Obama Unveils New Climate Change Policy — LENR Not Included

President Obama yesterday delivered a speech that set forward an energy policy designed to combat climate change and avoid condemning future generations to living on a “planet that is beyond fixing.” He charged the Environmental Protection Agency for the first time to impose limits on the amount of carbon power plants can emit. The president’s plan also will permit wind and solar farms to be built on federal land, as well as providing $8 billion in federal loan guarantees to provide incentive for investment in alternative energy technologies.

Obama touted some of the recent progress the United States has made in terms of becoming more energy independent:

We’re starting to produce much more of our own energy. We’re building the first nuclear power plants in more than three decades — in Georgia and South Carolina. For the first time in 18 years, America is poised to produce more of our own oil than we buy from other nations. And today, we produce more natural gas than anybody else. So we’re producing energy . . .

So it appears that he feels that traditional nuclear fission plants are part of America’s future plants again — as well as the home produced oil and natural gas which are booming due to new extraction techniques like hydraulic fracturing (fracking). It appears that coal will be one industry that will suffer because of this new policy, as it is

Of course, any time I read about plans for low carbon alternative energy sources I think of the E-Cat which has been shown to be able to easily outperform any conventional energy source in terms of energy density, and do so without any emissions or radioactive waste – and cheaply. We see no evidence at all here that cold fusion is being planned for by the federal government as a future source of clean energy — at least in the United States.

This all brings me back to the question that we have talked about at length here – why very few people in key decision-making positions are taking LENR seriously. Maybe Obama knows about E-Cat but is not taking it seriously, or has just decided not to mention it in public until it is more widely known. Or maybe his science advisors are not bringing it up since they don’t take it seriously.

There’s a lot of work to be done in sharing the information. I know there are people getting involved in writing to people in government and media informing them about recent developments in LENR — not an easy task at the moment. I think that could change over time, especially if Rossi’s US industrial partner goes public. Today Andrea Rossi made an interesting comment on the JONP:

Soon we will need much help. Very important developments are close to pop up. The USA factory is in advanced status ( it is magnificent), and important developments are coming up.

At the moment, however, it seems that LENR is not on the table as playing a part in an American energy policy — I think it should certainly be an important part of the mix.

  • Tyler

    My personal opinion is that Obama has been at least briefed on LENR+ (possibly via Navy or Nasa), however, he will not likely be the one to break the news for a few reasons:

    1. Career suicide. When LENR hits the mainstream understanding, it will be chaos on the markets with lots of market cap, power and jobs lost in the short-medium term. Why be the one to drop the bomb and cause that chaos and get the blame for the crash. And most (e.g. all Repubs) will say he has lost his mind, cold fusion??? wtf. What does he have to gain really in the short term vs a lot to lose? Just let it play out while laying the groundwork quietly in the background. (e.g push CHP, carbon caps, stall fission, etc)

    2. He knows it will take longer to implement globally than most of us want, it always does. There is likely a 10-20 year implementation phase to fully implement LENR+ across the USA/world and we will be dependent on existing sources during that time. (ng, coal especially)

    3. The implications of LENR+ are just too unprecedented to fully take in and accept as fact. There have been lots of promised tech and energy breakthroughs, but how many have really been the 100+ year gamechangers. Nearly all things promised dont turn out to be as big as the claims (even though I personally believe LENR+ will be bigger)

    4. If he really does know, why tip your hand to all the other nations? Let the Navy, Nasa, etc work in the background to get a sizable lead, especially given the ramifications it has to warfare/weaponry.



    • Timar

      I completely agree with your analysis. Al Gore is in a very different position from which he can speak much more freely and even he only dared to mention it rather cautiously, although with barely concealed amazement.

    • GreenWin

      Well done Tyler. The Administration’s challenge is to manage the introduction of LENR with the least economically damaging effect. Once this is done, the economic effect will turn the entire planet into a boom town (US slang for explosive wealth.)

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      The only politician to mention Cold Fusion in the last election was a Republican physicist and he lost.

    • Jim

      sound right to me

    • Karl

      I don’t think we can trust either mass media, science community or any politician to be of considerable help (including Obama – he has proven to be no messiah).

