HydroFusion Working on Deploying Showcase E-Cat Plant in Sweden

Andrea Rossi mentioned yesterday on the JONP that Hydro Fusion Ltd., Leonardo Corp.’s licensee for Northern Europe, is “working hard” to install a 1 MW E-Cat plant somewhere in the Stockholm, Sweden area. From the following statement on their web site it appears that Hydro Fusion is looking for a suitable customer:

Hydro Fusion Ltd is currently looking for Pilot Customers for the ECAT 1 MW in Sweden and United Kingdom. The initial application will be heating and the Pilot installations will be used to Showcase the ECAT 1 MW. Should you find your business suitable for such a Pilot Installation please contact Hydro Fusion.

I have thought for a long time that it would be very beneficial for the E-Cat cause that someone would install a showcase plant that could serve as working proof of this technology. If members of the public could visit an E-Cat plant in action, and a willing customer could testify that it works as advertised, there would be little room for doubt that the technology works.

Interestingly, Hydro Fusion still has on its web site the press release of September 9, 2012, stating that it cannot vouch for the operations of the Hot Cat after some testing took place. Rossi at the time said that there was some problem with measurement instruments, but I’m still not sure exactly what that statement was all about. Apparently the dispute was not enough to sever relations between Hydro Fusion and Leonardo.

I know we have a number of Swedish readers here, so I hope that next Winter there will be an E-Cat in action in their country and some of them may be visit and see it working.

  • Patrik

    When was the text on Hydrofusion website written? It is interesting that I cannot find Hydrofusion (or Hydro fusion) in Stockholm. The Swedish phone number on the website is non-existing on the two Swedish sites where I can lookup telephone numbers.

    • Jonas

      They claim it is a British based company, though with Swedish owners, as best I can tell, and so any address is likely to be in Britain. Strange, though, to post a phone number if not working…

      • Jonas

        This is said to be their address in Sweden:

        Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, 8th floor
        SE-111 21 Stockholm Sweden

        Phone +46 (0) 8-50516737

        And this in Britain:

        79 College Road
        Harrow on the Hill
        HA1 1BD

        • Jonas

          There is also this place: http://gymstar.se/nyheter-1/hydro-fusion-2268g/, But I think it’s quite unrelated. 😛

          • Patrik

            Try to search that phone number on for example eniro.se or even try to find the company.

          • Jonas

            Yeah, nothing. Not on hitta.se either, nor on google. Makes it seem not so serious, doesn’t it?

        • Peter Roe

          The UK address is an office building above bus and train stations that provides meeting rooms, serviced offices and ‘virtual offices’ (accommodation addresses). Most of the office space appears to be unlet.


          Company type: Private Limited Company
          Company number: 07661469
          Company status: Active
          Company homepage, website: n/a
          country of origin: United Kingdom
          incorporation date: 2011.06.08
          last member list: 2012.06.08
          has UK establishment: No
          has appointments: Yes
          in liquidation: No

          • Peter Roe

            Collected from various sources:

            Company title: HYDRO FUSION LTD

            79 COLLEGE ROAD
            UNITED KINGDOM
            HA1 1BD
            (245 companies also use this postcode)

            Phone: 0300 060 0292
            Web: http://www.hydrofusion.com
            Company Number: 07661469
            Company Type: Private limited with share capital
            SIC Codes: 7310, Research & Development On Natural Sciences & Engineering
            72190 – Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

            Legal Information

            Company Registration No.: 07661469
            Incorporation Date: 8 Jun 2011
            Financial Year End: 30 Jun
            Capital: £1.00 on 12 Jun 2012
            Annual Accounts: Unknown
            Last Updated: 15 Oct 2012

            Appointed: 08/06/2011
            Date of Birth: 25/09/1971
            Nationality: SWEDISH
            No. of Appointments: 1
            132 COMMERCIAL STREET
            FLAT 55
            E1 6NG
            Country/State of Residence: UK
            OTHER BOARD MEMBERS: None

            Note: 0300 numbers are ‘redirects’ to any national or international number. This one probably connects to Mr Sanstrom directly. Almost certainly the address is a ‘virtual office’.

