The People's E-Cat Plant

It has been good to have Bob Greenyer from the MFMP on the site talking about the work they are doing, and what their goals and hopes are. I think they are doing a terrific job with a very transparent open science project in promoting and demonstrating LENR to the world at large. They had talked about is purchasing a 1 MW Rossi plant if they can raise the funds, but from feedback they have been receiving it seems that this might not be something that is a priority for their team now.

So I would like to raise the idea for discussion here. For a long time I have thought that one of the most effective ways of promoting LENR as a viable power source would be for there to be an E-Cat plant that could be made available for the press and public to visit, and for scientists to test.

Here’s what I envision.

  • The plant installed in a place that is well frequented and easily accessible for the general public, the press and interested persons from the business, education and scientific, governmental and other communities.
  • The plant would be working — doing something useful, such as providing heat and/or electricity in some beneficial way
  • The plant would be hooked up 24/7 to webcams and live data displays so that people all over the world could see it in action at any time.
  • It would be the “People’s E-cat Plant” — with the minimum amount of restrictions to access; a showcase plant, demonstrating to the world that the technology is real, useful and superior to the current alternatives.
  • If the plant ever outlives its usefulness as a demonstration model, it could be retired to a museum, donated to a deserving cause, or sold.

Envisioning it is easy — the idea to me is simple and I think something like this could effective. The hard part would be to make it happen. It would be a tremendous undertaking, not least because it would take a lot of money and organization to accomplish.  I had hoped that maybe the small domestic E-cats would be on the market before too long — and then a big plant would not be needed for a successful demonstration — but it looks like it will take some years before that will be possible.

I would be interested in finding out what the readership here thinks of this idea in principle. I am not making a proposal here, but throwing out an idea. If there is enough support for it, perhaps it could be looked at in more detail, and someone could take the idea and run with it. I will say here that in the past I have run this idea past Andrea Rossi, and he has not been opposed to it.


  • John-64

    A 1MW plant has to exist before it can be bought and displayed working. Let’s not put the 10 lane freeway before the horse.

    • What if

      People are delusional. If the technology works it will be ubiquitous. People are also stupid.

      • Blanco69

        If the technology works it will be ubiquitous. Great line. 100℅ agree. If Rossi can build 1, he can build 1,000 or 1,000,000 etc. If the ecat becomes what we all hope it should then I’m pretty sure Rossi will have a go at explaining what he thinks is going on. I’m also pretty sure that, by then, half the planet will be listening.

        • What if

          Let’s wait for the report first.

    • clovis


      • GERARD

        Maybe one can disassamble the 1MW unit and distribute the individual E-Cat units. Clearly the garantee would stop, but tests could be done with many individuals. The most difficult thing is to raise the money. Maybe some rich filantropist would be willing to support this? I would be very much interested to test it and share the results with the World. I am an electrical engineer (CEng) very experienced in testing.

        • Bruno

          Assuming that Rossi actually does have a working E-CAT (and after these two years with no proof, it’s a big assumption), there is no way that he’d allow a buyer to take the device apart. IF he really is selling E-CATS, I’m sure that there are strong contractual restrictions against opening the LENR modules or allowing others to “borrow” them.

          • admin

            I am sure you are right, Bruno — also, remember that the purchaser doesn’t take ownership of the plant until 30 years have passed, so you can’t do what you want with it — it’s not yours.

    • c. kirk

      I see, I see… You must be the Associated Press reporter who observed the 1MW plant demo and determined it to be a fake and obviously not news worthy ….. (per Jeff Rothwell If that 1 MW gadget was fake, it was the most expensive and elaborate fake in the history of fake energy devices. (Most fake devices are small, cheap and thrown together. I’ve seen many of them.)

  • John

    Raising $1.5M is not easy. Perhaps if you could negotiate with Dr. Rossi and rent his 1MW demo plant for a few days, weeks or months for a lesser cost. $150,000 may be achievable for such a public demo. However, I think a new 1KW two stages HotCat would be more attractive. If you can rent the Hotcat for a week use it to boil 500 cups of tea…so that fee-paying attending people can have a cup or two of… historic moment!

    • Lu

      They can buy the plant, demonstrate and even certify it for a certain level of performance and then turn around and sell it for pretty much what they paid for it. This would be excellent publicity for Leonardo Corp. Cost of transportation, setup, etc. would be much less than 1.5M.

