Pravda Covers Rossi

Pravda, the newspaper that was once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Union, and now a publication of the Russian Communist party, covers E-Cat technology and Andrea Rossi in an interview with Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov. Bazhutov has himself done research in the LENR field, and in the interview talks about trying to get investment for a research project in the days of Gorbachev, which ultimately failed when the Soviet Union collapsed. He has since continued LENR research and mentions presenting a paper at the ICCF-17 conference in Korea.

In the interview Bazhutov is very positive about the prospects for E-Cat technology, but tends to focus on the home e-cat which as we have been learning is not likely to be on the market for some time. He doesn’t appear to be very up-to-date on the latest developments in the story.

So not very much news in this article, but Pravda, while not the publication it once was, still has a circulation of 100,000 newspapers, plus its online presence and may catch the attention of some of its readers.

  • Mick D

    The recent comments on the private meeting of Obama with energy CEOs re: LENR are interesting but, there is a more likely explanation. Obama has the authority via EPA to mandate carbon limits on power plants. This has been approved by the Supreme Court. There will be lawsuits, but the dust would settle within a few years and Obama would be the environmental president.
    We know that LENR can/will play a role in achieving the new limits, but the news will be the new limits.

    • Jimr

      I disagree. At present and most likely in the future Obama would be far more interested in the number of jobs that would be at risk if lenr is advanced ( oil co. workers, gas station employees, electric companies and all their maint, workers, etc, etc) i think he would fight the advancement of lenr.

      • Mick D

        Does Obama know about LENR? Will Sect of Navy or head of NASA waste their face time with him on LENR? Nice to think so. Probably not. Nevertheless Obama has advanced green technologies with green jobs. He has advanced car emission standards, and might enforce utility emissions standards. LENR will be one tool to meet higher regulatory reqs. It will eventually win over solar, wind, etc.

        • Jimr

          You give Obama much more credit than I. The only additional jobs in green tech. that I have seen are where ridiculous amounts gov. monies have been loaned to companies. ( one recent study showed 11 million spent for each additional job in one catagory) I am not aware of emission standards improvement.

          • Mick D

            In Aug 28, 2012 he announced new CAFE standards for 2025 of 54 mpg. Google Obama CAFE


            The point is he wants to solve GW/CC and will use EPA to do it. Good news for us as LENR may be the only way to do it.

          • Luca Salvarani

            Vell said Jimr

            Obama will be the enemy number 1 of e-cat because it means less power for the governmnet and more freedom for the people… exactly the opposite he wants.

  • FlanObrien

    “Pravda, the newspaper that was once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Union”
    On Wiki, the Pravda page official site link (on the right) does not point to

    Off topic: this site could be a goldmine for George (Hants) containing a roll call of science papers retracted for plagiarism, fraud, etc:
    A roll call of scientists who did not look at the B. Evidence. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (No dig at you George, your posts are well appreciated)

    • this journal seems to have a classic editorial policy

      far from the examiner…

      anyway, maybe assuming it was the old pravda is not right.
      however the reputation of the pravda was nor far from the terrible reputation of wikipedia…

      ah ah!

      note that the official pravda
      is more laughable that

    • It might be right, despite some usual news, pravda seems nor far from the examiner according to some
      “ is a Russian online tabloid not ashamed to feature woo, denialism, and various conspiracy theories. It also covers “normal” news, but often with a heavy Russian nationalist slant. Pravda means “truth” in Russian, something you probably won’t get by surfing on it. is not to be confused with Pravda, the former Soviet Communist newspaper, which is currently a Russian-language newspaper owned by the Communist Party of Russian Federation. The name (and a few former collaborators, apparently) is the sole link with that newspaper.”

      • Peter Roe

        “not ashamed to feature woo, denialism, and various conspiracy theories” is pure ‘psyops’ speak. I would be much more wary of the source of your quote than of

    • georgehants

      FlanObrien, thank you, I believe in putting things right when they are wrong.

