IISTE Journal Chemistry and Materials Research publishes Celani Research Report

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education’s (IISTE) journal Chemistry and Materials Research (vol. 3, no. 3, 2013) has published a report of research done by a team led by Francesco Celani entitled “Experimental Results on Sub-Micro Structured Cu-Ni Alloys under High Temperature Hydrogen/Deuterium Interaction.”

The report describes tests that the team did with hydrogen-loaded constantin wire (a copper-nickel-manganese alloy), in which they report detecting an “anomalous heat effect” with excess heat measured at 60kJ. The report describes and depicts the material preparation, the experimental setup, and the measurement procedures and includes close-up images of the wire used.

In conclusion the report states, “It was experimental found that even low cost material, like commercial Cu-Ni-Mn alloy (named Konstantan or ISOTAN 44), when its surface is properly modified from the point of view of dimensionality, can be used as material able to produce anomalous heat effects because close interaction with Hydrogen (or Deuterium, but at lower intensity) at high temperatures (>300°C).

There’s a lot of detail in the report that you can find in the report. My understanding is that the work was done in June of last year, and that Celani has made improvements in his experiments since then.

  • Redford

    What’s the COP ? If not reported here I assume it to be very low so I am lazy to check by myself 😛

    • Patrik

      COP (Coefficent of Performance) is normally used to show the performance of heat pumps. It is the heat pump output divided by the compressor electric input (compression cycle heat pumps). Often the COP is 3-5 depending on the inlet and outlet temperatures. There are also other performance numbers used. In the US I have seen SEER, but I do not know the definition. It may be an annual COP average. I have no idea why COP is used to characterize the e-cat and how it is defined in this case.

      • Peter Roe

        I guess COP is used because it’s the closest concept available off the shelf, and already has a history of use in the ‘free energy’ field, where the term ‘overunity’ is often used to mean any system or device producing output that exceeds input, i.e., COP >1.

        The excess energy is expressed as (COP – 1) x 100 = the excess as a percentage of input, e.g., (COP 1.1 – 1) = 0.1, 0.1 x 100 = 10% -> 10% more energy comes out than went in.

    • dzejk

      From fig. 25, COP~=1.1

    • Patrik

      I may have misunderstood your question. Was it the actual COP number or the definition of COP?

  • LCD

    Anything in the pub we didn’t already know.

    A cop of 1.1 with such low excess energy is not going to convince anybody quickly, maybe after a long long time with hundreds of replications then maybe people will say, “we can’t explain it there is something here,” but until then it’s just not enough.

    I know that is not Celani’s immediate intention but just putting it in perspective.

    • artefact

      I think he improved his COP to 70% of excess heat in his newst cells.

      • LCD

        Okay so are you saying a COP of 1.7 since the article? Or in the article?

        Or are you saying something else?

        • artefact

          A COP of 1.7 in the lab today. I think I read that at MFMP somewhere. Well, take it as rumor. The data in the document in the article is from last year.

        • georgehants

          Nuclear Diner
          Cold Fusion – AKA LENR
          In recent months, cold fusion has been making something of a comeback in the media. Andrea Rossi is trying to sell one-megawatt power plants that will fit in your garage. Research is starting up or continues at reputable institutions like NASA.
          (removed link because of virus complaints — admin)

          • Peter Roe

            George – I hope your anti-virus s/w is up and running. According to AVG this site attempts to deliver a piece of malware called ‘Blackhole Exploit Kit type 2364’ via javascript, core.js and mootools-mora.js – AVG won’t even allow the page to load. The threat level is marked as ‘severe’ on my system, so it would seem to be a good idea for anyone following the link to make sure they have AV protection up to date.

          • GreenWin

            That does appear to be a hacker/virus-loading site. It is also filled with tro1lisms. 🙁

          • georgehants

            Thanks guys, nothing happened so far, I hope virgin anti-virus is up to the job.
            Maybe Admin could remove the link.

          • Peter Roe

            To make sure you could get copies of Spybot 2 and/or Malwarebytes – both very good freeware system scanners that can ferret out most nasties that slip past AV software.

          • georgehants


          • NJT

            Or running on a MAC. LOL!

