New Exothermic Fusion Patent Filed

A new patent application has been published for which describes an “Exothermic Fusion” process to create heat through fusion reaction has been published by the US Patent Office.

The description of the patent reads:

This invention relates to the discovery that hydride ions contained in finely divided magnesium hydride prepared under dry inert conditions are activated by heating in the presence of certain finely divided nickel or copper nuclei causing fusion into unstable products. Said products subsequently disintegrate into stable species with all gamma rays absorbed by the presence of inert forms of boron present in the reaction mixture.

According to the application, if the above formula is placed in a sealed container and heated to 200 C, a self-sustained exothermic reaction is created.

The applicant for the patent is Archie Lou Tengzelius who is also listed as the inventor; I haven’t been able to find any other definite reference to this person on the web.

Here’s a link to the patent:

  • Lukedc
  • clovis

    III don’t know what to say about this whole patient process, how do you decide which lenr device, is who’s, just change one thing and it a different machine, i wonder.

  • Anthony

    Apologies if this is a) off topic or b) old news, but BP have just put their US wind farm operations up for sale – apparently worth $1.5 bn.

    • GreenWin

      “BP continues to invest in new, cutting-edge companies developing efficient energy technologies with applications in both renewable and conventional energy production,” BP said. …Combined, BP’s operations include 1,500 wind turbines producing 2,600 megawatts of power…and represent a $4 billion investment.

      The birds will be happy.

      • I meet a guy from BP in Smokeys Coffeshop in Amsterdam this Monday.
        He did not want to receive my free sunglasses or appear in my blog. *lol*

    • Lukedc

      Commerical LENR is coming.
      Sterling @ PESN will have an interview with Alex & Symeon from Defkalion in the next day. Apparently there is some interesting info in it.

      • artefact

        As always when Rossi has something to show Defkalion also shows or tells something.
        For sure it will be interesting information if they want to compete with Rossis 3rd party report and the beginn of the hot-cat delivery.

  • RAJ

    The patent was filed in July 2011. A few months later, in October of 2011, someone calling himself Lou Tengzelius wrote a comment on this site as follows:

    “Sudden clarity. The early E-Cats were copper tubes containing reaction mixture. Heat from a resistance wire wound around them is supplied by a variable 60 cycle power source. Heat to begin the reaction and then power down to maintain the alternating magnetic field within. The Brillouin web site confirms use of pulsed magnetic fields having catalytic effects. The iron powder contained in the Rossi reaction mix as a finely divided ferromagnetic agent capable of energizing the nickel in preparation for pseudo neutron absorption. How clever of the LENR advocates to adjust temperature, pressure, pulse generation and reaction quantity resulting in opening a new era of opportunity and profit. Then the world of 20th century Physics is turned upside down with undeniable concepts from not only Guglinski, Santilli, Fleishman/Pons and Rossi but many more who suffered through the experiences of being on the outside of “conventions”. A remarkable and dramatic revolution has begun. I still struggle with attempts to clarify a theoretical, mathematical and geometric representation of ether space, two electrons, a proton, a nucleus, all known forces and the transformations which yield what we call Cold Fusion. Lou Tengzelius”

    • RAJ

      A. Louis Tengzelius has also posted numerous times on JONP, including the following:

    • Dave Lawton

      Why do you need iron powder ? nickel is ferromagnetic,if you want to know how its done you need to look at the late Harold Aspdens LENR patent I think he must have been the first to be given a full patent.

      • Peter Roe

        The commenter is mostly talking out of his hat (polite version). He’s probably half right about the external ‘resistance’ heater in the prototype being used as an EM field generator though – it couldn’t have heated the nickel other than by induction, as there was a water jacket in between. The actual process heat was supplied from the ‘secondary’ heater embedded in the core.

  • GreenWin

    Patents can play varying roles in the adoption of new technology. While many of Edison’s gadgets relied on patent protection, other inventions did not. For example the home refrigerator. In 1923 Frigidaire introduced the first self-contained unit. Portions of the compressor system were patented, but other components could be freely copied. In the 1920s and ’30s, consumers were introduced to electric refrigerators with ice cube compartments. An industrial e-cat CHP w/chiller could provide heat, electric and cooling for a fraction of present cost.

