Rossi Teases about 'Big Surprises'

Today is Andrea Rossi’ birthday — he’s sixty three years old today, and a number of people have been posting birthday greetings to him over on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. In response to some of these he wrote:

Dear Friends Giovanni Guerrini, Pierino S., Lucio Martini, Fabio 82,
Pietro F., Gian Luca:
Thank you for your kind greetings! I am celebrating working, but big surprises are arriving…
Warm Regards,

Quite a tease!

  • Leo Kaas

    I like BIG surprises!

    • martinus

      unfortunately, it’s only a big surprise, not a BIG.

  • blaze

    Yes, surprises are much better than promises.

  • daniel maris

    Who can say there won’t be after the third party tests?

    Fingers and toes crossed.

  • Chris I

    Has he turned lead into gold?

    Nah, more interesting if he has a good, efficient electrogeneration just about ready.

    Could be some new important cooperation too.

    Anyway, starting around a half hour from now, we ought to have our radars on Brussels, ENEA, Amalia Sartori etc. Perhaps Passerini will post something very shortly about it.

  • lenrdawn

    His wife is pregnant? 😉

  • DaveS

    OT, the Washington Post has just put up a blog for people to comment on “What energy sources offer the most promise for the U.S.?” This is an opportunity to shed some light on the recent developments in LENR and the E-Cat’s third party testing results.

  • Gérard2013

    We hope today’s birthday Andrea Rossi E-cat is the ECAT born for the public world.
    The baby is ready!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rossi and all my best wishes for your baby.

    In French

    Nous pouvons espérer aujourd’hui pour l’anniversaire de Andrea Rossi et sont E-cat que l’Ecat naisse pour le monde publique.
    Le bébé est prêt!

    Bonne anniversaire Monsieur Rossi et tous mes vœux de bonheur pour votre Bébé.

  • Bruce Williams

    Caro Signor Rossi,

    Auguri ! Per il tuo anniversario, e per il tuo “progetto” : ci sonno molti genti chi hanno la speranza che le tue scoperte vanno cambiano il mondo ! Sonno credente !



    • Luca Salvarani

      Your italian is funny…

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorrander

    Big “birthday” surprises maybe? Like a new tennis racket? It would be nice if his present would be something like an ecat producing electricity directly, but occams razor suggests something simpler.

    Hoping Occam is wrong though…

    • Pedro

      Surprise party?

    • Baka

      His colleagues got him some female BIG booty strippers as birthday SURPRISE. They just arrived as he was writing it. Everything makes sense now 😀

      • Roger Bird

        That was my second guess.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    He has been waiting at least for HotCat certifications and patent acceptances.

  • Italo R.

    I think (hope) that the BIG surprise will be a Hot-Cat producing electricity…

    • Luca Salvarani

      It would be a dream…

  • I hope the surprise is the press conference of his BIG us partner…

  • hokmah

    choices are
    a) new third party test
    b) revealing the US company
    c) more powerful e/hotcat
    d) e/hotcat generating electricity
    e) patent acceptance
    f) sooner release of consumer e/hotcat
    g) …

    • Roger Bird

      Higher COP with one of his cats. Notice that I am low-balling my guesses because I don’t want to be disappointed.

      • Maybe using a new font on the JONP. Trying to low-ball lower than you, Roger.

        • Roger Bird

          VERY low ball.

        • Omega Z


  • V.p.S.

    After following the story for quite a long time, I learned to ignore such comments from Mr. Rossi, as such “big surprises” may come weeks or months after the “announcement” and eventually be not big at all, but just normal, may be even expected, and incomplete progress report, which we will all again speculate about.
    Still I’m staying very optimistic about Rossi. I just can’t stand it, when something pushes my expectations unnecessarily higher, leading inevitably to an disappointment, if I can rather go steady and smooth, until there is really something tangible to discuss and not speculate about. Nevertheless inwardly wishing Mr. Rossi all the best and good luck with that “big surprise”.

