E-Cat World Store Opens

I’m pleased to announce the opening of the E-Cat World Store!

I am very happy to partner with artist, musician and magician Barry Simon (a regular poster here) on this project. Barry has designed the store’s first offerings — two different t-shirt designs available in a variety of colors with cold fusion/LENR themes — which he and his wife Patty will be hand printing.

We will be adding more products over time which we hope will complement the messages of this site. Who knows, you might find that wearing a cold fusion t-shirt might start conversations with people who will want to find out more on the topic!

We hope you will enjoy the offerings of the store. A special offer running right now is that if you order three shirts at once we will ship free to 22 countries. If the country you are shipping to is not on the list, please let us know at [email protected] and we will do our best to find the best way to fill your order and get the products to you.

To enter the store go here.

Best wishes,

Frank Acland

  • glhf

    You’re offering an organized site and a well balanced moderated comment area for your posts. I like that you are making a way to support the site while also supplying fine products that allow people to spread the word about something you and others strongly believe in. Thank you Frank

    • psi

      + 1.

  • buffalo

    anyone got a t-shirt for fencesitters with half a pic of an ecat on it?

    • Barry

      We’ll sell you half an image for half price buffalo.

      • psi

        : )

  • Bob Greenyer

    Nice addition Frank. I hope it brings you some much deserved support.

  • lenrdawn

    No e-cats on sale in the e-cat world store?

    P.S. I noticed that ecat (without the dash) is trademarked while e-cat isn’t? How can that be? Nobody wants to make money with this?

    • LCODB


      how do you claim ownership of it?

  • harald

    Hey, nice: a T-shirt, wow!!!

    But what about the reactor? Is the topic imploding?

    My euphory is still decreasing;(



    Engineers are supposed to be predictable.
    This new store will plunge the world into uncertainty.

    Will you also be selling house hold appliances?

    I know someone who needs a grill to use with his new set of grill knifes.

    Coffee is for closures

  • anandamyd

    I will pay for 3pieces of T Shirt, in case I am able to buy one 30kW E_CAT unit:) now, immediately:)

  • Roger

    Suggest you add:-
    Nickel powder micron and nano
    Nicrome wire
    Electrolysis kit – for H2 loading Ni powder
    IR temp sensor
    Geiger counter
    PWM with HV triac o/p PCB
    A one stop shop for replicators would be great

    • Wes

      I recommend a small fuel cell for the H2 generator. They are safe, clean, and inexpensive. Add ear plugs in case of explosion.

  • Steve M

    Hi I like the t-shirts but if it said Cold Fusion I would buy one,
    please design one that says Cold Fusion Revolution, I am NOT Politically Correct, lets call it what it is Cold Fusion !

    • artefact

      The second shirt with the flame says cold fusion revolution.

      • Ivone Martin FitzGerald


    • Hi Steve, the plan is to add new options as time goes on. One of those will be an E-Cat World — Cold Fusion Revolution design.

      • GreenWin

        Congratulations Frank and Barry. Barry, your scrimshaw work is nothing short of astonishing. Was not aware that such artisans were around. I shall be a customer for sure!

        A sardonic suggestion: a coffee mug with a twist on the infamous MIT celebration: “Awake from Hot Fusion!”

        • fortyniner

          Slightly less sardonically, I like the CBS ’60 Minutes’ strapline: “Cold fusion is hot again”. Just right for a T shirt?

          • Barry

            True that. I can’t think of a better slogan. I like “Cold Fusion” but I wasn’t sure how many would prefer LENR. “LENR is hot again” just doesn’t cut it.

          • Owen


  • Stanislas Bauer

    I want to buy an e-cat single unit to test it ! No more, no less !

  • Roger Bird

    I wonder if LENR+ will make wildfires less prevalent. I am about 7 miles south of a worrisome wildfire that is coming this way and today will be very hot. Fortunately (for me, but not for other people) the wind is turn to be coming from the south today, so we will probably be OK, at least for today.

    I doubt if such a fire could make it into the suburb. We have no trees and nice manicured lawns. Would anyone know about that sort of thing?

    • LCODB

      Wildfires are serious stuff Roger, you should leave nothing to circumstances. What I advise you to do is grab a canister of gasoline and start an “controlled fire”. Burn down the area around you in a controlled manor. If the forest fire reaches you it wont have anything fuelling it and it will die of.

      Thats what firemen call “fighting fire with fire”, sometimes its your best choose.

      Also, dont forget to document your endeavor, I would love to see you on YouTube with that canister. Dont forget to mention LENR in the video to raise awareness of the new promising energy technology!


