University of Missouri News Anticipates ICCF-18

The Mizzou News, the news department at the University of Missouri, has written an article by Nancy Moen title “Tabletop Nuclear Fusion” which features LENR/cold fusion as the University looks forward to hosting the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) at the end of July. In explaining the phenomenon of LENR, Moen writes:

“For years, scientists have either experienced or read reports of unexplained substantial levels of excess heat thought to be caused by nuclear phenomena that deviate from what is expected.

The regularity of these anomalous heat occurrences — reported by scientific observation worldwide — continues to pique interest, and logical conclusions seem to indicate the existence of an entirely new nuclear reaction that could become a source of energy . . .

The ingredients involved in a low-energy nuclear reaction can be quite simple: deuterium, which is a type of heavy hydrogen (found in ocean water), a palladium wire and an electric current.

Researchers become very excited when far more energy comes out of the apparatus than was put in. That’s anomalous heat. These levels of anomalous heat are often more than a thousand times greater than what could be produced by a chemical process.”

The article features the University of Missouri’s Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. Robert V. Duncan who has become well known in the LENR field as a champion of research into understanding the LENR effect.

Information about ICCF-18 can be found here. I have just discovered that the conference includes two additional LENR educational programs: an LENR Introductory Short Course which includes instruction from some of the leading LENR researchers who will be attending the conference, and a National Instruments/University of Missouri Post Conference Workshop Overview which appears to be covering the use of NI products for use in LENR research.

Incidentally, when Andrea Rossi was asked yesterday whether he or his US partner would present at ICCF-18, he replied, “Impossible”.

  • Gérard2013

    All hopes are. Do not despair. The answer will come from the political arbitration before the magnitude of the problems of a planet with border. The answer will come from the fait accompli industrial forcing scientists to think outside of the known physical knowledge.

    In French

    Tous les espoirs sont la. Il ne faut pas désespérer. La réponse viendra des l’arbitrage politique devant l’ampleur des problèmes d’une planète avec des frontière. La réponse viendra du fait accompli industriel qui oblige les scientifiques à réfléchir en dehors des connaissances connues de la physique.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I believe that dollars & sense(the market) will prevail, leaving most academics dumbfounded.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer


        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Bernie, Rossi was too diplomatic to answer your question on man-made climate change. Why should he piss off a goodly portion of his fans? I bet he agrees with me….but who knows?

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Right, he was not going to get involved, don’t blame him, he has a lot of controversy on his plate.

      • winebuff


  • Gerrit

    Well written article, everyone should read it.

    “Researchers working independently in 20 different laboratories have repeated the results, finding excess heat in low-temperature nuclear experiments, Duncan says. Some of those have been confirmed scientifically, making the study of LENR a new and real science.”

    That’s the message I would like to see in every newspaper and popular science magazine.

  • AB

    For the first time in 20 years, the ICCF conference is being held on a major research university campus, an achievement for MU and one that brings new opportunities, Duncan says.

  • Chris I

    This is quite positive, although perhaps the article would do well to mention that it is still a very controversial topic, with plenty of skepticism remaining and even some downright prejudice.

    • AB

      I think it’s fine. The controversy is rooted in the belief that it hasn’t been replicated.

      Should they write that it has been replicated in 20 labs while citing the skeptical point of view that it has never been replicated?

      The correct approach is to inform those who are not informed, not to put uninformed opinion (dating back 20 years) on the same level as informed opinion.

      • Barry

        True AB. The concrete evidence is there has been “excess heat in low-temperature nuclear experiments” in over 20 labs. The critical opinion science is that there is these results are without merit.
        The effect is repeatable but right now the results as to how much excess heat occurs vary. Mitchell Swartz said with one of his latest NANORS he got a COP of 80 for thirty minutes. The “anomalous heat effect” is still a loose canon as far as temperature results but the phenomenon has been proven. To deny this is pathological science.

        LENR skeptics have to be careful not to throw out the Cold Fusion baby with the heavy bath water.

      • Chris I

        You don’t get the point. I’m not saying the article ought to misinform people. I do say that talking as if there were no longer any controversy, as if all were convinced by now, isn’t an accurate portrayal of the facts.

        If somebody has read only that and then they walk into the heated debates which are still raging, they will perceive that as being one-sided and deceptive. This is not a good thing. They would have done better to acknowledge the remaining skepticism and address it, at least concisely.

    • GreenWin

      The present controversy in LENR is largely twofold:

      1) Political
      2) Academic

      LENR is politicized by industrial/government agencies deeply threatened by geopolitical upheaval from loss of energy monopoly. LENR will disintegrate that monopoly. The perceived economic effect is a re-distribution of several hundred trillions. The actual effect will be short term rise in standards of living of nearly all human beings (except perhaps monopolists.)

