them). They will loose the “friendship” and protection by the US when they are no longer crucially important, adding to the difficult situation when a countries main source (>99%) of income dries up.
        Despite the fact that they will be hit hardest, not many will care or cry about the sheiks decline.

        Second, the US of A. Oil is traded in USD all over the world. Every country sufficiently developed hoards as much Dollars as possible to be prepared for crisis situation, to be able to keep the oil flowing whatever comes. Eighty percent of the US currency is held outside the US, just because of oil. This enabled the treasury to print greenbacks without the usual inflation. Now imagine that it would be no longer necessary for the world to hoard dollars. The US currency would drop through the floor, catching up with all the inflation and other devaluating effects it missed in the last decades. I read in a paper somewhere that the real value of the dollar, if the effects from those oil-induced cash reserves cease, would end up at 5-8 Euro-Cents per USD. The USA would instantly vanish from the map of developed countries. Only militry force against other countries – even current allies – could hold the US currency up.

        • Omega Z

          The U.S. Dollar does not depend on Oil.
          That’s a Myth.

          The Dollar is used because the U.S. is slightly less then 5% of world population but accounts for 25% of world GDP. With or without Oil.
          It’s Productivity Along with it’s Political stability.

          Your Next choice would be China’s Currency.
          They will not let their currency Float to real Value. Hence they would control All Economics.
          With a Floating real value currency & to be Economically Equivalent to the U.S. per capita, they would need to produce 125% of the World GDP or 25% of a World GDP 500% Larger then today just to Equal the U.S.

          Next Choice would be a World trading Currency leaving about 90% of the Countries in the World at the mercy of a handful of Rich speculators who could make or break them at a whim, or a Single World Currency with No National currencies at all.

          So even tho many don’t like the Dollar being dominate, They like the Alternatives even less.

          But here’s the Thing. Regardless what Currency you use- Someone will try to manipulate it. That’s part of the Reason the World settles for the Dollar. It’s the Hardest Currency to manipulate without Cooperation among several Major Economic(Nations) accomplices. Even then it can take weeks or months to move it very much. And There you have it. It wont drop 50% in value over night. World Economic Stability.

          • Christian

            Most of the US productivity is based on paper, not on products. If the US was cut off finished good supplies from Asia and Europe, they’d be lost.

            Political Stability?
            You’re not reffering to the political standstill between two parties in Washington DC who could not care less about their voters issues, while bathing in lobbyist-supplied corruption and starting a war in a random foreign country now and then to distract from their failures?

            Good heavens.

            Still, more than 80% of the US currency is in foreign hands. And they will hold unto the greenbacks only as long as they need it, because it is not worth to hold for any other reason than the access to some dollar-only-markets, of which the oil market is the only one that really counts.

          • Omega Z

            Ahh But Most U.S. Imports are by Political Design.

            It’s called wealth redistribution to raise the standard of living in other countries.

            It’s Also Politics. Two Countries who depend on each other are less likely to go to War with each other. Just another version of M.A.D. only Economical instead of Weaponry.

            As for Currency- About 90 cents or less of every dollar exists only on paper. When the FED so-called prints money, it’s just a matter of entering Data into the Data base.

            As in the U.S. approximately 1 Trillion Dollars exist in actual currency. The 15 Trillion dollar GDP is based on how many times money changes hands in a given year & has little to do with physical cash which is for small transactions. An Economical Convenience which may cease in the near future. A Cashless Society.

            Grid lock in the U.S has nothing to do with Political stability. Period…

            As for Productivity, You can build home appliances in the U.S. at U.S. Wages & Benefits Cheaper then you can in China at $2 an hour. Even at China’s Artificially low Currency Value.

            The only way to prevent this is by Increasing Corporate Taxes which takes you back to the Top. Political Design.

            About Half of all U.S. Wealth Production is transferred to other Countries, By Political Economic Design. The Reason most aren’t aware of this is that Frankly, They don’t want you to know. The Conspiracist would say this is part of the So-called NWO. They may or may not be right.

    • AstralProjectee

      Another conspiracy theory with no real evidence.

    • Andrew Macleod

      The first countrys to adopt this new energy will gain an advantage for their economy. More money in the consumers hands creates jobs and increases the standard of living for everyone and tax revenues for thir government. A long long time ago on these forums it was calculated that the total transformation time required to shift to the new energy was 400 years, building 10 million 10kw units a year. Oil would have plenty of time to milk us all.

    • Roger Bird

      Wallowing in cynical conspiratorial thinking, sort of like feeling sorry for yourself.

    • NJT

      Our US government representatives are put into office by the people of the USA through democratic elections. They will not want to loose their jobs by banning the greatest invention of mankind…

      • Luca Salvarani

        Ta Andrew Macleod

        1) I agree and of course that country will certainly be the US with probability 1, we (Italy) will be one of the last ones for many reasons… I know it’s hard to believe expecially considering that we clearly lead the research and development in this technology, but you will see…
        2) Be carefull about over-optimistic forecasts.. Maybe we’ll discuss it but the e-cat will have also deep negative effects.. For istance it has the potential to quickly destroy millions of workers and let them stucturally unemployed (likewise many other technologies…). The final NET impact of e-cat and other developing technologies will depend on the way we manage their implementation and the necessary turn oround of many sectors…

        • Luca Salvarani,”Be carefull about over-optimistic forecasts..”
          Yes Luca, we haven’t evaluated the potential negative effects. If investors panic and the stock market crashes and millions of people are out of work… WOW! jdh

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Morgan….that is why this site and Rossi’s site is so important, unlike in the past when communication was limited and controlled my newspapers and media conglomerates, the truth is out, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back. That does not mean they will not try to control, but is is going to be much more difficult than even 20 years ago.