    • Jimr

      I totally agree, I would not like to have anyone to be set up for a big disappointment. After 2 1/2 years you learn to take everything said by Rossi, with a grain of salt.

  • NJT

    The “Big Surprises arriving” in plural announcement sounds exciting to me. I am betting on electricity can now come from the hot cat with the help from Siemens turbine technology.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Rossi…

  • LilyLover

    Happy Birthday Dear Dr. Rossi.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    I just sang it.
    May this day bring joy to you.

    Considering what you are about to give us ( a Sun); this seems like a firefly’s offering of light to you, a Sun-donor.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Pieter


  • Roger Bird

    I wonder if skeptics will wish him a happy birthday. Well, of course they would. But patho-skeptics, they will probably want to send him a cake made out of human poo.

    But they shouldn’t. Even if Rossi were the biggest crook in history, he doesn’t hurt them and he gives them something fun to do, which is to be stone cold disbelievers and to practice being experts at raining on people’s parade.

    Oh, I almost forgot, happy birthday, Dr. Rossi!!!! I hope that we see about 40 more of your birthdays, all in excellent health.

    • Alp

      As I’m sure you know, if Rossi turns out to be a crook, it will hurt the credibility of the cold fusion and LENR field when they report other research. The same applied to Defkalion. And BTW, if Rossi is a crook, he will be far from the biggest. He won’t be anywhere as damaging as Madoff, for example.

      • GreenWin

        Alf, while I know it is in your mantra (and field guide) to keep the brave front claiming the Rossi/Focardi and now verification team are all “crooks;” I am going to ask Admin to require evidence for the accusations. It only seems fair that since skeps demand evidence, those accusing Dr. Rossi of being “a crook” cough up. And not the pap about petroldragon where evidence is he was fully acquitted.

        How about it Alf? Where’s your evidence?

        • Roger Bird

          I agree with this, GreenWin, 111%. In fact, Frank the admin should consider the possibility that if he allows these lying dirt-bags to continue posting their libel that he, Frank, could be considered complicit. I invite all skeptics to join us. I UNinvite all skeptopaths and liars from joining us.

      • Roger Bird

        It depends upon how you define damaging. From my perspective 2000 miles from New York, Madoff was a fascinating event and nothing more. Capitalism didn’t fall. I personally know of no one who was hurt financially. The reports of financial hurt were greatly exaggerated since they reported the total amount of money turned over. Madoff was not “worth” the amount he turned over because he had to roll over a lot of the money to earlier “investors” to keep the scam going.

        Rossi could destroy a planet changing science and set it back decades.

  • Kimball

    Happy Birthday to you sir.

  • AstralProjectee

    When do you all think Rossi will start selling his products to large groups of people?

    • Alp

      Because he said he would? (a million home ecats per year from robotic factories)

      • Smartypants.

        When. Not why.. 🙂

    • John-64

      Well, the universe is 13.7 billion years old so you can take that as a frame of reference.

      • Roger Bird

        You mean that this is the first time in 13.7 billion years that anything like this has ever happened?

  • Alp

    A nice surprise would be an ecat that requires no electrical input after startup (and needs no other source of heat from the outside, including gas).

    Another nice surprise would be naming a customer who is independent of Rossi and can be interviewed about his delivered, tested and working megawatt plant by the mainline press.

    Yet another nice suprise would be a truly independent test of the ecat in which Rossi supplies only the ecat and the investigators use their own lab and equipment and are either a major university department or a government lab.

    We’ve been waiting a long time for one of those!

    • Chris I

      You made me think for a sec, and it just struck me:

      Perhaps ELFORSK is in negotiations with him to supply their consociates and maybe they wouldn’t be keeping it a secret for long, if an agreement is reached.

      Just pondering………..?