  • George N

    Kind of funny how free enterprise thinkers and cummunist thinkers are both in support of LENR. After LENR is widely adopted, there will bs less need for government micromanagement of society, and there will be less things to argue about in the political realm. I guess the losers will be the career politicians (because there will be less wedge issues) and of course wall street as well for obvious reasons (easier the start small businesses, whoch creates more competition and less profits on wall street — plus there will be more DIY which means less trade as well)

    • +1
      read antifragile by nassim nicholas taleb…
      It broke all my education, and confirm my experience.

    • Kim

      Very well said.

      More options less stress.

      3d printing is already started the

      It will change everything.

      Then concepts of unlimited energy will
      sky rocket us into the next paradigm.

      Mass Creativity.

      People will be delirious with the new


      • evleer

        Someday every person on the planet might be able to download and 3d print the latest model LENR heating + electricity device right at home. Then plug in a nickel/catalyst cartridge and voilร : 6 months of energy abundance. Yes people, it is still science fiction and will be for a long time, but if Rossi has what he claims he has, then why not?

        • Kim

          The implications of 3d printing is

          Its a Replicator…

          In its Infancy yes…

          Its Star Trek Stuff.

          Do you think that this could
          have an impact on how our
          society conducts its economics?

          You Betcha

          Remeber the Early computers…

          Remeber the Early 3d printers…

          Remeber Andrea Rossi…


  • Curbina

    We used to joke around here that Pravda was Russian for “BS”. Anyway, any coverage of LENR in a known publication is interesting.

  • Kim

    I have been reading Rossi’s latest on JONP.

    If what he is saying is true, then we no
    longer are in Kansas.


    • Luca Salvarani

      ??? Don’t understand.

      • I guess he means that we are no longer in a familiar environment or something like that.

        • Thinksforself

          Reference to The Wizard of Oz. “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto!”

      • Kim

        Access to the Energy of the Universe.


        As in no Meter.



      • Kim

        Remember “Back to the Future”

        When he said: “Wheels – Where were
        going we don’t need wheels.


  • vbasic

    At first, I thought “Pravda? Who cares?”
    But then I realized an LENR Physicist was also interviewed giving opinion on the ecat. So reporting it does make sense. But the Examiner article on Rossi “The Man Who Saved the World” had more impact in spite of the silly reputation Examiner has.

    • Anony Mole

      “The e-cat for domestic use will hit the market next month, on Februrary 2013, but in the meanwhile thereโ€™s a commercial version for industrial use, the Hot Cat which is already in the market, distributed by Prometeon Srl. ”

      Let’s all agree to give Rossi et al one more year. And if absolute, incontrovertible evidence has not been substantiated by at least 3 credible academic/governmental parties, if the units have not been placed in a public venue running continuously for at least a month where the entire world can see proof positive that these devices actually work – that we call Rossi out on this charade and quit this futile quest for NFE.

      • Ryan

        You are free to do what you wish. I, and most likely others, will continue to observe as it does absolutely no harm whatsoever to myself or others. I’ve followed a number of technolgies for a while now and am under no illusions that it takes time for anything to make its way out to the broader world, especially if the tech is something new or working on rather unknown rules. A perfect example would be memristors. I’ve been following news on that bit of tech for 20 years and have seen a number of we’ve almost got it articles along with articles saying the tech is a pipe dream. HP will be putting out the first commercial memristor technology at the end of the year and it was first thought up and theorized back in the 70’s. Patience is a virtue and it cost me nothing to observe.

        If waiting for information one way or another causes you some form of undue harm then by all means leave. It causes me not one jot of harm nor do I feel the need to get others to agree with me on the topic. The base fact is he either has something or he doesn’t. It costs me nothing to observe and wait for categorical proof one way or another. I wasn’t old enough to jump in on buying stock early for Microsoft or Apple and ride the wave upward. However, I will watch prospective tech developments on the off hand chance they come to fruition so that I can be part of the early developments of another sudden surge of tech (and that isn’t just LENR for me as I follow lots of prospective tech from BCIs to potential asteroid mining initiatives).

