Andrea Rossi to be Interviewed on Smart Scarecrow Show

Today, May 7th 2013, Andrea Rossi will be a guest on the Smart Scarecrow Show and will be interviewed by the host, Gary Hendershot, Sterling Allan of PESN, and myself (Frank Acland).

You will be able to see the live broadcast, which begins at 4:30 p.m. at the following sites.  (also provides access to active chat room)  (live video feed only)  (active chat room only)

Once the recording is uploaded and processed it will be available for on demand viewing at

I have compiled a list of questions taken from suggestions of readers here at ECW, and will be putting some of them to Andrea Rossi. During the interview I will be monitoring the chat on LENRConnect — if you have any suggestions you would like to shoot me in real time as the interview goes on, please do so in the main chat room there.

Thanks for all the good ideas for questions — I hope we are able to cover most of them.

  • Is that 4:30 pm Eastern USA time?

    • georgehants

      Yup, Admin please change all times to U.K. time as that is the only real time.

      • Zan

        Remember that you drive on the wrong side of the road. 🙂

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          Apparently 75 countries drive on the correct (left) side of the road as we do in the UK, including India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand ( The rest of you are just being contrary.

          • Sean

            I drive in Canada & UK. Wither right or left I see no difference. On a ravine I will walk on the right side as I am right handed. If I were to trip or fall I would be able to grab a branch with my quick right hand. Question is which side of the road is better for the latest ECAT powered car? PS. When flying we always overtake to the right,, internationaly.

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            Stay out of the U.S. It’s dangerous.

            Way to many drive down the Middle.
            It allows Texters a margin of safety being farther from the Edge of the Road.

          • Peter_Roe

            Rather like driving in Wales, then…!

      • Zedshort

        Says someone who only knows how to drive on the wrong side of the road.

  • Torbjörn

    Rossi said that the first 3rd party test was done in Ferrara. Ask him if the second test was done in a another country.

  • GreenWin

    Frank, thanks much for participating; it may well become the stuff of human history. I have no question for Ing Rossi, but hope you will pass along this thought reflective, I believe, of many unspoken sentiments: Thank you Dr. Rossi for your fortitude, conviction and steadfast belief in the benevolence of our universe. It has drawn to it the greatest powers of creation, and will better the human condition. God bless.

    • georgehants

      And remove money that will allow people to find themselves without the continue pressure of self gratification and primeval fear of where tomorrows food will come from.

    • Barry

      “Frank, thanks much for participating; it may well become the stuff of human history.” +1 well put.

      It’s an exciting day. New info is bound to come out. Don’t know if the anticipation is because CF could be about to take a step forward and the world may be becoming a better place or I’m just getting old and exciting things don’t happen as often anymore.

  • Miles

    I have a questions for Rossi, “Where do you see LENR in 1 year from now?”.

    ..And I love the new Poll on the Hot Cat Photo. +1

  • georgehants

    So far although Cold Fusion is shown to be a Fact I have not seen any apologies from the “scientists” who in the past and still, deny, debunk and insult people like P&F.
    Perhaps we could set the ball rolling by a few of the people on page that have laughed at those who have said for a thousand years, based on Evidence, that talking to plants helps their growth.
    Plants ‘talk’ to plants to help them grow
    Having a neighborly chat improves seed germination, finds research in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Ecology.

    • lenrdawn

      Phrases like “Cold Fusion is shown to be a Fact” are not helpful. They give the impression that the cat is in the bag and all we need now is political acceptance, ignoring that there will never be acceptance without reliably showing reproducible effects. “CF is shown to be a fact” sounds as if efforts like MFMP are amateurish struggles to do something which should be child’s play if this assumption was true.

      • georgehants

        I clearly am talking about Cold Fusion, that I think all will agree is proven beyond dispute.
        It seems you wish to interpret that I am talking about the Cat.
        You again interpret an assumption about MFMP.
        I like to keep to Facts and leave made up “opinions” to others.
        May I ask what your opinion is about the past failures of science to do it’s job regarding the “talking to plants” Evidence.

        • lenrdawn

          I am talking about cold fusion, too and “all will agree” is simply your (wrong) assumption and exactly the kind of attitude cold fusion research can do without. You want more acceptance? Then prove it works and stop pretending it already has been (“beyond dispute” no less, which is preposterous) because nobody outside this blog will listen. The MFMP reference should be clear, too. Following your line of thinking, their entire approach would be a pointless waste of time. Read their mission statement.

          • georgehants

            Are you saying Cold Fusion is not proven beyond dispute.

          • lenrdawn

            Are you saying you think it is? What on earth is your definition of “dispute” and where have you been the last 24 years?

          • Roger Bird

            LENR is proven beyond dispute, except for those who aren’t paying attention or who like to dispute.

          • GreenWin


          • Grumpkin

            I will most likely be lambasted but if it has been proven beyond dispute what is the MFMP doing?


            If you are more informed than us and them do us all a favor and recommend some work for them to duplicate.

            Same with you GW and George,

            We have all been waiting for confirmation but some of apparently have already celebrated it.

          • Roger Bird

            This is the same problem that Fleishmann and Pons had. We have reports of lots of replication, but it does not seem that one can take a recipe and ingredients and instructions and just do it. I agree, it is not seeming all that simple. That does not mean that it is unreal. It does mean that we don’t yet know what we are doing.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          To be clear: Some sort of reaction is proven beyond dispute. If that is Cold Fusion is still the question. We now call it LENR, CANR, or simply anomalous energy because we don’t really know if CF is taking place or some other (unknown) process.

      • “Cold Fusion is shown to be a Fact”
        “Fact” – not yet. It is absolutely necessary to separate SCIENTIFIC cold fusion theory and energy reactor TECHNOLOGY (using the name cold fusion). There are some, but not enough ‘products’ and ‘radiations’ as proof that there is FUSION occurring. There is abundant evidence that the Rossi E-Cats are producing lots of heat energy. But are the Rossi reactors, cold fusion reactors? jdh

        • georgehants

          Could I suggest you Google NASA LENR Cold Fusion.