      The big problem I see is that to use it requires customization of the interface between the E-Cat and the application. This cost would not be recovered.

      • mark

        $1.5M + and hope to re-sale it later? Risky biz? If Rossi update the model or drop price, you ll be stuck

        • admin

          No doubt the model will be updated. I don’t think you would be able to count on selling it. But, it would make a nice museum piece — it will be a part if history if it works.

        • Lu

          We are talking about less than one year. Rossi’s 1MW has been for sale for 2 years now and we haven’t seen one so don’t look for product obsolescence anytime soon. Rossi has also said that first buyers will get special consideration for upgrades etc. He thinks that these will have a lifetime of 50 years. He basically refuels by replacing the cores anyway.

          There would be no problem reselling it once validated with performance certified by the Hunt Laboratories (?), especially in Minnesota.

          The full cost would be much less than $1.5M.

          • clovis

            You said,Rossi has also said that first buyers will get special consideration for upgrades etc.

            i took it to mean that you really don’t own it out right, and as soon as a new and improved model comes out it would be replaced, for little or no cost to the customer, but you can not sell them. just his way to keep thing close to the vest, because thieves and sharks are everywhere, and he has them all out smarted, he is one of the most intelligent men i have ever known. bar none.

    • clovis


  • Redford

    I was ready to mock but the idea really is quite good. People’s eCat, that would be nice!

    One million is hard to get and probably not possible in current’s hype state. Now about the hot cat paper :

    1) it’s a scam, nothing happens, nobody’s in the mood for a people’s ecat
    2) it’s a success, the world take notice and is convinced, no need for a people’s ecat
    3) something in between. The paper has some weight but godamn inertia is hard to beat. Here I can say a path for the people’s ecat. Rise of interest towards ecat would give a chance to a kickstarter campaign, and it would make sense on a communication level.

  • Frank,

    I like the idea a lot. Also John had a good suggestion by saying we could lease it. Maybe we should let it create / mine bitcoins and pay for itself. We could call the plant we-cat.


    • clovis


  • NJT

    A handsome idea Frank – I will give it some thought as I am sure other thinkers here will too!

  • Torbjörn

    I think it would be unnecessary, we will probably have enough proof for common people this year.

  • miles

    Why don’t u ask dick smith for some funds. Didn’t he say he would give $1m for proof that lenr exists?

    • +1
      We never heard from him, since there were some positive voices from independent visitors of Rossis october demo.

      • psi

        He should be asked to put his money where his mouth is!

      • Bob

        The offer expired some time in February I think.
        It was open for one whole year for anyone at all, including A.R., to prove in front of reliable witnesses that they had a device which produced meaningful excess power. Nobody claimed it. Not one.
        He certainly has the money and I thnk he would have been happy to usher in the new age with a contribution towards its advancement from himself.
        I read the offer carefully a number of times.
        If there was any substance to any of the claims by various parties, I find it defies all logic that the million dollars was not taken.
        I have to conclude from this that up until the end of February, no such device existed.
        So, and in answer to the post from psi above, his money was certainly where his mouth was for one whole year and all the takers knew they had no claim to it.

        • sempervivum

          I do not believe Dick Smith ever had any intention of parting with one million bucks. This stunt was more like a ploy to find out IP secrets.
          .Believe me this guy did not make his fortune by giving money away .He ran a business for years with underpaid teenage staff. And remember Defkalion offered to give him a demo, but he was not interested , except on his own unreasonable terms.

          • Bob

            You are right in one aspect. He didn’t MAKE his fortune by giving money away. Nobody does.
            But the record shows that he has given a lot away after he made it.
            In my opinion he would have come good with the money if the ecat was proven to be genuine. He has quite a high public profile and made a very public declaration and went to the trouble of publishing the offer on the internet for all to see. His name would have been mud if he wriggled out of it and I dont believe for one minute he would allow that to happen. If the ofer was the result of a one off throw away line then maybe yes, but the offer was firstly made, and then written up and posted on the internet, and then on at least one occasion he asked on the internet if there were any takers to his offer. There were none. Not even a nibble.
            No matter what you think of him, they are the facts.

