Rossi's Changing Role

I think we are seeing a new Andrea Rossi these days. Until quite recently he seemed to be very much his own man when it came to the development and commercialization of the E-Cat. My understanding that he is still CEO of Leonardo Corporation, but he says that he is now working full time for his USA partner in the role of Chief Scientist.

He has made some statements lately on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which indicate that he is now playing more of a corporate role — and seems to be toning down his responses to questions, providing fewer details and more cautious statements which sound more typically corporate than previously. A couple of examples:

E-Cat is still in a phase of research and development, as I continue this work more findings will be released and additional technical information will be provided once practicable. As I focus on continuing my research, I will not be able to respond to each specific questions.

R&D involves our technology in all its aspects, and all the tests we are making are at the base of the evolution of all our present and future line of production. As the chief scientist of the USA Concern, this is my main duty. [This in response to a question about the domestic E-Cat]

If Rossi is now speaking as an employee of the partner, these kinds of responses are not at all surprising. He will certainly have been given some limits from the new entity about what he says, and knowing Rossi, I think he will be careful to operate within the boundaries he has been given. He prizes loyalty very highly, and I am sure he will be loyal to his new partners.

So I think we may be entering into a new phase in terms of communication from Rossi about the E-Cat. It may lead to less detailed information about his work — which would be frustrating to some, I am sure. But a big corporate interest will want to be very careful about controlling information, especially about a revolutionary technology is at stake.

  • Svein Utne

    Rossi’s new partner might be:

    • kasom

      wishful thinking at its best 😉

    • Jim

      admin: much as I dislike being the one to say it, Svein’s post is essentially spam relative to this site.

      • artefact

        Just a joke regarding the topic. Rossi said: “As the chief scientist of the USA Concern”

        • Jim


          I’m going to fine myself for hasty posting by not posting for another … 30 minutes.

          • Svein Utne

            Hi Jim,
            Your post is no problem for me. It was more that just a guess from my side. In the JNP Rossi anwered my question on this:

            Andrea Rossi
            July 5th, 2013 at 11:24 AM
            Svein Utne:
            Yes, full time now.
            Warm Regards,

            Svein Utne
            July 5th

  • Arthur B

    Hi There

    This is a tremendously interesting blog. For my first comment I would like to say:

    If I were Rossi’s corporate partner I would build a new factory dedicated to producing E-Cats and POWERED exclusively by E-Cats. Get it up and running. It would be my showcase. Then and only then would I reveal it to the public.

    • Thinks4Self

      That would be my goal as well. The ultimate dog fooding.

    • John De Herrera

      “…POWERED exclusively by E-Cats…”
      Very good advice. Also, if there is excess heat or electricity – that could bring in more income. jdh

      • Arthur B

        That’s right. I had in mind for the E-Cats driving the factory to produce say 50% more power (electrical) than the maximum requirement. The E-Cats would run at 100% 24/7 and the excess power would be fed into the grid.

        With this set up any customer can see his potential purchase doing useful work producing his potential purchase and paying back capital costs by selling excess power. What more convincing does he need??

  • arian558

    More about Pekka Soininen R&D manager at Beneq Oy

    [email protected] ,+358405827898

    Beneq Oy, based in Finland, is a leading supplier of industrial production and research equipment for thin film coatings used in solar photovoltaics, flexible electronics, strengthened glass and other emerging applications. Industry-proven Beneq equipment and thin film experience is used for improving the efficiency of crystalline silicon and thin film solar cells, producing transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated glass and making touch screen glass more durable. Beneq has introduced several revolutionary innovations within its coating technologies, including true roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) and high-yield atmospheric aerosol coating (nAERO®).

  • Deleo77

    Being an employee of a corporation and not being able to say who that corporation is doesn’t completely add up to me. As I said in the previous thread, it is not impossible that Rossi is working at some top secret skunkworks operation and we simply will not know for a long time who it is, but if he has become employed by some large, probably public corporation, chances are good that it would become known who that is. The work he is doing there may remain top secret, but if Rossi drives to work and goes into an R&D job every day, someone, perhaps a reporter, should be able to figure out where it is.

