Television and Cold Fusion

I know this is little off topic, but I read an article today on Yahoo News about how broadcasters are beginning to worry about the number of ‘no TV’ homes there are in the United States. Apparently the number of homes without television reception of any kind (Cable, Satellite, even broadcast TV) has risen from 2 million in 2007 to 5 million today, and that this is a trend that has broadcasters concerned.

The reason I think this is a relevant discussion here is that I have a feeling (maybe unjustified) that people who are following the LENR story closely are not the kinds of people who are heavy consumers of TV programming. I haven’t had working TV reception of any kind in my home for probably 10 year or so and have seldom missed it. If I want to see a particular TV program I can usually find it somewhere on the internet.

I feel that television has been a huge factor in shaping the cultural climate of the world; TV programming drives a lot of trends and interests and helps shape public opinion in a wide variety of fields. In many ways, if something is not on TV, it doesn’t really matter that much — and of course cold fusion is one of those things we seldom hear about on television. It did have its day back in 1989, and it was the television coverage that both shot it to fame, and then infamy, and cold fusion has never really recovered.

The irony of it all is that proponents of LENR/CF are frustrated that there is little to no media coverage of the topic, and will likely be delighted to see it taken seriously on the BBC, CNN, ABC, etc. If it enters the public consciousness on a large scale through major media channels, then we will see the public debate heat begin in earnest. So although we live in the internet age, and I am quite happy to get my news from internet sites both large and obscure, it seems to me that the power of television is strong, and will probably remain so for quite a long time.

  • RenzoB

    Me too, I haven’t been watching TV for many years. For news and movies I use only my computer.

  • buffalo

    lenr will undoubtedly kreep up on tv when its put to practical use,not before.its already kreeping up the science mags so we wait for the leap.its just a curiosity for now.when people see a bicycle powered by lenr then it begins to cement into consciousness.

  • Roger Bird

    I am not the least bit frustrated, partly because I have disciplined myself to not wish for things that aren’t so. But I also think that all this apparent delay is creating a group of very knowledgeable people who really understand this, so that when LENR does hit the Big Time, there will be a whole bunch of people, like you, Dear Reader, and me, who will be able to explain what is going on. I recently explained to my wife how it all happens, I think. Of course, she doesn’t know enough to know whether I was right or not. But, nobody knows enough to know if I was right or not. But I digress.

    The point is that there are at least 700 regulars on these LENR sites, and as things are slower than we would like, we spend time learning about it and becoming experts. This will be good.

    • lukedc

      The first 700 out of many billion isn’t too bad.

      • Roger Bird

        Look what 300 did at Thermopylae. But we would be 700 teachers.

  • artefact

    Since 5 years I don’t have a tv. Sometimes I’d like to buy a new flat big screen led tv but then I admit to myself that I will not use it often enough.

  • Jacob

    Actually all the TV news in these days are bad and terrible news – nothing encouraging – that is why I keep my self away.

  • Mannstein

    Pulling the plug on TV is a positive development. Most entertainment programs cater to the lowest common denominator of the viewers. As for TV news programs they have degenerated into political propganda vehicles. FOX News and MSNBC come to mind. Journalists have become prostitutes who report what’s handed to them by the powerful. The run up to the war in Iraq is a good example. Viewers have finally had enough of mainstream media and are seeking alternatives.

  • Andre Blum

    Same here. No subscription of any kind. Haven’t really watched TV for years; just now and then download something I want to see.
    Maybe interesting to add that I have a software engineering job in the broadcasting industry 🙂

  • Susan Corrigan

    I was a TV addict 25 years ago. I watched it all the time, and I couldn’t turn it off. When I was in my 20s I moved to a different part of the country, and I intentionally decided to not get cable and not have a TV. I own one, sometimes (when my mother visits) I can hook up an antenna and I can get TV, but it’s a bit of a pain. I think that your assertion that the starpower of television controls how we perceive truth is valid…that is “If it were really true it would be on television”. Thus in order for someone to be able to seriously consider the existance of LENR, one needs to not be under the spell of television. Very interesting assertion that seems to be pretty accurate to me. It would seem to be an interesting thing for some Psychology Phd student to look into with hard research.

  • What about creating one of these “reality show”.
    10 Nuclear Engineers trying to survive on a deserted island.

    I for one would love to see Andrea Rossi participating in Jersey Shore!

