Forbes Covers Hydro Fusion's Offer of Free E-Cat Plant

Mark Gibbs of continues to cover recent E-Cat developments in a new article titled “Psstt! Want An E-Cat LENR Generator? For Free?”

The article covers the recent offer by Hydro Fusion of a free 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant which has been discussed here, but Gibbs notes a new footnote that has been added recently to the Jun 10 press release which states:

As the funding comes with particular restrictions, Hydro Fusion is unable to consider offers from outside of Sweden. Thank you for those offers already made from around the world.

I think this a significant addendum since it implies that Hydro Fusion is working with an outside funder (probably Swedish) which possibly will be the recipient of any funds that the final customer will be paying for the heat produced by the E-Cat — which is part of the deal.

According to Andrea Rossi on June 12th, the customer may already have been chosen:

The Swedish formula depends on the Licensees, not from us. Leonardo Corp sells the 1 MW plants, and the owners of the plants can use them the way they prefer: if they want to invest in a plant to sell energy, they can do it. We just make a due diligence on the final Customer who buys the energy, before accepting the solution. Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like, therefore they are free to buy a plant to put it in the concern of their Customer and sell the energy. We gave them green light, but this is an initiative of theirs, not of ours.

Mark Gibbs asks in the article for applicants for the plant to contact him. My guess is that anyone who is going through the application process, and especially the chosen applicant will be keeping a low profile until the project is completed, and people start showing up to see it in action.

  • Gerrit

    what doesn’t seem to match here is the fact that Hydro Fusion put the request up on 10 June and Rossi on 12 June had already “performed the due diligence and … gave the green light”.

    Maybe it’s a very well known customer, possibly associated with ELFORSK.

    • fortyniner

      That seems very likely. But why bother with a sham of advertising, selection processes etc. if it was a done deal? – it might have been better just to make an announcement when everything is already in place.

      • Mirco Romanato

        Or, as I suspect, Rossi just give out news he know are already old.
        If he talk about finding a new customer, he already found it and checked on it.

      • KD

        There will be no problem if more offers will come out.
        Some investors might finance the installation of Mega E-cats and profit from selling heat energy.
        Just it need to secure the IP for Rossi.

      • Omega Z


        Note that there was some Buzz of something going on in Sweden a couple weeks before this appeared.

        Not saying anything was conclusive, but possibly enough positive feed back from prospects to Post it Officially.

        I have to assume HF had already approached Rossi with possible candidates & Rossi had already given pre-approval of those on the list.

  • fortyniner

    Deleted by author (wrong place)

  • Stephen G.

    I think ‘due diligence’ is probably an exaggeration (or a mistranslation – Rossi’s English is good, but not perfect). What Rossi means is that he approved the potential customer. His ‘due diligence’ wouldn’t have taken very long if it was an organisation with which he was already familiar.

    • xy

      I cannot help myself but the recent cited AR statements sound like they’d been edited by a PR professional. AR was never that good in writing english as these are sounding.

  • andreiko

    SIEMENS solar-energy attention stops.

  • Stephen G.

    I think it is also worth noting that, if the E-Cat was a scam of some kind, an offer of this kind would be highly unlikely. Why offer to install a 1MW E-Cat if it doesn’t work? Surely that would be a certain way to prove definitively that the whole E-Cat business was fraudulent.

    I think it’s time for all the sceptics to shut up now. The E-Cat works, Rossi has produced an extraordinary device that will change the world. “Cold fusion” has always been a real phenomenon – those who rubbished the work of Pons and Fleischmann were wrong, and deserve the condemnation of the entire world, for ever, for delaying the development of this technology.

  • Joseph J

    Rossi owns also a Leonardo Corporation in New Hampshire.

    The address is,+NH+03070

    I think the container shipped to the US is in this area. NH is involved in district heating or steam service.

  • Veblin

    E-Cat World has once again become the topic of discussion for members of The Fringe.

    ECW and Store, Frank Acland, George Hants, Roger Bird, Pekka Janhunen and everyone here in general are shown their contempt.

    • fortyniner

      I’m sure we’re all so bent out of shape by this that no-one will comment again for several whole seconds.

      • GreenWin

        I’m near-paralyzed at no mention of my name.

        • Roger Bird

          I’m sorry GreenWin that you did not get mentioned. Trust me, it won’t make you happy (or unhappy). I’ll comment there and mention your name if it will make you happy.

        • Omega Z

          You need to try harder GW

          • GreenWin

            Thanks guys. I ate some ice cream and wrote a couple posts over there. I feel much better now!

    • Thinks4Self

      That thread just shows that they are running out of things to talk about. To me it came off like junior high school girls talking about another rival group.

    • Roger Bird

      OMG, I made the Big Time! Yippee!

