What Do They Know at Ecat.com? [Updated]

A couple of intriguing tweets have shown up over the last two days on the Ecat.com Twitter feed. Actually there are only two tweets in the whole account, so it looks like it was set up only recently. Here’s what they say:

May 6: “Big news are coming soon… #LENR #Coldfusion #Greenenergy”

May 7: “Listening in to The SScS. Not much time left now…are you ready for the big news? #LENR #Revolution #Greenenergy #Coldfusion #Futureenergy

Ecat.com is a web site run by the Swedish team who also run the Hydro Fusion company — which is the licensee for Ecat products in Scandinavia and northern Europe, as I understand things. They state on their site that it is “The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, E-Cat”. I think they are independent of Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation, but there is some kind of official connection it seems.

Anyway, I wonder what those tweets mean. The writers surely must know that there is a high level of expectation in regards to the 3rd party testing — do these tweets mean that they know when it is coming out? If so, I wish they’d say some more!


I went on Twitter and replied to the Ecat.com tweet with this question:

@ecatdotcom Hi, sounds interesting — any more details about the news you’re expecting? Anything to do with the E-Cat 3rd party report?

They replied:

@frank_acland Hi Frank, sorry can’t share any details just yet. But it’s worth waiting for. Keep up your great work!

In an additional tweet they said:

We know what’s coming…can you feel the excitement? It’s close now… #LENR #Coldfusion #Ecatworld #BigNews

So it seems that they are talking about the 3rd party report, and appear to know something positive about it. No time frame, however, so we keep waiting.

  • buffalo

    i wonder what sscs could be..

    • Smart Scarecrow Show, I believe. This was posted yesterday around the time of the interview.

      • buffalo

        aha.could very well be refering to 3rd party results yes.’big’news

        • I’ve sent an email to the company asking for more information about what they might be referring to. No response yet.

          • KD

            Those guys all over the word, who applied for licensing from Rossi are expecting for something. For some kind of business coming from this.
            They are curious the same ways as we are.
            But the E-Cat still is in developing process.
            Rossi spend lots money and his work all over many ears.
            And in the process of testing is coming something new, which needs additional research and testing.
            So the IP is most important for him.
            And from ours point of view, we expecting explanation of full process what is going on in the E-Cat.

        • Independent 3rd Party (pos) news would be a wake up call to the world: THE ERA OF DANGEROUS, DIRTY, COSTLY ENERGY WILL SOON BE OVER! Rossi, the Wizard of Italia is coming to save the world! jdh

          • KD

            Don’t be so sure.
            Anything new need to be research and tested. I believe, that Rossi have something, but it need a lots of more research and tasting and time to develop working economically device.
            It is chip to observe, and to criticize. But it need something more to find something new, to develop something.

          • Dave

            No. Either Rossi has a world-changing invention or he has absolutely nothing. There can’t be a middle ground based on what Rossi has said about the E-Cat. If it really works as he says, he or someone else could produce E-Cat based products right now.

  • AB

    Judging from past experiences, the big news will probably be an announcement that the real big news will be announced soon.

    OK, these guys are not Rossi so maybe there will be some real new information.

    I wonder what SScS stands for.

    • Ged

      SScS… that’s a good question. Nothing I see for that acronym on google/wikipedia seems relevant though.

      • I think they meant the Smart Scarecrow Show, which had Rossi on yesterday.

    • Andy Kumar

      Recursive News. Evolution of News in the internet age. -:)

  • artefact

    I whish the story would be as open as in earlyer days (bevore he got a management). I found the older video on the ecatdotcom youtube chanel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhvD4KuAEmo&feature=player_embedded

    Roland Petterson, Levi, Matts Lewan, Focardi, other people, reactors, ..

  • Hal

    ‘move along! move along! nothing to see here folks’
    my best guess
    sorry but if there was any big news coming I’m sure Rossi would have said something in the interview.:(

  • I guess the guys from ecat.com expected some interesting news during the interview yesterday.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    The really great new website will be online at any moment now?

