MFMP: Independent Report of Defkalion's Hyperion to be Published

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have posted a very positive assessment of this week’s ICCF-18 conference on their Facebook page. They see it as being a ‘watershed’ event with convincing evidence of excess heat being presented by Defkalion and Takahashi (see here), and an important advance for the principle of Live Open Science which the group is practicing. MFMP was founded last year at the ICCF conference in Korea, and seem to have the support of many players in the LENR research field. They report being offered equipment, IP and technology by attendees at the ICCF.

They also make an interesting statement regarding independent testing of Defkalion’s technology:

We have been told by a trusted source, whom we can not disclose, that there will be an independent report of DGT Hyperion technology published at some point. It is understood that some respected university professors have been involved. We certainly hope this is true and that we can have some detailed, rigorous analysis to support the promising live demonstrations of recent days.

Defkalion’s presentation this week was more of a demonstration than a validation — although Mats Lewan did a fine job providing an independent assesment of things he was able to see. An Independent test along the lines of the recent E-Cat test would provide even firmer evidence of the DGT Hyperion technology. This is the first I have heard of such a test, and from the statement here by the MFMP it sounds like this test may be imminent, if not already concluded. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Joe Shea

    I suspect this is a rumor without basis. There were no professors around when the two tests (argon and hydrogen) occurred. What I really want to know is how AR felt about it, and why he didn’t appear at ICCF-18.

    • artefact

      They are not talking about the recent Demo.

    • Allan Shura

      Reportedly there have been numerous scientists around to view Defkalion’s demos before this live demo.

    • Paolo

      Normally, a company does not reveal his secrets in a workshop. Defkalion followed a different way, but soon could pay its generosity, not having a patent: I suspect there are now tens of labs in the world using their shared info for achieving a similar result.

      • Warthog

        If they have a working process, you can bet that there will be patents applied for by them on the key “things” needed to get controllability, whatever those are. There is more than one way to “skin the patent cat”.

      • Dsm

        Re patents – these really are very important.

        DGT said a year ago that they had prepared 1 patent for the core process and 6 to cover the ‘spark plugs’ and special ceramics used in their device.

        Their strategy was to develop their design to the point it could be used commercially ( this means ready to work with partners wanting to integrate the reactor with existing energy systems) . Then begin public demos at the time their patents were ready for publishing.

        They also have a second path further down the track to manufacture (and or license mfg) through other distributors. But that path is expected to be after the first.

        So soon we should be seing pubished patents.


  • Kim

    It would be nice if Defkalion and Rossi
    would get together in the spirit of
    true science and humanity and have
    and open press conference and share the
    news of New Fire with the entire world.

    These are my wishes tonight.


    • Ken

      I think the competition between the two would be of greater value. It would drive prices down and keep the research steadily pushing ahead.



      • Kim

        Yes, You are correct
        a redeeming good thing we
        can look for.

        If it does not make money it can
        and will not exist.

        We have been assimilated to a Corporate View and agenda.

        God help us all.


        • Roger Bird

          I don’t think that it is evil, it is just the way that things are. Magnesium supplementation is very valuable for old people. But you never hear about it because it is impossible to pay a sales and marketing force to go out and tell people about it. So you never hear about it. Some drug with a patent can make a drug company a lot of money, so they can afford to pay a sales and marketing force to visit doctor’s offices to tell them about it. The same thing will apply to anything. If you have a screw whose head is mushed, you can put a broad rubber band on the head and then push in the philips head screwdriver and it will hold and you can twist and get your screw out. But you never heard that from a screw or screw driver company. It doesn’t make them any money, so they didn’t tell you.

          You had to learn about the magnesium for old people and the rubber band mushed screw head from me. This may be one of the reasons why the Internet is going to change everything.

  • Christina

    If Rossi’s E-Cat, with whatever company is manufacturing it now, and Defkalion sell their product there’ll hopefully be a race to lower the price of the lenr machines. All the better for more production of varied and plentiful lenr devices/machines.

    At least that’s the way it’s always worked before, I think. Capitalism works; socialism does. Of course, capitalism needs be tinged with Christian morality.

    • Roger Bird

      I am pretty sure that Christina meant “Capitalism works; socialism doesn’t.”

      With sufficient spiritual morality and heartfelt sentiment, any system will work. Before the Spaniards landed in the Philippines, they had a bunch of small autocracies. Just like France in 1780. Except, that the heads of the tribes felt that they had a strong obligation to do the right thing for those under them, and guess what, they did. But in France in 1780, the so-called nobility, which wasn’t very noble, had nothing but contempt for the common person and for poor people. Three guesses what happened 9 years later, and those scum bags deserved every beheading that they got.