    • Roger Bird

      Deleo77, I guess your addition is impaired. A condition of employment could easily have been, “You will not reveal who you are working for until such time as we are ready to sell units.” And one dude driving to and from work (some days) in hundreds of American cities is going to be identified by a small handful of reporters who have the time to look for him. Probably 10 reporters in America know Rossi: Mark Gibbs, Steven Krivit, Frank Akland, Allen Sterling,,,ah,,,,ah [Hey, help me get to 10]. Do the math, Deleo77. Their chances of finding Rossi in 10 years are close to zero. And I guarantee that Rossi drives to and from work not necessarily during commute hours, and not even every day, and perhaps not even by the same route, and sometimes his wife drives him, and sometimes he might be wearing dark glasses, etc. etc. etc. And he might not even be in Florida. That might have been a ruse.

  • Sanjeev

    I’m afraid, Rossi needs to hurry up or he may become irrelevant soon.
    With the new Finnish patent, lots of secrets are out and most probably we will see either more such patents or replications and improvisations of the methods mentioned in it.

    Its a big if, if their methods work, many are going to optimize them very very quickly and the market will be flooded with products. Remember that the small nations are fastest when it comes to red tapes.

    • Roger Bird

      We are assuming that Rossi is not behind the Finnish patent. It may be his stealth way of getting a patent. However, I doubt it.

    • GreenWin

      Er, don’t you mean a Finnish patent application??

    • Bob Greenyer

      We had already started with piezo electric additives to our powder test and will likely test some of these claims openly in time.

      • Sanjeev

        Great !
        I like how specific the patent is. It should be easy to replicate. A win-win situation.
        They already have the patent application up, so no worries about IP.

  • Jouni Tuomela

    Seems like the new patent application by Pekka Soininen includes the method of manufacturing such a machine?
    In the example 10.

    • Lukedc

      Page 62 – 63 mention catalysts.
      Quite interesting but a very broad stroke of the brush by the applicant. There will definitely need to be some refinement to this application before its granted.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        I don’t really now any patent law but I think the only things that really count in a patent are the claims (the rest is fluff). It’s sometimes fun to read the whole thing but the meat of it is in the claims.

    • Felix Fervens

      Rossi’s secrecy may prevent him from claiming “prior art” in order to contest any patents. His previous patent applications might protect him, but they lack specificity.

      I’m afraid the patent trolling is going to get very ugly once products really start entering the market. The powers that be might use patent restrictions to prevent the technology from going public.

      Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t seized the intellectual property of all concerned under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951. That lack of seizure and the fact that no drone has struck Rossi’s facilities are among my reasons for continued guarded skepticism.

      The only sure way to prevent suppression is to go public with the details.

      • GreenWin

        “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        More powerful things.

  • Sandy

    If the operating temperature of an E-Cat fluctuates quickly and widely then the parts of the E-Cat will expand and contract frequently and that will eventually produce fractures and equipment failures. Rossi is probably now working to find ways to keep E-Cats operating at constant temperatures while power demands on the E-Cats are going up and down. He needs a very precise control system and the system that he has developed at this point may not be commercially viable in applications other than his 1 megawatt, low-temperature steam generator. He will probably be tinkering with E-Cat control systems for many years to come.

    • John De Herrera

      Sandy – I think that is a very good possibility, that temp fluctuates and may be a problem with the generation of electricity. His partner may very well afford the best consultants for that problem. I can see where Rossi may NOT want to discuss that kind of problem with the world/Skeptics and give them ammunition to fire back at him. We do not know about any problems that may be encountered and expect quick results. jdh

      • Kim

        I agree.

        He is having trouble generating
        electricity because of the temp

        It will be solved in time,but no
        sense in discussing it and fueling
        the skeptics into a frenzy.


      • Omega Z


        I think this problem is already solved by using an intermediary of Liquid Salts or HT Oils. The heat then being transferred to water/steam. This should allow a 5% plus or minus temp stability.

        This is similar to how some metals are processed for hardness control eliminating the problem of stress cracking.

        The HT-Cat will reside in a shell with HT-Oil or salts inside another shell/the boiler.

        This provides stable operation, but creates a maintenance problems without shutting everything down to fix a single Core problem.

        Note that on the 1Mw LT container, you can easily pull & repair a single E-cat. The HT-Cat has a whole new set of engineering problems to overcome when it comes to repairing a single unit.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    “We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up until now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.”

    “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

    “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

    “Whence come I and whither go I? That is the great unfathomable question, the same for every one of us. Science has no answer to it.”

    Max Planck, theoretical physicist, founder of quantum theory.

  • BigWillyJohnson

    Hasnt this already happened? Like 12 times already.

    I thought he was just the R&D guy like 5 times ago?

    does the coporation keep getting sold again and again and again and again?

