Roger Green on E-Cat Licensing (PESN Interview)

Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview with Roger Green of E-Cat Australia who has been working over the last couple of years to organizing distribution licensing for E-Cat technologies throughout the world. It’s quite interesting to hear how the process has been going, with Roger Green explaining how he has been selling territories to various investors with various backgrounds. Green says he has personally invested $400,000 so far, and has yet to make any money on the investment. Only when plants are sold do licensees realize any return on their investment. Green mentions that the license fees are what have been keeping Rossi going financially.

Green says that Rossi’s US partner has the manufacturing and distribution rights to North and South America, China and Russia.

An article providing a summary of the contents of the interview can be found at PESWiki here.

  • This means:
    – Rossi already got all the money from the licensees (no escrow as mentioned before).
    – Roger Green never saw an E-Cat running in front of his eyes, and is just trusting Rossi?

    • Peter Roe

      I think the escrow applied to buyers of e-cats. I don’t recall seeing anywhere that license payments were subject to the same arrangement.

      Green seems incredibly uninformed about developments (seemingly less so than the average reader of this blog) and far too relaxed, considering his claimed stake in Rossi’s business. His claim that Rossi has derived all of his funding from license sales is a bit unsettling in view of Rossi’s claim that he has sold a 1MW unit to a military customer, presumably for the advertised price of $1.5M. He doesn’t even seem to know what would happen if a potential buyer went straight to Leonardo, and assumes (without any obvious basis for the assumption) that such a purchase would be referred to the area distributor.

      The distributor licenses Rossi was selling related to the 1MW LT unit. If the partner has purchased the IP relating to the hot cat, I wonder how this affects the distributorship? Presumably, marketing of the units designed and made in the US is down to the partner, who may not be interested in the ‘distributor network’. If I had Green’s kind of money invested, I would sweating heavily by now, and probably trying to unload my dealership, or get my money back.

      The fact that Green says that there are no customers at present is also worrying, although the LT unit has looked like something of an over-priced dinosaur since the hot cat appeared on the scene. It begins to look as if the great white hope is the US ‘partner’ and what is going on behind the scenes in connection with ‘hot cat’ and ‘gas cat’ technologies.

      • lenrdawn

        Green has reason to be relaxed. If he has sold as many sublicenses as he claims, then he (and presumably Rossi) is a couple of million up and still have territories (or parts of territories) to sell. It is the people who bought the sub licenses from him that should be worried, IMHO.

        • rolando

          If the sub licenses are limited to the warm Ecat only, they are stuffed

      • artefact

        >The fact that Green says that there are no customers at present is also worrying

        Maybe the reason for the 3rd party test is to get the business rolling.

        • Peter Roe

          A paper published in a scientific journal may cause excitement on a few blogs but wouldn’t make much of a splash in the wider world unless it was a part of a concerted media event. Those who have a commercial or political interest will already be fully aware of what is happening.

          However, if the ‘partner’ has a large enough customer base, or subsidiaries of its own, there may not be any need for this until that market begins to dry up. But by then many people will have seen the installations or heard about them, so the technology would be common knowledge anyway, and customers would be kicking their door in. In addition the US military could probably keep their order books full for a decade or two, even if they expand geometrically.

          In short, where is the incentive to let the world know about what they have?

          • lenrdawn

            “A paper published in a scientific journal may cause excitement on a few blogs”

            I couldn’t disagree more. A paper published in a scientific journal about a Cold Fusion device that actually works to a point that can’t be put down to poor calorimetry would be a sensation noticed everywhere (unless the journal is JONP and the lead author is Guiseppe Levi, of course).

          • Peter Roe

            Corporations keep their internal assessments to themselves, politicians lie about anything that doesn’t fit their agendas, the physics establishment would deride or deny it, the MSM would ignore it – apart from a few bloggers, who is left?

