Is this the Tiger?

I have no information on these pictures, except that the source is apparently from a Gerd Neumann on the Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi Facebook page: [Corrected information]


  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    What are the flanges for, to hook up to a turbine?

    • Omega Z

      Boiler most likely.

    • Bob

      Since he has been talking about a 100Kw device I would assume the device with the flange is one of the sub units to be bolted into a larger case to make up the 100Kw.
      I suppose the next question is, how many Kw is the device with the flange. It looks quite large so maybe 10Kw?

  • Giuliano Bettini

    Not from Gerhard Neumann’s (Swiss E-Cat Licensee) Facebook page, but:

    • Thanks Giuliano — corrected info now in the post.

      • Omega Z


        See my new post.
        The Cat is the Mouse.

  • artefact

    Could it be an airflow calorimeter? a fan below?

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    Frank Acland
    May 16th, 2013 at 8:17 AM
    Dear Andrea,

    You have mentioned a number of times that efficient electricity production with hot cat plants is a current priority for your team.

    Realistically, what do you estimate the cost of electricity production to be with the technology you have developed?

    Many thanks,

    Frank Acland


    Andrea Rossi
    May 16th, 2013 at 2:08 PM
    Dear Frank Acland:
    Realistically, very low, but before giving numberw I prefer to do the thing.
    Warm Regards,

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    Steven N. Karels
    May 16th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    1. Have you run the Cat & Mouse configuration for multiple hours? If so, how many hours?

    2. Have you run the Cat & Mouse configuration at temperatures higher than 350 degree Celsius? If so, what temperatures?

    3. At 350 degrees Celsius, what stability level (temperature deviation) do you see?


    Andrea Rossi
    May 16th, 2013 at 2:06 PM
    Dear Steven N. Karels:
    1- we have a module working 24 hours per day that has to complete a 180 days test
    2- yes, up to 1 000 Celsius
    3- +/- 5%
    Warm Regards,

    • Roger Bird

      1832 degrees F. Wow!!!!! I did that one in my head. Can I have my geek badge now?

      • Adam Lepczak

        Why bother converting?

        • Kimball

          Us Yanks don’t understand C. At least us under-educated ones. 😉

          • Roger Bird

            I resemble that remark.

  • Mr.Max


    • Joel C.

      Adding Rossi to the list has a good ring to it, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • Andre Blum

    This is no tiger. This is a giraffe. Trust me.

    • Joel C.

      Is that a good thing, I presume?

  • eernie1

    It looks like he is holding a cylindrical hot cat with a mounted air blower.I think it is inserted into the rig from the top,activated and the blowers then used to control the system temperature by air flow.

    • Andre Blum

      Could this be the tiger’s activator? (mouse)?

      • Omega Z

        No. Read My New Post…

        See the Light.

    • Peter Roe

      The unit Rossi is holding is a small industrial gas burner which would be inserted from the bottom of the gas cat (on stand), so the exhaust can be vented vertically. In a short tube like the unit shown, there will be a lot of flame at the exhaust which you wouldn’t want hitting the floor and bouncing off it.

  • eernie1

    It’s a ram jet engine.

  • Lu

    From Facebook page Gerd Neumann posts this with each picture:

    1st photo: “Hot-Cat nach 2 Stunden Abschaltung” => Hot Cat Off after 2 Hours

    2nd photo: “Hot-Cat mit Gas betrieben, 100 kW”=>Hot-Cat Powered by Gas, 100 kW

    • artefact

      1st: 2 hours after switch off

      (still 537 C)

    • Andre Blum

      also from his Facebook page: Rossi is a vegetarian.

      • Jonas

        All people of interest are. 😉

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    First picture bottom right, I think Rossi is trying to take a temp reading of the red spot on the working E-Cat? But why the flanges on the end of E-Cat?

    • Andre Blum

      wild guess: maybe because they are intended to be inserted into the tiger?

      • Omega Z

        Flange Mounts.

        For Mounting the Cat to a Boiler.

        • Peter Roe

          Agreed – they appear to be designed to be installed into the end plate or plates of a short, wide cylindrical boiler. They look like pre-production units to me – Rossi may be far closer to a production hot-cat boiler than it has seemed until now.

    • Jimr

      I looked at that red dot and thought the size odd, possibly the temp sensor gun he is holding has a laser pointing aide.

      • Glenn

        I believe you’re right. Every handheld pyrometer I’ve seen has a sighting laser.

        • Bob

          That’s right. The small red dot is a laser pointer but the larger dark area around the red dot is what he is aiming at. You can see the same darker area on the device next to the one being measured.