    • GreenWin

      Slow news week Willy.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      You gotta get used to déjà vu here.

  • Jim

    (requesting delete, this was out of place; it referred to Svein Utne’s post below)

  • Kim

    I would store the thermal energy like a
    fly wheel into Liquid Salt and generate
    the steam indirectly from this.

    More elaborate, but would eliminate the
    temperature fluctuation problem.


    • Sandy

      An E-Cat with a liquid salt thermal storage system would work very well for stationary electric generating systems. And that system might also be used to produce high-pressure steam to drive the engine of a large cargo ship. That kind of system might also be scaled down to fit into a railroad locomotive.

    • Omega Z


      According to Rossi’s statements, HT Oil or Salts will be used as an intermediary to water/steam transfer allowing the E-cat to run with stable temps. Thus allowing a stable 10Kw output even in the drive periods. This allows a COP>20.

      • Kim

        Thanks for the Info, I must have
        missed that.

        I do believe that eventually we
        will get direct electricity from
        the process.


  • xy

    I noticed that since about 3 weeks ago all AR’s answers are very probably not written by AR himself but a native US speaker, a PR professional. Or at least post-edited. Please notice that AR’s english capability soared from short sentences with many typos and euro words to quite high level english. Whatever that means.

    • Omega Z

      I believe it is still Rossi, but under more relaxed circumstances.
      Many responsibilities are now taken over by others. Fewer deadlines to meet. Noted the difference since the delivery of the LT 1Mw E-cat & getting it up & running.

      Business & production are the responsibility of his partner. All Rossi has to do is focus on the technology.

    • V.p.S.

      Strage, but I had exactly the same feeling after reading this post. It’s not Rossi’s English. Moreover, it feels like somebody tries to imitate Rossi’s style, but fails. Ok, that’s for sure too much of speculation, but I expected something like this to happen. After we know how powerful the Rossi’s partner should be and considering how few we could find out about him so far showing that he suppressed leakage of any even tiny piece of information, it is very doubtful that Rossi would be allowed to communicate freely in his usual manner and give a lot of undesirable hints. Now it is likely that we will not get any new signifact information from Rossi during the next months, and may be even until the roll out of the Swedish E-Cat installation. This would mean that the public interest in Rossi would go down, exactly what they probably trying to achieve before they will let the cat out of the bag.

  • Steve M

    anyone know what ever happened to Black Light Power, they were funded with huge monies from Big Business then they went off the radar?

    • Ash

      BLP was founded in 1991 as HydroCatalysis Corp, so they have been around for well over two decades. It appears as if their earlier funding has dried up in recent years, as they have been unable to ship a product or show any independent results.

    • Omega Z

      Their still plugging away.

      Their slower, I believe because their working on a wider range of technology. Not just heat production but direct electric conversion.

    • Shane D.

      Amazing to me how these companies like BLP make such a big splash and disappear. What was it… a year ago? that BLP made the headlines with a muti-party validation of their CHIT cells. Very, very impressive list of scientists and 1 federal agency that performed the testing. Then nothing after that.

      How can that happen? They announce an energy revolution with full documentation, and decide to go quiet… say what!

      Same goes for NicheEnergy (Piantellis company), last year claiming to be 3-4 months from commercialization and then nothing. Brillouin the same. DGT is a little different, but not much.

      Mileys Lenuco also formed with high, near term, expectations.

      Baffling to me. Like an oasis -always appears close, but isn’t.

      Wish someone could explain it all.

      • b4FreeEnergy

        And this can still happen to the E-cat too, whatever flavour of it … Suddenly it is gone and nobody knows why and where it went. The newspapers won’t pay attention, they were not covering it in the first place. Paranoia? Just look at our history and it’s obvious this is a realistic scenario, it happened before and more than once!

        Nobody will explain anything, it obvious who has the power and who has not.

        Mr. Rossi, once more may the force be with you, I hope your life-insurance plan not only kicks in when you actually happen to die but also when you trigger it yourself because you see they’re burying the technology you worked on for many many years.

        • fortyniner

          I agree entirely, and have been making much the same point on this blog and elsewhere for a year or two. Until a cold fusion plant is operating somewhere in the public gaze, this whole thing is fragile beyond belief, and could simply disappear at any moment.

          Less than half a dozen entities with largely unverified claims, plus a few hundred blog followers does not a revolution make. If Rossi fades away and eventually goes quiet – then we are left with a few online records of success, lots of chitchat on 3 or 4 blogs, plus an obscure paper on Arxiv. The movers and shakers who then own the technology will be free to introduce CF on their terms and in their own good time, as it will never have entered more than the fringes of public consciousness.

