April 30th E-Cat Delivery Day Thread

Today has been identified as the day that E-Cats are supposed to be delivered to Andrea Rossi’s US partner. I thought I’d put up a new thread to discuss any news relating to the event.

There’s not much to say about the delivery at this point since very little has been revealed. Rossi says that the shipping time of the 3 different plants from Italy to the US destination is about 20 days — which seems quite a long time to me, unless the shipment is going to the west coast of the US and therefore has gone through the Panama Canal.

Rossi has said there will be pictures released, but whether that will be today or later remains to be seen. Anyway, if you’re driving around the US today and you see a big blue container on the back of a truck — be sure to follow it and tell us where it ends up!

  • Looking forward to seeing those photos!

    • KD

      Photos have sens only, if you are sure it is real.:)

  • RenzoB

    The customer will probably remain a secret for some time but I hope we’ll find some clues in the photos

  • lenrdawn

    I understood Rossi’s remark to mean that he is shipping the stuff today from Italy and the arrival will be in 20 days or so.

    • Neri B.

      Unfortunately you are right…another long waiting
      If you consider delays, installation, set up, operating stability i think we will not have “real” data until July
      really consuming

  • Bob

    Did I read something wrong? I thought they were being loaded at Ferrara in Italy and were for shipment to America, which was going to take 20 days, provided the boat doesn’t sink or they go astray in transit or get caught up in customs.
    I must say that I find it really strange that they would risk shipping the entire suite of leading edge technology, ecat, gascat and hotcat in one shipment.
    I also think it’s a bit strange that for the last month or two, the sale was referred to as being to “our customer” whereas it turns out that it is really more of a transfer of equipment between partners.
    That hardly qualifies as being a sale to our “customer”, unless the new partner is only a partner in the loosest of terms. But in that case they would hardly be given access to all the technology and Rossi has specifically stated that they have been given access to everything.
    Why didn’t the new partner, who we are told has access to all the current designs and technology, simply direct a small part of their immense resources and supposed facilities to make up a set of reactors themselves?
    As usual with everything Rossi, none of this sounds at all logical.
    From long hard experience I have found when nothing makes sense it is usually because you have been given a lot of nonsense to begin with.
    Like everything else beforehand, I really don’t think this is going to go the way we have been lead to believe.
    Or is that just me being negative again?

    • Barry

      Yeah Bob, sounds kind of negative. How about we watch and see what unfolds.

    • Hampus

      There are several plants being delivered.

    • You only forget to mention the bermuda triangle or somalian pirates issues.

      • Blanco69

        What a great plot twist that would be! All three Ecat incarnations get blagged by Somali pirates who, not realising that they’re now in possession of the keys to the world, then use them as an outdoor toilet, a cigar lighter and a baseball bat for some freindly excercise between pirate raids.
        Hope the ship’s master knows his port from his starboard.

      • “…forget to mention the bermuda triangle or somalian pirates”
        I would be afraid that an ‘Oil Tanker’ would ram the little Rossi boat and sink it to the bottom of the sea. jdh

    • Redford

      “I must say that I find it really strange that they would risk shipping the entire suite of leading edge technology, ecat, gascat and hotcat in one shipment.”
      Loosing shipment is not something very likely to happen, you realise that ? It’s not 18th century anymore…

      “I also think it’s a bit strange that for the last month or two, the sale was referred to as being to “our customer” whereas it turns out that it is really more of a transfer of equipment between partners.”
      A partner has to be a customer or a saler at a point. No matter the relation, even with one owning the other, transferring goods imply sales – would it only be for accounting & tax reason. Now maybe the profit is null, or maybe it’s huge, or maybe it’s the usual regular cut for such sales, but that’s another story.

      “Why didn’t the new partner, who we are told has access to all the current designs and technology, simply direct a small part of their immense resources and supposed facilities to make up a set of reactors themselves?”
      It’s the opposite. Those have been build for research. One is bought because it has lost research relevance and is now best use to be put to work, the two others are bought for research.

      “As usual with everything Rossi, none of this sounds at all logical.”
      Actually to me it does, as long as you take into balance usual errors in forecast (common in every companies, even big ones), randomness, lost stuff in translation, people assuming stuff all the time and gathering all the facts. I do agree some stuff doesn’t look good, especially the fact that the delivered 1MW plan is actually the one that was supposed to be sold to the “military customer”. This smells fishy because no matter the explanation, some stuff has been shown as “tested by the customer” and ultimately it wasn’t that. OTOH some stuff does look good, like the september report. So as usual, waiting for more. Let’s not loose perspective here : what’s new and matters is that the custome is supposed to go public pretty soon. Even if no public visites are allowed, it will be a step to have a “name” saying “yup, bought this, works fine”. If that happens…

      • Chris I

        Accidents with freight container ships are happenning all the time, actually. Several can be seen on YT.

  • Stuey81

    Rossi specifically said, he had contractual obligations to the customer, and the plant had to be installed by april 30th! Now hes changing his story to, im shipping from italy april 30th from italy to our “partner” in the US. What gives???

    • Hi Stuey — I don’t believe AR has said the plant would be installed by April 30: He said this earlier in the month:

      Andrea Rossi
      April 12th, 2013 at 10:45 AM
      Dear Brian:
      I hope too that this finds you well.
      Yes, it will be delivered on the 30st of April. We will respect the scheduled term of delivery.
      Warm Regards,

      I don’t know whether delivery on the 30st (sic) means leaving Italy today, or arriving in the US.

      • Peter Roe

        ‘Delivery’ means arrival at the customer’s premises surely, not despatch. If not I think that it may be one bit of faulty English too many.