    Following WWII home refrigerators were being built and sold by a dozen manufacturers. Patents on “secret sauce” refrigerants (ammonia, sulpher dioxide, Freon) and accessories differentiated brands somewhat. But the rush to put a refrigerator in every kitchen was a huge boom for appliance makers.

    It could not be stopped by the ice man.

    • GreenWin

      RE: James Hansen retirement. An enigmatic astronomer who managed to convince the UN and others the CO2 dense atmosphere on Venus could somehow appear on Earth. His thesis was based on arcane inventions like planetary heat balance, man made CO2 emissions, gaseous forcings and thermal runaway (like on Venus.)

      Unfortunately, Hansen also relied heavily on computer models. Nearly all of which have been found flawed and inaccurate in predictions. But guys like Hansen and Dave Suzuki are from the expert “priesthood” subscribing to Agenda 21-type politics, demanding societal manipulation via knowledge and energy control.

      Hansen was right about transitioning from fossil fuels. Wrong about most of the gloom and doom climate predictions. March was severely cold in Europe and the US East. He had a great run. We wish him well.

      • Fibb

        the cold winters are caused by the broken arctic. The ‘stuck’ weather that the dramatic lack of sea ice causes also contributes to the strangely behaving jet stream that is dragging cold air from the arctic farther down, more often.

        This has been covered in the media but perhaps you only operate on confirmation bias.

        Why are you posting this off topic BS on this site? Clearly you should stay on topic as you know nothing about climate science.

        • georgehants

          Hello fibb, could you give me your thinking on UFO’s please.

        • GreenWin


          “The ‘stuck’ weather that the dramatic lack of sea ice causes…”

          Interesting you mention “confirmation bias” – you may be right. When Googling Antarctic sea ice we get a return of about 70% Arctic vs 30% ANTarctic. Why? There are two poles on Earth. IMO, knowledge monopolies weight the results to favor the gloom of Arctic ice melt.

          Were this not the case, the dozen or so unbiased stories on 2012 Antarctic record sea ice would be the predominant result. You can try this at home. 🙂

          Thanks to Forbes, there is a sliver of media covering LENR.

        • Patrik

          Sounds similar to the explanation to the cold weather despite the global warming given by a professor on radio the other day. Water reflects less than ice and so on…

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      GreenWin….good analysis LENR might develop the same way.

  • Morgan

    and rossi uses aluminum added to a distilled water / potassium hydroxide solution. something like 2 Al(0) + 6 H2O –(KOH)–> 2 Al(+3) + 6 OH(-) + 3 H2

  • JonathanD

    Is this the the patent holder:

    Lou Tengzelius on October 9, 2011 at 9:06 am
    Sudden clarity. The early E-Cats were copper tubes containing reaction mixture. Heat from a resistance wire wound around them is supplied by a variable 60 cycle power source. Heat to begin the reaction and then power down to maintain the alternating magnetic field within. The Brillouin web site confirms use of pulsed magnetic fields having catalytic effects. The iron powder contained in the Rossi reaction mix as a finely divided ferromagnetic agent capable of energizing the nickel in preparation for pseudo neutron absorption. How clever of the LENR advocates to adjust temperature, pressure, pulse generation and reaction quantity resulting in opening a new era of opportunity and profit. Then the world of 20th century Physics is turned upside down with undeniable concepts from not only Guglinski, Santilli, Fleishman/Pons and Rossi but many more who suffered through the experiences of being on the outside of “conventions”. A remarkable and dramatic revolution has begun. I still struggle with attempts to clarify a theoretical, mathematical and geometric representation of ether space, two electrons, a proton, a nucleus, all known forces and the transformations which yield what we call Cold Fusion. Lou Tengzelius


    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Is their any doubt now why Rossi is protecting his IP?

    • Chuck

      60Hz? I thought Rossi did most of his work in Italy.

      That would make it 50Hz, no?