    • Al S

      Really upbeat article, thanks for posting.

  • daniel maris

    Well Russia’s economy depends on oil and gas far more than the USA’s…I am sure the KGB have been investigating.

  • daniel maris

    Well Russia’s economy depends on oil and gas far more than the USA’s…I am sure the KGB have been investigating. Which brings to mind the old adage:

    Never take tea
    With the KGB.

  • daniel maris

    And the moral is…

    Never take tea
    With the KGB.

  • Thomas m

    some russian paper is fine, but then i read this news all over the web
    Please please i really hope this stuff of a e-cat is real and we don’t have to wait long for our kids and grandkids sake….

    • Omega Z

      OT but-

      All CO2 sensors near active Volcanoes should be discarded as you have increasing concentration readings which are naturally biased.
      As with All sensors placed within cities during an economic downturn should be discarded.(U.S. just did this 2 years ago. 1000 new sensors placed near population centers.)

      This is no different then using Population centers for temperature readings showing increases. These are Heat islands which naturally increase with Population growth/sprawl as does CO2 measurements. Mixing these numbers with legitimate measurements Skew the Data to the Plus Side. Great for pushing for more funding, But highly Flawed & Misleading. Follow the Money. Find Corruption.

      This is actually Sad as I truly believe in Research. But it should be unbiased & non Agenda driven. Climate Research has become Agenda Driven. Not Knowledge Drive.

      I would note that this Observation point as well as a couple others have been used as Key Primary Data Collectors since the beginning & are located near Volcanoes that have been continuously active for 2 decades. These 2 Items alone Temp/Co2 show how easy it is to show somewhat accurate data & Still manipulate the end results.

      An Island in the Pacific showed a 3 inch Sea level rise. However the other side of the Island showed a Sea level drop of 3 inches.

      An Island 5 ft. above sea level slips beneath the water due to sea level rise. It’s twin Island a couple miles away also 5 ft. above sea level is still 5 ft above sea level.

      These are examples of Agenda Spin. There actually examples of geological shifts. Not Sea Level Rise. Fact- Sea level is sea level. It will rise or fall the same. Not Rise in 1 place & fall in another. If this were the Case, We’d have a lot of problems as water leveling has been used by man to level things for millenniums.

      Pollution is on the other hand unquestionable & a look at some of China’s Cities is proof positive of it’s affects. In early industrial times, this was seen in many U.S. Cities.

      LENR can fix most of these problems.
      If ONLY it could get rid of Agenda Driven Science. However it can’t even do that for Itself. ๐Ÿ™

      • Peter Roe

        Omega, I think you are too kind when you call such data manipulation ‘agenda spin’. It is fraud based on fake science, or ‘pathological science’ to use a favourite phrase of shills and debunkers.

        • Omega Z

          For Sure Peter

          If it were real they wouldn’t have to manipulate the Data… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Roger Bird

      Thomas m, stop worrying. More CO2 means more plant growth. More plant growth means more crops and more CO2 naturally sequestered. If you are still worried, go water your lawn.

      • Fibb

        LOL, you should be embarrassed.

  • artefact

    From JONP:

    Steven N. Karels
    May 11th, 2013 at 6:27 AM
    Bounding the Activator Power Size and Upper COP Limit

    Determining the Activator power output requirements is essential in estimating the average COP of the 100kW Tiger eCat. This analysis attempts to estimate the needed size for the Activator and a resulting bound on the Tiger COP.

    We know from previous postings that the start-up time for eCats is in the 1 โ€“ 4 hour range, so I will assume an Activator time of 1000 seconds although it could be up to 10,000 seconds. It is more likely the time needed to bring the eCat from room temperature to eCat ignition temperature is on the shorter side.

    We assume the Activator must bring the Tiger from room temperature to over 350C to initiate the reaction.

    We know the mass is 200 kg. We assume a specific heat capacity of 0.466 J / (kg * K) โ€“ we assume the mass is steel.