      The ironic and tragic thing about socialism is that they generally eschew Christian morality and charity. They somehow think that socialist idealism will be sufficient for people to work hard and be honest and charitable.

      • Manuel Cruz

        No, some systems are doomed to fail. The first US settlers used a socialist system to plow the land, and after only a few years they had to put a capitalist system in place because they were starving to death.
        Socialists have to realize that any given system will have people on the top and people on the bottom, and that there are many reasons for being on the bottom besides lack of opportunities. Besides, the french revolutioners only managed to destroy their intellectual class, their society and land, and after that, they started killing each other in an attempt to acaparate power to themselves, which paved the way for Napoleon to conquer them and bring the authoritarian, imperialistic state that socialists despise so much (exactly the same thing happened in Spain with Franco). The romantic picture of the French Revolution is just a fiction, and like all socialist ideals, it was doomed by design, because socialism acts more as a blindfold than as a scientific theory.

        • Roger Bird

          Manuel Cruz, you just don’t know how charitable and responsible people can be. Look at a family. My wife needs me to do something, I jump, literally, and do it, because I care. My son needs something, I get it for him.

          But, as human beings are currently constituted as far as their characters are concerned, socialism on any scale beyond the family will only work in the most limited of communes, and very few at that. Mostly, given the current state of human beings, socialism is bull5hit.

          And it is impossible and even destructive to try to force people to change their characters and hearts, so political attempts to make people be more socialistic is worse than bull5hit. Only people can change themselves, and even that can be very difficult. And I know from 45 years of effort.

          Everything else that you have to say about socialism I agree with.

      • Barry

        “…had nothing but contempt for the common person and for poor people.” Sounds like Congress.

    • Dsm

      One way to think of the current situation is to ask if the world only has room for 2 car manufacturers.



    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Capitalism works if it is regulated. Pure Socialism simply does not work.

      • Barry

        It seems like the blend of the two is what works. In the US we have free education and road systems. The car companies, banks and insurance companies get bailed out. Big oil is subsidized, colleges have scholarships for the poor, etc. Is all that Socialism? Would we want to live in a country without them?
        Like it or not the blend is deeply enmeshed. Our political arguments are where to draw the lines like with healthcare.

        • Roger Bird

          I was thinking yesterday that the laws themselves are a form of socialism. This, of course, is not an excuse to spread socialism far and wide. There must be a balance. Since I can’t get raw milk, I just want less government. But when I get my child tax credit, I won’t be complaining too much.

          • Barry

            I agree Roger, a balance of the two. The US is by no means a totally capitalistic country.

    • BroKeeper

      I love the comments above.
      To state the following may be obvious to most but may reinforce what is already said:
      Capitalism can only exist within a strong form of democratic freedom of choices. Freedom is maintained if the people are free to discipline ones selves. If the PTB’s fall to strong narcissistic immoral concerns (greed, control, etc.) within democratic society’s disequilibrium grows. As history attests, equilibrium is counter balanced by majorities’ voting representative into power. This legislative morality process occurs through endless Socialistic doctrine creating laws that often neglect the majorities’ own disciplines and moral responsibilities. Considering the advantage of voting for more benefits, in short (to avoid risk of boring the reader), we see the obvious spiral decline of society.
      So how can all of this be checked? Well, maybe not a lot when dealing with the spirit within. However greatly minimizing energy costs with LENR devices will reduce control and manipulation of the masses by the PTBs with more accessible and informative choices which can lead to better lives in a better culture, especially for those in underprivileged countries with lack of purified water and electricity. Think of the possibilities alone by coupling the E-Cat with devises similar to these:

      • Karl


  • Allan Shura

    Reportedly there have been numerous scientists around to view
    Defkalions demos before this live demo.

    • Gerrit

      I know of two: Michael Nelson from NASA and Yeong E. Kim from Purdue

  • georgehants

    Would it be appropriate to have a topic page asking, what is wrong with science in many areas and what the scientists and others on page think should be done to correct the horrendously closed-minded situation with Cold Fusion and many other important subjects.
    Why in many areas is science not leading but is just a Dogmatic hindrance to advancement.

    • b4FreeEnergy

      Would it help?

      If they are still not interested and willing to investigate after all the hints and leads so far … can they be helped?