      • GreenWin

        At some point it seems logical for a warm or hot-cat to find its way to a visionary physics department on some campus. Alternatively a science museum (Boston, MoNHistory NY eg.) could receive a grant to install and demonstrate a working e-cat “exhibit.” While the theory will be argued over, the LENR effect (boil water for tea) will be instructive to young and old.

        Patrick Leach is a petroleum industry consultant who back in September reminded readers of the disruptive potential of LENR. Wonder how many paid attention.

        • Barry

          Great idea GreenWin, The Boston museum of Science would be the perfect place for an Ecat to be demonstrated. It could be exhibited and not even have to be running. Could just be an inexpensive shell that represents the real thing. Would make a great display.

  • Sanjeev

    Sadly most of the crowd is against it. I guess I was the only one on MFMP to support it and I got 3 thumbs down for saying it (a record !)

    I said in the comment there that its not necessary to buy the whole plant, one module is enough, and if you take a used one (from prototypes) it may cost 1/100th.

    If he can allow 11 people to test his invention, he can also allow MFMP. Yes, it will benefit Rossi, but in the long run it will benefit all of us, and if the test is negative, it will again benefit all, because the truth will be out.

    But I guess we should wait for this report, it may dispel all doubts and another validation may not be necessary. (Hopefully).

  • Ken

    There are skeptics everywhere. The only way to fund such a thing would be through donations. That way everyone knew they had a part. Whether if failed it’s purpose or it made the difference we all want; No single company or wealthy individual would have lost out. It would be especially hard to find a company or an individual to risk this endeavor because typically they are the greediest and wouldn’t be able to accept the loss.

    The only setback of crowdfunding this would be finding enough followers and skeptics alike to donate their 10, 20, …100 dollars for the cause. Any idea how many followers of the ecat there are? How much traffic do you get to your site and other sites as well? If a fund were setup and managed by MFMP and they pledged to match a percentage of all donations, perhaps we could get enough support for this.


    • Jim

      Good start on analyzing the fund raising challenge

  • Bruce Williams

    We are (hopefully!) on the edge of receiving the report from the 11 “experts”. I think the majority of people who visit this site have huge hopes for this project. IF, IF,….the report is “favourable”/positive or whatever,the installation of a publicly accessible test-site will become unnecessary, the world will wake up and things will move forward with great speed.

    BTW a big thank you to Admin for their tireless efforts to keep this site going.

  • buffalo

    totaly unecessary.if lenr pops out of just 1 lab somewhere it,l pop out a thousand labs evrywhere soon after.we could then rather raise funds to do our own research and better them,using scientists who frequent this site?

  • Another (stupid?) Idea:

    The 1MW Low-Temp Plant contains a chain of several domestic e-cats.
    What about buying a 1MW Low-Temp Plant, and disassamble the single Low-Temp e-cats?
    So we would have a few domestic ecats which we can spread in different countries, so more interested people can visit a working one in a not too far away location.

    Just a thought 😉
    But I think this would bring a lot of problems. No control units for the single reactors, no support from Rossi…

    Anyway, didn’t Rossi recently say that they would deliver all industrial pre-orders in the coming months?
    So if this is true, I think we will see some working plants in the near future.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      According to admin’s preceding post, you don’t receive ownership for 30 years. Not so instant gratification.

  • admin

    Thanks for the interesting comments so far, everyone. One thing I should mention is that AR told me that when you purchase the plant, you are licensed to use it, and don’t take ownership of it for 30 years. So there would be no way to buy it and dismantle it. Also, he is not selling scaled-down plants — 1 MW is the only size at the moment, and probably for quite a while, judging from comments Rossi has made about the domestic units.

  • georgehants

    Unless one wishes to invest in a current model hoping it will rise in value latter, because of it’s historic meaning, best to wait just a little while.
    If Rossi is genuine then he will be selling many units and the price will drop from a million to low thousands.
    When his secret becomes known after thousands of “labs” start to look for it, when proven genuine, then the price will fall further.
    Same position as always, we wait for the Evidence from Mr. Rossi, then the sky is no limit.

  • Martin Leonard

    What a great effort Frank. Giving us a place to share our ups and downs during this journey.
    If the review is undisputed I think the most important action will be to press our respective governments
    to grant Rossi patents so he can allow others to develop and implement this new fire.

