Soliciting Questions for Rossi Interview

As some of you have noticed, I have been invited to participate in an interview with Andrea Rossi on Tuesday, May 7 (4:30 p.m. ET) on the Smart Scarecrow show. I thought I’d put up a thread where readers could suggest questions that I could put to Rossi. I will choose the questions that I think are best, and that I think have the most chance of getting useful answers. One thing I have learned over the years is that there are some questions that it is rather pointless asking because there are certain things he won’t reveal. I’m looking to use the time and opportunity as productively as possible and would appreciate any suggestions of useful questions to ask.

I can’t promise your question will be asked, but I will certainly consider them all and choose the ones I think will be most useful and interesting.

Thanks to all!

  • Lukedc

    After looking at the pic of the hot cat, we need a straight forward answer on what Rossi thinks is the mechanism behind the effect that is creating the excess heat. Because if that thing was pushing serious gamma radiation then whoever was conducting that test would not be here to today. If the vector for excess heat is the conversion of gamma rays to radiant heat then how is he shielding that 750c beast??

    • Omega Z


      From what I’ve learned over the months, It appears Tungsten & possibly Titanium steel can actually shield Gamma Rays to some degree.

      From others in the research of LENR, Not only shield, but “may” actually Enhance the LENR process.

  • Ken

    Frank, I think the best question i could offer would be…..

    What is your ultimate goal in regards to the E-cat. Do you have a conviction to better the world for your future generations with this technology or is there something else that drives your efforts?



  • lenrdawn

    I would be most interested in the financial structures. Where does the money from licensees go to, how much is it, who really owns which company and ultimately the IP (his partner, some trust, his wife, him), how many e-cats has he delivered over the last two years, how many are in production etc. I think this is an area where his various statements over the years caused the most confusion and an interview would be the perfect place to clear it up. He’ll probably not answer the “how much” part, but he seemed rather vocal when it came to other business matters – only it gets very confusing when you have to pull it together from hundreds of blog posts.
    He probably won’t answer technical questions which could lead to compromising IP and I’m afraid that includes all the interesting ones.

  • Lukedc

    You could really put a cat amongst the pigeons and ask If he fears Defkalion will make it to market before him.

  • captain

    Ask mr.Rossi his ETA for an 1MW hot plant coupled with steam turbines to generate electric current and running in a SSM: as per his words… facts will speak for me!

    The world is waiting just to see E-Cat’s hot dry steam producing electricity with an excellent COP.

    • GreenWin

      “The world…?”

      • captain

        Hi GW, surely not me and u, nor a large part of this blog, but the skeptics and the media, yeah the media 🙂

    • captain

      I’ve seen just now this, BTW.


      Steven N. Karels
      May 3rd, 2013 at 10:00 PM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      After a short, well-deserved rest, I am sure you will be on to your next major achievement. Will be it a production version of a Hot eCat (600C)? Maybe an electric generating power unit? Can you give us any clues?

      Andrea Rossi
      May 4th, 2013 at 5:32 PM

      Dear Steven N. Karels:
      You are right, we now are working on that.
      Warm Regards,

  • John Littlemist

    Here are some thoughts, could be refined further:

    How much suppression and resistance has he faced by the authorities (and their lobbyists) so far?

    How much suppression and resistance does he expect by the authorities (and their lobbyists) once the independent report gets published?

    How is he going to fight the suppression of this new technology by the authorities (and their lobbyists)? What is his strategy?

    Could the strategy involve a disclosure of some of the E-cat secrets at some point?

  • Chris the 2nd

    So many promising prototypes never come to market for general production after promising so much, is this your greatest fear about the E-Cat?

    As an addendum approximately how many years are you from bringing a product that could actually be sold to the general market?

  • georgehants

    As theoretically all questions of importance will be answered with the publication of “the report” Admin should just enjoy the day and (if genuine) the experience of talking to the 2014 Nobel Prize winner.
    Bringing back a signed, something, could be worth a lot in years to come.

    • Chris the 2nd

      Technical questions sure, I’m way more interested in the business side of things to be completely honest

  • daniel maris

    Why haven’t you set up a webcam so we can see some real time observation of the E Cat at work?

  • Sven

    Last autumn he published an SGS testreport regarding the safety compliance of the ecat. Ask him if SGS also tested the COP or efficiency? If so, will that report be published and if not why did he not get this perfectly independent and respected Institute to perform that test? Is it for commercial reasons that he is holding back such a definite evidence that would for sure turn the world upside down or is it difficult to create that type of evidence for some reason?

  • Sergio

    I would be interested to know what Rossi thinks will be the most valued (or the best) qualification for aspiring LENR research and development professionals.

  • Massimo

    Every day thousands of people die for no food, no medicines, cold, lack of water … as a major reward to be remembered as a benefactor of mankind better than money or Nobel Prize

  • bjthinker

    I am curious to know how the “e-cat converting its energy directly to electricity project” is going. It would seem a key development and we have not heard anything of it recently.
    Could you ask a question or two on that?
    Many thanks

  • Sylvie

    Please ask him about the robotized line of production.

