Who do you discuss LENR with?

I have found that LENR is one of those topics that can take up a lot of one’s attention. For me, it is something I think about and read about a lot, post online about quite a bit, but funnily enough (for me), not talk about very often. I’m not quite sure why that is. I’m sure that some of my good friends, who I consider open minded and fair would be interested, if not enthusiastic. Maybe the reason is that I’m not one who normally likes to become opinionated in conversation, and I don’t want to come across as a bore, or make people feel uncomfortable if I start spouting off.

Another reason is that it would take a lot of education to try and get my point across, and there’s a lot of ground to cover to get people up to speed on the topic. Of course there is also the issue of evidence. There’s no product out there yet that we can refer to as an example of a real cold fusion reactor.

But at some point, if the topic is going to get the attention that I think it deserves, there will need to be a change in the reluctance that I, at least, have in bringing up the topic. If cold fusion is to become a worldwide phenomenon, it will need to emerge from the realm of underground web sites, and become a technology that is as common knowledge as, say, drones — a new topic that is now entering the public debate with some impact.

So who do you talk to about LENR? Who don’t you mention it to? Why and why not?

  • Mcloki

    Until there more website link able proof. There’s not much to communicate. When there’s a demo online or massive Wired article. Then there will be more talk. Right now LENR is a curiosity.

    • frank sedei

      What you say is correct. LENR is a new and dramatic source of energy. Even engineers I have spoken with refuse to acknowledge its meaningful existence. Personally,I believe LENR is such a powerful scientific breakthrough that it will not be released to the general public until the government,NASA and military are finished exploration for their own purposes. We should not hold our breaths awaiting full disclosure.

      • Robert Ellefson

        Correct, we should not hold our breath waiting for TPTB to publicize what they know about LENR. Instead, go to quantumheat.org and find a way to help the MFMP folks develop and distribute public-domain LENR technology. You can make a difference! Don’t wait for the revolution, start it!

  • Chris the 2nd

    I don’t generally talk about it and won’t until it’s a done deal, too many unknowns to pin my colours to any mast. It’s just an interesting possibility.

    My partner is chemistry teacher so she is quite sceptical and her brother is doing a masters in the same so he’s also sceptical when it was mentioned.

    Only other person I’ve mentioned it to is my friend who works at STMicroelectronics, to try and confirm if it was genuine, when that news story broke.

  • Sam Wilson

    About 2 years ago I was at a wedding. The bride was a PhD, was from a family of PhDs and the wedding was filled with PhDs 🙂 At my table were three (you guessed it) PhDs in the energy field working for gas & oil companies.

    Although I have little in the way of a formal education, I love learning. At the time I was following the news about Dr. Rossi and the eCat. Given that my table was full of energy (so to speak), I brought up the topic of Dr. Rossi and cold fusion. Apparently cold fusion has the social side effect of cold shoulder. I would have been better off extolling the virtues of snake oil. Instead of asking for information, or even explaining to me why cold fusion was not possible, they simply told me that it must be a hoax. I offered to give them websites to follow up on this but they weren’t even polite enough to appear interested. I was confounded, not offended. I’m the person who people no longer forward e-mails to because I’m always showing them (with fact-checking) that the e-mails are hoaxes. OK, just 95% of them.

    After following this site since it started, I now know that cold-shoulder is a common side-effect. I wonder if there is any way to harness the drop in social temperature to help heat my house 🙂

    • AstralProjectee

      Seems like something I would have said and done. I suppose if you had some free time with all those PH.Ds, one on one, they would at least open up somewhat. But none of them wanted to open up to the idea of a hoax in front of all their PH.D buddies. LOL So don’t take it too personally.

  • barty

    I tried a few times to start constructive discussions in german forums.
    But I noticed that there is too less fact-information about LENR which convinces people.
    It’s very easy for sceptics to push you into the corner with simple questions you cannot answer without the knowledge of Celani and other scientists with years of experience.
    And when the words “cold fusion” are mentioned by one of the other discussioners, the thread is going to get spammed into the ground with jokes and much laughing.

    No one will take you seriously anymore.

