Hydrobetatron.org Launches — Open Source LENR Project

I received the following press release today from Ugo Abundo and Luciano Saporito regarding the launch of a new web site for open source LENR project. Ugo Abundo was the driving force behind the Pirelli High School (Rome, Italy) Athanor cold fusion device, and this work seems to have grown into this Hydrobetatron project. The following is Google translated (with some editing) from the original Italian.

Online now is the website:
Open Source Energy Project

Hydrobetatron.org is a website created by the will of Hugh Abundo and Luciano Saporito, just as support for this project, for willingness to work in ‘Under the new LENR science, commonly known by the name (even if improper) of “cold fusion”, with an Open Source philosophy. You can follow step by step all the work of development of the “hydrobetatron,” which will be held in the future, seeking to create a device, (the reactor), efficient and ingegnerizzabile by anyone with the necessary technical skills; in fact, all of the data, research, and construction plans will be in the public domain.

Purpose of the reactor and the production of economical energy, inexhaustible and clean, which we believe is vital to the well-being (and freedom) of man for the salvation of the planet Earth. We invite you to help the project hydrobetatron.org! With the economical energy, inexhaustible and clean, you will help yourself and also our planet!

These days we are building, with a group of founding member LENR researchers, the Association not for profit “OPEN Power”, it may enroll private supporters of the idea of sharing, researchers and other associations, public and private.

The purposes of the statute and the budget of the Association will be consulted on this website; the ultimate goal is to offer all such desirable success of research reached, a free alternative and free (for the exploitation of new energy) to the traditional route search-patent-industrial exploitation by competitors.

Cordially: Ugo Abundo and Luciano Saporito


(con preghiera di diffusione)

è online il sito web:
open source – energy project

hydrobetatron.org è un sito web nato per volontà di Ugo Abundo e di Luciano Saporito, proprio come supporto per questo progetto, per la volontà di lavorare nell’ ambito della nuova Scienza LENR, comunemente nota col nome (anche se improprio) di “fusione fredda”, con filosofia Open Source. Pertanto potrete seguire passo passo tutto il lavoro di sviluppo dell’apparato “hydrobetatron,” che verrà svolto anche in futuro, volto alla realizzazione di un dispositivo, (il reattore), efficiente e ingegnerizzabile da chiunque possieda le necessarie capacità tecniche: infatti tutti i dati, le ricerche, i piani costruttivi saranno di dominio pubblico.

Scopo del reattore é la produzione di energia economica, inesauribile e pulita, cosa che riteniamo vitale sia per il benessere (e la libertà) dell’ Uomo che per la salvezza del pianeta Terra. Vi invitiamo ad aiutare il progetto hydrobetatron.org! Con l’ energia economica, inesauribile e pulita, aiuterete Voi stessi e anche il nostro pianeta!

In questi giorni stiamo costituendo, con soci fondatori un gruppo di ricercatori LENR, l’Associazione senza fini di lucro “OPEN Power”; ad essa potranno iscriversi privati sostenitori dell’idea della condivisione, ricercatori, altre associazioni, enti pubblici e privati.
Gli scopi, lo statuto e il bilancio dell’Associazione saranno consultabili su questo sito;
l’obiettivo finale è offrire a tutti, ad auspicabile successo delle ricerche raggiunto, una alternativa libera e gratuita (per lo sfruttamento della nuova energia) al tradizionale percorso ricerca-brevetto-sfruttamento industriale da parte dei competitors.
Cordialità: Ugo Abundo e Luciano Saporito

  • catbauer24

    Bluntly, Rossi needs to release catalyst information so other scientists can replicate. This is a true scientific validation. He can do so in a patent application… in fact it must be done to show utility, as any patent lacking information to produce the device in a functioning state, is invalid. Lacking proper patents, he does not have a good business strategy, and is using his investor(s) as gambling chips in his game to profit.

    Maybe investors know Rossi cannot overcome existing patents and prior art, and are willing to bet that
    [1] people don’t want to wait for others to replicate / engineer a better product at a lower price
    [2] replication can not be done in a time frame to facilitate [1], so as not to overthrow their secret efforts.

    Betting on either [1] or [2] is risky business, but both are likely not going to be true. So, investors are betting on a horse that, while likely be the first across the finish, shows every indication it will be disqualified from the win.

    There are countless scientists who, given what Rossi knows, could collectively engineer his success to a greater level much faster than his rag-tag, secret effort. Possibly, he considers himself superior in capability, given his one breakthrough. Releasing the catalyst would validate his claims, enough to be even considered for a patent. If his investors truly understood they could not stop copies the second the first one is ‘decompiled’, Rossi would be left a man trying to sell an unknown, nebulous device. No hero (or businessman) to see here. Say what he may about the ‘snakes’ – myself included, depending on his interpretation of this point – but the scientific community who has given him his start in LENR will also realize with disesteem the delays Rossi has given to true understanding and engineering of a world-changing, life-saving technology, seeing his ‘strategy’ as an unthankful response to their collective efforts.

    Guarding evolutionary scientific advancements as trade secrets is ‘business’. Guarding ground-breaking scientific advancements as trade secrets is not ‘business’, it is a complete disregard to the scientific advances granting their success, and the worst PR possible. Any effort to profit without competition in such case will fail miserably. Rossi has falsely convinced his partner (or both arrived at the delusion independently) that they will have a monopoly… the world and scientific community he disregarded will not tolerate it. A wiser Rossi might release his catalyst without further delay (giving him true evidence of libel against Krivit). Let that be his profit, a win against the ‘snakes’.

    If Rossi can manage to keep his secret any longer, he will lose all chance to prove anything, except that one day there will be a device very much like described by Rossi, regardless of the story of how it came to be. Besides, no one really knows the story, and another day or two in secret, it’s anyone’s guess what to write in the history book regardless of outcome.

    • Lukedc

      This has all been said before.
      I have laid a somewhat similar argument out previously. To the chagrin of some of my peers on this site I have recklessly asked for LENR + to come to market one way or the other. There is others who know the path to productive nickel + hydrogen excess heat production. Expect to hear big news from others within the field within the next two months. And that is not idle speculation….


      • DB

        If I was to believe random guys on the internet, for me it would be idle speculations 😉

        All the same, I would certainly not bid against you

        • Lukedc

          Believe it or not some people that post on here have some integrity.

          • DB


          • Roger Bird

            Integrity in this situation, what does that mean? Given that all we have are words typed on a screen and no product to deliver, which would be some kind of moral integrity. But otherwise, your use of the word “integrity” does not compute.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      catbauer24 on June 18, 2013 at 4:52 am
      “Bluntly, Rossi needs to release catalyst information so other scientists can replicate.”

      While you’re on a roll, why not give us your ATM card with PIN and ask Apple, Google, and IBM to give up their IP?

      • catbauer24

        A faster Intel chip vs slower AMD chip is not the same as having drinking water 2 years sooner vs dying in those 2 years instead. If you (and Rossi) wake up, you’ll realize that a mere handful of words that Rossi has not, and spurningly will not say, could literally save lives. It would take him less than 30 seconds. People are literally dying at the expense of Rossi’s greed to control… that is if he is telling the truth that he has a functioning device. He thinks himself great, that he’ll save say 10 million lives while letting millions of others die for his profit… after all he is saving lives right? I hope that’s not your hero, definitely not a good-man’s hero. Let Roger Bird vouch that he is no “scientist, not even a true scientist”, and no hero… just a businessman wanting to trounce any others that undermine his profit.

        • Gerrit

          that is completely wrong.

          if the world community would decide to save all those dying people, it could be done with conventional, currently available, technology.

          People are dying because of corruption, dictatorship, civil war, global finance.

    • zbiges

      I must admit I feel the truth in your post. You have a lot of reasons for that trade secrets can be good at inventing new phone or a car. This, however, is not a new washing machine only new fire to mankind ! and should there be other moral standard, especially since it is quite clear that many poor people depend on that to this invention never saw the light.

      • AlainCo

        the moral is that the people who took the risk, endured efforts, take at least part of the benefit they give to us.
        They will benefit a very small part, and that they sell it to me with 30% margin like does my baker, seems honest.

        if there were no way to be rich by daring to oppose the gang of truth holders, there would be nobody daring, and all would comfortably make joke to LENR scientists with horse manure.

        Thanks to those future millionaires created by capitalism…
        Too bad the future billionaire will pump most of the cash with crony capitalism methods. Anyway, given the benefit I pay the tax.

        • zbiges

          Dear AlainCo
          I Don’t quite understand what you wrote, (my english is bad), but I think marketing margin is moral. I don’t deny the right of Mr. Rossi to the effects of his work, however, the E-cat is not even bread, it is something more (in my perceptions and many others) This is the freedom for ordinary people. As Mr. Rossi revealed their secrets, He will not earn 100 billion usd only 10. Is it really such a big difference?

          • AlainCo

            I’m a bit upset when I see some people asking for Rossi, or alike to surrender his IP…

            I don’t even think he will earn more than few millions… most of his wealth will be a company, and most will be stolen/shared already, by intermediates, by authorities, by partners… and the biggest earning will be done by clients.

          • zbiges

            hmm, Alain
            Worried about Mr. Rossi doesn’t receive fair benefits for their work or that of the others also earn?
            That I don’t understand
            In my opinion Mr. Rossi will be a very rich man if the device is working, regardless of whether he will share his IP or not

          • Roger Bird

            With wealth comes power. The more power that a person has, the more good that they can do. [But, also, the more trouble they can cause and get into.] So, it is not enough that Rossi be rich, if he is powerful he can do more good.

    • Roger Bird

      But catbauer24, Rossi is not a scientist. He is not even a true scientist. He is an engineer and an entrepreneur. And he doesn’t have to do anything the please us. His only concern now is getting a good market launch.

      • catbauer24

        I don’t want to see anyone addressing him as “Dr.” anymore then, nor should they ever have, if it has always been about his ‘business’.

        • Roger Bird

          You mean PhDs have to drop their letters if they become a businessman, according to catbauer24’s rules of life. I guess Dr. McKubre will have to become Mr. McKubre now.

    • Jim Anderson

      I think Rossi is wise not to release the catalyst information. The US will not grant cold fusion patents though some patents have been granted that have some application to LENR. It is very likely that LENR will not have much in the way of patent protection going forward. The Piaitelli patent of the 90’s which has lapsed will probably be considered to be prior art. Guarding evolutionary scientific advancements as trade secrets is likely the only way forward that protects Rossi.
      Rossi doesn’t seem to be motivated by achieving scientific validation. His stated goals include a deep concern for the use of E-cats to provide safe water for human consumption.
      Rossi’s success seems to be based on treating LENR devices as an engineering and development problem. Rossi stated several years ago that the catalyst would be discovered by others and that he was ready to go forward anyway. Rossi and his competitors are in a race to market and he is ahead.

      • catbauer24

        “… is likely the only way forward that protects Rossi”

        You said it, and I agree. It’s about Rossi and what is good for him.

  • Adam Lepczak

    The idea is very noble, but the name is quite…unique?

  • Hampus

    Open Source!

  • Ahh, didn’t they find someone with at least a few webdesign skills??
    This site looks like so many other esoterik/free-energy scam sites.

    Just a picture of a thunderstorm is missing, to remind the great energy source the earth is.

    • Gerrit


      picture of a thunderstorm is actually on page “open power association”.

      What is missing is the animated gifs.

      Maybe somebody can offer help to Abundo to improve web site design.

      • DB

        The most important thing when building a web page about Cold Fusion is that no one who reads it is never able to find any useful information what so ever, also it should be written in languages only spoken by minorities.

        Also in a forum environment its very important to us industry specific definitions that people would never have heard about.

        Add some inconsistent theories about your technology and then link to things that is totally unrelated.


        • Andrew Macleod

          When a majority of the English speaking country’s scoff at cold fusion and are far from leaders in the feild, who cares? Italy seems to be one of the world leaders, why shouldn’t it be in italian?

          • DB

            Because one of the reasons it is “scoffed” of is because of the problems we are having defining what it is and what it does.

            I think it was Einstein who said something similar to: if you cant explain something in one sentence or in a easy way you really do not know what you are talking about.

            Sure Italians seems to have some good Cold Fusion inventors / scientists but thats not gonna be enough, if you want a REVOLUTION.

            If you want a evolution sure, but evolution is a very slow process.

            You will need supply chain, logistics, product development, design, advanced planing, compliance, security, sales, production, distribution, maintenance……….
            (and then on top of that 1000 other jobs / occupations / industries)

            Many teams and different kinds of people thinking in different ways from different cultures, both public companies and governmental institutions needs to be able to work together.

            Imagine how in-comprehensive this forum would be if someone speaks japanese, someone belgian, someone urdu…


          • Roger Bird

            I think that Rossi agrees with your generalization about Italians. He moved here and he wears a USA flag lapel and he says very flattering things about our country. What more do you want, for him to start eating junk food in a hurry and watching NASCAR?

          • Andrew Macleod

            But with the attitude of ” anything worthwhile should be in English” screams of a bad case of entitlement. If I were to start a movement it would be in my native tounge because I wouldn’t want a language barrier to stop my movement at the starting line.

  • lenrdawn

    An “open source” science project and the language is Italian?

  • fortyniner

    I’m sure it would be very much appreciated if one of our Italian speaking scientists would skim through the three PDF reports on the site and summarise the data for the linguistically challenged among us. (Or perhaps someone knows some way to translate the text in a PDF document without altering the graphics/figures?)

  • Bento

    an other one, it’s getting boring, I want some results

    • Roger Bird

      Bento, I see that you are new here. Haven’t you figured it out? This is a patience test. If you hang tough loyally for 2 years, you get a free E-Cat with operating manual and free nickel and hydrogen for life.

  • Chris I

    I can hardly be bothered with Abundo. None of these electrolytic experiments with plasma in water convince me that anything interesting is going on.

    Abundo claims overunity but, in the lefthand video, he talks about overcoming the spiky voltage and current in order to measure electric input power; I think he cannot guarantee he is measuring the full total value. Filtering out the spectral components above 10 kHz is quite likely causing a reduced estimate.

    • Roger Bird

      Perhaps we are spoiled by Defkalion, Rossi, and Brillouin. The guys trying to get that smidgen of excess heat of 1.2 watts just doesn’t excite anymore.

      • Chris I

        I would welcome it if it wasclear enough that their method is worth replicating by anyone wanting to make the effort. Are we sure it’s worth it? He isn’t clear enough for me on the elctric input power measurement, so fuhgeddabout calorimetry. I dunno.

  • Gerrit

    btw, the article about the ICCF is up for deletion over at wikipedia.

    I wonder what the university of Missouri thinks about that.

    • AlainCo

      Thanks for the info
      ICMNS, JCMNS were also tagged for deletion recently


      what an irony if ICCF18 is The One. (not so sure, since science zombies are hard to kill).

    • Sanjeev

      Better to delete it rather than let it become a source of misinformation and a playground for skeptos.

      Wikipedia is not meant for fringe things anyway, its encyclopedia for the very ordinary, only traditional things fit well there.

      • AB

        Funny, the people who asked and supported the deletion are the same ones patrolling the pages on Rossi, cold fusion and the e-cat. It’s really just a few people who make an effort to control the content.

      • Roger Bird

        All traditional, book encyclopedias were extremely conservative.

    • Roger Bird

      Trying to win against reality will be the ruin of Wikipedia. This isn’t a matter of opinion. LENR is growing by the day. Eventually Wikipedia will have to cave or have it’s reputation ruined.

  • GreenWin

    Good for Prof. Abundo and his ongoing efforts to expand general knowledge in the field of LENR. It is precisely these kinds of educational experiments that spark the imaginations of young minds.

    From someone sounding like skeptic Doug, we read this: “Guarding ground-breaking scientific advancements as trade secrets is not ‘business’, it is a complete disregard to the scientific advances granting their success, and the worst PR possible… the world and scientific community he disregarded will not tolerate it.”

    Here we have the last complaints from LENR skeptics – essentially that they have been summarily dismissed. And their carefully plotted mechanisms for gatekeeping knowledge have failed.

    1) Patent control and denial
    2) Peer review and denial
    3) Mass media access and denial

    The Rossi Team in a notably brilliant way have obviated all three mechanisms by taking the commercial route. A trade secret is protected by well established international law. Old school peer review is a faded star, replaced by democratic publishing and review on Arxiv. Mass media loses readers/viewers daily to upstart internet publishers. Media coverage matters little to industry in constant need of quarterly profits.

    The expression, “What goes around, comes around,” springs to mind.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      GreenWin…..good post….you reminded me that our world is changing so fast it is hard o keep up.

      • Roger Bird

        I guess that would include people realizing that money distorts science and that AGW continues to dominate only because people are afraid to lose their jobs, their publishing opportunities, and their grants. (:->)

    • Owen

      Goodness wins out in the end. I’m glad we’re on the winning side that cares about people and the world. The thousands of helpful comments here have helped nudge clean, safe, renewable LENR energy that much closer to commercialization.

      • AlainCo

        Thanks to hope, irrationality, greed, uncontroled zone in science, crazy tinkerers, unrespectful engineers, desperate businessmen.
        Thank to Italian Mafia and the awful italian governance, thanks to US Navy lack of obedience to official truth, thanks to stone-headed scientists, and thanks to the erroneous scientist who like Columbus took the boat to hell thinking it would be easy and fast to reach the west indies.
        Thanks to all those practitioners who tried what they did not understand was impossible.
        Thanks to the journalist of CNBC who looked for easy scandal. Thanks for all those gullible believers who kept the fire of hope when all rationalist were depressive.

        Thanks to the planned failures that was erroneous, thanks to the ego, hubris, and desperation that allowed good decision that were doomed by false predictions.

        Thanks to errors, to bad temperaments, to irrationality, to all negative values, negative energy, to the sense of revenge, the sense of hate, that when not driving the research, was hardening the heart of their victims.

        thanks to the daemon in every heart for removing the pavement of goodwill that cover the road to hell.

        the recent news I found about the history of LENR make my heart bleed, and I want revenge. I want some beheaded, at least fired, ridiculed, removed from all the wall, the books, and our memory.

        • zvibenyosef

          That just about sums up all the frustration and rage of decent people who have watched this fiasco unwind. All the unnecessary wars and loss of life, all the people who have died due to a lack of access to a pure water supply, global warming, pollution ugggh. 25 years wasted due to these knaves and fools.

          • Anthony

            Yes. From an ecological standpoint, LENR is a threat to the predatory model. In the artic, scarce energy slows plant growth, so herds travel far for food. Travel requires more energy – more food – more travel. The herd eats all the grass it finds. Wolves follow, and have an appalling metabolic and logistical cost to the hunt. In the tropics, energy density ensures rapid rejuvenation; a sloth can stay on one tree its whole life, without harming its host, and its fur is a micro-climate. Energy density => symbiosis. Predator biomass is replaced by symbiots. Why delay?

        • fortyniner

          I agree entirely with zvibenyosef. Thanks for a great post AlainCo.

        • George N

          I have been following LENR for twelve years, and took in all the hippocracy and lying relatively gradually, sounds like you were exposed to it all at once! It’s a story that more people need to become aware of

  • Sanjeev

    Couldn’t read it, comic sans hurts…
    Although I’m very much for such projects, the site tells me that they are not to be taken seriously.

    • Yes, this web presence challenges the whole credibility of Abundo.

  • llsurfer

    Awesome initiative! I love what the guys from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Projects are doing (http://www.quantumheat.org/). Good thing more teams are trying to “open science” LENR!
    Having a step by step guide to help replicate the LENR effect would be fantastic!

    However the website really puts the famed Italian design to shame… 😉

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