        Something to remember though – delivery could take place any time until early evening US East coast time, i.e., after midnight in Europe (assuming he doesn’t mean despatch).

        • Hi Peter,

          From what Rossi just said, I think delivery to him means dispatch. He’s in Italy right now saying goodbye to his plants, will probably meet them in the US on the other end.

          • Peter Roe

            Mmmm – so it would seem. Back to waiting mode then, except maybe for some pictures of freight in transit.

          • Stuey81

            Rossi, please no more announcments untill you have somthing to show us, and try running your posta thru google translate before you post, this will avoid confusion with things you say like, delivery meaning dispatch, here is my question to you, and let me make this very clear . When will there be an ecat in america or other wise that we the general public can inspect? Why wouldnt you contact the people and check on the progress of the much anticipated third party report????? This makes no sence. I cant wait to see the next ridiculous reason you give for a delay. Also how do you explain all the times you have been caught out lying???? I dont subscribe for a nano second that your bs is corprate stratergy to throw off the competition. Im calling you out rossi! Show us somthing, heck anything, this ride has gone on long enough. The only reason i care so much is because if what you have turns out to be real, it will be the most important discovery of all time. But you have painted yourself into a corner this time mate.

          • Roger Bird

            Oh Stuey81, how could you be so bold and tough and mean Rossi is trembling in his Italian made boots, I’m sure.

            Don’t you get it? Nothing that you say will change anything.

          • stuey81

            why do we come and post here then?
            surley he reads some of this, and mabey he will get the msg that we the general public are losing faith in anything he says and give us somthing instead of dates that come and go with no proof of any claims

        • Omega Z


          Worked in a manufacturing plant. Deadlines usually meant Ship by date.

          The Customer usually controlled the Delivery time Thru/according to who they selected for means of transportation.

          No Doubt they have a deliver window as it would be up to them to make sure personnel is present when the product arrives & Maintaining lines of contact in case of delays.

        • elasticbucket

          two bits, Delivery is generally interpreted as passing possession to (as in pitched a ball to), delivered is good in hand (the batter never hit the delivered ball) whatever way a forthright AR comment would be welcomed. 🙂

  • robyn wyrick

    Today is April 30 and admittedly (and not for the first time) I wait with baited breath.

    Today Rossi says he is delivering three plants – no photos as yet. Big news, but not much story.

    Yesterday we learn that MFMP demonstrated positive “Anomalous Heat” results. Which is awesome and brilliant, but the very small heat difference of the careful test feels lackluster – it is not so much “adventure science” as methodical science (you know, real science).

    Last week we get New Energy Times reporting about Graham Hubler “no longer believes that cold fusion is real”. (Backing NET’s general thesis that LENR is not CF.)

    All in all, a week of movements without development; shifting pieces without a crowning move.

    Interestingly, I find myself in the same spot with several major fields I track: materials science had several explosive announcements over the past year, same with 3d printers, solar energy research, bio-engineering, etc. Now those people are hard at work fleshing out all the promises they made, and that work is slow.

    So it’s April 30th… come on 3rd Party Report!

    • Adam Lepczak

      I agree with your comments Robyn. The only component missing in the 3d printer revolution is cheap energy.

    • Peter Roe

      “All in all, a week of movements without development; shifting pieces without a crowning move.”

      +1 – exactly how I feel. Setting the scene for the next act? – or just rearranging the deckchairs on Titanic? …

  • daniel maris

    As with so much concerning Rossi there was ambiguity in the Q and A. Someone was asking how long the shipment to the USA took and Rossi answered 20 days.

    Whether that means the clock starts on 30th April or started on 10th April I have no idea and neither does anyone else it would seem. But he certainly has promised photos – “many”.

  • I’m confused because Rossi said in the past few month he will deliver to a customer.
    Just a few days ago he changed to us-partner, which isn’t a real customer.

    Or will he deliver to his us-partner, and the us-partner then will deliver to the customer?

    Maybe I missunderstood something…

    • Chris the 2nd

      Unless the US Partner has actually outright bought Leonardo Corp such that it owns all IPs and resources, the US Partner will still have to buy them off of Rossi, and therefore will be his customer. Even then internal business contructs can be awkward.

      In short, you can be owned by a parent company but still be a seperate entity for legal and financial purposes.

    • KD

      Maybe his Partner i also a customer?.

      • Redford

        Actually that’s what partnership generally imply at a point. No matter what goods you make go from one company to the other, and even when one owns the other, sales has to happen would it only be for tax reasons.

  • Grumpkin


    What a load of tripe!

    Well derp the last 213 deadlines weren’t met but in 20 days maybe deadline # 214 will?

    I putting all my money in hot fusion. Its the real messiah.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Your money plus $22.4 Billion dollars.

    • Foolish Grumpkin – “I putting all my money in hot fusion. Its the real messiah.”
      Sixty years and billions of dollars – NO RESULTS! Put your money on Rossi and his E-Cats, he will be producing heat and electricity SOON. jdh

    • GreenWin

      Grumpkinder knows best.

  • Just heard from Andrea Rossi who said he is delivering the plants today from Italy.

    • Torbjörn

      I hope that he dosen’t forget to take some pictures.

      • I didn’t ask that, but I expect he did.

        • Chris the 2nd

          Yes I expect he forgot as well 😉

  • Slabadang

    Wasn`t the third party test/evaluation to be published as well?

    • Hampus

      Rossi have no idea when it will be published. He said it was finished in the end of mars but needed some time for writing and publishing it in a journal. This can take all from one months to (I really hope not) half a year.