      • Roger Bird

        OK, everyone, I want you to all guess what the good surprise is. And whoever gets it right wins a gold star and a free trip to visit the June 6 month test paid for by Frank Arkland. (:->)

    • GreenWin

      The skep-ulation that the E-Cat verification was a hoax using standard test equipment to secretly carry hidden energy (undetected by any of 11 testing personnel)- has worn thin.

      The mainline press will not be reporting on anything E-Cat until the blackout orders are lifted. Considering the mass socio-economic upheaval this will cause, these orders remain unchanged.

      One does not need the mainstream press or approval of academia to introduce a benevolent technology. All that’s needed is for those in need to ask, and without fanfare, it will be delivered.

      • Roger Bird

        I still think that this is paranoid nonsense: “The mainline press will not be reporting on anything E-Cat until the blackout orders are lifted. Considering the mass socio-economic upheaval this will cause, these orders remain unchanged.” There are no orders. People are afraid to look foolish. Just because you and I have decided that E-Cats work does not mean that other people should suddenly have a light bulb go on in their heads and they should disbelieve conventional science and believe us. It will take time.

        I still go out to comment sections and post the news. Do you?

  • renato

    Tanti auguri Signor Rossi,
    cento di questi anni.

    • Roger Bird

      I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the problem lies with Google Translate: “Happy Birthday Mr. Rossi, percent of these years.”

  • artefact

    on JONP:

    Italo R.
    June 3rd, 2013 at 12:16 PM
    >but big surprises are arriving…

    Electricity produced by a Hot-Cat?

    Hopeful Regards…
    Italo R


    Andrea Rossi
    June 3rd, 2013 at 1:16 PM
    Italo R.:
    We’ll see.
    Warm Regards,

    • Roger Bird

      Look, you’re only the most important man in the world in one lifetime; that is sort of a rule (that I just invented for purposes of humor). So Rossi is going to take good and fun and big advantage of it as much as possible by making us hang on his every word and making us all beg. (:->) I’m game.

      • GreenWin

        Don’t tell Cameron, Obama, or Xi Jinping.

        • Roger Bird

          Those people have next to no freedom and have accomplished very little. Rossi is going to turn the world upside down. If anything, Obama has messed things up and Xi Jinping is still oppressing his own and the Tibetan people. {I know next to nothing about Cameron. Is he left or right?}

  • artefact

    on JONP:

    Herb Gillis
    June 3rd, 2013 at 11:23 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi:
    Best wishes on your birthday. May all your big surprises be good surprises!
    As regards the terms “LENR”; does your acceptance of this term imply that you think the underlying phenomenon is indeed nuclear- – as opposed to something even more fundamental (such as zero point energy, or second law violation, or ???)?
    If the basic phenomenon is indeed nuclear; in what sense is it “low energy”- – as compared to other nuclear reactions?
    Best Regards; HRG.


    Andrea Rossi
    June 3rd, 2013 at 1:23 PM
    Herb Gillis:
    Thank you.
    Yes, will be good surprises.
    Other nuclear reactions need millions Celsius ( fusion) and emit radiations in the order of MeVs, we emit 50-100 keVs ( inside the reactor).
    Warm Regards,

    • LENR.FTW

      There it is again, that 50-100 keV gamma radiation assertion. I think it’s the key to understanding the LENR reaction.

      Any physicists out there that can speculate on what might cause that level of emissions? Dissociation of an electron from a “pseudo” neutron that gets absorbed by another nucleus? Something else?

      • Jim Anderson

        Thermal neutron capture 50-100 keV.

  • NJT

    This “headline article” just appeared on my “Google News Page”: “Andrea Rossi’s “E-cat” Cold Fusion Device Really Works, Says Science Panel”.

    Here is the link:

    Pretty impressive and it’s called “Cold Fusion” with reference to the term LENR linked to NASA experiments…

  • clovis

    Hi everyone,
    my guess is patent approved,

    HAPPY,HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY,too the most important man in the world, Dr, Andrea Rossi.