          • Yes, I have seen the NASA videos.
            There is some unknown process that may or may not be fusion. Maybe: jdh

        • Roger Bird

          John, it is not important whether the excess heat thingie is cold fusion or LENR or something else. Later on, when Rossi is selling units from Home Depot, we can fret and worry and find out if the excess heat thingie is two protons colliding (I doubt it), Widom-Larsen (possibly), or any number of other theories, or something entirely different.

          • “it is not important whether the excess heat thingie is cold fusion or LENR”
            Rossi can ‘save the world’ without us knowing what is occurring inside the E-Cat and Hot-Cat – as long as it is producing heat. jdh

        • Warthog

          Well, for the Ni-H (Rossi type) reactors, there is insufficient data to tell what the final products are, but for Pd-D2 reactors, the “ash” is He-4. So the overall reaction is 2D2 –> He-4 (plus heat). NO charged particles, NO ionizing radiation, except those from minor side reactions. That equation looks to ME like “fusion”. Enough experiments have been done and replicated to even yield a rough energy balance, and the heat output is close to what would be expected from the mass deficit of ~24 MEV/formed nucleon.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah George, remember this 503 page book? Let’s not let this fall into the Orwellian memory hole.

      • georgehants

        Alan, thanks for the link, still very few people on these pages have the balls to say Yes science should search only for the Truth and anybody saying otherwise should be removed from one the premier professions.

  • captainfletcher

    A friend told me energy LENR for 2 years and since I follow the news all day.
    I am 65 years old and has a capital to buy solar panels to power my home, question:
    Should I wait for the release of a home, and how long the reactor?
    If I have to wait 10 years it is no longer worth it!
    If not is it better today than I buy solar panels?

    • Peter_Roe

      Rossi has recently said that he has a new design of 2-stage e-cat, which will be used in the next 1MW industrial units, and if home units are ever built then this technology would be transferred, as the ‘old’ COP=6 design would have been barely viable from an economic POV. This would presumably require a redesign of any planned units.

      Rossi has also stated that safety certification for home units would only be possible following a track record of safety in industrial units that use the technology. A figure for this hasn’t been stated, but 2 years of safe industrial usage would probably be a minimum. I think it is very likely that home units will be blocked by vested interests, but even if that is not the case it seems unlikely that they could appear in the near future.

      On the up-side, its possible that electricity costs might decrease slightly as the technology is introduced industrially. Btw, I’m 64 and have recently installed 6m2 of solar water heaters on my roof. (But then I did acquire them very cheaply when the previous owner decided to replace them with solar PV – a decision he now seems to regret as the feed-in tariffs he was expecting have not materialised, but his gas bill has doubled!)

  • Andreiko

    De eenvoud van het basisprincipe van de E-CAT maakt het Dr.Rossi onmogelijk om meer te vertellen dan wat hij tot nu toe gedaan heeft, de technische en economische voorsprong( waar hard aan gewerkt wordt) moet het fundament voor het monopolie worden, als dat verwezenlijkt is zal het woord ,vertrouwelijk,minder door Dr.Rossi gebruikt worden.

  • AB
    • R101

      Thanks AB. Shame I’ll still be sending up ZZZ’s

  • georgehants

    Clarification of Prometeon Ltd.
    about a comment left on the blog.
    ” Prometeon srl with this note states, in relation to the statement of Mr. E. Laureti segnalataci from our collaborator and given below and to other of the same person who appear to have generated similar misunderstanding, that the E-Cat 1 MW heat at low temperature, unlike what has been argued in the above intervention of Mr. Laureti, was and is regularly on sale, but that:
    the above E-Cat heat, if only for known reasons related to the certifications, and the rest as mentioned in our web site in the section ” Products “, could not and can not be purchased at this stage to domestic customers or equivalent (such as the aforementioned owners of villa with swimming pool, owners of greenhouses, etc..);
    the E-Cat could and can be sold to industrial customers without any problems, although at this stage Prometeon reserves the right to pre-select customers and, subsequently, the producer ( Leonardo Corporation ) to select them further on the basis of various criteria to ensure the protection of the PI of the machine.
    Therefore, it is untrue the claim generalized that the E-Cat is not for sale, and those who make such a statement if it assumes personal responsibility. For all other information about the E-Cat to Italy, you certainly do always refer to the only official website: .
    With warmest regards.
    The sales management of Prometeon srl

  • Peter_Roe

    Clearly the British government has utterly failed to get the LENR message.

    In an act of near ins*nity we are now apparently ‘stockpiling’ plutonium from Europe at the already leaking and over-full waste dump in Cumbria, in the hope it can be ‘burned’ in a new generation of reactors. It’s worth noting that the EPR design – as in Hinkley Point C – will be initially licensed for U235 but is capable of accepting MOX (plutonium containing) fuel rods like Fukushima Daiichi 3. Join the dots.

    • georgehants

      Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update for April 30th to May 2nd, 2013
      TEPCO continues to struggle with a worsening situation at its Fukushima Daiichi power plant, as ground water enters reactor buildings at 75 gallons per minute, and then becomes highly contaminated. Coupled with between 200 and 400 tons of water intentionally poured over the reactors each day to keep them cool, officials are scrambling to figure out where to put all of the radioactive water—and will need to do so for years. Recent leaks in belowground storage pits have heightened concerns about storage options and contamination of the ground and nearby ocean. Indeed, greenling fish captured within TEPCO’s port in February contained a record 740,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium, showing that nearby ocean waters there are highly contaminated. Insiders say that TEPCO assumed it would be able to release the water into the ocean, but public opposition to such a plan has been strong, and the international community expressed outrage when the utility did so immediately following the disaster in 2011. Experts warn that radioactive ocean water that washes ashore could evaporate, sending radioactive particles back into the environment to be rained down upon inhabited areas.