      • Invy

        Encouraging news, is it time to introduce LENR to our local radio stations? (I am thinking of contacting Gloria Neal, she hosts a local politics show that would probably be receptive).

        • Roger Bird

          Wait until when and if the report comes out. Then you will have real muscle. Otherwise you are setting yourself up to look like a fool.

    • MStone

      I think Morgans theory is overly paranoid but I think something can be gleaned from it.

      The smart move, by the US government, would be to ban the sale of private ownership of hot cats.

      Then switch to it, as our primary energy source, for nearly free. Government takeover of energy sector. And tax the energy at the same rate as current market prices. You can generate about 1/2 trillion a year.

      Then….put it in all the cars…using thermo-electric generators. Tax that at about the standard rate of gasoline, at say, 2 dollars a gallon equivalent. You can generate another 1/2 trillion a year.

      Then…without any major alterations in the economy…you have payed off the national debt in 15 years.

      • Peter Roe

        Thats pretty much how I would see it panning out, too – worldwide. Invented dangers and a bit of MSM propaganda could easily be used to keep the technology in the ‘right’ hands.

      • artefact

        If the savings would be on the peoples side the money would not be lost. The state will also get taxes when people spend the money to buy new things. (big pools with cheap warm water, LENR Cars 🙂 / electric cars, LENR ships, everything)
        I think we will end up in the middle with a special “transition tax” to rebuild the infrastructure.

      • Blanco69

        I agree, I cant see Governments letting this develop using only natural matket forces. My fear is that bad science gets used to fool citizens into believing that the ecat technology is somehow dangerous and therefore cannot be rolled out in a “natual” way. The next step is that a great fanfare pronounces that the price of power is going to go down by say 20%. Then there is a 5 to 10 year period where some people make vast sums of money whilst the technology is drip fed to society in a controlled way.

    • Barry

      Just when I thought it was right around the corner. Now I have to wait until I get out of prison in twenty years to use my Ecat.

    • Morgan “The US government will make it illegal for you to…”
      In that case, the rest of the world will rush to adopt CF/LENR and will flood the USA with cheep products and bankrupt US mfg. jdh

      • ah aha,
        EU will do that faster and more comprehensively than US…
        we can block technology progress faster than US…
        EU raise the limit of self-infliged pain and maximum collective stupidity.
        question is on Switzerland… they have a tendency to be independent.

        • Peter Roe


  • sempervivum

    I am intrigued as to wether or not the independent professors on the testing panel will attempt to give a theoretical insight into the phenomenon, ? or will they simply validate the excess heat effect?

    • Sergio

      They will not go into the theory as they cannot see what is inside the chamber. They are only allowed to test it. The report will simply state that hot fusion can be abandoned for good, along with some other things, because a new and much cheaper source of energy was discovered. The news will then hit the mainstream media like the news of the atomic bomb detonation 68 years ago, and nothing will ever be the same again.

      • sempervivum

        Thanks Sergio

        I hope you are correct

      • Barry


  • GreenWin

    “I’d like to try and organize an online party :)”

    Frank, I shall bring a 2006 Opus One Cabernet, and a tidy bunch of acrid grapes for the skeps. 🙂

    • Bob

      Mmmmmm,.. sour grapes. It’s not a flavour I’m familiar with. Do they set the teeth on edge? 🙂

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Rossi is a born optimist, he has to be to have done what he has done, so I bet the report publication will slip into late May. I am not in a hurry, it is fascinating to watch and listen to history being made. But it will be hard listening to all the impatient doubting people.

  • Torbjörn

    “The third-party testing took place in the presence of a large armed guard 24 hours a day to protect IP”

    • Torbjörn
      • Torbjörn
        • Peter Roe

          The badge that has been added on the ‘ecoshine’ website is clearly faked (very badly). The picture of the guard is obviously a stock image, and that should have been made clear on the Prometeon page, but I’m not sure it has much bearing on Rossi’s announcement.

          • lukedc

            This brings me back to my unanswered question on the previous news item.
            Where do all the licensees stand with the big Rossi partner? Is it just a manufacturing deal, or is there going to be restrictions on who gets what? Licensees get cut out till 1MW thermal cat gets the go ahead, and then they play second string to the Hot Cat?? Any speculation?

          • artefact
          • GreenWin

            The jpg photo in this article indicates something of the validators’ process. The screen shot shows three Areas (perhaps within the body of the reactor.) Guessing what these three Areas indicate, it looks as though there is a 100C delta from outside to inside the reactor core:

            AREA 1 ~500.9C, outside core
            AREA 2 ~594.4C, core center
            AREA 3 ~520.5C core inner wall

            It would be interesting to know if the software is National Instruments Lab View.

          • SolarSurfer

            Looks a lot like optris to me. Haven’t seen the refpicker in horizontal orientation but this may simply be one of a thousand options I haven’t stumbled across yet.

          • georgehants

            “Scientists Warn Of Ice Age”, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study
            Tuesday, March 26,

          • GreenWin

            Precisely why I will buy a DIY warm-cat kit! Tinned food, bottled water, grape, and a warm e-cat in the root cellar – bring on the ice.

          • Fastbuck

            Sooner or later our current interglacial period will end. I suspect that burning of fossil fuels in an attempt to charge the atmosphere with co2 will have little or no effect on the advancing glaciers.

