Cold Fusion Redux? EU to Host Meeting on Fleischmann Pons Effect

A notice on the web site of ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, announces that there will be a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on June 3 to discuss the Fleischmann Pons Effect.

The title of the meeting is “New advancements on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect: paving the way for a potential new clean renewable energy source?”

It goes on further to say:

Event co-organized by ENEA at the European Parliament. Under the patronage of Hon. Amalia Sartori, Chair of the ITRE Committee c / o European Parliament, the event sees participants between the Commissioner ENEA Giovanni Lelli, the Director of the Industrial Technologies Directorate Herbert Von Bose, the Director of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (USA) Graham Hubler, and the Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Missouri (USA) Robert Duncan.

Daniele Passerini, on his site has some more information about the meeting. The time and location is listed as:

European Parliament – Brussels
Friday, June 3, 2013 from 16:30 to 18:45,
Room Jozsef Antall 6Q1

A description of the purpose of the meeting reads:

The European community Should become aware of the “state-of-the-art” of the studies on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect of the phenomenon and potential future perspectives in the field of Material Science and renewable, clean energy. Energy densities Measured During Fleischmann and Pons Effect (FPE) are Hundreds, Thousands Thousands and even tens of times larger than the maximum energy associated to any known chemical process.

This effect was first Discovered in 1989 by two electrochemists Prof. Dr. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, by loading palladium with deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen). This excess energy is not associated with nuclear radiation and does not Appear When light water (H2O ) is used. ENEA (Italy), Stanford Research International (SRI, USA) and Energetics LLC (USA) Have Been collaborating on an alternative energy project since 2004 based upon the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE). The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL, USA) joined the research team in 2008 and since 2010 Also the University of Missouri was involved in. the research in cooperation with Energetics .

All the collaborating institutions, after several years of scientific review process, do not question the existence of this very strong isotope effect as FPE Has Been Observed During the four experiments in laboratories . The proposed event, tries to present the “situation point” of this promising research field and even to design the future steps at EU and International level.

  • Peter Roe

    On the ENEA diary of events, this meeting seems to be the only one without a hyperlink for details.

    • Peter E

      There where a hyperlink there berfore. It didnt work when i tried it. Now it,s gone.

  • lcd

    ok, sounds like old technology and uninteresting, what about June 2nd? what’s that about?

    • artefact

      old technology and uninteresting? It is still something that mainstream sais is impossible. It is LENR. Palladium or Nickel or something else, who cares.

    • Chris I

      It is about the same topics and two of the speakers will be Celani and a guy from STM. It will also be a stone’s throw from my den, but when I saw the fee of 30 kicks-in-the-arse I looked well into it before deciding about it.

      Noticing that one of the speakers, Andrea Petrucci, is listed as being of Università di Roma 3, I emailed an old friend of mine who is an associate professor there (in astrophysics). He replied that Petrucci is known to them as one who hangs out there, he failed to pass admission for a Ph. D. and his work is criticized by them as well as the research community. My friend thinks he is currently employed by ENEA but was unable to state so with certainty; he thanked me for the heads up about the false pretences. I supect they will disclaim what is posted about the event.

      I myself am far more skeptical of this cavitation thing than about highly loaded hydrides. I would be keen on hearing the other two I mentioned but I won’t pay to get in and it seems to be at a small rural outfit where I would likely be noticed if I hung around at lunchtime to get a whiff of things. I’m not sure I’ll budge, also considering such an organizational glitch as that about Petrucci.

  • AB

    Does anyone know how large this “Room Jozsef Antall 6Q1” is? That would give us some indication of how many people are expected.

  • Andre Blum

    “All the collaborating institutions, after several years of scientific review process, do not question the existence of this very strong isotope effect as FPE Has Been Observed During the four experiments in laboratories.”

    Which “the four experiments” are they talking about?

    • Giuliano Bettini

      four laboratories
      “All the collaborating institutions, after several years of scientific review process, do not question the existence of this very strong isotope effect as FPE has been observed during experiments in the four laboratories.”