          • Bob

            I don’t think there would be too many people willing to cough up 1.5 million dollars to a company with those credentials.

          • Peter Roe

            No, but HF is only an agent and presumably will just vet interested parties and effect intoductions to Leonardo. Supposedly any monies paid over remain in escrow until certain performance criteria are met.

            There does seem to be a lack of any substance to this ‘organisation’ and if was looking into E-cat for BP or ICI I’d just bypass them completely, especially if I picked up on the hot cat comment on their site. Rossi needs to get this end of his operations sorted out I think.

          • GreenWin

            Peter, kudos for excellent gumshoe work! I shall enter your name into the Arthur Conan Doyle Excellence in Investigations Roundtable. Do you happen to have a Meerschaum Mahogany or Calabash pipe?

          • GreenWin

            Peter, good finds. I shall enter your name into the Arthur Conan Doyle Excellence in Investigations Roundtable. Do you happen to have a Meerschaum Mahogany or Calabash pipe?

    • The building i see in street view has only 5 floors:


      Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, 8th floor
      SE-111 21 Stockholm Sweden
      Phone +46 (0) 8-50516737

      • Jonas

        Wow, they’ve also mastered some cloaking device, then, completely vanishing three whole floors! This is a strange side-effect of the e-cat, one that would surely put a hindrance on anyone’s ability to then actually see it working! 😛

        Or is this some kind of language barrier thing, where in Sweden what we call the second floor, is what English speakers call the first? Are there three floors of basement to take into account?

      • Veblin

        The building does have eight floors. See answer to later post.

        • Ace

          The 8th floor of Mäster Samuelsgatan 60 is a Regus virtual office, just like the UK address.


          HF is like Leonardo – they have no real offices. Rossi works out of his condo in Miami, and has a small warehouse in Italy. That’s it.

          • I wonder where he constructs the 50+ sub-units required for each 1MW container plant in that case?

          • GreenWin

            The den in the Miami condo??

  • Jonas

    I’d visit in i a heartbeat! It most likely will end up in Stockholm, which is quite a bit from me, but it would still be within the same country.

    I’m afraid, though, that this demo device will be installed for next winter, as Rossi mentions, and that we’d be forced to wait yet another year still before we can have our domestic ones installed… I think they’ll have a hard time making this statement true: “The first generation of ECAT Home products will be available in 2013” (still on their webpage), while FIRST having to wait for the 1MW apparatus to be up and running by winter…

    • Bob

      It would be very difficult to gain much useful information from visiting a 1 Megawatt ecat plant. Most people, includung me, have no practical experience in estimating the output heat energy of that magnitude. It might be 1 Megawatt as is claimed, or it might be half that, or quarter. Any of them would feel like a lot of heat output but is the COP 6 or 3 or 2 or maybe even only 1.
      However, a lot of people, including me, have a fair idea of what smaller outputs of heat, say 14 kilowatts down to 1 kilowatt look and feel like, so just from a casual observation they can get some idea if what they are being told they are seeing is consistent with the experience.
      Personally, I would rather one of the original ecats went on permanent working display.

  • They operate out of the UK, I believe.

  • Jack

    I noticed your chart of the ages of readers. I wonder what the level of education of readers. I have 2 BS degrees, electronics and computer science.

  • Bill

    Maybe they should try Woking Council which already has fuel cells installed in it leisure facilities. Would be a good fit with their “green” aims.

    • Just in case it is discovered that the devices are toxic, they may want to put it in a low population location. A warehouse would be my recommendation.

      As long as they are not expecting a million bucks from the recipient, they shouldn’t have much trouble finding someone willing to take a free heat machine.

      • Bob

        They will certainly be expecting $1.5 million for the priviledge. I have not seen anything which would indicate otherwise.