          • lenrdawn

            You’re painting a very dark picture of society here – and not only that – you’re painting a dark picture of society that is actually homogeneously opposed to something. That isn’t the world I know. So who is left? If the report exists and appears in a journal, there are at least 4 universities and a journal “left”. Plus all the lying politicians who are opposition to other lying politicians and secretive corporations wanting to gain an advantage over their competition (which is pretty much all of them) plus scientists who want to discover something other scientists haven’t discovered yet plus media people who want to report on something other media people have missed. Overall, those who are “left” are quite a bunch, I’d say.

          • Marc


        • MaxS
      • Pompey

        “Presumably, marketing of the units designed and made in the US is down to the partner, who may not be interested in the ‘distributor network’. If I had Green’s kind of money invested, I would sweating heavily by now, and probably trying to unload my dealership, or get my money back.”

        Indeed…it also makes a mockery of a territorial license when it could be possible to import a US ecat into Europe, or as in the BMW legal case , have problems when say swiss franc ecat prices are so much higher than the euro valued ones that the Swiss ignore the Swiss licensee and buy from across the border. BMW was fined millions for trying to enforce an artificial monopoly in just the same circumstances. Without reading the actual distribution contract its hard to tell if its illegal or not, but if there are territorial guarantees it would be deemed illegal and as such the contracts would be null and void in europe.

        • Peter Roe

          Yes there would be problems anyway with ‘territorial’ licenses, but the point I was making is that the existing ‘dealerships’ only appear to relate to the container 1MW unit, not the hot cat/gas cat, the IP for which is now owned by a separate company that is not bound by any previous arrangements (assuming obviously that what Rossi has said is broadly the case).

          This means that the partner would be entirely free to market devices based on this IP anywhere in the world, without reference to the Leonardo dealership licenses. As the LT units are not exactly going like hot potatoes, and in any case could not possibly compete with ‘hot cat’ units once these are available (or even with shale gas in the US), IMHO they are already virtually worthless even before their legality is tested.

    • Betuswonkel

      I agree this is strange. Who would invest all his money into someone with a history of fraud without demanding real proof that it actually works. That is just stupid, even if it turns out to work.
      I would not be willing to take that gamble with my life savings.

      • GreenWin

        Why are we seeing this now?

        Has any licensee been identified beyond Green, the Swedes, and the Italian reseller? Does anyone have a copy of a license agreement or know its terms?

        And “gambling with life savings” is the act of an idiot besotted with greed or fear.

    • Alp

      Why not ask Green? What have you seen that the public has not which convinces you that the ecat really works?

      How many ecat megawatt plants have you sold? Why is no customer of yours or Rossi’s willing to come forward and host a press conference?

    • Omega Z

      Roger Green has seen an E-cat run at the same time as Bill Donovan who now works with Rossi.

  • Stew

    It sounds like a typical investment scam. Let’s hope for the best.

    • barty

      Like since the beginning of the Rossi era.

      After all this euphorism the last few days, this is destroying the trust one more time… 🙁

      Rossi just should bring ONE undenyable proof, and we could take all this statements and delays as typical business issues.

    • daniel maris

      It’s certainly not good.

  • Paolo

    Now the circle is closed

    • Andre Blum

      no it’s not.

  • georgehants

    In (hopefully) a very short time a certain third party report will be published.
    This is all that matters, if Mr. Rossi is genuine about the basic high output device then he is almost certainly genuine with all the other (at this time irrelevant,) Hot Cat, Warm Cat, Tiger, Ostrich and everything else.
    Only the Report matters.

    • Bob

      As a special favour to you I can now give you a summary of the report.
      After much testing with ‘state of the art’ test equipment, the device tested has been shown to have a COP of 1.02

      (In my opinion)

  • Joseph J
    • Chris I

      There is at least one vice in that: Andrea Petrucci is not actually part of Università di Roma 3; he is known to them as he hangs out there, his attempt to become staff failed and they will likely disclaim the credential given in that page.

  • Peterem

    Thank you Frank for continuing to provide a platform for undoubtedly one of the greatest sagas of our time. Using the razor theory, there has to be something here worthy of pursuit. A scam of this magnitude and complexity continues to fade as a possibility despite best efforts on the part of a few. US oil production increases will increasingly affect markets around the globe. It’s an exciting time to be living and participating on trying to make the world a better place. Cheers

    • jfab

      What “magnitude”? Nothing big really, just a couple of guys doing there job to perpetuate the illusion, keeping the hope level a tad higher than the disappointment. Look at the Steorn story, they were as “big” as Rossi, with a big investors network, testimonies from legit engineers, clean website and bold claims, demos and so on.