      Academia takes on a far more histrionic fear of LENR as it attacks their infinitely fragile egos and entitlement. The work at SRI, SPAWAR, NASA, University Missouri, ENEA, NRL, the Levi-Essen paper on E-Cat etc. – all threaten cold fusion denialists of the last 23 years. On a subtle scientific level LENR challenges Maxwell, Newton, and may support Einstein’s Zero point field and, Max Planck’s insightful statement:

      “We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter”

      But the skeptics will remain skeptical. Very few seem strong enough to make the about face that Robert Duncan did after his research for the “CBS 60 Minutes” program. In October 1903, Simon Newcomb wrote:

      ” “May not our mechanicians . . . be ultimately forced to admit that aerial flight is one of the great class of problems with which man can never cope, and give up all attempts to grapple with it?” Simon Newcomb BS, FRS: National Academy of Sciences; Royal Astronomical Society; Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; Fellow of the Royal Society; etc.

      • Chris I

        But what’s all this got to do with Norwegian kangaroos? I wasn’t discussing the skepticism itself. I just made a point about the article.

        • GreenWin

          Chris, I am agreeing with you. This is my view of where controversy remains and its underlying substance. And, IMO, it’s all for the good as old prejudice dies, new acceptance arises.

  • Barry

    Go Mizzo. Thank you Nancy. An article like that would be stoned at MIT. I noticed Nancy Moen was very careful to not use the term “Cold Fusion.” She even renamed the Conference to “International Conference on Condensed Nuclear Matter Science.” I know Robert Ducan doesn’t like the term CF. I wish we could all get behind one name that does’t sound like a left brained description. It’s bad for the publicity.

    Good to see another positive LENR article.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      Cold Fusion doesn’t have to worry about publicity or anything else any more than Ford had to worry about horses. Let Cold Fusion declare itself whenever and wherever and damn the torpedoes.

  • Preston

    Did anyone notice this paper?
    “Possibility of tachyon monopoles detected in photographic emulsions”
    Tacyon’s are hypothetical particles from science fiction that travel faster than light. That might make some skeptics laugh.

    Also, The Defkalion paper is on day 5, “Theoretical Analysis and Reaction Mechanisms for Experimental Results of Hydrogen-Nickel Systems”

    It sure is exciting, so many papers from all over the world.

  • Jim

    Sweet. Thank you Nancy and Robert.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi
    July 3rd, 2013 at 8:11 AM
    To the Readers:
    Very interesting publication on arXiv: 1304.5379v [physics.acc-ph].
    By the way gives evidence that the most important articles in Physics are published also on arXiv.

    • artefact

      Rossi probably ment:

      1304.5379 ( )
      A table-top laser-based source of femtosecond, collimated, ultra-relativistic positron beams

      • I’m not a physicist. What does this mean in common speech? 😉

        Has it something to do with LENR, or could it be usefull for LENR? What wants Rossi to tell us?

        • Ivy Matt

          IANAP either, but I’ll give it a try:

          table-top: Relatively small, comparable to the size of a minicomputer or desktop microcumputer. Refers to the size of the equipment.

          laser-based: Initiated by a laser. There’s a diagram of the full setup on page two of the paper.

          femtosecond: One quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth (depending on your numbering system), of one second. According to the abstract, the positron beam lasts 30 femtoseconds or less.

          collimated: The opposite of divergent. In this case it means that the positrons in the beam are moving parallel and in the same direction. However, the term “collimated” is usually used to refer to light. Lasers are highly collimated light.

          ultra-relativistic: Close to the speed of light. Referring here again to the positrons in the beam.

          positron: A particle with the mass of an electron, but with a positive charge. Also known as an anti-electron.

          beam: A stream of particles (positrons, in this case).

          Note that this paper is filed under “Accelerator Physics”.

          As for what this has to do with LENR, and what Rossi wants to tell us, my wild guess is that the connection, such as it is, rests with the first term in the paper’s title.

          • eernie1

            Here is my guess. All the lighter isotopes of nickel including 58Ni decay with the emission of positrons. 58Ni, the most abundant isotope of nickel, decays by the dual emission of positrons. If you can accelerate these decays, the positrons will react with the electrons in the nickel lattice to produce photons which may react with the surrounding medium to produce thermal energy.

        • Jim Anderson

          I’m not a physicist but I have a little knowledge in the area developed trying to understand LENR. A femtosecond is a very short period of time equal to a millionth of one billionth of a second. Collimated means ordered parallel lines. Ultra relativistic is something that is moving a high fraction of the speed of light , ultra-relativistic positron beams therefore has a very high energy. The positron is a type of antimatter and is the anti electron. Antimatter and matter annihilate when they come in contact releasing all of their mass as huge amount of energy. If antimatter can be produced in large amounts you have the ability to release a lot of energy in a very short time. Possible uses include civilian power generation, death ray and the most powerful bomb possible. I think I’ll have to look at that article.

