E-Cat Shipping Pictures Posted on the JONP

Here are links to the pictures just posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

The preface to the photos is:

Dear Doc.Rossi,

please, find the photos of 24H performace test of the MW1-Ecat made on april 30 – may 01 and the photos of when it has been transported from Bologna to Ferrara to pepare it for the test.

Best regards
M.Eng. F.Fabiani















  • Andre Blum

    man in the red shirt, sitting closest to the container, looks like he could be Guiseppe Levi.
    Further than that, except Rossi himself, I do not recognize anyone.

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      He’s very likely to be Giuseppe Levi. Compare:


      • Mark

        I did a simple overlay in Photoshop of the two images adjusted the size to match them and set the opacity down to see. I’m not CSI but looks very much like professor Levi.

  • Zedshort

    If this is a scam it is a very elaborate one. I can imagine Rossi being deluded but as long as there are others involved I doubt if they can all be deluded.

    • Matt

      Renting a truck and a crane for an hour or so doesn’t cost much.

      • Fibber McGourlick

        No scam. Think of all the eminent physicists who’ve been involved all along, including one with a Noble Prize under his belt, and another who was the leading particle physicist in Sweden. Rossi is inclined to excitement and hyperbole and he may have gotten a little ahead of himself in regard to controling the fusion in his device, and in his estimate of the speed with which his device can be advanced. That’s my take on it. (It’s not impossible that I’m wrong. It happened once before when I was five or six.)

  • GreenWin

    Just as promised by Dr. Rossi we have pictures of the warm-cat arriving for test on April 30, at Ferrara submitted by Eng F. Fabiani. There is a sense of guardedness in the way ends of the unit are blocked from view.

    But then, national security-type oversight would demand just that.

    • Andre Blum

      What do you mean by ‘just as promised’?

      We were not promised them ‘arriving for a test’.
      We were promised photo’s of shipping to a customer (or partner).

      • GreenWin

        Get over it Andre – they’re recent photos of the e-cat as promised.

        • Andre Blum

          here you are saying it again: as promised.

          No. that is not what was promised. Lets just be frank about it.

          And *now* let’s be happy with the photos.

          • Barry

            Andre,s right. Something stinks here. I’m trying to be objective but the weather records report rain and fog for the two days these sunny pics were taken. They also have nothing to do with the American delivery. The photos are also being sent in from other people not Rossi. If he’s murky and unstraight forward about a simple delivery, how can we trust the accuracy of any of his claims?

          • GreenWin

            Barry, I feel you brother. I think you need to consider the possibility intelligence demands indirect communications between this project and the outside world.

            One benefit to using Dr. Rossi and the incredible e-cat show, is his performance allows plausible deniability. A staple of the murky world.

          • Ecco the Dolphin

            From the original email by F.Fabiani:

            please, find the photos of 24H performace test of the MW1-Ecat made on april 30 – may 01

            The photos of the E-Cat installed in Ferrara are from (apparently) April 30-May 01.

            and the photos of when it has been transported from Bologna to Ferrara to pepare it for the test.

            The photos depicting the 1 MW E-Cat being loaded on a truck are from a different time. By many clues and evidence lying around, this happened several months ago.

            Either way you’re right, these photos likely do not have anything to do with any actual “delivery”.

        • Matt

          By what do you tell they are recent?

      • Grumpkin

        The tube furnace is also included in the picture. I didn’t see it at first.

        Were they testing the warm cat blue container or the tube furnace or both? I is cool to see that the tube furnace is many orders of magnitude smaller than the warm cat and only needs electrical wires leading to it and a stout frame.

  • Andre Blum

    I am confused.

    The lab we always see photos of is in Bologna, right? This is the lab of which I think it is only a demonstrator and 3rd party lab. It is not the daily working lab. See my earlier posts on this.

    I am also pretty sure the container we see on these photos (all seven, even though they have different casing on the reactors on top) is the same old blue container we have always seen and that was known to be in that Bologna lab. I conclude this from sticker positions, etc.

    Also, the test photo’s are obviously taken in that Bologna lab.