      • Nascar

        4 Universities…
        Just like in Albert Einsteins independent 3rd party reports… (?)

        A lot of new names and material to dig into…
        I bet/hope we will soon see some very interesting articles from a Krivit. (Those that we see from time to time when he focuses on objective professional journalism)

    • AB

      There is something wrong with the text. On 22passi the paragraph reads

      All the collaborating institutions, after several years of scientific review process, do not question the existence of this very strong isotope effect as FPE has been observed during experiments in the four laboratories.

      • Andre Blum

        ah right, got it. I did not realize it was a translation of sorts. Also the part “Hundreds, Thousands Thousands and even tens of times larger” didn’t make much sense.

  • Roger Bird

    More excitement!!! Looks like Europe is way ahead of everyone else. I have always thought that they were less uptight than Americans.

    • georgehants

      Senate confirms physicist Moniz as energy chief.

      • GreenWin

        A friend to natural gas. MIT fellows are generally lap dogs of fossils and hot fusion.

        • Barry

          I’m 98% sure that Moniz is the one who sent the research money back to the donor at MIT.

          • Roger Bird

            Please explain. I can’t make the connections necessary to know why you said that.

          • NJT

            He seemed definitely involved with this and other nefarious crapola to suppress LENR development. This is a quotation from: MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report
            Introduction by Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
            (MIT Class of 1969, Aero/Astro Engineering, SB 1969, SM 1970)
            Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
            President, New Energy Foundation, Inc.

            “The MIT PFC continues to receive Federal funding for its lucrative
            hot fusion projects—over $250 million since 1989. One of the
            ways that MIT helps to insure the continued flow of such funding
            is by having President Vest sit on the various Federal panels that
            make recommendations to the Administration and the the Department
            of Energy. Now that former Physics Dept. Head Professor
            Ernest Moniz is a Deputy U.S. Secretary of Energy, MIT’s ability to
            bring influence to bear for hot fusion will be even stronger.”

            I have little faith in this fellow as he seems to be well linked to the bad guys as we know them to be…

          • Fibb

            yes please explain

          • barry simon
          • barry simon

            I don’t believe it has been big oil that has thwarted CF, but hot fusion physicist. They have received over 20 billion in funding with much less to show promising something in twenty years. It’s an old story.

          • Roger Bird

            I don’t think that hot-fusionist deliberately, maliciously, and premeditatedly tried to stop CF. I think that they went into their experiments thinking that it wouldn’t work because of the Coulomb Barrier mindset and were very happy that it didn’t work because of their hot-fusion paychecks. As soon as they got the smallest setback, they threw up their hands (in joy) and threw in the towel and said that it didn’t work. Bias can be very subtle.

            If a detective tells a witness, “We know the bad guy was one of these guys in this group of pictures. Can you pick him out for us?” Guess what, the witness will find one of those guys to be the bad guy fleeing the scene of the crime.

          • GreenWin

            Moniz may have been the culprit. But it also could be MIT old coot Murray Gell-Mann – long an opponent of anything that might rattle his physical world.

            “CSICOP Fellow, Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann, had this to say at a public forum (lecture at Portland State University, as reported in IE No. 19, p. 47). in 1998: “It’s a bunch of baloney. Cold fusion is theoretically impossible, and there are no experimental findings that indicate it exists.” Eugene F. Malove, Sc.D.

      • atanguy

        1. Robert Duncan, Prorettore per la ricerca University of Missouri (USA)
        2. Michael McKubre, SRI – Stanford Research International (USA)
        3. Graham Hubler, Direttore Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (USA)
        4. Stefano Concezzi, Vice Presidente National Instruments (USA)
        5. P.J. King, CEO ReResearch (Ireland))
        6. Konrad Czerski, Università di Szczecin (Poland), Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
        7. Vittorio Violante, Università Roma2 Tor Vergata, Centro Ricerche Frascati ENEA
        8. Antonio La Gatta, Presidente TSEM Engineering and Electronics
        9. Andrea Aparo, Università Roma1 Sapienza, Politecnico di Milano, Ansaldo Energia
        10. Enrico Paganini, ENEL Green Power
        11. Giovanni Lelli, Commissario ENEA
        12. Aldo Pizzuto, Responsabile Unità Tecnica Fusione ENEA
        13. Massimo Busuoli, Responsabile ENEA EU – Liaison Office
        14. Herbert Von Bose, Direttore sotto-Commissione Industrial Technologies del Parlamento europeo
        15. Amalia Sartori, Presidente Comissione ITRE del Parlamento europeo

  • GreenWin

    Nice to see there will be more talking about the FP Effect. Talk is cheap. Until people start getting PAID for their efforts, little progress is made.