      The trick is always the same, just keep promising new bigger goodies to make people forget than none of the previous goodies have been delivered.

      • lenrdawn

        Sadly, I agree. I’m coming to the point where I would almost say that the small magnitude and inclusion of people like Roger Green (as opposed to people who could at least pose as serious business people) are something speaking AGAINST this being a scam because a scammer would probably do it better, more convincing and on a bigger scale. But then – maybe this is just a small scam going badly. 😉

      • Roger Bird

        It sounds like a ponzi (or Madoff) scheme built on hope. It could be. We’ll see. I am not putting any money up without PROOF POSITIVE, and proof positive with me is me with my metallic ruler and measuring instruments and me getting my finger burned.

  • Andre Blum

    depressing, really, this interview. Couldn’t bear listening more than half.

    • Roger Bird


      • lenrdawn

        Are you saying it doesn’t depress you? Does it come across as a legit, serious and professional buildup of the global distribution and sales structure for the energy solution of the future to you?

        • Roger Bird

          My “why” was not confrontational, just informational.

          It does not depress me. It’s not my money. I note what you say about it looking like some scams. I would remind you that it also looks like any number of real business models. And Rossi knows that he has to get his money quickly before someone reverse engineers his product.

          I would guess that Roger Green checked it out carefully. He is a complete fool if he didn’t. I would. I would be locked in a room with my handy metallic ruler and measuring instruments for 3 days watching an E-Cat deliver while I watched TV munching on sub-sandwiches before I would put any money down. If Green didn’t do something like (for $400 grand), he is an idiot.

          So, we will see.

  • Blanco69

    It’s interesting that Sterling moves the Ecat up to number 2 on his top five list after speaking to Green. But didn’t think it was worth doing after speaking to Rossi himself last week. Maybe it’s because of the $10k that Roger promised him.

    • Alp

      I really don’t think it’s that easy to bribe Sterling.

      • Roger Bird

        I know that I am real easy to bribe. Try me. (:->) My mortgage is $143,000. We could start there.

  • rolando

    If Rossi does not have the real deal, Interpol would be knocking his door very soon. I hope it does not end that way.

    • buffalo

      @rolando.. not if the interpol chief gets a slice of pie:-)

    • jfab

      Dream on. Most scammers, like Steorn and others, managed to get away with it.

    • Roger Bird

      Rossi perhaps thought at some point: “Go ahead, Interpol, make my day.” And Rossi would show Interpol agents a working E-Cat. With a metalic ruler (to check under table legs for hidden wires and pipes) and a few electrical measuring instruments, it should be no problem to prove to Interpol that Rossi is for real, assuming that he is for real. Proving a working E-Cat with a COP of 3 or greater is not rocket science.

      And since I have no fear that Interpol agents would be savvy enough to be able to steal Rossi’s secrets, I say, for my sake, “Go ahead, Interpol, make my day.”

      • Alp

        Rossi’s original ecat, more than two years ago, had sustained power of 10 kilowatts and a COP of 6. That should be extremely easy to prove if it’s true. One independent test would do it. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have happened.

        • Roger Bird

          Yes, please explain to me why this has not yet happened, again. I keep forgetting. It can’t be in order to hide industrial secrets because an open black box demonstration with metal rulers slipping under table legs and other people’s electrical measuring instruments isn’t going to reveal any industrial secrets.

  • Roger Bird

    I am confused. Isn’t Roger Green the skeptic that offered Rossi $1,000,000 to prove to him that the E-cat was real. Or am I confusing him with someone else.

    • artefact

      That was Dick Smith.