    So why does Mr Fabiani say: “please, find the photos of 24H performace test of the MW1-Ecat made on april 30 – may 01 and the photos of when it has been transported from Bologna to Ferrara to pepare it for the test.”?

  • GreenWin

    Creative disruption in the electric utility industry

    From the Boulder Colorado MediaNews Group, publisher of the Denver Post, we find this article on inevitable disruptive change to U.S. electric utilities. Again, referring to the Edison Electric Inst. report on Distributed Energy Resources DERs, the last days of the “centralized grid” are acknowledged.


    What makes this particularly poignant is the fact that The Daily Camera (founded 1890) is the Boulder CO, mainstream newspaper. Boulder is widely known at the hotbed of climate science, and militant “green” politics. While they refuse to mention LENR (by order) they acknowledge the inevitable demise of a “smart grid” control mechanism, and with it, one fundamental brick in the corrupted energy industry.

    • georgehants

      Science » Planet Earth
      Science is being corrupted to a point of fraud

      • GreenWin

        Excellent perspective. Note the author singles out the manipulation of global temperature station data. And the Stefan-Boltzmann constant applied to atmosphere.

        The protective walls around orthodox science tremble…

        • georgehants
          • GreenWin

            “…most pundits would find it difficult to accept that what is disseminated as “scientific” nowadays has indeed become sadly dogmatic and untrustworthy.”


          • georgehants

            As always there are people who are seeking The Truth and not living in a Fairy World produced by teaching scientists to be un-scientific.
            From GreenWin’s link above —-
            I certainly agree with Krimsky’s closing statement, that “science demands our openness, humility and appreciation of fallibility and uncertainty” (Krimsky 2013, 12). As my examples demonstrate, those qualities have become sadly rare in the controlling mainstream of quite a number of specialties, including such matters of prime social importance as HIV/AIDS and global warming.

      • Chris I

        Good grief this Gary Novak guy is totally incompetent.

  • Matt

    This looks like the occasion when Ol’ Blue was transported from Bologna to Ferrara. Too bad that there is no EXIF data available.

  • Sanjeev

    Someone carefully blurred all the faces in all pics. Whoever is this partner/customer, they are very very afraid of being found out.

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      Not only in the digital photos, but also physically at that location. Have you seen the last image in this batch? Check out how the inside E-Cat container is carefully barred from view. Somebody must have really been paranoid about public exposure during that day. According to the information I have, the very same care was taken during the infamous 28th October 2011 test too.

      • robiD

        You can also see a webcam placed on the container roof focused (probably) on the hot-cat under test.

    • GreenWin

      More likely these pioneers don’t want to end up like Dr. Gene Mallove.

  • John Loraditch

    who is in charge of security on these phtos??? The first photo has a red dumpster with a telephone number which could be enhances to find the gneneral location of this device…I lack the tecnical ability to enhance this photo…anyone else??

    • Matt

      We know the location, it’s in Bologna. Telephone 051, which can be seen on the photo even without enhancement.

      • It’s no secret because it’s also written on JONP that it’s Bologna: “please, find the photos of 24H performace test of the MW1-Ecat made on april 30 – may 01 and the photos of when it has been transported from Bologna to Ferrara to pepare it for the test.” Written by Fulvio Fabiani, the same guy who was with Rossi in Pordenone and who designed and programmed the 1 MW plant’s ethernet-based electronic control system (the guy who some people mistook for a bodyguard then).

    • Paolo

      The location is well know. Bologna, via dell’elettricista.

      Here you can see the builduing on the background on the 3th photo

      • Thanks for the find. “Ring a bell to enter”, it seems to say on the fence. Perhaps one should try:-)

        • Ecco the Dolphin

          The first photos seem indeed to be from Bologna, but the rest are from Ferrara. The thing, however, is that as far as I know the 1MW container got transported there much time ago.

          Look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68jHkRpZAEw
          Minute 6:00 onwards.

          The 1MW E-Cat Rossi claims to have been transported recently has been there for months. It seems to be the very same container, minus a few minor tweaks added after this video was made.