          • Barry

            Don’t open the “Nuclear Diner post”. Virus attached. (Nothing personal George, I’m sure it’s a good story)

    • Peter Roe

      I agree that it is too low to convince doubters, no matter how ‘tight’ the protocols. This also applies to MFMP of course. I think they should increase their odds by immediately dumping 1-wire systems and using only multi-wire arrangements (10-20 wires minimum). They really need metres of the stuff in a cell to get undeniable results (sorry Bob!).

      • Hi Peter

        We want to do that too. In fact, we intend to and have been discussing for instance how we can load many meters of “passive” wire into the Celani cells as “sausages” in insulating sheaths held against the central core.

        We have 2 issues –

        1. we need to be certain of the effect and scale
        2. we have limited access to Celani wire (but untreated Constantan may have some effect and is possible sooner)

        More than that, we are not trying to produce a commercial energy generator – just something that can clearly, without doubt, demonstrate LENR and can be distributed widely for others to explore and understand the science , maybe improve and for doubters to see that is is possible.

        If we see 25% + in the experiments we are starting – this will serve the MFMP purpose.

        • artefact

          very nice!

        • Peter Roe

          Thanks for that info Bob.

          The limitation on supply of treated wire could turn out to be a bottleneck, and a potential problem if for example Prof. Celani sells his IP. I wonder, do you have any plans to attempt to make your own, using the admittedly rather scanty info available? The Celani process seems rather arbitrary and the details, perhaps even the particular elements used in the coating, may not be critical. If successful you might even be able to treat thin Ni/Cu sheet metal in order to increase s.a. and thermal stability, and to simplify cell construction enormously.

          btw, I’ll sign up at your site shortly to offer some writing/editing time, but I’m just starting a short tech writing contract that will take a week or so to get out of the way.

  • Bento

    COP 1,1 is worthless and old news, the extra neutrons are from cosmic origine, this is already known for 20 years.

    • Morgan

      the device was built to demonstrate excess heat and it did just that. the first ever nuclear reactor built only showed .5 watts of excess heat.

      • kemo sabe

        True, but that reactor had zero input power, and the reaction was not identified by the thermal energy, which was not measured directly, but by the unambiguous neutron signal, which could be started and stopped at will with control rods.

        A few years later, succeeding reactors would need the Columbia river to provide cooling.

    • Peter Roe

      And just how could an increased neutron flux have a cosmic origin, when any such radiation is already included in the ‘background level’ against which an increase is measured? Your statement is meaningless.

      • yamal

        there is no such thing as a constant background level. the phrase describes an average across a certain timespan. in reality radiation of all kinds is more or less eratic and bursts are common, caused by all sorts of sources – natural and man made.

  • theBuckWheat

    The rush is on to turn a laboratory demonstration project into commercial viable sources of energy. While it doesn’t promise to make oil totally obsolete (LENR cannot replace petrochemicals and plastics), it will perturb the status quo, and no more so than in the political dynamics that touch on oil producing countries and related flows of wealth.

    • Peter Roe

      Especially so if there is no licensing and only Rossi’s partner produces boilers for central power generation. Even at maximum output and continuous expansion they would hardly make a dent in the status quo for a generation (although they would of course make more money than can be readily imagined).

      As has been said many times, the real destabiliser would be domestic units, which would quickly mutate into off-grid electricity generation, LENR cars and a thousand other local/portable applications. That’s why this won’t be permitted to happen, so long as the PTB continue to control the situation.

      • NJT

        “That’s why this won’t be permitted to happen, so long as the PTB continue to control the situation.”

        You may be correct unless someone makes some itineration of this phenomena open source – then all hell breaks loose and the governments be damned!

        • Peter Roe

          Personally I’d really enjoy that! Unfortunately, I think that the grip of the ‘authorities’ is strong enough to deal with such a situation. Rossi, and possibly DGT and Brillouin may have agreements in place to limit the ways in which their tech is introduced, in return for removal of various obstacles that could otherwise end their ventures.