  • ken

    I’m sorry but this patent lists several similar and known components of the E-cat. Including the 200 degree heat stimulus. If this patent was actually issued, then why on earth was Rossi’s original patent to the US patent office denied under the claim that it went against the generally accepted laws of physics and established theories. I asked Google Patents the following question just out of curiosity. I want to know what made this patent relevant to the currently accepted laws of physics whereas Rossi’s US patent did not.

    “Andrea Rossi, an American citizen displaced in Italy due to the lack of patent approval by the US patent office has developed what is known as the E-Cat or Hot-Cat. His patent issued by the Italian patent office describes the same effect and he uses a variation of similar materials including Nickel powder. His process has been scrutinized by a scientific third party review board that recently announced positive results with proof beyond any reasonable doubt that a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction exists when placed in the same conditions as mentioned in the Patent in question. My question to Ask-Patents is: Has this Patent under question been issued and approved? If the patent under question has been approved, noting that Andrea Rossi’s original patent applied for through the US patent office was denied due to Quote: “”the description of the device was based on “general statements and speculations” and citing “numerous deficiencies in both the description and in the evidence provided to support its feasibility” as well as incompatibilities with “generally accepted laws of physics and established theories.””; Has the US Patent office changed it’s view point on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions? If so, would this be considered an unjust issuance of the patent under question? Or is your stand point that Rossi failed to describe his patent in an acceptable manner?”


  • At least “with all gamma rays absorbed by the presence of inert forms of boron present in the reaction mixture” sounds patent nonsense. Boron-10 does absorb neutrons, but not gammas.

    The patent description looks too skimpy to be commercially useful. It’s surprising that it was accepted, not only because it’s LENR, but also because it contains too few details. I’m wondering if the exchange of letters from the approval process is public.

    • Gian Luca

      I agree…too few details e too simple.

    • Silvio Balatelli

      this is A1 patent, not examined. Anything can be written here. It does not mean it would ever be granted.

  • Omega Z


    A. Louis Tengzelius
    January 5th, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    Dr. Rossi,
    May God continue guiding you toward even more astonishing discoveries. Another humble experimenter is shown here:
    The presentation is spectacular.
    A. Louis Tengzelius

    • Peter Roe

      Interesting find, Omega!

    • roseland67

      Very interesting,
      especially the Aluminum and Silicon,
      similar to the Copper and Nickle relationship,

      • Peter Roe

        Plenty of both in the Earth’s crust – lots of fuel for Carpinteri’s piezonuclear fusion!

    • NJT

      Interesting video indeed,

      Mr. Mondaini made this video in Italy in 2006. I wonder if Rossi knew of this experimental plasma reaction and the transmutations of Aluminum to Silicon claimed at that time?

      Thanks Omega Z

  • ken

    I was able to get a quick response to my previously posted question to the US Patent Office. Discussion can be followed at (

    Frank they informed me that this patent or any Cold Fusion related patent would never be issued. I’m attempting to continue the conversation and provide them with the recent news and see if they can review that policy.


    • GreenWin

      Ken, please see my link to the Village Voice article detailing USPTO behavior re alternative energy applications:
      GreenWin on April 4, 2013 at 7:04 pm

      Patent Skullduggery:

  • georgehants

    As it says in the below text anything showing warming is conformation of a upward trend.
    Anything showing cooling is just a “blip.”
    Are some scientific journals actually realising the incredibly unscientific methods used to falsely show Evidence of Global Warming.
    New Scientist
    It’s time we sorted out climate ‘blips’
    HAS global warming stopped?
    The trend has stalled in recent years, but climate modellers this week said this amounts to a “blip” caused by natural variability. What’s more, a forecast made in 1999 has actually proven correct over the past decade – although temperatures will have to start rising again soon if it is going to stay on track.|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|environment

    • GreenWin

      “Warming gets attributed to greenhouse gases, sceptics say, while cooling is put down to natural cycles.

      That may be unfair, but it’s a dangerous charge. Next time we encounter a blip, it would be good to be able to explain it properly.”

      One confirmation of a closed media is how it covers controversy. In an open, democratic system media ranges from mainstream network, London/New York Times to “underground” press like Pacifica radio (US left) The [old] Village Voice, alternative papers and blogs.

