E-David — The Painting Robot

I realize this video is somewhat off-topic in terms of LENR, but it’s one of those things you see once in a while that give an indication of the kind of world we are entering. The potential that robotics has to fundamentally transform the way the world works is something we’ve discussed here before, and something I think is important to keep an eye on.

E-David is a standard welding robot which is combined with a camera and computer vision software to reproduce what it sees in a variety of artistic styles. The creators who work out of the Computer Graphics and Media Design lab at the University of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) explain that “the machine watches itself while painting and decides indepentently where to add new strokes. This way paintings are created that are not completely defined by the programmer but are the result of a visual optimization process.”

The video below shows e-david at work.

An article in Gizmodo provides more detail about e-David.

This is just one interesting example of the levels of precision that today’s robots are achieving — and really, robotics is still relatively new. When combined with today’s ever-improving computer systems, it is hard to imagine what the limits on robotics might be. If we throw almost-free energy into the mix (many expect LENR to provide that), the prospects for future technological advancement almost impossible to conceive.

  • Gerrit

    funny how he writes his name from right to left.

    • Hal

      was that a joke?
      I don’t think he was the first 🙂 quite an interesting bit of synchronicity there though

  • clovis

    I just love this guy,michio kaku.


  • Barry

    And all this time I’ve been doing it the hard way http://www.magicmusicandmore.com/Page_5.php
    I wonder if the robot has agony and the ecstasy programmed into it’s software. Nice work but in this economy it might be better off becoming a plummer.

  • Roger Bird

    In the article the writer refers to the robot as a “he”. This is called anthropomorphism. It is something that needs to be understood and controlled (self-control, not state control or anything like that). E-David is not even close to being a sentient being. My dogs are almost fully conscious and projecting onto them some human qualities is appropriate. I take anthropomorphism to be a form of projection. Projection is everywhere, even here in e-catworld.com. We assume that other people know what we know and then accuse them of bad intentions. We project on to skeptopaths our ability to read people or our ability to see the big pattern or both, then we can justify in our minds ascribing malicious intent to all skeptopaths.

    But getting back to e-David, very interesting. Is this going to be a problem with the artsy, fartsy art world, with regard to forgeries, etc?

  • Torbjörn
  • Torbjörn
  • arian558
  • Boris Ivanoff

    Peter Gluck posts Defkalion’s protocol for ICCF18 demo:


    • Sanjeev

      A glance at the protocol will tell you that its not a test/validation of the tech, its just a demo.
      All the instruments are from DGT, the power supply is theirs, place is theirs and the witnesses seem to be supporters, except the skeptic guy.

      The COP will be 1.1 (or more), so nothing dramatic and no checking for HF or DC there, no gamma or transmutation checks also.

      The correct model of the power meter is EM21-72D, if you are wondering and searching for specs.

      Anyway, I’m very excited, but don’t expect this to make headlines.(as usual)

      • Boris Ivanoff

        Didn’t Defkalion report much more powerful systems when they presented at NI week (?) and ICCF17 (?) last year? Why wouldn’t they show those? It’s all sort of strange.

        • Sanjeev

          I’m not sure, but they do show them to serious parties, not in public, and an NDA is required.
          This one seems to be a bare bone demo for iccf guys.

        • Pedro

          This is a short demo, and if a ‘lot’ of power is needed during startup, then the COP will be higher the longer you run the reactor. Maybe they want to run at least until they have excess heat (COP >1) and if time left they can keep it running increasing the COP with every extra minute they run the test. Would make sense, given that the audience are scientist that understand that any COP >1 is success!

    • artefact

      On lenr-forum.com


      •Today, after 12 has been turned on in order to verify the measurement setup and the streeming; currently the COP is 6.4 continues to grow, you should settle around 7 to 7.2.
      •Tomorrow will be loaded with 5g of powders [we assume very similar to those of the ‘ E-Cat of Andrea Rossi ].
      •The stream will be live for 2 hours, then turn off the reactor and to rekindle the direct next day, around 16. It will stay lit for more than 8 hours.
      •The setup will be made ​​public during the day tomorrow or at the latest after a few days to attach the test data.”

