Wired.co.uk Covers Defkalion Demo and ICCF-18

It’s good to see an article today by David Hambling in Wired.co.uk giving a positive and fair treatment of yesterday’s Defkalion demonstration, citing Swedish science journalist Mats Lewan as a reliable witness who had a generally positive response to the event which he participated in quite actively. Hambling seems to be open to the idea that Rossi and DGT’s technology my well lead to practical products in the marketplace before too long.

Hambling also reports on some of the other presentations scheduled at the ongoing ICCF-18 conference, including those from Francesco Celani, the MFMP team, and George Miley. A cautious note is introduced when Hambling quotes Steven Krivit who says he has serious concerns about the level scientific quality at this and other recent ICCF conferences.

  • daniel maris

    Yes, a good and fair analysis of where we are.

    • kasom

      OK, except of the ridiculous Krivit who IMO is far from being a notable source!

      • winebuff

        Yes, but that clod krivit gets a lot of press.the guy is a pimple on the a55 of “THE NEW FIRE” Lol


    Is Krivit actually the world famous Maryyugo?

    • kasom

      I think there are more than 1 silly commenters out there, MY/AP/etc. is producing code as if payed for as well as the angry freelancer Krivit, but MY/AP/etc. does it with a frequency which makes me think he/she/it is unemployed or/and handicapped and very lonely in its life.

    • Pachu

      No, maryugo is really a guy named George Hody resident of EEUU if i remember well.

      • Jim

        “Case closed” on maryyugo = George Hody:

        http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg62587.html

        “You’ve got no privacy, get over it!”
        Scott McNeally, Sun Microsystems

      • Roger Barker

        Mary Yugo is a used calorimeter salesman named George Hody.

        • Zedshort

          Can one trust a used calorimeter salesman?

      • Thinks4Self

        I’ve been wondering for sometime why a retired used calorimeter salesman cares so much about Rossi and Defkalion when the rest of the world has no clue who they are. The only answer I’ve been able to come up with is either he is extremely quixotic or being paid by the word to post negatively about LENR/Cold Fusion by someone.

        • Boris Ivanoff

          Hody is said to be vice president of Thermonetics. A quick search shows that Thermonetics sold calorimeters to Jed Rothwell and Edmund Storms. For what it’s worth:

          “At this time, we have contracted with Dr. Edmund Storms to test these cathodes in his very well-equipped Santa Fe, New Mexico laboratory. Storms has decided to employ a Thermonetics calorimeter, which Jed Rothwell (out of his own personal funds) had acquired for Dr. Storms. This is of the same design that Ed Wall had been using at NERL here in Bow, New Hampshire to begin testing prototype cells fashioned after the designs of Professor John Dash and Jon Warner at Portland State University. ”


          Maybe Rothwell switched brands, LOL.

      • AlainCo

        hum, I’m skeptica about that claims…
        Mary Yugo is who she is… no need to be someone else.
        She raise some good point , provided they support her theory.
        If she don’t have a good argument against LENR claim, there is nothing against.

        • Barry

          “Mary Yugo is who she is…” and ten other people as well.

  • Ken

    Frank! I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical of LENR till yesturday. Thanks for all your coverage on the LENR saga. I’ve written an article over at Revolution-Green as well. I attempted to narrate the whole process from start to finish and provide some of the questions and answers asked.

    link: (http://revolution-green.com/2013/07/24/defkalion-live-lenr-test/)

    • Gerrit

      good article

      • Ken

        Thanks Gerrit. Took me a while.

        • psi

          better late than never. You’re still way ahead of most.

          • NT

            Way ahead of most of the world!

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Nice article, Ken.

      However maybe you could also mention:

      Mats did not blew a 5 amp fuse, but the powergrid of the whole building thus accidentally proving it was an ordinary non-tampered power outled connected to normal household power.

      Also, the day before they did a one hour test with a COP of 8. Video in italian available on the ICCF site but not nearly as detailed as this test.

      Lastly, the measurements were extremely conservative because the energy in the water to dry steam conversion was not included. The actual COP should therefore be much higher.

      • Baka

        Just out of curiosity, how exactly does this prove it was an ordinary non-tampered power outlet? What would have happened if it had been tampered?

        • Ken

          I think you can conclude that because the system shut down when the power blew that you can deduce no secret power inlet was there. But I would have described it a little differently

          Thanks for the tips Zed

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          Most likely a tampered outlet would have been spiced with some DC or strange frequencies. That could play havoc with the buildings other machines (pc’s, tv’s and delicate electronics), so if you were to cheat you’d probably isolate the outlet on which you are cheating. The above is my personal guess.