    • Alp

      Tyler, Could you or someone please explain to me why supporting LENR+ is career suicide if it works as advertised? That just doesn’t make any sense.

      Your other three points are arguable as well. Rossi has distributors in virtually the entire world, if you believe him. He also has said that megawatt plants based on the steam ecat are available now to anyone with a million and a half dollars. What makes you think the US would have any sort of lead time?

      • Roger Bird

        Supporting LENR+ and having one to prove to people that they work are two entirely different things.

    • Barry

      Great work Tyler.

    • Roger Bird

      Well, shut my mouth, Tyler!! What can I add to that? Nothing, except outstanding post!!!

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Republican candidate Randy Hekman was the only US politician to include LENR in his campaign platform. Give credit where credit is due. You put a cheap shot at the Republicans.

      “Energy: The simple reality is that our economy depends on energy derived from coal, oil and natural gas to function. Energy exploration – mining and drilling – provide needed jobs and the energy these industries produce keep our economy moving. We need to end the policies that subsidize inefficient sources of energy such as ethanol, wind and geothermal. The best alternative energy program is Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). We must work to develop this energy program.”
      Randy Hekman, Republican candidate for US Senate from Michigan

      He lost.

      • GreenWin

        His Republican and religious conservatism hurt him badly in the liberal sections of Michigan. I like Randy, but he is a bit like asking Norman Vincent Peale to stump for LENR.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Liberal Michigan is why 90% of the new auto plants constructed in the US have been built elsewhere.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            Of the top 10 American Made Cars, 5 are Japanese models made in the USA, but not made in Michigan.

            The number 1 exporter in the US is BMW-South Carolina.
            That’s # 1 of all exports, not just auto exports.

  • fortyniner

    I think that Obama’s statement just confirms what we pretty much already know – that those who profit from the status quo are quite happy to continue to do so, and that politicians are the tools they use to make sure that their profitable exploitation continues without hindrance.

    It was good to see the Levi/Elforsk study published, but as many predicted it made only the slightest ripple in the pool of complacency maintained by academia, news media and politics. I sincerely hope that Rossi’s hints point to some really significant development – because without this absolutely nothing is going to change no matter what proofs are offered, short of a full blown working and publicly accessible cold fusion plant.

    • Roger Bird

      No one is covering up anything. People are inundated with too much information and they just don’t believe, yet. Obama is the very archetype of dependent thinkers, and he is surrounded by dependent thinkers (politicians). The last independent thinker we had in the White House was Teddy Roosevelt and he tried to change our alphabet because pronunciation has drifted away from spelling; a really great idea; but he was laughed up and down Pennsylvania Avenue for that. If Obama had mentioned cold fusion, he would be laughed up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street and Main Street and every other street in America. While his credibility was being destroyed by gales of laughter, a few independent thinkers like you and me would be trying to explain to people that “cold fusion” was real, but no one would hear us because of the cacophony of laughter.

  • clovis

    hi, everyone.
    what is so stressful, is the fact that this tech can not be released to the public, until all is made ready, that being a plant in operation, undeniable proof . and that one of the worlds greatest scientist has pass away and not a word from msm, the scientific world, the government, and hardly anyone else, so sad, but it’s the price we have to pay.

    • AlainCo

      all is already public, just rejected…
      It is like the financial crisis which was clear since 2003, there was book in 2005, and it was facts in 2007, until the public crash of Lehman.

    • frank sedei

      The news media has been taken over by aliens posturing as politicians.

      • Roger Bird

        Politicians have been taken over by dependent thinkers posturing as the news media.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Yes Clovis, the waiting is stressful. Rossi could have saved us from all our anxiety by staying completely under the radar. But aren’t you glad that you’ve been made aware of the 900 lb gorilla in the room?

    • clovis

      Yeh, i am very appreciative, of the way that Dr. rossi has kept us as informed as possible. witch is a very slippery slope too navigate.I have been watching as closely as possible, ever scene the first demo at the university. and i can understand the stress Dr. Rossi must feel, to have invented something so beneficial to the world, and not being able to say very much about it.when i know very well that he is proud of his invention.
      May we all have the patience to wait a bit longer, and then the tide will turn. –smile

  • roseland67

    MSNBC this am:

    Appears no one cares about LENR or how much $ is spent
    on fusion research.