          • Roger Bird

            Fastbuck, you get it! We are way overdue for an ice age.

          • HHiram

            Garbage sensationalist headlines, easily misinterpreted by fools.

            The “ice age” referred to is the continental climate change associated with a disruption or shutdown of the oceanic conveyor current system which at present draws warm water up from the tropics along the eastern coast of Europe and gives Europe a temperate climate.

            Meltwater from Greenland and retreating polar ice could shut down this current, which would make the winters in Europe much more severe.

            This is PREDICTED FROM global warming climate science, not some evidence that global warming is not happening. If such events did occur, it would be a direct consequence of CO2 and other GHG emissions causing melting ice which in turn caused climate to change – hence the reason why scientists called it “climate change”.

            We all appreciate enthusiasm for LENR, but it is a shame whenever anti-science conspiracy nonsense comes along with that enthusiasm…

          • GreenWin

            “anti-science conspiracy…??”

            “Vladimir Baschkin and Rauf Galiulin have recently recognized the ice age possibility in a study. Both biogeochemists – a discipline that also includes the study of the Earth’s atmosphere – have written a study for the Research Institute Vniigaz of the Gazprom concern, an address of course that cannot be said is free of lobbyists. However, their arguments are underpinned by findings that are gaining more and more acceptance from independent science: solar activity is weakening considerably – to an extent that was last seen several hundred years ago, the Little Ice Age, according to scientists.”

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            This 420,000 year interglacial graph derived from Antarctic ice cores shows we’re overdue for a new iceage.


            AlGore lemmings disregard

          • georgehants

            Why would looking for the TRUTH be “anti-science”.
            You may wish to rethink your following of establishment Dogma based on nothing but the sacred opinion of the high priests of science.
            Real Science follows Evidence and when it does not know an answer it does not run off screaming “Global Warming” etc. but looks at all possibilities and then does the Bloody Research and leaves it’s unfounded “expert opinions” for the betting shop.

          • GreenWin

            George, rather fascinating isn’t it how the old gloom and doom memes like AGW, water& food shortages, killer SARS, Swine flu, climate disaster, TED “pseudoscience,” ET denial, etc. etc. – are all collapsing simultaneously.

            Now we have the tightly controlled German mainstream Die Welt reporting AGW BS, Sheldrake and Hancock kicking down TED’s “Science Board,” NASA supporting LENR, verification of e-cat, rising awareness of wellness-health (Bruce Lipton)and the Sirius Disclosure Project, all creating a positive “consensus” of consciousness. We can almost hear Jerry Coyne, Johnny Huizenga, Ron Ballard, Josh Cude, etc. apoplexy.

            “All things must pass.” G. Harrison

          • georgehants

            GreenWin, agreed, something is happening, but one has to be careful with the delicate minds of most people.
            I try to stay with the clear Evidence for subjects like The Placebo Effect that could improve life for millions and where the scientific proof is beyond any rational dispute, but still the average scientist is full of imposed denial.
            Unfortunately most of the general population is so caught in the trap of all populations since the dawn of time, including the apes, of following a “leader” who by definition will be the strongest “manipulator” able to achieve that position not by personal Moral strength but by utilising the weaknesses and desires of those willing to follow for their own personal advantage at the expense of others.
            Hitler and many others are good examples of this effect, but most of us try in many ways to achieve things in this unsavoury way, by manipulating others to our own advantage.
            Only when each individual takes the responsibility of a non-religious but Spiritual stance, learning that the only thing that matters for all in this World is a Loving, Caring, Concern for Everybody, every Animal and Everything will it be possible for things to improve for all.
            The Enlightenment is not some Wonderful thing that is going to arrive from Heaven but the learning that we already have around us a Heaven that is mostly being destroyed and abused because people in general refuse to open their eyes.
            Enlightenment is opening ones Mind, which first means opening one’s eyes.

          • Karl


          • Peter Roe


          • clovis


          • Sanjeev

            Looks like an old photo (from previous test may be)
            Its the IR camera snap.

          • Andre Blum

            The picture is one of three pictures on the cobraf forum. Here is another one:

          • Peter Roe

            Rossi has talked about a facility in Sweden being ‘programmed’. As the domestic unit seems very doubtful, this could mean series production of 1MW LT units, which would presumably be sold through the dealer network (I’m not sure why – centralised sales would be easier).

            The 1MW LT may have some uses, but it is limited, very bulky, extremely expensive and effectively obsolete. Selling such units wouldn’t make much sense unless there is no intention to sell the hot cat into the open market, possibly to protect IP, and of course in order to keep all the profits.

            If all available hot cat production goes to the military and/or is installed by the ‘partner’ in their own plants, then a few LT units would probably sell on a ‘Hobson’s choice’ basis. If I had bought a license though, I would be mightily pi$$ed that I would be stuck with offering last year’s model, at a fixed and pretty outrageous price tag.

            This is an aspect of the story I am quite uncomfortable with, as it doesn’t seem to hang together well.

          • georgehants

            Will the report be in time to end the new nuclear power station in Somerset etc.
            Even if it is will they still continue to keep the capitalist profits rolling.

          • Peter Roe

            I think the only chances of stopping Hinkley Point C now are (a) EdF goes bankrupt before some irreversible underhand deal is reached with Cameron and his cronies or (b) if/when Cameron is tossed out of office come the next election (or when his fractious band of polecats knife him in the back some time before then).

            (Oh dear – I think I may have inadvertantly revealed that I am not a tory.)

