USPTO Grants Patent for System for 'Generating Particles'

A patent was granted by the United States Patent Office on April 16, 2013 for a ‘System and Method for Generating Particles.’ The the inventors are listed as Pamela Mosier-Boss, Frank Gordon, Stan Szpak and Larry Forsley, and the Assignees are JWK International Corporation (Annandale, VA) and The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC).

The patent was applied for in 2007 when Frank Gordon was head of the US Navy’s Research and Applied Science Department at SPAWAR Systems Center, and presumably the other inventors were working there at the time.

The patent does not mention anything about cold fusion, low energy nuclear reactions, or even anomalous heat effects. I find the text of the patent to be very dense and technical and not easy for a non-expert for myself to follow. It does mention that some of the materials used in the method can be palladium, nickel, gold, silver and platinum.

As far as the application and significance of this invention, the patent states:


The embodiments of the invention relate generally to the field of electrochemistry.

Generated particles may be captured by other nuclei to create new elements, to remediate nuclear waste, to treat cancerous tumors, or to create strategic materials. Previous efforts to create a reproducible method and corresponding system to generate particles during electrolysis of palladium in heavy water have been unsuccessful.

Therefore, a need currently exists for a reproducible method and corresponding system that can generate particles. (Emphasis added)

The application does not shy away then from the fact that this system and method may be used in transmutation, and the examiners apparently were not troubled by this.

  • LCD

    Okay so I did a little digging regarding PdF4 according to Passerini’s hint. This patent uses PdCl4 and Passerini suggests PdF4 is the key. Found something that maybe is interesting. Here is DGT’s paper.

    Read section B.

    They claim that Nickel in it’s native crystal form (an FCC crystal) is not conducive to LENR so they “opened it up” and made it a rutile structure. However elemental metals cannot (AFAIK) form rutile structures by themselves. This paper says nothing about other atoms (if there are any)in the crystal.

    So if DGT actually made pure rutile Ni then they should patent the method just to form a purely rutile Ni structure, cause it would be newsworthy. Maybe more likely they have other atoms in there.

    Well NiF2 is a rutile structure

    so is PdF2

    and I’m not sure about PdF4 but it looks close to rutile.

    So maybe DGT is in on it as well and it’s not really pure Ni powder but NiF2 being used by Rossi and DGT.

    Just a thought.

    • Peter Roe

      Good find, LCD, and a very interesting speculation – this could well be what Passerini is referring to. He may not find his sources quite so open towards him in future.

    • Peter Roe

      Interestingly, DGT seem to also be using hydrides (or something similar) as the source of hydrogen (ions):

      “B2 Engineering. Use of new techniques to produce H from solid state materials.”

  • pg


    • Peter Roe


      I believe that this commenter is breaching your posting rules and request that any further posts along the same lines be moderated as they contravene your posting guidelines. The specific ‘rule’ I would cite is:

      “I take into account the content, context, tone of comments before I make a decision about moderation. I also will look at whether a poster is repeatedly posting essentially the same thing.”

      I would suggest that these comments are content-free and therefore of no value to this discussion. Also that very clearly, the ‘poster is repeatedly posting essentially the same thing.’

      • R101

        +1 🙂
        Though, like PG and everyone else on, I’m hanging for the report to be published too.

      • Roger Bird

        I thought that +1 etc was him complimenting the comments of the commenter he was replying to. Just goes to show how naive I am.

        • Peter Roe

          +8 seems a little over-enthusiastic. But perhaps he’ll award a +9 next time – you never know.

      • Grumpkin

        Well I take issue with the poster also.

        The real number is higher. The indipindint report was originally supposed to come out in Sept 2012 so the number should be about


        or so

        I don’t like these numbers either though. They make me rethink my believe in Rossi. Not enough to give up hope though. Once we hit + 400 then ill start to really think about doubting him.


        • GreenWin


          a true independent report runs on it’s own timetable and may or may not estimate accurately when said report is published. Unhappily for the tro11, it is clearly NOT within the control or demands of the inventor – AR.

          The shipment of a complete 1MW unit at month end is a far better gauge of Rossi’s predicative abilities. That remains scheduled for April 30, AFAIK.

  • elasticbucket

    Seems all’s good as long as LENR is left alone. But I wonder, I wodner how long it would take the patentee’s to challenge LENR’s credibility to its [LENR”s] sole application of energy production and transmutability of certain elements?

  • Peter Roe

    GreenWin did post some details of this patent a few threads back ( and there was some discussion then.

    One interesting aspect is the identity of the assignee. Most of the authors listed have their own company, GEC ( which offers a form of LENR technology (microwave-driven neutron source) but this new patent appears to have been assigned to ‘JWK International Corporation’.

    I have read parts of their flashy but uninformative website ( several times and am still not clear what they do or offer. They seem to act as some kind of general purpose ‘defense contractor’, but the whole site seems to be designed to say almost nothing of any substance except that they can provide first-line disaster relief.

    The following is lifted from a business directory: “Provides instructional systems development, scientific research support and analysis, nutritional guidance, survey design and execution and training program development and support. Also offers computer-based instructional development in health, environment and personnel development. Industries served: Federal, state and local governments as prime or subcontractor; foreign governments.”

    I’m still not much wiser about what they offer, or why a cold fusion patent would be assigned to them. Anyone?

  • georgehants

    Is it possible that any of these awarded patents could cover Mr. Rossi’s method, that would bring the E-Cat’s under it’s jurisdiction.