          Mats Lewan himself stated that it probably showed the power was not rigged. Think it was on twitter, not sure.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            Found it in the comments on his blog:

            “No, I don’t know the wave forms. However, the power fed to the variacs seemed drawn from the wall outlet and be ordinary grid power. BTW, when I short circuited the power outlet by mistake, the whole building went down (fortunately nothing was damaged!!), probably by a RCD, residual current device. Had the power been rigged I don’t think that would have happened.”

            Link: http://matslew.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/comments-on-defkalion-reactor-demo-in-milan/

          • Pedro

            @ZZZ. Thanks for the effort, but Bacca probably is a troll. Anybody making a statement is forced to prove the statement… that way the discussion is no longer about the original issue but about the validity of the statement. You probably spent quit some time finding the place where you read it but Bacca is not in the least interested. Don’t expect him to thank you for the info because he is not interested in the info. He probably will now login under a different alias and start asking similar questions from other posters.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            Yeah, but thats also a logic bomb as show nicely in Star Trek TOS, I Mudd:

            Man: Everyting I tell you is a lie. Now listen closely: “I am lying”
            Robot: You say you are lying but
            if everything you say is a lie
            then you are telling the truth
            but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie, but you tell the truth, but you lie, illogical, illogical.

            In a way this is the same. If I assume that Bacca is lying then I shouldn’t answer him, but if he is telling the truth, than he should be answered, but he may be telling a lie so he should not be answered, however it could be the truth so he must be answered, etc.

            I suspect you are right about Bacca, but I still choose to answer the guy, just to prove what I stated before and probably should have proven with quotes and links in the first place anyhow.

            Don’t like those tactics though and I should be wary of those. Thanks for warning me about it.

      • Ken

        Can you link the video you mentioned? I having trouble finding it.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          I think this is the one: http://vimeo.com/70846289

          It’s in Italian, but I read somewhere that the COP during that one hour run was 8 (reactor output approx. 8000KW)

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Steven Krivit says he has serious concerns about the level scientific quality at this and other recent ICCF conferences. What a joke Steven Krivit judging “scientific quality” with his sixth grade science degree.

  • Malapa
  • Steve G

    Still no word on Black Light Power, they were funded with millions and they just fall off the map, does anyone have a update ?

    • Greenwin

      Steve, though somewhat technical, if you read Dr. Mills’ theory and papers on hydrino you will find a very interesting coincidence. That is the near affinity of hydrino to various theories of what happens to H1 (proteum) in a metal crystal lattice. What is that?

      Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno’s ICCF-18 paper describes this well:

      “…when heavy electrons enter the outer shell of a proton, the radius of the hydrogen atom becomes exponentially smaller with respect to the weight of the heavy electrons, bringing the protons closer together. When this happens, the probability of tunneling fusion increases exponentially.” http://iccf18.research.missouri.edu/files/Poster/Mizuno.pdf

      Dr. Mills has long argued this is what happens in LENR. Each successful LENR demo, in some ways support Blacklight Power and hydrino theory.

  • Sandy

    U.S. Representative Rush Holt is a candidate for the office of U.S. Senator. He is a physicist and he asserts that “millions will die” unless the U.S. Congress imposes a carbon tax. I disagree. Instead of a carbon tax, the U.S. should invest $100,000,000 in Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. The widespread adoption of LENR technology would greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that humans put into Earth’s atmosphere.


    • Omega Z

      Carbon Tax

      Definition: (1)Price things so high people have to do without. (2) Rationing by price control.

