Note on the Swedish Offer — Press Release Alteration

I think it’s important to point out something that has changed in the press release published by Hydro Fusion since yesterday. Here is the changed text:

Hydro Fusion is looking for a Pilot Customer for the first ECAT 1 MW Plant to operate in Sweden. The customer will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs. In return the Pilot Customer agrees upon

  • Scheduled Installation time by late fall 2013.
  • Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation to use the Pilot Plant as a Showcase where external customers can be introduced to an ECAT 1 MW in operation.

In the final event, I don’t know if it matters too much if an E-Cat plant is put into operation by a customer, but it appears from these changes that the project is being sponsored only by Hydro Fusion the E-Cat licensee, not directly by Rossi’s Leonardo Corp.

  • fortyniner

    Curious – almost as if Rossi is trying to step out of the frame in this instance. HydroFusion appears to be little more than a shell company and a website. It is hard to imagine that they could have purchased an e-cat, so any pilot installation must remain the property of Leonardo Corp., who may also be underwriting the costs involved.

    Perhaps Rossi just doesn’t want to be seen as desperate – a pride thing. Or perhaps he just doesn’t want to be involved because he is working on other things. The relationship between HF and Rossi/Leonardo is very hard to fathom.

    • GreenWin

      Sounds like a liability issue to me. Leonardo legal beagles representing interests of partners? Trust? Board? want this to be a HF project, without reliance on Leonardo resources.

    • Roger Bird

      You could ask his lovely wife. She is in charge of the business. (In fact, she is in charge of the future of the human race, probably, unless Defkalion and Brillouin get their act together.)

      • khawk

        Then she is also probably in charge of whether Defkalion lives or dies should their box actually produce excess heat.

        Brillouin is also interesting in that they appear to be taking a home heat approach with an electrolytic system (no one has scaled that yet) and industrial boiler approach with gas-charged system (Rossi appears to the only one with high enough sustained heat to give it a go at present).

        • Roger Bird

          “Then she is also probably in charge of whether Defkalion lives or dies should their box actually produce excess heat.” I don’t understand. She is a commerce graduate, Rossi’s business “manager”, and holds the E-Cat EU patent in her name, perhaps because she appears to be younger and women generally live longer than men. That puts her in business “charge” of the E-Cat and perhaps the most powerful person in the history of the world. But that does not put her in charge of Defkalion, unless I am missing something.

          • khawk

            If Defkalion actually stole from Rossi as they said they did, then the business manager of the injured party gets to decide whether to use the courts to fix the problem via injunction and/or damages. Standard IP fare.

    • Paolo

      It seems absurd to me that the licensee have to pay the plant after having already payed for a license: it should be Leonardo Corp to make an E-Cat available for this operation… I do not understand Leonardo strategy, it seems the opposite of a good seller…

      • khawk

        No idea if HF had fees or not but it appears to me that everyone who wants to play is going to have to pay. I seems that Rossi walked away from deals with several folks because of failure to pay, discomfort about deal terms and/or someone tried to steal from him.

  • Jim

    Hydro Fusion’s rights to commit Leonardo was a key question from the start…pulls the punch from this announcement; can HF deliver? Will Leonardo fufill? Question to Rossi in order…

  • xy

    how about the lawyers saw it and said that the responsibility (a contract) must be bound to one party only and “leonardo and hydrofusion” is simply two parties. any interested partner would ask who would be his contracted partner. …i have no popcorn.

    • psi

      This sounds highly probable to me. It is at any rate, on the other hand, terrifically exciting to watch this unfold. Pass the popcorn any time. : )

  • Björn
  • Lukedc

    It won’t be that at all. Leonardo is not an incorporated entity in Sweden and can not enter into negotiations as there is no way for them to shoulder any liability. The necessity of this change could be related to finance of the project.

  • Jim Anderson

    Rossi, Leonardo, Hydro Fusion and the US partner are looking to help fuel sales by having a display model that also generates revenue. I assume whoever is the responsible party in the transaction has followed whatever rules apply if not we’ll hear about it. Rossi has stated that Defkalion didn’t get any secret information from him. The Defkalion system is so different from Rossi’s that it seem not to even be the same thing. In interviews a spokesman for Defkalion says they tried to copy Rossi couldn’t and went their own way. The Defkalion web site contains detailed information about their product and it’s clear it’s not a copy of an E-CAT.

    • khawk

      But what about the catalyst that Defkalion claims they “borrowed”. Is that different?

      • Paolo

        This is the key point. In graphic work, you change some details for escaping from legal consequences, but I guess that the catalyzer is substancially the same. This would explain why they sell technology. If this were proprietary, they would put on the market it by themselves. So, the responsability of the IP is on the shoulders of the licensees, which is a tremendous risk for an investor.

  • Tony McDougall

    “Scheduled Installation time by late fall 2013”

    Do Swede’s refer to the northern hemisphere’s Autumn as the “fall”? I thought that sort of terminology was peculiar to the USA.

    Maybe it’s just that the original Swedish press release was translated into English by an American.

    • raindeer

      Swedes tend to use the american version of things due to the influence of american tv.

      • LB

        We generally mix all kinds of english in to one swinglish version
        And we can’t spel either…