  • Sean

    Perhaps BAE systems would be interested in ecat’s as they are developing sea born defensive magnetic rail gun / aircraft carriers / replacement nuclear subs. Or other customers like Reaction Engines “Skylon” space vehicle. There’s some real clever future thinking scientists working at these places. I believe the future for ECAT is in transportation as stated by NASA. I also believe that the ECAT will lead to breakthroughs in gravitational projects when more is found out about energy and the atom. Its imperative the ECAT hits the market soon just like Microsoft and the PC did all of us here. More customers for Andrea please. (Home units please. Last winter was long and cold + expensive.)Good that we all postively support ECAT / HOTCAT.

    • Kim

      Yes we certainly need answers to the well
      established excess heat production.

      Once this mechanism is understood, then I
      believe that we will find that the energy
      densities are beyond our wildest dreams.

      Unlimited Energy for all Humanity, and
      usable in almost all applications


      • Sean

        KIM.. Right you are. That is why we need to go into space where we can harvest new elements not found on the earth. Fiction writers were not far out mentioning fictitious dilithium crystals for energy used in gravity and worm hole propulsion. What we have to do is what we do best, exploration and innovation. If Andrea can do it by the simplicity of driving element 1 into element 28, what else is possible? Perhaps we will learn the truth of the actions of other possible elements like 115 and above. It’s the unlimited free energy that makes the universe possible along with the power of rotation.

    • Roger Bird

      I am still in the middle of last Winter, thank you very much. A low of 17, a high of 34, snow everywhere, including falling from the sky. And 38.83 degrees north latitude. Where oh where is that global warming they all promised us? It just ain’t fair.

      • Jonas

        Where in the world are you (can’t bother checking those coordinates…)? We’ve just gotten rid of all the snow in my part of Sweden, and it’s 5-10 degrees C here now. Still struggling with the electric bills from winter, though… 🙁

      • I feel for you. I’m north of 60. We got a 6″ dump yesterday, and even Yukonners are griping. We want to put on our summer tires.

        • Roger Bird

          Bruce, I am very curious why someone with your resources would live in such a God forsaken (figure of speech) as the freezing Yukon?

      • Andre Blum

        No complaints here. You are all cordially invited to come and drink a beer at my place. http://bluebay-curacao.com/

        • Mikey

          I’m in Trinidad, thinking about hitting up curacao for the summer. Your resort looks great, do lots of girls stay there? its kinda a selling point for me between going curacao or laguna mar for the week 😛

        • BTW, Blue Bay is just an unbuilt development in Curacao. There’s nothing but empty lots and maybe some model homes there. Looks like a nice location, though; I was scouting it for a sunmmer home last week.

      • Roger Bird

        Guys, I did fail to mention that I am at 6700 feet above sea level. But I still want my global warming that I was promised!!!

        • psi

          Very cold spring on both coasts of US at sea level….global warming seems to be a myth, let’s hope things don’t cool too much over the next two decades or we are in trouble, even with the e-cat.

  • Roger Bird

    I am impressed with you guys’ investigative vigor. This is not the behavior of kool-aid drinkers.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    It seems strange and conradictory that they would be seeking to install a 1 MW plant somewhere and, at the same time, present a cautionary note or warning that they can’t vouch for the viability of the E-Cat. Announcements are fine, but to my mind, this is the heart of the matter. There’s obviously something rotten in Denmark–or rather in Sweden.

    • SolarSurfer

      Seems even more strange that Rossi isn’t simply providing a demo installation. If this is what it takes to get the business going, then why don’t they just do it rather than waiting for a customer which they probably won’t get anyway because nobody will buy an e-cat without such an installation?

    • Peter Roe

      That was my feeling when the comments first appeared. The only possible reason for publishing the comments seems to be to damage Rossi, and it would have been much more commercially prudent to simply keep quiet. It’s very difficult to see how they could remain agents for the E-Cat under the circumstances.