    In addition to that, the german wikipedia article of “LENR” is directly linked to “kalte fusion”, and this article is very sceptical about current experimental results.
    And wikipedia is the first source for quick basic information in germany (and I think in other countries too), so the people directly get a negative oppinion about that topic. 🙁

  • Andre Blum

    I have been able to talk about this with some of my more tech savvy colleagues and close friends. Some of them I have sent some pointers, at their request, to documents, including especially the more serious ones, like articles from Japan confirming transmutations, etc.

    I usually follow Tyler van Houwelingen’s story line: 1) close to 100% sure of LENR being real; 2) somewhat less sure that we can see practical use out of it in the short term; 3) even less sure that Rossi has the goods, but I see enough basis to support him as long as there is no real evidence against him while time progresses.

    I am cautious enough to keep the story lightweight. I find myself adding lines like: “we’ll see in due time”, and: “worst case, in the end I will have had a lot of fun following this soap”. And that is exactly the truth.

    The people I told about LENR have reacted in a positive and open minded way. Some of them have asked for updates. I have never felt I was ridiculed about this.

    Maybe it is due to the fact that over the years I have built a reputation of being more easily on the skeptical side of things that are unexplained (homeopathy, religion, etc), that people accept my fascination with LENR as serious, and not as too gullible. This, then, is the danger of talking about it openly: it could seriously dent my reputation if nothing real comes of it.

  • Eric

    Quiet times…


    Anyone subscribing to NET who can read the whole article?

    • robiD

      Probably the article refers to this paper:
      (hidden content)

      • georgehants

        You are invited to attend:
        Future Energy (Silicon Valley)
        Wednesday, April 24, 2013 from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
        You are receiving this email because you voted in a past Future Energy contest.
        Our mailing address is:
        Ultra Light Startups
        NYU Polytechnic Incubator
        137 Varick St, 2nd floor
        New York, NY 10013

        • Peter Roe

          I just got half a dozen invites at various email adresses – I don’t remember voting that many times!

        • Layman

          Can anyone see anything about LENR in this event?

          • Peter Roe

            Nope. CF is invisible to Stanford.

          • GreenWin

            Stanford and the entire VC community who would be better informed. In real business sims, bots troll the net for new info on stuff just like LENR… There is little pretense to not “know” this is the new energy technology that meets demand without dangerous radiation or pollution.


        • Roger Bird

          I just got this:


          I got the feeling that LENR would not YET be welcome there. Isn’t this the one that George Wiley did not quite make in the contest. I feel that if he did not lose he would have been made to lose because they aren’t quite ready for something so radical.

          • Curbina

            I’m puzzled that there are more than 3 companies presenting at the event, and it was supossed that the top 3 voters were going to get invited. I was under the impression that LENUCO got 4th in the voting, but if there are 6 companies presenting, what happened to LENUCO’s chance???

          • Curbina

            I just checked all the companies presenting and there are 8, not 6, and to my surprise there is one Chilean company of which I had not idea of it’s existence. Unfortunately their website is just a logo. (BTW, I’m Chilean if you did not knew).

          • Curbina

            Googling a bit I found it’s a very ambitious start up to garner the solar energy for the Atacama Desert. It claims they are building a $1 billion solar array. IMHO this is the move of large utilities to “own” the sun. Chile has always been the experimental playground of some powers that are.

          • Roger Bird

            We resemble that remark.

          • Barry

            Hi Curbina, Two made it by internet votes and 6 were staff picks.

          • Curbina

            Thanks Barry!

  • Kim

    I talk with people about it.

    We are “Energy”
    Everything we do and are is dependent on energy
    in any form

    Our Limitations and options are based on energy.

    People can’t make the connection.

    I tell them that we are all living a lie
    and that we have been hypnotized into believing
    we have to work are brains out 7 days a week to
    obtain something that is everywhere and is about to become even more abundant. I Tell them
    that scarcity is a ruse design to keep our options nill and our control in check.

    I Tell them about Andrea Rossi and I get the
    deer in the headlights.

    I really think that people believe that energy
    is the rarest thing this side of the universe

    Its a pity.

    Its almost as if people have not given thier
    own permission to enjoy a life of abundance,
    and like the dance of the controllers.


    • GreenWin

      Yes Kim, people have been led to believe that energy is abundant only in the stars, galaxies, black holes or lightning storms. The fact that all matter is energy and energy fills even the empty vacuum of space – is carefully guarded or dismissed as “crackpot” science.