  • miau

    JWK International = Global Energy Corporation

    Same people, same address. Including L. Forsley as VP and senior scientist.

    GeNiE Reactor technology is based on 20 years of experimental research by Global Energy Corporation, JWK International, and SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego scientists and engineers. The results have been published in over 20 peer-reviewed technical journal articles. Our most recent publications document the ability to efficiently produce high-energy neutrons that are capable of fissioning uranium. We have answered the critical scientific questions:

    Our experiments are repeatable.
    Our experiments have been replicated by others.
    Our experiments provide direct evidence that nuclear reactions are involved including the production of high-energy neutrons. Although our experimental results are not predicted by current nuclear physics theories, the results are real.

    The GeNiE Reactor takes advantage of the efficiently produced high-energy neutrons in a proprietary hybrid fusion, fast-fission reactor design to produce power from un-enriched uranium

    As the demand for CO2 free nuclear energy increases, the environmental, safety and weapons proliferation problems will grow significantly unless a new technology is developed that eliminates these issues.
    Green Nuclear Energy technology developed jointly by GEC and the US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific solves all three issues.
    It is now possible to have safer nuclear power, significantly less nuclear waste and no nuclear weapons proliferation.
    Green Nuclear Technology is based upon Lattice Assisted Nuclear Energy technology that has been developed over 21 years.

    p.s. list of contracts between various gov agencies (mostly DoD) and JWK international

    • Peter Roe

      Thanks – interesting link. JWS seem to have their snout very firmly in the govt. defense trough, with some sort of ongoing contract for unspecified services.

  • Gordon Docherty

    It seems to me from the text that the main concern when this patent was filed was for a way to “mop up” large amounts of very small entities, including carcinogens and radioactive particles – probably as the basis for treating exposure to radioactive materials such as fall out. This was probably the main focus of the US Government. Having said that, it is clear that the general nature of this patent and its focus on production means that it will likely impact on any “machine” that uses nickel / palladium powders. A similar example is the Kanigen® process, a process that also, as it happens, involves nickel, only in this case it refers to an electroless nickel plating process. Still, it does have somewhat the feel of patenting the boiling of an egg and, like all patents, if it can be shown that the same process was being used elsewhere prior to the filing of the patent, it becomes null and void (for example, if what they are patenting is covered in a paper or video in the 1990s, this would likely invalidate the patent). At the end of the day, it is up to the patent owner to sue for breach of patent, an expensive process and one best avoided – especially if a more equitable solution can be found – the best example I can think of being the “cat’s eye” reflective safety device used on roads, where the inventor (Percy Shaw) charged something like a “reasonable” penny an eye, yet still lived comfortably off its earnings well into his eighties.

  • Roger Bird

    It is very possible that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, especially when one hand is short-stroking the dominant paradigm and a second hand is picking the nose of Big Business and the third hand is . . . .

  • I take note of a new player (for me) and it has a much better background that any other, check the publication list on global energy corporation and you will know this is a practical LENR development.

    I remeber read that the SPAWAR team was taken down but a commercial startup was made, now i see they are working hard.

    I would keep cheking for his news since the have a low profile and no BIG WORDS on the air like the other ones (Brillouin, Blackligth, DGT and Leonardo).

    • Omega Z

      Global Energy(Genie reactor) & JWK are one & the Same in reality.
      All the same people in both companies, Same address…

  • vbasic

    By careful wording of their LENR patent, they got what others were denied. To me, this is similar or identical to those many people who came through NRL and demonstrating their LENR processes. George Miley. Mark LeClair, Randall Mills, and of course Andrea Rossi all demonstrated their work to the Navy. All have LENR companies and might be upset this has happened. Can someone ask Eng. Rossi about this situation?
    This might be a good day for the future of LENR, but a bad one for those who put their lives into it.

    • frank sedei

      No surprise! Let the battles begin.

    • Peter Roe

      By careful wording – and by being a defense contractor and the US Navy. I’m pretty sure its not a good development for LENR – neither JWK/GEC nor the Navy will be even slightly interested in civil applications of the technology, and if they have key patents they could actually prevent its spread and development.

      • GreenWin

        We still need to understand WHY this particular patent is assigned to JWK Inc.. It’s research and inventors were all paid for by the American taxpayer.

        • Peter Roe

          Indeed – the JWK website purports to be ‘civil’ but it says almost nothing of substance and does not even have contact details. As reported elsewhere in this thread, it appears to receive steady funding in the millions (multiple payments per year of unvarying sums of $49.77M) from US DoD, for unspecified services, on a ‘time and materials’ basis.

          Whatever this organisation is, it is not a commercial enterprise as normally understood. Presumably it is simply a front for moving DoD funding into CF research. The commercial side of the operation is ‘GEC’, which appears to be concerned exclusively with the nuclear industry. All very mysterious.

          • vbasic

            Something big is going on. At the same time this is happening, the Navy had a ‘cold fusion; colloquim , only it was private (secret?) and when New Energy Times tried to report it, they got ‘slapped’.

  • georgehants

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  • georgehants

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  • GreenWin

    IMO the importance of this patent is the acknowledgment of the process being “nuclear.” They do not mention the most terrifying word, fusion, but this appears to be USPTO acceptance that cold fusion (prior art citations) produces particles through some kind of nuclear process. This opens gateways to other patent apps producing similar artifacts and particles explicable only by a “nuclear” reaction.

    I expect to see more applications cite this patent as acceptance by USPTO of certain energies and products from low temperature reactions as being nuclear in origin.

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