ENEA Publishes Proceedings of EU Parliament Meeting

ENEA, the Italian National agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development has published the proceedings of the June 3rd meeting it held at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The title of the event was “New advancements on the Fleischmann-Pons Effect: paving the way for a potential new clean renewable energy source?”

The agenda shows the contents of the meeting: five presentations from leading researchers (see below), a round table discussion with industry leaders on the implications of the FPE for industry, and a presentation about research needs.

The presentations by the researchers were (slide shows at links):

New Nuclear Effects in Deuterium-Palladium Electrolysis and Gas Systems Under Near Ambient Conditions by Michael C.H. McKubre, Ph.D. Director, Energy Research Center, SRI International

Material Science for Understanding the Fleischmann and Pons Effect by V. Violante Ph.D, ENEA LENR Research Coordinator

Anomalous Heat Results from the Naval Research Lab and the University of Missouri Graham K. Hubler, Ph.D. Director, Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri

New Evidence of the Cold Nuclear Fusion – Accelerator Experiments at Very Low Energies Konrad Czerski, Professor, University of Szczecin, Poland and Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Discovery of New Nuclear Phenomena in the Condensed Matter State Robert V. Duncan, Ph.D., Professor of Physics,
Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Missouri.

The speakers and the setting seem to lend a high level of legitimacy to the claims that Fleischmann and Pons’ reports of achieving an anomalous heat effect from palladium loaded with deuterium — and this would in turn provide some credibility to researchers who may be working with other materials (like nickel-hydrogen). Reproducibility and repeatability of the palladium-deuterium based effect still appears to be a problem, but there seems to be little doubt from those who have studied this effect closely that it is real and certainly worth exploring further — along with funding to understand and develop the process.

  • MToll

    I wish there were a transcript of the roundtable. That’s where the most interesting discussion would have happened.

    • Pedro

      I agree that the roundtable is the most interesting part. Since there seems to be no transcript, it would be nice to get some feedback from somebody who was there about the general drift of the discussion. Was there sceptisism, open minded discussion, or even enthousiasm? Was there any mentioning of Ni-H, eCat, Rossi, etc in the roundtable?
      Anybody who knows somebody who was there and can comment?
      @FRANK: you have good contacts… maybe you can send somebody an email and ask about the roundtable?

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Agree, a video transcript would be great.

      • Owen

        Public meetings of this sort often have transcripts available.

  • dayton naugle

    Undefined source of energies from an unknown physical reaction in a reactor.
    Palladium is a rare strategic metal which can be used, because of the price
    of the material, to restrict the proliferation of this apparatus, to keep
    Governmental control and deny the user an inexpensive generation of heat.
    The nuclear and coal and oil barons hate competitors. Rise up for new FIRE!

    • Thinks4Self

      Palladium is used to decorate jewelry, pens and other shiny things not as strategic as you might think.

      • dayton

        I must protest. T spot price for palladium on 6/14/123 is $731/ounce.
        nickel is about a nickel

        • Roger Bird

          And if Pd-H goes commercial, the price will go through the ceiling, unlike nickel which will do a slight burp and then go back to “normal”.

  • Allan Shura

    The 5 million donation to the University of Missouri is showing
    some results with public exposure to balance skeptical criticism.

    • Owen

      They’ve managed to attract ICCF-18 at the end of July this year. That says something. They could become the #1 LENR university program in the US (and may already be according to some).

  • Sanjeev
  • Sanjeev

    The SKINR slides are really interesting. They report 3000% COP in one of the experiment, never seen such a huge figure before.

    It also says that pure Pd produces no results, but adding an impurity makes it work (140% excess with Rh added). May be people can add Rh to Ni powder and see what happens.

    It seems they faced the same criticism as the Ecat HT experiments. Which means the critics cannot find anything wrong with the experiments themselves, they are forced to make silly accusations like hidden RF, hidden chemical source and unicorns.

    I totally wish skinr to work on Ni also.

    • Pedro

      3000% COP probably means COP of 30? Is high but Rossi claims to have had a cop of 200 in some of the tests. Focardi also mentions COP 200.

      • Sanjeev

        It means a COP of 300000.
        A COP of 100% will be 1 in terms of ratio.

        It says Max COP btw, so average could be lower.

        • artefact

          100% – COP 1
          3000% – COP 30

          • Sanjeev

            I made a mess of math there. The timer ran out before I could correct.


    Frank / Everyone, what is the deadline for sending in 30 sec video clips for your the e-cat world compilation?

    • Hi, there’s no set deadline. Videos are accepted until the production is complete — please keep them coming!

  • Sanjeev

    The last slide by SKINR is also interesting.
    NRL got 40x more energy by adding Ni. Notice the input power is less than 1 Watt, almost zero for most of the time.

    • daniel maris

      Yes that is interesting – in line with the claims of Rossi and Focardi it would seem.

  • Nixter

    This is an exciting time in Physics, new reproducible evidence being generated, Rossi’s E-Cats undergoing independent testing, Dekfalion possibly demonstrating hardware soon, what is next?