      Corporate/government owned media reacts predictably to controversy: they refuse to publish. Hence the fascinating mainstream halt to Andrea Rossi’s e-cat story after the October 28th demo. Earlier e-cat stories were found on MSNBC, and even Fox News. After the Fox query to confirm SPAWAR’s e-cat attendance, mainstream media abruptly halted, and the SPAWAR unit was ordered to close.

      There is one way this can happen lawfully in the US (and most democracies) – invocation of national security privilege. While such privilege may apply to work at government labs – it has no application to civilian activity. And the US Supreme Court has ruled government may not suspend the First Amendment even if it may be damaging to government (New York Times v United States, aka “the Pentagon Papers.”)

      In that decision, “The Court held that any attempt by the Government to block news articles prior to publication bears a heavy burden of presumption against its constitutionality.”

      • georgehants

        In the U.K. we have a joke called the BBC that is supposed to inform the people.
        They have announced that they will not broadcast any Evidence against Global Warming as their “opinion experts” have decided that they do not need Facts and Evidence, they will trust the Holy establishment fathers, who get their information directly from the creator in visions.

        • Peter Roe

          The BBC propaganda machine is at it again today, with a story about an outbreak of measles in S. Wales which they blame on the fall in MMR vaccine take-up due to fears of autism, which have neen ‘discredited’. In fact it is the smear campaign against Wakefield that has been discredited and there is quite a bit of evidence that he was correct. But a few facts have never hindered the BBC misinformation mill.

  • Rob Woudenberg

    It may be good to be a bit more selective on indicating new LENR patent applications here.

    The reason why I am saying this is that LENR has re-entered the spotlights roughtly 2 years ago with some demos by Rossi.
    This has triggered many interested engineers with the idea that there are big oportunities for patenting. The patent application in this case is a nice example of that. The quality is very poor and contains basically prior art derived e.g. from blog info provided by Rossi earlier on.
    Filing provisional patents in the US is quite cheap (a few hundred dollars), so a very low threshold for private inventors to file something they think is worth trying without being too serious or paying enough attention to details (which make them basically worthless).
    Since patent applications have a lead time of more than 18 months, you will see those PA’s popping up in quite some numbers the upcoming months. I expect dozens, if not hundreds of those the upcoming period.

    • Peter Roe

      Agreed. In addition to information provided by Rossi, both magnesium hydride and lithium borohydride have been suggested on this blog as possible thermally mediated hydrogen sources. Even the theory of operation (such as it is) seems to be lifted from Rossi.

      There is no data so presumably this individual hasn’t actually done any experimental work, just put together a ‘mind experiment’ and patented it. When a team of corporate lawyers retained by Rossi’s partner meet the defenders of this patent, the latter may as well concede immediately.

      Probably the most interesting aspect of this news is that the obviously cold fusion related patent (the term is carefully avoided, along with ‘LENR’) apparently went through the USPTO in 18 months or so – which looks like a fairly smooth passage.

      • ken

        They’ve already said they won’t approve it though. Biggest reason the application went though so quick was that it had no body to it. This patent description was one paragraph. Sounds like a random person, like you said, pulling a mind experiment using data he gleened from Rossi news.


        • Peter Roe

          “..they won’t approve it though” Ah, thanks – missed that.

        • clovis

          hi, you’ll
          i agree Ken, i said from the first that i thought it was a trail balloon, that some one was trying to see how much they could get away with, i believe it will come down to the fact that someone the patent folks, or actually i really don’t know who would lay down the rules that govern the lenr idea, who own’s what or is it all up for grabs, i think not.

  • Peter Roe

    From an email from the UPower team (FREE tickets for the Future Energy event):

    “FutureEnergy is tomorrow. A lot of press is picking up the story, and we have practiced the pitch and are ready for a great night, making the best use of our finalist status! We are really hoping to win the audience vote for the grand prize… and we can use your help to make it there.

    If you can have a free moment to vote for us tomorrow evening between 7:30pm and 8:00pm EST, please sign up, and then we will let you know tomorrow the time for the voting. You can vote even if not in the audience!

    We received a code today for the tickets to make them free!