  • Karl

    To set up of a local energy operation supplying energy for a multi dwelling or a group of villas could be a possible work-around before it will be allowed to buy and operate individual home units.
    R. Ryysak
    April 2nd, 2013 at 3:03 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    what about intermediate solution between industrial and domestic units – if homeowners from village purchasing together industrial unit for whole village, is this allowed? This will be not more dangerous then industrial usage, there can be even dedicated person for managing unit, unit itself can be located in dedicated building for safety.
    Best regards,
    Andrea Rossi
    April 2nd, 2013 at 4:08 AM
    Dear R. Ryysak:
    Probably that could be possible, provided a certified operator is assigned to the plant. In this case is not a domestic application, but an industrial application that makes an energy distribution to households.
    Warm Regards,

    • GreenWin

      This would make an excellent demo project. There are millions in Japan who would be delighted to no longer rely on poisonous fission reactors for electricity. A 1MW Hot-cat powering a combined cycle turbine could power 50 small homes.

      We are also very interested to see a 1MW Hot-cat powering a Multi-Flash thermal desalination system.

    • Jonas

      Unfortunately, with the current prize of the industrial plant it isn’t possible to make such a thing work economically. I fail to see why an industry would want to buy it even.

      • GreenWin

        Jonas, study more. You are still in the dark.

  • GreenWin

    Pardon the OT, but this just re-emerged in a somewhat prescient way: Here’s Dr. Roland Pettersson (research scientist chemo-nuclear fusion) Upsalla University at the October 2011 Bologna demo suggesting the e-cat is a “revolution.”


    Caution and pragmatism are always in order when discussing “revolutions.” However, one can live endlessly doubting, worrying, paralyzed by fear, crippled by thoughts of victimization, tormented by illusory timelines, loss of status, prestige… or not.

    I think it fair to say the majority here choose to take the high road. That road has led to the successful commercialization of cold fusion, discovered 23 years ago by Drs. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann. That alone is an uplifting event. I am happy to have had a small role here. And to come to know many others who helped make it happen. 🙂 Have a wonderful evening!

    • georgehants


    • artefact


    • Leo Kaas

      Thanks Greenwin! I always enjoy reading your comments. I think you are wrong about one thing. It was 24 years ago on March 24th that Drs. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann shocked the world.

    • Roman S

      Well, we all know what Professors Focardi, Levi, Kullander, Essen, Josephson & tutti quanti thought & said a year or 2 ago. I’d like to know, what they think TODAY about Rossi & “successful commercialization of cold fusion”. Any idea?

      • GreenWin

        Roman, I suspect they feel like joyful parents welcoming a beautiful new baby to a beautiful new world.

        What’s not to love about life-affirming creation? 🙂

        • Leo Kaas


    • Roger Bird

      I don’t know how to do a smiley face, but I would if I could.

      • artefact

        doublepoint and ) or
        doublepoint and ; or
        doublepoint and D ..

    • NJT

      Yep +10 it will be a NEW world soon. Lets pray that the politicians do not ruin it for humanity?

  • Roger Bird

    When something literally world shaking is going to be announced soon (or just a double puff of Rossi’s hot air [announcing a test and then finding a reason to not report it] slowly being realized by us]), then this news today seems like a filler, a way to keep the crowd entertained for a while.

    • Peter Roe

      If that’s your opinion, then please feel free to walk away, Roger.

  • Linda

    I believe I may have discovered Andrea Rossi’s catalyst. Or at least narrowed it down considerably.

    That’s a bold statement I know, so you may need to indulge me a little. But this is a hypothesis I think is worth exploring.

    Have a look at this…


    This is a wiki page for the Bergius Process, a method for creating cheap fuel from coal. Remember “Petroldragon”? That was Rossi’s previous attempt to do something vaguely similar, creating cheap fuel out of waste.

    Recall what we know of the eCat, and then have a look at the components of the Bergius Process; Hydrogen, plus a “catalyst”, like nickel, or tungsten put into a “reactor” under high pressure with oil. The “reaction” occurs around 400c.

    Sound familiar? It ought to.

    What if this was what Rossi was playing around with when he discovered the eCat? What if he started to notice the reactor getting hotter and staying hot for longer than it should?

    If he was looking for something else, a catalytic converter for fuel oil, he would not have twigged for a while. Which explains why the “eCat” was used as a novelty space heater for his factory for months before a chance conversation supplied the missing spark, the idea that this thing was actually a power *generator* that could change the world.

    If this is true, if a working Bergius Processor was the essential precursor to the eCat, then it would also explain anecdotally why experiments with nickel and hydrogen by themselves, which do not function like a Bergius reactor do not result in more than barely detectable increases in power.