      If you want a cat to sound like a dog, again, use the canister and then set fire to it! VOFF!!!

      • Bruce Fast

        Oh please no! Controlled burns get out of hand way too easy! Watering your lawn like crazy, watering your roof like crazy, now those are things you can do. Beyond that, load your vehicles with bug-out stuff in case you get the evacuation order.

        • Roger Bird

          Don’t worry, Bruce. I would never do such a risky thing. Today we are good. We are still about 7 miles from the fire and the winds are pushing it away from us (into someone else’s property). However, it is 0% contained.

          • LCODB

            Good thing you and your family is safe.
            Dont want your desktop to vanish in flames!

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I predict that wide adaption of LENR will result in more wild fires because of less scrounging for firewood. After a few years, the forest floor will be covered with dead limbs and fallen trees.

    • Jim


      mostly in the brush-filled hills, but some of it looked like suburban neighborhoods

      • Roger Bird

        I was there. It was the most expensive urban fire in history. The initial plume stretched from Oakland west over San Francisco out to sea. We were driving north along 19th Avenue when we saw this dark plume. The plume was amazingly narrow. My first remark was that it was like an atomic bomb, but there hadn’t been any flash. When we got onto the Golden Gate Bridge we could see that it was coming from Oakland. We stopped in Mill Valley (in Marin County), and as we were just getting out of our car, the Mill Valley Fire Department was just leaving their firehouse with all alarms going crazy. It was very touching to see people care about each other, even all of the way from across the Bay. But later we toured the scene of devastation and watched an old gentlemen with two walking sticks stand where his front porch was just starring at where his house had been. It became very sad for us.

        And that is my short story of the Oakland Hills Fire of 1991.

  • Sanjeev

    These will become collectable items in a few years from now, just like antiques or first Apple PC etc.

    • stevo

      how about a Pons and Fleischman got it right–new fire” tshirt….I’d buy 3 of those….white type…reversed out on dark blue tshirts please

      • Barry

        Like it stevo.

        • Hampus


  • This week Facebook brought a new datacenter in sweden into operation.
    They could be interested in generating cheap LENR energy for their servers 🙂

    Maybe Hydro Fusion should contact them 😉

    • mcloki

      With a LENR generator. Facebook could build a datacenter Anywhere they wanted to. The lure of cheap electrical rates, beside hydro dams or solar installations not longer is relevant. Now a big steam generator for a hospital could be of use.

    • They consume up to 40MW and are planning to built another server hall.

  • pg

    OT. From Jonp
    The Swedish formula depends on the Licensees, not from us. Leonardo Corp sells the 1 MW plants, and the owners of the plants can use them the way they prefer: if they want to invest in a plant to sell energy, they can do it. We just make a due dioligence on the final Customer who buys the energy, before accepting the solution. Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like, therefore they are free to buy a plant to put it in the concern of their Customer and sell the energy. We gave them green light, but this is an initiative of theirs, not of ours.
    Warm Regards,

    • fortyniner

      Very interesting. So Rossi is more or less saying that HydroFusion will buy a 1 MW LT e-cat from him and then try to recoup their investment by selling heat to a 3rd party customer (which seemed to me the least likely of several possible scenarios when the news emerged).

      If true, HF must hope to sell more e-cats on the back of this initiative, as even with a dealer discount it would otherwise take a very long time to cover the capital cost plus loan interest payments. Brave people – the risks are high.

      • Barry

        Wonder if it’s a promotional idea. Good way to get the world’s attention.

        • fortyniner

          I’m pretty sure it must be – just trying to recoup the financial outlay wouldn’t make any sense on its own. HF must hope to sell multiple units on the back of a ‘demo’ installation and make its profits from the dealer commissions.

          I suppose that’s why AR set up the dealership network – so he wouldn’t have to bother with this sort of thing. However, in a curious way, Rossi is potentially a competitor – in the sense that when ‘hot cat’ technology hits the road, the LT units will be ‘dodos’. I suspect that the dealership thing doesn’t include the partner’s products, so HF must already be feeling the heat from them, so to speak.

          • Hi Peter,

            I am pretty sure Rossi has said that the partner will be manufacturing high and low temperature E-Cats.

          • fortyniner

            If that’s the case (and I’m sure you must be right) I hope the dealership contracts are good for the partner’s products as well as those of Leonardo Corp, or there will be blood spattered high on the walls!

            Either way, a publicly viewable demo plant will be the breakthrough we have been waiting for.

          • Barry

            Frank, what’s the difference between the high and low temp Ecat (other than temperature) is a low temp a home unit?