      This latest development seems a bit desperate and amateurish – an impression that is not helped by inappropriate use of capitalisation on the website. If Rossi wants someone to host a ‘pathfinder’ installation he should offer some very special terms to the first customer only, but it seems more likely that this is just Hydro Fusion’s attempt to generate a first sale.

      • GreenWin

        Agreed Peter. Rossi appears to give an Attaboy to his Swedish sales rep. Little more.

  • John Loraditch

    If proof were needed of Efficacy of the e cat …. What did not be possible to build a hot air balloon using the hot cat And keep it suspended using only a rope tied the ground or building It would only have to stay up for a few days and this would be prove that he is being made. Just a thought. Comments?

  • GreenWin

    It appears that HydroFusion is now and has been since signing on, a regional account representative for e-cat sales in Sweden. There was some kind of “tiff” last summer and one or more of their investors pulled out. With the imminent delivery of a 1MW hot-cat to the commercial customer they seem enthused again, and are actively soliciting sales.

    Far more earth shaking is the report yesterday by climate catastrophizer Lord Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics. Nic has invented the term “carbon bubble” – a euphemism for stranded asset fossil resources. The report, “Unburnable carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets” suggests there are $$6 Trillion in fossil assets that will never be needed or used.


    The kicker is Lord Nic’s attempt to sell this story under cover of governmental climate control. The facts appear much different. The reality is these fossil assets will be left in the ground because a new technology (DER Distributed Energy Resources – coined by Edison Electric Inst) supersedes their value.

    It is clear that G-20 governments have been slow or inactive in agreeing to carbon limits (little wonder!) But here on the eve of LENR disclosure, Nic wants us to believe all these politicians will suddenly agree and kick $$6T in pre-paid assets to the curb. Seriously Nic?? How long do politicians threatening to devalue energy assets actually stay alive… (politically)?

    This is now the second… ahem, Stern warning given the energy and financial industries. Disruptive change is coming. Edison Institute has warned the utilities. Stern and Grantham Research Institute have now issued the warning to finance. Expect to see an exit, ordered or otherwise, from fossil investments – soon. Single resource planning always fails sooner or later.

    The interesting question is where will those investor fund $$trillions go? Certainly not to inefficient alternative energy systems. Perhaps a coherent plan to redeploy personnel and resources to global energy transition (think Energy WPA Programs) would be a place to start.

    • GreenWin

      “Smart investors can see that investing in companies that rely solely or heavily on constantly replenishing reserves of fossil fuels is becoming a very risky decision. The report raises serious questions as to the ability of the financial system to act on industry-wide long term risk…”


  • So at this point the facts about HydroFusion is that Sweden address points to the eight floor of a business building of five floors, and the UK address to a virtual rental office where there is nobody.
    – ouch –

    Phone is not working or not real, does Sweden has yellow pages ?

    • Erik

      Do you really think that it is fake? Of course the building has 8 floors, as evident by this http://www.objektvision.se/Beskriv/128096852 and this http://www.regus.se/locations/office-space/stockholm-central . Not all buildings have the first floor at the entry level. Perhaps they count the basement, is built on a slope with more levels on the other side, or whatever. Shape up, god!

      • Roger Bird

        Erik, were you addressing me?

        • LB


    • Veblin

      A street view of the building shows a basement level half above ground with 5 full floors above that.
      A satellite view of the building shows 2 floors of penthouse offices above that.

      Why would the upper floor of the penthouse offices not be the eighth floor?

      • MikeP

        In Europe, the lowest floor is called the Ground floor and the 1st floor is the one above that. Only in the US is the ground level floor labeled 1st.

        So an address on the 8th floor would require a building with at least 9 floors (not counting the basement)…

        • Ace

          See my comment below. That location is a Regus virtual office, listed at


        • Veblin

          I see a building with eight visible floors. They say their address is the eighth floor.
          You say that to have a eighth floor address the building must have nine floors.

          I give them the benefit of the doubt that they know their correct address. What would be the purpose of lying about something like this?