  • Boris Ivanoff

    Also being discussed on the Vortex email list:


  • jfab

    Regading that robot, if you think about how it works, it’s just a fancy printer, I’m not really impressed.

    • Andre Blum

      I agree. This is not the best example of how robots will be game changers in some years. Other robots are — e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGVgMsiv1s — and admin’s point is very valid.

      • jfab

        Yes this one is more impressive. Still light-years away from a human or even a mouse’s intelligence, though.

        • Roger Bird

          I presume and hope that you are not equating intelligence with consciousness.

          • jfab

            Well consciousness and intelligence certainly are closely related. But I would say that intelligence has a lot to do with adaptability, the capacity to deal with new situations. I doubt this robot has much adaptability, outside of its very narrow capacity.

          • georgehants

            jfab, would appreciate your explanation of the relation between consciousness and intelligence.

          • jfab

            This blog is not the place to discuss such matter. It’s too complex. Consciousness can be defined in many ways (absolute (awareness), relative (representation), self-consciousness (ego, which is a representation of the “body-mind” wrongly believed to be oneself), and so on), same goes for intelligence, it can means many things. Generaly these discussions go nowhere because everyone thinks his definitions are the “right one”, even though there’s no such thing as an absolute definition.

          • Roger Bird

            Even though you discussed it anyway. (:->)

          • jfab

            This blog is not the place to discuss such matter. It’s too complex. Consciousness can be defined in many ways (absolute (awareness), relative (representation), self-consciousness (ego, which is a representation of the “body-mind” wrongly believed to be oneself), and so on), same goes for intelligence, it can means many things. Generaly these discussions go nowhere because everyone thinks his definitions are the “right one”, even though there’s no such thing as an absolute definition.

          • Roger Bird

            jfab, I appreciate your insight and word smithing.

    • Roger Bird

      It is a VERY fancy printer, but a printer nevertheless.

  • Adam Lepczak
    • Roger Bird

      Computers cannot and will not ever be sentient beings. They are machines. They are and will ever remain less conscious than a mosquito. They do not and never will experience. From the perspective of consciousness and experience and feelings, they are on the same level as a screwdriver.

      • Greenwin


        Smarter than a bag of hammers. 🙂

      • DustyBins

        You’re just a chemical machine…

        And of course chemistry is governed by physics which in turn is just the study and application of atomic and nuclear forces. Those forces being the basis for the actuation and operation of … robots.

        • Roger Bird

          The belief that we are all chemical machines is an unprovable and degenerate belief. And there is proof that it is untrue for anyone who cares to look and who is unbiased enough to take into account the evidence rather than just dismiss it because it does not fit into their tidy little box of materialism. And I will NOT present my evidence in this forum because it is for me pearls.

      • jfab

        I agree with you Roger. The fact that we are conscious is an absolute mystery and I can’t see any practical “purpose” to consciousness (in the sense of this present moment awareness). A robot could act and survive exactly like we do, but without any awareness (experience). That’s the famous “p-zombie” problem. This is mind-boggling.

  • Dickyaesta

    We might not need this type of robot if we have E-cats or others to give cheap energy. We might have much more time to advance capacities which now have to put aside to earn money to pay for ever higher energy bills.

    Finally we can use robots and our own capacities to better not only mankind, but enrich with art, because men will have time to work on a work of art all his life aided by robots to do the rough work, like sanding, first chiseling etc..

  • Sanjeev

    If you guys are seriously interested in seeing the real AGI take off, you can contribute to Ben Goertzel’s project.


    He is one of the leading researchers in AGI and IMO the only one who knows the trick to build one. At least his approach is the best so far.
    As usual there is a lack of awareness in public and the contributions are not much. People just don’t grasp how important it is to develop an AGI.