'Senate' Directs E-Cat Work

We don’t know very much at all about the business structure that is now running the commercialization aspects of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention. Andrea Rossi announced last year that he had entered into a partnership with a US company, and that this company now had access to the secrets involved in the workings of the E-Cat. Rossi has said that his position is now that of chief scientific officer of the company, and it has been a long time since he has even referred to Leonardo Corporation, where he used to hold the title of CEO.

A question came up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently,  asking about the leadership of the E-Cat efforts in light of the new partnership, and Rossi responded:

 The leadership is a team, kind of the Senate of the ancient Rome, not an individual. This is our strength.


I am sure that when the contract was drawn up (described as a ‘mammoth’ contract by Rossi), leadership and decision-making was something that had to be clearly defined, and team decision-making was probably something spelled out there. If you have a good team that works well together it can create a powerful dynamic where shared strengths and talents are an asset. There are also times when group decision making can be slower and less flexible that a more hierarchical system.

From what we I can glean so far about the arrangement, The partner is a manufacturer with the ability to build as many e-cats as are ordered and it shares Rossi’s philosophy of getting the e-cat into the hands of the people and lowering energy prices.

I doubt Rossi would have agreed to an arrangement that would have kept him out of the key decisions to be made, but he also would have had to cede some power, too. I wonder if there is a Senate president.

  • captain

    U’ve seen right, Frank!

    Rossi’s decision to partnership with a big energy co. has been unavoidable, considering USPTO ‘situation’ 🙁
    The main goal now is to have the 1MW hot plants running efficiently, safely, continuously under big co.’s eyes, and producing hot steam and electricity. And this seems to be much easier now: with or without 3rd parties certifications, the plants will do perfectly their job, in selected places.

    And more, as its seems now very likely that the 3rd parties response will be excellent, one of the first places where a large number of E-Cat plants will be installed could be in Sweden. To replace all the actual nuclear energy plants.

    One thing i’m curious of, just to know if scientists Kullander and Essen (Sweden) were included in the 3rd party team.

    Then, with or without USPTO approval, E-Cat plants, the big co. and Sweden will go on with this LENR energy program. Where? Where Leonardo/big partner will get the most favouable conditions to do it.

    Like it or not, Rossi’s E-Cat can’t wait the end of this shame

    Help End “Heavywatergate” and the 24 YEAR USPTO Coverup

    • artefact

      From the link:

      “The US Patent Office has claimed falsely that there is “no utility” to cold fusion. Really? Does anyone believe that lie? Clean, efficient energy production has no use? Despite past open demonstrations, and hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, they claim falsely that there is no operability. There have been months of open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT to which the USPTO Examiners were invited. They did not care; did not come; and continued to lie. But YOU do, don’t you!!!!”

  • daniel maris

    Well as with nearly every Rossi pronouncement, it sounds credible but there are problems.

    Does Leonardo Corporation not publish accounts? Is there no one can tell us what its current status is?

    • Peter Roe

      It could be that as the hot-cat IP was vested in Leonardo, that the ‘partner’ simply bought and absorbed the company, which never was much more than paper anyway I think. If it had shareholders other than Rossi and his wife, they may have been paid off in ‘partner’ shares. Effectively Leonardo Corp would just disappear – as it seems to have done.

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    my guess would be that Dr. rossi would be the ceazer,
    happy, happy, happy easter to everyone, have a wonderful day, eat plenty good food,and easter eggs, the ones you don’t eat pickle them mu,mmmmm good.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Sounds like a typical venture capital financed startup…….GE Energy Financial Services

    • captain

      Much better, Bernie.

    • Paul Mannstein

      Don’t knock it. I’ve got some investments with them. Hopefully they are not a Bernie Madoff operation.

  • GreenWin

    One hopes the Leonardo “Senate” has left behind ancient traditions such as Pontifex Maximus, head of the Roman Religion, (held by Robert L. Park today) or the Flamen Dialis, chief priest of Jupiter (Algore’s true calling.)

    • Jim

      I understand that Julius Caesar had some brutal problems with that particular type of organization structure.