    Power = 200 kg * 350K * 0.466 J / (kg * K) / 1000 sec = 32.62 W

    Activator COP is stated at 1.1 so the needed output is ~ 30W.

    Multiply by 10 to account for ambient heat transfer losses, unknown system losses, etc., we assume a working Activator power output of 300W.

    Feeding that back into the Average COP computation:
    Tiger: COP of 100 โ€“ 200, output power = 100 kW, 65% of time, therefore, input power when Activator if off = 0.5 โ€“ 1.0 kW

    Activator: COP of 1.1, assume output power 300W to 1KW (Rossi โ€“ mentioned smaller 1KW eCats), 35% of the time, input power of 0.3kW to 1kW

    Average input power: 0.4 โ€“ 1.0 kW

    Average COP: 100 kW / (0.4 to 1.0 kW) = 100 to 250

    This does not include any mechanical (pumps, etc) power consumption but this should bound the upper COP side.

    • artefact

      Note, the critical thing to calculate the total COP is the input power needed by the activator which rans 35% of the time. Steven N. Karels assumes for the upper COP limit that the activator of the tiger can run with same input the activator of the 1kW 2stage hotcat should have as a maximum.

    • David

      The reactor core has to reach 350 ยฐC, not all the Tiger.
      And the reactor core is like “a glass of whiskey”, not 200 Kg.

      • artefact


    • Jimr

      I think you had better start your calculations for the LION ( the 1 meg cat) which will most likely be in preliminary design by the end of this year. (Thats if all this info we are getting is reliable) My opinion.

  • Kim

    Joseph Fine asked Rossi about the size the of
    100 kw module.

    0.2 of a square meter.

    A foot print of 2 night stands.

    Producing enough power for 5 house!

    (I’m I correct?)


    • Thinks4Self

      Probably closer to 15-30 houses if there is no storage for the energy generated. If the 100kw thermal was converted to electricity you would have about 30kw of electricity generated. My 1500 sq ft home uses about 180kWh per month on average and about the same equivalent in natural gas for heating if averaged over the entire year. A CHP installation would be able to provide the needed heat to replace the gas.

      • SteveW

        Though no one knows what the COP is anymore, it was always stated by Rossi to be 6. If we use a cop of 6, then to produce 100kw thermal is going to require about 17 KW of electric power to run the reactor. A turbine with a 30% efficiency (typical, and assuming that’s what your basing your calculations on) would output 30 KW but 17 KW would have to be used by the reactor so the net energy is actually only 13 KW. If we use a higher cop of 12, then the net energy output would be 22 KW.

        • Thinksforself

          That would be correct. I didn’t give that part enough consideration. I think in a CHP install with some form of electrical storage you could do the 15-30 homes.

          13kW x 24h = 312 kWh x .5 storage efficiency = 156kWh stored

          If you ran the setup for a day into a battery with 50% efficiency

          156kWh / 6kWh per home = 26 homes
          That is using my average per day usage rate or about 15 at 10kWh per home rate.

          Need a lot of batteries to pull it off unless you share between other units to balance the load, a micro distributed grid or something like that. Storage would still be nice to capture the off peak energy.

          • Omega Z


            Your Right. The Energy could be balanced out requiring few or no batteries. That’s why for the time being, E-cats are better suited for small scale local Grids. Which would still be a substantial savings.

            I consider the E-cat to just be a piece of a larger puzzle. More efficient & cheaper power conversions & better batteries will become Key for total off grid applications at the personal level. Of course I believe if you build it(E-cat) the others will soon follow. After the I-phone came millions of apps.

    • Lu

      0.2 m^3

      • Roger Bird

        A square 17.6 inches on each side.

        • Owen

          A cube, not square.

  • Did any one heard something, about any legislative action, which will allow to introduce charge and/or taxes, not only for the energy taken from the network, but also for the energy consumed from the self production.

    • andre blum

      in what country?