    • KD

      No. Rossi was saying that the “third party test/evaluation to be published” not earlier than April 15.
      But he also said, that he don’t know how long it will take to publish.
      So it might take many months.
      The professors had no access to the inside of the E-Cat, so they could see only, the heat the device is making, but they don’t really know, what is going on inside.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Rossi said that the professors said that the report should be published by the half of April.

        Namath said, “I guarantee we will win the SuperBowl.”
        Edison said. “Mary had a little lamb.”
        Mae West said, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
        Leo Durocher said, “Nice guys finish last.”
        Muhammad Ali said, “It Ain’t Bragging If It’s True”
        Francis Crick said, “I perceived the double-helix shape while I was on LSD.”

        • GreenWin

          Johnny Huizenga said, “It’ll take three miracles.”

      • Patrik

        From my university time I found that professors are not the best laboratory people….maybe analyzing the results but not making the experiments…so who made the real lab work?

    • Silvio Balatelli

      no sign of life for any of these “professors”. This is once again highly suspicious
      It seems nobody has a clue who was involved, even LENR insiders like Peter Gluck was not able to identify a single lead. It looks to me this is only a fairy tale.

      • Redford

        Actually Frank here has reported he had sign of them – while he couldn’t get into details he told he had good reasons to think this is genuine.

        Anyway sceptical people, let us reming you that september report had to external names to run your check on. Fact is no one found anything to invalidate those professionnals so far so why not act that there already is a form a third party validation. Not saying this is enough but pretending there is nothing certainly isn’t dealing objectively with the known facts.

        • Patrik

          Have you a link to the September report?

        • Silvio Balatelli

          The Sept report was too much influenced by Rossi associates, therefore it was discredited from the beginning. That´s why we eagerly wait for a new, truly independent report which was promised for a long time.
          Please give a source that “Frank has sign” of the professors, other than Rossi told him.

    • guga

      And Rossi says he has no contact to the testers and he doesn´t want to contact them to ask about progress with the publication. Which seems strange to me, considering the importance of this publication for all involved parties. This seems as if he was a teenager who does not want to call the girl he met too early to not look desperate.

      • Omega Z

        If Rossi maintained Contact with these Professors it could be construed as not being totally independent.

        Then the Report could be called invalid.

  • Slabadang

    Well the customer can be the partner, and also the customer can have become partner, and a third option is that customer owns a part of the teknologie.
    This interpretation of words is not getting us anywhere. What we still lack is proof!!

  • Silvio Balatelli

    another vote would be good, who still believes in this saga.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Everyone here is a believer except for a few muggers lurking in the shadows.

      • Silvio Balatelli

        Really? while studying many of the the recent comments I do not have the impression at all that “everyone here is a believer”. It sounds more like frustrated ex believers.

  • KD

    >>>>>>Pachu on April 30, 2013 at 1:43 pm
    You only forget to mention the bermuda triangle or somalian pirates issues.<<<<<<<

    About ten year ago, we were wainting for delivery of big crank shaft, to install in our mashine.
    It was shipped according to schedule from England. But in port Newark, NJ, after they exrayed the crate, the shape of the crank shaft looked suspicious. So the crate was send to special warehouse in Phyladelphia, Pensylwenia for inspection.
    There they had so much work that it was waiting for two or three months to be opened and inspected.
    And we could not continue with our production.

  • Kim

    The E-cat will be floating across the atlantic
    for the next 20 days.

    It will take another week to clear customs.

    It will take another month to set up and bring
    to function.

    It will take another month for information to
    start flowing from all the excitement of cheap

    Lets see I’ll add this up…

    90 days!

    Hang in there. Be Patient.


    • From today’s American Reporter news ticker, linked to E-Catworld: The first 3 $1.5-million, 1-million-watt “cold fusion” devices, known as E-Cats, will be shipped today from their Italian factory by Miami-based Leonardo Corp., inventor Andrea Rossi said. They are the first commercial devices in human history that self-generate their own power. That means that once turned on, there is no additional cost for all that electricity…

      – or heat, I guess, in this case…
      We’ve had an enormous jump in hits today – 300% to 400% more…

      • Kim



        • Kim

          I found it.



          • Show original
            April 30th, 2013 at 4:58 AM
            Post di Luca Salvarani.
            Why! What happens tomorrow!

            Andrea Rossi
            April 30th, 2013 at 10:24 AM
            Dear Giuseppe:
            the delivery, I suppose.
            Warm Regards,

      • Patrik

        “self-generate their own power”………means a COP, efficiency or another way of describing the performance of…….infinity?

      • Bob

        That is very misleading. The statement that there is no additional cost for all that electricty means the system can operate as a closed loop system, generating it’s own electricity to sustain the reaction. On all Rossi’s announcements, he has never claimed that. He has always maintained that it can not.

    • GreenWin

      You are probably correct Kim. Unless delivery is made inter-dimensionally eluding the time-space continuum. In which case the cat is in the cradle, and the rocking has begun. Have a great day! (including all you skeps 🙂 )

    • Omega Z


      You are now hitting my suggested time frame. June or July being the earliest before anything significant happens.

  • georgehants

    Climate Change Dispatch
    Russian Scientists: ‘We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250 Years’
    Global warming which has been the subject of so many discussions in recent years, may give way to global cooling. According to scientists from the Pulkovo Observatory in St.Petersburg, solar activity is waning, so the average yearly temperature will begin to decline as well. Scientists from Britain and the US chime in saying that forecasts for global cooling are far from groundless.

    • Peter Roe

      I imagine the eco-police will find some way to blame solar changes on our extravagant lifestyles so that politicians can tax something else out of existance.

