Rumors About E-Cat 3rd Party Report

This was posted on the Facebook group Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi quoting Daniele Passerini:

I am honestly convinced of the existence of the “third party report”, because I know a few people actively involved in his set-up; they have confirmed unambiguously that the experimental trials did indeed take place.
From the rumors I have gathered I would like to append that:
i) Rossi’s statement that he has no control on the timing and/or delay of report is true;
ii) hot-Cat has received a very good rating.

Here’s a link to a screenshot of the post (thanks, Renzo!)

Daniele Passerini lives in Bologna, I believe, and he has been following the E-Cat story for a long time. This information also squares with some things I have been hearing through the grapevine from sources I trust. I am fully convinced that the testing took place and that the report exists. As to when and where it shows up, I don’t know.

  • Jorge

    I think it’s time to start adding some Italian friends on Facebook 🙂
    It seems that he has access to privileged information or people in the know. What’s his connection to Rossi?

    • Lukedc

      I know that he has a mate that works or is post grad at the university of bologna.

    • artefact

      AB said on the last page that Levi is a friend of Passerini.

      • RenzoB

        Hello, it seems you are all new comers, isn’t it? 😀

        Daniele Passerini is a childhood friends with prof. Giuseppe Levi of the university of Bologna, department of Physics. Daniele had a blog and was among the firsts to publish a long report on the first public demo in Bologna in january 2011. Since then he has been an invaluable source of informations about Rossi thanks to his privileged contacts.

        • Ecco the Dolphin

          Yes, I seem to remember that he was there during the January 2011 demo. You can actually see him in the original “Energy Catalyzer” demo event videos, here at 10:25-10:30 and 10:42-10:48 (the bald man with the white Mac laptop PC):

        • artefact

          not all of us. Its just that I don’t know whom Mr. P. knows very good. It could have been Bianchini or Enrico Billi or some others.

  • Lukedc

    I saw this on Sterling Allens website this arvo.
    Looks like he has teed himself an interview up with the man himself..

    • Betuswonkel

      It does makes you wonder why Rossi and Defkalion would give interviews to Sterling Allen instead of more serious journalists considering the implications of their claims.
      Mr Allen is surely one of the most gullible and least critical ‘journalist’ there is, not really a good things if you are covering event on the fringes of science. The man is convinced there are Aliens on earth, how can he expect anyone to take him serious.
      Are they scared that more serious journalists would delve deeper and uncover their fraud? Or are other journalists simply not interested? I don’t know but getting involved with Sterling is not helping to convince me, quite the opposite i must say.

      • Did any serious journalist accept ?
        It is like the usual skeptics who refuse believe in experimental results if not published in the few journal tht have a public policy not to pubblish on cold fusion… (strangely they don’t accept naturwissenschaften as serious).

        I have seen, beside Sterling Allen, mattlewan, but his magazin seems to have constraine hime no more to communicate on that.
        I have read article in, which is mainstream…
        I have read interview of aldo proia in

        and to compare with plane invention, the oress was discuraged by Wright Brothers and did not cover Wright brothers demo.

        so the answer is triple :
        – there are clear policy explaining why “famous” journalist refuse to talk on cold fusion
        – those who dis, are often ostracized
        – and the few article in mainstyream media are simply… real and ignored.

        it is exactly the same for scientific resulst and scientific media…

        – public and hidden policy to refuse publishing on LENR
        – ostracization of dissenters
        – few success are ignored.

        in both case, skeptics claim there are none, which is slightly false, but also which is justified by terrorist methods against dissenters.

        this is what is described by Thomas Kuhn about scientific revolution, and by roland benabou about collective denial in organizations.

        • Betuswonkel

          Don’t get me wrong, i am no LENR skeptic but a Rossi (and Sterling) skeptic. I am quite sure Celani is on to something and his relative openness is much appreciated.
          From Rossi on the other hand i have seen limited evidence that assures me of his legitimacy. Lots of talk, limited follow-ups.
          I think we need to seriously consider to possibility of him being a fraud. What I would like to know if it would then be possible to (collectively)press legal charges against although i have not invested any money? Are there people with knowledge of the law who can clarify this? Thx.

          • GreenWin

            Dear betingustroll, you will feel more at home and happy at Quax’s handwaving site. There you will find frustrated fellow PIs, peepers, and two dimensional cartoons of doubtful intelligence.