      • Roger Bird

        I am looking forward to Dick Smith looking like a fool. Please, oh, please, God, help Rossi make Dick Smith look like an arrogant fool. (:->)

      • Anonymole

        I’m surprised a disgruntled employee of Rossi hasn’t simply wandered off to Australia with an e-cat in their suitcase and presented it to D.Smith. That or a gang of hoodlums bust down Rossi’s doors and take a few (all 3?) of the “working” ecats and hand them out to the top bidders.

        ? – How do you live beyond your means without ever producing incontrovertible proof of your invention? Well, get yourself and 9 of your friends to send me $10k each and I’ll explain it.

        • Bob

          According to Roger G. he has parted with $400,000.
          I suppose the other licensees have parted with similar amounts.
          It would give companies like Hydrofusion a lot of incentive to promote something,, anything,, to try and get their money back. One thing is certain, up to now they have not got one cent back from commissions on sold products, which I suppose would have been the original intention of the licence.

    • GreenWin

      Smith has a history of promising a $1M prize and never paying out.

      • lenrdawn

        Did anybody accept the challenge? I wasn’t aware of that.

      • Alp

        Who should he have paid and why?

        • Roger Bird

          Obviously the E-Cat isn’t yet proven proven, but if Dick Smith has a history of not paying, let us hear about. If not, StFu.

          • GreenWin

            “One year from now I will announce the winner of the $1 Million Wilberforce Award. The Award will go towards advancing the momentum the winner will have already achieved.”
            Dick Smith October 27, 2010

            To date no “Award” has been made.

          • Roger Bird

            More. And what is the Wilburforce Award and how do you know that someone has won it?

          • GreenWin

            Do your homework Roger 🙂

          • Bob

            Mr. Win sir, I think you failed to read the whole condition of the award.
            In part the award is;-
            “$1 million to go to a young person under 30 who can impress me by becoming famous through his or her ability to show leadership in communicating an alternative to our population and consumption growth-obsessed economy. I will be looking for candidates whose actions over the next year show that they have what it takes to be among the next generation of leaders our incredible planet so badly needs.”

            So far no-one has come forward and done this so the award has not been claimed.
            This was not unexpected so part of the conditions is that if the award is NOT claimed then the amount is to be put aside in an account until such time as it is claimed, and then paid out with interest.

            Your claim that he simply failed to pay out on the promise is like saying he failed to pay out on the promise of $1,000,000. to anyone who could produce a LENR device with a useful power output.
            Well he did fail to pay out but only because nobody produced a useful LENR device in the 12 months stipulated. In fact they still have NOT.
            Your attempt to portray the non payment as something less honourable than this indicates something lacking in your character rather than his.
            Perhaps you should give it some attention.

          • GreenWin

            Haha! Dickhed (his invention!) is a fraud.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    It would be very easy for Mr. Rossi to convincingly demonstrate that the Ecat is what he says it is by simply revealing the buyer of one of them and getting reports of its operation from time to time. In addition, many simple setups involving a running Ecat have been suggested by members of this excellent Forum. For example let a competent and trusted company set a warm Ecat up and run it to heat a room over a long period etc. etc., with webcam and a running data summary. (*But there could be a reason for not doing this the simple way… For example, a commercial need to deliberately keep some doubt alive so that potential competitors will be left far behind and thus provide Rossi et al plenty of time to perfect the Ecat devices and develop them to their full potential before doing an unimpeachable demonstration.) This *idea, plus the early history of the development involving credible Italian scientists, along with the whole complicated history of later demonstrations by many unimpeachable physicists keeps my hope alive. However, I’m waiting for those independent reports. If they’re not forthcoming soon, I will be very disappointed. This device, if real, will transform the world. The universal prosperity it would bring could even help bring an end to war.

  • Karl

    For the sake of the serious people involved in the development and those of us that follow this saga with passion, without being religious, I pray that Rossi has what he claims.

    It seems very strange that R. Green is coming out with this message and why now? Just after he obviously has covered major part of the world with distribution licences? Why this seemingly bleak announcement by Green? One gets suspicion that Green play kind of the victim role. He appears not to know much in particular about the stuff Rossi actually have? How can he go out and sell this stuff then? There seems to be so many people taking part in this licencing process, virtually all over the globe and it is also strange that we haven’t heard more of it.