          I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

          • Andre Blum

            It could be that it travels to and fro more often than we think.

            The yellow and red caution stickers are a fairly recent addition, and the plumbing on the transportation pictures looks like the most recent I have seen.

            Much earlier (when we were doing similar analysis of pictures of this container) it did not have the stickers, and it had the red water expansion tanks fitted to metal tubing, etc. etc.

          • Ecco the Dolphin

            What I’m saying and what you’re (unconsciously?) implying is that there likely is only one “1MW E-Cat” container, not several, despite Rossi saying otherwise.

          • Andre Blum

            Oh, yes, it is pretty clear that this is still the same old blue container.

            I have no problems with that, though. I don’t think Rossi has ever said that this would be a different one. In fact, he has said that this container served its purpose and would get a second life at a customer.

            The one thing that _is_ clear is that we are not shown photo’s of three plants being shipped to a customer…… yet.

            Also please note that:

            1) Rossi has said that photo’s would be published after being delivered at the customer, which would take about 20 days

            2) This posting on JONP is not Rossi’s, but Fabiani’s.

            smells like some kind of decoy 🙂 Something to keep us busy, while at the same time seeing how we are taking it. If all fails, he can still say these photo’s were totally unrelated to his promise. Which, frankly, they are.

          • artefact

            he sayd the container we know is used as a test reactor. They build different containers (13)for the first customer.
            Maybe now the test container got upgraded and sold to this customer now.

          • Redford

            Rossi said there’s only one. He said that this one specifically is indeed the same that was “sold” to the “military customer”, who ended up with a actually another one that the one we all saw.

            Which is cheesy, no doubt about it, but to be accurate he provided an explanation acknowledging this is the same container prior to showing those pictures. Now of course it’s not something that inspire trust, we’ll all agree on this.

      • Andre Blum

        and here you see what his neighbor is called (not kidding):


        could be a coincidende of course.

        • luigi

          That is not cooncidence. The building belongs to tire shop leased by Rossis brother.

        • John Littlemist

          AFAIK, Rossi is the most common surname in Italy.

      • I hope Rossi has installed Lo-Jacks on these devices. They don’t look like they’d be so hard to steal.

  • LENR4you

    Look at the permanently installed green generator and that big oil tank. Why need AR that? Maybe he will be independent of the power grid or he is afraid someone could measure his power consumption during the tests.

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      The genset is probably something requested (can’t imagine why however) by the very same “client” of the October 28 2011 test. This more and more looks like a repetition of that test, with less (close to none) media exposure.

    • Andre Blum

      if the warmcat needs to deliver 1 MW, and the COP is as Rossi says: 6, then he needs an average input of 167 kW, peaking probably much higher than that. This is not something you easily pull from a 230 V wall socket.

      • Andre Blum

        the dimensions seem about right for a 200 kVA generator. See https://www.google.com/search?q=200+kVA+generator&tbm=isch&tbo=u for similar size ones.

        Can someone comment on the cabling coming from it? They seem a bit fragile to carry 100’s of Amperes @ 380V…

      • Grumpkin

        The first large cat we saw on October 28th produced 470kw and needed a 500 kw generator attached to it

        • GreenWin


          will you document the power used by the Oct 28th e-cat drawn from the 500kW genset? Evidence is the strongest suit, correct?

          • ArtoE


            It would tricky to find evidence that there was a 500 kW generator (hint: there wasn’t). The original source for “500 kW” was Allan Sterling’s guess. The real maximum power of the generator was around 350 kW (500 kVA). You can verify this from the videos.

            Oh… and 470 kW > 350 kW.

          • Omega Z



            I do recall that. Tho some weren’t sure if it was 300 or 350.
            I believe 267Kw is needed for Initial start up & 167Kw forward.

      • artefact

        Rossi said it is a 300 kVA generator.

        • artefact

          mhh or was it 350?

  • Andre Blum

    Remember some pictures we found on cobraf some weeks back, that we thought might be showing a third party test?