      All will change soon. The U.S. Navy has been issued a patent for cold fusion (4/16/2013) which appears to open a gateway to much greater awareness. Energy is abundant throughout the universe and CF/LENR proves as much.

      • Kim

        Thanks You

        Kindred, and Enlightened

        I always like to say:

        “Do you really think that ET’s that have
        traveled the reaches of time and space
        have come to earth to get change for
        a twenty”

        The U.S. Navy knows that they can power
        Aircraft Carries with this new fire.


        • GreenWin

          Sail on sailors. 🙂

        • Somewhat ironically, though, if LENR enables aeroplanes to have a global range, it can make aircraft carriers and the rest of the navy obsolete.

          • GreenWin

            Navy carries more than airplanes. They carry guns (biguns) and cruise missiles, and heavy EW, for example.

          • Peter Roe

            Anyone considering challenging their patent might bear this in mind!

          • GreenWin

            Only Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Martin Frobisher, Sir Francis Drake, would dare take on such formidable patent power!

          • GreenWin

            Only Lord Howard of Eff-ingham, or Sir Francis Drake, would dare take on such formidable patent power!

    • Roger Bird

      Kim, perhaps you destroyed your credibility by talking about free energy but failing to heat your own house with it. You could even sell some of that energy back to the local utility in most jurisdictions and make some money off of it. When you heat your own house with it, I will be happy to go to your house, inspect it, and duplicate it and spread the news of free energy. Just like Rossi, when he starts selling E-Cats, people will believe him. People don’t believe him just because he says so.

    • Roy O’Neil

      I send what I consider to be good up-to-date LENR summaries to my sons-in-law but get no feedback. Maybe I should quit.
      OT but on the main topic: As more and more people learn LENR and the ECAT are real, what industries will be the near-term winners and losers? It’s clear the crude oil producers will lose because their oil in the ground will suddenly be worth less. The refiners should gain because they will pay less for their raw material and for the energy used to produce their product ( gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, etc). Wind and solar will be early losers. Without subsidies, they’re already losers. Outside of the ECAT producers, who else will gain short-term? Who will lose?

      • Losers: you listed it already, basically anything who sells energy and their subcontractors and designers. Wind, solar, biomass, nuclear power, coal, gas. Oil stays longer because it is used for transportation, its price will however drop and refineries might even get a temporary boost. Investments can stop overnight, but running of existing infrastructure can continue almost up to its design lifetime. By investments I mean designing and building gas pipelines, offshore farms, arctic oil drilling platforms, new nuclear plants, anything that enables conventional energy production.

        Winners: basically anything in which energy is currently a bottleneck. Aluminium, titanium and silicon production. Swimming halls, spas, water parks, other theme parks. Tourism in general, airline companies, aerospace industry, cruise ships. Greenhouses and vertical farming. Energy-intensive recycling of elements from junkyards. Land area in places like Canada, Siberia and Sahara where with enough energy it is convenient to live for individuals who like open space. Computer industry, entertainment industry.

        • +1

          all energy will suffer, and all consumer benefit.

          Beyond pure pricing, Jed Rothwell see that LENR may free robotic from autonomy/weight problem, and allow researchers to develop robots smart like a chicken (very useful thus, yet not smart).

          as said elsewhere it may change the art of war, like planes did, killing the cruisers replaced by carrier… cannons replaces by missiles…

    • Greg Goble

      Cold Fusion/LENR IS

      Cold Fusion/ LENR is…

      Like an ocean wave that is peaceful and powerful!

      Never suffer fools who try to disrupt Its’ path…

      Unaffected by any such things as that

      It will roll on and on and on…

      Effortlessly and endlessly

      Frothy and foaming

      And bubbling…

      Silent energy

      In Its’


      Cold Fusion Now




      • Omega Z

        Politicians Credo.

        Never let a travesty go to waste.
        As in, Push an Agenda or slip something past the distracted public.

        In this case, we have info that’s going to come out.
        A Bombing in Boston. People distracted.
        Timing is everything. Release Info Now…

        New, Much Higher Radiation Safety Limits


        Have Yet to see this discussed in the MSM.

        The Greatest suppression tool of TPTB-
        Ignore & Do Not Publish Anything about the Topic.
        Unless the Public is Distracted.

