Roanoke Times Column on LENR

The Roanoke Times, a newspaper published in Roanoke, Virginia, has published an interesting opinion piece written by Charles Stewart, Jr. titled “Explore an explosive new energy source” Here’s the introduction:

Negative words comprise a large percentage of the adjectives used in The Roanoke Times articles re: energy: expensive, depleting, exhausting, polluting, filthy, radioactive, etc. These negative words apply to petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, thorium (yep — thorium, too).

How about a few positive words: cheap, endless, non-polluting, world-altering, safe, local (as in your basement or a closet). These words apply to LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction). It’s coming.

The column is not long — but provideds a nice introduction to people unfamiliar with the topic about recent developments in cold fusion, including the recent E-Cat report.

It seems to me that local media sources are more likely than national or international media outlets to publish articles about LENR. The Roanoke Times invites local readers to submit opinion pieces on issues that are of importance to the local community — and I am sure there are other local news organizations with similar policies. In efforts to try and educate the public about LENR, it may be that the local press is a good channel to use until the major media players catch up.

  • Roger Bird

    I liked how the author didn’t bother with even mentioning the skeptical perspective. He just jumped right into, not finding it necessary to believe that perfectly decent people are not liars or incompetent, just went ahead and said it. Very good for him.

    • AB

      He probably believes that ‘ordinary’ proof is just fine.

      • Roger Bird

        I do. I don’t see why extraordinary proof is necessary for clearly and distinctly and widely reported extraordinary phenomena.

    • Thinks4Self

      Sometimes you have to look to the common man to find common sense.

      • Barry

        Good one Tfs.

  • andreiko


  • Seibt

    In Germany it’s the same situation, but informations in local newspapers are seldom.

  • Karl

    Really nice reading!

  • JimP

    If there were just a few operational units available for confirmation that the process is commercially viable (even close) it would be a much easier story to digest. Thousands of breakthrough technologies in the lab, are announced with great regularity. Viable processes that are economically reproducible – don’t necessarily follow. I really am hopeful that this reaction has become commercially viable and that it produces the results we’ve read about.

    • Zedshort

      I would be willing to wait patiently if I knew for certain that a Rossi’s business associates were really pushing to develop this technology.

      • KD

        According to Rossi, they are in process of organising production plant to produce thousands of 1MW E-Cats monthly.
        But he don’t give any clue how long it will take.
        Couple of months or years.

        • Jimr

          It will be at least a decade before they build 1000 1 meg plants in a month, if ever, possibly they may build 1000 10k cats in a month.

  • Barry


    • Barry

      In regards to andreiko’s comment.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      Not a problem. Nice article. Good luck.

  • Zedshort

    Of course they got something wrong, “Currently, it usese nickel (in very small quantities) and nitrogen…”


      Zed, I wrote that article and I take full blame for the word ‘nitrogen’ being there. Obviously, I know full well it should have been hydrogen. I poofread that sucker 3 times and I still missed that.

      I apologize to everyone and especially the Roanoke Times. And Andre Rossi.

      • psi

        Said like a gentleman and a scholar.

      • Roger Bird

        Oh, please, CHARLES(SWVA), we thank you. You don’t have to apologize. But, remember, your opportunity to write about LENR depends to some extent upon your writing good copy. I will reread this little blurb at least 3 times before I click “send”. You might ask a friend to reread your copy after you reread it 5 times.

        Usually I am a grammar Nazi, and proud of it. But I didn’t let your grammar or chemistry problems bother me because I was so delighted that you did not give the skeptics even a nod. For me, after the May report, the E-Cat is a reality as reported.

      • AB

        Why did you choose a title with “explosive” in it?

        Explosive energy source sounds very dangerous.

        • pg

          Because it attracts attention and therefore people will start reading

      • Alan DeAngelis

        No big deal. It’s just a typo. You did a fine job. It’s far better than having a typo free article that says absolutely nothing. We’ve seen plenty of those.

        • NJT


  • fortyniner

    Nice little article – the ripples continue to spread. Not sure I like the word ‘explosive’ in the title though…

    • Omega Z

      It’s OK Peter. It’s published in the U.S.

      We love Explosions.

      Have you ever watched the TV show Myth Busters.
      They blow things up even when it’s not called for.

      WHY? Because they can & they like it. 🙂

      • Barry

        Heh heh, same with American movies. Peter you would never see explosives in Downton Abbey.

  • psi

    My favorite part is where Charles writes “my best guess? The world’s been turned upside down.” Ya. That about expresses it.

  • pg

    OT: form Francesco Celani

    Dear Colleagues,

    I just got by Edmund Pell, USA, for permission to publish his report sent yesterday to the “closed site” of CMNS.

    * I remind you that seem to be able to achieve the self-sufficiency, ie WITHOUT ENTERING POWER, from about 80 hours a mean apparent temperature, inside his voluminous reactor (about 50 liters of Hydrogen), at 30 ° C with the environment around 20 ° C.

