Wired Covers MFMP, Rossi

David Hambling, a science columnist for Wired.co.uk has written an article covering recent developments in the cold fusion field — most of which we have been covering here.  Hambling has interviewed Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and gives generous coverage of the MFMP’s activities and goals,  and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign which has been discussed at length here. The Wired article should help with visibility for that.

The article also discusses Andrea Rossi’s announcement of the upcoming 3rd party report, emphasizing the recent closure of Ecatnews.com and the haitus in e-cat coverage taken by Daniele Passerini’s site. Hambling says that we could be hearing a lot more about Andrea Rossi in the mainstream media if a positive report is published, but if it is not, ” it is hard to see that anyone other than the most die-hard believers will continue to cling to Rossi in the absence of independently-verified evidence.”

Hambling seems to be impressed with the open science approach of the MFMP, and contrasts it with Rossi’s secretive approach, which, he says while it “might make him a billionaire (assuming he has what he says), it makes him vulnerable to negative reports.”

It’s nice to see some more cold fusion coverage from Wired — one of the only mainstream sites to have covered the cold fusion story over the last few years. Let’s hope there is more for them, and other media outlets to discuss in the upcoming weeks and months.



  • Shane D.

    Crowd sourcing depends on a large audience, along with trust in the players and belief in the cause. Surely this article will bring the large audience while furthering the trust.

    The cause of a cheap, enviromentally friendly and inexhaustable energy source speaks for itself.

    Good article. Hopefully it helps MFMP attain their funding goals.

    • clovis


  • Bob

    Thanks for posting this. It looks like a well balanced article and well worth a read.
    I am happy to see articles like this written up in places where those who have long since given up on cold fusion might read them and at least be aware that the concept is still subject to ongoing research. It would be even better if or when some believable group could report that they have positive and confirmed proof they can get definite power gains from such devices and are happy to publish all details of the experiments so others can repeat and confirm them.
    I hope this might be what MFMP achieves. If it does then they are worthy of much more praise than those who claim to have long had such devices but hide away all details and any proof whatsoever.

  • robyn wyrick

    This was a good article. And I was genuinely pleased to see one comment already in reply from a seriously unconvinced party. That will be the exact flavor that MFMP, Celani, and Ross will get to contend with.

    I think CF will win out, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the blogosphere as well as the MSM.

    Really encouraging article. Basically talking about it as reputable, just as if they had claimed that they had discovered something earth shattering like graphene.

    Which they have.

  • Fibb
    • clovis


  • Andrea Rossi
    March 31st, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    Dear Rosemarie Ainslie:
    1- no, the delivery of the 1 MW plant will be exactly on the 30st of April. Has been fixed.
    2- Thank you very much for your kind expressions and Happy Easter to you
    Warm Regards,

    Recently Rossi said it’s no problem for him to publish a photo of the 1MW plant container on the forwarding truck driving out his factory.
    I hope he don’t forget it 😉

    • Peter Roe

      Playing ‘devil’s advocate’: Delivery perhaps, but a press release or any other formal announcement outside the blogs – maybe not. I think they will want to run the thing for a month or so before they do that, if the pilot plant is going to a genuine customer (i.e., not the military, not a subsidiary).

      However, my bet would be on testing ‘in house’ on the premises of a subsidiary, as I believe that phase one will probably involve the ‘partner’ supplying the military and also retrofitting their own empire, before anyone else gets a look-in. This would ensure maximum profits and exclusive control of the IP, but could possibly mean at least a decade before Rossi hot cat boilers are offered for general sale, unless a competitor emerges (that does seem likely).

      • mark

        I agree, it would take a long time to satisfy the military’s requirement (think of ships, tanks, submarines, drones/planes, satellites…). May be that is the only customer they need.

      • […]if the pilot plant is going to a genuine customer (i.e., not the military, not a subsidiary).

        Rossi said this is the first delivery to a civil customer.
        So for me this has nothing to do with military institutions 😉
        On the other hand, Rossi has also skrewed other “facts” in the past.

        But you are right, understandably it will take a while until the customer goes public. They will test the plant as good as possible before making an announce.

        • As you say Barty, AR does sometimes play games with words. ‘Civil’ could mean for instance, NASA. While this may technically be a civil organisation it is to all intents and purposes an arm of the US military.

      • clovis

        Hi, Peter.
        You said,( but could possibly mean at least a decade before Rossi hot cat boilers are offered for general sale, unless a competitor emerges (that does seem likely).

        I have to respectfully, disagree, it’s my belief that this thing will go viral, for the very reason, people have been and are paying through the nose for energy, and they will demand that it be made available, to all, if only to punish those that suppressed it, i personally am outraged that we don’t already have some outlet or benefit from lenr, and all of it’s possibilities, just to mention a few, cleaning up the darn mess, that we have been paying our hard earned money to clean up, radioactive waste, co2, and a whole host of harmful thing that is killing us everyday, don’t believe me, ask a few folks in japan, and the cancer wards, so , i believe the world has waited long enough for the greedy, to fill their pockets, it’s time the people spoke with a single voice, and say we want it now, no more suppression,from anybody , rossi included, now that was hard for me to say,– smile.