        • GreenWin

          The newly issued cold fusion patent to the U.S. Navy indicates specific uses to “remediate nuclear waste…”

          Let’s hope some smart people at the White House are aware there is an entirely new technology that can clean up the enormous mess the nuclear arms race has foisted upon the planet.

          • Peter Roe

            Some form of processing of high level waste may become possible, but the fallout from Fukushima, that massively increasing ‘safe’ radiation limits is intended to downplay, is unfortunately here to stay. Obama’s administration has shown itself utterly unfit to govern, by this cynical and callous move to protect the nuclear industry/energy cartel.

        • georgehants

          Omega Z, agreed but do you not think the responsibility to inform lies first with the so called scientific press.
          If it is not reported by them then it is hard to blame others for not picking it up.

  • GreenWin

    The United States Navy has just been issued a new patent for cold fusion:

    System and method for generating particles
    Document Type and Number: United States Patent 8419919

    A method may include the steps of supplying current to the electrodes of an electrochemical cell according to a first charging profile, wherein the electrochemical cell has an anode, cathode, and electrolytic solution; maintaining a generally constant current between the electrodes; exposing the cell to an external field either during or after the termination of the deposition of deuterium absorbing metal on the cathode; and supplying current to the electrodes according to a second charging profile during the exposure of the cell to the external field. The electrolytic solution may include a metallic salt including palladium, and a supporting electrolyte, each dissolved in heavy water. The cathode may comprise a second metal that does not substantially absorb deuterium, such as gold. The external field may be a magnetic field.

    Boss, Pamela A. (San Diego, CA, US)
    Gordon, Frank E. (San Diego, CA, US)
    Szpak, Stanislaw (Poway, CA, US)
    Forsley, Lawrence Parker Galloway (San Diego, CA, US)
    Application Number: 11/859499
    Publication Date: 04/16/2013
    Filing Date: 09/21/2007


    • GreenWin

      From this Background description it looks as if the Navy and JWK Inc. have some very specific ideas in mind. And since this is an issued US patent confirming CF/LENR, it opens pathways for many new patent applications.


      The embodiment of the invention relate generally to the field of electrochemistry. Generated particles may be captured by other nuclei to create new elements, to remediate nuclear waste, to treat cancerous tumors, or to create strategic materials. Previous efforts to create a reproducible and corresponding system to generate particles during electrolysis of palladium in heavy water have been unsuccessful. Therefore, a need currently exists for a reproducible method and corresponding system that can generate particles.”

      • Peter Roe

        So as far as the USPTO goes, all you gotta do is NOT mention cold fusion or LENR anywhere in the submission — AND/OR, be the US navy!

        • Andre Blum

          and stay away from ‘free energy’ and ‘anomalous excess heat’. instead say that you can generate particles.

          • GreenWin

            It is not just to save face Andre… It is to save a whole lot of a$$es who might otherwise end up where Kenneth Lay (Enron fraud) did.

            Eventually, there will be little doubt this patent relies heavily on the seminal work of F&P.

        • Sanjeev

          If you see the US Patent References and below it, its full of mentions of other cold fusion researchers like Hagelstein, McKubre, Godes and scores more.

          So, its possible to get a patent with cold fusion and lenr in it. In fact I posted a long list of patents on cold fusion (US and EU both) in forums sections, long ago. Just to debunk the theory that US govt is somehow suppressing the CF innovations.

        • Sanjeev

          If you see the US Patent References and below it, its full of mentions of other cold fusion researchers.

          So, its possible to get a patent with cold fusion and lenr in it. In fact I posted a long list of patents on cold fusion (US and EU both) in forums sections, long ago. Just to debunk the theory that US govt is somehow suppressing the CF innovations.

          • GreenWin

            Yes, and ever so amusing this patent makes no mention of the words “cold fusion,” in their Claims; and studiously avoids the prior art of Fleischmann and Pons.

            This is so absurd as to raise eyebrows. Why the avoidance??

      • Peter Roe

        The only party that could provide definitive proof of the current viability of CF power generation is Rossi’s corporate partner. But just supplying the military and converting their own or customers’ powergen systems will keep them fully occupied for a very long time. There simply does not seem to be any commercial incentive for disclosure until they are ready to supply the larger market, unless they plan to license the technology to other manufacturers. At best the subject may get some half hearted coverage in some science rags, and maybe a few TV documentaries.