    • Grumpkin


      Thanks for the links but all this off topic links clutter up the sight and make it harder for me to peruse through and follow the comments.

      Please start a thread in the forum or your own blog even to soap box these topics.


      • georgehants

        Grumpkin, if the subjects embarrass you please take my advice and skip them.

      • Grumpkin


        You are correct. The frequent off topic postings of a stranger embarrass me.

        However I come here to read comments related to LENR and the E-cat.

        • GreenWin

          Grumpkinder, it is fascinating I hope you’ll agree, how controlling content on a page such as this, appears more important than offering supportive, well researched commentary.

          A good part of reading comprehension is an ability to scan and skip comments not fitting an agenda.

  • Karl

    I started to believe in A. Rossi after a series of interviews and video demos by Mats Lewan and the Swedish professors back early 2011. To my opinion and judgement the body language of Rossi in these interviews could hardly be from a scam actor.

    Having a high tech innovator and entrepreneurial background I believe I understand many of the unorthodox moves. The approach to communicate through his website along with the development process is certainly unique and really smart to my mind. It has perhaps served as kind of a protection as this innovation will have such a great impact on current players. It have certainly kept many of us entertained and hoked to the subject regardless and he certainly seems to enjoy this communication himself.

    Those of us, who believe in LENR, hate naturally the current situation where we cannot be equipped with the proofs that silenced any and all sceptics or pseudo sceptics. The current information is not enough and convenient for any of us (on the side line) to place us on the barricades for the sake of LENR and to really make moves to change the world in a better direction.

    No wonder it is frustrating when we see attempts to start drilling in arctic see, huge investment in nuclear plants continue regardless Fukushima. This is going on when we that follows the LENR saga by now understand that humans virtually just may be at the fingertip from solving the entire energy situation for all future.

    Firstly, I can understand Rossi reluctance to release more proof considering the patent situation regardless of the various opinions of the quality on his patent. There should be a real blame the world patent organisations tor the delays more than Rossi reluctance to release info. These have obviously been too keen on following the early US debunking of anything related to Cold Fusion probably delaying the emergence of the CF/LENR for decades.

    Secondly, we have to expect that the independent verification of the Hot-Cat by the 11 professors should come out with their proofs. I am convinced that if there were no anomalous energy detected we should have been informed about it by now. Let’s hope these professors have the guts to proceed properly and quickly with the scientific publication of the test verification. I case there should be any strong fear to publish the result by reasonable high profiled scientific magazines I suggest the professors should have the courage to publish the result anyway regardless due to the importance if the result is in accordance to earlier prognoses.

    Thirdly, we have the position of his partner. Of course Rossi may have a say to his partner what to release and they need to have some close agreement in this regard. The E-Cat project is happily for us not the only one and it is understandable if Rossi and his partner need to be very concerned in a business perspective.

    It is understandable that advanced technical development takes time. To my judgement Rossi seems to move pretty fast. I judge he still has full control of the company and the development process regardless his partnership, which I think is good. For me there are of course a lot of questions to Rossi can release.

    For example:
    1) do he/they have a theoretical explanation of the process and is it complete or is there any new information he can release here

    2) his best estimate and honest when in time there will be one or preferably a couple of satisfied users of the industrial Warm-Cat, the Hot-Cat.

    3) the Home Cat with the 100 000 thousands pre orders is a clear killer application (and many are waiting) – what more can be said about this product – has there been any changes of the original approach which ware based on the warm cat concept in regard to development better knowledge and in contact with certifiers – and in such case what

    • I agree completely and even my “history of belief” in Rossi is rather similar to yours. By the way, off-topic: today we successfully launched our satellite experiment (ESTCube-1).

      • Karl

        Very interesting Pekka.

      • Pachu


        Nice thing to see how the e-sail does in live action.

      • Lukedc

        ESTCube-1 is Estonia’s first satellite. This 1.3 kg CubeSat was designed and built by students from the University of Tartu with a contribution from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. It will deploy a 10 m-long tether to demonstrate electrostatic manoeuvring through the plasma flow, which could lead to electrostatic solar sails for propellantless interplanetary travel.

        Cool stuff Pekka!

      • georgehants

        Pekka I certainly hope it does more serious science than the Toy truck that NASA has spent billions sending to Mars that apparently can do no more than keep sending pretty photographs of itself back to Earth.
        Just a pathetic self publication exercise to get more billions into the coffers.
        Sod Cold Fusion that could only save millions of lives.

        • georgehants

          Andrea Rossi
          May 7th, 2013 at 7:49 AM

          Dear argon:
          You probably are not informed about the normal times of a scientific publication. Usually from tha date of a test and the date of the publication the average time is 6 months. I hope the publication will be made before this time is elapsed, though.
          I agree with you about the congratulations to Pekka Janhunen.
          Warm Regards,

      • Barry

        Congratulations Pekka.

      • AB

        On board the satellite is an electric solar wind sail (e-sail) which was invented by Finnish scientist Pekka Janhunen. During an ESTCube-1 flight, 10 meters of 20–50 micrometer thick e-sail wire, sometimes referred to as “Heytether,” is deployed from the satellite.

      • Zedshort

        Sorry Pekka, but everytime I read an article I just have to edit it. You’d better check the WP article to see if I have screwed things up. Confused about communication. Are the two frequencies at 437 for link down and the one at 145 for uplink?

      • NJT

        I too join the others here in extending my congratulations on this unique scientific endeavor you have invented and wish you and your team much success…

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Big congrats to you and the team, Pekka. That is quite an achievement!

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, it’s not an ideal world. We just have to remember how F&P were cut to pieces when they threw their pearls before swine. Rossi is an excellent strategist as well as a genius inventor. He knows exactly what he’s up against.

    • Thanks to everyone for congratulations. Hopefully in the future a space version of E-cat becomes available so that we could use both inventions to enable fast moderate cost missions into the outer solar system.