      • GreenWin

        The increase in terrestrial CO2 is known to capture and deplete solar energy. Happily, carbon trading income is slated to restore these losses and return the Sun to its former greatness. Honestly.

        • georgehants

          Another comic report.
          ScienceShot: Global Warming at Your Doorstep

          • Peter Roe

            Now I’ve heard it all. This kind of nonsense is becoming surreal.

          • Roger Bird

            And the grass on top of the soil is greedily eating up CO2. Just how stupid can some people get?

          • GreenWin

            Look, just because it’s called “the GREEN” movement does not mean green is good. With enough study, we shall find something in chlorophyll that is killing bugs, birds, bees and imagination. I say astro-turf everyone’s lawn! No need to water. Fewer b-ughs, easy to wash (with detergent) AND!! No mowing!!

            Most material rationalists hate the smell of cut grass anyway.

      • timycelyn

        So, applying dispassionate scientific logic (that’s the sort we don’t have if you listen to the pseudoskeps) if a reasonable consensus on this develops we should:

        1. Heavily tax all energy used that is not derived from the combustion of fossil fuels;
        2. Prioritise coal burning above other forms of fossil fuel use – although all types would be beneficial;
        3. Ban the construction of any further renewable energy sources, and using 1. above force existing ones to close over a period of perhaps 20 years. This would need to be backed up with some stiff fines, maybe even prison sentences;
        4. Offer incentives for the maximisation of the emission of fluorinated refrigerants, SF6 and so on
        5. And anything to do with LENR banned, censored, and buried under a big rock.
        6. Oh – and feed all the cows laxative chocolate…


        • georgehants

          Watch out you Yanks, Ha.
          Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States (Video)

          • Omega Z


            Old News.

            Here’s a Gotcha… Local Ordinance.

            All New Driveways & Parking lots must be paved. Those who currently have Rock/Gravel Etc, have 20 years to pave. 5 years have passed.
            After the deadline passes, you can be fined $X Amount per day until it is Paved.

            New Local Ordinance.

            If you should do ANY thing that creates additional Rain Run Off, your property taxes will be reaccessed Up-ward to cover the Run Off Burden.
            This includes building expansion, additional buildings, Pavement, Etc…

            Pave & be Taxed more or Don’t pave & be continuously fined.

            And 1 More Kicker. Adding a 2nd floor even while retaining the same Roof footage is counted as Extra Run Off.

            Scientific Proof. You don’t need a gun to Rob People. Just a Political Office.

        • Peter Roe

          Its getting a bit cool in the yard – time to fire up a few patio heaters so I can swig my CO2 saturated lager in comfort (shipped all the way from India). Maybe I’ll light the barbeque as well. I like to do my bit.

          • georgehants

            I’m still using my hot water bottle, but then I’m getting old. Ha.

          • I got old some time ago. Ancient is next.

        • Roger Bird

          Or we could adapt. What a freaking concept!!!

      • Barry

        It’s all due to Obamacare.

      • elasticbucket

        Yes, repairing what global warming initiatives have bought about 🙂

    • guga

      Russian scientists are not a source of independent opinion on climate change. Russian budget and therefore their funding comes from oil and gas sales. And Russia is not known for letting anybody in public service follow his own ideas.

    • Roger Bird

      I guarantee that those paucity of rays have already reached Colorado Springs. We get snow tonight and tomorrow, but not enough snow to get us a snow day for my wife and child.

  • Cat Jonessen

    Why is everybody so excited? This is old news.

    By his own words, Rossi started making and selling 1MW plants in the US in 2011. Already in May of 2011, he said Ecats were being made in two factories in the U.S, the main plant is in Florida. He confirmed that he had already sold more than 2 1 MW plants in Oct. 2011. In Nov. 2011, he sold another one installed in the North-Eastern U.S. By Dec. 2011 he was heating his factory by E-cats.

    • Grumpkin

      Well Sir,

      We all know that those were all lies. It is ok because we accept that they are the “good lies”, to keep the multitude of other commercial LENR producers off his scent.

      We are hoping that even though we have been lied to 99 out of 100 times that “this time” it is for real.

  • georgehants

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 30th, 2013 at 1:17 PM
    Dear Mr, Rossi further to my comment of yesterday I will add that I will give £10,000 to a charity of your choice if you release your “secret” to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project when they confirm it’s ability to produce a cop6 return as stated by you.
    This offer will end at midnight on the 7th of may 2013.
    With all best wishes.

    • You cant beat Rossi with words, i bet he would tell you that with the e-cat is going to help for a lot more than 10,000 giving heat… or something like that, plus maybe telling is not his decision but the trust one, etc. etc.

      • georgehants

        We will see, I have very little interest in the large E-Cat’s, only the release of the Technology to help in such things as clean water for the Worlds children.

        • Kim

          The bankers tell the inventors
          to either shelf it or let us make
          the money.

          They would never allow the inventor
          to release the technology for the


        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          georgehants….as pointed out by Steven N. Karels earlier: Rossi has confirmed and I agree, the best way to apply the E-Cat to safe drinking water and desalination is by creating electrical power by using the Hot Cat, which apparently the technology for doing so has not yet arrived.

    • Roger Bird

      georgehants, if you have that kind of money to throw around, can you pay for some x-rays for my hip that is hurting so much and has been hurting for the past 45 days, but we can’t afford to pay for such x-rays.

      • Loop

        How much money do they ask for a cheap service like the x-ray shots?

        • Roger Bird

          I didn’t bother to ask. I knew that it would be too much. Years ago it was like $60 or something like that. Not in our budget.

          • Krish

            Roger, I would like to contribute $100/ to your buget. eMail me how.