  • GreenWin

    Meanwhile, not sure if this Physics Today article was posted here in March:

    “Son of cold fusion: Forbes.com returns attention to low-energy nuclear reactions” By Steven T. Corneliussen

    Spirited interest from two NASA scientists leads to new information about an old controversy.


    Comments regarding nanoparticles (lattice geometry) from H. Veeder are especially interesting. As is maryugo’s desultory “…very discouraging,” confession.

  • artefact

    From JONP

    Andrea Rossi
    May 8th, 2013 at 4:29 PM
    Dear Brian:
    The plant you saw in the photo has been made in the factory of Bologna, but recently it has been transferred to our factory of Ferrara, bigger and well supplied, to be modified with the application of new technologies, to be delivered to our USA Partner, who tested it in a 24 straight hours test on April 30 and May 1.
    At the same time in the USA has been started the manufacturing process. All the next plants will be delivered from the USA factory, while in Ferrara will remain the production of experimental prototypes and relative tests.
    Warm Regards,

    • Bob

      Again ambiguous.
      Is the plant still to be modified and then delivered? or has it been modified already, tested, and now awaiting delivery.
      Always questions.
      Also, without checking, I seem to recollect similar statements over the last year which said the old ecat was still in Italy and the new ecat which was delivered to the ‘secret military customer’ was produced in the USA, at an unspecified location I might add.
      This makes it all the more strange that the new partner would bother to freight over the old ecat when they can produce a new one complete with the ‘new technologies’.
      Really, fitting the ‘new technologies’ would have to include the complete replacement of the reactor modules to a more easily servicable configuration so the only thing being freighted really is the shipping container. It would be cheaper just to pick one up in the USA.
      Dang! My curiosity got the better of me,.. I had to check,.. this might be one of them.
      From JONP
      November 18th, 2012 at 4:33 AM
      Dear Francesco Toro:
      We are making a gas fueled, 1 MW Hot Cat that will be installed in a world class Major Company, after a huge contract made between Leonardo Corp and this Company. The contract has been made after a test campaign made in the USA. The plant is made in the USA. I am not allowed, so far, to give more information. Information will be released after the plant will have been operating for enough time to consider it consolidated.
      Warm Regards,

      Although that pales into insignificance compared to an earlier announcement;-
      Andrea Rossi
      August 7th, 2011 at 3:59 PM
      […] But the tech must go on, we signed a tremendous contract in the USA. The Customer has already made plans for 1,000 plants in the USA, and has the financial dimension for this[…]

      I could go on but perhaps you have got the message already.

      • artefact

        ” I am not allowed, so far, to give more information. Information will be released after the plant will have been operating for enough time to consider it consolidated.”
        mhhh, is he not allowed to mention it at all?

  • artefact


    Plasma engine reproduced; now optimizing for efficiency


    • catbauer24

      Joseph Papp was a known scammer, and a man died because of HIS worthless device, whatever it was (not a FE device for sure). I grow very tired of the countless ‘plasma engine’ spam posts I see popping as ‘replies’ to every blog post.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Eugene Mallove thought it was real.


        • catbauer24

          He also believed in orgone energy:

          The papp engine works just as well as an orgone motor: it doesn’t. That makes at least two scammers Mallove gave credence to…

          • Roger Bird

            I am not really defending Papp, Roberts, and Rohner when I say with a great deal of irritation, “PROVE IT!!!” What I am defending is open inquiry, and I am attacking your ad hominen argumentation, which is reprehensible. [Gee, I said that without saying any bad words.] We already know that if what they say is true that it violates the laws of physics. You may worship your laws of physics, but I don’t. They are merely patterns by which we understand physical life. Whether they are true always and forever is unproven and unprovable.

      • Andre Blum

        His brother’s company intelligentry got raided by the FBI recently: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/2013/lr22639.htm

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yes but didn’t Michael McKubre test it and thought it was real? I may be wrong.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            It’s not unfined. It’s Alan DeAngelis
            Yes but didn’t Michael McKubre test some sort of Papp type engine and thought it was real? I may be wrong.

          • Roger Bird

            Michael McKubre is one of my LENR heroes. I would love to see him on video saying that Papp-Rohner is real.