          I firmly believe that the strategy adopted by TPTB is to pick off CF innovators one by one using financial incentives, and possibly some big sticks held behind the back, to go with the carrots. They want CF but they want it under the exclusive control of the current energy cartels, and they will inevitably achieve this because no other party has any power to prevent it.

          The energy companies may have initially been taken by surprise, but it was just a question of their having enough time to get their combined act together – and they’ve now had much more than enough of it.

          • Roger Bird

            fortyniner, I will make you a bet. If by 11:59 P.M. on December 31, 2015, “a cold fusion plant is operating somewhere in the public gaze”, you promise to go to a shrink and deal with your paranoia. If however, by 11:59 P.M. on December 31, 2015, “a cold fusion plant is” not “operating somewhere in the public gaze”, I will promise to adopt your style of conspiracy theory paranoia.

          • fortyniner

            Roger, your apparently automatic use of the word ‘paranoia’ in response to any suggestion of conspiracy or corruption is predictable and positively Pavlovian.

            Powerful people do get together and conspire, politicians and other influential people do become corrupted by money or pressure, the world is not fair, not everyone plays by the rules. If you don’t understand this, many things will forever remain a mystery to you.

          • Roger Bird

            fortyniner, you set up a strawman. Naughty you. I never said that seeing corruption is paranoid. I said ONLY that your seeing conspiracies everywhere is paranoid. And I didn’t say that there aren’t conspiracies and corruption. But you see them everywhere. We all know that Washington is awash with corruption and has been for a long time. But every time that things don’t go the way that your wishes and idealism wants them to go, you see a conspiracy and start accusing people.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    A preview of the near future?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Problems with disruptive change.

  • Anonymous Reader

    Rossi has adopted a professional demeanor (i.e. no snakes, no secret plots) and appears to be using an English speaker to edit his responses.

    Thank God! I have asked for this for more than a year.

    This is the most encouraging sign for Rossi’s legitimacy. More encouraging than another test or two.

    A professional communicator.

    Thank you Andrea Rossi!

    • Pietro F.

      but it is really Rossi who is responding?
      I have doubts!!!
      I see it different these last days.

      • I don’t doubt that it is AR. His responses to recent emails from me have been very similar in tone and content.

        • Jim

          Fully appreciating your judgment on this Frank, the problem is that on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog…or a ghostwriter. And email is just another straw up into the big pipe. I’m not saying it’s not Rossi behind the message; it just seems like there is another mind in the circuit.

          • Hampus

            I agree with Frank, after three years with reading Andrea Rossis statements and even a few emails you can tell that it is indeed him.

        • Deleo77

          I really doubt someone else is writing those entries. Rossi sounds like he is now just an employee of a corporation. Many here seem to think it is a small transition. But I think it is a big deal in the story of the e-cat no matter which side you are on. What about Leonardo Corp. and the work done in Italy? Is Rossi ever going back there? I guess Rossi is on his morning commute to a corporate campus somewhere in the U.S. tomorrow along with everyone else. Who is it? GE, Siements. United Technology? Why is it so top secret that he can’t even say where he works now? He doesn’t have to give any details beyond who is employing him. He doesn’t even have to say he is working on LENR there. I just think he is too secretitive to not be suspicious. I would like nothing more than to hear he is working at some big company and they are going to pour millions into developing the e-cat. But until there is something concrete about where he is employed, I will have my doubts.

  • blaze

    [0261] The following non-limiting examples illustrate the present technology.

    EXAMPLE 1 [0262] Nickel nanopowder having an average particle size of 10 nm was is mixed with pyroelectric lithium tetraborate L12B4O7 crystallite powder having particle size range of about 100 nm – 1000 nm. L12B4O7 crystallite powder was prepared by mechanically crushing commercial L12B4O7 crystals to powder. The powder mixture is placed to the reaction cartridge. The reaction container was connected to a hydrogen gas line receiving hydrogen gas from a pressurized hydrogen gas bottle. The reaction container was also connected to the cooling fluid circulation. The reaction container was pressurized with hydrogen gas to 20 bar (gauge) and slowly heated to 400 °C.

    [0263] It is assumed that the pyroelectric crystallite powder was polarized by the temperature changes within the reaction material. The temperature of the reaction material was altered with external control (cooling fluid circulation) to keep the pyroelectric crystallite powder polarized. The system started to produce gamma radiation that had specific gamma photon energies.