  • cfe

    Perhaps a nice song to introduce the interview, by fellow Italian Eros Ramazzotti…
    “dedicated to all those who remain dreamers … dedicated to all those who are waiting…”

  • georgehants

    If Global Warming is correct or not, it is certain that sciences handling of the phenomenon is incompetent, corrupt and childish to the extreme.
    It is clear that one starts by being aware of the Fact that it is a difficult subject and the possibilities of both Warming and Cooling are possible.
    One then does Bloody Research to try and understand a chaotic science with almost infinite variables.
    The Research should be centralised from the United Nations and the first announcement made that Science does not know the answer, as so far there is not enough clear Evidence but with good Research hopefully a better understanding will be found.
    With the most powerful computers in the World science cannot accurately predict the weather two hours ahead but reports of the kind below show the ridiculous levels to which science, in many areas has allowed itself to fall.
    Study projects hurricanes to increase around Hawaiian Islands by end of century.

    • Grek

      I agree with you 100%, but do you really think this comment belongs on an ECat blog?

      • georgehants

        Grek, thank you, do not be distracted by the people who try to hide the failures of science.
        The clear point is that the horrendous incompetence of science with Cold Fusion is rife in many areas.
        Even people on this page you will notice are apparently incapable of agreeing that Science should only search for the Truth.
        People on these pages should with the example of Cold Fusion, be fully in agreement that such disasters should be avoided in future by showing all areas of incompetence and unscientific behaviour.
        Instead, as I have pointed out, they cannot even agree that Truth is paramount in Science.
        As I mentioned on the previous page regarding Roger Bird. —-
        Roger at least is willing to get into a subject, that I respect, unlike many that just sit with their smug qualifications hugging each others superiority for comfort.
        Of the many occasions I have written that the first rule of Science should be Truth, so far there has not been a stampede of scientists rushing to agree.
        Perhaps I could ask you for your opinion on the failure of science regarding the “talking to plants” that I have linked to below.

        • georgehants

          Wonderful day

        • georgehants

          Wonderful day

        • Andre Blum

          George, many people now have suggested that your postings about global warming are too far off topic.

          You have made your point about its similarities with cold fusion as corrupted science a few times now, and we appreciated that, but to keep posting general global warming articles without explicitly providing some info on why this relates to cold fusion and/or what are new insights relative your earlier postings will confuse newer followers of this forum and annoy the followers that have been around for a longer time.

          • georgehants

            Andre, When you and all scientists state clearly that Truth is the only important thing in science, then there will be no need for me to take that line.
            Please comment on my link regarding “talking to plants” then I can see if you agree that Truth is the only important criteria.

          • Andre Blum


            You choose to stubbornly ignore feedback given to you by many readers. A very big thumb down for that behavior.

          • Roger Bird

            Which feedback are you referring to and why does george need feedback?

          • Andre Blum

            I am referring to:

            – Andre Blum on May 7, 2013 at 2:49 pm
            – robyn wyrick on May 7, 2013 at 2:47 pm
            – Grek on May 7, 2013 at 1:04 pm
            – Grumpkin on May 7, 2013 at 5:13 pm

            and that is only from today. These people have told George that he is too much off topic and cluttering the discussion.

          • GreenWin

            Frankly Andre, I quite enjoy posts and links reminding us daily that “consensus science” has little to do with science. As the failures of climate prediction mirror the failures that denied P&F / cold fusion funding – it is helpful to learn from past mistakes.

    • Chris the 2nd

      The big issue with climate science is that a specific viewpoint is being pushed by activist groups, many in climate science aren’t alarmists and if they were allowed to have a voice without the potential threat to their careers we would have a much less one sided view of what climate scientists really think.

      Also, the big problem with the arguement that loads of scientists agree is that most of them are basing their work off of the same Models. It’s circular logic to say that all this supporting literature supports the premise if the central work it’s all based on is wrong. Which is looking more and more like it is.

      There is very little actual experimentation going on in modern climate science.

      I think the threat to career is where a lot of the scientific mis-carriages come from.

      • Chris Schulz

        “There is very little actual experimentation going on in modern climate science.”

        This would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. I suggest you stop reading whatever source of news you rely on for “information” and start reading journals in climate science.

        There is every conceivable type of experiment going on in climate science, and new and clever ways of obtaining data appear at ever faster rates. We get new satellites every year to increase our understanding of atmospheric physics, we get new land-based, sea-based, ice-based sensor networks every year that provide more data. Statistical analysis of data sets gets better and more specific and better auto-correlated. New ways of inferring data from coral, sediment, microbes, ice, clay, caves, bones, etc. are tested and refined. Mathematical models of geophysics (local, meso-scale, global, even on other planets) are suggested, debated, tested, and sometimes accepted. Computers get bigger, codes faster, modeled physics more refined. Papers are written, theories emerge, theories are shot down by new data, new theories emerge. Huge conferences are held, arguments erupt, fads come and then go when new data and experiments come online. All this is driven by experiment, modelling, and theory.

        Unfortunately all this effort is matched by a well funded disinformation campaign that piggy backs off of a deep seated anti-government, anti-intellectual mindset that pervades the US in particular.

        You should learn to tell the difference.

        • Roger Bird

          But there is no funding for any climate science that does not assume that CO2 is driving global warming, just exactly the same situation as in astronomy. If an astronomer does not believe in the Big Bang (vs. the steady state theory), then that scientist does not get funding and does not get published. This is a fact. This is not how new things are discovered. This is how everything stays the same. The same applies to cancer research and numerous other sciences. It is fear and money based, not science based, not discovery based, not curiosity based. So our scientific establishment is filled with lots of sound and fury, but as far as anything fundamentally new, it signifies nothing.

          • GreenWin

            Well, maybe not “nothing.” But nothing honest in your example.

    • robyn wyrick

      “With the most powerful computers in the World science cannot accurately predict the weather two hours ahead.”

      Sorry, this really is bull. Meteorologists do a fine job with weather prediction.