      Just recently a friend of mine told me that he once, about 30 years ago, attended a demonstration in his school where one of the teachers showed a motor running on water.
      He just poured water in the tank where the gasoline should be and could run the motor. I know this is not evidence etc … etc … but apart from that, nobody apparently found it necessary to have a closer look to see what was going on there. The story just disappeared to be never heard of again, as so many other stories. To name one, the story about Henry Moray always intrigued me but after his work was buried, nobody apparently could ever reproduce what he did, not even his own son.

      We don’t just need scientists but we need scientists brave and strong enough to go against the ruling opinions and at the same time are clever and open enough to prevent their work and themselves so that if anybody ever tries to cover up something they don’t like (because it will cost them a lot of money), it would only result in the information they try to hide being spread all over the internet.

      • John-64

        Oh a motor running on water. Let me guess, the motor powered a generator which used electricity to create hydrogen and oxygen, through electrolysis? And those gases were used to run the motor? Did you know that every single person who has invented such a machine has been assassinated by the Illuminati? This is a proven fact.

        This is my last comment on e-catworld. I’ve been here nearly 2 years, waiting. And still waiting. I’ve given up. If I don’t read about Rossi et al within 10 years in mainstream media, I’ll assume that it was a big mistake. I don’t think it’s a con, but you never know.

        Good luck everyone!

  • artefact

    ICCF-18 Day 6: The Way Forward

    I can only say: “Cold Fusion Lives”!

    • Gerrit

      I want to do more.

      Instead of only hanging around the forums, we could try to setup a “LENR awareness” effort.

      We would get some basic information together without getting too technical, without getting tl;dr.
      Bit of Public Relations, highlighting the good stuff.

      We can be the home front, first “work” in a core team of about 10 people. More people would be needed later to raise awareness at potential forums, like environmental forums.

      Who wants to try this approach ?

      • I already had this idea a few times.

        – We should create a little website which concludes the real facts about LENR.
        No conspiracy theories about big oil and such rubbish.
        As serious and professional as possible.
        – Big “secret” players like Rossi and Defkalion should only play a minor part on this website.
        – Only facts, science publications and links to more scientific sources (for science interested people).
        – The basic explanations should be written in the widespeardest languages and in common speech.

        This page should be the basic source for all LENR-story starting people, and work together with Frank, Ruby and others.

        • LENR.FTW

          I’d be happy to host such a page on my site, (if admin doesn’t want to do it here).

          I see a “Just the LENR Facts” page of some kind as a good complement to the “Are the LENR Devices Real?” article and in keeping with the mission of the site, which is to take deep dives and help people trying to figure all this stuff out get good information so they can make informed decisions.

        • John Littlemist
          • Roger Bird

            Nice website. But we all have our own certainty levels. I am 75% sure that we will have a commercially viable LENR+ by the end of business on December 31, 2013. I am 100% certain that LENR+ is superior to all other energy sources.

          • daniel maris

            Yes, I’ve always valued Tyler’s approach.

    • Sanjeev

      Sunwon Park estimates “less than one out of one-million people believe cold fusion exists, which makes public funding challenging, since it moves more by majority vote in committee.”

      His figures are very optimistic in my view 😉

      • Roger Bird

        1 in a million would be 7,000 people in the world, total. I, a friendless wretch, have told at least 10 people. We know that at least 700 people believe in the reality of LENR because of the numbers here and elsewhere. So, I would believe 1 in a million.

  • Sean

    OK guys, here is a thought. Hot fusion or Cold fusion? Well looking at the demo, they are using heaters and plasma whereby Pons and Fleischmann used cool heavy water palladium + battery. Plasma is also used in the Tokamak. So I am guessing that we have something between cold and hot fusion. Now saying that,, whats to stop the Tokamak scientist viewing this demo and shovelling in some Ni + H into their plasma electromagnetic vorticity powered doughnut reactor, (an expensive unproductive research toy.) to come out with some results and claim its theirs? What would be the outcome then? Will we loose the ability of energy independence? They seem to have the unlimited multibillions and backed by governments.

    • Dsm

      A completely different concept and approch. The Tokamak tries to contain a ‘ball’ of plasma within a powerful magnetic field.

      DGT are using ‘sparking’ to trigger a transition from h gas to h plasma. The plasma (as i understand it) causes ion bombardment of NAEs such that they become active very quickly. Further triggering is used to boost the NAE activity.

      Must admit though I don’t know how Tokamak is supposed to extract energy from their plasma ball. What I recall is that they fire the process up but the plasma dissipates almost immediatel – I think because they cannot build a powerful enough containment field.