  • Herman Grand Barbu

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rossi and may the Lord bless you in your further days.
    Thank you very much for your indefatigable search for cheap energy.

  • AB

    It’s been said that the e-cat patent wasn’t granted because the process has no generally accepted theoretical basis. Thus proof that the apparatus works as claimed is required. The recent e-cat paper is probably sufficient proof. Two weeks also seems about right for patent office to review the paper and make a decision.

    The surprise Rossi is talking about may very well be the patent finally being granted.

    • Chris I

      It is said…. But it is also said that you can’t patent a secret. I seriously doubt he’ll be granted a patent before he revises the application in such a way that it says exactly what substances to put in, along with the nickel powder, exactly how to prepare the whole thing so as to guarantee it to work for whoever is following the instructions (without having to re-invent it). That’s how patents work.

      If he hasn’t decided to include his secret in the patent process, they haven’t announced tha intent to grant it.

    • Invient

      I certainly hope so… I want to know what the catalyst is!

    • Roger Bird

      This could become a fun office pool, without the office of course. I am going to bet that a patent is not the good news. I am going to say that the June 6 month tests have begun.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        “I am going to say that the June 6 month tests have begun.” Don’t get it, should there be a hyphen in there somewhere? (:

        • Roger Bird

          The problem with calling the test “June tests” is that they have not started yet, and who knows if they are going to start on time.

  • RenzoB

    Last interview with Rossi, with english subs

    • Roger Bird

      Please, oh please, “latest interview”, not “last interview”.

    • Sean B

      Thanks for this. Here’s hoping for the exponential take up of ECAT!

  • Stefan

    Dear all,

    Another possibility of a surprise could be the publication of the 3:d party report, peered reviewed and with enough added information to calm down most of the issues with the current preprint.

    Also, of cause, if being genius or foe, whatever it is, life is the true miracle, Happy birthday to Mr Andrea Rossi.

    I was looking at, quite interesting how people reason, there was one picture of the display of one of the measurement devises, showing a 0.48 value of whatever quality factor. Then stating that it was out of the power measurement lower bound of 0.5. and finally conclude that the whole experiment was crappy to show more then 2.9x output energy. I’m really curious how they manage to create such a sensitive instrument, quite a feat.

    Anyway one thing got me and I could not find that we discussed this when the Essen interview was under focus,
    > 7. Will you test the power supplied to the device with oscilloscope during
    > the next test?

    This is a question for Prof. G. Levi who provides the instrumentation.
    It is desirable, I agree; everything can always be done better, but we
    have very limited time and resources unfortunately.

    ELFORSK seams to blow this the wrong way e.g. under-finance a second 6-month test really seams strange. They should, at this stage want to get a good proof of the system. We do not have all the data that ELFORSK have but from the outside it really look a bit crazy.

    • Chris I

      I’ve had doubts for a long time about this type of test report being published as a peer reviewed article. The very nature of it is external to the purpose. I don’t think it would settle the matter anyway, with skeptopaths.

      • Roger Bird

        Chris I, I prefer your skeptopaths to the usual patho-skeptics. I will adopt it. Thank you.

  • Ron

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rossi. The future may well name one of their gods after you, the present ones have totally failed. Looking forward to good news.

  • artefact

    Nice world for Ecat-World Frank!
    I like it.

    There is a cat and a mouse in it 🙂

    • Thanks artefact — yes, you got it!

      • R101

        Haha, so there is 😉

  • frank sedei

    My personal best wishes for a Happy Birthday to you Andrea Rossi. You are a great man and forever will be recognized as such.