      And putting aside the fact that Meteorology not Climate Science, there are thousands of Climate Scientists, and your attack on them is just so much character assassination that really doesn’t belong on this site.

      The histories of Cold Fusion research and Climate Science research are utterly different. There is a mountain of climate research supporting the theory of Global Climate Change, going back more than a hundred years. Whereas for Cold Fusion, research was essentially blackballed as soon as it was announced.

      The ability to find error or even corruption in some part of the decades of Climate Science research is not surprising. Just like it was possible for the cigarette companies to raise doubt about the mountains of research showing the link between smoking and lung cancer.

      For the one thing these two issues do have in common is that both Cold Fusion and the theory of Global Climate Change threaten the fossil fuel industry.

      And while I have real respect for you, George, and the efforts of this site to promote the excellent work being done (mostly in obscurity) to expand on the discoveries of Fleischmann and Pons (among others), it is simply a radical disservice to conflate these discussions.

      The Global Climate debate doesn’t belong here.

      • GreenWin

        It is fair to say few people here question the claim of global climate change – it changes naturally. Just as many scientists dispute the consensus on cold fusion, many scientists dispute the AGW theory.

  • artefact

    Alain Sepeda von Vortex found:

    citing cold fusion as usual example.

    • Karl

      Yes a bad example. In the case of Cold Fusion the article bluntly link to wikipedia where Cold Fusion is obviously controlled by a team of debunkers.

  • lcd

    ask him why the testers can’t simply release an abstract.

    since most scientific studies are not done in secrecy ask him why there is so much secrecy surrounding this one?

    And finally ask him if the rumors that he still does not have total control of the reaction are true?

  • georgehants

    Maybe time for the silent majority to creep out of their caves and start realising that every decision made today will effect our children and grandchildren.
    We cannot with any clear conscience allow the establishment to dictate their future, we must take the responsibility ourselves.
    Cold Fusion has been a disaster of science in it’s assumed goal of enhancing the future for all people.
    Every Scientist has a responsibility to be Truthful, to not follow “opinion,” to not follow “peers,” to not follow “premier journals” or the “establishment” but to follow Truth.
    Thousands die every day because of the lack of clean water, how would we feel if that where our children.
    Standup and fight for Truth, no excuses.
    No Establishment funds have been allocated to Cold Fusion, billions are given to Hot Fusion, billions given to Toys on Mars just to maintain positions of prestige and power.
    It is our fault not theirs, that we allow such injustices.
    If Mr. Rossi is genuine it will be very interesting to see how quickly he moves away from a capitalistic desire for money and power and shows the concern for all people that each of us should embrace.

    • georgehants “Cold Fusion has been a disaster of science”
      I totally agree with you. The fact that guys like Bob Parks can get the patent office to ignore cold fusion and influence U.S. Gov. to continue supporting and building nuclear plants, tells us they may try to derail the Rossi E-Cats. If we could only UNITE the good people of the world to stand up to these BULLIES and ensure a good future for our children and grandchildren. THE STAKES ARE HIGH! LET’S DO SOMETHING? jdh

      • GreenWin

        Indeed. Park is one of the ringleaders who is now under non-official investigation for influence peddling and malfeasance. His and others’ behavior with respect to CF is typical of the way orthodox science refuses to research phenomena outside their narrowed vision.

        While Andre might believe some comments here OT and disturbing to his world view, let’s keep in mind that cold fusion/LENR has been relegated to the “fringe” for 23 years. We are learning this was done by a handful of academic ringleaders who were protecting their infinitely narrow understanding of science.

        That is changing every day. Cold fusion is a disruptive technology that forces the orthodoxy to either admit it has been wrong, or manipulated knowledge and science so as to exclude CF from benefiting mankind. It ALL will come out in the wash.

    • Roger Bird

      Another thing that many people who fancy that they are thinking people is that they will only look at “reputable” sources. I told the person who used that word ON me, “reputable means that someone else thought for you and decided what was OK for you to think.” And in that subject matter (mental health), reputable sources are sources that don’t work. Hot fusion is not working; so such sources may be “reputable”, but they are useless. THEY DON’T WORK.

  • Sweeney

    Ask him if he were to wager a guess, knowing all that he knows about the progress of his devices, when he thinks the E-Cat will be discussed and debated by main-stream media outlets(e.g. Associated Press, etc.)

    • Roger Bird

      I guarantee that his response will be something along the lines of “I don’t know”, which to me is the best answer.

  • georgehants

    NASA does not say it’s time to get serious about Cold Fusion but serious about Going to Mars.
    Is there anybody on page that can see the stupidity of such an announcement.
    It’s Time to Get Serious About Going to Mars, NASA Says

    • Kim

      Its a madness unequaled.

      Money “the final frontier”

      NASA has to support itself; and have ever greater flows of money… Lets go Mars!

      Its a self limiting mind set, unfortunately
      me and you will not see the final play of this
      “money mind set” in our life time (our children will)

      Every thing in human existence has to thread
      through the money filter and it distorts reality big time.


      • Karl

        Perhaps in the end money might not be needed – only knowledge

        • Kim


    • Colonising the solar system is often motivated by the need of spawning backup populations of humans and other organisms on more than one planet or place. If Earth is destroyed by a large impact (which is unlikely, but possible), the other colonies would remain and could also re-inhabit earth. Many agree on this point, but some debate is going on whether it makes sense to put humans to Mars in the next 20 years or would it be better to use resources to developing robotic technologies as groundwork for supporting more distant future space exploration and colonisation (e.g., asteroid resource utilisation). Cold fusion appears to me as rather uncorrelated with these questions, except that of course also Mars surface operations would significantly benefit from availability of CF.

    • Sweeney

      One is certain to advance technology while the other is, at this stage, still just speculation. I do not believe the case for LENR funding over human space exploration is as obvious as you make it out to be.