          • No, at the moment the only low temp E-Cat available at the moment (in fact the only E-Cat plant on the market) is the industrial 1 MW plant which can provide hot water or low temperature steam.

      • Roger Bird

        The good news is that HydroFusion can afford to buy an E-Cat and thinks that they can recoup their expenditure. The owners of this kind of money usually knows what they are doing. There may be an informal mention by Elforsk “hey, you do this and we’ll do that.” I doubt if HydroFusion is looking for a customer today, Jun. 12.

        • Deleo77

          That is what I am thinking, Elforsk will use it, and Hydrofusion will pay the cost to purchase and install. If this all comes about, the big takeaway for me has to do with the skeptics, and what they will say about this?

          How does Rossi scam Hydrofusion, who then dumps the scam off on someone else? It doesn’t make sense. These people aren’t investors, they are distributors and users. If the e-cat is a scam, how is this suppose to work? Rossi would cash Hydrofusion’s check and head off to a remote island never to be found? The end user will quickly be able to tell if the device is a fraud or not. So if this delivery event happens, you have to conclude that Rossi is not a fraud. Someone will speak up quickly if they find out he is.

    • lenrdawn

      “Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like…”

      I thought they were still looking for one??

      • Jim

        That particular line may need to be run through the Rossi to English translation widget, with the “check verb tense” parameter set to “on”.

      • Things may have moved quickly since that press release.

    • Joseph J

      Almost 95% of all properties in Uppsala are heated with district heating. http://powerplants.vattenfall.com/node/418

      Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest power companies, is actively investigating the E-Cat to replace its traditional nuclear plants. In the program, Anders Aberg who is responsible of R&D at Vatenfall says,”This is something new, and we are obligated as a power company to check up on alternatives, of course. This is a possibility that might change the entire world . . . We have one problem, and that is we have to try to find replacement for nuclear power plants as times goes by.”http://browse.feedreader.com/c/E_Cat_World/249541670                                              Vattenfall has everything to be the potential customer.

  • GreenWin

    Gratifying that as commercial applications for E-Cat expand, so too do ancillary markets such as this new store. When music media changed from vinyl to tape to CD to MP3 – so did retail outlets. We can expect to see this continue, depending on government restrictions, in interesting ways.

    There is a distinct possibility for a licensed or knockoff DIY-Cat. Even without “certification” – the desire to tinker with a low temp Cat will drive home brewars to purchase Cat-Kits. The original Apple was sold through a “home brew” computer club.

    Looking further ahead, as light transportation converts from internal combustion to battery electric vehicles (EVs) – a massive change in aftermarket parts and accessories will occur. Electric vehicle sales will accelerate as LENR drives kWhe costs downward. Retail malls, supermarkets, big box stores will add free charge pedestals making owners of EVs able to “refuel” at no cost.

    Low cost energy will transform the global economy, raising standards of living nearly everywhere. This is a good thing, and as suggested here, a tee-shirt saying, “Thanks Martin & Stan” would be appropriate.

    • Barry

      Great idea Greenwin. I wonder if there is a way to honor them where more people would get it. Trying to go beyond preaching to the choir. I was wondering about “They were right after all.” with their pictures. I don’t know. A lot of you are wordsmiths. Afraid I’m a right brained picture person (thank god for spell-check).

      • Roger Bird

        Let me guess. You disbelieve in AGW.

        • Barry

          What’s AGW?

          • Roger Bird

            That is the anti-AGW acronym for Anthropogenic Global Warming or manmade global warming.

          • Barry

            How’d we get on that topic?

      • GreenWin

        “They were right” works for me, Barry.

        • Barry

          “They were right” like it!

          • doug hulstedt

            Hi Barry,
            since you are the artsy guy hows about ties with Stan and Martin with “they were right!” on it.
            I am more a goofy tie person as I am a pediatrician.
            Just to stir the pot re AGW and water: the world has been warming since Noahs flood and also drying out.

          • Barry

            I’ll see if I can tie into someone who wholesales them.

    • Owen

      Like I’ve said before, I believe LENR kits will be a booming business once the secret catalyst and other details are revealed. Go to where labor and parts are super cheap. There are places in China, for instance, where workers line the streets with their machines and tools for hire. Need pipe cut to 30″ long? There’s a guy who will do it for pennies. Welding? Drilling? Whatever you want super cheap. Make some prototypes like this to get the bugs worked out and make sure the sucker doesn’t blow up and then you can get serious about mass production of kits.

  • Karl

    Great work and good initiative Frank and Barry. Would it be possible to have a few shipped to Sweden?