          • psi

            Peter, your secret is safe with us. : )

          • GreenWin

            SIS already flagged this Peter.

          • Peter Roe

            Ah, GW – so you are an MI6 mole put among us to ferret out dissenters, troublemakers and cynical old farts eh? I always suspected that the optimistic humanitarian front was a cunning disguise.

          • GreenWin

            Busted! My unit is code named “COF Suppressant.”

          • Omega Z


            A Public outing of the E-cat would stop it.

            Simple economics for an Investor. Don’t invest in a product that has no market.

            Unless of coarse the Government is willing to provide a 100% return of investment guarantee by way of cash or Requirements that the consumer must use it.

          • Peter Roe


            “A Public outing of the E-cat would stop it.”

            That is my fervent hope. The politicians will never let go of ‘new nuclear’ regardless, and it’s probably only economics that can stop it here and elsewhere.

            In the UK Cameron is trying to get through a huge guaranteed subsidy to EdF paid by consumers for the next 40 years. If he succeeds, that could skew the economics so much for EdF that they might possibly still try to go ahead even after a first cold fusion plant is unveiled.

            The political double-speak for this would probably be ‘energy mix’ – a phase that’s been used to imply that nuclear fission will bring stability to the energy base, even though at most it would only contribute less than 15% of the total. The phrase could easily be adapted into a pretense that nuclear fission may still have some (undefined) value even after the advent of a better and safer energy source – probably on the basis that it is a ‘proven’ technology but CF would of course not be.

            Once they begin pouring concrete at Hinkley (that will start as soon as Cameron’s subsidy is in place) the juggernaut will become extremely difficult to stop.

          • georgehants “Will the report be in time to end the new nuclear power station in Somerset etc.”
            There are many ‘new coal and nuclear power plant projects’ in design or ready for approval and construction. I dread the thought of all that money wasted. Perhaps some of us could try to slow or postpone these projects (by written petitions)? Then when the Validation Report is published, try to STOP these projects. jdh

          • Peter Roe

            This is our local effort to do just that.


            I imagine there are similar local protest groups for most large developments.

          • WOW – thanks Peter Roe. jdh

          • Peter Roe

            John – thanks for providing the opportunity to post the link! Of course, as soon as we have solid proof of Rossi’s claims I will try to get this information added to the Stop Hinkley site.

          • GreenWin

            I would imagine that based on a convincing verification, an alliance of no-nukes, alternative energy, eco-green, health, and enlightened economists could join hands to make serious demands on public and political establishments. Group alliances seem best suited for gaining rapid attention and public debate.

    • Peter Poulsen

      wow it really doesnt help their trust that they use fake pictures….

      • artefact

        I can’t imagine they are allowed to use a real photo of the building yet.

      • Barry

        The ecoshine badge was faked onto the image after the photo came out. The badge is not on Prometeon site. Someone is just trying to get some attention.

    • Sanjeev

      Relax guys, its now a standard to use stock photos with news stories. In the good old days, the journalist actually got up from his chair, went to the location and took photos. These days they simply copy paste and put a link to one of the thousand youtube videos on the matter.

      You will see major tv news showing the first picture that google spits out for the subject. They are sure that common folk will believe them no matter what.

      • artefact

        in the past there was one article about Rossi with the fridge having “e-cat” on it. They probably found it on google and thought it was an e-cat.

      • Omega Z

        I liked the News Cast that showed the U.S. Navel vessels which were actually Russian.:)

        • Peter Roe

          And the Fox news reports of riots ‘in Russia’ in which the videos were actually shot in Greece. They even left the Greek shop signs clearly visible, presumably because they couldn’t tell the difference from cyrillic characters!

  • georgehants

    Wonderful day.

    • artefact


    • Barry

      Truly so. I woke up at four this morning wondering if the world is about to rapidly change beneath our feet.

      • GreenWin

        Barry, when you look down, what do you see?

        • Barry

          Freedom from the power of oil and a distribution of energy throughout the world. Desalinization, less pollution and undeniable science. (Not to mention the party at Frank’s house).

          • Barry

            Maybe you were joking, but overall the paradigm shift of the future would give hope to billions.

          • GreenWin

            I was not joking and your answer is spot on Barry. Has Frank indicated when we’ll have to leave that party?

  • georgehants

    Joseph Fine
    March 25th, 2013 at 2:54 PM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    Congratulations to you on your new generation of kittens.
    I hope they will grow healthy and strong.
    In your response to Steven Karels, you said three Hot-Cats are being tested.
    Each Hot-Cat has 2 stages – a 1st stage activator (or ‘MOUSE’) and a 2nd stage E-Cat 1 kW-Th module.
    1: Is the first stage called a ‘Mouse’ because it is so small?
    2: Can you feed heat back from the 2nd stage to the first stage (‘Mouse’) to help activate the ‘MOUSE’? ( …to make the mouse squeak. )
    3: How big (or small) and how heavy (or light) is the current (two-stage) 1 kW module?
    4: Do you plan to have 1000-1 kW modules or can you scale up the size of the
    modules to 5 kW, 10 kW etc. That is can you scale up this technology to 10 MW instead of 1 MW without having 10,000 – 1 kW modules?
    5: Can the newest module be driven by natural gas or by electric heaters?
    6: If heat is fedback from the 2nd stage to the MOUSE, does that enhance the time duration/stability of the self-sustain mode?
    Andrea Rossi
    March 25th, 2013 at 8:31 PM
    Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
    1- no, just to give the idea of something that wakes up a Cat: the mouse activates the aggressivity of a Cat…
    2- no, are not reversible
    3- I can say that 1 MW of power stays in 3 cubic meters
    4- different scaling will be necessary, but the 1 kW modules are very perfectioned
    5- both
    6- same as in 2
    Happy Holy Day to you and all our Readers
    Warm Regards,

    • psi

      O ya. Here we go.