      • Barry

        I’m hoping 60 Minutes will do a show on hot fusion. They could call it “Hot Fusion is Cold Again.”

        • Andre Blum

          lol. good one!

          • clovis


        • Stephen

          that would be fun… 🙂

      • Roger Bird

        My understanding of the plasma ball in hot fusion is that it is supposed to extract money out of the pockets of the taxpayers. I could be wrong, but that was my understanding. (:->)

        • psi

          nice. It certainly has done that effectively.

        • jjaroslav

          Don’t knock it….A lot of ‘scientists’ have ridden that horse right to retirement…

    • Warthog

      Definitely COLD fusion. The difference between Rossi’s temp and P&F’s temp is essentially zero compared to the temperature between either of those and “hot fusion”. Think “interior of the sun” hot.

  • zogphish

    I am ready for the day when I can get my LENR in Wal-Mart, right next to the candy counter, in a blister pack hanging on a big display. You can get one for yourself, and another for a gift.


    I’ve updated the article “Are Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Devices Real?” to include a separate section on LENUCO and information on Defkalion’s live demo.

    Feels like we’re about to turn the corner folks. Release of independent verification of Hyperion reactors or an announcement by Rossi’s US partner would just about do it.

    • daniel maris

      I very much doubt independent verification of Defkalion’s device would do it, if it didn’t do it for Rossi. However, an announcement by Rossi’s US Partner – if a big and credible company – would do it. But if we are talking about Ampenergo say, as the US partner, I doubt that would do it either.

      However, I agree this conference is definitely a turning the corner movement…so much seems to be coming together now.

      • LENR.FTW

        If a Hyperion validation were performed by truly independent scientists in their own facilities using their own measuring equipment and they were a bit more thorough looking for smuggled energy than the Magnificent Seven, then I think it could be a watershed development.

        Enough for the media to run with it and the establishment to drop most of their objections perhaps.

        We’ll see I guess, since it’s just a rumor at this point anyway. I keep waiting for the US partner to do something verifiable. That they are still totally hidden is frustrating (and troubling).

        • daniel maris

          Well, yes, that might attract more attention. But is that likely? If you had a working device, would you really be prepared to hand it over like that? Why not keep it and develop it, rather than allowing your commercial secrets out into the wider world (because you would have to give the scientists all the info required to run the system without you).

          I agree that a secret US Partner does nothing for Rossi’s credibility…it is an odd way to make progress. The jury will be out as long as the partner and the factory stay secret and as long as there are no reports from independent customers.

          • LENR.FTW

            How would I handle it? I had think hard about that. I probably wouldn’t do anything to significantly damage my competitive advantage, but I would also find the current ambiguous situation unacceptable (on moral grounds alone).

            I think, if it were at all possible if I were Defkalion I would work with MFMP or some other public entity to design and publish a repeatable experiment that would prove a LENR+ effect (COP > 6, kW regime), leaving out some of the finer control and engineering details so that any new entrants would still be months or years behind in R&D.

            I don’t know if that’s possible, but that’s the solution I would look for.

          • Deleo77

            It really depends on what the independent report is. Are they going to go into detail about the reaction, and did they test it off-site with their own measurement devices? This could be the watershed moment that launches LENR into the mainstream. It would be great if more details could trickle out. I know a lot of people are focused on Rossi’s manufacturing partner, but I think this is probably the biggest thing to be looking forward to right now in the world of LENR.

          • Kim

            Its a Good Solution.


    • roseland67

      Low energy Nuclear Devices are real.

      They get more energy out of them than you put into them.
      They do it consistently, reliably, safely and predictably.
      @ $.20/kwh, 24 hours/day, they pay for themselves in 5.7 years.
      A 20 kw model is about 1 cubic meter in size, requires a standard 15 amp circuit breaker to operate, the internal control circuit will not allow it to draw more power.
      It comes with a 3/4″ npt inlet/outlet.
      They have UL & CSA labels.

      Why doesn’t someone write the above article?
      hands on hips, foot tapping, doing my best Vezzini, “I’m waiting”

      • Chuck

        Can you tell me about who got the UL label and under what name? Inquiries of the UL database under a variety of names shows nothing–and has shown nothing for at least a year or more.

        That data might give us some information as to who in the US is participating in this.

        • roseland67

          I think everyone’s sarcasm button is set to “stun”.

          None of what I wrote is true, it is simply what I would like to finally see written,
          kind of like I indicated.

          Vezzini? Anybody, Buhler? Anybody??