    You can sign up for free tickets here with code “mitcep”.

    Thank you, Jake, Joe, and Caroline from UPower”

    Sorry Barry! (if the discount code is valid)

    • Barry

      Would that mean I’d have to vote for them?

      • Peter Roe

        Only if you felt morally obliged (I think).

        • Barry

          Peter, you’ll be glad to know UPower won. Though they are fission people, not fusion. They are proposing small plants (10’x10’x20′) that uses low enriched uranium rather than highly enriched, One of the team told me you can’t build a bomb with low enriched. They are targeting the military because they are not practical as a neighborhood power source (not cheaper than a diesel generator). Interesting all the same.

          Not a lot of interest in SmartPwr, they came in last.

          • Peter Roe

            Hi Barry

            “glad to know” Not really – I was just curious. Sounds like just another ‘concept’ rather than an actual prototype device – and expensive to boot. No competition for the hot cat there by the looks of it. Thanks anyway for taking the time to look into it.

            Terrible shame about SmartPwr, having (possibly) gone to all the trouble of faking their votes ‘n all! You don’t menion anyone else, so the whole thing was a bit of a damp squib I guess?

      • GreenWin

        As former Senator Al D’ Amato once said: “If I can’t give a job to my brother-in-law, what good’s being a politician?”

  • Sanjeev

    Expect a flood of “me too” patents once this thing hits markets or validations take place.

  • sascatcher

    There’s an Archie Lou Tengzelius, born 1930 age 82, listed as living in New Port Richey, FL listed under “My Life”.

  • This is interesting:

    “Our new process could help end our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor of biological systems engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering. “Hydrogen is one of the most important biofuels of the future.”

    • Charles Stewart

      Pachu, Since reading about the forthcoming hydrogen economy in a 1946 issue of Popular Science (yep, I am that old), I have been waiting and reading and waiting and reading and waiting and . . . . As a graduate of VT with a BSEE, I am really pleased that finally my alma mater is set to start the Hydrogen economy – a mere 60 years later.

      They can, ergo, furnish the necessary hydrogen for Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. Go Hokies!


      • GreenWin

        Charles, thanks for your comment. I speculate that as e-cat/LENR becomes public knowledge, a half dozen or more fission, solar, combustion energy “breakthroughs” will receive great fanfare.

        How better to muddy the LENR river than claim we have finally solved water splitting for H2, ultra-efficient PV, modular nukes, or low cost CTL fuels.

        We appear to be at the crossroad where mil/industry/market economy must grapple with the fact that energy is no longer a cash cow. The big machine that is the energy business will have to downsize. That’s okay. Imagine if all those bright marketing minds went to work educating the public on the human ability to help heal oneself from disease?

        • Peter Roe

          There does seem to be a sudden flurry in announcements of new cheap energy sources. Either the rapidly approaching advent of CF has prompted researchers to try to get their pet projects ‘out there’ before they are eclipsed by CF, or there is a deliberate and co-ordinated attempt to muddy the water in the hope that Rossi’s evential announcment becomes ‘just’ another contender for the crown as you suggest. That would be a typicically clever way to downplay any publicity Rossi and his partner can generate, but in fact could only introduce a minor delay in awareness at most.

          Unless any of these things can compete head-on with CF (nothing visible so far could) they will just fade away as news of a real new energy source spreads, via the web if not through the MSM.

    • stuey81

      +1 good article

  • Miami

    As some have stated but many are not grasping, this is just a patent APPLICATION, not an issued patent.

    I could send in a patent application for goo you rub on yourself that makes you invisible, and it would be published in 18 months, as every single patent application submitted to the USPTO is. It has no bearing on whether this is real or works or has any basis in reality. You don’t need a prototype, you don’t need research, you don’t need anything real, you just have to meet the formalities of the application (abstract, summary, claims). I worked at the patent office and the vast majority of patent applications are rejected and a lot have no basis in reality.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Miami……I agree, but why would Park get involved? What is his motive? Like you said a majority of patent applications are rejected, does Park get involved in all these rejections? Will you admit something is very fishy about his involvment?

      • GreenWin

        Miami’s language is revealing as, “…having no basis in reality.”