    I really think we that have followed the E-Cat story and given Rossi so much attention and credibility should ask him for a satisfactory explanation. Personally I don’t mind how Rossi financed his project as long as he has the real stuff. It is certainly not easy to finance new technology project especially as long as the innovator persuade to maintain in control. The sensitivity and the threat this type of solution may have on current energy solutions makes it understandable to act the way Rossi has to my mind – if he has the real deal.

    There are a number of questions at least I would like to have answered:
    1) is this “Green” licencing the major part of the Leonardo finance – at least the last year
    2) what is the relative part of the whole financial contribution of Leonardo by the major US partner
    3) have the proof of the independent test or any other verification

    Rossi can of course give as much information he wants – but for the sake of maintaining his credibility, I think he should at least give an explanation so that we can fully understand the information we have been given by R. Green recently.

    • dsm

      Roger Green has *every* thing to be worried about in regard to stocks and share trading in the USA.

      He is selling ‘shares’ in companies set up to obtain the agency resale rights for particular countries around the world.

      If you ask your lawyer to advise you as to what it is these rights pertain to, at best he can suggest ‘ideas’ but nothing concrete because there is no market ready product & no one has been sold (in the 2 years since late 2011) when the 1MW plant was supposedly demonstrated.

      The home ecat for which expressions of public interest were solicited at, also doesn’t exist as a salable product. It is an idea, just don’t ask to be shown one. The #s of people interested *was* used to promote sales of agencies. Those sales have been going on since late 2011.

      So how can anyone sell agency rights to sell products no one can view nor for which there has been no dealer conference that explains the product, explains how to sell them, how to handle customer issues with them, helps with business planning. etc: etc:. To answer this question someone needs to ask Andrea Rossi & if you do & do so on JoNP, be prepared for your question to disappear.


  • robyn wyrick

    It’s fascinating to watch this process unfold.

    The interview was, with due respect, uninspiring to the point of malaise. Clearly Mr. Green is not in the know about anything like a partner such as GE or Siemens or some other giant company that has the wherewithal to advance the Rossi Cats into the mainstream.

    However, the recent photos of the Hot Cat (and Tiger?) are very inspiring.

    The 3rd Party Report is still absent.

    But meanwhile the EU is holding a sponsored meeting on the F/P Effect.

    All of this is not simple to read. But here are my bottom lines:

    * The F/P Effect is now effectively undeniable. NASA, MIT, Toyota, Mitsubishi, the EU, et al; all laying out the case the *something* of great importance is happening. The Celani demonstration (and probably Rossi) was enough to convince National Instruments to say the same.

    * Rossi’s claims are very strong, but are otherwise well within the spectrum of other claims. The use of Nickle/Hydrogen, the description of the instability, the range of the peaks of energy output; these are all rather common. What is uncommon is the claim that he actually has it stable – an uncommon claim, but hardly unique. Celani claims as much, the ongoing demo at MIT claims as much.

    So it doesn’t seem like he is delusional.

    * And finally, in contrast to the suggestion that Rossi is a liar, there are no injured parties, and he appears to be actually very hard working building *something* that glows.

    So the question is: if Cold Fusion technology *is* possible, why not Rossi? Why not the E-Cat?

    For me, reading all the skeptical comments on this blog, I respectfully say, it looks like a story worth watching, and I don’t really care that Rossi doesn’t answer my questions or follow my timeframe. The photos from yesterday give me good reason to believe that something important is happening, and since lending benefit of the doubt DOESN’T COST ME A THING, I think I can take him at his word.

    • Roger Bird

      robin, OUTSTANDING!! And thank you.

    • Bob

      You make some good points here which I agree with.
      In reference to the last part where you say ;- “The photos from yesterday give me good reason to believe that something important is happening, and since lending benefit of the doubt DOESN’T COST ME A THING, I think I can take him at his word.”