  • georgehants

    Only slightly off topic, just interesting to show how competent the scientific analysis has been in the past.
    If this had been Global warming or Cold Fusion or a thousand other important subjects, we have been told in the past that it was a fake and all the expert analysis dated it to the middle ages.
    But no one must doubt the establishment and suggest that official science gets things terribly wrong.
    Despite it’s being labeled as a medieval forgery back in 1988, it appears that the highly controversial Shroud of Turin does in fact date back to Jesus Christ’s time.
    Thus, scientists working with the University of Padua in Italy now say that, following their carrying out several tests on the cloth, they have reached the conclusion that it was manufactured somewhere between 300 BC and 400 AD.

    • Martin Leonard

      That one has tickled me since early teens.

    • Jim


  • Kevin Lampton

    I’ll buy in!

  • SolarSurfer

    This proposal somehow summarizes the dilemma we’re facing with Rossi. IF the e-cats really exist and are on sale, then buying one for the purpose described here would (should) be pointless because they’d be everywhere in no time. Nobody had to buy an “airplane for the people” so that everybody could see that flying was possible. It was obvious. The e-cat will (would) be obvious, too if Rossi ever sold one to a regular, normal customer. That customer wouldn’t have to be “the people”. Any old customer will do, as long as they’re not hidden behind a wall of secrecy so thick that even their name is unknown.

    • elasticbucket

      Perhaps a single e-cat module pushing 1+ grasshopper power to boil the billy or illuminate (the whole world)a LED through a direct heat > electricity conversion would not be all that expensive. The setup I envisage would be a bit like Cellani’s display at ICCF-17. Now that left shining like an Olympic torch day in day out, put, put, putting under its own steam would work wonders, I think

      • kasom

        I doubt that within 2013 we will see an e-cat working publicly. It is still in an early stage and under development.

        If Rossi or his partner would ever have wanted the world to talk about the cat, the first installation would have been a promotional one.

        Disney World, Museum (Lady of Liberty), Big IKEA store, or whatever publicly accessable.

        They have not, probably because nobody could have handled a million requests per week.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Put it in Time Square with a sign that says “Do Not Push This Button”.

          • kasom

            Whatever you do, going public will initiate a wave of requests of journalist from every local newspaper, every manufacturer of heating and ventilating system, etc…

            Rossi + Co. want to continue working in a relative small room with attendance of only the few followers like us here.

            The F + P-Story helps to prevent MSM from participation.

            That is not so bad as long as the cat-systems are not really ready for any kind of broader (uncontroled) distribution.

            I’m quite content with the status quo.

        • daniel maris

          Well you can only say that if you think Rossi has not been giving the full picture. According to him, it’s developed, in production and has been sold.

  • From Benjamin Franklin’s early experiments with electricity to Edison’s Pearl Street power distribution station in lower Manhattan took about 120 years. Expansion of power distribution through rural electrification was deemed feasible only after the 1923 “Red Wing Project” when a small number of farms were provided electricity in rural Minnesota. I think that establishing such a demonstration plant would be another milestone for the feasibility of decentralized power distribution. And if it could happen again in rural Pine River, Minnesota (the location of the Celani replication) all the better.

    • admin

      Interesting point, Greg. I had actually thought about the Hunt Utilities Group premises as a place this could be housed. Minnesotans certainly would value heat in the winter. The HUG is CF friendly of course, which helps as well. It seems that the MFMP is not now going to try to fund the purchase of an E-Cat plant at the moment, but maybe some cooperation could take place if separate E-Cat project was started.

    • clovis


    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I bet that Rural Electric Co-Ops will be among the early adapters of the industrial Hot-Cat, as will independent power producers such as NRG.

  • Al_D

    OK, this thing ran continuously for 120 hours. This is the first model. So someone is supposed to license this thing to run for 30 years? For how much money?

    I don’t recall any reports of anyone licensing a Wright Flyer for even a month, and how much was it worth after a year, if it lasted that long. I think that A.R needs a more attractive business plan.

    • artefact

      My DSL-router was included in my provider contract. If I change the provider I have to return it. There are lots of things working like that. It is not from outer space.

    • Jim

      large jet engines have a similar model, I believe

  • dennis lynn

    How about bouncing this idea off a foundation that has a “healthy” worldview,ie., the Gates or ? foundations. Might the University of Missouri be interested?