    • kasom

      So, 1000 cats in 3 cubic meters?

      May be I’m a greedy pig, but so tiny modules make me think about an new italian pizza oven running 6 months unfueled……

      • Peter Roe

        I’m not sure Rossi is confirming Dr Fine’s 1000 x 1kW speculation – “different scaling will be necessary” could mean 100 x 10kW or any other permutation.

        “…but the 1 kW modules are very perfectioned” is typical Rossi – he adds an actually unconnected statement and the reader is left to infer that it is part of the answer and so arrives at an incorrect conclusion.

        • kasom

          1kw modules that fit into a kitchen device are to some degree unbelieveable, but the smaller the units, the broader the possible useage in the field. Rossi says is a quite a big room to speculate ………..

  • Bill

    Even a comment/congratulation now from Hank Mills on the Rossi blog!

  • Paul

    Assuming Rossi is telling the truth, once whoever he is teamed with start installing units in factories, the word is going to get out and the report from the academics will be redundant.

    So, they have to get their report published soon or nobody will even notice.

    • Andre Blum

      Good point.

    • mark

      Will help the patent and perhaps a Nobel prize

      • GreenWin

        It has been stated here and elsewhere that LENR may be a discovery of such magnitude as to qualify for Nobel Chemistry, Nobel Physics, Nobel Economics, and Nobel Peace Prizes…

        • dash

          And if his theory helps in confirmation of transmuation in living forms – a Nobel prize in medicine too.

  • georgehants

    Via Vortex with thanks
    Android Controlled Spark Plug Driver: Universal LENR Reactor
    March 26, 2013

  • Andre Blum

    Gentlemen, get your tea bags ready.

    (“I require that you be able to make one of these things, replicate it, put it here. It heats up the cup of tea. I’ll drink the tea. Then you make me another cup of tea. And I’ll drink that too. […]” Garwin said.) — From CBS 60 minutes.

  • artefact

    From about the validation:

    In Italian
    (sorry, I can not give the translation link from where I am):

  • artefact
    • Barry

      Rossi is scheduled to speak at ICCF 18, that’s interesting. Hey did I hear there’s a party at Frank’s house?

      • admin

        Hi Barry,

        I just checked the link above, and it says that Rossi is not scheduled to speak at the ICCF-18 conference. Sadly. Maybe we can prevail upon him to give a talk there, though. I am sure they would like to have him.

        Where’s that party, again?

        • By the way I have noticed that google translator can sometimes miss a negation when translating Italian to English. Don’t know if this was the case here though.

  • artefact
  • artefact
  • I sincerely hope that if this version of the New Fire is validated and publicly demonstrated, vested interests and realpolitik do not prevent investment into it, development of it and its wide distribution.

    It is suggested that we may soon be enabled to make a proper judgement and as the people that are most aware of this, we are morally bound to disseminate the truth and give credit where credit is due.

    • SolarSurfer

      Bob, if this turns out to be true, what happens to your Quantumheat project? Would you continue or would it seem pointless to you?

  • SolarSurfer

    >> “Yes, it’s possible that Rossi could be concocting one last desperate lie to hoodwink his followers — but that would mean he is literally mad…”

    Why would it have to be the last lie? If this is a lie, then practically everything he said before was a lie, too, and he couldn’t stop now. That is the problem with being skeptical (or not) about Rossi. Skeptics have to believe that he is really, really, REALLY bold and ruthless. It is either that or he’s a genius. What he has said and done over the last two years leaves practically no middle ground.

    • psi

      Therefore, we shall see within two months, maybe sooner, which it is.

      • SolarSurfer

        I wouldn’t rule out a review process far longer than that (and I wouldn’t count the “half April” prediction of Rossi as a “lie” if the report doesn’t surface before 2014 but simply as extremely optimistic).

    • GreenWin

      These SS posts are prurient, meant simply to endlessly reintroduce the tired negative meme that this large team of scientists (E-cat team, including United States Navy JNP Board Adviser Dr. Michael Melich) are all “in” on some kind of nefarious scheme. What the scheme is meant to accomplish lives only in the imagination of SS and likes.

      Restating sophomoric doubt about qualified personnel we know associated with the e-cat is unnecessary at this stage. Unless it’s a ratings ploy… 🙂

    • off topic: As a solar wind sail builder I like the name “SolarSurfer”.

  • psi

    Good analysis as usual. I can’t wait for the party. Maybe AR will play the sax for us? He’s not bad, you know.

  • Silvio Balatelli

    from facebook (posted by Giuliano Bettini)

    The eleven professors (gossip from 22passì).
    Prof. Sergio Focardi (INFN – University of Bologna – Italy)
    Prof. Michael Melich (DOD – USA)
    Prof. Alberto Carnera (INFM – University of Padova – Italy)
    Prof. Pierluca Rossi (University of Bologna – Italy)
    Prof. Luciana Malferrari (University of Bologna – Italy)
    Prof. George Kelly (University of New Hampshire – USA)
    Prof. Stremmenos Christos (Bologna University – Italy)

    • pg

      it s meant to be a joke…

    • admin

      Hard to take that seriously when it matches up with this:

      • Giuliano Bettini

        It’s a joke (by Fabio Sartori on 22passi, March 26).
        Look here:

        Prof. Sergio Focardi (INFN – University of Bologna – Italy)
        Prof. Michael Melich (DOD – USA)
        Prof. Alberto Carnera (INFM – University of Padova – Italy)
        Prof. Pierluca Rossi (University of Bologna – Italy)
        Prof. Luciana Malferrari (University of Bologna – Italy)
        Prof. George Kelly (University of New Hampshire – USA)
        Prof. Stremmenos Christos (Bologna University – Italy)
        Richard Noceti, Ph.D. (

    • Fabio S.