            I am a little dismayed at all of these people who cast aspersions at LENR and Papp-Rohner; I would think that they would be thrilled at a new and exciting frontier of inquiry and exploration.

          • catbauer24

            don’t confuse LENR research with scams and deception descending from the great Joseph Papp, who gave the world multiple hoaxes, and nothing else.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Thanks for setting me straight. Some authority figure told us that cold fusion was the scientific fiasco of the century. http://books.google.com/books?id=WFgYAQAAMAAJ&q=coldfusion+fiasco+of+the+21st+century&dq=coldfusion+fiasco+of+the+21st+century&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vV6LUabFDtHl0AGvr4DIAQ&ved=0CEoQ6AEwBA So, I guess we shouldn’t believe anything on this website either. So, from now on I’ll just get my news from the king’s messenger and the pope’s bulletin.

          • Roger Bird

            And experts were saying that heavier-than-air flight was impossible, in 1906. This does not prove LENR or Rossi. I DOES prove that listening to experts can often be foolish.

          • Bob

            I think there is still far more probability that something will come from LENR than there is from Papp- Rohner.
            Although I take the probablity of the Papp plasmic transition process ever producing surplus energy as the new definition of zero.
            I do like to watch the vids though. Anything that goes bang is worth watching. 🙂

          • Roger Bird

            My list of weird stuff being true, with the most likely for me on top is:

            Solar Climate Change
            Crop Circles
            Congress Being Honest
            FDA Being Honest
            Ted Bundy Being an All Around Nice Guy

          • Alan DeAngelis

            By it I meant some sort of Papp type engine.

          • catbauer24

            he’s been ‘semi-hooked ever since’ (his exact words). That’s hardly a glowing endorsement, he has serious reservations obviously, but wants to ‘encourage’ tinkers. In other words, McKubre was not convinced, simply stated.

          • Roger Bird

            I will actually believe McKubre. I don’t believe you. I hope that you take that is an insult. Where did McKubre say this?

        • Roger Bird

          I guess that they should have returned that book about hydraulics to the library.

      • Roger Bird

        So much of science is based upon the conservation of matter and the conservation of energy. Einstein sort of put a slight chink in that idea by combining the two. But they are still unprovable assumptions. catbauer24, I really find your attitude to be worthless. Why don’t you go visit Rohner and see for yourself. I know that the cognitive dissonance that is created by hearing about this plasma engine inspires you to call people crooks, but your attitude causes me cognitive dissonance. Check it out. You might learn something new.

        I too have a great deal of trouble understanding the Papp-Rohner engine. That is no reason to close your mind and call someone a crook. Such behavior is reprehensible.

        • catbauer24

          Roger Bird, you find my attitude of 100% support for sound LENR research based on the scientific method to be worthless? If you want to waste breath / energy spamming about the wonders of Bob’s unmeasured / underunity expanding cylinder, papps wonderful show, the saboris, orgone energy, etc etc, you may. However I think this blog is focused on real scientists actually making MEASUREMENTS on devices (e.g. LENR research, and none of Bob Rohner’s research – granted he is a great tinkerer but Russ Gries is way better)… all we can say from any respectable scientist is “I’ve been semi-hooked ever since” – M. McKubre. “I’ve fully replicated and validated the claims!” said no respected scientist ever, about Papp’s hoax. Sorry to be glib, I’ve dealt with John Rohner fans and it is maddening how they lacked all critical thinking about John Rohner, and the Papp hoaxes. I really respect Russ, he actually QUESTIONS papp / meyers / etc claims, he wants it to be real but at least he has real expectations and doesn’t put faith in mere words and myths until they are replicated and measured. He’s a real critical thinker, not a blind follower like all the ‘pappers’.

          • Roger Bird

            “Roger Bird, you find my attitude of 100% support for sound LENR research based on the scientific method to be worthless?” No. I never said that, so go back and rewrite your post. I said that I found your malicious put-down of someone else to be reprehensible.

        • Touussaint françois

          +1 !

        • catbauer24

          Roger Bird why ‘ad hominem’ me? I made no attacks against you (or even Papp, or anyone), yet you have multiple postings accusing people of ‘ad hominem’.