          • NJT

            First of all, you would need to establish “standing” the ability to prove you had somehow been harmed. As I understand the law, without that you have no case…

        • GreenWin

          Alain, in the United States and most of the EU, you must recognize that publication of cold fusion news have been ordered to end as of the October 28th 2011 Rossi demo.

          When a Fox News reporter phoned SPAWAR to confirm the presence of their scientist at Bologna, orders were issued to bury the program and for a western news blackout.

          Here is a link that explains some of this further:

      • lenrdawn

        I totally agree. Giving no interview at all is probably a lot less damaging than talking to Sterling Allan, which automatically associates Rossi with aliens, magnet motors and chemtrail nuts. It seemed Rossi understood that at some point:

        ndrea Rossi
        November 13th, 2012 at 11:36 AM

        I am receiving many requests of interview in this period, and I am spamming all of them. This comment is the answer for all: I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public. This decision has been agreed upon between our new US Partner and the Trust that owns Leonardo Corp.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        I wish Matt Lewan would do the interview, is it because he has not asked for an interview or has Rossi refused the interview???

    • Felis Ferens

      The interview will be on the Gary Hendershot “Scarecrow” blogcast. Hendershot is a respectable interviewer for this technology. Hopefully he will keep the interview on track.

      • The only problem with Smart Scarecrow hosting the interview, with an open chatroom, is that the Chatango host will probably crash with all the questions & comments 🙁

  • Ecco the Dolphin

    Judging by one of his blogposts on 22passi, it seems that Passerini lives in Perugia and works in Assisi. I have known for a long time however (at least since I started following E-Cat happenings) that he is a childhood friend of Giuseppe Levi of the University of Bologna.

    Could somebody post a link to Passerini’s Facebook page or make a screenshot of his statement from there, by the way?

    • RenzoB

      the group has limited access so you couldn’t read the post, here’s a screenshot:

      • Thanks very much for this Renzo — and for the earlier correction!

  • Has Sergio Focardi been relegated to history already?

    • Luca Salvarani

      I absolutely don’t think so! He’s a great scientist and a true gentleman and I think his contribution to Rossi’s work has been greater than that it appears!
      With all my heart I wish he could see the commercial success of the hot cat, and the complete acknowledgement of lenr by the so called “scientific community”! This is what he deserves!

  • Robert

    Main Stream Media Article on Hot Fusion at NIF. Mentions ITER and mentions cold fusion as “junk science”.

    Think we have it bad waiting on Rossi for a few months? How about worrying if too much money is being “Scammed”. This article states the US hot fusion budget will be reduced from 400+ million to “only” 300+ million for NEXT YEAR alone. Guess who is paying for that! I have never spent a penny on Rossi, but I have paid quite a bit to NIF via my taxes. Oh by the way… they state at about 12 years out “after they accomplish ignition” a plant “may” be feasible! Waiting a few months for a report does not seem quite so long now.

    What is the most promising result they have had so far….? They filmed part of the latest Star Trek movie there! (Rossi, take note, even the big shot, hot fusion people release pictures! Get on the ball here 🙂 )

    I do not know if Rossi has anything. I get more discouraged all the time. But what really burns my butt is if he does have something AND the US NAVY is aware, involved or knows, why the heck is OBama spending millions on the black hole of hot fusion then!?!?!?!

    Something is truly wrong here one way or the other. Either Rossi has nothing, cold fusion has not been proven real OR our government is totally oblivious and ignorant! (Guess which one is probably the case)

    Oh well….

    Link –

    • GreenWin

      One of the tangential benefits to the introduction of this form of energy is evidence that areas of science, politics, and business have been hijacked by an un-holy clique of cartels. It is like the video of the man painting himself into a corner. Cold fusion proves these cartels to be fundamentally corrupt. Obama has no power to change course at NIF or hot fusion as it is essentially a line item of the military budget. And Presidents are no longer Commander in Chief.

      MIT will likely never acknowledge their catastrophic failure to properly vet cold fusion in 1989. ITER will continue until there are CF power plants being used by construction crews to build ITER. Unlike Galileo’s time or even the start of the 20th century, there are today so many organizations and institutions caught up in denial of this underlying corruption, cognitive dissonance will remain. DOE will not flinch when asked why taxpayer funds should continue for hot fusion in the face of successful cold fusion (answer, “It’s basic research.”)