        If the 3rd party report is ever published, it may make a few tiny ripples in Academia (mostly seeking to discredit it), plus the basis of a couple of articles in the likes of Wired and Oilprice. The overwhelming majority of people, including ‘educated’ ones, will remain utterly unaware of what is happening as they will be unable to process such radical information.

        The fact is that trying to shake the masses out of their ruts is a losing game, and in this case unneccessary – the introduction of cold fusion will take place quietly, with the majority of people failing to understand the true potential, and no-one bothering to explain it to them.

        Edit – In the wrong place, but never mind. The previous three attempts to post this comment went straight to the spam bin for some reason, so I’ll settle for an incorrect position.

        • GreenWin

          Peter, it is a cheap shot to pretend F&P had nothing to do with this. But it appears the only way the PTB can save face and begrudgingly allow CF a foothold in science. The patent does that and more. There is now a solid foundation for the Rossi/Focardi applications. A third party e-cat verification will cement those applications.

          But you may be right about not needing to “shake the masses…” I think we can look at the advent of home computers the same way. The late 70s and early 80s saw the home computer (TRS-80, Apple, IBM) very slowly gain interest.

          Most people at the time said, “What do I need it for?” Business, industry and early adopters drove the market year by year. Like television, home refrigeration, and radio, an early adopter in the neighborhood sparked awareness. Neighbors dropped by to listen, look, or enjoy a glass of homemade iced tea.

          We have today, confirmation that “New Fire” not only works, but is an entirely new form of physics. There is now the next big step – decommissioning the grid. That ought to keep most energy employees busy for 30+ years.

      • georgehants

        Greenwin, Good stuff.
        “Generated particles may be captured by other nuclei to create new elements”
        Transmutation, well done the clever old Alchemists that arrogant modern science tries to make out where daft.

        • GreenWin

          Might even be a day for a glass of the effervescent, George. Transmutation – allowed. Remediation of nuclear materials – allowed. Strategic materials – allowed. Medical treatments – allowed.

          That’s quite an allowance for one day!

          • georgehants

            GreenWin, before my bottle —-
            is this a patent based on a found repeatable effect or could it be just covering a theoretical possibility.

          • GreenWin

            35 U.S.C. 101 Inventions patentable.
            Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title.

            The law is purposefully obscure; however if a patent is not repeatable, how can it be “useful?” The USPTO by issuing this patent, has determined the process to be useful.

        • GreenWin

          George it is significant to U.S.PTO that the following statement is now entered into patent law:

          “Using the Pd/D co-deposition process, radiation emission and tritium production were documented. The results indicated that the reactions were nuclear in origin and that they occurred in the subsurface.”

          Acceptance by USPTO that such reactions are nuclear in origin opens heretofore closed gates.

    • Roger Bird

      The United States Navy? That would be me, wouldn’t it? and 300 million other Americans. Why would the part of the US government get a patent?

      • Kim

        Why would the part of the US government get a patent?

        Why would the “US CORPORATION” Get
        a patent for it Subsidiary “US Corporate Navy?


      • georgehants

        Roger, because the U.S. Navy where ahead and clever enough to buy the Harrier jump jet developed by the Wonderful British scientists when they used to be competent and ahead of the game, also it shows they are still trying to move on while everybody else just plays ring a ring a roses.
        Is Rossi’s defense sale in their somewhere.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      GreenWin……Important, thanks. #1

    • Greg Goble

      This it was filed years ago and has just now been published.

      Why did it take so long? Usually a patent is published one year after the filing date.

      Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, I cannot find where it says this patent has been issued or granted.

      I think I remember these experimental results being presented years ago.

    • Greg Goble

      Check out the company listed as the assignee on the patent…


    • Robert Ellefson

      This appears to be the commercial entity most closely associated with this patent:

      • miau


        Green Nuclear Energy is a new, transformational nuclear technology that solves the three major problems with all fission-based nuclear power plants: safety, nuclear waste and nuclear weapon material proliferation.
        As the demand for CO2 free nuclear energy increases, the environmental, safety and weapons proliferation problems will grow significantly unless a new technology is developed that eliminates these issues.
        Green Nuclear Energy technology developed jointly by GEC and the US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific solves all three issues.
        It is now possible to have safer nuclear power, significantly less nuclear waste and no nuclear weapons proliferation.
        Green Nuclear Technology is based upon Lattice Assisted Nuclear Energy technology that has been developed over 21 years.