    • Barry

      You bet Karl, Sweden is on our list of 22 countries. Will mail or maybe I can talk Frank in letting me take a business trip.

      • Andre Blum

        Yes, nice work. will order as soon as I am back in the Netherlands.

      • Karl

        Personal delivery – that’s great:)

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Barry, while you’re there, try to sleuth out the new energy customer. He might buy a few thousand tee-shirts.

        • Barry

          Heh heh

        • Owen

          Very clever idea, Iggy. The customer could probably make more money selling t-shirts than heat.

    • bo carneholm

      Could you get me some also at the same delivery ?
      Further…i would like to know what you all think is the regular visiters nr on this site as well lern followers in total..we just mite not be that manu..we just mite one day have to stay strong

      • Barry

        No problem.

  • Steve

    Not sure if this has already been covered but found this on OilPrice.com


    It paints an extremely positive picture of the recent test report and belief in the technology.
    Not what you would expect to see covered by a Big Oil magazine.

    Good for them!

    • Bento

      A slam in the face for all conspiracy believers.
      I stick to my chaos theory.

      • Roger Bird

        Tell us again about your chaos theory.

        I agree that the oilprice.com article and the Forbes article and perhaps a few others indicate that conspiracy theorists need psychotherapy.

        • Bento

          Politics are chaotic, science is, and media for sure, all based on personal profit.

  • artefact

    The Comedy Magic videos are also great Barry 🙂

    • Barry

      Ut oh! Now you guys know my true character.

  • Roger Bird

    A lot of people here believe in AGW. A lot of people here disbelieve in AGW. So, here’s the thing. If the other guys, the guys whose thinking on AGW you oppose, are so stupid, how come they found themselves here with you? This being one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the history of the world. Your opponents on AGW would have to be just about as smart as you are to have gotten here.

    The smarts that I am talking about is the ability to paradigm shift and to see other viewpoints. This kind of smarts has very little to do with IQ or science. Think of the psychology demonstration of perception where the picture can be either two ladies’ faces facing each other or one skinny vase. Being able to switch from seeing the two ladies’ faces to the skinny vase is an ability, and this ability has nothing to do with IQ or science. Of course the AGW debate is a much bigger picture and much more important.

    But the next time you want to call someone stupid because they don’t agree with you about AGW (or anything else) or if you just find yourself having to control your anger when conversing with someone about AGW (or anything else), remember the vase/2 faces perceptual lesson.

    If you are here, you are not stupid. If you are here, you are special in ways that Psychology has not even developed a test for.

    And the AGW debate is not moot only for LENR disbelievers. All LENR believers are being hypocritical if they fret about AGW.

    • Hampus

      Who don’t believe in global warming? It’s hard to turn a blind eye to the FACT that all the glacier are melting way faster then they should and that the promile of co2 is way higher then it ever have.

      • Roger Bird

        Roughly half of the people here do not believe in AGW. If you believe in LENR+, then your post is moot.

  • Anonymole

    I do like the e-cat and mouse image in the world – subtle… I couldn’t figure out why the world map looked rather odd.

  • Roger Bird

    I have been posting LENR+ announcements on “invention” sites, and I came across an announcement for an inventors trade show or fair. I used to frequent New Age awareness fairs in San Francisco, where they are very big. One year it occurred to me that if an inventor or developer of a product had something, they probably wouldn’t be at the fair; they would be out selling it. This is the same principle as us not always getting much out of Rossi. He is busy making his product. He doesn’t have time to stand around at an inventors trade show in a booth trying to get people’s attention.

  • AB

    Mats Lewan has something important to say. Looks like DC issue is not settled.

    UPDATE: I have been in contact with a representative of PCE Instruments UK Ltd who has confirmed that the PCE-830 cannot detect DC tension. When connected to an AC source with an offset DC tension it will display the graph of the AC tension correctly but it will not detect the offset DC tension.


    • daniel maris

      Yes – but the issue is did Rossi know for sure that they would be using detection equipment that would fail to the DC whatsit? Unless Rossi (assumming he is a scammer) could be 100% they would not be able to detect the DC scam then he surely would have been placing himself in a v. risky position. Of course, if he in some way vetoed effective monitoring of the cable, that woudl be suspicious, but we have heard nothing to that effect.

      • Alp

        If I am not mistaken, the equipment was the same as was used in an earlier test, also conducted by Levi. It may be that Rossi required that instrumentation be approved by him band that Levi recommended using the same instrument as before. In that case, Rossi may have known that DC measurements could not be made.