      But disaster enthusiasts insist calamity is the only way humans “learn” hard lessons. And industry and religion knows that without threats and disaster, they cannot sell their salvation or remedies. Dr. Rossi and team introduce a benevolent phenomenon that accomplishes the same as global warming, swine flu, superstorms, alien invasion, etc. without the loss of life. It changes nearly everything without destroying anything, but the over-inflated egos of old schooled men.

    • I vote “…our government is totally oblivious and ignorant!” and add: heavily influenced by Nuclear Science to continue their projects. jdh

      • GreenWin

        john, except that the United States Navy IS a part of the government, sworn to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Navy was just issued one of the first cold fusion patents by USPTO.

        This raises an issue of where government is fractured by department and agency in-fighting. Much to the taxpayer’s detriment. Does Navy disagree with Central Intelligence handling of disruptive energy? Why does NASA insist on buying into the W-L theory? How does DARPA’s co-development with Italy’s ENEA square? Could Ing Rossi simply be an enigma project constructed to misdirect opponents?

        Stay tuned folks… this is the most interesting place in the universe.

        • “Could Ing Rossi simply be an enigma project constructed to misdirect opponents?”
          I sure hope NOT. Rossi seems so intensely motivated – not like a puppet for a gov agency.
          There are always various factions within an agency, some are beholden to NIH, some independents chase cold fusion. jdh

    • Thinksforself

      It is just another example of our government at rest. Congress is forcing several new M1 Abrams battle tanks on the military even though the military says they don’t need nor want them. It is far easier to continue doing the same things over and over than to push for a change in course and move to new ideas.

      • With ‘drone aircraft’ there is little need for M1 Abrams battle tanks. With drones so cheap, you could use them in air or ground combat – and they could use CF/LENR to power them. jdh

  • Susan Corrigan

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the independent report became extremely difficult to get published. Nobody wants to be the first one to say that some important assumptions are all wrong. Nobody wants to lose their career and be laughed out of their respected position. I’m sure it is gut-wrenching for the authors and no respected journal is going to want to bet their reputation on something that sounds so outlandish (even if it is true). So publishing the report could be rough sailing.

    • Silvio Balatelli

      I disagree. When it comes to theory and explanations of the process, you are right. But that was not the purpose of the report, especially since Dottore Rossi has to protect know-how.
      When it comes to long term excess heat measurements, it is only conventional thermodynamics (calorimetry) that needs to be applied here. Nothing to risk a career to measure whether a heating device is working as claimed or not. This could have been done in a matter of a few days actually.

      • Paul Stout

        Because this is such a controversial subject, I strongly suspect that most of the time and effort spent in testing and in editing the final report is to dismiss all possiblity of fraud or error.

        No matter, there will be some that will accuse them of that anyway.

      • Bob

        There will be problems getting it published if the excess energy measured is small because many will think the method used to measure it was not accurate enough to determine the difference between a small excess and no excess. Measuring radiated energy levels has a relatively large margin of error for a number of reasons. This is probably why there were a few return visits on the testing. Therefore there is the possibility that no reputable publisher would want to publish something which might later prove to be nothing.
        If it turns out that the excess energy is large there should not be any problems but I see that as a big IF.

    • artefact

      Hi Daniele, nice that you give us a visit here!

      • Hi artefact, a reader of mine has told me about this post.

        • Ecco the Dolphin

          Thanks for visiting! I know it’s probably too much to ask, but are you in the position of being able to provide more (even vague, anything goes) details about the upcoming hot-Cat third party report?

          • Gerrit

            I can help

            My magic eight ball says: “Reply hazy try again”


    • Thanks, Daniele — I have made the correction.

  • elasticbucket

    The way I see it is the science of LENR appears valid albeit difficult to describe scientifically, it is a shame Rossi has not been more diligent and forthright in addressing his failures (on most occasions)to meet self imposed deadlines. Of course this may not matter to Rossi, however, garnered public support for his adventure, public scientific input and oversight may suffer because of this non reporting and going someway into defeating LENR aspirants enthusiasm and promoting various beneficial LENR outcomes.