          • Roger Bird

            “Joseph Papp was a known scammer”

            “He [Eugene Mallove] also believed in orgone energy”

            “Joseph Papp, who gave the world multiple hoaxes”

            I could go on and on.

          • catbauer24

            in regards to scientific claims, TRUSTWORTHINESS is a paramount criterion to reason if they are telling the truth about a claim (sans evidence). If a trustworthy scientist makes a claim that has not been replicated, one could reasonably conclude it is hard to reproduce (P&F). If a pathological liar makes a claim that can’t be reproduced, one can reasonably concluded their character trait has produced yet another lie (PAPP).

      • Ash

        You forgot to mention Papp’s supersonic submarine which he built in his backyard! I don’t understand why everyone wants to recreate his plasma engine but ignores his magic submarine!

        You can see a photo of the amazing sub at:


        • Roger Bird

          Inventors often make mistakes. Your post is an indirect ad hominem argument. I would love for someone I trusted to visit Rohner and Roberts and see for themselves. And I do not worship the laws of physics. And I will keep an open mind, as long as they are not asking me for money. And should they ask me for money, I would demand free access to a working prototype while it was working.

  • clovis

    hi you’ll
    boy’ these Swedish folks really get things mixed up, time after time, i personally don’t pay much attention to them.

  • Barry

    off topic- The movie “The Believers” will be available on dvd by the end of the month http://www.137films.org/

    PS Frank, was hoping to hear your angle of the Rossie interview.

    • Gerrit

      at least when THEY say “end of the month” it will very probably be true.

  • Torbjörn

    Ecat.com ‏@ecatdotcom 1h
    @frank_acland Hi Frank, sorry can’t share any details just yet. But it’s worth waiting for. Keep up your great work!

    Ecat.com Ecat.com ‏@ecatdotcom 1h
    We know what’s coming…can you feel the excitement? It’s close now… #LENR #Coldfusion #Ecatworld #BigNews

  • h_corey
  • Andre Blum

    Ecat.com ‏@ecatdotcom 1h
    We know what’s coming…can you feel the excitement? It’s close now… #LENR #Coldfusion #Ecatworld #BigNews

    @frank_acland Hi Frank, sorry can’t share any details just yet. But it’s worth waiting for. Keep up your great work!

  • Roger Bird

    Frank, Admin, am I going to be on moderation forever. And why am I on moderation at all? Did I make some grammar mistakes?

    • Andy Kumar

      Did you say something heretical?

      • Roger Bird

        Apparently I did. But my question about moderation is OK. I guess he is using me as an example. Don’t be too witty or you will pay!!!

        • KayaCliff

          Roger, I found two of your posts today “witty”, the other 28, not so much.

          • Roger Bird

            28? That few. I was trying for 40. (:->)

  • John

    Uh, Frank, I’m pretty sure it’s a fake twitter account. Besides, an official account would’ve been snatched up eons ago.

  • Lu

    A little while ago, Rossi posted this:

    April 23rd, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    Dear Jan.Gustavsson:
    In Sweden with our partners of Hydrofusion we are organizing a local production of plants to sell heat to centralized distributors of thermal energy. The particular economic and metheorologic conditions of Sweden makes this Nation particularly fit for our technology.
    Warm Regards,

    The news may be more details about this. But it sounds like this is not something in conjunction with an established energy company (Hydrofusion only) so may not have much impact since Hydrofusion is not really a customer in my mind.

    • Bob

      This only means that the responsibility to provide a device which works as claimed is being taken by the agent, not by Rossi.
      It sounds like Hydrofusion is engaging in a sales push to sell the 1 Megawatt units into a Swedish application.
      I think if the final liability rests with them they will end up in serious trouble.

  • Stevie Brooks

    A third party independent report on Rossi’s claims has already been completed. I have been reading this blog and others for over a year, but for some reason never heard of this. I think it is a very good predictor of what we can expect in the future.


    • Roger Bird

      Is your post a good predictor of what we can expect from you in the future? Because that link sent me to someplace that had no relationship whatsoever to Andrea Rossi.