          • Roger Bird

            Krish, I would love to email you but I just don’t see how I can do that since I don’t see your email address showing.

            Seriously, I have only Medicare A. I crashed on the Barr Trail and perhaps other things and my sacrum went out of adjustment, and I have been in Purgatory since then. I am not sure that my chiro is helping. And I fear that it may be a tumor. I am delighted to die, but the pain is a bitch, and most importantly I want to continue helping my family with my SS and my housekeeping and child rearing.

          • Barry

            Hang in there Roger. I hope your streching.

          • Roger Bird


          • Ted-X

            You could try homeopathy. It is a low cost solution. Send me a a detailed description and I will find you the remedies to use on your own. No fee – just an advice. Other thought: in general, people with short life expectancy could afford to publish how to make the ecat!

          • Roger Bird

            The pain is so bad I can’t sleep; it is 10:35 pm now. It is a subluxated sacrum, but that is not a symptom. Dreadful pain shooting down the front of my left leg. Difficulty standing straight, although that has improved since Monday thanks to my chiropractor. Some pain to the left of my spine above my left kidney. Slightly to the left of the shooting pain as described above is a kind of jerking or spasming pain. Occasionally while stepping I will get pain closer to the leg-hip joint that will cause me to cry out almost fall.

            And something along this line has been happening since March 16th. Please help me.

          • Loop

            @Roger Bird
            It could be the ruptured Discus Hernia L3-L4 maybe its Bulging Disc L3-4.
            THE HARDEST CASE IS THAT your RUPTURED DISCUS START PRESSURING YOUR spinal cord its called Disc Prolapse.
            This case couldn’t be diagnosed with X-ray.
            It could be partially diagnosed with Scanner but the only diagnostic tool is MRI.
            I know that MRI is expensive in USA.
            In East-Europe you could get MRI shots with diagnostic for 130-150$.

            I know that USA has the worst medical care on this world and that they ask for at least 1500$, just for MRI shots without shots diagnostic.

            You could get on the ebay some used lumbal (Lumbar Belts) with spinal stabilization.

          • Mark

            Kind of off topic although maybe another use for an e-Cat.

            Get yourself a hot water bottle or anything to warm up the sacrum.

          • Barry

            Hi Roger,
            I had that same problem last fall. Had to sleep on the floor. Thought it would last the rest of my life. Found stretching helped the most. A friend of mine has a damaged spine and stretching seems his best relief. My back has recovered 95%. The body has a way of healing itself. There is such a wide range of healing processes from physical to metaphysical. Hope you find a healing path that suits you best.

          • Roger Bird

            Thank you, Barry. I will find something, and I don’t mean a handgun. (:->) I have already made progress knowledge-wise.

          • Omega Z

            I feel for ya Roger.

            Alternate Hot & Cold Paks.

            Cold reduces inflammation/swelling & pain.
            Hot promotes circulation/healing.

          • Roger Bird

            I am making progress. I have watched and tried exercises on YouTube that seem to be working and I will be seeing my ND with X-rays in hand soon.

    • Bob

      He has already told Dick Smith that he didn’t need Dick’s one million dollars. Do you think he will be swayed by an offer of 10,000 pounds? I don’t think so.
      Although my opinion is that he could really use Dick’s million dallars plus your 10,000 pounds, but there is a more compelling reason why he can’t collect on either of them.

    • Chris I

      Gimme a break, Rossi claims to have refused far better offers than that for his secret.

  • Glenn

    Wait, is the eCat being *delivered* today, or is it being *shipped* today?

    If it’s being delivered, then the US Partner will have it in physical possession today, after which I imagine it could take a few weeks to get such a large thing installed and functioning.

    If it’s being shipped, this means it is still in Italy and we could be stuck waiting for weeks while it floats on the ocean and/or sits in customs. If this is the case then I think the excitement is a little premature.

    • Well, it turns out that by ‘delivered’, Rossi means shipped. Apparently the e-cats heading to the US were being picked up at Rossi’s factory in Ferrara, Italy today.

      • Glenn

        Thanks for the clarification, Admin 🙂

        I’m left scratching my head over this one.

        If I were in Rossi’s shoes, I would not advertise to the world that that my trillion dollar baby is about to embark on a round-the-world voyage. If it doesn’t get stolen by pirates, a determined group or individuals could follow it right to the doorstep of Rossi’s secret partner.

        • Roger Bird

          Multi-trillion dollar baby.

        • John Littlemist

          Presumably all eggs are not in the same basket. I mean that the “nickel powder with secret catalyst” unlikely goes together with the E-Cats on board.

          • “the “nickel powder with secret catalyst” unlikely goes together with the E-Cats”
            Good point John. An empty reactor cylinder, with tubes and connectors, will pose NO threat. jdh

          • Roger Bird

            And I guarantee that no one will know what it is. In fact, they would probably be scratching their heads wondering why anyone would want to ship junk like that.

        • Methusela

          Well… if the US Navy are involved, then the shipping will probably be OK 🙂

      • jan

        Ferrara is not some mega city. I’m sure people would know where Rossi’s factory is especially in these days of high unemployment figures. Is there any one from Ferrara who knows were Rossi’s factory is situated? Google maps would help.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            There’s also a guy that claims to live across the street and says he see’s Rossi & crew going into the shop each morning.

        • Omega Z


          There was a Google image posted by a Ferrara Local sometime back of Rossi’s new facility. We were hoping to here more from this person but as of yet, Nothing. 🙁

          What Rossi calls a Factory, We would call a work shop in my neck of the woods. Depends on one’s perspective.