    Generated thermal energy was removed by the cooling fluid circulation from the reaction container. The amount of collected thermal energy was much larger than the energy used for pre-heating the reaction container. After the test the reaction cartridge was de-pressurized and let to cool to room temperature for several days. The reaction material obtained from the cooled reaction container contained possibly some helium gas and traces of copper and beryllium that were not present in the original reaction material before the experiment. The construction materials used for the reaction container were originally free of copper and beryllium.

    EXAMPLE 2 [0264] The experimental setup was the same as used in Example 1 but nickel nanopowder was replaced with titanium nanopowder and lithium tetraborate was replaced with piezoelectric quartz S1O2 powder. Externally controlled mechanical vibrations (ultrasonic source) provided the original electric field by polarization of the piezoelectric material. A lot of thermal energy was produced during the experiment. The COP was over 10. After the reactions the reaction material obtained from the reaction container possibly contained traces of vanadium isotopes and phosphorus that were not present in the original reaction material, although contamination from the steel used for the construction is not entirely excluded.

    [0265] Secondary nuclear reactions forming stable isotopes from non-stable isotopes release more energy along time depending on the half lifes of the non-stable isotopes until the system consists only of stable isotopes. It is not yet certain how far along the titanium isotope chain it is possible to proceed. It is herein hypothesized that lighter titanium isotopes are fused with hydrogen into heavier titanium isotopes via non-stable vanadium isotopes.

    [0266] It is not yet known how extensive and fast is the deterioration of the crystal structure of polarizable dielectric materials while operating the system at conditions favorable for fusion. The probability of proceeding further in the transmutation chain from the just created element to the next heavier element (a proton added) is possibly weakened locally after the first fusion reaction but the extent of deterioration that destroys locally the favorable fusion reaction conditions (high local electric field strength) for the transmutation is not yet clear.

    EXAMPLE 3 [0267] The experimental setup was the same as used in Example 1 but nickel nanopowder was replaced with zirconium nanopowder and lithium tetraborate was replaced with multiferroic BiFe03 powder. Externally controlled magnetic field provided the local electric field by polarization of the multiferroic material. It is hypothesized that hydrogen was fused with zirconium because quite a lot of thermal energy was released accompanied by noticeable gamma radiation. After the reactions the reaction material obtained from the reaction container possibly contained traces of niobium and molybdenum isotopes that were not present in the original reaction material, although contamination from the steel used for the construction cannot be entirely excluded.

  • arian558

    Interesting paper from nature about successful cold fusion experiment

    • Owen

      That article is from 2005.

      • Blaze

        Yeah, it think the point is its backing up pekkas approach of using piezo/pyro electric crystal powder in his recent patent app.

  • Pedro

    I’ve gone through the Rossi comments on JoNP from the last 2 weeks, and the one below from June 26th was the last “typical” Rossi reply with some teasing content…

    Andrea Rossi, June 26th, 2013 at 7:59 AM
    Paul D. Kendall: Thank you for your kind considerations. Yes, soon we will need much help. Very important developments are close to pop up. The USA factory is in advanced status ( it is magnificent), and important developments are coming up. Warm Regards,A.R.

    • Jim

      Compared to admin’s entry above:

      “E-Cat is still in a phase of research and development, as I continue this work more findings will be released and additional technical information will be provided once practicable. As I focus on continuing my research, I will not be able to respond to each specific questions.”

      This sure looks to me like someone is doing re-writes, well beyond “word-smithing”, maybe someone who is deliberately leaving in a few Rossi-isms (and, sure, maybe Rossi).

      • Roger Bird

        Either Rossi has been going to ESL classes 16 hours a day for the past 6 months, OR, it ain’t Rossi.

      • daniel maris

        Yes, I see what you mean. Interesting. 🙂 Maybe he’s got a secretary now! LOL

    • Bob

      I would be far more impressed with this if it was the first time we had heard it.
      I remember similar announcements in past years about robot factories, ready to churn out millions of ecats annually.
      So far, we have none.
      In fact, on all announcements to date it is clear that the homee-cat is dead. All nine lives expired. ANd the new partner is engaged in development so I think we can take it thta there is not even an ecat submitted for certification because you cannot get certification on anything except the final product.

      He still only says “soon we will need much help”.
      Soon? How soon? This month? This year? Next year?

      What I wait to hear is that there is a factory putting out 10 x 1mw plants per month and there is a final home e-cat design submitted for certification for home use, available for sale at a set time.