  • Television will be dropped first by those with stronger minds and wills. Those who prefer to follow their own ideas and inform themselves from a broader array of information will take to the web and abandon television. As for me I don’t miss it one bit. It is a wasteland.

    • NJT

      I did the same several years ago and have not regretted it at all, and my bank account improved as a result too…

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    This news doesn’t support GE being Rossi’s partner:

    GE just bought Lufkin Industries, an oil field equipment manufacturing company.

    • John Littlemist

      Great find!

      So at least these candidates still remain:

      Babcock & Wilcox
      United Technologies
      What else?

      • HeS

        Bosch. The private company (no stock exchange shareholders!), which passes all profits to its foundation.

        • xy

          My guess is Google.

    • Hal

      Why wouldn’t they?? Assuming a ‘gold rush’ towards lenr, oil will still be the biggest source of energy for transport for at least 12 years, and probably the biggest source for plastics til it runs out. I hope that we stop burning it sooner, it’s too valuable to burn!

      • LCD

        Not sure how you figure 12 years.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        So, Hal, you think oil drilling and exploration has a great future? There’s enough oil reserves for plastics and chemicals for the next thousand years.

      • dzejk

        Non fuel/heating applications consume only 5% of anual oil consumption.

    • dzejk

      According to some people here, the banks know what is going on [LENR] and are selling their assets in oil business. Now we see GE buying oil companies and US government building nuclear pps.

      I believe none of these parties have seen a working LENR devices. Banks are just speculating as usual, GE is beting long term, USG is taking care of increased el. demand. They cannot afford to sit behind PC and read blogs and forums about technologies that will save the world ‘next’ day.

      • When it comes to “the market” its not only important to make a profit. It is important to make as much profit as possibly and specially related to competitors and other markets.

        There could be many reasons for selling assets and business units.

        Say you are a the CEO mr X, you just took over from mr Y.
        Mr Y spent 100 million building a oil refinery in the middle east. X wants to make as much profit as possible for him and for the share holders so the first thing he does is to sell the oil refinery for 100 million to another company.

        WOW!!! Look at all that money he generated!

        Now Mr x can rent the oil refinery from the other company who just bought it.

        This will look fabulous on the Yearly Report!!!!
        Wow, Mr x will be receiving a big bonus this year!

        This is also how the banks works…

        Also, gas is a growing market and US have a lot of it.
        (Many oil companies are based in Dalls, Houston, Texas)

        “Why travel over the river to get to the water”.

        Short term decision making.
        Does not have to mean anything…

  • Omega Z

    2 million in 2007 to 5 million today, and that this is a trend that has broadcasters concerned. Proof the Broadcasters don’t have a Clue. Of about a 150M+ Homes Of which 120M are Occupied equals about 96% of homes have Subscript TV. 4% Don’t.

    A tough economic time frame. No Job, No Internet, No TV, Etc..
    Others have had to cut back. Drop the subscript & retain the Internet you still have TV shows.

    Considering how many are out of work, I’d say the networks are holding up pretty good. Especially considering 95% of all programing are RERUN Reruns or NON REALITY Reality Shows at ridiculous subscript Fees.

    Actually considering Programming/Quality, Fee’s & Alternate Access availability, Along with Economic conditions- Their Doing Great What a bunch of Whiners…

    Note: Average home has 2 or more TV’s.

  • Julius

    Here is a good example to show what is the revolution taking place
    Humanity is on the verge to understand what internet really is, it gives the possibility for everyone to speak, and possibility for anyone looking for an information and find it.
    This has huge repercussions on the world , and is reshaping it into something else, old structures like medias as we know it today is rapidly dying and they won’t survive to it.

    Culture has been demonetized, you today you can watched so much movie, listened music, accessed so much informations for not a penny, before, 15 years ago, you had to spend money to get access to all of this.
    And this is nothing compare to what is to come, the next sector that will be fully demonetized is energy, and it will come fast, considering cold fusion, but not only that, cause if we pay attention, there is lot more coming up.

    3D printers will demonetized many objects that we use in our daily life, 3D printers are just at the beginning, and the potential is already huge.

    But to me, one of the most important revolution is the GRAPHENE !
    There is a method to create graphene with a simple DVD writer (lightscribe) , therefor, in a very near futur, you’ll know how to print your own batteries, from very cheap materials, your batterie will be so much more efficient than those we have today.

    Graphene is the “Rolls-Royce” of materials.