      • Gerrit

        (3) profit

        • NT

          For those in control…

  • Ben
  • dsm

    Looking for explanations of anomalous heat from Heat Energy from Nucleon Interactions. What DGT call HENI.
    This post may help with some theoretical explanations of the generated heat. It is an extract of interviews from a Greek newspaper and actually includes some very useful clues – DSM
    Cold fusion’s Trojan Horse
    This year’s Nobel in Physics was presented in our newspaper (http://www.tovima.gr/science/article/?aid=479302) and you can read there that Serge Haroche was awarded the 2012 Nobel in Physics for making photonic traps to capture Rydberg molecules. What these molecules are you can read in Wikipedia: “A Rydberg molecule is an electronically excited species.(…) Particularly for highly electronically excited molecular systems, the ionic core interaction with an excited electron can take on the general aspects of the interaction between the proton and the electron in the hydrogen atom.
    In highly stimulated molecular systems, the ionic interaction of the core with an excited electron can obtain the characteristics of the interaction between the proton and the electron to the hydrogen atom”.
    Combining the above with the “elongation of the electron’s orbit” that takes place in the chamber of the DGT’s reactor leads us to the conclusion that when the elliptically moving electron reaches minimum distance from the proton it “masquerades it instantaneously” into a neutron. Why would they want that to happen?
    An answer comes from the definition of the key term Coulomb Barrier: It is the energy barrier of electrostatic interaction that two nuclei need to overcome in order to reach sufficiently close to occur a nuclear reaction. Theoretically, in order to overcome this barrier, nuclei must collide at high speeds. In practice, however, as discovered in 1928 by the Russian Georgiy Gamow, temperatures required to overcome the barrier can be smaller, due to quantum tunneling: In a limited range of conditions – known as Gamow Window – nuclear fusion occurs without high speeds.
    Interestingly, precisely the absence of a Coulomb Barrier for neutron is what allowed James Chadwick to discover it, in 1932, and then to lead us to understanding the nuclear fission of uranium 235.
    “The whole thing”, explained to me John Hadjichristos, “was to break the Coulomb Barrier. To do that we had three ways: One was to use high-power lasers, as in ITER’s case, to reproduce the Sun’s conditions. It is an expensive method with minimum outcome. The second way was to excite the two molecules to “overcome the mountain” and meet each other. This is what Rossi and other attempted, but they can not control the excited molecules effectively. The third way was the one we found: to “make the mountain disappear” for a very short time.” We succeeded by disguising protons in neutrons via stimulation of nickel in Rydberg form. In this form the trajectory of the electron is elongated elliptically, so that at its “perihelion” the system appears as a neutron and not as “the mountain in-between”. Thereafter, we cause fusion by applying magnetic fields and pressure”.
    “So… you crafted a Trojan Horse to take down the barrier!”.
    “Yes, but equally important is what follows the fall: A primary fusion of nickel and hydrogen occurs, a transmutation that yields zinc and copper – a complete chain which we have measured. But a nucleosynthesis also occurs, a process like the one that we see in the Sun’s crown. This nucleosynthesis is responsible for the absorption of the gamma radiation emitted during the first phase”.
    “It sounds like Nature running on rails and someone moving keys to alter the lines and cause train collisions… But, what kind of control do you have in such a game? ”
    “What we did was to change the way nickel and hydrogen get excited. The first who attempted to change the lines – Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, in 1969 – tried it via electrolysis. Rossi and others who followed tried it via heat shocks. We achieved it with plasma, which allowed us to have full control, and no occurrence of uncontrolled chain reactions. And, think about that: the idea came from a 23 year old researcher of our team!”
    Such an explanation of the phenomenon is supported by Nelson’s reference in “Widom Larsen theory” for the absorption of gamma radiation and conversion to heat. This theory of Northeastern University Professor Allen Widom and Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy LLC describes exactly a mechanism to capture a lepton from neutron (http://wltheory.com/). If indeed this is the theoretical background of the transmutation that occurs in DGT’s reactor we will not know for sure before the company files a patents application for the process of the main reaction. But this is to happen, for obvious reasons, only days before the first commercial release of the product and after they have filed the six patents they have developed for ceramic insulators and a plasma spark plug. And all that is not expected before next summer.

    • dsm

      The core point about the article is that it does not defy known science.
      These refs should also help …
      Gamow Window – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamow_factor
      Rydberg Molecule – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rydberg_molecule
      Quantum Tunneling – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_tunnelling
      Nucleon – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucleon
      Nucleosynthesis – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucleosynthesis

      • winebuff

        Excellent work! Spelled out beautifully and lots of prior science

        • dsm


          It appears to offer the best explanation for what goes on in the NAEs (using Edmund Storm’s definition) that are believed to be the sources of the anomalous heat.

          Now am waiting eagerly for Prof Yeong Kim’s paper as I understand it is his more theoretical explanation based on the broader info posted above.

          If we assume that Prof Yeong Kim does offer the long needed scientific explanation for the HENI effect occurring in Andrea’s and DGT devices, then the tide will have truly turned and ICCF-18 will be remembered as the event where that turning occurred.

          A good time to be optimistic – Kim’s paper should be delivered on day 5 – 25th July at 9:20 am. And as said, hopefully will offer a bit more detail that that posted above.


        • Blanco69

          Yes, this is a great post D very interesting. You should come by here more often.