        • Hi Clovis. I did hedge my ‘prediction’ with the competitor bit. I think it may be the plan, but once a thing is done its only a matter of a short time until someone else figures out how to do it.

          As for the initial event going viral, I’m not so sure. Rossi is not free to say what he wants these days, the MSM will play dead, and knowledge will be limited to a few hundred blog followers, not all of whom will understand the significance. I would see a slow but possibly geometric spreading of awareness, but in the early stages at least this could probably be controlled by negative MSM propaganda.

    • Peter Roe

      Barty, thanks for update. Unfortunately my first reply has gone to moderation (for no reason I am able to discern).

      • artefact

        For no reason? You played devil’s advocate! 🙂

        If at the time of the delivery there is enough media attention from the 3rd party test then maybe the customer will use the free advertising.
        The first customer knows it will not be the only one who gets a plant and I see no reason for him to retrofit years before going public.
        Rossi did that though. He waited some years to develop his factory heater into a device capable of generating more than 1000 C heat at a good COP (probably, we will see soon).

      • artefact

        I’m moderated, too. I also used the word d.e.v.i.l (seems to be a no no)

        • timycelyn

          Yep. I got moderated the other day for including G.O.D. Guess it’s some sort of standard option that is in use, and these must be on the list of check words (stop invasion of the blog by well known special interest groups such as online e.v.a.n.g.e.l.i.s.t.s) I suppose.

          • Guessing which word(s) have got a post moderated is a fun game I get to play quite often!

        • try to register a user account.
          I guess as guest, the restrictions are more aggressive.

          • I have had many user accounts but each time I clear my junk files I lose the autofill function and invariably forget which email address I had been using. Eventually I suppose I’ll have so many entries that whatever credentials I use, they will match a stored set!

    • clovis


      • clovis

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    • KD

      This statement mention 1 MW plant.
      But in other answer he stated, that the delivery will be in USA and it will be both, one “Low temperature 1MW E-Cat” and one “HOT 1MW E-Cat”

      • barty

        He also mentioned to deliver all industrial pre-orders within the next few months.
        Through his new powerfull partner, his team is able to produce large amounts of E-Cat plants in a short time (he said).

  • GreenWin

    A nice article except for its summation suggesting that a validation of Rossi’s E-cat is make or break. No. As we have pointed out here many times, this is of value only to a small band of academics. There have been many independent evaluations starting with Kullander and Hanno Essen – some 11 demos of the E-cat. All of which succeeded.

    The E-cat future is dependent only on commercial installations that prove of value to the customer. The academics have had at it for the last two years and are so deathly afraid of associating with cold fusion they all but run shrieking at its very mention. LENR is a proven, repeatable effect (Dr. R Duncan, SKINR University Missouri) and the E-cat independent report will not change that one bit.

    • Roger Bird

      But Greenwin, the article said “clinging” to Rossi. I don’t see that as a condemnation of LENR. I see Rossi’s third party issue as being whether he is the front runner or not, whether I want to spend a lot of emotion and time on him or not.

      • GreenWin

        I never got to read the third party verification of the Wright Brothers flying machine. I guess human flight took off without one.

        Who else is even running? Entrepreneurs don’t worry much about “clingers.” They build products for sale. Regardless of the content of a third party “report” – if the Leonardo partnership has a functional product to sell, I will arrange a purchase. If only to demonstrate efficacy in an industrial setting.

        Let’s also remember, there is a formidable team working with Rossi. He is the front, center man of many who seem to be doing just fine.

        • Bob

          I’m sure there were many who doubted the initial reports of the Wright Bros flight. However, every time they saw in person or by way of a photo of one working, the doubts soon disappeared. Anyone who sees anything flying past cannot be left in any doubt as to whether it is flying or not. The same cannot be said for any of Rossi’s demonstrations. I have watched the videos of them many times and each time I see them I am convinced I am seeing a magicians trick, and I can see how they work. They are not difficult to perform.
          As reported in one article,.. “The magic of Mr. Rossi.” I agree, even though that’s not what the original author meant.
          I take the proof of this assessment as being the fact that the original ecat, the same one which prompted many to call for a Nobel prize to be awarded, is now totally off the agenda and almost forgotten by all.
          As to the statement that he has a “formidable team working with Rossi.” Really? Why would anyone think that except for the fact that Rossi says so?
          Do you have access to some priviledged information?
          I would love you to share it with us.

          • GreenWin


            lawfully, privilege does not apply here. I assume the team includes members of Board of Advisers to JONP (Naval Research Lab scientist Dr. Michael Melich)and scientists who maintain low profile e.g. Dr. Roland Petterson, University Upsalla, LaRC Bushnell, Sven Kullander, Mills, etc.

            Hey, the guy’s one guy. He didn’t invent all this stuff by himself. Did he??