    • GreenWin

      It never fails to astonish how some entities insist human behavior be perfect. Perhaps these people believe themselves perfect and find human frailty incomprehensible. How unfortunate for them to be forced to acknowledge the presence in the firmament of the crippled, the anomaly, the imperfect.

      Perhaps there is a lesson here. One as old as the universes: if all is one, and perfection is all inclusive, then so too are perceived “imperfections.” Which is a fancy way of saying, who are we to judge?

      • georgehants

        A perfect World would be a dead World as there is no where to go.
        The challenge to improve ourselves is the game, to just say nothing is perfect therefore I need not move forward would be just a lazy excuse to stay still.
        “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
        ― Ernest Hemingway

        • GreenWin

          Good thoughts George, thank you. Embracing the imperfect does not halt spiritual development IMO. But there are chinks in every suit of shining armor, and until one exits the flesh, they are not bound to be repaired. Never the less, rising above the former self is a good and welcome path.

  • One would think that there is strong greed (if only for public recognition) motive to get the report out there.

    My only question is, what’s the hold up? The researchers had all of the testing time and freedom that they want. Are they still afraid that they made a mistake? Are the journals scared to publish?

    I must admit, I’m sick of the waiting.

    • GreenWin

      Who wants to sign off on or publish a document titled, “Most Everything You Know is Wrong”?

      • Roger Bird

        LOL. This is why many of the people involved in LENR, the plasma thingie I just posted, and other new energy endeavors are not heaving hitting PhDs in physics.

      • georgehants

        Can I add the same position on UFO’s, The Near Death Experience, Telepathy, etc. etc. or will that upset our “qualified” colleagues.

        • Hi George. Off-topic: recently was in Glasgow, hotel was on George Street, near George Square.

          • georgehants

            Pekka is that a case of synchronicity.
            Science assures us by “expert opinion” and no Evidence of course, that Jung is mistaken in his observations.

  • Roger Bird

    I wish to draw your attention to It is slightly more mysterious than LENR with regard to theory (I like that), but anyone can see that it is real.

    It is obvious that most people will not want one of these things in their basement. In a car is possible, although it is going to be even noisier than an internal combustion engine. For a neighborhood power plant or an industrial setting (where people are not supposed to be sleeping :->, it would work.

    But maybe the best about it is that it is going to blow the box away, and theories are going to have to be revamped.

    • Visitor

      Oh, no, not again… these 2 brothers are born-to-scam.
      His brother, closed his big Papp Engine scam (Inteligentry) after sucking big funds from investors and now comes the other one to continue what has already been proven as a great idea for scamming.
      Nice family business these Rohners..

      • Roger Bird

        Visitor, prove it. Prove that what you see on the YouTube is fakery. Yes, I know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. But I am not investing. I am observing, which costs nothing. And it is chicken you-know-what to call everyone a crook. And I admit that it is violating at least one basic law of physics. I still don’t know where the energy is coming from, but I see the dang thing happening over and over and over. Telling me that it is impossible is not enough. I want to see the secret wire or tube coming from underneath the unit. Unless I see prove of fraud, without investing, I am going to assume that they are showing the truth. Otherwise, there is no discovery.

        • GreenWin

          Roger, this is old news but of value to psyops charged with obfuscating LENR truth. In other words, DO NOT FEED THE TR0LLS!

      • Up until now the big complaint has been “no one has actually
        seen a working engine”.

        I think a rotary engine seals the noble gas a little more.

    • robiD

      >but anyone can see it is real

      What is missing is the energy ouput/input ratio.
      If it’s not overunit it’s practically useless because you can use an electric motor that does the same thing in a better way.

      As a personal note, judging by the capacitors’ size and by the voltage which is probably needed for discharge, the input electric energy is greater (by some orders) compared with the mechanical output energy.

      I’m looking forward for (reliable and public) measurements on those devices and in my opinion Rohner should do it as soon as possible (it doesn’t need a perfect working prototype to see overunit behavior) before going on with development.

      • Roger Bird

        I never touch kool-aid. Too much sugar and not enough nutrition. So I agree with you robiD 100% about a public test.

        But I don’t see how a little spark can be equal in energy to all of the work that I am seeing.