      • Mike

        IF the thing is relatively small(the size of a few main battle tanks), and IF the customer is really the US Military, then they could deliver it the same day via a cargo airplane.

        If it’s not the US Military, but is still roughly that size, then the Ukrainian company that has a few AN-124’s could deliver it in one day too.

        IF, IF, IF… I do so hope we see some photos this evening or early tomorrow, but I am now doubting it seriously, and now Rossi even more.

  • lenrdawn

    I doubt there really is a shipment. All other things set aside, it seems impossible for a potentially nuclear device to simply clear US customs. Maybe before 2001 but not any more. And if Rossi would be hoping that it somehow slips through, he wouldn’t talk about it. On the other hand, having customs holding it claiming it can’t be allowed to enter the country because it is potentially dangerous would be a great publicity stunt – even if the containers only contain half a ton of junk each.

    • John Littlemist

      But can it be a nuclear device if there is no nuclear radiation?

      • Fibber McGourlick

        We can just refer customs to the U.S. scientific establishment (The Federation of U.S. Scientists) to testify and declare that it isn’t a nuclear device. How can they say otherwise, since they’ve been playing that tune since ’89?

        Any other problems?

      • GreenWin

        Fear not Mr. mist… Even were there any radiative waste (there’s NONE in LENR) – the newly proposed Nuclear Waste Administration will resolve all issues. Just what we need.


    • MStone

      Nickel….and hydrogen…..in a tube. Better call the marines and NEST! Whatever dude.

      Hey I got a bunch of nickles in a jar and hydrogen tank. Can i be declared a nuclear power?

      • Barry

        What if it isn’t loaded with hydrogen or nickel or a catalyst for that matter. It makes sence that it wouldn’t be. Such a simple procedure can be performed once it crosses the Great Herring Pond.

    • jfab

      Rossi said he would post pictures of the plants being handled by port authorities, or proper shipping company employees. Pictures will proove the actual shipping, don’t worry. The pictures are expected tomorrow.

      • Roger Bird

        It is 8:00 P.M. on the East coast. So where are the pictures?

    • daniel maris

      Surely one of the Rossi opponents – Gary what’s his name or whoever – will have alerted US authorities by now to the “nuclear” shipment, posting Rossi’s own comments.

      • robiD

        If he had done, he had admitted that the E-Cat works.

    • Well, remember he has certification from the nuclear guy for the State of Florida that there is no nuclear event occurring within the devices. That will help it get through Customs. It has not yet been publuished, so if the validation report does say a nuclear event of some kind ios occurring in the device, then that will be a different matter. Right now, he’s home free on that angle, I’m glad to say.

      • lenrdawn

        He has nothing like a certification from “the nuclear guy for the State of Florida”. What he does have is a BRC incident report form in which the investigator, Jim Stokes, documented that Mr. Rossi “acknowledges that no nuclear reactions occur during the process” and that “only low energy photons in the energy range of 50-100 keV occur within the device”. Hardly a certification of anything other than Rossi contradicting himself.

    • LCD

      When it’s not turned on, it’s just Ni and some other chemicals. Nothing nuclear to inspect.

      Even when not turned on a Fission reactor is still nuclear.

  • Lukedc

    Have you been contacted yet about the potential viewing of the plants as announced by Mr Rossi?


    • I’ve discussed it with Rossi in the past. I think I will get an invitation if the customer won’t object.

      • NJT

        Your NDA is likey in the mail – he he

        • Chris I

          Has it fallen into the hands of Somali pirates?

          More likely he’ll print it from a .pdf email attachment and hand it to them, signed, when he shows up at the agreed rendez-vous.

  • Roseland67

    Without a doubt, this miracle device will be held up in Customs, shipped to a
    Remote government “Inspection” facility, “lost” for a few more months,
    Taken apart, put together, tested, photographed, x-ray, etc.

    I just wanted to give the eventual conspiracy theorists some ammo
    When we are still waiting for ANYTHING from Rossi
    When the calendar says 2014.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      That’s if it gets there. Personally, I’m holding out for Somali pirates based in the Azores making away with the whole shipment.

      • Rockyspoon

        Aren’t they being funded by Saudi Arabia? I sure think it’s likely.

  • Alex

    I am in Panama, but I didn’t get my butt out of the Hotel to go down to the Canal today. If it is coming from Italy it will take a week and a half to get down to the Canal, a few more days to cross it , and a week to ship up to there. It is exciting that I may be close to the shipment in a few days. Do you know, they will open a second canal next year? They are digging it right now.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      To ship from Italy to the US East Coast will not pass through the Panama Canal. Was it to be delivered to the West Coast?

  • Roger Bird

    It is May 1st where I live.

    • V.p.S.

      Roger, we may also start counting hours and post comment after each of them. I doubt that would help.
      Just try to stay calm, relax, enjoy the international day of labour and let the good news come to you when it’s time. Not easy, but it’s the best one can do in this situation.

  • Giuliano Bettini

    There has been a lot of discussion, if Rossi has “delivered” or “shipped”.
    It depends.
    See here, for example.
    EXW – Ex Works (named place of delivery)
    The seller makes the goods available at his/her premises. The buyer is responsible for uploading. This term places the maximum obligation on the buyer and minimum obligations on the seller.