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Roger Bird…..Your weak reply above to the overwhelming evidence of climate change brought about by humans is obvious when you site the OISM Petition as your only proof of denial. This petition has been soundly shown as less than meaningful. Below are just a few of the fact checking sites that have debunked this petition. I will ask you the same question you asked me in your last comment. Why are you here?

    • Blanco69

      The best way I find to form a scientific opinion on climate change is to look out the window occasionally. To me, the rest is simply a bit of a guess…. and on that basis, open to challenge.
      I thought we’d put the AGW mud slinging to bed.

      There be ecats here!

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        If you look back, I said the same thing, but Admin opened up the discussion of climate chance as part of the LENR discussion.

    • MikeP

      Bernie, Your post here is OT. Your weak references to partisan propaganda sites is pathetic. Please learn some science. If I point out the about 17 years over which there’s been no significant warming (exact length of time depending on which data set you use), you’d go to the alarmist site which “shows” three equivalent pauses without realizing that in the current pause they’ve left out the last two years plus misrepresented the slope in the current pause by replacing it with a horizontal line at the average (trying to disguise the fact that the present best fit slope over the past dozen years is actually negative). If you just read that stuff and don’t have either the expertise to question it or other sites to discover the tricks, you’d be fooled into thinking that my comment was debunked. If you look around you’ll find that the models are consistently overprojecting warming. You’ll find that the projected positive feedbacks necessary to turn CO2 into the claimed monster have not been observed. All of these are “debunked” either by arguing against strawmen rather than the actual presented arguments, by ad-hominim attacked, or by simple mis-representation.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        MikeP…..Cite your scientific evidence. I have done so in my previous posts.

        • Hal

          It’s quite clear that the climate is changing, but it always does, whether it is warming or cooling depends on where you start from

          quite interesting!

          • Roger Bird

            This is the sort of thing that I look at, not the theory, not the calculations, and especially not the computer models.

            I wonder if the computer models include increased plant growth.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Don’t let facts get in your way.

          • Roger Bird

            It is not facts I am avoiding. It is your obnoxiousness. Don’t expect me to read any more of your messages.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Hal….thanks for the article…I would encourage you to read this sight, it really puts natural-cycle changes in perspective, might take a few minutes but it is worth it.


        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Why quibble, assuming LENR is real?
          I know, I have quibbled but it’s an act of futility.

          • Roger Bird

            On AGW, quibbling is definitely futile. But perhaps this will help. Some people are looking at calculations and theory and models; and some people are looking at graphs and such. It is very similar to LENR. Some people have theories about what is so with physics; and some people have observations. This is the same with BigFoot. Some people have theories about primates in North America; and some people have observations of BigFoot like critters. I am not saying this to prove or disprove my position or the other guy’s position. This is merely an observation that I have made regarding controversial subjects.

            My friends think that I am a left-brain mathematical type. But I am a closet right-brainer and tend to side with the observer side of these controversies.

    • Roger Bird

      Bernie, it is not my only proof of denial and you know it, so you are being intellectually dishonest. The Petition Project does counter the “settled science” lie that you people propagate, and you know that too. Another intellectually dishonest position. When you decide to be intellectually honest about this matter I will respond, but not before.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Roger Bird….Please do not assume you know what I know and don’t know, and then accuse me of being “intellectually dishonest”. Unbelievable! If you have proof that climate change in not being caused by man made actions, lets see it.

  • Leo Kaas

    With the news that Rossi doesn’t feel safe outside the US. I was wondering how the lives of the seven professors has changed since the report has been released?

    • Kim

      This is a very good question.

      I’m sure they each have there stories.

      A good reason for Uncle Rossi to obtain
      even more high profile/level independent signatures of


    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Leo Kaas….good point and I wonder what effect it will have on the six month test they have planed?

    • hempenearth

      I wonder if the head of Elforsk has been approached to stop their funding?

      • Roger Bird

        It would be very awkward for him if he tried. The Boys have undoubtedly been around chatting with the members. The members would be very curious why the funding was stopped.

  • KD

    From J-O-N-P

    Dear Andrea, the future of your invention is deeply connected with your person, if something bad should happens to you, is there anyone who could replace you?
    I hope you all the best!

    Andrea Rossi
    Absolutely yes: our USA Partner has all the know how, with the industrial secrets. I am no more indispensable: just useful for the future evolution on which I am now working in the USA.
    Warm Regards,

    • Roger Bird

      Interesting. Sounds like the USA Partner has the secret and perhaps are just employing him for his engineering skills, his knowledge of his own invention, and for his name. I don’t really care. I do hope that he becomes filthy rich, though.