        But we will see. And I confess that I don’t see why they don’t get one of these units working in their basement to generate electricity and start selling electricity back to their electric utility company. Then they could fund more and bigger and better projects.

        • Out of my area but …

          I am trying to look up the pricipals at work here as
          mentioned there is little research. The conventional
          theory of gases insist that the rate of themal expansion is is constant between all gases but does not make sense in all conditions… IE: water contracts
          rising from 0 to 4 C, R11 has the greatest rate of thermal expansion.

          What is known is that the plasma shock wave is in the
          order of a 40000/1 gas expansion that for argon is supersonic and not at all consistent with thermal expansion. Also the telsa coil raises 12 volts to 40000
          volts to spark.

          • Roger Bird

            Well, it is most fascinating, and I look forward with extremely keen anticipation for the next installment of news.

            I just love any news that might deflate the egos of smug scientists. (:->)

  • Roger Bird

    I would have expected this from MIT, not Harvard:

    But I guess MIT is too busy trying to deny LENR.

  • Visitor
    • Roger Bird

      I confess that I preferred to look at Jennifer Anniston in her underwear, at the bottom of the second picture.

      Anyway, I believe these photos. Although I wonder how many bald black dudes live in Italy. But, there are a lot of people there. And picking up such a huge object is not going to be cheap. For me, these pictures are very hopeful. And really nice pictures too.

      • Jennifer Anniston’s underwear WILL NOT save the world from CO2 or global warming – I don’t think? Maybe? jdh

        • Roger Bird

          It is NOT Jenny’s underwear that is an issue with my libido.

      • GreenWin

        Roger, you sure Jennifer is not a figment of your imagination? The photos show the e-cat under test. No reason to doubt their veracity or anything else this project has promised.

        Back in 1951 a few of the world’s greatest scientists promised us clean unlimited fusion energy in 20 years. That was 62 years and $270+BILLION taxpayer dollars ago.

        • Roger Bird

          And now the same profession is promising clean, unlimited hot-fusion derived energy in 50 years. Notice the trend.

          I think that the pictures rotate. I went back there and Jenny was gone.

          • Curbina

            The promise of hot fusion is always 30 to 50 years in the future, by design. If only they had not scrapped the much cheaper Z machine, we could already have an Inertial Confined Hot Fusion reactor based on that much more cheaper and easier to control approach for aneutronic fusion, but I guess that was not going to be allowed, at all.

            These pictures of the shipping surely are reassuring, at least there was a fat and revamped e-cat being hauled.

          • Aren’t these the same guys complaining about Rossi and his promises? jdh

    • Chris the 2nd

      Hmm, no photos of inside the box…

    • georgehants

      This was sent to Mr. Rossi, so who has published these photographs.

  • georgehants

    Pietro F.
    April 19th, 2013 at 3:26 AM
    Dear Mr Rossi:
    on the internet has been put in evidence the fact that the person that is reviewing your patent application in the European Patent Office, Ioanna Cristescu, appears to be working in a German consulting firm that works for ITER:
    Conflict of interests?
    buongiorno sig. Rossi,
    su intenet é stato fatto notare che la persona che si occupa del suo brevetto, tale Ioana Cristescu, sembra lavori anche per un laboratorio tedesco con legami col progetto ITER:
    conflitto di interessi?
    Buon lavoro
    Andrea Rossi
    April 19th, 2013 at 8:11 AM
    Dear Pietro F:
    Thank you again, we made a first summary check, and you are right, the Engineer who is reviewing our patent application in the European Patent Office is working with a Consulting Firm that works for a competitor of us. Our attorneys are now considering very seriously the implications. Nonetheless, I still trust in the correctness of the European Patent Office.
    Warm Regards, and again Thank you,
    Andrea Rossi

    • georgehants

      Andrea Rossi
      April 19th, 2013 at 7:43 AM
      Dear Pietro F.:
      Thank you for this very important information, it is already on the table of our attorney for all the necessary due diligence.
      Warm Regards,

      • artefact

        Thanks George, I did not see that post.

        • georgehants

          artefact, no it’s not on the latest page, found it on Visitor’s link to the photo’s (below).

  • Betuswonkel

    Thought maybe this would be of interest to people here.

    Lets hope he succeeds, would be nice to get ride of all the nuclear waste this way.