        • GreenWin

          Unhappily for those who elect to discard nuclear fission Global Energy goes on to say:

          “By fissioning uranium-238, Genie reactors “clean” nuclear waste by using it as fuel to generate power. Since over 95of fuel rods are uranium-238, a Genie reactor can continuously generate power for over 50 years with the original fuel rods, which may be spent fuel rods.”

          We have yet to see how this fission process uses LANR.

  • Jonas

    I’ve tried engaging my wife in it – with the electric heating bills we’ve got right now, after this ice age of a winter, I can almost sometimes get through to her. 😛 But until we have an actual product in the basement, why should she bother, really? Why should I? Why DO I..?

    My father is somewhat interested, and my father in law too – he’s an electrician – both with villas to heat, but they don’t follow it like I do.

    • Kim

      Clue less about the immediacy and rapidly
      forming consensus of Cold Fusion among
      distinguished Corporations, Scientists, and
      Academics world wide.

      We are on the cusp of a Energy Revolution

      Stand your Ground.


  • Roger Bird

    I generally talk to people about LENR who have broken out of the intellectual box of mainstream thinking in some subject, mostly health. So they are surprisingly open. But since they are not good at math and physics and they know it, their being open does not mean that they believe it. So they listen with enthusiasm, but it doesn’t go any farther than that. My immediate family is the same way, except that they know that I get enthusiastic about things in health that may or may not work or only work a little bit and I will sometimes lose interest because it didn’t help enough or it didn’t help at all. So they are waiting for me to lose interest. Little do they know that the social evidence for LENR is overwhelming and the impact on society is going to be much greater than whether honey is better for one’s health than sugar.

    • Kim

      People are being fed the old oil paradigm in
      the main stream media.

      Clue less about the immediacy and rapidly
      forming consensus of Cold Fusion among
      distinguished Corporations, Scientists, and
      Academics world wide.

      We are on the cusp of a Energy Revolution

      Stand your Ground.


  • Tony

    I think deep down there is a fear of appearing to be “that guy”, the kind that is gullible and buys into conspiracy theories:

    “We never landed on the moon!”
    “Aliens helped build the pyramids!”
    “The gov’t has aliens in Area 51!”
    “9-11 was an inside job!”
    “I’m buying a cold-fusion machine to heat my home!”

    To most people, all 5 of those statements are equal in plausibility.

    • georgehants

      Tony, “implausibility” is as shown by Cold Fusion no bar to reality.
      Anybody who dismisses any of your above list without keeping a very open-mind is no scientist.

    • GreenWin

      Tony, you forget the most important 6th statement:

      “There’s no such thing as conspiracy!”

    • I think that belief or at least some kind of entertainment mixed pseudobelief in the other things you listed is much more common than belief or knowledge of CF.

      • Some statistics to back it up. The “Astronomy and space” section of a popular Finnish science site tiede.fi has many threads since anyone can create new ones. The thread with by far the most traffic is named “Well, did man then ever visit the MOON”. It has 11652 posts and has been accessed 0.6 million times; this in a country and language area which has 5.4 million people. It’s some sort of modern day scholastic which people do mostly for its entertainment value, I would think. The thread is kept alive by a few prolific writers.

  • quotient2

    For years I have been trying to get some of my friends to take a serious interest in LENR. Among them are a senior physics professor at a leading university and a senior scientist at one of the national laboratories that has actually been involved in LENR research.

    They smile and humor me, but tell me that the research to date is not reproducible. End of story.

    My nontechnical friends also smile and humor me, but I think they are more open to learn what develops in the near future. I hope it will be soon.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I get exactly the same reaction from my scientist/engineer friends. It really bugs me when they say it is not reproducible, I send them info, they say, “it is not a reputable source”. I have a lot of fun with my tennis group, they call me “the Cold Fusion nut”.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Is it my imagination or are other LENR experimenters opening up prior to Rossi third party announcement?