      • Fortunately Rossi is supposedly just a humble senator, not even princeps senatus, so he should be safe! He may still have his Brutus figure though.

        • GreenWin

          Assuredly there is a Marcus Junius traitor amidst the Rossi clan. Like Cassius and Judas, assassin-rats of this lowly order end up killing themselves before the mob can tear them to pieces.

          Then again, a preemptive dose of rodentcide is a simple fix.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            Et tu Kermit?


    • georgehants

      Are these people living on some delusional planet or am I.
      Nature | News
      Global warming expands Antarctic sea ice
      In a polar paradox, melting land ice helps sea ice to grow.

      • kasom

        if facts do not fit in with our dogma, we call it paradox……

        • …or just bend the facts until they do fit. This one is quite ingenious – they must have been working pretty hard to come up with a kludge like that.

          • GreenWin

            Rather like watching a contortionist twist and grapple their own disobedient body. Are these people utterly incapable of admitting their failures??

        • Paul Mannstein

          Some call it remarkable nonsense.

      • Roger Bird

        Is this like the French paradox: They keep eating “too much fat” and keep not having heart attacks.

        • georgehants

          Roger both the Japanese and French do not suffer the same effects of smoking (I smoke) unless they move away from their settled enviroment then they succumb equally.

          • Ash

            According to what I’ve read, the Japanese smoking and cancer rate correlation is due to (1) American’s that start smoking at an earlier age and (2) the formulation and carbon filtering of Japanese cigarettes, which deliver fewer carcinogens. Due to (2) it would make sense that Japanese men would start to look like Americans on cancer rates once they leave Japan.

          • Pollution is bad for us, just like smoking. Eating Cake is much better.

      • GreenWin

        Can anyone seriously imagine Nature publishing LENR verification? Whilst they wallow in the abyss of climate chicanery?

      • daniel maris

        It’s hardly difficult to understand George. If you melt an ice cube in water, the water gets colder. That seems to be what they are talking about.

        [Note: I am a climate agnostic.]

        • GreenWinq

          An ice cube melts in a glass of water? You get more water. Not more ice.

          • psi

            Lol….good one, GreenWinq.

          • Meltwater is not salty so it freezes more easily. It is also lighter so it tends to form a layer on the top. Meltwater is produced only in summertime, but upon reaching the sea it continues to spread at other times also.

          • daniel maris

            We’re talking about sub zero temperatures here. The ice doesn’t just melt off in reality – have you never seen film of the huge enormous chunks breaking off – as big as houses.These then influence the climate of the surrounding area.

            A similar phenomenon may be responsible for our very cold N. European climate.

            I think it’s too early to tell but George’s simplistic notion of how climate works is really not worth spending time on.

  • Al_D

    I wish them well, but there is so much invested in the existing fossil fuel infrastructure that I think it will be decades before it is displaced.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      So most people will continue to pay quintuple, because of sentimental attachment to BigEnergy?

      Natural Gas: Killing Coal And Nuclear, and Maybe The Grid

      The End of Utilities?

      • GreenWin

        Good reads Iggy. This article indicates the energy industry is already in panic mode.

        “In an interview at a recent MIT energy conference, NRG CEO David Crane said consumers are figuring out that “they don’t need the power industry at all. The individual homeowner should be able to tie a machine to their natural gas line and tie that with solar on the roof, and suddenly they can say to the transmission-distribution company, ‘Disconnect that line.'”

        What is shocking both solar and wind is the realization consumers don’t need them either! Why put inefficient big $$ PV on a roof if you got E-cat in the basement? Why keep the gas line – unless required by some convoluted safety rule? The utility panic will grow from here. Expect a few Wall Street jumpers before the shakeout is complete.

        I’m feelin Kettle-Cornish.

      • R101

        From the above link
        “The rise of natural gas will eventually be upstaged by an even more radical change, Mr Crane says: in the future, Americans are likely to be able to generate their own electricity at their homes and businesses, and likely won’t have to rely on electric grids, which may be superseded by in-home, or on-site distributed generation technology.”