        • Jonas

          In Sweden too the ground floor is first. Just to clarify. 🙂

          But I, on the other hand, thought the first floor in the US too was really the second… 🙂

          • Patrik

            but…..1 stairs/trappa is the first floor as it is used internationally. So, actually there are two ways of describing the floor in Swedish.

  • Pietro F.


    Andrea Rossi
    April 19th, 2013 at 8:11 AM
    Dear Pietro F:
    Thank you again, we made a first summary check, and you are right, the Engineer who is reviewing our patent application in the European Patent Office is working with a Consulting Firm that works for a competitor of us. Our attorneys are now considering very seriously the implications. Nonetheless, I still trust in the correctness of the European Patent Office.
    Warm Regards, and again Thank you,
    Andrea Rossi

    Andrea Rossi
    April 19th, 2013 at 7:43 AM
    Dear Pietro F.:
    Thank you for this very important information, it is already on the table of our attorney for all the necessary due diligence.
    Warm Regards,

    Pietro F.
    April 19th, 2013 at 3:26 AM
    Dear Mr Rossi:
    on the internet has been put in evidence the fact that the person that is reviewing your patent application in the European Patent Office, Ioanna Cristescu, appears to be working in a German consulting firm that works for ITER:
    Conflict of interests?
    buongiorno sig. Rossi,
    su intenet é stato fatto notare che la persona che si occupa del suo brevetto, tale Ioana Cristescu, sembra lavori anche per un laboratorio tedesco con legami col progetto ITER:
    conflitto di interessi?
    Buon lavoro

    • GreenWin

      Never fails to astonish what lengths these patent gateways go to to dampen or reject competitive technologies. Add this to the well documented case of a U.S. State Department scientist and APS pal Ron Parker leaning on USPTO to kill several Randell Mills’ Blacklight patents.

      Shameful. Yet, all will come out in the wash.

      • GreenWin

        CORRECTION: American Physical Society pal, Robert L. Park.

    • GreenWin

      Never fails to astonish what lengths these patent gateways go to to dampen or reject competitive technologies. Add this to the well documented case of a U.S. State Department scientist and APS pal Robert L. Park leaning on USPTO to reject several of Randell Mills’ Blacklight patents.

      Shameful. Yet, all will come out in the wash.

    • LCD

      I don’t think this is a conflict of interest. I’m not sure but isn’t ITER considered a non-profit org or project.

      You need to consult with people who know what questions to ask. I don’t think there is anything nefarious going on there guys.

      Of course you could make the statement that if Rossi is true then ITER is bye bye and she loses her other job. But she might also gain something if Rossi is true so in the end she can probably just be objective.

      However if it’s bob park then it’s a COI.

      • GreenWin

        Legally and from an ethics point of view, this person should have identified herself as one working under the auspices of a competitor. This is basic legal and moral ethics. ITER being a “non-profit” has nothing to do with it. Any person compensated by a competing interest (in this case the prevailing, staunchly defended hot fusionists) should have come forward with such information.

        The fact this person has not done so, or offered to recuse herself, is disturbing. Again, pointing a rather crooked finger at EPO management that assigned her Examiner.

        We have seen in the last week the USPTO’s long denied acceptance of cold fusion as a legally codified replicable “nuclear” reaction. European Patent Office now is under similar scrutiny. Are they capable of impartiality? Will they adhere to ethical principles?

      • Redford

        Are you kidding?


        ITER is core high energy nuclear lobby flagship. It’s very clear when you’re familiar with the way nuclear plant are handled in France.

        I may not be a direct conflict of interest, and TBH it’s not unexpected, once you have a specialist doing the patent reviews, to have some up to a point. But he’s coming from a professionnal field especially known for corporatism, killing small inovators and used to rule via institutions.

  • Sanjeev

    I guess they won’t need to install it, on 30th a plant will be commissioned in US which will be open to public.
    Is Rossi still on schedule for that ?