  • georgehants

    Well Mr. Rossi as expected removed by question. (below on earlier comment)
    So combined with the refusal of the establishment to organise an immediate attempt to certify the E-Cat safety without delay for such an important Technology, the children of the World are again allowed to die for the sake of capitalism and profit.
    Without capitalism but a more sensible and fair system there would be no delay, just every available “scientist” working to perfect and supply the devices as fast as possible, to put as many people out of work as possible.
    No politics etc. to delay such a thing as no motivation without profit to do so.
    No worry about losing jobs as that just means less work for everybody and time to enjoy life and help others.
    Roger Bird my full sympathy for your situation, I hope you and others are seeing the insane situation that is the resualt of capitalism.
    No free medical attention for everybody from birth to death.
    Health along with Food, Warmth, clothing, Water, Shelter is one of the basic needs of life for everybody.
    What percentage of people working does it need in a Country to fulfill these needs.
    Once these things are available to all as many luxuries can be available as people wish to work to produce.
    Yet you have a system where some live the lives of selfish kings and others have nothing.
    One day the Average person may open his eyes and start putting things right.

    • georgehants

      The Man with the Blue Guitar
      The man bent over his guitar,
      A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.
      They said, “You have a blue guitar,
      You do not play things as they are.”
      The man replied, “Things as they are
      Are changed upon the blue guitar.”
      And they said to him, “But play, you must,
      A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,
      A tune upon the blue guitar,
      Of things exactly as they are.”

      • buffalo

        err @georgehants,could you perhaps suggest an alternative to capitalism in one word so that we can put some coherency to your ramblings?best regards

        • georgehants

          buffalo, please try not to make yourself look to silly by using words like “ramblings” until you are able to explain why you call them such.
          Your request for a one word answer is impracticable but if pushed I would try Fairness.

          • mike

            Please use as many words as you like then. I agree with Bufalo there in their evaluation of your comment. I agree with you that Capitolism isn’t the best system out there. I am unaware of any system that is better.

          • georgehants

            mike, do you not think then, that “you” may spend a little time thinking of a “better system” and putting up your idea’s.

          • Bob

            The answer is,.. a benevolent dictatorship.
            The only problem is that although the dictator might start off with all the right intentions, once they get established, the policy slowly changes to be less benevolent.
            This is particularly so when the original dictator dies and his worthless offspring take up the reins.
            For all it’s defects, and there are many, capitalism is still the best option so far.
            One day maybe, a benevolent theocracy. But that discussion is for a different forum.

          • georgehants

            Bob, your Negative contribution is noted.
            Do you not think that a Positive Effort to change the system would be more productive.
            It is Sad that so many people do not realise that they have “The Power” to change the World but feel so disenfranchised, as the Rich and powerful wish them to feel, that they find themselves in a perverse way defending the very things that cause the inequality.

          • Bob, agreed about benevolent dictators, good description. However in your description I would replace “capitalism” by “democracy”. Because most successful countries have some sort of mixed economy.

          • Redford

            Yes you are, but like everyone you’ve be drawn in the deep confusion between capitalism, Market economy and Economic liberalism. 3 entirely different concept that are, those days, presented as the same coin but really aren’t, as you can find exemple of one going without the others in history and geography.

            Capitalism means that the productivity goes to the capital, ie that you can owns means of production (ie somehow, worker, even if you pay them a salary).

            Market Economy means that prices are establish on the market (when it works by balance between buy & sell orders reflecting the society immediate needs, in reality twisted by the speculative component slightly or heavily).

            Economic liberalism is a political, philosophical & econimical doctrine very present in the current time but non existent for most of the human ages that states that common interest is the exact sum of individual interest, hence that every entity working on “mutual interest” is actually in the way and shall be removed.

            Now if you ask to me:

            Market Economy is a good tool and shall be keeped at least for the majority of goods, but be considered to be protected from speculation which just never is good.

            Capitalism is the opposite of rewarding the merits as it rewards the status (having money). Moreover it’s very dangerous as it concentrates the wealth in the wealth, blocking the system. Now that retirement fund are left to the capital it’s becoming a deadly trap, making the real economy incredibly vulnerable to the market and the retirement of real people as well. Capitalism shall be removed but it’s important to note that it would not be the huge revolution a lot of people would think it to be. It would not remove private property or the ability to do your own businness & success, it will just makes sure success is mainly paid to the people accomplishing it rather than the people who for arbitrary reason hold the money needed for that success and are needed to make advance for humanity to progress.

            Economic liberalism is a proven failed ideology in the exact same term than communism is: everywhere it’s applied, it’s a disaster until it’s bypassed somehow. Whereever it’s use poor people’s ratio raises, and more often than not life expectancy and average education drops. It’s rarely truly voted for by people but it creeps as a ruling ideology in the institutions. In Europe, it’s killing us.

            What George is asking here is to have goods dispatched to the people in need. If you remove capitalism from the equation, ie big profitability required, you just need to make the activity sustainable, which it probably would be even at affordable for the poors prices. And by doing that that you would be another exemple on an already huge pile that humanity just doesn’t work like Economic liberalism postulates 🙂

          • buffalo

            @georgehants..a fairness dictatorship? I like it except for 1 prob..every politician is already using that word.try spiritual dictatorship for something new,appeals to majority i would think.

    • Read “Power,” my nov ella in Ther American Reporter. There will be no job losses; to the contrary, millions will be created to take advantage of this technology, just as millions became employed to deploy the Internet in a myriad of ways. If you think the Internet is versatile (which it is!), just watch what free electric power from E Cats will do to the economies of this world! Instead of job losses, there will be a huge economic boom.

      • georgehants

        Joe in the western World where, if fairly distributed everybody would have everything they need without having to worry about “paying” for it”, just fair labour for all.
        What are these millions of workers you envisage going to produce?

        • Grumpkin

          Sounds like pure crack pottery.

          “Lets make sweeping changes to all of society based on a brain fart i had things were be great if everything was perfect. I know it has never worked before but maybe this time it will!”