        Problem is guys like Park and Zimmerman claim to be the sole arbiters of “reality.” Oh, and the multi-billion $$ hot fusion funding that is very “real” to them.

  • GreenWin

    Patent Skullduggery:

    In earlier comments I referred to the anemic state of free press in this world, mentioning The Village Voice as one former alternative publisher. If you want a fascinating view of how the USPTO has likely engaged in unlawful manipulation of alternative energy patents please read the following Voice article by Erik Baard:

    THIS is what real reporters do. Here we learn how the USPTO with little more reason than Robert L. Park and U.S. State Department weapons scientist Dr. Peter Zimmerman’s disfavor, scuttled a group of Blacklight Power patent applications. Even after one had received approval. The following quote from Zimmerman is indicative of the level of skullduggery the USPTO engages in:

    “The week before I was to start [at the State Department] Bob [Park] sends me an e-mail, in which he tells me in some detail about the Conference on Free Energy under the sponsorship of the Secretary of State’s Open Forum. It says, ‘Pete, if you can’t get that killed, what’s the point of having you at the State Department?'”

    As Park is now 82, he may not have to answer for his unlawful actions. However, the public should be aware of the great disservice he has done to US citizens and those of the world.

    • NJT

      Wow, the evidence mounts showing our corrupt federal government and their appointed high office bureaucrats. If Obama and our current elected DC politicians cannot get this house in order, then who can? If the country knew about all these illegal goings on, resulting in the loss, to the public and industry, of a world changing new energy source, these politicians would be voted out of office starting with this Novembers national elections. Maybe if we had some new boys and girls in congress they could open a congressional investigation and show the country and world how they have been duped all these years by the hot fusionists and their well placed DC bureaucrats!

      • GreenWin

        NJT, it seems hard to imagine the mess in DC clearing without a full Congressional investigation going back to the end of WWII. Dr. Ed Mitchell, NASA Astronaut, Apollo 11 pilot, has made very clear the path the US government took to hide contact with… (cannot pass mod)

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      GreenWin….thanks good article, our patent department has become a political football. If this was done to Blacklight/Mills, you can bet all of Rossi’s patents have been suppressed!!

  • artefact

    From JONP:

    Joseph Fine
    April 4th, 2013 at 11:09 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    1: In the current or new design (2-stage) Hot-Cat, can the output temperature be set to any value between 120 deg C and 600 degrees C? I apologize if I asked this question before, but it was some time ago.

    2: Since Hot-Cats consists of a number of modules, can a 1 MW system be partitioned into two (or more) sections in order to produce ‘x’ kW-thermal out of one subsection of modules and (“1-x”) kW-thermal out of another?

    3: Can two subsections of a plant produce heat at different output temperatures? For example, one section may produce process heat and another section may be used for evaporative cooling. In effect, you have two E-Cats purring in the same enclosure.

    4: I saw reference to a 10-MW E-Cat configuration. Are there customers requesting such a design and if so, would that require significant modifications for efficiency improvement or cost reduction or is it just a matter of assembling 10 times as many modules as there are in a 1 MW design? (Different enclosure etc.)

    5: If different sections of a plant produce heat at different temperatures, does the higher temperature sector need more time for shut down than the lower temperature sector?

    Running out of questions,

    Joseph Fine


    Andrea Rossi
    April 4th, 2013 at 12:59 PM
    Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
    1- yes
    2- yes
    3- yes
    4- no, we simply supply 10 x 1
    5- no
    Warm Regards,

    • GreenWin

      Great questions. Better answers. Cooling in particular is a great expense to industry.

      • captain

        Question 5:
        Rossi said more than once that the shutdown/coolingdown time is 4 hrs and explained also for what reason. I know, it was time ago, but … SAFETY FIRST! Anyhow, the same time.

        BTW, Rossi’s E-Cat reactors are intrinsically safe.

        • GreenWin

          Hey cap, imagine if we ask TEPCO how long to shut down their Fukushima nuke in case of an emergency? That would be… 754 days and counting. And DARN, it’s STILL too hot (62 types of radioactive materials) for human intervention.