    Secondly, I find it strange that they need to do a search for someone to buy a plant, such things should sell like hot cakes, especially in a country as rich and cold as Sweden.

    Thirdly, having transferred all IP and other rights to an US entity, how can agencies like HF decide what to sell and whom to sell ? It all looks a bit chaotic to me with everyone singing their own tune in Rossi orchestra.

    • Peter Roe

      Sanjeev – I’m not sure about the ‘open to the public’ bit. Is this something Rossi has said or just one of those blog-type assumptions?

      Re. HF, I would think that this is just their initiative. If Rossi was behind it then presumably all the agents would be doing the same (or wondering what Hydro Fusion has got on Rossi…).

      I’m not really clear why the 1MW old-style e-cat is being offered at all, unless it now incorporates improvements that will make it more attractive, such as the 2-stage start-up system, or wider safety certification than hot cat. If not then it has long seemed to me that a 1MW, 1m3 hot cat would do the job much better, without the need to find space for a 20 foot ISO container.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, its said to be first “civilian” plant, open, but entry by invitation only. If I remember correctly Frank is also in the list of people to be invited, but I’m not sure.

        This is the link to Rossi’s statement:

        About HF, my wild guess is that they got some air of the third party report and are now changing their tune.

        • Omega Z


          HF’s Disgruntlement was to the data on the Hot Cat. Not the E-cat or low temp unit. They stayed on board for it.

          I believe they took a wait & see on the Hot Cat & there may have been other behind the scenes reasons for that disagreement. Maybe jockeying for a better Financial deal. Considering the financial gains to be had, even a fraction of a percent could be huge.

          Regardless, there’s more to it then we are privy to. The Fact they have been totally silent after the Tiff speaks volumes. And the Fact their still involved says even more.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, its said to be first “civilian” plant, open, but entry by invitation only. If I remember correctly Frank is also in the list of people to be invited, but I’m not sure.

        This is the link to Rossi’s statement:

        About HF, my wild guess is that they got some air of the third party report and are now changing their tune.

        • I hope to get an invitation, Sanjeev. AR has said I would be on his list of guests, but the ultimate decision on who is invited will be up to the customer. Of course I would love to attend, but keeping expectations low.

          • Sanjeev

            I don’t see any reason for the customer to deny, as you are hosting the most important website on e-cat, it will be in his best interest.

            In any case please let us know 🙂

          • Omega Z

            If you have to sign a NDA, Most of us I believe will understand. Most of us probably would if it was the only chance to get in.

            We may not be happy campers, but we’d understand.

      • Sanjeev
      • Sanjeev

        He said the entry is by invitation only.
        My posts are going in mod now.

    • Peter Roe

      BTW, I think that Rossi has only said that the plant will be delivered on the 30th. It could take some time to install the unit in place and connect services, monitoring systems etc. prior to subsystem testing, dry runs and finally commissioning – typically this process can take months rather than days or weeks, for large plant items.

      • kasom

        “typically this process can take months rather than days or weeks, for large plant items”

        1MW is everything but a large plant. Even gas-driven generators are available out of the box like the CAT G3500 SERIES if You want read more here: –> http://www.cat.com/cda/files/555690/7/LEBE0023-01%20med%20spreads.pdf

        • There is quite a bit of difference between installing an ‘out of the box’ design for an established technology and an unproven prototype for an entirely new one. Installation will need to include a pile of controllers, sensors, monitors and safety kit that would not normally be needed, and commissioning will be preceded by all sorts of tests, and quite probably a lot of troubleshooting and adjustment of various parameters. I would be surprised if actual full output testing was possible before June at the earliest.

    • Heating is fine, but it is the prospect of free electricity – after amortizing the cost of the E Cat – that will attract the big customers. This demo strikes me as half-assed and a little pointless.

      • Omega Z


        Rossi has said first adopters will get preferential treatment including upgrades. I’m assuming that would include Electrical generation. That could eliminate being on a long waiting list.