      Silvio, Giuliano, almeno contate fino a 3 prima di fare copia-incolla!
      Siete uno spasso 🙂

      Silvio, Giuliano, count up to 3 before hitting ctrl-C ctrl-V

  • LCD

    warning highly speculative but…

    Some people think it has to do with his supercharger technology but nobody really knows. Happens to coincided with Rossi a bit.

    Probably way off.

    • Andre Blum

      probably waaaaaaaaay off indeed. thanks for sharing, though!
      the few seconds with that thought in my mind were very enjoyable.

    • Roger Bird

      Keep us posted, please.

    • Morgan

      I have been spamming Musk with LENR stuff every day for the last 2 years so he is definitely aware of the e-cat, though if he believes it’s real or not I have no clue.

  • Ben

    I want to be optimistic, but I feel like inevitably, there will be some “mishap” that unravels the whole Report thing. I won’t be too surprised if Rossi tells us that the harddrive with the report on it got fried, and the only paper involved was torn up by a rabid dog, etc, etc.

    • Peter Roe

      You may need to try a little harder if you want to be optimistic.

      • Methusela


        • GreenWin

          “Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.” Oliver Cromwell

  • Sanjeev

    MFMP plans to buy a 1 MW Ecat for testing

    And some plans for testing DGT’s and Brillouin’s stuff too. Really great idea in my opinion. Why stick to Celani wire.

    • Robert

      Kudos to the guys at MFMP. This is about as good a “test” to the reality of the “LENR Companies” as there is. If Rossi refuses to sell one, it would speak volumes! If he does sell one, that also would speak volumes as there would not be a NDA as to where, when and who! That be soooooooo great! No more “Rossi says” but a real unit being tested by real people. (Not that this is not being done now, but it would be known, open and “transparent”)

      AND in reality, he could not make the claim he could not sell because he had to protect his IP. (He could make the claim, but it would be truly unfounded) I hope he would sell one as I am holding out hope that he is on the up and up.

      Imagine, a live video feed of an eCat, with knowledgable scientist running tests and openly reporting the results as they happen!

      Better than a action adventure movie! (At least to some anyway)

      If Rossi and Defkalion truly have something, what better “Free Advertising” could they ask for? What better “validation” could be
      than this? If they really have what they say and are ready or close to being ready for the market, I see no problem with this proposal. None in my opinion.

      Only problem can MFMP raise the funds. I have and will contribute to them again! But alas…. this would still be quite some time in the future. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Rossi third party tests. (Keeping my fingers crossed is a lot safer than holding my breath. To much of a chance to die for lack of oxygen!)

      • GreenWin

        Is Defkalion releasing verifications?

        • Robert

          Unfortunately, it is the all to common “big news release in 2 months” but then “something” derails it.
          Defkalion was supposed to release “independant third party validation” last fall. Then they pulled up and moved to Canada, whilst closing down thier web forum. So no news has been released other than what thier new website states:

          “We are accepting in our laboratory, interested companies requesting to conduct common R&D on applications of our technology.”

          So the guys at MFMP thought they would offer to go to Defkalion labs, setup and do testing. This plan would be projected not for quite some time as they evidently want to complete thier own Celani replication first. This possible Defkalion test would be after testing the eCat if available. They seem to be more interested in Rossi as they put him first on the list of “extra ciricular” devices to test.

          Again, if Rossi or Defkalion are truly as they present themselves, I would think they would jump at this chance. (Jump if they are really close to market. If not, I could seem them balking at the idea)

          I have followed the MFMP website and am impressed. They are not perfect and admit it. But they are open for ideas, are thorough and I believe quite capable and intelligent. I encourage everyone to support them, either financially or encouragement.

      • “(Keeping my fingers crossed is a lot safer than holding my breath. To much of a chance to die for lack of oxygen!)”
        Thanks for that advice! I was ‘holding my breath’ and ‘standing on my head’ until my ears were turning red and my eyes were bulging out! jdh

  • Redford

    Please stop expecting the publication before a long long time. So unrealistic. Publication takes time, a lot of time. A controversial like this one can’t go fast IMHO.

    • Paul Stout

      Assuming Rossi is telling the truth, it either happens fast or it is meaningless and all of their hard work will be for naught. Once there are working units in the field, nothing they can say one way or another will be of interest.

      • Redford

        Rossi already made tremendous mistakes in the time frame he suggested for publication. He obviously doesn’t get this, which is indeed surprising, but a fact nonetheless. That being said I am surprised to see how few people here gets the standards paces of scientific publications.

        The only way it can happen fast is if the period between the first “they’ve completed testing” (in october, i think) and this one above was actually the 3rd party team being asked during the peer review process to do extra checking. Hence the above would mean “peer review is done & validating the result”.

        I am not under the impression that it’s what is suggested among the lines. I don’t know why know one asked but that is obviously the key question.