    “It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to waste it like a miser.” Robert Louis Stevenson

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, first interesting thing on page for days.
      If the E.U. are convinced of Cold Fusion then I suppose we may start getting apologies from the establishment to P&F soon.
      “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
      ~Albert Einstein

      • GreenWin

        George, I think we all know these people are incapable of apology or admitting any kind of error, regardless how minor.
        Their agenda is rife with niggardly behavior. Stealing, lying, cheating, withholding. They are takers; utterly bereft of giving freely, abundantly, joyfully.

        Terribly sad to see so much intelligence corrupted by a cheap, miserly ego.

  • robyn wyrick

    Well, I think this is huge news. It’s not a public demonstration of the Tiger (or Lion, or whatever other Mac OS Rossi is building 😉 but it is a very affirmative, public, international meeting on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect, sanctioned by the EU itself.

    If the U.S. Department of Energy held such a meeting we would be crowing. I think this is nearly as important a development.

    On a related note: I don’t know the timetable for “The Big Presentation” by Rossi or Celani or Defkalion, or anyone else in this field, but with all the attention being given I can’t help but recall the quote by (attributed to) Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.”

    I feel like there are now too many organizations with solid mainstream reputations who are chiming in on Cold Fusion (or it’s derivations).

    Anyone who says researching LENR is junk science now gets to say that to NASA, MIT, U of MO, the NRL, Toyota, Mitsubishi, National Instruments, Royal Dutch Shell, and now the EU.

    As Martin Luther King said: “The Arc of History is long, but it bends toward a kick455 energy smackdown!” (it was something like that. I don’t do quotes.)

    • artefact

    • AB

      > Anyone who says researching LENR is junk science…

      There are still many people with no knowledge in the current state of affairs, and not everyone is willing to spend the time and effort to cut through the BS and find out the truth.

      Fortunately smart people in the right places are aware of the developments.

    • Roger Bird

      I don’t know what a “kick455 energy smackdown” is, but I am pretty sure that I would love it if I knew and LMAO. OK, so a “4” could be seen as an “A”, and a “5” is definitely a backward “S”. So, although I am not a rising star at the NSA, I think that I have it.

    • GreenWin

      “there are now too many organizations with solid mainstream reputations who are chiming in on Cold Fusion…”

      They may be chiming, but they certainly are not paying for their instruments.

  • Shane D.

    On another note, COLD FUSION NOW has a new piece that sums up a recent article former NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell wrote:

    As we all know, NASA has been interested in LENR since 1989 when they replicated the FPE, and then again replicated in 2008. Last year NASA scientist Zwadnoy initiated a crafty differential experiment to weigh in on the WL theory.

    Bushnell, of course, has been very active promoting LENR for at least the past year. Of any, due to his inside contacts, he of all should be privy to a lot of information we don’t have access to.

    It is telling that now, with this new report, he seems as excited as ever about the endless posibilities LENR offers and states several times that the effect is real.

    Hard to get thrilled about a new ecat website when they have yet to produce any independent verification after two years of promises, but very easy to get excited when you read NASA is excited.

    • GreenWin

      “Advanced to Revolutionary Space Technology Options The Responsibly Imaginable”

      This is a pitch for NASA funding, with Bushnell grasping the coattails of LENR to drive it. It concludes with a statement: “The battle is within.”

      Actually the battle is internal AND external, and what has been missing for a long while is accurate external reflection. It is a simulated reflection only. And as we see with climate sims and models – they fail regularly. Along with IN-accurate reflections are those who defend these systems as “perfect,” beyond reproach. They are not. We, for the moment are tired of manipulated models and sims and the disingenuous operators hiding behind them.