    Dennis Lynn

    • Jim


  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    I think it’s a grand idea, and we should pursue it.
    It would seem to me that Dr. rossi might want to wait until the coming out party, where all is revealed, and then he would want someone to take one of his world changing machines, and put it out for all to see, wouldn’t be nice if Dr. Rossi choose us as the one’s to do that for him,after all we are the headquarter, for the new fire, revolution,

  • Barry

    If the report comes out as we hope, one of two things will happen. Either the story of the Ecat will go viral or there will be little mention. If it’s the latter we can pool ideas on how to get the word out most efficiently. I like Rossi, but I wish he would do what’s best for society. He should be the one putting an Ecat out for the world to see. He will become rich and famous beyond measure one way or the other. The 30 business seems a bit controlling. I’d rather support a more transparent CF group.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I like Rossi, but I wish he would do what’s best for society.

      As you probably know, Rossi claims to have sold all rights to his US partner.

  • Adrian Ashfield

    I have suggested to my local State politician that some of the money now budgeted for incentives for solar and wind energy be used to buy a plant.
    The risk is small. The purchase money is placed in escrow and only released after proof it works to specification.

    Better yet would be to buy a complete generating plant as PECO already distributes power generated from many sources. I look forward to the time when each municipality produces its own power.

  • Herbert Gillis

    How about using the Rossi E-Cat (1 MW) as a heat source for a swimming pool and spas at a large hotel or resort [such as a casino in the Las Vegas area]? That could be a major tourist draw, by itself! Rossi has said he will guarantee performance. So; in theory, there is no risk. The problem is getting the idea to be taken seriously by someone in the industry.

  • daniel maris

    That is an excellent idea. I think that would do wonders to promote the new form of energy. Of course hyper-sceptics would still ask for more, but by then – if you and MFMP say were convinced, we can safely ignore them.

    However, the issue remains: are E Cats clearly on the market? Rossi is giving hope that full marketing is near. I will be most glad to shed any remaining scepticism as useless baggage in that eventuality. But we are still some way from that I feel.

    Let’s see what the independent testing report says, and how credible it is.

  • artefact


    NRL (naval research laboratory) Will Host Colloquium on “Cold Fusion” on 10th of April

    • artefact
      • Roger Bird

        So, does this move by the NRL prove that LENR is bogus? Perhaps it proves that LENR is real? Yeah, I think that it proves that LENR is real. Where are all the skeptics like maryyugo and Craig Binns? The truth is that we get nothing but soft or social evidence from the Internet, and hardcore skeptics are terrible when it comes to soft or social evidence. They limit themselves to hard, left brain evidence, and they miss the soft, right brain evidence. And then they get all pushed-out-of-shape because we won’t believe whatever they say.

        • Barry

          April 10th, isn’t that the aniversary of P&F’s annoucement?

          • artefact

            The press conference was on March 23.
            But on April 30 when Rossi wants to deliver the plant (end of April) the history says that:

            >On April 30, 1989, cold fusion was declared dead by the New York Times. The Times called it a circus the same day, and the Boston Herald attacked cold fusion the following day

            >If Rossi is a late on 1st Mai history says:
            Steven E. Koonin of Caltech called the Utah report a result of “the incompetence and delusion of Pons and Fleischmann,” which was met with a standing ovation.

          • Barry

            Hi artefact, It was on April 10, 1989
            that P&F published their eight page “preliminary note”.I knew that date rang a bell. I was just too lazy to look it up.

    • Omega Z


      Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research and professor of physics at the University of Missouri, is the featured speaker.

  • March 28th, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    I assume you feed your mice very thin snakes with many coils in order to get the most heat from a high voltage low current source.

    Dear Paul:
    Of course! And after digestion by the Mouse, snakes return to their original status.

    • Roger Bird

      Is this some kind of code?

      • Hint: what becomes food after digestion? which member of the animal kingdom it resembles in shape? 🙂

        • artefact

          That helped 😉

  • artefact

    From International Business Times:

    Cold Fusion: where do we stand? Prometeon on independent tests

    in Italian:

  • March 29th, 2013 at 1:01 PM
    Dear Brian:
    I do not know when the publication will be made, but I suppose around the half of April: the peer reviewing is in course since December, when the third indipendent tests had begun, remember? Then a second phase has been made, but the reviewing was already in course and substantially the work has been the same. The last cycle of 120 hours has been a “replica” to make sure the results were real.