          Give that 10K pounds you offered Rossi to your government so they can redistributed the wealth in the omnipotent and fair way you envision.

          Sorry, a little coarse. No offense meant just please understand what you are repeatedly suggesting.

          Good day sir

          • GreenWin

            Grumpkinder, you should meet another poster here, Willy Big… you think alike. 🙂

          • Rockyspoon

            You live in a world of make-believe that’s been tried in a number of places. You complain people haven’t done any homework, yet have you are clueless regarding the histories of Cuba, China, Russia, and a number of other examples. Do some reading; get out of your Nirvana mindset and read.

            And at least some people here are “thinking”–calling people names and making unsubstantiated comparisons isn’t part of thinking.

    • orsobubu

      I perfectly agree, georghehants. And you talked about open the eyes… I don’t know about your country, but in Italy we have not only the Andrea Rossis… we opened the eyes before anyone else in the world (according to my calculations) and started to organize the strategy back in the late Fifties… but it’s still a long way to go, we need deepest global crisis. Overproduction, fall of profit, financial shocks, unemployment, a great african, middle-eastern or asian war… or medical/environmental… also Fukushima breakdown could help. No idealism. No parliamentarism. Only organization is the key.

      • Rockyspoon

        Gestapo-like tactics in organization, or return to Individual Freedoms and Responsibility?

        When a person relies on somebody else, they diminish their value and contribute less to society, whatever the form. The Founding Fathers of the US had it all figured out by 1791; why invent a wheel that’s square? Talk about counterproductive ideas.

  • Eric

    Gerald celentes trends journal article about defkalion gt, from Peter Gluck’s ego out blog :


    “Alex Xanthoulis, Defkalion’s CEO, is quick to emphasize that the company’s products differ sharply from Rossi’s. An unnamed “major US organization,” he says, has compared Rossi’s and Defkalion’s devices on 14 points. “It found only two the same – the use of hydrogen and the use of nickel,” he says. “Otherwise, the two are completely dfferent”

    • lcd

      if that’s true then there are likely hundreds of ways to make this work and patents without theory are a fools errand

      • Omega Z


        Many here are already aware that it appears many different processes seem to produce anonymous heat. Each having it’s own characteristics. Each may have it’s own theory.

        Many Decades ago, Science went with the Strong Force.
        Only more recently have they spent much time studying the Weak Force.

        And The Weak Shall Inherit The Earth. Maybe sometime Long, Long Ago, someone was trying to tell us something.

        • Roger Bird

          What He was trying to say was that those without heavy, hard egos would come to know Infinite Glory, but like the 72 virgins, He had to say it in a way that people could understand.

        • Ken

          And yet there still is inadequacies in the weak force and quantum mechanics evolved to account for these. Now we have a spaghetti bowl of theories explaining our atomic structure and missing pieces of the puzzle still stumping science. What if the whole thing is wrong? Could there be another completely different explanation of our atomic model? I’m not all too convinced either way but I keep an open mind and look at it objectively.

          One possible explanation may be found in the Key Ring Atom Theory published by Dannel Roberts. I wrote an article about it at (http://revolution-green.com/introduction-of-the-key-ring-atom/

      • LCD

        I guess I should have added that it’s hard to reconcile that there are hundreds of ways of doing it yet it’s relatively difficult to spot it in nature if it is occurring.

        Therefor I remain unconvinced that the two processes are that dissimilar.

        • Ken

          I agree with you LCD. There may be many differences in the two processes but the process is still the same. We know at least that defkalon stole some information from Rossi and wants to be a competitor. They have motive for being dishonest and lying. Seeing how the process as we know it is derived from nickel and hydrogen. Stating differences after that is moot, unless one process achieves a noticeable efficiency greater than the other.

  • kasom

    Hey, he is kidding us:

    Andrea Rossi
    May 1st, 2013 at 12:00 PM

    we will publish the photos our Customer will allow us to publish, after the plant will have been arrived at destination.
    Warm Regards,

    • Stone

      Oh, really?

      Today…, no sorry tomorrow, no sorry next week, no sorry next month…

      • Ken

        Gentlemen, Ladies, and Pathological Skeptics. It’s funny how you think you have the right to demand information whenever you please. The fact Rossi would divulge any information after your comments just goes to show he has the “Best Regards” for mankind even when they show little regard to his sacrifices.

        Negativity without a positive purpose is just that, “Without any positive purpose”. You sound like a spoiled brat that wants his ice cream cone, and he wants it now. Grow up wittle guys and drink some coffee. It might put some hair on your chest:P Till then, quit throwing hissy fits on Energy forums whose sole purpose is to track progress and provide an area for constructive discussion.

        Now seeing how you apparently don’t know the definition of constructive. I’ll go ahead and enlighten you as to what it is not. Repeatedly posting the same negative single line comment, only changing a few words to make it fit the thread is not constructive. If you have nothing more to add than crying about how you can’t have your ice cream now, then maybe you should save us the trouble of writing 3 paragraph explanations of why you shouldn’t do it, and put your negative efforts towards criticizing the economy or something.

        Frank has worked hard at providing this avenue of discussion. How about having a little respect for his efforts.



        • V.p.S.


  • Alex

    Don’t be upset, this is a loaded thread. Rossi will or will not provide pictures of a big blue box, … but who cares. Frank charged the audience with this thread, not Rossi. Get charged up, when the evidence presents itself, or you will setup to fail until the real thing looks like the scam. My advise: Don’t go away mad, just go away.

    Either way, thank you Frank for working the story, it is not anyone’s fault that things take time and people are impatient.