        I guess they haven’t heard of Bluegen then 😉

    • Roger Bird

      Yeah, Al_D, I agree with Iggy. No one is suggesting that people will all of a sudden stop using coal etc. and change over to LENR. But if I could afford the initial cost and it covered both electricity and heating, I would do it in a heart beat, in my basement. And I am not even close to rich. More like struggling.

    • Charles Stewart

      Assuming Rossi has hit the Jackpot, I still agree with you Al_D. The existing infrastructure will take 1-3 decades to work thru. e.g., I have a new Camry that I sure don’t want to junk anytime soon but I may wind up having to replace the gas motor with electric stuff. It will take time to develop and manufacture all that “stuff”. 3d Printing will help speed it up. EEStor’s EESU will also help.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        When the horseless carriage came about, did we have to wait for all those horses to die?

        Answer: No, my cousin got stuck with a warehouse full of horse collars.

        Most utilities do not produce all their power. They depend on independent power producers like NRG.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          NRG is not wedded to any particular source of energy. They build and operate various types of electric plants….., natgas, solar, wind…you name it.


        • Charles Stewart

          Iggy, we didn’t have to wait for those horses to die. My relatives and neighbors(in a small town in the mountains of Va) were still using horses in the 1940’s for plowing and anything else that we now use tractors for. Horses don’t live to be 40 so there must have been other reasons like cost, habit, preference, etc. etc.

        • Al_D

          My uncle was still plowing with horses in 1951

    • Maybe, but I think if available, new buildings will be equipped directly with LENR technology, and old broken heating systems will be replaced with LENR technology as well.
      So I think the amount of civil used LENR technology could rise very fast in double figure ranges.

      For sure, the demand of oil will stay high for the next few decades, but it will not further rise, rather decrease more and more.

  • frank sedei

    The US military (Navy?)and NASA are significantly involved with E-Cat technology. Thus, it would be very surprising to me if such a powerful and potentially game-changing discovery would soon be released to the general public. I wonder how many bodguards are assigned to Andrea.

    • captain

      IMHO no bodyguards for Rossi, ’cause his ‘secret’ has been already given to his strong american partner, capable to produce almost immediately a large quantity of 1MW hot plants.

      Is this clear?

      • frank sedei

        Time will tell.

      • GreenWinq

        “…his secret??” “…immediately??” “…large quantity of 1MW hot plants??” Mind ‘splainin all that captain? Where do you get your information? Do you have links to backup your claims? Is this anything more than captain’s DIS-honest opinion??

        • captain

          Hi Admin, ==> “GreenWinq” or ==> Greenwin?

          Easter cleanup, it’s time 🙂

  • Leo Kaas

    SPQR Senatus Populusque Rossi

  • artefact

    double post

  • Here in Germany it’s now 1st of April!

    Hopefully, “the month of LENR” has begun! 😉

    Rossi, make us proud!

    • Paul Mannstein

      Imagine if you can that Rossi’s e-cat turns out to perform as he advertises.

      Will the Spinach Party in Germany be left with egg on its face after it has managed to turn the country side into wind farms, roof tops into solar voltaic silicon panels, energy prices few can afford, and be dependent on electricity imports from its neighbors generated by cross border nuclear plants? Maybe their answer will be the famous last words: “So etwas hatten wir schon in Deutscland aber haben es wieder abgeschaft”

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I’d like to tell the readers about the rossion. When the core of Rossi’s E-Cat is heated to 60 degrees C (to create inferred photons), electron holes (+) (positively charged fermions from the valance band of the nickel) react with hydrides H(-) to form neutral bosons, called rossions, r(+ -) (that are similar to ecitions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exciton ) . Because these rossions are bosons they can easily aggregate and undergo nuclear reactions with themselves or nickel nuclei.

    P.S Fleischponsions are formed in deuterium metal systems .

    • Could be. Rossions might be possible to get delocalised (as opposed to bosonic H atoms which they otherwise resemble) because they “live” in the sea of the already delocalised conduction electrons by their containment of its electron holes. For the idea to be feasible, rossions should be energetically preferred to H atoms because otherwise they would decay into the latter.

      But wouldn’t fleischponsions be fermions?