      • Roger Bird

        Sweeney, this is because you have not paid as much attention to LENR as many of the rest of us have. When you come to realize that LENR is not speculation but reality, then you might understand why going to Mars is not quite as important as LENR. You might check out “Mike McKubre” on say YouTube. There are 8 videos. Mike McKubre is the person who made me a believer. And there are many, many other replicators. Going to Mars will certainly spawn a lot of technology and open up a lot of scientific vistas, but so also will LENR. The whole idea of using the weak nuclear force will greatly expand human technology and knowledge. But, LENR will keep 7 billion people warm, and going to Mars will risk a freezing death of perhaps a handful of people. And the loneliness, OMG. I hope that they send more than one gender, but not more than 2. (:->)

        • Just a detail: the Nasa man Zawodny who speaks about LENR tends to mention the weak force in the context, but it’s only speculation which is not supported as far as I know by evidence. I would guess the opposite: the weak force relates to radioactivity while the strong force might have a chance to be clean. (But I wouldn’t claim that; I wouldn’t say anything firm about theory at this point because the mystery remains open.)

          • Roger Bird

            Anyone who says that it is definitely the weak force or who says that they know exactly what is going on down there in the LENR reaction is confused by their own arrogance. [Pekka, I am agreeing with you.]

        • Sweeney

          I’m not sure why you assume that I have not been paying attention especially since I am posting on a blog devoted to LENR. I’m actually a daily reader for the last 2 plus years. Still, there is no hard data to support the LENR claim. I believe in the work of Zawodny, Rossi, et. al. but still, without a consumer product or reliable third party proof, we cannot and should not make assumptions. What your’e doing is closer to religion than science.

          • Roger Bird

            Sweeney, you have to take someone’s word for most everything. I believe in the Theory of Relative even though I have never tested. I have never photographed those misplaced stars during a solar eclipse. I have never tested the speed of light, yet I believe what people tell me about it. I believe Mike McKubre et. al. Why should I not, and why is that closer to religion when my belief in the Theory of Relative isn’t?

            This is really about being as close to the evidence as possible and believing those who are right in front of the apparatus.

            There are very few things that we can believe in from our own experience. Bruce Fast, a frequent poster and a blogger in his own right, believes that low carb diets work, because he tried it himself. Even though LENR is relatively inexpensive, there is no way that I could afford to play around with that kind of equipment, plus my wife would kill me if I tried. (:->) So I have to take someone’s word for it.

            Remember, Sweeney, there is a lot of credibility when someone risks his career saying something is true. McKubre et. al. have risked their careers.

          • GreenWin

            “If you don’t believe there is a real [LENR] anomalous heat effect, then you are being ignorant of the data.” Dr. Robert Duncan, Vice-Chancellor Research, University Missouri.

            By now it is only such ignorance that denies the mountain of data from LENR.

    • Omega Z

      I would speculate that 1 begets the other as to why NASA is on-board LENR Development.

      Space Exploration will require astronomical amounts of Energy That’s Economically obtainable. LENR is the only source that truly fits the bill in all categories. If it works in Space?

  • georgehants

    Now don’t be shy lets have all the qualified scientists debunking NASA photographs.
    Disc-Shaped UFO Captured Above Earth by Nasa
    “This indicates the craft is there. Apparently Nasa astronauts thought this was interesting enough to take some photos of it and one accidentally made it onto the Nasa public site,” Waring added.

    • Andre Blum


      for bringing UFOs to this forum.

      • Roger Bird

        Why? Just because most of us don’t believe in little green men in UFOs does not mean that it should be excluded from discussion. This blog is “Epistemology Central for Planet Earth”. If you haven’t noticed, something very strange is going on with UFOs and Bigfoot and crop circles etc. What is strange is that MANY people over many years are eye-witnesses, yet there is NO hard evidence. This creates an epistemological conundrum, just exactly like LENR. Hardcore fusion physicists say that it is impossssssible. But decent, honest scientists and others say it is real and that they have eye-balled it. There is even a very young physicists in Italy, very smashingly good looking, who has put the next 50 years of his professional life on the line by saying that LENR is real. [“Young” is important in that sentence because he has so much to risk. “very smashingly good looking” is important so that perhaps someone will give us his name.]

        • Stop looking for “hard evidence”, there is none. NO crashed saucers or dead alien bodies. Some ghosts, apparitions, and unidentified flying objects are
          plasma images, created by some UNKNOWN INTELLIGENCE.

          • Roger Bird

            John, I am not looking for hard evidence for those things. I was making a philosophical point, but I guess you missed it.

      • georgehants

        Andre, do you think science should debunk either Cold Fusion or UFO’s.

        • Roger Bird

          Not Andre here, but good question georgehants, the way that you put it. Yes, the scientist should be looking for the truth. Their job is not to debunk anything. The debunking job should be left to failed magicians. The scientists job is to find the truth.

          • buffalo

            @roger bird,its gona be one hell of a wild goose chase if you are going to send scientists on a hunt for aliens.i refuse to let them tax me on this.

          • Roger Bird

            Believe it or not, buffalo, some scientist don’t work for the government. But I find it very curious that not only are no scientists working on anything edgy, but they are NOT even working on the phenomena of so many people believing that these phenomena are real. I don’t think that it is a conspiracy. I think that it is a matter of gutlessness, fear, cowardice, and the fear of losing funding.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Wrong reply. Please remove

  • Roger Bird

    The Interview is at 4:30 EASTERN. It has been pushed up 1.5 hours, which means that I will not be able to watch it live. DANG!!!!

  • Andre Blum


    Today I have, again, felt the need to give some short reactions to posts that make my visits here a bit less pleasant. With me, at least two others reacted the same. Others may have sighed over my remarks.

    I do not come here to argue with people and don’t want to start crusading against bad postings, so I will try to refrain from that from now on and leave this to others, after I have made the following points:

    Your section on posting rules — accessible by the ‘posting rules’ button in the top menu — actually does not contain a list or description of posting rules, but rather is an explanation of how moderation works on e-catworld. It is not something we, as readers, can refer to.