        First adopters pay a higher price. They have to go thru the shake down. Debugging the system.
        So Preferential Treatment is Not a Gift. It’s Compensation for taking the risk & headaches. There’s also the having a competitive edge on your competition.

        I know most of those who post here would say what company wouldn’t jump at the opportunity if it works & some have stated that.

        Well, having been in business I can say it’s not that simple. Even if I saw it working & proven beyond any doubt. The 1st words out of my mouth wouldn’t be how soon can you have it delivered & up & running.

        There would be a lot of number crunching & many things taken into consideration such as disruptions etc. This could take weeks, maybe months depending… And then my answer to Rossi may be can we arrange for the 10th unit produced or whatever. A conditional sales agreement.

        Because- Because I may want to see some track record of others who have used it. Quite Simply, this is a new technology & no matter how many tests Rossi has done, there are still many unknowns. There may be disruptions that my business couldn’t survive.

        It’s easy to set at your computer & think who wouldn’t jump on this.
        It’s quite another story when your behind your desk & employees livelihoods & the survival of your business is at risk.

        Sorry Joe. This was meant as a response about electrical generation. I got carried away. Regard…

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Rossi is Beta testing while protecting his IP, so he will have a sophisticated and developed product to market at a price hard to compete with, at the same time pursuing his patent protection. His strategy is well thought out, it is fascinating to watch.

      • Omega Z

        And to think Bernie,
        Most of this could be avoided if they just let him have his Patent.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    April 19th, 2013 at 12:26 PM
    Dear Bob:
    Thank you for your suggestion. I have not experience and culture in Air & Space, but NASA surely has. I do not know, honestly, if our technology can be useful for them, but I must say that the contacts I had with their Scientists have been interesting. At the moment our priority is production of heat and electric power. It is true, though, that with heat is possible to make many things, but the question is if we can produce heat at the tremendous speed they need.
    It is a very, very difficult problem, but we must never put limits to the Will of God…
    Warm Regards,

    • Roger Bird

      “Will of God” . . . Andrea Rossi, my kind of guy. Of course, he could still be the biggest scammer in the history of the world, but I 99% doubt it.

      • Roger Bird

        Since when am I on moderation, like just today or what.

      • Bob

        Some of the most barbaric practices on the planet are presently being carried out on the basis of carrying out the wishes of their deity. It’s usually a remark made to justify the otherwise unjustifiable.
        Until such time as there is a divine revelation regarding His views on ecats I would not place a lot of significance in that declaration.

    • GreenWin

      Cannot help but see this adventure as a repetition of Bishop Iranaeus circa 170 AD(author Adversus Haereses, Against Heresies) vs. the Gnostics. Iranaeus threw out 30 or so gospels selecting only those that upheld his view of the laws of the Creator God of wrath for his New Testament.

      Upon discovery of the original Gnostic Gospels at Nag Hamadi (1940s Egypt)revealing a benevolent Creator, it confirmed that Iranaeus had destroyed Gnostic writings and banned mention of them thereafter – labeling them Heresies.

      As Yogi Berra might say, “It could be Nag Hamadi all over again.”

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, gospel of Thomas, confirmed genuine.
        Gospel of Judas, confirmed genuine.
        Hidden away by the church as not conforming to their preferred Dogma.
        Just like science today on many subjects.

        • GreenWin

          I think the genuine confirmed status applies to the entire Nag Hamadi find, George. And yes, hidden away or destroyed lest the general population read and learn and make up their own minds.

  • GreenWin

    Somewhat surprising HydroFusion is still in the game as they were awful upset and hissy about certain test results 8 months ago.
    It appears HydroFusion is now and has been since signing on, a regional account representative for e-cat sales in Sweden. There was some kind of “tiff” last summer and one of their investors pulled out.