    • I hope we will not see any serious news from Rossi today 🙂

      • georgehants


    • Alan DeAngelis

      Pardon me, I just reread the crap I wrote last year (on April 1st 2013) and found some typos.:



      I thought about this again after I read that there is no evidence of transmutations taking place in the E-Cat. So, maybe rossions could form a Bose gas where fusion could take place.

      H(-) hydride + (+) electron-hole > H(-)(+) rossion, (an exciton)

      4 H(-)(+) (rossion) > 4[H(-)(+)] (Bose gas) > He(4) (helium) + 2 e-(from a beta decay)
      2 H(-)(+) (rossion) > 2[H(-)(+)] (Bose gas) > H(2) (deuterium) + e-(from a beta decay)

      • Alan DeAngelis

        I got this so wrong. Positrons would be given off to form neutrons.
        4 H(-)(+) (rossion) > 4[H(-)(+)] (Bose gas) > He(4) (helium) + 2 e+
        2 H(-)(+) (rossion) > 2[H(-)(+)] (Bose gas) > H(2) (deuterium) + e+

        But if the mass of a positron is the same as an electron’s it would still be 24.7 Mev when for example helium is formed.

  • John-64

    Going back to reading this website monthly, instead of daily, which I’ve been doing since the new year. Tired of waiting for that report. I really doubt any useful news will come in the next month. I’d like it to, but I just don’t see it.

    • Barry

      Have faith John 64.

    • GreenWin

      Or stay away and mentally fit.

    • captain

      Better U keep on visiting this blog monthly and be in peace with your mind.

  • georgehants

    Interesting reading on why Wiki-rubbish is biased and distorted and should never be used to find Truthful information.

    • I have found that Wikipedia is an excellent source of information especially in mathematics, chemistry and biology. Mathematical definitions, chemical substances and biological species can be found there easily. I have used wikipedia a lot and don’t recall a case where I had trusted something on wikipedia and found it wrong later. One can use wikipedia with benefit even if some of the information is wrong.

      • georgehants

        Pekka, you appear to be being selective.
        Should not a source of scientific information be reliable and unbiased on every subject.
        How if you agree that “some of the information is wrong.” can one possible know when reading which is correct and which is false.
        Scientifically and logically one must clearly not trust any of the information without checking from a more reliable source.
        What a terrible condemnation you have made of a scientific information source when you say
        “One can use wikipedia with benefit even if some of the information is wrong.”

        • Information where no one can possibly have an incentive to lie is typically reliable in wikipedia, such as mathematics, chemical data, biological data etc. The more something has to do with money, politics, religion, philosophy etc., the more likely it is that information on wikipedia is biased. And cross checking and other checking is necessary anyway because no source is completely reliable. There can be typos in formulas, for example, also in textbooks.

          • GreenWin

            The danger with any single source editorial system is manipulation and bias. Wiki is highly vulnerable to this as they follow the same hierarchical policies that created the military industrial complex. E.g. the few self-appointed “wikclimate-priests” drive the wiki climate campaign long after data, facts, hard science prove it a failed political invention.

            As Pekka points out, it is a decent repository of mathematics, data tables, formulas etc. Like a good reference text book. As for the encyclopedic part – it is a bees nest of doubt and superstition monopolizing SEO, drowning out diversity.

            An enterprising software developer could come up with a rating system to weight wiki articles according to diversity of opinion from broad alternative sources. I would pay for such a system done well.

            Wiki is now a large part of the corporate/military knowledge monopoly infecting education today. Any society truly respecting diversity would refuse to subscribe to its monolithic voice.

          • georgehants

            Pekka, you have answered me twice, both times pointing out a positive with Wiki-rubbish and both times pointing out that it is unreliable rubbish that clearly no scientist or student should ever go near and yet you seem to refrain from actually condemning such am organ and demanding in the name of Science (Cold Fusion etc.) that it be completely ignored if one seeks Honesty.

          • georgehants

            Wikipedia appeals to the entire cross section of humanity, from the elite to the Great Unwashed. The elites are going to believe what their fellow elites tell them to believe, but the average curious schoolkid may initially take what they see in a Wiki article at face value, and move on.