    We can now see that that was taken in this lab. The power and harmonic analyzer is in today’s photo’s too.

  • Chris I

    I don’t get where you folks are seeing all these things. I don’t see them all in these pics.

  • Matt

    I really don’t get it. What are these pictures supposed to tell us? When did it happen and why, and what does it have to do with the delivery to the US partner/customer?

    • Redford

      They were asked for by some. Rossi being pretty forthcoming, he provided. That really is all that there is to say.

  • daniel maris

    Well, as many questions as answers but good to see some documentary proof of the equipment again.

    • Matt

      Yeah, a blue container exists, a steel frame with a tube exists. We’ve seen that already.

      • daniel maris

        I did say “again”. At least it is some kind of connection to what Rossi says. This is the odd thing about Rossi – if he really were a fraudster he could photoshop this sort of stuff quite easily and provide it on a regular basis. Instead we have months with no photos.

        • KD

          But John Rohner also was showing his non existing engine and some mad Iranian scientist also was showing his spacecraft and collected down payments for space trips.:))
          It not about that Rossi inventions are not true, but that pictures and videos might be misleading.
          On other hand, Rossi is right to keep his secrets safe until his IP is secured and the new designs of his E-Cats are ready for mass production.

  • Very satisfied by the confirmation of A Rossi, then now by
    photos. Thanks you to all !

  • RossiMyHeror

    My love it when Dr ingineer Rossi gives all us new fotos, it is like pearl necklace to enjoy! All hopes is restored! Warm feelings is good one! Happy days to friends.

  • Adam Lepczak

    It looks like Italians are slowly taking over the world.

    • GreenWin

      We’ll all eat much better for it. 🙂

  • psi

    Thank you, Ing. Rossi! Godspeed.

  • RenzoB
    • Chris I

      Well I finally see guys in red but none of them look like Levi to me.

  • Barry

    Do these pics have any connection to the American delivery? Why can’t there be an honest, consise, straight-forward path?

  • Redford

    Sorry, I can’t resist to quote somes…

    Bob on May 2, 2013 at 2:42 am:
    “i notice even the release of the pictures of that are being dragged out into the indefinite future.:- “we will publish the photos our Customer will allow us to publish, after the plant will have been arrived at destination.” The original talk was of pictures of the unit being loaded at the Ferrara factory, which had a definite date, April 30th. Now, like all things Rossi, they have silently slipped into something with an indefinite date.”

    Peter Roe: “However, taken along with the fiasco of the non-appearance of any of the promised pictures…”

    Robert on May 1, 2013 at 6:54 pm “So…No pictures and the third party report could be 6 months away. I’m beginning to feel like a real jerk for believing in Rossi for the last 27 months.”

    Jimr on May 1, 2013 at 7:06 pm “Now,now, lets. all be very patient. We do not want to hurt Rossi,s delicate feelings or he may pick up his ecat and go home. We all know how reliable his statements have been in the past. So as some imply lets wait for eternity.”


    Why am I reposting this? Because frankly, those reactions seemed excessive at the time they were posted. I am not saying that Rossi’s actions are perfect, but most of what he announced actually happened so far (a few exception thus, especially home cat, but at least he gave explanations). So I thought believing the picture to be a no show simply because an imaginary deadline (Rossi never commited to anything, just said “we’ll most certainly do those pictures”) was pretty typical of a self sustained belief that Rossi says is always blatantly false. Fact is, it nearly never is, and the main thing that put fire on that belief are those comments in thread.

    Now will we see those people so eager to put Rossi at fault on his saying apply the same things to theirs? Come and say “I said that and I was wrong” (and maybe add “so by my standard, I am a fraud”).

    No we won’t.

    The silliest part being that those pictures have no proof value at all. You have them. They don’t change a thing. So what was the big deal about them showing up or not?

    I really don’t get some people.

    • Peter Roe

      The ‘big deal’ is that Rossi promised pictures of the despatch of the consignment to the customer/partner, and then appeared to backtrack on this, saying that photos would be available when the consignment reached the US, if the consignee permitted it.