      • catbauer24

        Roger bird, your postings about papp engines have no relation whatsoever to Andrea Rossi. I don’t see the problem!

        • Roger Bird

          1. I don’t need a relation.
          2. Papp-Rohner-Roberts, if they are telling the truth, are violating the known laws of physics and we can learn from the social and intellectual challenges that that involves.
          3. If true, and if LENR is also true, then they could help in the future together.
          4. If you are referring to my giving you a hard time about maliciously putting someone down, then that is an ugly stain on science and technology and life in the modern world and on your soul. It greatly impedes progress. Case in point is Wegener. And, unfortunately, science is riddled with these kinds of hurtful actions by the “consensus of scientists”, by the old guard, by the scientific establishment. And that applies to everything from BigFoot to AGW to the Big Bang.

          • catbauer24

            no, PAPP is an ugly stain on science and technology. Giving credence to malarkey is as detrimental to science as is discounting real science, like LENR.

            Really, bigfoot? I guess there are those “sasquatch’ers” who believe the myth. And unicorns.

          • Roger Bird

            No. I pay next to no attention to it. But I love the fact that there a hundreds of eye-witnesses, but no physical proof. I love epistemological conundrums.

  • Alex

    This is the part where they get you to look closely at the screen in anticipation for “The Big News”. Then drop a scary picture in for fun. Right?….

  • Karl

    See information about latest book by Stoyan Sarg, ideas originated from his original approach ‘Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory (BSM-SG)’, published by in 2002 where in fact cold fusion was predicted.

    “Using the atomic models derived in BSM-SG theory, Sarg theoretically shows that overcoming the Coulomb barrier does not require a temperature of millions of degrees, rather an accessible temperature by using properly selected isotopes and technical methods. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain nuclear energy with a lack of minimum radioactive by-products.”

  • Frank, can you ask when they expect to publish this news? So how long we have to wait. Days, weeks, months…

    This whould be nice to know, and they don’t have to leak details about it.

    Thank you

  • Omega Z

    Only when conditions become Dire to people become innovative to force change. I suspect this is the driving force for all the technical discoveries happening within such a short period of time.

    This may lead to ultra Cheap Hydrogen on demand. Supposedly will generate more then it uses for self sustain. Like COP>10?
    I Do have 1 caveat to this. The Idea of anyone having access to unlimited supply of hydrogen is a bit scary.
    Oilprice dot com


    • Omega Z

      1 more Hydrogen from Oilprice

      Also from Oilprice.
      The U.S may have all the Lithium it will need for the next 700 years.
      Do to where it’s located & it’s depth, It may be very economical. It’s already preheated. It your heart out CHINA…


      • GreenWin

        The Phillips H2 process relies on a proprietary Carbon Catalyst, un-patented for now. The reviewer notes the process is still in R&D phase and has a long way to go to commercial production.

        But DOE is back on a FC automotive kick, and we are seeing a concentration of alt energy “breakthroughs” coinciding with LENR development. Scotland recently declared it would use 100% renewable by year 2020.

    • hadamhiram

      Hydrogen has no future. It is simply too difficult to work with. It will never form the basis of a large transportation infrastructure. Existing hydrogen cars are a gimick, but they will never be efficient enough to displace other technologies, even if we have ultra-cheap energy from LENR to manufacture hydrogen.

      Hydrogen leaks like crazy through any piping system. It is hugely corrosive, so it wrecks all piping systems that aren’t made from extremely expensive exotic alloys. It is difficult to transport (must be compressed). All of this adds costs and decreases efficiency.

      Much better, cheaper and more efficient to simply manufacture methane (natural gas) or other fossil fuels and just keep using combustion engines. Pollution and emissions are the same for both: it only matters where you get the energy to *make* those fuels. Even today you can manufacture hydrogen or methane using energy from solar or wind.

      Hydrogen is a dead end.