          • admin

            I think Wikipedia is tremendous achievement, and I consult it on many topics. If I want a primer on something I know nothing about, I will often look at it. I think it’s a terrific reference for facts of all kinds — and all for free, thanks to its volunteer contributors. I have even edited articles myself on occasion. That said, there seems to be a certain orthodoxy on some topics (cold fusion included), which I put down to human nature. Like with many things I accept what is good, and generally ignore things I find suspect.

          • georgehants

            Admin, I must ask, do you not worry that as in my above link,that young trusting people who read the Cold Fusion reports etc. are being denied their birthright of being informed by their elders of only the Truth.
            It would seem that some people are willing to judge the advantages and disregard the disadvantages.
            If, as with all things including Cold Fusion where it has led to such a damaging delay, if people do not strongly react to distortion then surely such behaviour will only increase instead of being removed for the better.

          • admin

            Hi George, a response to your question below: Yes, I do worry about people’s tendency to be unquestioning when it comes to ‘authoritative’ pronouncements from the ‘experts’. But that doesn’t mean that all information coming from these sources should be discounted. I feel you have to use good judgment and discernment when evaluating information from any source, including Wikipedia.

          • georgehants

            Admin, not wanting to keep on but again, If old farts like me do not ensure that the information that the young are reading is accurate then where are they.
            They will tend to believe everything they read in a publication such as Wiki-rubbish unless they are shown their error.
            Us oldies have learnt to Trust nothing but at school they are taught to Trust the establishment view and not question authority.
            I do not for a moment say that everything is not good information but when one piece is purposely inaccurate how can you trust anything that they print.
            Please clear my post on next page reference Wright Brothers as many people quote them regarding the Rossi saga and the link once again shows the unbelievable difficulty in acquiring the Truth beyond corruption even in an organisation as important as the Smithsonian.

          • georgehants

            Just add that Wiki seems to it’s credit to be well aware of it’s own biased properties.
            Wikipedia:Systemic bias

      • AB

        I found that wikipedia is useful for non-controversial established information. It is a poor source of information when it comes to controversial topics though.

      • Paul Mannstein

        I can attest to the fact that Wiki is totally unreliable as far as recent historical truth is concerned.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I have also found Wikipedia to be a reliable source of accurate information.

  • georgehants

    It is interesting that for two years since Mr. Rossi brought the subject of Cold Fusion into the light for most people, the only place that the Worlds scientists have been able to unbiasedly and accurately keep themselves informed of global developments is on these and just a very few other Internet pages.
    This Website is almost unique in that one can discuss the suspect without being drowned in the quagmire of disinformation and abuse that infect most Cold Fusion areas.
    I would suggest that Science owes E-Cat World a very large thank-you for giving a service not obtainable within science itself.
    I would also suggest that Science needs to take a very clear look at itself and put right the terrible situation where it’s own members can only get unbiased, important, breakthrough information from an organisation outside of it’s own inbred incompetent, denying, establishment.

    • georgehants

      Admin, please change “suspect” for subject, sorry.

    • captain

      This Website is almost unique in that one can discuss the subject without being drowned in the quagmire of disinformation and abuse that infect most Cold Fusion areas.
      I would suggest that Science owes E-Cat World a very large thank-you for giving a service not obtainable within science itself.

      Agreed george, and this thanks to our Admin’s commitment in his job!

      BTW just today I was thinking about Defkalion, and Sterling D.Allan (of P.E.S.) experience with their Hyperion ‘test’: no news at all. A totally different situation if compared with Rossi’s E-Cat and F.Acland.

      • georgehants

        captain, agreed, all the while Mr. Rossi is holding attention with his report they are just a sideline that unless they announce something very strong, will stay so.

  • lcd

    If the mainstream media actually cared about this I’d bet we’d know a lot more by now. But then it would have been like the media frenzy of 89 which would have put negative pressure on development, so maybe we are better off?
    Also I wonder if we could go back in time and change something in CF development, would we be successful in changing its general historical course for the better? Maybe this was as good as it could get?
    Something to ponder while I wait.