    • sophareth camsonne

      Hot fusion research is fundamental for every science advances including those of Lenr and other
      basic sciences.

      • Jim

        Maybe…but where’s the Tang?

        Seriously, I’ll grant that some significant laser, magnetics and materials tech could fall out of ITER. However, science funding is all about allocation to priorities. That allocation is often more political than efficient, and the priorities are often more personal than consensual.

        Could the last $XXX billion on ITER have been better spent on other energy related projects(even excluding LENR)? What about the next $XX billion?

        • GreenWin

          Jim, I agree. There has been little Tang. And unlike Moon missions or Mars rovers, fusion is visually boring. The big problem now is in face saving. Frankly, we are so far along and the fusionists so bereft of results, it looks like that’s off the table.

          We need a champion on the Hill (in US). Former Senate candidate Randy Hekman, from Michigan, supports the technology and has physics background. He is the only politician who is publicly LENR savvy.

          • fortyniner

            Psyops manipulators seem to specialise in ‘reframing’ rather than adjusting perceptions – as evidenced by the whole ‘AGW’ propaganda scare. I don’t think it would be beyond the realms of possibility that the term ‘cold fusion’ could be actively embraced, and history rewritten so that CF somehow becomes the payoff from all those decades of wasted hot fusion research and expenditure. The technical differences would be lost on the general populace, but having the common word ‘fusion’ in the terms would be enough for the ignorant.

            Who is to argue such a travesty? A few bloggers and a handful of scientists no-one has heard of? – against the ‘big guns’ of science and politics, and every media outlet on the planet, plus the ‘influence’ of research grant funding to stifle dissent from this message. It worked for ‘AGW’ – it can easily work again.

          • GreenWin

            Peter, you may well be correct, and I think there is discussion of just such an op at hand. We might also see a curious reliance on “climate” to pave the market for LENR. Ala the Obama climate policy that pressures coal conversion to NG.

            With coal out of the way, and lip service to new fission, there will be open arms to NG and perhaps a new NG fired alternative contraption called E-Cat.

          • fortyniner

            GW – I sincerely hope that you are right that the political references to new fission are just lip service.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Is it?

      • Thinks4Self

        Hot Fusion research is fundamental in padding the bank accounts of the scientists that conduct it and that is all!

        • Roger Bird

          Remember that the dominant paradigm (Big, Bad Coulomb Barrier or BBCB) limits what 99.9% of all scientists believe is possible. It is all in the mind, or the collective mind. As long as BBCB is the dominant paradigm, most scientists are going to think that hot-fusion or alternatives are the ONLY way to go. Fortunately there are some spendthrift Republican-types who are beginning to question this hot-fusion insanity. One solar panel is better than decades of hot-fusion research.

      • Warthog

        There is a great deal of “good science” (including physics) that could have been funded for the $100+ BILLION dollars spent thus far on hot fusion (and no end in sight), with zero usable outcome other than paychecks for physicists. Protecting those paychecks is, at bottom, a major part of the antipathy to LENR research.

        Sort of like the “Superconducting Supercollider”, which, fortunately, was cancelled.

  • Steve M

    This has turned in to endless delays, and people are frustrated with this entire process I try and avoid coming here to hear more news of delays BUT LENR will have its day in the Sun – when it does arrive.

  • sophareth camsonne

    They take seriously CF/Lenr and especially E-Cat technology that is
    already here. But, an official and clear position risks to collapse all of
    sectors of ancient economy, the consequences of which would be
    devastative, because of the previsible panic, for the entier world.

  • GreenWin

    A pragmatic energy transition move. Obama’s announce deflects growing anxiety in financial and energy sectors about rumors of LENR breakthrough. Propping up the climate horse buys time and support from key allies in environment, alternative & fission lobbies (though US Court moratorium on fission permits remains.)

    “Nick Akins, CEO of American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest utilities, said in an interview Tuesday that as long as utilities like his are given enough time to transition to a cleaner fleet of power plants, Obama’s plan can be carried out “without a major impact to customers or the economy.”