    I would suggest that researchers may wish to start mining the Bergius Process for clues to what makes the eCat tick. If I were a scientist with a lab, I would research everything ever written or discovered about it and start experimenting with it. It could very well hold the key to making Open Source LENR a reality.

    Hope this helps… if you know someone who might be interested in this, please feel free to share. You never know. 🙂


    PS. If I’m right, and this is the answer, Andrea Rossi is still a genius, and he is still worthy of his reward. Just not to the exclusion of the rest of humanity. I hope he becomes a very very rich man, selling eCats to the world under license. But humanity needs this desperately, and we can’t afford to have it locked up forever.

    • GreenWin

      Linda, almost right. What this project represents to humanity is the gift of inspiration manifested through the works of “ordinary” people. Rossi is a figurehead representing YOU and I, and all those who are willing to think, love, and live outside the prescriptions of those who would see themselves to be better. They are not. Nor less. Only an equal component of the divine. Imagine. 🙂

      • GreenWin

        Linda, please don’t be a stranger here at ECW. You end your post:

        “But humanity needs this desperately, and we can’t afford to have it locked up forever.”

        While it is popular with naysayers to implicate Dr. Rossi in all manner of schemes, it is more honest to look at those who have actively blocked alternative energy development, e.g. Robert L Park:


    • daniel maris

      Wow! What an interesting post. If right well you deserve your own Nobel Prize for scientific detection work!

    • Dana

      Very cool post. An interesting possibility. Another interesting coincidence is that 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the process. Maybe this really will be the year of the ECAT. At any rate thanks for sharing your idea.

    • robyn wyrick


      I don’t know if you’re right, but I’m so thrilled that you have snooped out this lead. What a brilliant bit of research!

      I met one LENR experimenter who has been on this hunt himself (he is the one who first directed me to this website from a Starbucks in Accokeek, Maryland). I think he’d be absolutely jubilant to follow this lead.

      Thanks for your post. Very intriguing.

    • Peter Roe

      Good piece of detective work Linda, and almost certainly correct IMO. Rossi’s ‘Petroldragon’ reactor essentially used the Bergius process to create long chain hydrocarbons from waste organic feedstocks such as wood, paper, rubber and plastics, so Rossi is very much a self-made expert on the subject who would have spotted anomolous heat quickly. He may well have been revisiting his fuel producing technology (with a view to starting up again in the US?) when he became interested in exploiting this observation.

      As well as hydrogen and the metallic reaction surface (aka catalyst) the predominant element present in such reactions is of course carbon, although in the Petrodragon reactor there would also have been sulphur (he used a lot of tyres), potassium (from wood) plus smaller amounts of aluminium, silicon and calcium (clay paper) and other contaminants, any of which might have been co-factors in LENR-type reactions.

      • georgehants

        Agreed, for me as long as Rossi et al in very quick time (if genuine) are praised and thanked by the scientific community and Press and at least one Nobel Prize is awarded within two years then everything is in it’s place.
        Any other behavior by the establishment will show their true colours.

    • lcd

      It is interesting.

      From the wiki article referring to using the technology back in the ww2era.

      “The objection to it by big oil in Houston was that the cost estimates for commercial production were so low that the corporations’ oilfield resources would be rendered worthless, therefore the program had to be terminated to protect the profits of big oil. “

      • Peter Roe

        A strangely honest admission – no doubt it will be ‘edited’ soon!

    • Jim Johnson

      Nice work Linda. If this turns out to be the discovery path, which does not seem unlikely, it will be remarkable both that LENR stands so close to an “alternative fuels” process, AND that Rossi’s original work, long discredited, turned out to be so important. To me it also adds a positive element to the overall mosaic of why eCat is believable: Rossi is a real scientist/engineer/inventor, and LENR did not come from nowhere. Thanks for your post!

    • Linda

      Thank you all for your kind words and support. Given your positive responses, I feel more confident that I could be the right track. 🙂

    • John Littlemist

      Nice speculation, but what about the role of Sergio Focardi? Wasn’t it him who originally discovered the Ni + H anomalous heat reaction and then asked Rossi for help?

    • Morgan

      the secret ‘catalyst’ is already known. he adds aluminum to a distilled water / potassium hydroxide solution which puts out lots of negatively charged hydrogen ions.