  • Sanjeev

    More Thomas Florek videos. (Interviews with Rossi)


  • Omega Z

    My Thoughts about Gibbs dismissal from Forbes.

    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected].com/msg84681.html

    Gibbs stated “there is no (obvious) evidence”
    “and it probably owes more to editorial policy and poor


    Forbes Lawyers: Gibbs, We said no more Fluff stories about LENR.

    Gibbs: Actually, You said no more fluff stories about Rossi & E-cat.
    You didn’t say anything about Defkalion & their Hyperion…

    Forbes Lawyer: Just so there is no more confusion about Communications, There will be No more articles by You. Period…

    • Greenwin

      LOL!! On target.

    • Allan Shura

      As I understand it this is an independent contributor blog.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Plain and simple, he was fired because of his articles on LENR

    • LB

      This is a classical example of refutatio in the wrong place.
      -It is not because of the oil that we invade Kuwait…
      Or Nixons, – I am not a crook!

      • Omega Z

        “we invade Kuwait”
        We invaded Iraq. We Liberated Kuwait from Iraq 1st time around. Yes, it was for Oil indirectly.
        It’s Vital for World Economics. The purpose was to keep that Oil flowing unimpeded to the World. Not the U.S.

        U.S. has little involvement in Iraq’s Oil Fields & Production. This is mostly done by other Countries. Vast majority of U.S. Oil imports are from Canada & Central/South America. Any Oil Imports from the Middle East is just to keep options open should our normal supplies be interrupted.
        Nearly ALL Middle East oil goes to Europe or Asia.

        Afghanistan has little or No Oil of Consequence, But has Huge reserves in Natural Minerals & Rare Earth Metals. None of this is being developed by U.S. Business. Near ALL has been left to China to Exploit.

        To the Victor goes the Spoils. The U.S. was not Victorious. The Spoils went to the rest of the World. If I were Greece, I would pray for the U.S. to Invade. At 1st site of the U.S. Troops, Surrender. Then let the U.S. spend 100’s of Billions rebuilding their Country/Infrastructure.

        If you think Gibbs wasn’t terminated for his stance on LENR, you haven’t been paying close attention to whats going on.
        CBS with their 60 Minute program came under all kinds of Political Backlash for their CF presentation a couple years ago. Including threat to their broadcasting license.

        Also contrary to most people’s belief, Big Oil would love to obtain LENR sources. They would sell it, not suppress it. The Boost to their Reputation would be huge. Besides. Profit is profit regardless of the product.

        Suppression of LENR is by the Few. Mostly the hierarchy of Physicists Many of them Think they are GOD. All Science outside their Field is Junk Science. They have Serious Issues with Chemists. They Have an EGO Problem.
        Sadly, they have the Ear of the Politicians which is where they Obtain their Power/Influence.

        Had it been the Physicists who stumbled upon the keys to LENR/CF, The Story would be a 180 degree different.

        Science in General also has a problem with the fact that 80% of all developments come from the General populace. The Nobodies. Their Highly Educated. Everyone else is stupid. They don’t understand that there is No Correlation between Education & Intelligence. That there is No Correlation between IQ beyond average & accomplishments.
        Or the Fact that if you educated everyone in the World to the level of PhD, the average IQ would only increase by 1 Point.

        As a whole, An Individuals Drive Trumps IQ in accomplishments nearly every time. Exceptions being those who have both. Their not usually synonymous.

        Note to the above 80% factor. Science makes few breakthroughs. They build upon & Extrapolate on others work. The 80% that comes from outside their circle. Those who haven’t had thinking outside the Box Educated out of them. Most of the other 20% of breakthroughs come from the Newbie who hasn’t yet been assimilated or by accident.

        • Roger Bird

          Very readable, and I agree with it.

  • artefact

    From ColdFusionNow:

    ICCF-18 Day 4: Presentations and Behind the Scenes


    • blaze

      Iccf has been pretty lame so far, at least reading those summaries. Pretty sad that she didn’t attend Miley’s lecture.

  • MajorMax

    No comment from Rossi?

    • Pedro

      Maybe Rossi (or his partner) are happy to get out of the spotlight after 2.5 years being the champion of LENR+. In the shadow of DGT, Rossi can concentrate on the development of the e-Cat and let DGT handle the media attention.
      I know it doesn’t match with Rossi’s personality (who obviously likes to communicate each little development) but his partner might force Rossi to accept a 2nd position in the publicity.
      So, Admin, you may be forced to rename the site to HyperionWorld.com for the next few months 😉

  • Anonymous
  • Chris the 2nd

    Even more about LENR

    Dennis Bushnell was on the space show this week, a bi-weekly radio show on space, talking about a paper he recently wrote about finding new technologys. The Space Show has covered LENR before as they have had Ed Storms on twice.