    • Roger Bird

      So, you know the phrase “run with the ball”, as in “he got the ball and ran with it”, from American football. Rossi got the ball. Getting the ball probably involved a great deal of sweat and work and perhaps some intuition and a great deal of luck. Can you imagine what he felt when he first got the ball. He was so astonished that he had to go to a couple of nuclear physicists (and perhaps a few psychologists) just to make sure he wasn’t crazy. Understand, although there was LENR in the world, which almost all physicists discounted, he had LENR+. He was the only person on the face of the Earth who knew that LENR+ was possible, and the only person on Earth who knew that he had it, except perhaps Focardi and Levi.

      So, he goes home to his wife. What does he tell her? “Dear, I just made the greatest discovery in the history of the world.” “Yes, Andy, you’re late. Sit down and have some soup and tell me all about it.” “No, really, Dear. I just discovered a way to extract energy out of simple and inexpensive materials.” “Yes, Dear. No more you coming home with waste material all over your clothes?” “No, you don’t understand. This is the greatest advancement in technology in the history of the world. It will put an end to man made global warming, industrial pollution and many other things like that.” “Yes Dear.”

      So, once he got the ball and had control (knowing that he had what he thought that he had), he ran with it. I am telling, there is a play and perhaps a movie here. But this will have to wait until people’s lives are changed, or else there won’t be an audience and it won’t make any money.

  • GreenWin

    Happy Birthday Doc Rossi! Many more to come!

    • Barry


  • lukedc

    “but big surprises are arriving…”

    This would be the arrival of the containers in the states I would say.

    • Owen

      But note the plural “surprises”. Unless it’s another translation error then there may be more than one surprise coming soon. Rossi is highly productive and so multiple surprises are certainly possible. The most likely surprises to happen in my opinion:
      – successful installation and operation of the plant in the US
      – acceptance of the 3rd party test in a peer reviewed journal
      – power production from Siemen’s turbine generator

      Least likely:
      – Wiki officially apologizing and changing their E-Cat and Rossi entries to unbiased information

  • Roger Bird

    Here is the WickedPedia account of Andrea Rossi. It is certainly not up to reality, but it is not dreadful either:

    • Fibber McGourlick

      It looks to be somewhere over on the dreadful side. Krivit-rivit may have written it. But who cares when the world is soon to be powered by the E-Cat? Go Rossi.

      • Roger Bird

        I suppose if one were to stand way back and look at Rossi’s record, it doesn’t look all that great. I also notice no attempt by Rossi, in the WickedPedia account, to be fraudulent. But we here are fortunately enough to look really closely, and we get a much different picture.

  • Sean B is in process of being updated……

    Let’s hope it’s part of a big surprise.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    He opened shipping container and voilà, Tom & Jerry.

  • Tom59

    What could be the big surprise? The ecat used in the 3rd party test had flanches for mounting onto a pressure vessel. The surprise may be seeing the first run of a steam boiler, heated by several ecats combined and producing an amount of steam useful for a heating a factory or appartment building. A very big surprise would be if the pressure vessle is connected to a Siemens steam turbine generator, producing electricity, but I think this would be the step after.
    But the biggest surprise is in plain sight: a few years after Andrea Rossi started working in a field that was declared dead by the science world, he is at the brink of delivering an industrial apparatus exploiting LENR. He has single-handedly revived the field of cold fusion, created a buzz among us, animated a bunch of competitors to try the same etc – and no taxpayer money involved, no backing from mayor institutions, but on a constant uphill battle. He lost a bit of weight, but is in good health. Plenty of surprise so far!
    Congratulations Andrea Rossi!

  • Roger Bird

    So, the next time you are asked who is the richest person in the world, you might mention Rossi’s wife. She owns the patent on the E-Cat:

    “Maddalena Pascucci

    “Pascucci is the wife of Andrea Rossi. Her sharp business skills make her a key member of Rossi’s team. The only patent granted so far (In Italy) is granted in her name which means she may be the sole holder of the world’s most expensive Intellectual Property. A commerce graduate, she owns 50% of Leonardo Corporation along with Rossi and is managing the commercial side of the E-Cat business. Pascucci also owns 70% of EFA srl, an Italian based company which manages licences for the E-Cat in Europe.”