      • Omega Z

        Wrong Jimr

        That Red Dot is the Cat. About the size of a Whiskey GLASS. 🙂
        A Shot Glass where I roam…

    • Kim

      Flanges are used when mounting is


  • atanguy

    From Facebook group

    Third party report maybe published tonight. Pekka Janhunen on May 16, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Associated names are:
    1. Robert Duncan, Prorettore per la ricerca University of Missouri (USA)
    2. Michael McKubre, SRI – Stanford Research International (USA)
    3. Graham Hubler, Direttore Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (USA)
    4. Stefano Concezzi, Vice Presidente National Instruments (USA)
    5. P.J. King, CEO ReResearch (Ireland))
    6. Konrad Czerski, Università di Szczecin (Poland), Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
    7. Vittorio Violante, Università Roma2 Tor Vergata, Centro Ricerche Frascati ENEA
    8. Antonio La Gatta, Presidente TSEM Engineering and Electronics
    9. Andrea Aparo, Università Roma1 Sapienza, Politecnico di Milano, Ansaldo Energia
    10. Enrico Paganini, ENEL Green Power
    11. Giovanni Lelli, Commissario ENEA
    12. Aldo Pizzuto, Responsabile Unità Tecnica Fusione ENEA
    13. Massimo Busuoli, Responsabile ENEA EU – Liaison Office
    14. Herbert Von Bose, Direttore sotto-Commissione Industrial Technologies del Parlamento europeo
    15. Amalia Sartori, Presidente Comissione ITRE del Parlamento europeo

  • Omega Z

    2nd. Picture

    Rossi’s new armaments for his Battleship. 🙂

  • Jimr

    Also, has anyone noticed the odd burn/ hotspot pattern on the lower picture. I cannot figure why or how that sequence would occur unless multiple heaters involved.

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      What if it’s just black paint, in order to sample surface temperatures more correctly?

      • lukedc

        Your spot on there.
        I would expect to see more discolouration around those marks if it was localised areas of intense heat. Higher temperature gradients across the surface of the stainless would lead to localised oxidation where the heat is most intense.
        So yes, it is what it appears to be. Paint to enhance the black body emissivity testing.

      • Bob

        Yes. Four areas of black spray-on paint but the area on the lower right is from heat discoloration. Heat discoloration always has a colour spectrum gradient on the edges whereas black spray paint only has an intensity variation on the edges.

        I’m pleased to see from the pictures that he is definitely making different things and it’s not just all in his head.
        Whether it works or not I have to admire his persistence.
        I would love to have a few months messing around in his workshop. 🙂

  • Thinks4Self

    I believe the item on the stand in the 2nd photo is the gas powered 100 kW Tiger. He is holding the gas burner. What everyone has been referring to as a blower is likely some form of pressure regulator.

    • Omega Z


      This link is to Cobraf. Many more pics there. Some enlarged.
      According to the info from the original photo’s, this is the 100Kw Gas Cat. Also appears from there info & pics, It powered by LPG.

      Looking close you can see the line going to the G-Cat. What Rossi is holding Definitely looks like a Blower in the Close ups.

      • Peter Roe

        The item Rossi is holding is a fairly typical industrial gas burner with a centrifugal blower, of a type commonly fitted to gas boilers. They are normally installed into fire tubes running through a cylindrical boiler assembly. Here are a couple of similar items:

        • Blanco69

          Peter, Rossi’s not using this device to heat up Ecat’s prior to taking a picture is he?

          • Peter Roe

            Perhaps he has just washed his hair?

      • Peter Roe

        What is interesting is that the 100kW ‘gas cat’ appears to be a single unit, rather than an assembly of smaller ones, indicating that the hot cat design is scalable while (presumably) remaining stable. Possibly the far greater heat available from a gas burner, evenly spread over a large area (the internal fire tube) allows this.

        A working gas-fired LENR heater would be very attractive to operators of gas fired boilers as, apart from the fuel savings, they would not need to lay in the heavy duty electrical supplies necessary for resistance-heated units.

        I am hugely encouraged by these pictures. They are exactly what could be expected in such a development process. ‘Drop-in’ gas boiler ‘upgrades’ may be quite close now.

    • G_Zingh

      Almost looks like some sort of water pump.

  • Roger Bird

    It is clear that you don’t understand. The Tiger is the guy holding the tube and the heat sensor. He is soon going to pounce on the world and have it for lunch.

  • Roger Bird

    Please don’t even bother excusing the expression, but things are heating up. I am keenly anticipating something soon that has not happened before in billions and billions of years.

    • GreenWin

      A new universe?

      • pachu on Xperia


  • Andrea Rossi is looking pretty tired. Those 18 hour days must be catching up with him.

    Not long to go now Andrea! Keep it up.

    • Roger Bird

      I think that it is just that particular photo. His recent videos seem like he is doing OK.

  • Omega Z

    Are You Ready For This.

    The Mouse is not in the Cat. The Mouse is BIGGER then the Cat.

    Look closely & you can see the CAT in the Mouse.
    A Whiskey Glass? Ha Ha
    I Call it a Shot Glass.