    So it was as I suspected earlier.

    • artefact

      Me to. Nice to have it confirmed

    • georgehants

      Pekka, if this report is first printed in a so called premier journal ie. Nature, Science, Phys Review etc. I will donate £100 to E-Cat World.
      I will leave you to judge if it is a “premier” journal.

      • (Went to moderation, 2nd trial) Does ECW also take donations or do you mean quantumheat dot org?

        • georgehants

          No I mean E-Cat World, as they have done as much work as anybody to help Cold Fusion.
          Without all the hours spent moderating us crazies we would have nowhere to talk about Rossi etc.
          I hope of course to lose the bet as it would mean progress, unless there is an editorial saying as usual that it is all moonshine, then I wont pay. Ha.

          • clovis

            Support ECW With a Subscription

          • georgehants

            What I am saying is I believe that a scientific “premier” journal is psychologically and incompetently incapable of printing the Truth about Cold Fusion any more than they could print the Truth about UFO,s.
            And I will put my money where my mouth is.
            But you will be the judge on the report if o.k. with you.

          • pg

            If that’s the case I will donate 100 euro to a french champagne producer, plus 5 euro to a german pharmaceutical company the day after…

          • georgehants

            pg, Ha great, me too, all worth it to see an honest report.

          • artefact

            meet you all at the pharmacy

  • KD

    What I think. The third party test have no scientific value. The test results will just certify that device is working and how much according to calculations heat energy is made.
    For Rossi most important is, to correct any flows in the design, so there will be no problems and financial losses when the reactors will be mass produced.
    This he can obtain by delivering first dozens of reactors to private customers and collect information for longer time. Six months or even a year.

    If the design of the device will be perfect, there will be no problem for Rossi and his partner to organise robotized factories all over the world.
    Same way as he was talking about domestic E-Cat.

    If there was dozens of factories competing in design of the same product. There would be lot of wasted money, because not everyone can win with the best.
    Like it is with solar companies.

    • Al_D

      Yes, but we have a couple of dozen auto manufacturers all competing for market share and from time to time each of them has made incremental improvements which have been gradually replicated by the rest and the whole genre has been improved in the process. Some of these tend to more sporty models and some tend towards models more sought after by families and there is every interest in between.

      The point is, if no one had challenged Henry Ford with a better idea, we might all still be driving Model Ts.

      With the E-cat, there will also be special interest applications, e.g. large and small power generation, large and small heating units, power for various transportation modes, etc. I just don’t see one producer having the “best” in all of these fields.

  • artefact
    • artefact

      The title is a little misleading…

  • georgehants

    NRL (naval research laboratory) Will Host Colloquium on “Cold Fusion”
    NRL Will Host Colloquium on “Cold Fusion”
    The Plasma Physics Division of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., will host a colloquium on “cold fusion” on April 10, according to an e-mail and announcement distributed by Beverly Barnhart, an analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency, and obtained by New Energy Times. The e-mail was written by Barnhart, and the announcement was written by Mary Austin at NRL.
    Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research and professor of physics at the University of Missouri, is the featured speaker. In 2009, Duncan endorsed “cold fusion” on CBS’s “60 Minutes” program “Cold Fusion Is Hot Again.” He is the chairman of the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion, to be held at the University of Missouri this summer.

    • vbasic

      Nice.That’s big news. It’s incredible the people that came through NRL that are now famous in the LENR community. Robert Godes, Randall Mills, Mark LeClair, Rossi. And now Hubler who is heading up the UofMissouri LENR program.

  • Veblin

    USDA Invites Applications for Renewable Energy System and Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects.
    Notice of Funding Availability for the Rural Energy for America Program.

    • Roger Bird

      I am positive that they would not be interested in what to them would be an unproven energy source.

    • fibbermcgourlick

      Hasn’t Rossi already sold a 1MW e-cat plant to a private company that will be open for public scrutiny by qualified individuals? In any case, positive reports emanating from independent tests by professors at three different universities will open things up in a big way.

  • cx

    any news from ultra light startups on what were the 8 chosen pitches. I notice there are new pitches up now.