  • John Loraditch

    I would be most curious to know if Dr. Rossi has had any serious discussions with oil producing nations

    • John Littlemist

      I wonder whether Rossi would dare to travel to Russia if he got an invitation from oligarchs to attend “business negotiations”… 😀

  • John Loraditch

    Will Dr. Rossi be attending the July meeting in Missouri

  • Ron

    What are the top three applications you hope to tackle using this technology and which ones will become available this year? Possible apps are local electrical power generation, water desalination, transport power, building/home heating, emergency power generation.

  • Herb Gillis

    Have you (Dr. Rossi) thought about how E-cat technology might be applied to the production of liquid fuels- – such as hydrocarbons or alcohols from carbon dioxide and water (and energy)?

    • Omega Z


      How can it be applied to Production of Liquid Alcohols.
      If The Cat comes to market, The number of people celebrating may trigger a shortage. 🙂

  • G_Zingh

    I would be interested in knowing what a typical day (or week) at the factory would look like for Rossi.

    Also if possible what are some of the technical problems he is encountering generating electrical power with the carnot cycle.

  • Buster

    Has there actually been a working E-cat built and shipped to a customer?

    If so, when?

  • Larry Jameson

    When Rossi refers to the customer of his just shipped 1MW warm cat is he referring to his US partner or is he referring to an independent company that has no connection to Leonardo Corp or his US partner other than the purchase of this reactor. I get the feeling from his blog that the customer is actually his US partner who will set up the reactor at one of theirs or their subsidiaries sites to be used as a reference site for their future marketing efforts.

    • How severe do you think the confrontation will be when the E Cat is finally rolled out in great numbers? Do you believe with the other power suppliers – oil, gas, wind, solar, geothermal, electrical utilities – will accept it without a fight?

  • I think of one question to ask Mr Rossi…
    what is his strategy for research ?
    does he plan only to do research himself, or to have partnership with others companies, with institutions … a huge plan , or no plan yet?

    another question is if he can say something about Prometeon…

    Technically, can he estimate the maximum temperature reasonably usable at heat exchanger… if brayton turbine are possible, or simply rankine turbines…

  • jazzy

    multiple small output units seems to be a major barrier to commercialization. what does Rossi’s team think is the limit for heat output per unit, based on their understanding/tests?

  • Chris I

    Yeah, here’s one:

    Why did he not engage a good patent consultant and get his application done properly, specifying every detail necessary to make the thing work (including his 11 herbs & spices) and soon have tons of licensees doing the production work around the globe while he works on improvements?

  • Anthony

    Thousands (?) of people have placed provisional orders for the 10kW E-Cat. Is this still something which you plan to manufacture and, if so, when realistically may it become available ?

    • Bob

      That has already been asked many times on his blog and the answer is always the same. “Waiting on the certification”. He will not say anything different in person and it might annoy him that the same question is continually asked. I take it that the home ecat will never be available.

  • Barry

    Hi Frank, I’m curious whether the new American customer shows signs of being willing to be transparent and share their purchase of the Ecat openly, or do they show signs of wanting to remain private?

    And- what is the progress of a robotized factory and what is his latest game-plan of production?

  • clovis

    Hi guys,
    Ask, if he is going to have a big coming out party, and can we all come and celebrate, with him.

    • clovis

      And how can members of ECW,play a part in his plan for e-cat.

  • John Littlemist

    Rossi has told that the interaction between him and his followers on JONP has been helpful for him. Could he tell something about the tips, suggestions and ideas that he has got from his followers? Could he specify what have been the most valuable to him?

  • Bob

    In view of how long it is taking to get this technology accepted and established into commercial devices, do you think it might be better for everyone, and more profitable for Rossi, to license the technology out to a reputable large company to quickly get it establised and used?
    At the current rate of acceptance and establishment it is possible that the patents will have expired before a reasonable return is made on the design.
    2% of trillions is worth a lot more than 50% of millions. Plus it would be very much faster.

  • Bob

    In view of the fact that the output per reactor unit seems to be getting smaller, it would now appear that the technology is more suited to the original application in 3 to 10 kilowatt home heating applications. Has Rossi given consideration to whether it might be more useful to divert more resources into the certification of a home heating unit rather than just put it on hold until statistics become available from the larger units. That process seems to be taking a long time.

    • Omega Z


      What your suggesting would require several 1000 E-cats running for several years each burning up 1200Kwh per month in a warehouse. Millions of dollars.

      Maybe a dozen commercial units would accomplish the same thing generating income over 1 or 2 years.

      Remember your dealing with the Government here.

      I worked a project where I focused on the Commercial Refrigeration & Large ovens. Making sure everything was to code. Temps, sensors, Etc. Things associated with Health & Safety of both the employees & future customers. Logical Right?

      The Inspectors paid a surprise visit. The barely paid any notice to what “We” would consider important. They got All Bent out of shape over damage to a wall where a door knob had impacted. Threatened to withhold the Business License. A simple wall blemish on a list of to do’s list at the end of the Job.