    LENR comes up at about 45 minutes. In short his comments were, NASA Langley have TWO LENR experiments on going. The purpose of these experiments is to prove or disprove the Widom Larson theory. If they can find a physical theory he expects the field to explode and funding to be very forthcoming, it’s only a lack of physical theory holding it back nothing more.

    He doesn’t know if Rossi or the others are real or not, but if they aren’t it’s not just them, there’s 100’s, so either there is some sort of mass hysteria or they have something. He sounds hopeful Rossi and others are for real.

    link to radio show below


    Link to dennis bushells paper if you are interested


  • Redford
    • Omega Z


      Close out the picture or just scroll down.
      Works fine.

  • Redford

    “Agreements for licensing of manufacturing of a consumer product — the Hyperion — is signed with companies in Italy, France, Greece (Defkalion 50%), Canada and South Africa. 1,300 companies in about 78 countries are interested. The license price has previously been EUR 40.5 million.”

    In Matt’s article. Well, I find it very hard to believe.

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      I think because it’s written in a confusing manner. Let’s break it up in several pieces:

      the Hyperion — is signed with companies in Italy, France, Greece (Defkalion 50%), Canada and South Africa.

      Some companies within those countries have signed a contract with DGT for their products.

      1,300 companies in about 78 countries are interested.

      Many other companies from the entire world have shown interest in DGT products too.
      They have not necessarily all signed a contract with them. Most probably didn’t, in fact.

      The license price has previously been EUR 40.5 million.

      If it previously was 40.5 million EUR, is it now lower? Is it the same?

  • artefact

    In 2012 at NiWeek Defkalion gave a presentation where they told us many things we heard in the last demo again.
    This includes the 179C debye temperature, the magnetic force in the powder and other things.
    This is good reading again after the demo.


    “And then… bang! We have LENR bursting heat
    energy, as long as the Hydrogen atoms are “excited” and

    • LCD

      I agree artefact. I imagine an army of physicists paying close attention in secret but with the finger on the trigger to try their hand at the reaction when all the puzzle pieces are known.

      Of course each has their own threshold of when that is.

    • Barry

      Thanks artefact, This Defkalion slide show is fascinating. As a layman of physics, it’s very explanatory, great visuals.

      I admire the transparency of Defkalion and their willingness to share their findings. If Rossi isn’t careful they are going to beat him to the finish line. It could have been him doing a demo at ICCF, but it doesn’t seem to be his style. The time is ripe for joint effort. Rossi might get snared by his need for secrecy.

  • elasticbucket

    Australia has just abolished a carbon tax after a huge outcry by the citizens. For instance, Australia’s past prime minister of a few months ago, was virtually deposed because of (mostly) implementing a CT, a tax she said she would not introduce were she PM. But she did, prices of all commodities went north, electricity by 21 % for example. Aust. has now gone for a Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme under the new, albeit, 2nd hand previously deposed Labour PM. Probably waiting for the planet to return to historically past green pastures of 30 MYA is a good scheme although, there is nothing to NOT recommend and mandate a clean, fresh, and unpolluted atmosphere if we all want to live healthier and a bit longer.

    • elasticbucket

      The above was posted in reply to: Sandy on July 24, 2013 at 10:36 pm this listing.

    • Enduser

      The Carbon Tax had almost nothing to do with electricity price increases in Australia. Inflation in Australia has been steadily in the 2+% range for several years. Consumer prices have not gone north. The Federal Government gave subsidies to the population to cover any small increases due to the Carbon Tax, which mostly exceeded consumer’s costs.

      • elasticbucket

        Wot a load of jibberish, why did Rudd withdraw CT? Inflation rates @ 2%would not induce Gillard (ex P.M.)to Say CT would impact on lifestyle, also why did Gillard say pension increase was to ameliorate an estimated 21% CT impact on domestic electric power/energy? To suggest there were only small to no appreciable rise in Car/vehicle, mining, manufacturing and general fuel costs is not true, why did Rudd (present labour PM)remove the tax in favour of the Carbon Emission Trading Scheme which bought the Gillard applied CT tax of apx A$25 down to a somewhat more acceptable apx A$6?

        • gc

          This is not the place to debate Australia’s carbon tax regiem(s) or their political drivers, which are matters of domestic politics.