      • Allan Shura

        Where do you get your numbers. Hydro is about 5.5 cents
        per kilowatt-hour where I am and this is lower than many
        jurisdictions. Defkalion says power can be produced for
        a tiny fraction of a cent per kWh. Yet you are quoting 20
        cents a kw/h and that is much higher than the conventional grid.

      • MarcIrvin

        I live in Connecticut, get my power from CL&P contracted to North American Power variable rate at $0.0689 per kwh. Something six times better than what I pay now would be $0.0133. One penny not twenty.

        • daniel maris

          The only price we have at the moment is Rossi’s 1 MW plant which seems to be priced at about the same as an onshore wind turbine i.e.more expensive than gas and hydro etc. However, I would agree we could epxect prices to fall sharply once proper mass production begins.

    • AB

      I don’t think we’re far from the turning point. Just a little more and the press will feel confident enough to properly inform the public on the topic again.

      • Roger Bird

        I hear a lot of people saying this, but I don’t see the why it should be true.

  • Marcel

    It is clear, that government officials (including Barack Obama) are informed on every important detail we are reading here. I wonder what they think about LENR and if they have strategic plans to cope with the shift in energy sources, which will bring new players on the market and threaten traditional ones…

    • Kim

      Obama Loves LENR!

      He can’t wait to watch the banks
      5h1t their pants.


    • Roger Bird

      It may be clear to you, perhaps because you are projecting on to them what you know. But I can’t project upon them what I know because my self-honesty forbids me to do so, so it is not quite so clear to me. I believe that Obama has not heard the letters L E N R spoken sequentially. Some undersecretary of energy whose job title includes “oh, gee whiz, wow” may be tasked with keeping track of these kinds of things, just in case they get real.

      • Ted-X

        The guys in high positions are usually spoon-fed info about scientific progress by their advisers. They are politicians and know close to nothing about science. There was some clear evidence recently from the UK. For the politicians, LENR is just another Loch Ness story.

      • Stephen

        I agree. Think about R.Duncan accounts: he took for granted LENR was nonsense until he saw things with his own eyes… he was even surprised somebody asked him to look into that. Were him a lower level scientist, I think he would have been ignored, at best. There must be a threshold beyond which all this changes and this discussion is addressed on a rational basis, but I think we are still far away. People are not even paying attention and if they stumble on this kind of news their honest reaction is more or less “oh my, yet AGAIN cold fusion: bo-ring… why don’t they get a job?” and then they turn the page.

        Consider also the first Defkalion video. The younger italian science journalist said he was “forced” to look into LENR because many radio listeners were asking him to talk about that subject. He did not want to do it because he KNEW it was just fake nonsense / fraud and he did not want to promote it. However, one day he decided to take a more detailed look, just to collect enough information and disprove the thing on a more professional level. Then – surprise – he found himself saying “gee… this story is interesting and not obvious at all…”. But, you see, there is a significant barrier to overcome. These are not even a prototypical cases: I think 99% of people won’t even try to look into LENR news and just think “com’on, it’s crap”. Plus in case they have some little doubts, they will be scared to make fools of themselves by even talking about it. Indeed the risk is very real.

        Will it be different for top politicians? I don’t think so.

        • Stephen

          I know that in Italy the thing was brought to the attention of the parliament by one politician, which on TV is often considered as quite shady… In any case, as far as I know the event was vastly ignored by everybody.

        • AlainCo

          thanks for the explanation. interesting, but sad.

          on the positive way, how can we break that rigidity on the network of awareness.

          it seems the auditors have influenced radio24, forced them to look into the telescope ?

          • Stephen

            They even said that during that video: this looks like a taboo. Please note nobody there endorsed the thing in any way… they repeated many many many (many) times they were simple observers and they did not want nor could validate the demo. They just wanted to cover the event and “break the taboo”, cautiously, but with an open mind.

            About how to unlock the thing, I have no clue… it looks to me too many authoritative big shots took extremely sharp positions in the past… generating a sort of “hot potato effect”. That means most of people not paying attention will simply believe those positions are correct: the big guys know. If instead you want to make your own opinion and suspect it is not an obvious waste of time (already a huge step), it becomes kind of hard to contradict those strong positions… there is a tangible risk that somebody will look like a moron in the end, either you, or those too strong detractors, or most probably everybody (I bet on this one). In addition this is a very complicate story and it’s hard to reach rock-solid conclusions. So in general my impression is that for most of people it is easier to just look somewhere else and be lazy: cold what?! ah…