        • G_Zingh

          Possibly this:

          ( —An international team of physicists working at the University of Michigan has succeeded in building a tabletop antimatter “gun” capable of spewing short bursts of positrons. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the team describes how they created the gun, what it’s capable of doing, and to what use it may be put.

          Read more at:

      • AB

        I think we need a physicist here for translation.

        • Iggy Dalrymple


          Someone on facebook likened it to incest.

      • Roger Bird

        Oh, goodie, I want one of those!!

      • Pekka Janhunen

        I don’t know if this paper could be related to LENR. The first author name is Italian, perhaps it’s Rossi’s friend. Levi and Rossi searched for positrons in some phase, but that connection seems weak.

        • Jim Anderson

          The first connection I saw to the ECAT was the experiment described would be regarded as unlikely by most scientists. Another indirect connection to LENR is the work of Mark LeClair who has a company called Nanospire. In both cases LeClairs work and the device described in the arxiv article relativistic particles are created in a desktop or at least small scale apparatus though what is claimed to be created is different and how it is done is different. LeClairs work is interesting but also more than a little scary. Genius or just wrong I don’t know.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            In case of MLC my believer percentage is thus far low, although nonzero. E.g. concerning his claimed transformation products, water contains dissolved impurities which may condense into solid particles in bubbles where water vapourises. Even if the water is originally pure, impurities may dissolve from the walls.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            I meant to say transmutation, not transformation

    • Chris I

      Rossi ought to be a bit less devious about arXive, he doesn’t get that it is no more, no less, than a preprint service.

      I don’t find anything all that special about this paper. It is interesting that such high kinetic energies can be obtained so compactly (though it doesn’t give much detail about the laser beam). This is surprising but seems to be a fact already known in their circles; it just indicates that coherence along with the highly impulsive beam and, I guess, the bosonic nature of photons work to give single electrons the energy of many photons at a time. The rest strikes me quite conventional.

  • kasom

    A.R. is obviously too busy to even attend ICCF-18:

    “Andrea Rossi
    July 3rd, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Steven NKarels:
    Total lack of time even to attend only. I can’t work more than 16 hours per day, and still I have not time to make all I have to make.
    Warm Regards,

    BTW: Is there no way in the US to find out on whose payroll Rossi works 16h a day? Fiscal authority info? Credit card info? Any idea?

  • GreenWin

    Good article. Hopefully this will get reprinted in other college magazines, small town newspapers, science blogs, etc. This is a step toward mainstream science. One can tell how influential ICCF-18 is by the flustered desire at Wikidpedia to censor the event from its “encyclopedia.” Recall that when you read wiki, you are in the hands of its founder – an out designer of adult web sites.

    Here is an interesting article from the alternative energy community. They question the reasoning behind nuclear fusion, but mention Pons & Fleischmann. The more this block of activists accepts the alternative to hot fusion, LENR, the better for all.

    “For years since the theoretical discovery of fusion by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah, research in fusion has been secretive and poorly funded.”

    • Roger Bird

      I disagree. It is nice and feels really fun to insult Wikipedia by saying “you are in the hands of its founder – an out designer of adult web sites”. But every encyclopedia is conservative. The very idea of an encyclopedia is flawed, thinking that we can write down on a piece of paper the truth, any more than you can put your foot into the same river twice, or even once, since it is changing right before your eyes.

      Although Wikipedia is supposed to be difference, since we can change it on the fly, it seems to be in the hands of dependent thinkers, crowd thinkers. Any thing that goes outside of the box, breaks the dominant paradigm, is necessarily going to be understood and appreciated by independent thinkers, not dependent thinkers or followers. When LENR is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and is being talked about in mainstream news, then Wikipedia will scramble to get on board.

      • GreenWin

        I am pointing out how you can read the comments of a clique of anonymous (some) “experts” babbling about why they will not list an 18 year old international science conference. Mainstream Bias, prejudice, misanthropy, galactic racism all play a role in censorship.

        As to “every encyclopedia is conservative.” I speculate the Amazing Randi Foundation uses this:

  • Roger Bird

    I learned long ago that people who were doing great things don’t have time for fairs and conferences. People who go to conferences want something, either information, customers, venture capital angels, or at the very least camaraderie.

    • Jim

      Major contributors in the world of LENR getting together to exchange ideas face to face, encourage and inspire each other and generate whole new levels of PR credibility … are not doing great things…?

      e-catworld would be like … a kind of conference …?

      • Roger Bird

        Yes, it is a great thing to have the ICCF-18 conference and to help all these people exchange ideas so that they can go off and do productive things, like make LENR+s that bring down my utility bill. But the conference is a means to an end. These people are hoping to get to where Rossi seems to be.