          A more generalised discussion on the impacts of lenr technologies on high carbon poluting industries world wide is more befitting the tone and purpose of this forum.

          If Lenr technologies bare the fruit they currently promise us then all governments,coprorations, citizens both free and repressed will qickly find that current political and policy responses of all govenments are inequitable and inadequte. Citizens will demand and get acess to the energy revolution. From there flows the singularity, with acess to all of the planets and the solar systems resources.

          • Craigy

            “If Lenr technologies bare the fruit they currently promise us then all governments,coprorations, citizens both free and repressed will qickly find that current political and policy responses of all govenments are inequitable and inadequte. Citizens will demand and get acess to the energy revolution. ”

            I wish that were true..unfortunately one only has to look at the Solar wars in Europe and else where. To see the system fighting back. Recently The Spanish government is introducing a law that makes auto generation of energy taxable.

            “the backup Tax is equivalent to a consumer being charged for lighting up
            his own chimney, because he turned off his off his radiators.”


            All of that is to protect interests in the conventional GRID. This
            is just opposition to Solar becoming viable due to costs reaching parity with conventional……imagine what would happen with lenr or anything else?

        • Claes

          Well, we’ve had a carbon tax in Sweden since the 70’s and we’re still here. It should be hard to argue something in the face of clear counter examples but that’s never a problem in politics.

  • Steve G

    “Danny Ross Lunsford” …
    “We should keep calling it cold fusion, and make a barbed point of it, in
    honor of Fleischmann, who admittedly hated the term. Why? To stick it to the people who hounded him and smirched his reputation. Cold fusion yesterday,today, and forever! Fly the flag!”

    • LCD

      Well if it turns out to be nucleosynthesis of some sort I think you can safely say it. Fusion is only a legacy name ascribed to high energy coulomb barrier penetration. But that’s because we knew of no other way.

      After a few years of LENR reactors that would have new meaning.

    • dsm

      Reading about DRL triggered a trip down memory lane …

      I have a photo of Danny Ross Lunsford and myself together at the 1999 LinuxWorld conference in San Jose Calif 🙂

      That was a major event for IBM who the next year (2000) announced their $1 billion investment in Linux. My role at that conf was wearing an IBM uniform and demoing Linux on IBM servers after a 12 week preparation in getting 4 Linux distros onto IBM’s servers at Cary N.C.

      He was and I guess still is one hell of an entertaining character.

  • Zedshort

    I guess I haven’t been following Celani and his experiments. The following is from the latest Wired,UK article. Can anyone parse this for me?

    Celani is back this year, “reporting on a new, improved wire, more sophisticated measuring apparatus and a peculiar effect splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen close to the reaction itself. This effect might one day shed light on the underlying physics behind the excess heat, for now it’s another baffling observation.”

    • LCD

      It’s baffling that when current goes through a wire and water is near it it breaks up into H and O. Isn’t that electrolysis?

      I must be missing something??

  • Zedshort

    Here is an excerpt from the Wired UK article I present to you for a good laugh.

    Steven Krivit: “I have had serious concerns about the general level of scientific quality at this conference series in the last few years,”

    Krivit has no ability to judge these things. One quality to be found in an ignorant person that can be relied upon every time, is their inability to correctly judge the abilities of others.

    • Omega Z

      Yes, the quality is reaching a level beyond his ability to comprehend what they are saying.

      • Craigy

        Krivitt has been trying to get himself a job as a tv pundit for the last 10 years. He has been setting himself up as the media go to man. And we see here that in large part he has been successful..most pundits are wrong anyway…they just stir it up and fill in the gaps between adverts

        • Roger Bird

          One of the problems with pundits is that those who hire them are utterly clueless, otherwise they wouldn’t be hiring a pundit. If the hiring director was an expert in tornadoes, then he would do the tornadoes interest bite.


      Is Krivit mary yugo?

      • Craigy

        No he isn’t ..

  • LCD

    “A cautious note is introduced when Hambling quotes Steven Krivit who says he has serious concerns about the level scientific quality at this and other recent ICCF conferences.”

    Has he been to any other conferences on subjects he knows well. Where does he get the balls to think he’s qualified to make these overarching generalizations.

    Krivit was a liberal arts major who can’t understand the things he promotes or denigrates. He was once sure that “Cold Fusion” was real by his own admittance, and now he is sure it’s not but WL theory is.

    The only thing that definitely had a lack of scientific quality at the conference was whatever he brought.

    On half truths this guy makes Rossi look good.

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