          BWR and all fission nukes are intrinsically safe.

        • Snarks

          Ya guys, we shut shut down all power stations of any kind because they are not as clean or good as the E-cat.

  • artefact

    From MFMP:

    “Hi All,

    We thank you immensely for taking part in the debate over the past several days on our suggested strategic thinking for the imminent full-scale fundraising through KickStarter.

    We hope that the revised goals presented below are something everyone can agree with, please speak up if you think we can do better.

    The purpose of this blog entry is to show the suggested introductory text that will be on the KickStarter. We need you to take your critical eye to it and suggest things we should add, delete or phrase better. If there are any budding wordsmiths out there that feel they can make bits clearer, please help if you can but we only have days to finalise this.

    Oooo and if you are interested in being in the draw for the powder cell, there are not many days left to make a donation.

    Thanks in advance.

  • captain

    Japan has 50 nuc.plants, and needing more energy, wants to build new ones.
    Any jap visitor in this blog?

    If yes, then


    that transgoogled 😉 means

    Come on Japan, your nuclear plants can be replaced at the best with the E-Cats to produce clean, safe and cheap energy.

    With the hope of having used properly the translator.

    • robyn wyrick

      Captain, I think “jap” is considered a racial slur. You might want to check that.

      • psi

        + one. Please avoid stereotypical slurs in public comments. What you say or think in the privacy of your home is your own business. What you say in public effects everyone.

  • artefact

    In the SVT documentary about Rossi from 19th of December 2012
    ( )

    Rossi said (28:42): “If it works or not we will see, .. thats it”
    11 days left to mid April…

    @22:15 Anders Abert from Vattenfall (in the top 5 european energy companys) said: This is something new and it is of course out duty as an energy company to follow up alternatives. This is one possibility that perhaps will change the whole world. [speaker:] Anders Aberg is Vattenfalls research manager for this area and he does not at all believe that Rossi is a faker”

    I wonder if he will be one of the experts in the 3rd party test. Or maybe they are the first european customer…

    The radio had to say the following on 17th of Dec. 2012 (translated):
    ( _ttp:// about cold fusion)
    “Vattenfall-physicist: “We need to replace nuclear power””. And:
    “In case of a revolution of the energy sector, Vattenfall wants to be one of the leaders.”

    • artefact

      What Anders Abert says is if the e-cat works (what he has no doubt of it) then Vattenfall wants to be under the first to use that technology i think.

  • Lukedc
  • Lukedc

    Looks like my link to the Defkalion article is in moderation.
    I must say after reading it that I even more confident that A.R has the goods. We should see a functioning plant shown to the public soon + a 3rd party positive report.

    • Sanjeev

      Trying to post the link.

      • Bob

        I find it hard to believe anything Defkalion says regarding the imminent release of their Hyperion technology. Also, from past and well established performance I am no longer impressed with any of Sterling’s proclamations based on his inside knowledge of great new energy producing devices. I read them out of curiosity but considering how the list of his top 5 technologies change constantly, I think it would be a mistake to place any more significance on them other than as material for some light entertainment in my lunch break.
        Some of the technologies are transparently fake and nothing more than outright scams.
        Recently, one of them which was on the top of his list disappeared completely.
        As to any assessment regarding Defkalion, I am mindful of the definite and often repeated declaration from them early last year that they would reveal all last July.
        July came and went and not a whisper, except they did leave the country and shut down their own web site. I took this as their way of dumping all their rash claims.
        With no revelations of anything that works they are now repeating the performance from Vancouver.
        I also notice that they are not promoting the sale of their Hyperion reactor any more. They are merely asking for licensees to shoulder the cost of developing uses for the hyperion technology.
        This is exactly what John Rohner did with his Plasmic transition process motor, which as everyone, well almost everyone, now accepts was nothing more than a giant fraud.
        It leaves wide open the prospect of Defkalion finally claiming the failure of the Hyperion reactor to perform is the fault of his licensees in that they failed to deliver a workable device, exactly as John Rohner did.