    • Barry

      These are the 8 companies, 2 voted for 6 staff picks. I emailed FE and suggested, because of the questionable votes perhaps a solution would be to invite George Miley as a staff pick, but instead they invited companies who hardly got any votes. With everything going on right now it would have been perfect to have GM present at MIT.

      How can a company that calls itself Future Energy not have a single representative of LENR. One step backward for CF.

      1. Ahmed Farouk – RE Technologies Inc. (This is the company with the printable solar panels)
      2. Andrew Radin – PolymerGreen
      3. Fraser Seymour – Ionova Technologies, Inc.
      4. Ruaridh Macdonald – Open Water Power
      5. Ganesh Nakhawa – SmartPwrNet
      6. Drew Hession-Kunz – Gravitas Energy Storage
      7. Bal Mukund Dhar – Agira Inc.
      8. Jacob DeWitte – UPower

      • cx

        Wow can’t believe lenuco didn’t get in. Even that one with the questionable votes is still there :/

        • GreenWin

          Fix? No.

  • Stringbustr

    If a plant was purchased you would probably have to sign a NDA
    Which would keep it from the public.

    • admin

      Not according to AR. He said if we purchased a plant we could operate it without restriction to who could visit, who could test, etc.

      • Bruno

        But there would be restrictions against opening up the actual LENR modules.

        • admin

          Yes, for sure.

      • Bob

        I think if you tested that the reality would be different.
        In view of the complete secrecy surrounding all supposed sales so far, it is highly unlikely you would get one if he thought it would be on public display.
        He did say Dick Smith could buy one if he wanted to test it and I wish Dick took him up on the offer because my bet is, he would not have sold him one.

        • GreenWin

          Doubtful DS has the money. Many claims, never a payout.

  • vbasic

    From the outside of a `1MW plant, its only a giant shipping container. So there is really nothing to see. It would be pretty boring to see except for us LENR fans, and even then only for the idea of it. It might be interesting to see single modules of the Hot Cat or Brilliiouin’s Hot Reactor. in operation though.

  • Dr. John Loraditch

    Would it be possible to build one of these bundled E-Cat’s (just tested for 120 hours) and use the heat to keep a nylon hot air ballooon aloft? How long would it have to stay up to prove there is no other power source?

    • Al_D

      A.R. has stated that the plant occupies approximately 3 cubic meters. Then there is the consideration of a heat transfer and directional mechanism. Possibly a fluid or gas. I don’t recall any figures for weight for the hot-cat plant.

      • Al_D

        I suppose if it were a very large balloon, the plant could be contained within the balloon envelope

        • Bob

          Don’t forget that it needs a 500 kilowat portable genset to provide the drive current to start it up and then switch in and out to maintain the drive.
          The one used on 28th October 2011 test looked quite heavy. Maybe five tonnes? Plus the weight of the ecat of course.
          How big do they make balloons?

          • GreenWin

            A whacky idea would be to kick e-cat into self-sustained mode, then launch the balloon. Imagine how you just removed 5 tons of weight from the aircraft!

  • Dan Woodward

    How about installing a 1 MW E-CAT in a YMCA in Minneapolis to heat the pool water? It would not take long to see what effect it has on their heating bills.

  • captain

    Andrea Rossi
    March 31st, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    Dear Rosemarie Ainslie:
    1- no, the delivery of the 1 MW plant will be exactly on the 30st of April. Has been fixed.
    2- Thank you very much for your kind expressions and Happy Easter to you
    Warm Regards,
    Rosemary Ainslie
    March 30th, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    Have you delivered that industrial scale Ecat? I’m wondering what would prevent an industrial user supplying energy for domestic use? He need only undercut our utility suppliers to ensure a viable market. Just a thought.

    Meanwhile – have a REALLY happy Easter. It’s so timely. The more so as you’ve resurrected our science to experimental proof – where it’s been dying under various toxic ‘assumptions’. Frankly it’s my opinion that your contribution here is even greater than anything Oppenheimer managed. In fact – it’s much more significant – as it promises clean energy. And without it our planet is likely to become very sick.

    With the very kindest of regards
    Rosemary Ainslie

    Remember, captain happy to see an 1MW hot industrial plant running and producing electricity (better in a SSM) before summer’s end, say sept.2013 😉