    With the imminent delivery of a 1MW e-cat to the commercial customer they seem enthused again, and are actively soliciting “showcase” sales in Sweden. If it’s a “virtual office” it is assuredly on the 8th floor… of a 5 story walkup 🙂

    • Björn

      Magnus Holm of HydroFusion talked about the Ecat and cold fusion in the SVT TV-program in a very enthusiastic way. That was recorded shortly after the incident.
      It’s strange that the press-release is still on their website. Surely, tests must have been made after that?
      Perhaps the incident damaged Hydrofusions credibility and the pressrelease was a way to gain credibility. They can say to potential customers:
      -Yes, we are honest, we publish negative results but we also have positive results from other tests.

      • GreenWin

        Thank you for the reminder Bjorn, I had forgotten that SVT interview.

  • Sanjeev

    Just got this in mail:

    Perhaps no one told him that the navy has a patent on CF related stuff now. If NASA scientists have caught cold fusion madness, he may like to know that the navy has also gone half mad.

    He most likely does not know that the guys at Toyota, Mitsubishi or stmicro have also lost their marbles.

  • pg


  • georgehants

    Rudy Meiner
    April 19th, 2013 at 5:01 PM
    Dear Andrea Rossi.
    Today I visited ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands. I talked to the head of the Power Management and Distribution Division. They would be willing to test the small or big ECAT (if desired under NDA) for their own purposes: satellites or lunar or Mars bases.
    They have high security and excellent lab facilities and, of course, would add the highest level of trust for the outside world.
    Regards, Rudy Meiner
    Andrea Rossi
    April 20th, 2013 at 12:30 AM
    Dear Rudy Meiner:
    As you know, we now have other priorities: heat and electric power production. A work like that implies our full involvement and a strict and not easy control on the IP. NDAs give the same protection of an umbrella under the Niagara Falls. When we will start to think to that kind of application, we will be open to elaborate an Agreement with ESA-ESTEC. Please forward my thanks to the Head of the Power Management & Distribution Division, we are really honoured of their interest, but we are not mature for this.
    Warm Regards,

    • Betuswonkel

      Nice try from mr. Meiner. However, i think it would be better to suggest a Celani replication next time. He is more open about his work and has greater respect for the scientific method. Might not be the big numbers Rossi is claiming but enough for a proof of principle.

      • georgehants

        It is good to see scientists talking about such a heresy as actually testing or even researching something, instead of just saying the “expert opinions” of our “qualified” scientists prove that it cannot work.
        Will wonders never cease.

    • Andrew Ma

      Perhaps AR is speaking from his experience selling the first E-Cat to the military.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      Once more, Rossi dodges.

    • Redford

      I find it funny how no one take the “lunar & mars” base hint, like obviously if you make somehting working for earth there’s no extra work (or very easy one) to make it work ON ANOTHER PLANET.

      Obviously there is so much work that you can’t do anything else. Also, I assume Rossi would rather involves someone who’s NOT doing research.

  • In a way connected to this, please join and send my

    To the Professors!
    Thank you,

    • Otto1923

      What makes you think they need to or want to talk to Rossi while they’re finishing their report? What’s he going to say to them… ‘Are you done yet? Are you done yet?’

      Why dont you try relaxing? Maybe that will help. Or you could hold your breath.

  • Björn

    Andrea Rossi
    April 21st, 2013 at 3:30 AM

    ” Our company ( Leonardo Corp) is a USA company, our Partner is a USA Company, our business is mainly developed in the USA and in Europe our strategy in the short term is a development mainly in Sweden, where we are putting strong bases. ”
    Hydro Fusion must be involved in this, I suppose.

  • V.p.S.

    The E-Cat joint crowdfunding project of the Swiss and German E-Cat licensees looks quite promising. They could already gather pledges for over 210,000 Euros (the goal is 600,000 Euros):
    Everybody investing more than 400 Euro becomes a co-owner of the E-Cat installation which will be done in Switzerland. The site will be made available to the owners and the profits from the E-Cat operation will be distributed to them.

    Anybody from the Germany/Austria/Switzerland or may be even neighboring countries here on the forum wishing to join this crowdfunding campaign?

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