    Professor Pell person is extremely pleasant and open to any constructive criticism.

    Use of 170cm Constantan, 200micron diameter, weight about half a gram.
    The surface was oxidized according to the OLD method developed by us until April 2012 and published March 31, 2013 […].

    Soon I send the text.

    Francesco CELANI

    • AB

      Dear colleagues,

      Edmund Pell, USA, has just given me permission to publish his report which was sent yesterday to the “closed” CMNS site.

      * I remind you that it APPEARED as if he had achieved a SELF-SUSTAINING reaction, WITHOUT POWER INPUT, for about 80 hours in a bulky reactor (50 liters of hydrogen), with an apparent temperature of 30 °C and an ambient temperature of 20 °C.

      Prof. Pell is a very pleasant person and open to any CONSTRUCTIVE critique.

      He uses a Constant wire with a length of 170 cm, a diameter of 200 micron, and a weight of about half a gram. The surface has been oxidized according to our OLD method developed until April 2012 and published on March 31 2013

      A letter in English follows and can be found here:

      • Gerrit

        quick check reveals that his full name is “Edwin A. Pell III”. Google _cannot_ find a professor Edwin A. Pell.

        An Edwin A. Pell III tried to run for congress in 2006 and an Edwin A. Pell III hold 3 patents on semiconductors. He seems to work at a company named Mentor graphics.

        For now, it doesn’t sound very convincing to me.

        • artefact

          Edwin Pell posts at MFMP sometimes to help

    • Stephen Taylor

      Thank you for posting this since most of us have no access to CMNS. Maybe this is very important replication. We wait, read, hope and cheer for those who can do more!

    • Sanjeev

      Thanks pg.
      Looks like MFMP are doing a replication of it and getting strange overshoot in temperature.

  • Chris I

    Now that’s what I call a positive point of view. It is very optimistic but unfortunately not well informed in some details. Still, it is a contribution to public awareness and it doesn’t even give room and board to skeptopaths.

    But, of course, many readers will look up some names and words and walk into the buzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Tom59

    Thanks to Charles Stewart to take up this subject!
    By this time we once hoped to be on the headlines of the main media. But with breakthrough reports of all sorts commonplace, what matters is the upcoming public working of the ecat. Luckily Rossi was stubborn enough to sustain the glamorless and painful approach for so long – without safety of a monthly paycheck for most of the time.
    So Q3 and Q4 of this year will be exciting for LENR, with ICCF18, NI week, new 3rd party report, Swedish e-cat plant launch… as positive as ever…

  • Dr Bob

    I took use of these button to tweet the link to my followers because I liked the article.

    While doing so I also used “hashtags”. They look like this:
    #lenr #coldfusion #energy #fusion #sustainable #mfmp

    What happens is that if someone searches the internet or twitter for the word sustainable there is an increased chance they will see my tweet and follow my link!

    Hashtags also works in ex Google+ and Facebook.

    The reason I mention this is because I often hear a lot of people saying:

    “I have been WAITING for Cold Fusion 24 years”.

    My point is this: Why complaint over a spelling mistake in an article on one is ever gonna read anyway because none of the people reading it is recommending it to others.

    Please start doing this because nowadays I do not find Cold Fusion Energy related videos while searching Youtube for Cold Fusion Energy related videos.

    Is it not embarrassing that a person with documented psychological

    • artefact

      +1 (exept for the last half sentence 😉 )

  • artefact

    MFMP got 15% access heat in Mizuno type experiment

    “The test we made yesterday with Jean-Paul Biberian was interesting because the system showed a clear production of excess energy with 450V under 5 bars of the order of 15%.

    This is good news as this is the first time this cell has shown a COP of over 1. It appears that higher voltage in a high pressure environment is a good approach to achieving positive results.

    Further tests are necessary to address any remaining doubts about these results.”

    • Roger Bird

      Wow! I am so happy for them.

      It would seem a natural that higher voltages and pressures would make for more reactions.

  • Allan Shura

    Is it Eveready or is it never ready?

    Silence the cynics with the donated 1MW operating in full public
    view (only in Sweden).

  • Roger Bird

    I am afraid that the only thing, for me, that is good for is news, not comment. It is up to the moderators whether they want their comments section to be infected or not. I guess they don’t care so long as they get hits and clicks for their advertisers.

    • NJT

      Yes, I had to hold my nose when I was tempted to just check it out once in a while. Pretty bad place to visit for those capable of thinking out of the box with a brain – I just paid my last respects to that horrid place as it has decayed beyond recognition!

    • Barry

      Same is true with the Washington Post. Felt like I had to take a shower after reading the comments. Lot to be said for a moderated site.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      There are going to be a lot of embarrassed skeptics running for the hills very soon, I can’t wait to follow them up the hill waving their critiques.

      • Warthog

        I think the more perspicacious ones are already slowly sneaking to the sidelines. On a couple of forums on which I participate, a couple of conspicuous skeptopaths have been AWOL of late. Particularly since the release of the “third party report”.