      • Jorge

        We’ve been through this topic before. The home version can’t really worked on now because of all the safety record that first needs to obtained with the industrial version. So we’re indeed years away from it. It was already said here quite a few times and the man itself had said it too.

        • Allan Shura

          Domestic certification is unrelated to industrial
          certification. Therefore it does not have to wait
          except as a decision by the owner once approved.

          • Jorge

            You can’t sell a product for domestic usage without safety certification. In such a novel product, specially with the word nuclear being taunted, is nearly impossible to find a company willing to put their neck on the line. So you need an history of safe operation of the comparable industrial version so as to assure the certification body or company I’d the line term safety of the device.

        • Bob

          The decision to wait for experience with the industrial units is definitely not a requirement specified by any certification procedure. It was a decision made by Rossi.
          That decision can be and should be reversed by the new partner.
          If they have the financial resources that some say they should have the ability to drive this through to completion within a very short time frame.
          The certification of a low temperature low pressure water heater should be a simple matter of producing one which works and then have the testing authority prove that it is safe under all possible working conditions, including mis-use conditions. Over-temperature, no water, etc.
          It is claimed the device is fail safe, that is, in any overload mode the reactor stops working and thus ceases to produce heat. That would make it intrinsically safe and therefore able to be approved.

          The world needs it now.
          If it works, there is money to be made with it now.
          If it turns out that in two or three years time a better one is designed and produced, then manufacture that one then and sell it.
          Isn’t that what every other manufacturer does?
          Is the computer you buy today the last word in computing power? The car? The fridge? The cook top?
          Everything you buy today will be junk in five or ten years time and you will have to buy another one.
          So I say, if they work, add an e-cat to the list and get them out there.

  • GreenWin

    While the role of Dottore Rossi may be changing to expedite LENR – so too is the behemoth energy industry. In a paper on Distributed Energy Resources written for the conservative IEEE (Inst. Electrical & Electronic Eng), Janet Marsden focuses on the major issue:

    “The energy industry has become heavily invested in decades old technologies that while appropriate in their day are now damaging our energy security as well as the US economy.”

    While Marsden mentions local wind, solar, hydro, geotherm as basic DERs, there is an implied acceptance of radical new technology. She suggests a parallel to how cellular telecom skipped the copper wire phase in developing countries.

    Utilizing LENR in district and neighborhood microgrids vastly simplifies Marsden’s vision. A combination of residential and district (e.g. <50MW) generators providing peak and load balanced electricity eliminates layers of engineering complexity. The key is knowing that energy is abundant and accessible. LENR makes heat and electricity as simple as home refrigeration.

    To her credit Marsden sees the humanitarian potential for DER to improve planetary standards of living:

    “…this approach to energy production offers hope for progress and a better standard of living for millions of people that have never had the opportunity before.”

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Marsden is a very biased writer. She speaks of diminished fossil fuels when the opposite is happening.

      “This week John Llewellyn, a former head of forecasting for the OECD, wrote a report for Puma Energy predicting that oil prices could halve to $50 a barrel by 2020. Of course, all sorts of things could blow that prediction off course — political upheavals in producer nations such as Iran, Brazil or Venezuela, faster growth in China and India, an environmentalist backlash in America — but there is little doubt that the inevitably ever-rising price of fossil fuels as they run out is, for the third time in my life, proving a myth.”

      • GreenWin

        Marsden is writing to attempt to integrate a transition to distributed energy as demanded by politics following power outages. Oil is plentiful still and will continue to fuel combustion engines especially heavy lift aircraft and shipping.

        Frankly the day I can produce 5kW electrical from a home E-CAT (or recharge free at a microgrid node)- I’m going electric vehicle. Quiet, no pollution, FAST, efficient, and with LENR, fueled for pennies. Goodbye gas station.

  • Paul Cal

    Its pretty much confirmed that Pekka Soininen does not have a working LENR device, what he does have is a two page website with a link back to a
    LENR website, it appears he has filed patents to try and collect on something that may come close to his hypothesis.

    • ZL

      What kind of confirmation you have of this, or do you base your assumptions just on their website?

      The background of the company looks very convincing, Pekka Soininen’s previous company Beneq is a relevant player in nanotech and they seem to be affiliated with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, even having their office address at VTT and Aalto University’s joint Micronova premises. They have also received funding from Foundation for Finnish Inventions, which obviously does not fund patent trolls.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” – Richard Feynman