    The guys for RepRappro are planning to build a graphene 3D printer, and they will succeed, once you master the method, this won’t be more difficult than build a classic 3D printer.

    This mean that in a near futur, there will be nothing to stop you if you want to buid a flying machine 🙂

    Technology drives the world since the day a caveman had the idea to shape a stone into a knife, technology, wich is the result of our understanding of nature, and nature is such a wonderfull technology, probably the best one !

    • Kim

      3d print


      Could have written this myself

      Good Work


    • Peter Roe

      I wonder when it will become possible to print a 3D printer…

      • Barry

        Heh heh

    • Peterem

      Agreed, Julius. Now we just need a social paradigm to deal with the revolutions. A nonviolent movement that cares for the least fortunate and disenfranchised among us. I like the cooperative revolution going on in the UK. Hopefully, it will keep up with the technology.

    • Bryan Rahn

      Could u please point me to more info on the printable battery technology I am an ex air Canada pilot and want to build my own flying machine using one or more of these technologies … I would appreciate any help u can offer kind regards Bryan

  • Roger Bird
    • Andre Blum


      “we” and “us” are are the e-catworld community, a very diverse and international group. I think somehow you have another “we” and “us” in mind.

      • Roger Bird

        I was actually thinking of civilized people who lay down their lives for other civilized people, such the American soldiers buried all over France and the Low Countries. Or Australian soldiers buried in South Korea. It is really about the decent people vs. the people who oppress women and gays and their own citizens in the name of BlahBlahism and burn innocent children to death because they are Jews.

        But I guess this doesn’t have much to do with LENR.

        • buffalo

          [email protected] bird,poster-boy for the establishment.killing is about profit man,wake up to reality.

  • Engineer

    I do not think LENR on TV would make any difference. People with money (business) and people with imagination are aware. The company I work for has told me if it gets to a tipping point let us know and we will send you anywhere we need to to get in early. Until then just keep watching.

    If it works this will make the electronic revolution of computers and tvs and music into a footnote in the history of the new millenium.

    • lcd

      i would pay DGT a visit then.

      • Engineer

        Can you be a little more expansive please?


        • sempervivum

          Attempting to estimate the tipping point may turn out to be a very expensive exercise.

        • lcd

          DGT is offering joint R&D. For certain companies that is worthwhile.

  • Al S

    I hate CNN

  • The cycle has been from free broadcasting paid by advertising
    to paid cable without advertising to paid cable or satellite
    with advertising but never back to free broadcasting so no

  • pg


    • c. kirk

      Until??? your head explodes from frustration? I hope not you may need to take a break you appear from previous comments to be under a lot of peer pressure your reputation is at stake

  • JONP Koen Vandewalle, April 8th, 2013 at 1:21 PM

    …Does this perfect fit, if it is correct as mentioned in 5, mean that it can be expected that small scale electricity production will be a viable option in the near future, if and only if some urgent administrative and mostly juridical issues are solved?

    AR: yes, but remember the reserve due to the safety certification issue

    • artefact

      For convenience: Nr. 5 was:

      “5: You stated that now the modules are 1kW instead of 10kW. This makes me think of a device that has the size and power of an electric paint stripper. These handheld devices are capable of producing an air flow of 500°C and flows of some hundred litres per minute at nearby atmospherical pressure.
      Does this downsizing of power per Hot-Cat mean that you have found the best fit in power density for heat exchanging with gaseous fluida and that you are about to produce electricity using a very efficient Carnot cycle ?”

      The answer: “yes”

  • artefact

    Jed Rothwell posted on Vortex:

    “Here is an important opinion piece. Hagelstein reveals his cynical,
    sarcastic side. He attacks science by vote, and science by Wikipedia, among other things. See:

    Hagelstein, P.L., *On Theory and Science Generally in Connection with the Fleischmann-Pons Experiment*.
    Infinite Energy, 2013(108).

    • georgehants

      Something wrong with science and scientists, I don’t believe it.
      All us guys in Cold Fusion know how Wonderful science is.

      • artefact

        someone hacked your account George! 🙂

        • georgehants

          Hey artefact I know I may be a voice in the wilderness but their are a few people out there willing to see the Truth.
          Even a couple on these pages.
          Trouble is if they work in science they are afraid to say a word.