      I will point out that we have had photos of the 1 megawatt ecat for two years now. I waited for them daily and was so pleased when we finally saw them.
      I was not so pleased when I saw it working and have been less pleased ever since. I believe to this day none have been sold even though the announcements are to the contrary.
      I notice in the latest pictures of the hotcat, the 1 Mw ecat is still in the background and not on a boat to USA, although I don’t know the date of these photos.
      So, yes, something is happening but it is yet to be determined if it is something important.
      But yes, because it doesn’t cost either me or you a cent then I am happy to tag along and enjoy the ride.
      My only concern is that there will be some poor souls who cough up their hard earned cash for something which is still totally unproven. For the likes of Roger G. I really don’t care because it is obvious from his website that he engages in the sale of all sorts of hocus pocus which has no hope of living up to the hype. If he gets stung on this one then by now he’s probably used to it and has factored it into his financial equation.
      The problem is, I can see he will try to get his $400,000 back from poor unsuspecting fools who are taken in by the glitter and promise of something spectacular, when in fact what they are buying is so far still only a dream.
      In my opinion, dreams should be free.

      • GreenWin

        Bob, you ever wannabeacop?

    • Omega Z

      I would Note that we had a picture of the Gas Cat available to us before these pictures came out. It was in the pictures released on JONP.

      We just didn’t realize it. basically we didn’t no what we we’re seeing.

      Where the 3 men are standing.
      Look to the right of the person on the Right.
      Against the Wall to the Back is the 100Kw Gas Cat.

      To the left of the person in the middle. Behind him what appears to be a Circular Metal structure on a skid/pallet. Possibly the makings of a Boiler.

      • Roger Bird

        It looks like Robert H. Goddard’s liquid fueled rocket.

  • GreenWin

    Roger Green has been in the alternative energy business for quite a while. His various ventures appear to be typical entrepreneurial outings based around marketing hyperbole. On May 15th Green sent around an email to his e-cat interest list with a link to the PESN interview with Rossi on May 7th, 2013, (Scarecrow online show) and various market and license updates. His Australia e-cat site is here;

    Until an installed and working e-cat is available for public inspection, this is not the place for mom & pops nestegg IMO. Come July Green claims to have “delegations” from Vietnam, India, Japan, and Cambodia visiting the e-cat factory in Northern Italy… Participants in alternative energy ventures should be experienced in high risk, VC-level investing.

    In the pragmatic business world people do not work for free. They are justly compensated by negotiable instrument (cash, equity, note, credit, etc)that allows free access to goods and services. An inequitable world is one where services (investment) are solicited and cajoled with a promise only of soulful experience or “good vibrations.” Or they are blacklisted like Peter Hagelstein at MIT, prevented from doing good works. That don’t pay for the coffee or tea or test apparatus.

    • lui

      > Roger Green has been in the alternative energy business for quite a while.

      yes. and he has also been in the feng shui business for quite a while. did you know that?

      • GreenWin

        And Sir Isaac Newton President of the Royal Society and discoverer of “gravity” practiced the pseudoscience of alchemy for twenty years. What’s your point?

      • Roger Bird

        I think that Feng Shui is just wonderful.

        • lenrdawn

          Yeah. Go ahead and buy one of Roger’s books on the subject. You’ll learn how to extract energy from the flying stars of Lopan… or something like that.

          Am I the only one who finds it a bit strange that this guy is supposed to organize bringing the most important technological revolution since the discovery of fire to the world? Why did Rossi chose him? Was Kermit the Frog on holiday? Will Green decide who the first e-cat goes to based on whether they were born in the year of the dragon and whether they’ve got their bathroom windows facing east? We’ll never know.

          • GreenWin

            Golly lenrdawn, you almost figured it out. Green is a graduate of the Culinary Inst. AND a grand wizard of sacred geometry. The Ancients, the Sumerians, Egyptians, Druids, Essences and Mayans incorporated Sacred Geometry into their mystery schools. More recently, these once closely held secrets were transmitted through the studies of Vedic philosophy, vastu shastra, Feng Shui, Taoist philosophy, Western Alchemy, Freemasonry, and the Rosicrucian movement in Europe.

            Well, you know how accurate the Mayan calendar has proven. So, I guess, Green is just as metaphysical as Sir Isaac Newton! Or he’s just aspook.