    The proposed EPA carbon rules are aimed at US coal power plants. Power companies will have to run coal plants less often, install CCS (carbon cap and sequestration) or shut down plants that become too expensive. Simply, create a bigger market for nat gas and *alternatives.*

    Obama will increase funding for clean energy research by 30 percent to $7.9 billion and make $8 billion in federal loan guarantees available to projects that capture & sequester CO2. Hmmm. Both pools of money are eligible for LENR projects once it’s acknowledged.

    The BIG news IMO is NBC’s story on the complete shutdown of hot fusion in the United States. And the potential for US to withdraw its funding for ITER: “On Tuesday, Senator Feinstein said federal funding for ITER should be cut off unless the Department of Energy provides Congress with a “baseline cost, schedule and scope.”


    Clean up the town before beginning new construction.

  • Mike Cheek

    Any president is going to rely on his science advisors. If they become convinced, they will advise the president. Way too much information for any mere mortal to absorb the deluge of data.

    There are other plausible reasons as to why the e-cat doesn’t “get no respect.” I worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for a little while. You wouldn’t believe the number of well intentioned people who submitted ideas for perpetual motion machines to the DEP for the greater good, to help the environment. It was really no use to try to explain to these people why their perpetual machine wouldn’t work. They would then turn against us and say “the DEP was in cahoots with big oil, or some other reason.” I’m sure the EPA and the DOE gets thousands of perpetual machine, “scientific breakthroughs,” infinite energy proposals every year. Jerry Pournelle,science fiction writer with his own website jerrypournelle.com mentioned once he got about a dozen notices of cold fusion devices a year.

    What separates the e-cat apart for me so far is first that video of the test of Rossi’s unit in Italy before it was shipped out. That certainly looked like a real test. The second recent test, which included some engineer types has the appearance of authenticity. Certainly the writers know about Grashof and Reynolds numbers and so forth, which to me added credibility. But we’re still relying on internet information.

    Based on the second and more recent test I am certainly very interested and curious and will actively follow events. I certainly hope for the success of the ecat.

    I work in Houston, right in the core of the so called “energy corridor” on I-10. It is not at all realistic to think there is some sort of evil conspiracy holding back information. The truth will out. Mr. Rossi is playing his cards close to his chest. I don’t blame him. But it does limit public awareness and acceptance for now. If a working model is put forth and can be seen to work in an industrial or commercial setting, all these misgivings will quickly fade away.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Mike, any relation to Art in Tallahassee? Or Jon in Shreveport?

      • Mike Cheek

        Not directly, but there’s a good chance we’re distantly related. Many of the “Cheek tribe” all trace their lineage back to a common Cheek patriarch in the Revolutionary War who had a lot of children. My wife is the geneologist and I’ll have to ask her.

    • Barry

      One of the sad things Mike is one of Obama’s science advisers is Ernest Moniz from MIT who I’m pretty sure is the one who sent the donated $ for CF research back to the company that donated in 2012. It wasn’t even tax payers money. Too bad someone from the University of Missouri isn’t on Obama’s science staff.

  • clovis

    hi, everyone.
    what is so stressful, is the fact that this tech can not be released to the public, until all is made ready, that being a plant in operation, undeniable proof . and that one of the worlds greatest scientist, Sergio Focardi has pass away and not a word from msm, the scientific world, the government, and hardly anyone else, so sad, but it’s the price we have to pay.

    • clovis


  • Fisher8965

    Oh come on, people, really?? You expected the president of the united states to just bust up into a conversation about lenr? Put down the crack pipes, everyone. Lenr is a very promising new energy source to a few hundred people who know anything about it and, even though people here like to argue, there is no working prototype that anyone scientist may go see…or even non-scientifically minded public. I have been following for two years or more now and I think lenr is looking better and better every day but it’s not anything that is going to hit the radar screen of the mf’n potus. Get a working plant out there on the ground, let a few people look it over and take a few measurements and it will then make the news. After a few months of that and it may actually reach the president’s desk. We all want it tomorrow but lets try to be realistic about it.

  • Marcel

    I will have my own e-cat in the basement and one year later there will still be people asking: “are you sure that it really works?”