    • John De Herrera

      “is there anyone who could replace you?”
      There isn’t ANYONE who can replace Mr Andrea Rossi. Glad to hear that your wonderful invention could continue without you. You have given the world an incredible technology. Beware of the Snakes and Clowns, some Snakes are venomous, some Clowns are evil! jdh

  • Roger Bird

    I left several messages with that article and they did not get published. Now, according to my Krivit Guide to Social and Emotional Maturity, I should (1) pout in the corner, (2) write disparaging articles about Mark Gibbs, (3) tell lies about Mark Gibbs, or (4) all of the above, depending upon how hurt I am. I think I will just try again and not worry about it. (:->)

    • Steve M

      Roger you are good ) .. Krivit Guide to Social and Emotional Maturity

      • GreenWin

        Probably more a pamphlet than “Guide.”

    • Roger Bird

      Well, I’ll be danged!!! I have been banned from Mark Gibbs website, I think. I can’t find my utterly innocent post anywhere. I guess I’ll just go into my corner and pout and read my Krivit Guide to Social and Emotional Maturity.

      I have like commented very little on his website. So, I want to know which one of you people told on me!

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Gee, wonder why, two of my comments have been “called out”, I guess that is good. (:

      • Alp

        you’re not banned. the web site malfunctioned over the weekend.

  • Roger Bird

    I see that AlainCo has mentioned the NI shindig in a few weeks. Hey, Admin, I think that the NI shindig featuring LENR is a very big deal and deserves a story, even if it hasn’t happened yet.

    When do $billion companies take risks? They don’t take risks. Gambling is for fools. National Instruments knows that LENR+ is for real.

  • adam

    Well when it comes to the point when Rossi plans on making consumer models of the power generators or water heaters, instead of relying on the mercy of the banks for funding he should make a kickstarter project. Wouldn’t that be fun lol.

    • Thinks4Self

      I do not think money is currently the problem stopping consumer models. Consumer models will not be out for several years due to safety, reliability issues and the big one IP protection. I want one or several to power my “cabin in the woods” just like everyone else but I know I won’t get one until long after my utility company receives several of their own.

      • Allan Shura

        Defkalion’s Hyperion may be a consumer model in that it
        is small portable and can be added to as required. This
        then also increases possiblities of widescale customized
        adaptation to specific needs or ideas for use.

        I would think the very first probable adaption would be in
        light industrial and commercial as the public becomes familiar.

        That is if they make the big announcement on the product
        being available for manufacture and sale soon and that has
        created much anticipation.

  • Lukedc

    Just browsing the itinerary for ICCF 18 July 21-27
    Day 2 5:30pm – 7:00pm has a startup showcase.
    The first of it’s kind for ICCF.
    Presenters are Nicholas Chauvin, Robert Godes, John Hadjichristos and Mitchell Swartz.
    What really interests me this year is that they are having a demo as well.
    I have it on good authority that we may see John and teams R6 prototype.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Is it up to us? If there is a comment section in any article about Rossi, I am making a comment similar to this, it could reduce the risk of violence toward Dr. Rossi:

    “I have been following Dr. Rossi and his E-Cat, up to now he has said there has been no outside interference or conspiracy against his work. Since the third party tests have confirmed the E-Cat is a powerful energy source, Dr. Rossi has stated he is now afraid for his life. Dr. Rossi stated: “After the publication of the Report of the Third Independent Party my position is changed. …. aggressivity against my person has changed…. Now I am running real risks….. from higher echelons, supplied by deadly force. I got specific information.“

  • Curbina

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but I’d like to see if someone else noticed this text on home page:

    We introduce an energy that can be characterized as:

    Clean – Safe – Green – Low Cost

    Our top priorities are to ensure this new energy is:

    Successfully introduced as a viable energy source and accepted by mainstream public awareness
    [b]Distributed with socio-economic prudence and responsibility with cost benefits for all[/b]

    The second phrase seems to me a bit weird, and I thought that it might answer to external pressure. Or am I just reading too much between lines?

    • Roger Bird

      Seems fine to me. Seems like they want to start off the New Humanity with some caring about others. Seems good to me.

    • Lukedc

      It’s just an acknowledgement of their Greek roots.
      I know that John and Symeon have expressed in the past that their vision involves all nations and socioeconomic groups.

    • Alan

      Sounds creepy to me too, kind of in the “social justice” realm. “Social Justice” being a code word for govenment/corporations taking total control of all human behavior.

  • Thinks4Self

    Siemens presents three-point plan for implementing cost-efficient energy transition in Germany

    I found this googling Siemens. If I am reading their plan correctly and if it gets adopted LENR would have quite an advantage compared to other renewables in Germany.

  • Barry

    I appreciate Mark Gibb’s article but it sure gives voice to mary yago. Her comments are ten times longer than his article. I wonder how many times people have to read about her praises for Krivits as if he were her golden child son before they catch on to her persona, or should I say his persona. I kind of feel sorry for her though, It’s kind of like that scene in the Wizard of Oz where the witch gets water thrown on her. You know she’s getting what she deserves but it’s almost sad to watch her squirm and diminish and become powerless.