        • Omega Z


          I Agree, this has probably been an on going process since October. Checking & Double Checking everything.

          Still, I think Rossi may be overly Optimistic on the April timing.

          I’ve stated before that June or July would be more likely. If it’s earlier, then I see it as a Gift.

    • LCD

      the preprint should be fast though, depending on the pub policies.

  • Allen Gage

    If Rossi’s E-cat actually produces useful amounts of excess energy, the whole issue could have been easily settled when it was first announced. I’ve posted it several times, but get no response from the Rossi supporter camp. It’s as simple as melting a couple of garbge pails of crushed ice and a cheap watch, a bathroom scale, and a couple of plastic pails. The question the world wants answered is not anything precise about COP or speculations about arcane operaional principles or when commercial products will be available or of what economic impact a virtually unlimited supply of cheap energy might have upon humanity.

    It’s as simple as whether the gadget can melt a couple of garbage pails of cracked ice significanly faster than one would expect according to presently prevailing models of physics. I haven’t heard about any LENR device melting a couple of gabage pails of cracked ice. Please let us all know when that happens.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Dear Allen

      You don’t understand a very simple thing: Rossi didn’t want to prove his technology at the beginning, just spread the news to find partners and help the development of his technology. Now he wants to prove because he’s ready for the market and must obtain important certifications and patents so he heve to do this.. Now is much more difficult stopping him on the contrary at the beginning he was much more vulnerable.

    • Ransompw

      Rossi camp supporter or not, what are you saying? Because your preferred test of melting a couple of garbage can pails of cracked ice hasn’t been done, Rossi’s Ecat DOESN’T produce useful amounts of excess energy? If that is your point, know wonder No one bothers to answer you.

      • GreenWin

        Fascinating to watch the twists and turns attempted by denialists.

        • Leo Kaas

          I agree GreenWin, first they ask for 3rd party confirmation. Now that is about to be published, they want to melt some ice. COP isn’t important? Wow!

        • FlanOBrien

          Dear Greenwin
          Your comments are always interesting, informative and amusing or a combination thereof.
          I am sure you know that calling people names detracts very badly from any discussion. 🙂

          Rossi could still yet pull a rabbit out of the hat. I have not seen any comment in this thread to deny that.

          • GreenWin

            Denial in the face of copious evidence makes a “denialist.” Taken from the AGW Playbook, Revision 4B. 🙂

      • FlanOBrien

        The idea of an ecat scam was raised not by Allen Gage but by you. Why fit of pique?

        The contortions of supporters to maintain Rossi’s saint status is amusing.

        Allen Gage has a very relevant point. The response:

        “Rossi didn’t want to prove his technology at the beginning, just spread the news to find partners and help the development of his technology.”

        Then why did he put on demonstrations to prove his technology? Why did he screw up simple COP arithmetic trying to prove his technology to Krivit?

        “Now he wants to prove because he’s ready for the market and must obtain important certifications and patents so he heve to do this.. Now is much more difficult stopping him on the contrary at the beginning he was much more vulnerable.”

        If he is ready for market, the devices need handing over to certification authorities. Putting on a show will only detract from the certification process because certificators are independent auditors who will dismiss third party opinion.

        Other LENR patent applications have been passed (Piantelli,Miley) without any device showmanship. All that is needed is a properly written application.

        Vulnerable to what?
        (second attempt at getting past moderation)

        • GreenWin

          “Putting on a show will only detract from the certification process because certificators are independent auditors who will dismiss third party opinion.”

          So, we are now to assume independent third parties verifying lack of harmful radiation, over-unity output, COP 6+, etc. is dismissible by certificators because… it challenges their authority, manhood, self-esteem? Making “certification” an utter farce.

  • georgehants

    Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion
    Under realistic conditions, hollow cones fail to guide energetic electrons to fuel
    Chris Orban, Ph.D., is a researcher of the High Energy Density Physics research group at The Ohio State University and served as the lead theorist on this project.
    A once-promising approach for using next-generation, ultra-intense lasers to help deliver commercially viable fusion energy has been brought into serious question by new experimental results and first-of-a-kind simulations of laser-plasma interaction.

    • GreenWin

      Time to rethink cold fusion guys?

  • robyn wyrick

    I don’t believe any of it.

    Many people have claimed to have this new wonder invention that will change the world forever, but when has it ever really panned out?

    When have amateur dreamers ever added anything to the actual rigor of Science?

    Let’s wait for the independent report, by all means. But we know what it will tell us: the greatest Scientific minds of our generation know that Heavier than air flying machines are impossible!

    BTW: if you like that, here are some more fun ones…

    “X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”
    — Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895

    “Radio has no future.”
    — Lord Kelvin

    “It seems as if we may also be forced to conclude that the supposed
    connexion between magnetic storms and sun-spots is unreal, and that the
    seeming agreement between periods has been a mere coincidence.”
    — Lord Kelvin, 1892

    • that is, “Zero Kelvin is impossible to achieve”?

      • robyn wyrick

        Because we can all be smart and still wrong. Heck some of us are dumb and right.

        There there are some of us luck few who get to be both 😉

        • Roger Bird

          Columbus was my favorite smart guy who was wrong, but somehow got it right for the rest of us, except for perhaps some aboriginals who are still pouting about having lost.

          • Craig Binns

            “Aboriginals pouting about having lost”. Roger, you really are quite extraordinary.

          • mark

            In Darwinian term, it makes sense but in human term, it does not make any sense

          • Garabonc

            “some aboriginals…lost?” What followed the Contact was the largest population loss in written history!