          • lenrdawn

            What does Newton have to do with Roger Green? The man lived some 300 years ago. Lavoisier wasn’t even born when Newton died – so cut him some slack.

          • Roger Bird

            I appreciate your wit and humor.

  • guga

    What scares me most is that the licenses are or were sold so cheaply. That makes no sense for a revolutionizing technology. Rossi could have waited until after the first positive reports and could have charged faaar more.

    Unless Rossi desperately, no wait, very desperately, needs or needed money. Which should make as cautious about his progress reports.

    • Roger Bird

      Not necessarily. Perhaps he wanted the network ready to go, and he knew that he would still make plenty without those licenses once the product took off. He might be looking for a sudden acceptance of his product worldwide, knowing that Money is not ALWAYS an indication of success, and money is NEVER a cause of happiness. He might already know this.

      • GreenWin

        “…money is NEVER a cause of happiness.” True. However, money can purchase access to food, clothing, shelter – which allows happiness to freely flow. Money also buys access to knowledge, entertainment, art, and spiritual exercise – all of which are bricks in the foundation of happiness.

        • Roger Bird

          I agree. Money can make the misery of poverty go away, but excess money can be like a drug if not handled properly.

          • GreenWin

            “Excess money?” This is how criminals justify theft.

          • Roger Bird

            You haven’t seen how many (not all) lottery winners and new professional athletes crash and burn because they don’t know how to handle money. That is what I meant.

          • GreenWin

            Athletes have far better programming now than years ago. Lottery winners are gamblers.

  • Roger Bird

    Wilberforce Award: I guess no one impressed Dick Smith. It seems to me that it is a very subjective finish line, so Dick Smith never needed to be impressed.

    • GreenWin

      Correct. Roger, you are interested in home CHP, here is an interesting option using a unique Stirling engine design:

      • Roger Bird

        Very impressive. I wonder how much a home unit costs. 46 dB is very quiet. In fact, I would think that all the extraneous noise around us would be sucked into the black hole of noise and disappear from the Universe; one can only hope.

        I would have to buy some coal and burn it in my backyard just so I could continue to make all of the plant in the world happy. Everyone has to do their part. (:->)

        • Patrik

          I thnk you have to pay at least 15000 euro in Europe

        • Omega Z

          Ignore Patric.

          Your in the U.S. Burn some wood. It’s considered Carbon neutral. Part of the Carbon cycle.

          Strange. You can burn wood, Produce steam to run a turbine. No Tax.

      • Patrik

        You can also visit Baxi, Viessmann, Brötje and Remeha web sites if you are interested in Stirling engine micro cogeneration. Fuel cells are much more focussed in Japan. In fact, Stirling engines are not interesting at all for micro cogeneration in Japan. A number of the large European gas boiler manufacturers have fuel cells as the next step in home heating. By the way way, Whispergen was sold as EHE in Europe and the company closed last year. The real disadvantage in the Stirling engine is the low electric efficincy, 10-15%. That means that you get a lot of heat that must be used.

      • Barry

        Looks like a kenetic sculpture.

  • Pompey

    Another long interview from Sterling. Shame he got bored towards the end and started to promote a totally different product or ou machine from india. Which Mr Green could only nod and smile at.

    As for the licensing, its all very plasmerg-like. No real cast iron demo yet. Just like the plasmerg debarkle. People fell over themselves to get licensees. But are they just expensive toilet paper?

    As an Australian Mr Green could be forgiven for not being aware of EU law. But it has to be said that territorial licenses that prohibit cross border trade are illegal. Of course any such license that guarantees exclusivity is therefore an illegal one and against EU law as it would create an artificial monopoly. In such a case the contracts themselves would be null and void.

    • Omega Z

      The License could pertain to a Franchise to an area. This would not preclude cross boundary sales.

      Nor would it preclude a Competitor with a variant product from another Company.

      • Pompey

        Yes, at those prices that have been mentioned a one would hope that its a basic franchise, Although I am getting Deja vu with Plasmerg, in that they also sold licensees without ever displaying a working product. Cart and horse come to mind. Just like John Rohner.