    • Owen

      A public viewable low temp E-Cat in Sweden? Let’s hope.

      • fortyniner


        We are still waiting for Rossi’s ‘surprises’ I think.

        • Barry

          Like lighten, the Ecat will strike through the path of least resistance. I think that’s going to be Sweden.
          Thank you Sweden.
          Right now I’m embarrassed of my own country when it comes to LENR. Especially MIT of all places. As far as Universities in the US, CF lightening will strike through the University of Missouri, They will make the US proud and put MIT to shame. Host to this years ICCF-18 with Robert Duncan. Thank you Mizzou.

          • Barry

            Meant lightening 1st line. Spellcheck can only work with me so far and then I’m on my own.

          • GreenWin

            Barry, having served time in Taxachusetts I agree about MIT. But they can redeem themselves by coming around and lobbying to convert their now terminated hot fusion program to.. COLD fusion.

            Yes, it will take a great deal of humility – but we humans are forgiving, especially of those who admit error and make amends. How about it MIT? Want to get your fusion funding back??

          • Barry

            Good vision.

          • zvibenyosef

            Last year MIT had a course “Cold Fusion 101”. They constructed a working model of the Pons Fleischmann effect, and kept it on display for 5 months.

          • Barry

            All was the work of MITs lone CF wolf Peter Hagelstein, no one else at MIT took part. I went to that class, again all outsiders. I asked PH if others at MIT were getting on board and he asked “Do you see anybody else from MIT here?” Mitchel Swartzs was there to but he is not from MIT.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Can we agree, if this does not get coverage from major media there are forces at work to suppress LENR who are controlling the Media?

    • LCODB

      I would agree at least that most people would not understand anything of what we are speaking about. If CF scientist wear hot bikinis things might be different. Im actually serious because in MOST news and nett papers a big part of whats written is related to news, sex or filth.

      Its entertaining and people have not learned to understand these things.

      I spoke to a journalist yesterday and I presented it this way:

      “I have access to a new energy technology called cold fusion, it uses water as fuel instead of oil, because of this the energy is very cheap and does not pollute the environment”

      The answer I got was “we do not use a lot of electricity, we have only a few laptops in the office but thanks anyway”

      Im not trying to be funny and say that everyone else is dumb and I am smart…. its just that most people are not engineers, interested in technology and not used to speaking about it.

      • GreenWin


        as we have often discussed, there is no free press. Or underground/alternative press. We have only to go back 23 years to see the hurricane of interest generated by Pons & Fleischmann to compare. Is the entire press corp cowering behind their laptops? Or is there an over-arching intelligence at work?

        This story is SO BIG only “direct orders” and the sway of illegitimate power could halt its appearance.

      • Robyn Wyrick

        “If CF scientist wear hot bikinis things might be different.”

        Mmmmmmm, Robert Duncan in a bikini, I can hardly wait.

    • Jordi Heguilor

      I don’t believe there’s a “conspiracy of silence” at work here. As believers point out, since P&F there have been hundreds of reports of “anomalous heat”, but none was consistently replicable.

      I’m sure that when someone comes up with a consistent LENR, it will be big news. There’s no censorship possible in the Internet age.

      • zvibenyosef

        You are correct, there is no “conspiracy of silence”. That is because there no longer any need for it. After the initial shock of the Pons & Fleischmann press conference wore off, the vested interests, big oil, and hot fusion researchers, ran a highly effective campaign of disinformation, and yellow journalism. They depicted Pons and Fleischmann as crackpots or crooks. The prevailing sentiment was so negative, that no scientist dared risk their career and reputation, by entering the field. They poisoned the well, successfully lobbying the Government to prevent any patent be issued, related to the Pons Fleischmann effect. After a few years of their lies and propaganda, it was widely accepted that it was all a hoax. People like the “great” Randy had a field day making fun of the hard working scientists, even though he is ignorant of even basic physics.

        • Job001

          You’ve got that right. Additionally, since F&P days the media has gone from 50 to 5 major owners, so the issue of yellow journalism undoubtedly has extreme ownership bias which also is implicated in the political corruption of a totally shut down political communication and problem solving process.

          People who want to believe things are the same as always commit the fallacy of assuming no conspiracies when conspiracy facts are the best explanation.

    • AinO

      Could it not simply be that you perceive the rest of the world by the turmoil (sceptics vs believers vs realists etc) in this little community and a handful of other related websites ? What forces could possibly hold back the internet and the do it yourself community ? every day thousands of new gadgets or inventions are made public or promoted, 3D printers, drones, flexible smartphones, cybernetics, stem cells, self driving cars, … i can go on for a long time. maybe it is just a kind of lagging behind due to saturation

      • Roger Bird

        AinO, good points. I would never assume a conspiracy until other Occam-friendlier explanations are exhausted.

  • GreenWin

    I found the Konrad Czerski slides interesting in that they have a very sophisticated (for LENR) test apparatus and especially slide #10 suggests two very different type reactions: low and high deuteron loading specific to materials (lattice geometry and element(s))


    New research from University of Szczecin, Poland and Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. The beat… er, HEAT goes on.