        • Peter Roe

          Regarding plasma engines, John Rohner is clearly a delusional fraudster, but I don’t think the story will end with his recent fiasco. His brother Bob Rohner is an entirely different kind of individual, and seems to make slow but steady progress without seeking ‘investment’.

          It’s a pity that John Rohner has done so much damage to this idea, which at least deserves some serious research to prove or disprove the central tenet of a rapid increase in gas volume under certain conditions (as purportedly demonstrated by Bob Rohner’s ‘popper’ device). Anyone not familiar with the background to the ‘Papp engine’ could do worse than skimming through this blog page:

          • Bob

            I’ve watched videos of Bob Rohner’s popper device where he is raising a small weight a few feet high and claiming that the energy needed to do this was far more than what was being fed in by way of dumping a large electrolytic capacitor across an arc inside the magic cylinder.
            The height which the weight went up looked entirely consistent with the energy being dumped from the electrolytics and no more.
            He popped it a number of times and then commented that the electrolytics were getting warm, completely in accordance with what I would have expected.
            There is no doubt in my mind that there was absolutely no energy coming from the system other than what was being dumped from the electrolytics.
            He made some statements to the effect that it was providing far more energy than was available from a normal fuel combustion.
            A normal fuel (petrol vapour) combustion in the same size cylinder would generate well over 1000psi and would have blown the weight through the ceiling, and very convincingly.
            If there was some precedent which would justify the claim that some extra energy could be produced from the process it might be worth further investigation but there is absolutely none and no scientific basis for expecting any.
            You can take reliably it that the whole proposition is a fraud.

        • Veblin

          I believe you are wrong about Defkalion. Your post seems to be just a pseudo-skeptical rant. You created quite a scam tale there.

          • Bob

            You forgot to mention, what part of my post do you find to be in error?

      • Peter Roe

        Promises, promises – although this jumped off the page at me: “The automobile application is being pursued by one of the largest auto manufacturers in Europe.”

        There are other similar flat statements relating to other applications, so either these claims are not true, or behind the scenes cold fusion power really is being taken up my major industrial giants and will be with us soon. I really want to believe that, but…

        Incidentally, Europe’s largest car makers are Volkwagon Group, Peugeot-Citroen and Renault.

        • artefact

          And for the airplanes there should be only EADS(Airbus) and Boing. EADS also has satelites …

  • Omega Z

    Louis Tengzelius: From Port Richey, FL
    PATENT TROLL: Throw enough mud, Something might stick.
    Then you can pay them off or spend 20 times more fighting in Court…

    He’s Posted on JONP Many Times.

    January 5th, 2013 to Dr. Rossi,
    September 28th, 2012 Gives link->
    August 12th, 2012 to Wladimir Guglinski Discusses QRT-Quantum Ring Theory, RFG, EMF, Ect..
    November 2nd, 2011 to Rossi “Ball milling”
    October 26th, 2011 to Robert Mockan-“Can any body suggest methods that Rossi might be using to accomplish this?”
    October 24th, 2011 to “eernie1″
    October 23rd, 2011 @Eric Ashworth
    AND More;
    He fishes for info from others to determine How Rossi’s E-cat may work. Those who visit JONP will recognize many he confers with. Those with technical expertise. He also follows many other sites doing the same.

    You may see info in his patent that seems similar to Brillouin, Blacklight/Mills, PAP Engine & others. That’s because he has elicited/researched Info on all of them & proposed his patent accordingly.

    Stated by him in a Post:” Born in 1930, I lived through an era of spectacular steam innovations.”
    Archie Louis Tengzelius (1953) Research Assistant in Chemistry
    B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1952.

    Found another online patent reference but lost it.
    This patent is an Application listed as pending. NOT Granted.

    Louis Tengzelius posted to Rossi Jan.5th- The 1 I posted before.
    Rossi responded-

    Andrea Rossi January 5th, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    Dear A.Louis Tengzelius:
    Good Luck! A.R.

    I Doubt Rossi was aware of him filling a patent when he said this.

    I Don’t Care to trash an 82 or 3 year old, But If he is just trolling for cash, this is just wronggg…

  • erik
  • I have run out of relevant material.

    • Peter Roe

      As a (multi) cat owner, a genuine LOL!