    • Barry

      Heh heh!

    • Mike Cheek

      Seeing is believing. *If* you have a working ecat in your basement, I have every confidence people will rapidly adapt their world view. But we gotta get it there first. Way back when, I had a friend who bought one of the original Honda cars, back when it had a chain drive. With a smirk people asked “Hey where did you get that car?” smirk,smirk

      Then the original oil embargo hit. Wham! He said the same people then came around and asked “Hey,where did you get that car?” But now with an Earnest look on their face.

    • Joe Shea

      Remember the Executive Order last October designed to get co-generation of heat and electricity? Now AR is outside of the loop because he has not figured thermcelectric onversion out to generate electricity along with heat. That’s why Obama ignores LENR, not because he is unaware of it.

      • John De Herrera

        “has not figured thermcelectric conversion out to generate electricity”
        How true that statement is. Why is the conversion equipment so slow? I thought Seamons was working on that? Why so slow? jdh

  • Fibb

    Frank your website is a valuable part of the “let’s get the word out on LENR” effort. Thank you again.

    Even if he knows about it, the President can’t say anything about LENR yet. It will come with time.

    Good to read the Rossi tease. Sounds exciting.

  • Jesse

    Dr. Rossi has not yet funneled money to the current administration.

    • John De Herrera

      “funneled money to the current administration”
      Forget that, I would hate to see Rossi or his partner pandering to the political people. If the Rossi reactors start showing up everywhere, that will make politicians want to be on that parade. jdh

  • malkom

    Obama is to be understood when is hi careful. Doubt the cold fusion now it’s like when people doubt the moon missions, however, the rapid introduction of cold fusion, total social chaos may occur. Recall that when Margaret Tchetcher mining ceased in England.

  • AB

    Maryyugo falls to a new low:

    Apologize? FOR WHAT? Rossi and Defkalion look like overt and obvious scams. If they turn out to have anything real, which is vanishingly unlikely, they are the ones who should apologize for acting like morons.

    This might become the position of the naysayers when LENR can no longer be denied.

    • GreenWin

      AB, you may be right. But watch for clever language such as the double negative, “vanishingly unlikely…” We are in the midst of ancient wordsmiths whose pens are forged in sagacity. And be sure that a variety of voices pour through the pseudonym Maryyugo.

    • LCD

      MaryYugo aka George is rebel without a clue

      If he took his two IQ points and rubbed them together he might be able to start a fire.

      He can do flow calorimetry on that.

      • charlie tapp

        i like your style mary i am tired of waiting for lenr my self i think my davey device is more efficient anyways.

        • Roger Bird

          What is a Davey device?

    • Dickyaesta

      Maybe his (MARYUGO) ambivalence of his/her sex makes her such a b.tch.

  • Allan Shura

    He made much mention of carbon but did not name radioactive contamination.

    FDR said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

    The most cautious decision is not always the least risky.

    We need an enlightened society to step forward for change and not
    be primarily interested in energy as a geopolitical tool.

    • Roger Bird

      Who will be enlightening them (society)?

      • Jim

        I’m kinda partial to that “do-able starting from where we are now” stuff myself.

    • John De Herrera

      “We need an enlightened society…”
      YES WE DO! ecatworld is doing a GREAT job to spread the word about LENR reactors and the potential for improving our world. jdh

  • Steve M

    does everyone agree that this is the coldest spring on record, that is true of Briton and many parts of the United States, so if you are in disagreement about global weather change check the facts.

    • Barry

      Our June in New England feels like August Steve.

    • AlainCo

      Worst (cold, wet) winter and spring/summer since (not so) long in France…
      however not surprised it is one of the hottest global year , since earth is slowly warming, or stable, which mean every year should be a record…

      this “hottest years since…” stink the mathematical manipulation to screw the masses.
      does honest science use mathematical manipulation ?

      it is not the science, but the stinky behaviors revealed by CG emails, which convinced me it is junk-science… like the denial of LENR which use the same weapons (theory, manipulations, peer-review manipulation, bullying of dissenters)…

      not sure it is not even real, but sure there is no evidences, and no good science.