        And aside from a lot of fun and some generation of ideas, what great things are we doing here in this forum? I’m getting a sore butt everyday trying to squeeze a little camaraderie and information breakthroughs here. (:->)

        • Timar

          Rossi couldn’t have accomplished anything if it weren’t for those people and all the work they have done.

          Besides, Hadjichristos from Defkalion is going to attend to conference. They are probably light years ahead of Rossi.

    • Timar

      I learned long ago that people who are doing meaningful things don’t have time to post thousands of comments to blog posts.

      (Honestly, this comment is not only nonsense but it is extremely disrespectful towards all the highly accomplished scientists and contributors in the field of LENR who have attended the ICCF many times. People like Bockris, Storms, McKubre, Mizuno, Miley, Celani, Malove, Rothwell and many, many more – who, against overwhelming opposition, were and are couragously and enduringly doing tremendous and painstaking work to bring the field up to point where it is now.)

      • Roger Bird

        “I learned long ago that people who are doing meaningful things don’t have time to post thousands of comments to blog posts.” I couldn’t agree more. (:->)

      • Timar

        Apart from that, conferences are all about communication. There is no science without communication. The more efficient the communication between scientists, the better they can work and the more progress will be made. There may be the occasional solitary genius – but he or she can’t accomplish anything without others having done scientific work beforehand.

        • Anthony

          Well, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler are believed never to have met, despite living only a few miles apart.

      • V.p.S.

        Well, this is really something that questions me all the time and I think it was not discussed so much on this forum.

        How does Rossi manage to do all this hard scientific and engineering work he pretends to do and still spares time to reply several times a day on his journal? Does this really helps him to focus on important things he tries to achieve? Is this somehow part of his strategy? He mentioned once that he gets very valuable feedback on the forum and may be, at least partially, it also drives his work.

        • Roger Bird

          The word “pretends” has a negative meaning-spin embedded in it, and embedded negative meaning-spins are not less obnoxious and provocative; the are MORE obnoxious and provocative. So expect a lot of negative response from this crowd, and I don’t blame them.

          I asked the same question months ago without the embedded negative meaning-spin in my words. The obvious response was that tests take time and one may have nothing to do between the beginning of the test and the end of the test. Also, everyone needs to take breaks. And, for all we know, he hired a 17 year old kid to go through his email to find the useful ones.

          If anything, I worry that Rossi is working too hard.

    • Barry

      Your off on this one Roger. ICCF is a force to be reckoned with and a place for CF mavericks to draw strength and ideas from one another.

      • Roger Bird

        Rossi doesn’t need to draw strength; he is too busy accomplishing great things. (:->)

  • Pachu

    For Pekka, maybe gives you some ideas 🙂

    Solar sail online simulator.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Thanks. Not being windows-user however I can’t test it. I was recently in Glasgow in Solar sailing symposium. The theory of photonic sails is rather simple, some open questions remain in material properties and how materials age in space.

  • Roger Bird

    I wonder if this dear,unfortunately girl Nancy Moen realizes that she has stepped into a 5H1T storm.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I emailed a manufacturer of a promising efficient engine/generator and told them of Rossi’s request for products to test with his ecat.

    An officer replied that his company was already negotiating with a “proven competitor” of Rossi’s. I won’t give the name of the company since it was a private email.

    • hempenearth

      Would it be one of these that you emailed Iggy?
      Green Turbine
      Steam Turbine & Generators

    • Jim

      “Iggy says…” 🙂

    • artefact

      Should be Defkalion… That is good to hear.

  • Peter Gluck

    I think that ICCF-18 could be really important for the
    future of Energy- but only if a radical strategy change
    and an essential paradigm shift will take place.
    It is time to switch to LENR+. Details in these blog papers

    • Timar

      If Defkalion can deliver, there is no need to worry about how to initiate a paradigm change. As soon as their system hits the market, a fury of massive research activity will unfold globaly, sweeping away any prevailing paradigmatic barriers in academia, like a sand castle swept away by the flood.

      • Barry

        Is Defkalion presenting? I don’t see the on the schedule. There are going to be exhibits, should be interesting.

        • Dr Bob

          Check out Dennis Cravens f,ex from “Dennis Fusion Car”.
          He has a Facebook page.

          He will be in both 922, opposite on the media section.

          He will be bringing some toys.

          Hopefully he can create some awareness and possible get some financial help for his projects.

        • Preston

          The Defkalion paper is on day 5, “Theoretical Analysis and Reaction Mechanisms for Experimental Results of Hydrogen-Nickel Systems”

        • roseland67

          What if there is no mention whatsoever
          about Rossi, his research or his experiments?

          • Roger Bird

            No biggie. LENR+ is going to happen. Rossi can either lead, follow, or step aside.