  • Sam

    Well, this is the Hausfrau’s take.
    I come to this blog to learn about the one discovery that could really change the world.
    I have tried to introduce the subject with electricians, plumbers, builders, not with PhDs. They are more open to the possibility, they, like me, would like to see a product that could be used, they would be willing to try it. The domestic E-Cat would be perfect, it is Rossi’s original idea, because if he got something like that on the market it would fly. Who wouldn’t have $300 (he said it would be marketed under $100)to try a system that can free your household from electric dependency? Everyone. That is exactly why the system has to be proven ‘safe’ and compliant to governmental regulations beforehand.
    Big companies intend to lay their hands on the e-cat system first. With regulating bodies they must centralize it, profit from its operation, and control the switch before it goes to the final customer. Everything is that way, my entire existence is based on dependency, starting from my individual finances.
    It is our need for ‘service’, I imagine, that will allow us, one day, to see the E-Cat function in our homes, plugged into the existing, perhaps modified, grid. Power is not surrendered freely by anyone who has control over it.
    So all we can hope for is that the Big fellows manage to capture the technology, master it, and become willing to distribute it.
    All I can do is keep chatting, joking about it. Who knows. The curiosity of the competent and the man on the street may perhaps thus be kindled.

    • Karl

      The home solution would be the ultimate killer application – just notice the number of pre orders of the e-cat. No wonder it will be or is difficult for any forerunner – like Rossis home solution. Perhaps the way forward here -I do not like to say the only – is possibly that there will be many suppliers making it virtually impossible for anyone to stop LENR-CF kind of solutions. Alternatively at least one open source.

  • RenzoB

    Sometimes I discuss it with a friend of mine who is an engineer working in the sale dep. for a big firm that produces steel pipes for oil, gas and nuclear applications. They export from Italy to the rest of the world, mainly middle east and China. This year they’re working around a large order for nuclear applications and I expect the e-cat will cause them a great loss.
    My friend is somewhat interested but still skeptical, I promised to send him the report as soon as it gets published.

    Apart from my friend I didn’t discuss with it other people, personally I’m convinced but it takes too long to explain all the story and the countless debates. For someone not familiar with the story it seems too good to be true. I wish for the third party report so I can talk about it without passing for a nut

    • Anthony

      I find that engineers think CF is impossible, Renzo !

      But in our area we have a major wind farm controversy (90% of the population versus the developers with their snouts in the subsidy trough), so I’m sincerely hoping that these test results will be a) extremely positive and b) available soon, so that we can blow the turbine plans out of the water, citing them as obsolete technology.

      • Charles

        Anthony, 54 yars ago, I couldn’t spel enginere then I became one: Electronics, specializing in missile guidance component manufacture, testing and application. Yep, I could pass as a rocket scientist, except I are an engineer instead of a scientist.

        I believe that cold fusion is possible, more precisely I believe LENR is possible and already proven in principle but not mass production. Even my initial hero, Sir Isaac Newton, was deeply interested in transmutation or what was called alchemy. Sir Isaac is now a close second to Nikolai Tesla. Tesla could probably do cold fusion with one hand tied behind his back except his brilliance was in electromagnetism.

        I don’t have anyone that I can really talk to about LENR because I am so old.

  • dave

    Energy technology is booming , ecat will only take a slice of the market.
    Within a decade you will have at least 5-10 new energy solution breakthroughs.


    And yes i discuss all new developments but mostly I get unbelievers responses

    • Roger Bird

      Very, very promising and interesting, and it will change the world significantly. But it is not an energy source, but I bet you already knew that.

  • Peterem

    When I mention it to folks, they generally don’t think they’ll live long enough to see an effect. For a while, I followed hydrogen fuel cells as a possible replacement for the oil economy. The response was the same, “Not in our lifetime.” Sending NASA slide shows of the amazing changes LENR will cause to occur generates no excitement. It’s just too far fetched and too far out on the fringe for people to be interested. A lot of topics that deserve discussion and attention are also treated this way. “Oh, that’s interesting, but it’s time for lunch and a nap.”

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I prefer to take my secret to the grave.

    • Roger Bird

      Iggy, I guarantee that you won’t be going to no stinking grave. “Graves, graves!!! We don’t need no stinking graves.” I know this of my own experience and the experience of thousands of other people and a bunch of Spiritual Masters.

  • SteveW

    Last fall, I was having a natural gas line put-in on my property. The gas company rep mentioned the line may have to be replaced in 40 years. I asked him if he really thought we would still be using natural gas 40 years from now. He then “assured” me that oh yes we will still be using natural gas. I asked him if he ever heard of LENR. He initially told me no but it must have jogged his memory and he then reached into his wallet and pulled out a card with “Andrea Rossi” written on it. I thought it was kinda cool that someone else had told him about LENR and Andrea Rossi to the point that they had written it down for him to research though it didn’t surprise me that he evidently didn’t take it seriously.