    Legally speaking, in a business sense, there could be a case made for Maddalena Pascucci being the most powerful person who ever lived.

    • Linda

      You go girl!

  • Nixter

    I don’t know what the announcement will be, but my favorite pending development is the Siemens turbine Rossi E-Cat powered Gen-Set, a self contained power generator will eventually garner world wide attention.

    To the unaware public, the device will appear to be impossible magic, even though the contorted and unsettled physics of it all are not yet sorted out, it will be shown running to an unbelieving public. When it is seen making electrical power for several months, calls of, Rossi the “scammer” will transform into, whispers of Dr. Rossi, the “Magician.”

    • Owen

      I very much look forward to the Siemen’s turbine. Direct production of electricity would be huge.

      Meanwhile… Jones Beene at Vortex says the Infinity Turbine is a perfect match for the Hot Cat with 6:1 gain.[email protected]/msg82329.html

      Infinity Turbine:

      Yes, this is has been discussed before, but now the E-Cat is closer to commercial production and so it’s interesting to discuss the most practical applications. How would you maximize E-Cat energy production?

      • Mop

        Those e-cat reactors, like the one that was tested in the recent paper, need electricity to do their thing, but also need to be offline regularly. A single turbine could use a bunch of reactors to produce electricity. That electricity could be used as input for the reactors. You could keep the turbine running perpetually but still have the individual reactors going online and offline however needed. The reactors would go through the cycle they need to not overheat, but the turbine on top could still be kept running.

        • Owen

          That would be infinite COP for the system as a whole. I think Rossi could get this to work, but I doubt it would get certified. Still, that would make an amazing demonstration!

        • fortyniner

          I think you’re probably right about this aspect of the engineering, at least in prototype reactors. Both the boiler and turbine could be shared, with a number of flanged ‘hot cats’ fixed into the boiler end plate, and going through their cycles out of phase under computer control. The boiling water at around 120C would probably help stabilise operation and minimise the additional ‘restart’ power needed for each operating cycle.

        • Roger Bird

          But the reactors that were the electricity source would also have to have electricity sources and so on ad infinitum. Plus, the outputs of those electricity sources would all be going up and down. My plan would be to simply start with two batteries that had a constant voltage output. Then reroute some of the output the reactors back to one of the batteries while the other battery does the on-off input. When that battery runs low, then switch batteries.

  • Barry

    My guess, U.S. partner is going to come out of the closet. Didn’t Rossi say 20 days shipping and 20 days of set up. May 1st + 40 days = 9th of June (It’s a Sunday so make it June 10th).

  • GreenWin

    A Big Surprise for me would be a a consulting contract for preliminary production of E-Cat desalination plant. Tesla Motors would be a good sponsor.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer


      • KD

        But Hot E-Cat is in R&D stage. He have to build working and ready for mass production 1 MW plants, to keep prices low.

  • Julian Becker

    What ever happened to the meeting at the European Parliament which was supposed to have taken place yesterday?

    • Methusela

      I don’t know, but there is an agenda posted here:

      It only took place yesterday; I expect there will be a report at, since MFMP attended.

    • Giuliano Bettini

      ANSA about Cold Fusion-European Parliament.
      “Rinnovabili: Enea, avanti con ricerca su ‘fusione fredda’
      Studi su potenzialita’ 25 anni dopo annuncio Fleischmann e Pons”
      03 giugno, 19:10

      • Chris I

        Pity it doesn’t say much and there still isn’t much else around.

        It seems they talk only about Pd-D and said that efforts should be put into research; I hoped they would discuss all the recent develpments with Ni-H. Better than nothing though.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          If I remember right, the partners listed as participants have done Pd-D work separately and together for years. Probably they have done lobbying over the years to get some support and political visibility for their work and finally had some success now that H2020 is under planning stage. Rossi’s third party testing probably did not trigger this EU event because Brussels cannot move that fast.