    I hope we can all agree we do not need real posting rules, yet. Still, some pointers on good behavior may be a helpful addition.

    I am specifically thinking of spending some words to prevent the following:

    1. massive posting (without real content)

    Some users periodically have a 20 to 30 percent share in the number of reactions, even on popular articles. This would be fine with me if there is relevant info in most of these posts. However, (or maybe consequently) these posts often do not bring new insights, but seem to be reactions out of enthusiasm, showing agreement, involvement, etc.

    I would not like to discourage *anyone* from posting what is on their mind, also not if it is out of enthusiasm, but please, everyone, try to always think about the value of your posts. 30 posts a day cannot all be of high value to others.

    2. structural off topic posting

    Many words have been said about this already, and the general consensus seems to be that off topic posting is welcome — some say very welcome, especially in times without much relevant news.
    I agree that bringing in new viewpoints and contexts is healthy, even if far fetched.

    But care should be taken to not let the off topics become a structural topic. This forum is first and foremost about LENR and the E-cat. Repetitive discussion of nonrelated or just slightly related topics should be prevented, especially if no new major insight can be reported.

    My 2 cents, would be interested to hear what others think.

    • AB

      You have my solidarity. I’m not opposed to off topic posts, I actually think they add some variety to the content on this site as long as they are of a decent quality. What I don’t like is opinions being repeated over and over again. It is not the message that disturbs me, but the fundamentalism.

      “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

      • Zedshort

        Thanks for the quote. I have searched for the source for some time. I wonder if Nietzsche was paraphrasing some other earlier source. I had the impression that it was a rather ancient saying.

    • KayaCliff

      I have enjoyed coming to this site to learn about the e-cat and other LENR topics, not to read about UFOs or wade thru 20+ posts a day by one person.

    • lenrdawn

      I’m sure there are lots of blogs dedicated to UFO sightings, AGW denial, misconduct in medical science and general ranting against democracy. I don’t post on any of them but if I had to say something about any of those subjects and it wasn’t LENR related, I’d do it there rather than here. Unfortunately I don’t have that option when it comes to trying to avoid reading about that stuff – so I totally agree with Andre.

    • Thanks for bringing this up Andre. You make some good points. I have been reluctant to set hard and fast rules about what people can post about, not wanting to stop interesting topics from coming to peoples attention — but you are right that this site primarily deals with E-Cat and LENR.

      I realize that this technology is of such a nature that it has the potential to have an impact in a wide range of areas, and therefore it is hard stop people commenting on politics, economics, science, media, etc.

      I’m going to take your post under consideration. I would hope that common sense and good manners would dictate what and how people post here, but I do see that there could be a need for some more structured guidelines.

      Thanks for bringing up the issue.



      • Zedshort

        I suspect all you need to do is to take some of those ideas and make them semi-official and so, add a little damping to the system. Damping is good.

    • HHiram

      I could not agree more. Posts about climate change conspiracies and UFOs serve to relegate LENR to the crackpot fringe, and are a large part of why LENR is not yet taken seriously by the scientific community or by government officials. It is frustrating how a few individual users turn a forum about LENR into their own personal tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory soap box. There are plenty of other places on the internet for that nonsense.

      • Torbjörn

        I could not agree more.

      • Peter_Roe

        “personal tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory soap box” Wow – I think you may be letting your petticoats show a little there, HHiram. Not everything that fails to appear in your friendly mass-media fake reality world is necessarily the province of people who dribble on their keyboards.

        That said, this is a forum for LENR, and there are probably many more people out there with the same narrow-minded attitudes that your post demonstrates, who would draw the unwanted associations you suggest. So I reluctantly concur that as things get closer to a denouement, we should probably try to stay on topic most of the time.

        However, as many energy-related topics are connected to cold fusion (albeit sometimes tenuously) and other topics, for instance climate change, are indirectly connected, I for one would feel that this site would be poorer in the total absence of such posts.

        • Peter, I agree with you about the multitude of energy-related topics that are related to LENR, and I don’t want to stop people from bringing them up.

          The topic that seems to get people quite agitated here is the AGW debate. I wouldn’t say it’s off topic — but ECW is not the site to conduct the debate. If it’s possible to occasionally express your opinion and then be quiet, I think that is okay.

          And for sure, people should not be getting into personal attacks with other posters here.

          • Hal

            Dear Admin
            I presume you are all talking about Georgehants.
            He has frequently apologised for his ‘off topic’ posts and has generally only posted them when there is nothing else going on, so trying to keep the blog active and moving. If people don’t like George’s view of the world perhaps when things are quiet they could post their own views

          • Peter_Roe


        • GreenWin

          Well said Peter. In as much as evidence demonstrates certain parties have ignored or retarded research and development of CF these past 23 years, we have reason to inquire why. Clearly LENR/CF is a highly disruptive technology that will substantially alter the geopolitical landscape on Earth.

          Discussing reasons for overt and covert suppression of this and tangential technologies is, IMO, within the domain of topic here. Interestingly many who support LENR do not buy into the climate agenda. Support for alternative energy is often based on that agenda. The social science of both are valuable discussions as it often reflects the consensus attitude of political and academic life.

          Looking forward to AR interview Admin!

          • sam

            administrator and george
            while i sometimes think that georges talk about AGW may be off topic,i wonder if the science has actually been done to demonstrate that. i mean, in times when the sun is in a period of cooling, as the rusian data is showing, is, lenr, actually keeping the temperatures here on earth moderated?


    • Torbjörn

      I agree, and I know who you are talking about.

    • GreenWin

      A Google search for “e-cat websites” returns 543,000,000 results. There seem to be many alternatives.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I do side with Andre here on the topic of focus on LENR.

      If we take LENR as an example: It took me many hours of digging through youtube video’s from McKubre, Storms and many others, reading up on protons, neutrons and electrons, looking at the Rossi demonstration video’s, listening to interviews, reading comments on fora, etc. I think I have made up my mind about LENR after due research and some well founded conclusions.