    You Want to Know 1 of things the Mouse brings to the Table.

    Equilibrium. It Eliminates Cold Spots. A Topic discussed in the past.

    Hey Look—
    The Eye Of The TIGER>>>>

    I Have wondered about those Dots on the E-cat Core.
    Little did I Realize, Those Dots are the Cat.
    Everything else is now the Mouse.

    Note, I haven’t found the Picture yet, BUT, One of them had a Dot at Each End.

    • Omega Z

      Here is a Photo with 2 Such Dots.

    • Yes, the mouse is bigger than the cat according to AR — it has a smaller charge but includes the resistors which are relatively bulky.

    • Peter Roe

      Sorry Omega, am I missing something? All I see is the ‘blind’ end of what appears to be an immersion unit. None of the photos so far shows the ‘business end’, which might give clues about the internal arrangement.

      If you are referring to the red dot, I think that this (as others have suggested) is just the laser pointer of the IR pyrometer that Rossi is holding, carefully aimed by him at a patch of black paint. There is a similar patch of the one next to it, but with no red dot or any indication of a fixture. Double dots might just indicate someone checking one pyrometer against another, or looking for temp. differentials during operation.

      • Peter Roe

        Ah – OK – just looked at the ‘2 dots’ photo. There are 2 fixtures of some sort, which don’t appear to be present on the photo of Rossi aiming a pyrometer. They are rather oddly placed if they are anything to do with the construction of the device, and are not precisely aligned longitudinally. Perhaps these are thermocouples or similar? (Although admittedly there doesn’t seem to be any sign of wiring to them).

        The placement of the bolts in the flange seems a bit odd – as if the device is designed to be attached to a plate of some kind from the ‘hot’ side.

    • Peter Roe

      This photo of a hot cat prototype (link posted by Torbjörn a few threads back) is interesting.

      At the centre, a tube protrudes from the larger cylinder, and this appears to be sealed by an iron threaded stop-end screwed into the tube. Two arrangements seems to be possible:

      (1) The outer tube is the hot cat ‘proper’ as it corresponds with the cyclindrical form of the gas cat, which presumably doesn’t have a ‘mouse’ (or does it?). The inner tubular device would then be the activator or ‘mouse’, containing a resistance heater and a small ‘charge’.

      (2) The item protruding from the central cavity with the square end is the hot cat proper, with the activator suppounding it. This would make for inefficient heat transfer from the hot core tube, and seems to me to be rather less likely than (1) – although it might explain some of the Rossi stuff about a ‘heat source’ (meaning a thermal store formed by the outer mass?).

      It would have neen interesting to see where the 2 twisted-pairs of heat resistant flex connect at the other end, but none of the photos shown so far show this, probably because they might reveal too much.

      • Omega Z


        The Picture with the 2 white dots.
        They appear to be inserts of sometype. They are slightly below the curvature of the reactor.

        Here’s another thing we all missed in this picture.

        Do you see the 100Kw Gas Cat. It’s visible.
        We just didn’t realize what we were looking at.

        • Omega Z


          Added: to the right, to the Back.

          A Circular container of appearance on the Skid.
          A Boiler in the making possibly.

  • Gérard2013

    All these new pictures in a short time. They want to say a few things. The truth is near.

  • Frank/Admin, I think our spirits would be lifted enormously if Andrea Rossi released the customs clearance documents for the new 1MW Plant which he has exported to the USA from Italy.

    AR may not like someone asking for such a document to be released – because he doesn’t usually play those games (I can’t remember his usual response) – but it might be worth putting the question to him on JONP.

    • Peter Roe

      I’m quite sure that Rossi would not like to be asked to prove himself by releasing a business document to the public, and I am equally certain that he wouldn’t do so in any case, so such a request would be pointless and embarrassing. We see what he chooses to show us or tell us (and are fed quite a bit of junk in the process) and have precisely zero right to demand more.

      Speaking for myself, my spirits are lifted enormously by the release of this latest set of photos, which I find 100% convincing that things are progressing well.

      • You’re right, Peter, it would be rather impertinent to ask AR for any more evidence at this stage.

    • Evan

      Bills of lading can be discovered with a freedom of information act request to CBP or through companies like PIERS or exportgenius. You’d just need to know the name of the Italian exporting company.

  • artefact

    From PESN:

    Interview with E-Cat Distributor License Broker, Roger Green

    • artefact

      “Also, soon there will be another operational unit in Northern Italy, outside of Bologna, where qualified parties will be able to observe and operational 1 MW plant.”

      lots of pictures from the Zurich conference:


      “In all, Roger and his family and friends own about 1/4 of the world’s territorial distribution rights for the E-Cat.”

      “North and South America, China and Russia — all spoken for by large company”

  • Chris I

    Looks like he’s getting his rocket ready for lift-off!!!