          • Chris I

            I did not think it was the report that triggered it, I thought it was folks like ENEA. Still I would hope for a broad enough coverage in the event.

      • Chris I

        OK Passerini says that his account of it is soon to come…

    • Chris I

      Passerini has put some stuff on his blog (in Italian). I just had a bit of a look through it. It seems he did not go there himself and he declines to name the acquaintance who did. About 80 people were in the audience.

      The speakers were all folks who have worked on Pd-D and have no doubt about the effect. There was however mention of Ni-H, it’s just that they don’t have personal experience of it themselves; it seems they are interested in doing it too.

      Passerini also states another thing, a highly disappointing one, but without citing a source. He says that INFN has put a halt to Celani’s work on LENR. I’ll keep my eyes open for anything confirming it because I find it so disappointing, if true.

  • Tony McDougall
    • Roger Bird

      He looks way too much like Richard Nixon in that picture. If only both his hands were doing victory ‘V’s, it would be perfect.

      • Tony McDougall

        Think of Mohammed Ali and you should get the message. I tried to avoid any association with that famous image of Richard Nixon.

  • RenzoB

    an idiom phrase says “put your money where your mouth is”, since Intrade has closed I’ve searched for another prediction exchange. The only one I found works with bitcoins, if you use them you can bet on the following statements about the E-Cat 🙂

    • john E


  • david

    LENR, previously Cold Fusion, was first brought to the world”s attention in 1989, with the astonishing announcement by Fleischman and Pons. However, it was actually predicted in 1979, by Benjamin Creme, of Share International, in one of his books from that year, and described by the name “Cold Fusion”. This was not a science-fiction work, but a book about mankind”s future. Please check it out of curious, Share International, get on the Archives section and look for Cold Fusion.

    • Erik

      the first one to do so (that I’m aware of) was Nazi scientist Dr. Ronald Richter, who claims to have observed similar phenomena in plasma experiments in Germany… in 1936! (see my The Nazi International, pp. 260-261, 293-294, see also p. 321 for his reference to the use of iridium and rhodium). Richter was doing it all: rotating plasmas, magnetic fields, plasma shock waves and metal lattices (iridium and rhodium), but most importantly, he anticipated in general outline the LANR or lattice-assisted theory by some decades, because as he was attempting to explain his ideas to a (very) skeptical scientific public in Argentina, he indicated that the basis of his energy anomaly, in his opinion, was some sort of resonant or transductive effect with the local lattice structure – he called it a “cellular” structure – in space-time itself.

      • Rockyspoon

        And yet during the electrification of the US, it was observed that helium was a surprising by-product of the tests to develope switches capable of handling voltages in the 100,000 range.

        A prominent scientist at the time refuted the reports, however, and overrode the empirical evidence. Another sad case of insufficient theory destroying the truth.

        • Roger Bird

          I think that scientists should be required to take plenty of fish oil every day.

    • Barry

      Don’t write out “Cold Fusion” yet David. The phenomenon goes by both names. CF is more common.

  • artefact

    on JONP:

    Joseph Fine
    June 3rd, 2013 at 5:44 PM
    Andrea Rossi,

    Please don’t worry about this. You have many more important things to do besides responding to tens of thousands of our comments. I just wanted to know what else happened on June 3rd.

    By December 3rd, there may be results from the six month test. That would be very interesting to hear about. It should show a higher energy density figure than from the recent independent tests.

    Birthday regards,



    Andrea Rossi
    June 4th, 2013 at 3:34 AM
    Prof. Joseph Fine:
    I think sooner will arrive very important results too.
    Just a sensation.
    Warm Regards,

    • Jonas

      Oh, la la..!