      What I Learned. Their real concern is that You Know that They are the Boss. They want you to jump threw all their little hoops. Everything else is secondary…

  • Bob

    I and others have always wanted to know why a simple test of heating a 200 litre insulated barrel of water has not been done.
    The calculations are so simple; 4.185 joules to heat each 1CC of water 1 degree C. All you need is a 200 litre barrel, 200 litres of water and a five dollar thermometer.
    Wouldn’t such a test be more convicing and far less open to argument than the expensive and elaborate tests being conducted?

    Is there any reason why this cannot be done?
    Is there some liklihood that such a test will be done in the near future?

    • bhl

      Great question. There is a (1000 liter?) storage container for water next to the blue shipping container. Instruments are attached. What is it used for? Can it be used as Bob recommends? Measure input by measuring the fuel used by the generator.. as well as volts and amps going into the box. Dear Andrea Rossi, please… I want to believe you.

  • Hampus

    1. How many plants have he sold and delivered?
    2. Where were these plants built?
    3. How is his plans for a European factory going?

  • Bill Hill

    Can you ask him about the very first time he realized he had a result that would lead to a commercially viable product? It must have been a very memorable day, not unlike when Edison first made a viable light bulb.

  • Alexvs

    I think that any question you could submit to Mr. Rossi will be answered in his habitual way i.e. scarcely or confusing. The crucial question would be ¿what is the average efficiency of E-cat warm / hot over a period of at least 1000 hours?

  • Hal

    How many 1Mw ecats (of any sort) does he expect to have installed and operational by the end of the year?

    • HarryD

      Further more you could ask if there will be a drop in price for 1MW unit when mass production starts.
      The current 1,5 million is to my opinion way to high when one takes in account that creating 1 MW high value (500 C and 100 bar) steam from natural gas costs around 35 euro in Netherlands and the low grade steam (120 C) is under 10 euro.

      With ROI limited only to the energy produced (without even taking in account the price of energy to be fed and maintenance)it would take 1.500.000/35= approx 43.000 hrs. to produce the energy equivalent of 1,5 million which translates to over 5 years when taking an online time of 8.000 hrs. per year.

      This 5+ years is to much for general business practice and thus it is hoped that Rossi reduces the price a log.
      When Rossi would charge 1500 eur. per 10kW unit installed the price would drop to 150.000 eur. for a 1 MW unit and THEN it becomes a market breaktrough very quickly!

      Remember Rossi communicated a pprice of around 600 dollar for 10kW domestic unit, which would make 1500 for industrial version fair…..
      I guess the market will be waiting for pricedrop and else there will be no revolution, and it would be doubtfull how much units are going to be selled except for some pilots that may be planned but would that be the 5.000 1 MW plants that can be configurated out of production capacity of 500.000 10kW units (last downscaled estimate from Rossi comming from previously mentioned 1 million units per year).

      Frank I think this is an interesting case you can ask Rossi about or even start an topic on 😉

  • artefact

    – COP of the mouse (or the new hot-cat alltogether) /I don’t think he will tell us
    – Are there many bigger companys requesting to do business with him?
    – How many newsagency requests does he get weekly?
    – is he getting contacted by governments?

    – Is he willing to write a book about his e-cat story if you help him? 🙂

    – He said to have many scientists in his team to figure out what works best and how it works. Are there scientists involved who earlier made LENR experiements and are known for that ?????????

  • Marvin Ostrega

    I wonder if Andrea Rossi has tried or reapplied for a U.S. patent? Or, if he is waiting for the third party report to come out? I fear that the longer he waits, the more other scientists and engineers, here in the U.S., will create overlapping patents forcing him to give up on an E-cat patent here.

    • Chris I

      As far as I go, that would be tough for him and no skin off my nose. Cpmpetition would bring greater benefit for folks in general.

  • Joseph Fine

    Is 350 degrees Celsius the stable operating temperature limit? Is that in Self-Sustain mode only or in normal operation (SSM and external heating)? It seems that 350 degrees is far away from the melting point of Nickel (1455 C). Are other safety considerations, e,g, power loss, coolant loss accidents underlying this limit? I thought 500-600 C was a safe operating temperature.

    • artefact

      my guess re the 350 degrees: It is the limit for the hotcat v2 (Tom and Jerry). I think he said Jerry works differently than Tom. Maybe Jerry is like a warm cat that until now is not cappable of higher temperatures.

  • Betuswonkel

    Dear Frank, could you ask why there is no safety glass or something in place on the new hot cat foto? Thank you

    • Betuswonkel

      I was also wondering why Rossi decided to allow an interview with Frank and mr. Sterling in stead of more mainstream news people.

      Does he not receive requests from them? or is he not willing to speak to them because they will not believe him anyway?

      Can we expect more interviews to main stream media once the 3th party report is presented? Thx you

  • bhl

    Why is there only one big blue container and one hot cat in the lab pictured? ( Why are there not rows of hot cats and dozens of shipping containers in various stages of completion?

    Can you clarify that the blue box is going to a customer for actual use in production, or going to a partner for additional research/development?