        An oscilloscope would have allowed visualization of DC and also of high frequency power but IIRC, Rossi forbade that supposedly to protect trade secrets.

        My question, again, is how he is going to prevent use of an oscilloscope anywhere within the control box and the system if he is selling unit!

  • Alp

    Awwww! When I saw the headline, I hoped that this shop would sell ecats but it only sells T-shirts and stuff. Disappointing. I don’t want a T-shirt! I want an ecat.

    • I wish we could stock them, Alp!

      • Alp

        The often mentioned but always unnamed “certificators” certainly are taking their sweet time. You’d think they’d be quicker with something this important. I wonder what has held things up for two years! It may not take that long to certify a conventional fission nuclear power plant design!

        • Andrew Macleod

          Well hot fusion did start working on their reactors DECADES ago…… 2years is trivial.

          • GreenWin

            Andrew, thanks for the cue… Alp’s faux impatience does not apply to the 62 year $240 billion taxpayer dollars snookered from the public by the… ahem, BIG promises-little-action fusion-istas. All that money and not ONE Watt of useful energy??

            Maybe the current Senate investigation into hot fusion spending will end the bleeding… or hasten ignition. Or certificate them.

          • Alp

            Problem is that hot fusion does not claim it’s market-ready. Rossi does. Once a product is market ready, if it works as claimed, it doesn’t take years to get it “certificated”.

            That hot fusion does not have products does not get Rossi off the hook.

          • Roger Bird

            You still haven’t learned to be skeptical about every little thing that Rossi says.

          • GreenWin

            BS Alp, hot fusion claimed product (useful energy) ready “in twenty years” back in 1951… And AGAIN in 1970… And AGAIN in 1990.

            All at a cost to taxpayers of $$ billions. Sc-am, boon-doggle, con-men, rip-off. Or as we now know, crackpot science.

          • Roger Bird

            Worse, must worse: Every decade the predicted number of years until ignition by the very people working in hot-fusion keeps getting bigger. When I was hanging out with my nuclear physicist friend in the 1970’s the number of years was 35 years. Now it is 50 years, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION.

          • Jordi Heguilor

            Considering that claims of, first, “perpetual motion” and then “free energy” have been wrong for 2,000 years, hot fusion still has plenty of time to catch up…

    • Roger Bird

      At this point in time, a T-shirt will do a better job of keeping you warm. An E-cat might burn you to death.

  • Iggy Dalrymple
    • Steve M


      • GreenWin


  • Steve M

    Thanks Frank I’m getting ads now for smart guy underwear )

  • daniel maris

    I haven’t seen this posted though it probably has been somewhere:

    Andrea Rossi
    June 12th, 2013 at 8:13 AM
    Gian Luca:
    The Swedish formula depends on the Licensees, not from us. Leonardo Corp sells the 1 MW plants, and the owners of the plants can use them the way they prefer: if they want to invest in a plant to sell energy, they can do it. We just make a due dioligence on the final Customer who buys the energy, before accepting the solution. Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like, therefore they are free to buy a plant to put it in the concern of their Customer and sell the energy. We gave them green light, but this is an initiative of theirs, not of ours.
    Warm Regards,

    This seems rather significant – Rossi is confirming there is a potential customer in Sweden.

    • Roger Bird

      Yeah, I think so. Apparently, from what I can understand, he has to OK the final customer.

  • Roger Bird

    I am looking forward to when Rossi is accepted as a great inventor and the savior of mankind in the minds of many, and he then uses his celebrity and social power to direct the world’s attention to addressing some of the problems and people that stood in his way. Krivit comes to mind of course, but then also those hot-fusionists. I do not accuse of the hot-fusionists of malicious intent, unlike Krivit. Perhaps they have allowed greed and job insecurity to motivate them. And the whole peer review process needs a vigorous spanking.

  • Thinks4Self

    Intresting development in thermoelectrics

    “Researchers at the University of Michigan have taken an important step towards thermoelectric materials which are efficient enough to be used for large-scale generation of electricity from waste heat in places like power plants.”


    It would be great to get Rossi and them together, solid state power might be doable.

    • Thinks4Self

      How about nano-engineered fuel granules or porous cores? Maximum ideal surface area for reaction, exciting thought.

  • Owen

    How about using the words: Come on baby light my fire

    • Roger Bird

      “light my new fire”. Of course, then they might interpret that as an advertisement for Viagra.

  • Barry

    Frank, how is our tee-shirt image going to compete with that girl in the advertisement on the left of the screen? Maybe we need a model.

    • Thinks4Self

      I thought I was the only one seeing the sea eagle ad, since I am always drooling over their boats. 😉