      What has been published (possibly because Rossi was stung by the types of comments you quote) are pictures of the 1MW units being taken to Ferrara for testing and the unit under test, so we still do not have the promised pictures of the despatch (which supposedly also included hot cat and gas cat prototypes). With the EXIF data deleted from the images, it is not even possible to verify the dates of the pictures. So I for one see no reason to retract anything I’ve said.

      • Redford

        “The ‘big deal’ is that Rossi promised pictures of the despatch of the consignment to the customer/partner, ”

        Thing is, unless you can proove me wrong, he didn’t say that. Let’s see the summary of his “says” published here :


        He says he’s delivering, this month, and that there will be photos. Now I know Rossi is criticized for his english and I am not native either, but I know enough to note that “we deliver this month” is not “it will be delivered this month”. Now on the top of that I really don’t know where you read that there will be pictures of the delivery at the customer’s site, but I’ve neither read that, nor understood that. Because Rossi said and said and said many times that this 1MW plant delivered to non military could be visited after a few month of working to selected fews. So he made actually very clear that that delivery would not be an opportunity to identify the customer. Which is way I was puzzled by all of those expectations. I check the news here on a daily basis as I assume you do, and it was crystal clear for me that the present delivery would not be a thing to monitor because it will not bring any confirmation in itself. It’s pretty amazing to see arbitrary assumptions building up not on translation mistakes from Rossi, but just the usual will to see happen what we hope.

        Anyway, it’s my understanding that the 2 ecart things to monitor now are
        1) 3rd party reports
        2) in a few month, customer of that 1MW plant going public and allowing guests to visit.

        Here’s what I got from “Rossi said”. Sometimes he delivered, sometimes he didn’t, so I wait an see in the hope of the sunrise but at least I am facing east…

        • Peter_Roe

          Redford, the problem I have with Rossi is that having spent 2 years trying to analyse his comments, I have come to realise that he is actually incredibly ‘slippery’, despite the fact that English is a second language for him. He will tend to answer just one part of a compound question to give a certain impression that appears to cover the other part, or will say several things that are actually unconnected but leave the reader to infer something from them that is not the case. His evasiveness and use of half truth would put the worst of politicians to shame.

          Regarding the issue of the ‘promised’ pictures, I’ve copied some Q&A that seem relevant, but the top exchange (with Admin) serves to illustrate the point adequately:

          Questions 1 relates to ‘all the plants’, i.e., 1MW LT, gas cat and hot cat, Q2 refers to ‘they’, obviously meaning all three, and therefore Q4 obviously relates to pictures of these 3 items being loaded for delivery.

          Rossi answers, “yes, several” to Q3 so the obvious thing is to assume that several pictures relating to the 3 items being loaded for delivery are promised. Of course Rossi has not actually said this – he has simply answered the questions ‘indipendently’ as he would say, leaving it to the reader to make the connection. So when he provides instead pictures of the 1MW unit only, not being loaded for delivery, but for the tests, he has not technically contradicted answer 3. He could have provided some pictures of his summer holidays and still have provided ‘several’ photos. He has however failed to provide what he obviously wanted it to appear that he was promising.

          I’m speaking entirely personally when I say I’ve simply reached a point where I have had enough of such deviousness. If AR wants secrecy he should keep quiet. If he wants to keep an audience happy he should be honest. He can’t have it both ways.

          “Frank Acland
          April 28th, 2013 at 3:16 PM
          Dear Andrea,

          Thank you for your clarifications about the delivery of the plants. We are having a discussion about this over at E-Cat World.

          Just to be sure what is going to happen:

          1. Are all the plants to be delivered at the same time to your USA partner?
          2. Are they being shipped from Italy to the US?
          3. Can we have many photos?!

          Thank you!

          Best wishes,

          Frank Acland

          Andrea Rossi
          April 28th, 2013 at 3:25 PM
          Dear Frank Acland:
          1- yes
          2- yes
          3- yes, several
          Warm Regasrds,

          Neri B.
          May 1st, 2013 at 7:06 AM
          Dear Andrea,
          Could you please update us on the plant delivery? There were some delays or everything went good? I am also courious about the pictures of the plant and the “2 stage” module..can you tell us when and where you are going to publish them?
          Thank you. Let the revolution begin
          Neri B.