    • Omega Z


      I believe the have something similar to that effect in Australia.
      You get Energy/Cost deduction for self production, But, still pay the taxes/service fees on what you produce yourself.

  • G_Zingh

    I am no scientist, so correct me if I am wrong, but I would caution people about reading too much hype into Rossi’s information about his Tiger-Ecat. If you assume that over a period of months that these systems are designed to operate; the power needed to start the system less the residual power in the system when it is shut down is negligible, then the COP of the system may be as low as 2.86.

    If as Rossi says the ecat element in the system is off when the activator is on, and we do not know how much the ecat element is contributing to the power output of the system during the time it is off, then the low value power output it might have while it is off is zero.The activator is then responsible for 100% of the rated power output of the system while it is on assuming a constant rated power output of the system. If the system is rated at 100kW then the heating coil is outputting close to 100kW at this time. Maybe a less than 100 since the COP of the activator is 1.1.

    If it runs for 100 hrs (not counting startup or shut down) then for 35 hours the activator is ON and the heating coil is outputting almost 35*100kWh. The COP of the system is Power out/Power in = (100kW* 100hrs) / (100kW*35hr) which gives 2.857.

    But of course although the heating element likely turns on and off almost instantly, relatively speaking, the activator may not since it has nickel powder in it. And the ecat element definitely does not since it takes an hour for the system to cool down. So the point being we cannot know what the COP of the Tiger might be but the low number from the Rossi data given to us so far is 2.86.

  • Can any one check the difference between and in context of the news about LENR, before writing nonsense.

    • Guga

      Wikipedia says was founded by journalists who left the newspaper.

      • I like the response. It seems to me that “radio yerevan” is back on the air.

        Q: Is it true that Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov from Moscow won a car in a lottery?
        A: In principle yes, but: (1)it wasn’t Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov but Aleksander Aleksandrovich Aleksandrov; (2)he is not from Moscow but from Odessa;(3) it was not a car but a bicycle; (4)he didn’t win it, but it was stolen from him.

  • artefact

    New paper on JONP:

    Electrical catalyst
    by Tadej Bajda a.k.a.Tamal Krishna das Krsko, Slovenia

    “Description of a fictional device, cylindrical in shape, for starting a low energy nuclear reaction. Using an environment of hydrogen and nickel charecteristics, similiar to one in an E-Cat. Imagining hydrogen molecul as a spring resonant system and simply using frequency and power of electricity as a catalyst.”

    • Thinksforself

      Very interesting! That might just be it. John Kanzius’ “salt water burning” demo shows you can rip molecules apart with radio waves quite dramatically so why not so why not by attraction of charge.

    • Warthog

      Brillouin’s effort uses exactly an “electrical catalyst”. They call it a “Q-pulse”, and this, they claim, gives them full and easy control of the LENR process.

  • Roger Bird

    Saturday night and we got nothing better to do than to rehash rehashed old news, over and over and over. My excuse is that the pain in my pelvis and left leg is still making me a defacto cripple. What is your excuse? (:->)

    • daniel maris

      Have you tried turmeric?

      • NJT

        Yes Daniel,
        Turmeric/Curcumin works for my arthritic joints, patticularly my thumbs – just sayin…

    • Kim


    • Roger, Misaligned lower back vertebrae will cause pelvis and leg pain. Check my youtube video for one fix. I personally seen this technique fix a number of patients with the same symptoms as yours in just a few minutes. No followup treatment required. Lots of other less dangerous techniques available with varying degree of effectiveness.

    • Jimr

      Try golden raisins soaked in gin, works for me.

  • Tom59

    Obama will most likely embrace LENR as there is no alternative. This technology will be for energy what mobile phones is for communication. Mobile phones established communication in places where wired telephone grids never existed. LENR will establish power supply in remote areas in emerging economies where reliable electrical grids never existed. Power supply being no longer a hurdle, cheap manufacturing will start in remote places.
    IMHO US will not take a risk by staying out of LENR.
    Regards, TOM59

    developing nations can jumpstart industries in remote areas without going through development of efficient electric grids