      • Omega Z


        Actually their proposing Hydrogen on the Fly. Near Zero containment.
        They’ve suggested supplementing as in extending the range we receive from gas. A Simultaneous injection Gas/Hydrogen.
        I suspect they recommend this due to pure hydrogen burning much hotter & severely reducing Engine longevity. It was known Long Ago that to burn Hydrogen would require at the very least ceramic cylinders in the Engine with a larger coolant system.

        However, Making Hydrogen as you go may be fine with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell. But then Fuel Cells are not cheap.

        Note that this could have many areas of use for other things. Desalinization comes to mind.

  • Bob

    I don’t put any weight at all on any great new information coming from any of the agents. It is only ‘clutching at straws’ as the saying goes. If the news is good it will be hinted at and then disseminated by Rossi.
    Their only source of information would be the same source which has been feeding us the same old sauce for the last two years, and flavoured with the urgent need to get a return on their investment.
    I believe the only return they will get is if they manage to convince someone else to take the bait which they have taken. That’s what Roger Green was doing when he was trying to pass on the Japan licenses to some smaller fish further down the line.

    • Karl

      I think your reasoning is wrong. My guess is that it is related to the release of the independent test publication. It may as well be that HydroFusion have signed a significant contract. The 1 MW E-Cat (warm or hot version) is an just ideal energy source for the type of buildings we have in Sweden.

      • Bob

        If it works, yes. But if it doesn’t work then it’s just an electric heater with a COP of 1.
        We can already do far better than that.
        In any case if you’re right, we will know in a week or two.
        But then,.. I think we said that a month ago.
        And 3 months before that.
        And 3 months before that.
        In fact, was there ever a time in the last two years when we didn’t think that?

        • Roger Bird

          Your intent, Bob, is to get us all to disbelieve in Rossi, or at least to be as irritated with him as you are. It won’t work with me. I am finished being irritated with Rossi. I am a believer, sort of, until he asks me for money.

          • “I am a believer…”
            Roger Bird, is there a term equivalent to ‘agnostic’ in the scientific jargon? Belief and disbelief are opposites and I try to avoid them. Perhaps % confidence may be better. I am 87% confident Rossi Energy Reactors are producing enough heat to go commercial. Now, let’s have the independent 3rd party report AND a public showing of a working reactor as proof or 100% confidence. jdh

          • Roger Bird

            I am also about at the 87% certainty mark.

    • Warthog

      Uh, these guys are on the other side of any secrecy agreements (and you can bet there “are” secrecy agreements….and many of them) than we are. They certainly have information we do not, probably a LOT of such information.

    • lcd

      This is probably what happened. On the scarecrow show they probably thought rossi was going to release some information on the report. However, when that didn’t happen they were embarrassed and now they are making something up.

  • RenzoB

    please could they elaborate on “how much close” ? Days ? Weeks ?

  • georgehants

    What’s Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?
    Yesterday Sterling D. Allan of PESN and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld conducted a one and a half hour interview with Andrea Rossi hosted by Gary Hendershot on his Smart Scarecrow service regarding developments in the E-Cat technology based on the cold fusion technology called “LENR” for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

  • Neri B.

    are we completely sure it is not a fake twit?
    Did you ask for any “official” confirm of the genuinity of the source?
    Thank you
    Neri B.

  • andreiko

    Waterstof genererende e-cat onder de motorkap?

    • Andreiko

      Hydrogen-generating e-cat under the hood?

      • buffalo

        @andreiko.wat beteken jy,’hydrogen-generating’?

    • lcd

      I agree its probably something that generates hydrogen and heat from some initially dry powder form at room temp.

  • I now listened the interview. At 1:11:30, he says that the activator (mouse) has a COP of 1.1. The Cat has a volume of about 10 centilitres (glass of whisky, one desilitre) and has 2-3 grams of charge (nickel). The activator is physically bigger than the Cat because it contains the resistors, but has less charge, about 0.5 grams.

    My thinking: Because the Mouse’s COP is so close to unity, the arrangement wouldn’t make much sense unless it activates the Cat also by other means than just heating. Maybe it produces X-rays or some other electromagnetic emissions.

    • artefact

      I think you are right. Rossi also said the activator works differently than the cat.
      Does a sparkplug (DGT) create x-rays?