          Andrea Rossi
          May 1st, 2013 at 8:04 AM
          Dear Neri B.:
          The delivery, after an acceptance test, has been made today.

          Dear Neri B.:
          The delivery has been made today.
          the photos of the plant will surely be published.
          We will publish them on the Journal Of Nuclear Physics
          Warm Regards,

          March 27th, 2013 at 5:20 AM
          Can you post a picture of the truck being loaded with the latest 1MW power plant to be deliver in April?

          Andrea Rossi
          March 27th, 2013 at 7:43 AM
          Dear Jam:
          Why not?
          Warm Regards,

    • I guess we all need to acknowledge that there are no pictures of the Hot Cats or anything but shipping containers here.

      • Redford

        … as announced.

    • Bob

      The photos which have been posted ARE NOT what was promised.
      We were originally promised photos of the Ecats being delivered to the customer on 30th April.
      What we got were photos which were taken some weeks prior ro 30th April and they show an ecat, the same one which we have seen for the past two years, and it was being delivered to the Ferrara workshop, not a customer.
      The embedded date data on the photos has been removed for some reason.
      Some of the photos show it installed in the Ferrara workshop and were probably taken some time on or close to 30th April.

      So as far as being wrong,.. on 28th April I posted;-

      “I predict that the new ecat about to be delivered on 30th April will be the old ecat which was delivered (not) on 30th October 2011.
      I predict all those who hang on his every word will be ecstatic over the announcements.
      I predict those who have long since given up on him will not be at all impressed.”

      Is there anything in that to which you disagree?

      • Redford

        “We were originally promised photos of the Ecats being delivered to the customer on 30th April.”

        Nope. 1) nothing was ever promised & 2) Rossi said his company would deliver ecat in April, like amazon tells me he send my books withing 24h. Some people who apparently neven have run a company that makes stuff and pays to get it delivered assumed that for some reason Rossi would do what none other do and commit on a delivery date while he would not run the company doing the delivery. Those things simply doesn’t exist. The fact that some people simply forgot this simple reality to interpret that it would arrive in the customer this very month tells a lot more about them than anything else.

        • Bob

          previous reply is stuck in moderation. I will try again.
          The word ‘promised’ was not used but the commitment was certainly given a number of times.

          From the JONP blog ;-
          April 28th, 2013 at 1:22 PM
          Dear Brian:
          We are delivering, this month, to our USA Partner three plants, one industrial plant of 1 MW which is a low temperature heat producing plant, one prototype of Gas fuelled E-Cat and one prototype of Hot Cat plant. The prototypes are to study them and study their industrialization, while their certification is in course. The duty of the 1 MW plant is industrial heat production. The delivery will be made this week.
          And elsewhere at around the same time he said there would be pictures of the delivery event.

          It was also posted;-
          March 28th, 2013 at 12:10 PM
          Dear Andrea,
          Which is to be delivered to a customer first: the Warm Cat in Europe, or the Hot Cat in the USA?
          reply was

          Both in the USA.
          Warm Regards,

          Note,… BOTH IN THE USA.

          Prior to that the sale was said to be to a “customer”, but closer to the due date this changed to be to his USA partner.

          To the average Joe this would mean an item being delivered into the USA on 30th April 2013, with pictures posted of the event.
          It was not sent to USA on this date and the pictures posted confirm this.
          Were the pictures of it sitting on the truck taken on the way into the workshop or the way out?
          It would be difficult to be absolutely sure but on the evidence of the statement by Fabiani, they were taken on the way in. And also from his statement the tests were done up to May 01 so it could hardly have been on the way to USA on April 30th.

  • porkydorky321

    I know a little about shipping containers, and the one shown won’t be going by ship. Containers by ship are stacked side by each with no room between. The wires and boxes shown Wii be destroyed.