            Even the critics, I remember reading about some fierce ones retracting and admitting out of the spotlight that somehow there is some real science in LENR… but they surely don’t go on TV and say “ah, uhm, so… know what? do you remember that anomalous stuff in condensed matter? well… it’s still not too clear but we might have been too quick in saying it’s all obvious crap, please feel free to do research on it, we won’t think you are stupid anymore…”. One might disapprove (I do: they cannot do like the majority of the semi-aware ones… hands up and say “I don’t know, I was not there… I have to go”) but I am not too surprised they also avoid to move. There is a huge reputation issue here…

            So, everybody freeze and wait. I hope DGT/eCat really have something. I think now it’s either a big step forward or an even stronger grindlock. At this point every possible outcome looks unbelievable to me… I am very curious 🙂

        • Warthog

          The hard part is actually convincing the “unknowledgable” to make the effort to look at that data. Particularly if said “unknowledgable” is or has a scientific background. They already “know” that LENR is “totally a scam”, “fraudulent”, and that checking it out themselves would be “an unjustified waste of time”.

          I have several ongoing debates on other fora where exactly that situation plays out, over, and over, and over again. The other side simply WILL NOT read the published data.

          • Roger Bird

            You mean sort of like homeopathy. Science minded people simply won’t look at the data or the personal reports, no matter how many people give those reports or what their credibility is.

          • Stephen

            I agree… “unjustified waste of time”, I think this is the general (honest!) feeling about getting informed about all this.

            Also, consider that if you suspect this might be interesting you probably have to be careful even in simply talking about this in neutral terms. You have some chances to see yourself turn into a “freak”.

        • jjaroslav

          With all the science floating around on everything, and the thousands of promises in every field, a smart politician is going to wait until there is an actual product…that is reliable and popular…only then will it become “apparent” and actionable…especially with something as ‘controversial’ as LENR….someone will have to stick one of these in a car and drive it up and down Pennsylvania Ave for a month.

  • clovis

    hi, guys,
    You know if the quantum heat guys could do a third party test there would be no doughty in my mind, they know how to check it properly , these guys are as on top of the lenr field as anybody.
    and they will be leaders in this field soon..

  • Roger Bird

    Check Yeong E. Kim’s credentials at This guy is a HEAVY hitter. I think that in a few days or weeks you’all will be rushing to find out more about him.

    On my computer I have to scroll down a bit to see his face and facts. Don’t search for “LENR”. Search for “condensed”. I could not find out anything about him before 1959, when he graduated from Lincoln Memorial University. This would mean that he had to no more than 75 years old, perhaps a few years less since he could have gotten through high school and college faster than I did, which would surprise no one.

  • Sanjeev

    Doesn’t seem too far fetched at this time. If Rossi can do it everyone can.
    Seeing that the people who validated Ecat-HT are still holding their jobs and reputations and moreover they got bonus funding to do more tests, its natural that others are more willing to validate Hyperion. It can only end in good for all.

  • artefact

    Whatever it is:

    I may be wrong… Ready, Set, Go…..

    on 27 July 2013.

    I think i’ve worked it out… sketching everything on the Note.

    Keep watching…

    • Shane D.

      Were they hacked?

      • artefact

        or they have a new public relations manager 🙂

    • artefact

      The text has changed:

      “Could this be it?…. Ready, Set, Go…..
      Preparing a big blog post… No we are not hacked…
      Keep watching…”

      • Gerrit

        Hah, that proves nothing. This does not convince me at all that they weren’t hacked. Any hacker who hacked a page could post a message claiming that the page is not hacked.

        You are a bunch of gullible believers


        • Bob

          I heard that there is a new public relations manager…
          But suppose it could be both… after that attack on bank of america (that was never mentioned in the press) nothing would surprise me any longer

  • Anonymole

    If Rossi and Defkalion were to start practicing LOS – Live Open Science I’m sure we’d all be for it.

    Alas, there is little hope in this possibility.

    COS is more their style – Closed Opaque Science.

  • Sanjeev

    ICCF-18 papers (not complete yet):

    • Jim

      Fun reading.

  • artefact

    ICCF-18 Banquet Snapshots: Celebrating Science

  • Roger Bird
  • Roger Barker

    With all due respect to the MFMP, after several months of trying they have failed to produce any excess heat. Their approach to replicating Celani’s experiment is bizarre to say the least.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We would love to have you share your insight and guide us better.

      Please take a look at our presentation from ICCF-18. We are still challenging our findings from our various Celani wire experiments, but to say we have not replicated him is curious.