  • Roger Bird

    Frank, the title to this very good threat should have read, “With whom do you discuss LENR”. I am surprised that you made such an egregious grammatical error. (:->) I am thinking about reporting you.

    Believe it or not, this topic is not just fun chit chat but relates to our subject, LENR. It is still all about credibility and soft/social evidence and epistemology. How do we know stuff? Most of the time we take people’s word for things. How many people have actually measured the speed of light, several times, in different directions? I sure haven’t. I don’t know anyone who has. I doubt if I know anyone who knows anyone who has.

    I know very few things by my own experience. My dog Tango bolted for a little chocolate one day and the next day she had diarrhea. So, I am pretty sure that I know that. I know that a high carb diet will make my feet swell. I know that fish oil will protect me from depression. But I don’t know of my own experience that Jupiter has more than 12 moons; I know that it has at least 4 moons.

    I think that if and when this report comes out, we will all have better tools and confidence to spread the word.

  • captain

    Interesting comments on Frank’s thread.
    Before summer’s end it’s supposed that a Rossi’s hot plant 1MW working prototype will produce electric energy, say in a SSM.
    Only then the world’s attention will put the eyes on LENR, with that running prototype.
    And Rossi’s big am partner will get a due consideration. Only then.

    Another point: US are not the world, though an important part of it. In EU, a serious credible country, Sweden, is waiting that convincing moment to start replacing its nuclear power plants with LENR e-cats. Yeah, in Sweden, where already is some places… even the human generated heat is duly captured to get precious energy. Just to have an idea.
    And US? Who knows?
    Important is that somewhere a credible buyer starts buying real working plants to generate clean, safe, cheap energy.
    When this, captain? Before year’s end? 🙂

    hoping this comment could see the light without mod.n

  • Ron

    If we could harness 25% of the energy put into posting on the internet, we wouldn’t need LENR. I don’t have the energy to read all of these. I have discussed it with friends but hey, the internet is full of free energy devices.

    • buffalo

      yes @ron.infact therz a whole lot more going on beside lenr on the free energy movement fronts,the yildiz demo in geneva for example is just one such example of an attempted assualt on the 2nd law of thermodynamics witnessed by maybe millions via you tube.

  • pg


    • Peter Roe

      I agree. In fact I would give Admin’s thread starter a +4.

      • artefact

        We should think about that until tomorrow.

    • timycelyn

      OK, you can count. Please give it a rest, In case you have not been following the news on the 3rd party testing, this is the current state of play:

      “April 18th, 2013 at 2:35 AM
      Dear Tony:
      I am very sorry, but I have absolutely no more contacts with the Third Indipendent Party Professors. The only thing I know is that the publication is pending, but I have no information about when and where.
      We all are very anxious to read it.
      Warm Regards,
      A.R. “

      • Peter Roe

        But what will happen when he runs out of fingers…

        • timycelyn


  • georgehants

    Luca Salvarani
    April 17th, 2013 at 6:11 PM
    Dear Andrea
    I don’t understand one important thing: even if you get an as wide as possible IP protection; how could you pragmatically prevent others from coping your technology and commercializing it, expecially in the domestic market? I think it would be actually very difficult indeed your policy of low cost and high volumes (the opposite for istance of pharmaceutical companies one) seems to respond to this problem. Am I wrong?
    Thank you, and again good good work!
    Andrea Rossi
    April 17th, 2013 at 6:19 PM
    Dear Luca Salvarani:
    You are not wrong.
    Warm Regards,

    • Roger Bird

      Cool. Rossi makes sure that he gets rich while serving the public at the same time. I am perfectly happy with people becoming rich. I want Rossi to become rich, and I want him to enjoy the riches of knowing that he has served mankind in a most beneficial way. I would also like to become rich. And eliminating my utility bill would go a long ways to helping me become more rich.

  • buffalo

    lol @peter roe…what would you do if i payed you a coupla million dollars to promote my uranium power plant?

    • Peter Roe

      I accept! Just expect an unusually honest ‘campaign’. I’ll let you know where to send the down payment.