      Now take some of the stuff that Georgehants is presenting. Some of that is in the region of controversial, extremely different to prove (as opposed to LENR which is demonstrably proven to exist), vague or very experimental and therefore more emotional than rational in nature. If you are rational minded like me rather than emotional minded, then those subjects, although they cannot be dismissed altogether, do not have a place in a serious LENR discussion forum.

      When you combine LENR with Bigfoot, Global Warming and UFO’s, you may as well add Vampires and Zombies too and then go on with Near Death Experiences, Telepathy, and so on. If, like this site you want to present LENR as a viable energy source and then combine it with the topics above, you will scare many people away or have them make up their mind negatively about LENR as it is now also associated with the aforementioned topics.

      I really do respect George and what he is trying to do. Mostly I find his contributions very valuable and I appreciate the time and thought he spends in finding and presenting his topics.
      However I also believe that some of his subjects should be presented in a different dedicated thread so as not to contaminate the LENR issue. That would be a thread for UFO’s, Global Warming, Bigfoot, Rosswell, Near Death Experience, Telepathy, etc.

  • walker

    For those looking to find out what time the broadcast is in their Local Time.

    Go Here:
    Then select the

    Put in 4:30 PM; USA New York, New York; for EDT or East Coast USA time and enter you time zone/location then press Convert Time.

    For Future Referense; there is an Event Time function on the site that websites can use to put a counter for an event on your website. There are a whole bunch of apps on the site for international meeting arrangment and the like.

  • Roger Bird

    I will agree that the tin-foil hat theory is true. Although I love these epistemological discussions, we could be hurting LENR if we do this a lot. It is unrealistic to think that some people won’t be turned off if we start discussing UFOs.

    • I have to agree. All the discussions about AGW and UFOs can be a bit distracting and will turn a lot of great open minds off from this site and by association, LENR. I do not mean to offend anyone, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions about these subjects, however I think the best discussions on this site are the ones that focus on the new fire.

      There is so much yet to consider and discuss about LENR, including advancing the science, breaking the through veils of secrecy/mystery and ultimately getting to a commercial LENR product that can change this planet whether via Rossi, DGT, Brillouin, MFMP or other means. Some of the posters here are brilliant and truly add a lot to the field.

      There are plenty of other great sites out there for these other topics. And if you cant find one you like and are truly passionate about it, start one.

      Just my 2 cents.

  • artefact

    no UFOs! 😉 :

    May 11-12:Conference:Technologies for Energy Systems


    14.30 Clock Current Status of E-Cat technology of Andrea Rossi
    Marketing and sales in Germany and Switzerland
    Hartmut Dobler, CEO of E-Cat-Germany GmbH, wine city / DE
    Adolf Schneider, Dipl.-Ing., CEO TransAltec AG, Zurich / CH

    15.30 clock concepts for an autonomous electric car
    Drive technology on the basis of LENR / Cold Fusion
    Nicholas Chauvin, M.Sc., CEO of Micro Engineering & Robotis, Lausanne / CH

    • artefact

      The reason for giving an interview today, to give some new information e-Cat-Germany can present at the converence?

    • LENR together in one pot with Keshe and Noble Gas Engines… I think this isn’t a good idea.
      Bad marketing.

      Adolf Schneider in his element… 🙁
      Adolf Schneider also supported vacuum energy devices in the past. He’s a very dubious man.

  • artefact

    one hour remaining

  • on twitter on 2:28 PM – 6 Mai 2013

    Big news are coming soon… #LENR #Coldfusion #Greenenergy

    Did they mean the coming interview?

    • artefact


      Maybe they mean information given in the interview.

    • Teemu

      Are we sure that this is the official E-Cat Twitter account?

      • No, we are not sure. On the Site is no reference to this twitter account 🙁
        But I believe this account is up since years, and this was the first tweet!

        On the other hand, are we sure about anything regarding the E-cat? 😉

    • Chris the 2nd

      They have now tweeted this

      Listening in to The SScS. Not much time left now…are you ready for the big news? #LENR #Revolution #Greenenergy #Coldfusion #Futureenergy

      seems they are suggesting there will be an announcement at the end

      • I hope so.
        But so far I’m very disappointed about the interview (it’s still running).

      • Interview finished, and realy nothing interesting or new was said. 🙁

        Just again much blabla about future plans and COPs…

        • artefact

          just 3 grams of fuel in the new hotcat

  • Teemu

    10 min, omgomgomg!!

    • artefact

      Where is pg when you need him?

  • Sanjeev

    About 200 people there.
    Rossi’s partner will sell the electricity to public, which will be generated using the Ecat just shipped.
    This is the important thing he said answering to Frank.

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      He mentioned that the partner would start out by selling heat from the thermal plant just shipped. I didn’t hear that about electricity, but I was distracted at times.

      • Only heat, not electricity.

      • Sanjeev

        Thanks. I see. May be I heard too much. Sometimes his voice is not clear.

  • Omega Z

    Considering all the players, Government Agencies, Corporations, & Scientists involved- The Data Available,

    The “Phenomena” (CF/LENR/?? is proven.

    At discussion is-Can it be Reliably repeated?

    And Most Important-Can it be scaled up for Practical Economical USE?

    To Date- These 2 things are unresolved as Proven Fact. At least to those outside the Inner Circles.

    Which is why most of us posting here post with assumed “Caveat/Implied IF”

  • Fibber McGourlick

    I look forward to reading a summary of the important revelations/plans, if it’s offered somewhere.

    • AstralProjectee


  • Lu

    Youtube upload is now available: (1:39:05)

    Only caught the last part and didn’t hear anything new.

  • Roger Bird

    Is there a one page synopsis of the interview somewhere? I mean a reality oriented synopsis, not a cheering or jeering synopsis.

    • Not yet, Roger. It was quite long and I think we covered 20-30 questions. I may go back and see if I can summarize the answers.