      Glad I took up space with that comment…

      The only big announcement I look forward to is the go ahead on selling domestic e-cats; I really cannot go another winter like this! So, fingers crossed the big news is they are going to start selling million megawatt domestic e-cats for a dime each, with no refuling cost, starting tomorrow. 🙂

      • Rockyspoon

        You can always go to YouTube for fictitious entertainment…

    • fortyniner

      Rossi seems to be bursting to tell of his ‘surprise’ and can’t resist mentioning it at any opportunity. I can’t help feeling that this may be significant news, rather than just ‘rossisays’.

      ‘Results’ seems to indicate more testing, rather than release of the identity of the partner or a customer. Assuming that this is not more from Levi et al. (e.g., publication in a peer reviewed journal) then my bet would be on a set of ‘field’ test reports on the LT e-cat that was recently shipped, or just possibly some development on the ‘hot cat’ front.

      Presumably any such results would need to bear the name of the partner or the customer to have any weight in the face of the inevitable pathoskep tirades, so perhaps we’ll learn who this is, as well as receiving confirmation that the e-cat works when put to practical use.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Peer review? Paper published in a scientific journal? Patent? Customer announcement? Confirmation that fusions is happening or a valid theory on what is happening? It could be many things….. Exciting times!

    • Gigawatt

      Well if he speaks about “surprises” and “results” maybe he is referring to the Electromotiv Force coming out from Ecat.
      Maybe they are now able to capture this electric power to feed itself…just a guess

  • KD

    As a surprise i would like to see the results of real work after 6-months of the plant delivered to military customer. If such customer exist. It don’t have to be reviled who the customer is.

  • Roger Bird

    My desire nature just commandeered the ship of ME. I am guessing that the surprise is that Rossi is going to fly me (on his dime) and my immediate family to see him and be given a private demonstration of the E-Cat, and that he is going to cut me in on .01% of the profits for the next 30 years (roughly estimated at $100 million. Oh, and he and his wife will take us to the best Italian restaurant in Florida.

    I’m back. I am my rational self again. Did I miss anything? Did I say anything stupid. I know my desire nature can say some pretty stupid things sometimes. Is everything OK? Has the surprise been revealed?


  • Jordi Heguilor

    My big surprise would be to hear that Rossi has sold one of his 1 MW units to Consumer Reports to be tested.

    Maybe that would happen and maybe not, because as of now we have no proof that those units actually exist.

    • John sims

      I have been an consistent follower of LENR for many years. I firmly believe there is a real, world changing energy source, that will eventually be developed. However it is very unlikely that it will be Rossi. I have experience with many scammers over the years. Rossi is following a well established pattern. Giving bits and pieces to people that want to believe,but never,never actually delivering. Someone will figure this out, it is very unlikely it will be Rossi.

      • Roger Bird

        John sims, why is the 3rd party not proof that Rossi has figured it out?

        Kim’s report of Defkalion is VERY encouraging.

        • Rockyspoon

          …and Defkalion got their kick-start from Rossi a while back.

          Sounds like there’s either a den of scammers (if you give credence to John Sims’ fantasies) or these intrepid entrepreneurs actually have a “surprise”–which is only a surprise to those that haven’t taken the time or effort to understand the phenomena.

          • Jordi Heguilor

            The reason why we cannot buy an E-cat at Home Depot is, as per Rossi, because it’s in the process of certification.

            Has anybody asked WHO is certifying the E-cat? Has anybody wondered whether actually there is a government entity that would be in charge of said certification?

            How come the believers spend hours talking about how fantastic the E-cat would be for this or that but never ask Rossi the basic questions?

          • Roger Bird

            Jordi, it is unfair to say that believers are not asking those kinds of questions. Those questions are being asked. Do you fancy that you are the smartest person here?

          • Jordi Heguilor

            Roger, the one thing I’m sure of is that I’m not the smartest person here. However, I’m the only asking certain questions.

            And they are not stupid questions.

            So: WHO is certifying the E-cat?

          • Roger Bird

            I have no clue.

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