    • LCD

      Interesting snippet
      “Morrison also held in high regard the high-energy physics
      community (he had somewhat less respect for electrochemist
      experimentalists who reported positive results); so
      he argued that the experiment needed to be done by competent
      physicists, such as the group at the pre-eminent
      Japanese KEK high energy physics lab. Year after year the
      KEK group reported negative results, and year after year
      Morrison would single out this group publicly in support of
      his contention that when competent experimentalists did
      the experiment, no excess heat was observed. This was true
      until the KEK group reported a positive result, which was
      rejected by Morrison (energetic products were not measured
      in amounts commensurate with the energy produced); coincidentally,
      the KEK effort was subsequently terminated (this
      presumably was unrelated to the results obtained in their

  • georgehants

    Without capitalism their would only be social information between programs and no advertising on television, then it may be watchable.
    Pay a fee to watch advertising, now thats a good idea, I think I may do that. Ha.

  • georgehants

    More on how science hides the Truth.
    TED conference censorship row
    Hancock and Sheldrake have also called for the anonymous science board which advises TED on the legitimacy of speakers, to be revealed –something which TED is refusing to do, citing they are unpaid volunteers.

    • georgehants

      Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider
      Francis Bacon

      • LCD

        Didn’t Focardi to a Ted talk?

        • artefact

          Yes, a very good one. With pics of early e-cats.

          • artefact

            and the office heater at 4:02

          • robiD

            Yes, and you can see the size of the core and the size of the pipes for cooling water.
            First experiments, no small core, maybe many kWatts of power but probably a very unstable functioning that required a large flux of water to keep it under control and avoiding breakdown or melting.
            Several times Focardi used the name “runaway horse” for the E-cat.

    • GreenWin

      TED continues to greatly damage their once-good “brand.” With TED’s cancellation of the TEDx West Hollywood event they dig their hole of ignominy deeper still.

      The organizer of the event is Ms. Suzanne Taylor, a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of NYU, PBS-aired filmmaker (What on Earth?) member of Threshold Foundation organization of philanthropists, and cookbook author. She poses the TEDx Talk question: “How Would You Change the World?”

      The pseudoscience speakers include:

      Marianne Williamson, 4X New York Times #1 bestselling author, lecturer of “A Return to Love”

      Russel Targ, former Lockheed Martin, Stanford Research Inst. Senior Scientist, author of “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.”

      Larry Dossey, MD, physician, former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital, author “One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.”

      Gary Bobroff, psychologist discussing “Transformation of the Masculine, Redemption of the Heart”

      Linda Mackenzie, speaker, “Change the Media, Change the World,” heads HealthyLife.Net–All Positive Talk Radio.

      Rev Paul E. Nugent, a director of The Aetherius Society, discusses how all of creation is evolving, leading us on an exponential journey of discovery.

      Jim Favaro, discussing architectural design, Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Fine Art at Stanford University, Masters in Architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard.

      Gregory Panos is an American futurist, writer, educator in the emerging field of human simulation (virtual actors), performance animation (3D digital puppeteering/motion capture), virtual theatre.

      Paul Cummins, Founder and Headmaster of the Crossroads School, and Founder of PS Arts and New Visions Foundation, where he currently is the Executive Director.

      George Regas, Rector Emeritus of All Saints Church, Pasadena, California, is an Episcopal priest who is well known throughout the country for his leadership on peace and justice issues.

      Tess Cacciatore, Founder and C.O.O. of the Global Women’s Empowerment Network.

      TED acronym is Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Perhaps the inclusion of clergy makes this different from other TED Talks on esoteric subject matter.

  • artefact

    The Believers

    A Synopsis.

    Ending with these lines:
    “While these observations are in keeping with the tone of the movie, exploring a theme which is dark and depressing, there is hope. So many favorable experimental results have now accumulated that a breakthrough in theoretical understanding in this field must occur in the near future. At least that will be the hope of all those attending ICCF-18 this coming July. In expressing such expectations and hopes myself, I have disclosed my own membership in a group that I’m sure one day will be honored for their loyalty to the cause, – The Believers.”

  • Ron

    The reason there are so many fewer households without TV is that people are using their time writing posts on web sites , making useless tweets and watching Youtube videos. There may be some gain in knowledge but not much. I still like the big TV screen and surround sound. Living without it is not an option.

    • GreenWin

      The gain in knowledge is only limited by the breadth of inquiry. Now, with internet, there is less restriction on access to information. But as we see daily, subversive science like LENR, is still verboten!