      Most of these failures revolve around a misplaced faith in the wisdom of artificial life/intelligence/models and its ability to convince. Anything but this is true. Artifice will always be a poor reflection of source. LENR has been given unflagging, absolute belief for the past four years (23 years cumulative)and yet the program demands more – with no remuneration. Give, give, give.

      What IS irresponsible is continued, abject denial of these programmatic failures and a willingness to resolve. The external mechanism (e.g. grid) is imperfect. Once we are able to accept this, the good news will flow.

  • daniel maris

    Great news. This is of course the context in which we assess Rossi’s claims.

  • RenzoB

    Gerd Neumann has pulished a couple of new photos on
    I think you can see them without joining the group, if not I’ll ask permissione to upload them somewhere else:

    • Roger Bird

      Notice that back of Rossi’s hand and the watch. He is the one who took the picture in Frank’s previous story.

    • artefact

      very cool!!!

      First gas cat picture?

  • Nascar

    I live in Brussel.
    Is it possible for anyone to attend?

  • Omega Z

    Two Hot-Cats Side by side.

    Flange ring for mounting. Possibly fluid heating tests.

    Found on Cobraf…

    Greenwin Also noticed these Flanges in former pictures.

  • K

    from JONP: jul 12 2012.
    It is indeed somewhat frustrating to read such statement documents that are coming from institutes we consider the guardians, leaders and managers of our modern society. Everything that is written seems to be true to me, but by omitting an essential wheel, the rolling wagon is driven towards the swamp of waiting and endless research.
    Pd-D fusion (as presented) is as fireworks compared to the continuous space-rocket operation of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. The graphs even seem to be chosen to influence the fast-reading decision maker in a way it intuitively explains as a “pulsating” “one-shot” result of CF, with a long and slow build-up before the event happens. Saying: it is an amazing firework, but you can’t heat a cup of tea with it, and if you scale up, it will burn your house.
    What this document speculates is that if enough research is financed in fireworks: in every of the three disciplines of paper-production(the mantle), gun-powder production(the propulsion and the charge) and ballistics(aiming at targets), there might be a chance we ever – always in the future – will go to a new, better planet with it.
    To be honest: the document does not lie ! It says that if the principles are better understood, then “other materials” can be used to optimize it. So thanks to the editors for their honesty and keeping their life-line intact.
    Now I will go a little too far, but so be it, it espresses my feelings on this very single moment: In their time, Pons and Fleischmann were called frauds and liars, and their theories were “scientifically, peer-reviewed” considered as nonsense. The facts did not matter. Now, since the facts DO matter, and become “incontournable”, the safe exit and a tricky way to block the further diffusion of Cold Fusion is to reference to these ancient (but wrong or incomplete) theories – with some theatrical mea-culpa – and try to orient all the available resources towards these theories (the swamp is their target). That is one way of view. Another may be that they are desperate: de patents on Ni-H are pending, the results are proven, and maybe there could be a residual but “free” (as in free-speech) goldmine in the Pd-D processes. Nevertheless, the (proven, as you know) results of Andrea Rossi seem to be an insult on the credibility and honor of some scientists in many ways. Not the whole world is money. There is also some prestige. Without one of these two sauces, the taste is gone out of the succes of Cold Fusion. Only power or supremacy could be a good motivator, but with cheap and abundant (and simple) energy sources, this is unlikely to happen.
    So a lot of reports and publications that are going to appear on cold fusion and LENR next hours, days, weeks and months, and that come from “major” scientific “authorities” will have these misleading patterns in them.

    • RGCheek

      WHAT? Could you state that in ENGLISH, please?

  • Omega Z

    Are You Ready For This.

    The Mouse is not in the Cat. The Mouse is BIGGER then the Cat.

    Look closely & you cat see the CAT in the Mouse.
    A Whiskey Glass? Ha Ha
    I Call it a Shot Glass.

    • Omega Z

      You Want to Know 1 of things the Mouse brings to the Table.

      Equilibrium. It Eliminates Cold Spots. A Topic discussed in the past.

    • Peter Roe

      These look much more like production units than development prototypes – they seem to be ‘immersion heaters’ designed to be fixed into a boiler.