      • artefact

        I found:
        “Spark gaps were used historically in early electrical equipment, such as spark gap radio transmitters, electrostatic machines, and x-ray machines.”
        further I read that a vacuum tube is needed for the x-ray machine.

        • But Rossi says that the activator contains resistors and a “charge” (LENR-active nickel of some type, I assume). If it would contain a spark plug, why would it need a resistor and the charge?

          • artefact

            I was thinking about similarities of DGTs and Rossis process. If the process of DGT also (like maybe Rossis activator) creates x-rays with the spark plug it could be worth to try for others.

          • Maybe ionisation and/or free radical formation is important, no matter how it is made: X-rays or sparkplug. Sparkplug produces ionisation and free radicals directly in the arc. (But I do not know how far they can travel in the gas before destroyed by recombination and chemical reactions, maybe not centimetres, considering that the pressure is rather high probably.) X-rays are penetrating and make ionisation everywhere.

    • AB

      What about radiofrequencies? Radiofrequency generators were part of (earlier?) e-cat designs according to Rossi.

      • Maybe. But would a “charge” (a nickel LENR charge, I assume) generate radio? I don’t remember such claims from other LENR researchers.

        • AB

          Maybe the “mouse” is a substitute for a radiofrequency generator?

    • …or it could just be that the Mouse with a lower COP is easier to maintain in SSM which increases the total efficiency (COP of Mouse + Cat).

      • Could be, but multiplying the overall COP by 1.1 wouldn’t be that much of an improvement.

        • Omega Z

          The Hot Cat has No Resistor Heat.

          The Mouse provides the heat which sends the Cat into SSM.
          Everything the Cat produces is COP+

          I Actually asked Rossi if this is what it did a couple weeks ago providing higher COP with Higher Safety Levels.
          My Question went to Neverland.

          So a 1Kw with COP=1.1 Mouse running 100% of the time providing 10Kw Heat would be COP>10. If it ran 50% of the time COP=11+. Ah more math then I choose to do today. Also I read Rossi’s response to Joseph Fine I believe to the effect of 65% SSM. What would that be. COP-12 to 15??? 🙂

          Not Enough Info, But 10Kw 65% of the time SSM & 35% of the time Driven by 1Kw input.

  • artefact

    From Oilprice.com:

    What’s Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?


  • GreenWin

    Yesterday we posted links to conservative New Republic’s strong support for DER, Distributed Energy Resources, and to the Dept. of Energy’s ORNL report on CHP systems. Today we post links to DOE’s publication on DER’s potential replacement of central-station grid power in thousands of Federal Agencies.

    “DER equipment is being purchased or considered all over America. One reason for this is that utility restructuring is creating a market demand for energy-efficient systems that reduce peak operating costs, increase system-wide reliability, and give customers more choices.

    In addition, while the demand for electricity is increasing, the central-station power system is aging in many areas. Numerous power plants now need either costly repairs or replacement.”


    Along with the Edison Electric Inst. dire warning to utilities (Jan 2013) of inevitable DER disruption, the puzzle pieces assemble. There are few government agencies willing to build windmills or parking lot sized PV installs. Fewer still able to use geothermal. Some may experiment with FCs or SOFCs (Bloom Box) – however the majority of practical DERs will be NG-fueled microturbine CHP systems.

    Such a system is ideal for what Peter Roe suggests: a “drop-in” boiler made with hot-cat modules. Whatever the case, DOE is now onboard with DERs; a major shift from old utilities’ centralized grid.

    • Peter Roe

      It definitely begins to look as if the energy sector knows what is coming – at least in the US. In fact they behave as if they know rather more than we ‘observers’ do, which would not be too surprising.

      Of course there’s always the possibility that the cause of all this preparation for DER isn’t Rossi, but some ‘dark horse’ we aren’t currently aware of, or even some other new form of clean energy production that has been developed under the radar.

      I haven’t seen any indication that there is any similar awareness in the UK but can’t speak for the rest of Europe.

  • Einar

    A bit interesting that ecat.com follows ABB and Vattenfall on Twitter, but not e.g. Siemens or GE.