  • Nelson Alencastro

    Why AR doesn’t offer hot water free from a CF / LENR device for the White House and President Obama ? Mybe he and his counselors will better understand that the technology arrived to change the world. Forget about complex scientific demonstrations, making it in a pratical and straight forward way with the ones that decides.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Because he wants to hit the ground running, not crawling.

      • Jim


    • Rockyspoon

      You really don’t want Obama to do to LENR what he did with GM, do you?

      Good…. That was an economic and business disaster.

  • freethinker

    Ok, so Obama does not mention LENR. Is that strange? Is it really a problem?

    When making a move with a program like this he need to communicate a robust message entailing well known technologies and the way they will improve the amount of US produced energy. He does not want to put focus on a tech that has not yet proven itself in the market. If he did he would only add a factor of confusion at the receiving end. This is not a problem. Whenever LENR is available in viable commersial products, accepted by the market, the situation will be different. If HF gets funding and you feel miffed by that, now that it is political shenanigans behind.

    It would have been great, had he mentioned LENR, but had that not been premature (someone here wrote that it would pose an undulely great risk for Obama to mention it – I agree)?
    Put it to rest and do not worry about what Obama knows or put in some program.

    Meanwhile, consider the latest news at JONP, where is described a “magnificent” factory. Hints of needing help – confirmed to be about employing people. There are “important developments are coming up”.

    Within a few weeks, maybe in August, there might be some good news.

    • Ryan

      I agree with your assessment. Unless the technology is ready to go with massive emplacement capability it would be political suicide to go about announcing support for LENR. This is true for just about anyone in office currently. Yes, there will be a few that buck that trend but I can guarantee that you can count on the obliviousness of the general public and their tendency towards not knowing what is going on in any field of technological developments beyond the newest phone or tv to work against anyone that can’t point to major installations as proof.

    • John De Herrera

      “do not worry about what Obama knows”
      The problem IS, the WRONG people may be getting his ear and USA may be the last to accept LENR reactors. Building more fission and fusion reactors is clearly a waste of money. jdh

  • geoff

    From Vortex:

    [Vo]:MFMP cells in Europe and US now showing signs of excess heat
    H Veeder Wed, 26 Jun 2013 12:05:58 -0700

    Today (June 26, 2013)…


    Update 18:15 UTC –

    Both the EU Cells and the US Cells were switched on and BOTH indicated
    excess energy as the cells came to equilibrium at higher temperatures than
    during the calibration tests. The EU cell with the active wire was
    indicating up to 2.5W of excess power over the 30.4W input power (~6%
    excess). That is well above the 95% confidence limits for that cell
    (~0.25W). The US Cell was indicating approximately 1.4 watts excess,
    again, well above the ~0.5W confidence interval. Very exciting to see
    something positive and especially simultaneous.

    The indicated excess seems to be corroborated by several cell temperatures
    higher than calibration values. The control cells in each location are
    performing at or below calibration values.

    The internal cell temperatures seem to be slowly degrading, but the
    external cell temperatures are holding steady.

    The resistance of the active wires is slowly rising as, presumably, the
    hydrogen is leaving into the vacuum.

    The EU cell has been cycled already, leading to the the active wire
    “unloading” and rising up to a higher resistance than the wire had

    • John De Herrera

      “BOTH indicated excess energy…”
      GREAT! We can start to be confident that there will be other Energy Reactors showing up soon. Our future with safe, clean, abundant energy is looking good. jdh

  • Omega Z

    Don’t read to much into this.

    This has been discussed for several years and is nothing but a Twist on a Carbon Tax.

    More precisely a Back Door Carbon Tax.
    Some of the money will be earmarked for research, but the lions share will be funneled into other expenditures. Profits to political cronies. Usually through Corporations who give large Bonuses to select people who have Political Clout & Obtain Government Funding for projects.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    So, will he be placing huge tariffs on goods coming from counties that use coal to make their products?

    • Rockyspoon

      I predict in several generations, countries will have to establish fossil-fuel burning policies to boost the CO2 content of an atmosphere that’s being over-utilized by the current expansion in the biosphere.

      With so many energy demands switching from fossil fuels to LENR, survival of humans may hang in the balance if CO2 isn’t replenished.