          • Roger Bird

            Barabonc, but most of that was because of the epidemic of small pox. Almost always the small pox got to the aboriginals before the Europeans. Small pox killed off 95% of them. But really, if you think that death is a bad thing, then I guess life pretty much sucks for you because, guess what? Life ALWAYS ends in death.

          • Thinksforself

            It was brutal and basically an invasion and ongoing war. Disease killed many but many were infected on purpose. Infected blankets were traded to them for trinkets in return. The buffalo were slaughtered to cut off their food supply. It was total genocide at times, soldiers killed men, women and children a like on occasion.

            But that has happened all over the world many times over, I’ll grant you. And it was no fault of Columbus.

          • Roger Bird

            Well, everyone has their little sins. Mine might be callousness, Columbus was a murderer, and many (not all) modern American aboriginals are pouting and playing the victim card.

  • georgehants

    From the Archives: Old clip with Arthur C Clarke and Edmund Storm on Cold Fusion.
    Arthur C Clarke on Cold Fusion
    Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was a British Inventor and one the most known Science Fiction Writer that have ever lived.
    Not only did he Release Scientific based Futuristic Space Novels but he als invented the Satellite Communication System. This is a rather old clip as you can see on the picture quality and the way people where dressing.

  • LilyLover

    Conservative estimates assuming good scalability and adequate dead space implies that – Chevy Volt or Tesla Model S like performance can be packed within 1/3rd the volume of the battery packs they currently pack. And instead of daily recharge… it’s once per six month! Fueling can become the part of “maintenance”!

  • Al S

    So many people in all countries have no job, future glum and listless. Just imagine what will happen when depending on a job to live and feel self assured, is replaced by real independence to enjoy life with free energy a given. Perhaps e-cat and like systems become the only exit from the debt hole everyone lives in before the cave-in! Bring dignity back into living, with the ability to do or make what you want, the energy being there. Lots of desert, arctic, seaborne, high mountain, etc. living space attainable.

    • Kim

      Very well said…

      Money rules the world.

      Free Energy would put a stop to it.

      Simple as that.


      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Unless you wanna buy something.

        • Kim

          Why would I “BUy”

          Everything would become available
          and in absolute abundance.

          Not in the beginning… but in time…


          • Alex

            The Ecat is not magic. It is just another scientific discovery. Oil will still be sold for generations. The energy is not free, its just expensive elsewhere. So, when energy is cheap, the next thing will just be the next thing to pay for. There will always be debt to someone, unless the world as we know it is unmade.

          • Kim

            Yes there will always be
            debt to someone.

            But the payment method
            will be as diverse as the
            stars in the sky.

            Energy will be the new currency.


          • Adam Lepczak

            I agree, the energy is the real currency of the universe

          • Maks

            The real “currency” is knowledge! Energy is in abundance, we just now try to understand how to exstract it. The real currency is also “radical extension of life”!

          • Thinksforself

            Your children’s children may see that world but we will not. The status quo is hard to change and the ECats are not self replicating. The laws of supply and demand will rule for many years yet, even if you hear it on the 5 o’clock news tomorrow that MIT, UCLA, the University of Prague, etc,… all confirm that the ECat works in a joint live presentation to the world.

            You may want to immediately short oil stocks if you ever hear that announcement.

      • mark

        What does money present exactly? A universal unit to subjectively quantify your work (including energy output in some cases)and creativity, enabling a pseudo-storage, transfer, trade… of “wealth” in paper and digital formats, influenced greatly by human emotions.

        • Karl

          We were just informed that the major problem for the financial collapse in Cyprus was the amount of money. It was out of tune with the possible real performance in that Country with a factor 7. I think Kim has a strong point.

  • mark

    OT, 19 April 2013 is the final patent re-submission date for Rossi. The “Cat and mouse” system may be mentioned in the paper.

    • dsm

      This is the letter granting a 2 month extension over the original 4 moths time limit for rejection. It confirms April the 19th as the new rejection date.

      So, I am wondering how much that letter played a part if Andrea issuing this new claim of imminent release of 3rd party results. But, the complication here is that the Hot cat in the 3rd party evaluation is not the same device as that described in the subject patent application ?. That application cannot be altered to describe a different device. They are very strict about that.

      See here for the original patent app.

      I believe the above patent will be rejected. This is based on the issues raised by the EPO and that the application cannot be altered other than to provide the requested clarifications sought.


      • captain kirk

        I also believe the patent will be rejected… because of politics of course I don’t think his announcement of the third party test at this time had anything to do with the patent application…. but nice try why do you even bother posting since your absolutely convinced Rossi is a scammer?

  • Omega Z

    From Prometeon web site

    The third-party testing took place in the presence of a large armed guard 24 hours a day to protect IP

    • Veblin

      I think the stock photo of an armed guard and that caption was an attempt at subtle humor. I heard that it was really a skinny guard named Barney who had a gun but only one bullet that he kept in his shirt pocket. He was instructed to call someone named Ange if he needed permission to load his bullet in his gun. That never needed to be done.

      • Veblin

        More info: It seems that Ange was just Barney’s nickname for someone named Andy or Andrea or something similar.

  • georgehants

    A reply that contains all the right things.
    Not trying to delay but putting forward that a delay is not exceptable.
    Andrea Rossi
    March 26th, 2013 at 11:55 PM
    Dear John L:
    It will be applicable to all, but the plant we are going to deliver in April is close to be ready, no time is left to modify it. The next plants will have the new generation of reactors. Good question…
    Warm Regards,