      • Roger Bird

        Just make sure that you scrub all of the particulates, SO2, and other real pollutants out of the emissions.

  • John-64

    Currently approximately zero kilojoules of energy have been produced commercially by customers using LENR so if/when that changes, I’m sure that the next US President (or the one after that) will mention it.

    • Ryan

      Same can be said for hot fusion and yet that gets an overzealous amount of funding for a nebulous return on investment.

    • John De Herrera

      John-64 “zero kilojoules of energy have been produced…”
      How do you know that? OK, you just made a wild guess. Rossi has been building lots of reactors, perhaps they are out there somewhere producing heat energy. We will know more when Rossi feels it is safe to pull the security curtain. jdh

      • Roger Bird

        I find it interesting that certain skeptics hold Rossi to a high level of proof, but they can claim anything that they want without proof.

  • captain

    Hi guys, various threads on this blog are considering mainly Rossi’s LENR in the US, and that’s understandable. But e-cat talks should consider other countries, like Sweden. So it’s not only Obama’s policy that will
    define LENR energy future in the states.

    DGT, Defkalion, if they have really what they declare, should in due time, or soon, emerge on the markets: all markets but US, as for they policy.
    Yeah, DGT LENR stolen to Rossi, though carried on now differently: we’ll see, but as it seems their progress is going on and in 1-2 yrs we could see some commercial devices on sale.
    At that time, hopefully, we’ll have Rossi’s LENR and Defkalion LENR.

    Just to be in topic with the thread, Obama’s behavior will not be the same of today.

    • John De Herrera

      “consider other countries”
      Absolutely! When a country and its leaders hesitate or block the Rossi E-Cats, they will quickly see the errors of their ways. And all those pseudo Skeptics and physicists who kicked Rossi, will have to explain to the people why they were so foolish. jdh

  • Alan DeAngelis

    How will burning natural gas decrease global carbon dioxide?

    CH4 + 2 O2 > CO2 + 2 H2O

    • Roger Bird

      Methane has 4 hydrogens to just 1 carbon, or 4 to 1, whereas other hydro-carbons have less hydrogens for 1 carbon, depending upon the length of the chain. Octane would have, I think, 18 hydrogens to 8 carbons, or 2.25 to 1. The burned hydrogens become water, but the burned carbons would become CO2.

      But a better analysis would be the energy per CO2 formed, a calculation that I can’t handle.

      But I am all for CO2, the very special plant nutrient that all plants are begging you to emit. (:->)

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah good point Roger, but I just wanted to make the point that CO2 is still being produced and I think that natural gas has ethane and propane as well. I could calculate the energies but I really thing it wouldn’t be that significant.
        P.S. Let’s remind people about this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtevF4B4RtQ

        • Roger Bird

          The first people to arrive at new thinking are ALWAYS independent thinkers. How could it be any other way? So it is interesting that there are LENR believers here who are pro-AGW, but they won’t be pro-AGW for too long if they put their minds to the problem.

          • Rockyspoon

            Exactly. AGW devolved from CAGW (the “Catastrophic” was found to be unsubstantiatable) and with further research, it looks like man’s contribution to warming the planet is quite modest.

            As a geologist, what I really worry about is slipping back into another Ice Age. Our current Interglacial Period has gone on longer than the several preceding it, although it could drag on longer for reasons too complex to discuss here.

            But when (not if) the next Ice Age comes, it will be devastating to Earth’s population–count on temperatures to be 12 to 15 degrees F colder than they are now.

            Not a pretty picture with so many mouths to feed.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    If carbon dioxide levels fall too low would it cause the extinction of C3 plants that would not be able to compete with C4 carbon fixating plants for CO2? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C4_carbon_fixation

  • Jesse

    Hello moderator. You are naive to believe there is no quid pro quo between the Obama administration and the green energy industry.

  • Allan Kiik

    Maybe somebody here can inform the POTUS about this:
    Now it looks like there is no more scientific basis for any other climate change policy than natural adaptation to natural changes. This was last straw of empirical evidence for anthropogenic influence on global climate, paleoclimatological data from Russian Arctic treeline area.

    Free thinkers knew this already in 2009, so they comment: