Dennis Cravens' Demo for NIWeek

I received the following from Dennis Cravens who informed me that he will be presenting this demo at the upcoming NIWeek which starts on August 5th in Austin Texas. For anyone who will be there Dennis will be presenting at booth 992.
I will be presenting the simplest demo I could come up with at NIWeek. It is not intended to prove anything , just to something to make “Joe Six pack” take notice and give him something to about. There will be no input, no flows to measure, no HV to scramble the instruments, no calculations to explain . . . just one brass sphere warmer than the other, and the bath temperature.

Dennis Craven spheres

I know full well I will get a lot of people that will want added bells and whistles but I hope the target audience (the average engineer type walking by with their family) can understand the system within in 30 seconds at the booth. One sphere is hotter than the other so it must have a power source of some kind inside- what is it?  Come back on Thursday and see inside.
It is just two brass spheres in a constant temperature bath (80C Lab Armor aluminum bead bath). One is a sample and one is the control.  The sample just stays warmer than the control (for the full 5 days of the expo). Temperatures will be monitored and displayed via a Lab View interface (after all, this is NI) during the expo.
I hope to cut open the sample on the last day to show there are no hidden items.
The booth is under the name of Neo-Coulombic – a 5D extension of the standard Coulomb potential developed from consideration of thermodynamics. It’s obscure to say the least but I had to have some name to give NI for the booth.
  • khawk

    This is excellent! Planning to be there for the “grand opening” on Thu.

    • Dennis

      I am expecting around noon on thurs…. depending on lunch.

      • Do you want to commercialize your product, or are you planning to “open source” your findings to get some replications?

        We finally need replications of LENR devices!

        • Dennis

          no desire to commercialize. Others may. I will likely keep the material prep private until it is protected but mainly so that someone cannot prevent it from going to the public later. (this anyone can be first to file for a year even with public disclosure is the pits)

      • khawk

        Dennis – Love the descriptor in the NI Program – did you have to shape and cloak your LENR demo as “long shot technologies” to get admitted as an exhibitor? Looks like the exhibits close @ 1pm on Thu so you get to be the event ending fireworks!

        Looking forward to high noon on Thu in Texas!

        • Dennis

          I had to give something as a “company name”= Neo-coulombic. My favorite theories revolve about 5 dimension theories, but that is heresy. (see Dynamic theory developed on the QT at LANL)

          I cloaked it so that there would not be any embarrassment to NI. I am also keeping it low key. I was going to have an additional “radical display” but was talked out of it.

          However, all the major players at NI know I will be there and what I am doing. They do not want to anyway appear as endorsing it at this time. Some even helped with the Lab view info. (but I do have to hide my Agilent data acq – company rivalry).

          • khawk

            Loving it – very thoughtful regarding NI. Is it possible that you could be talked back into the more “radical” demo as well or is the stage set?
            The world doesn’t even know it but planet earth had a great week at ICCF-18 and it appears to me that you are in position to continue moving this story forward. Looking forward next week and Thank You!

          • Allan Shura

            We know that the fifth dimension does not exist
            except on paper and record labels though I have programmed software with fifth dimensional arrays at one time.

            I came up with a very surprising 3D graphic using powers of 5. Can you give us a general idea about your 5th dimension theory?

          • fortyniner

            If you go with the current ‘multiverse’ theory, you (apparently) need 11 dimensions to describe this structure.


            Even if this is no more than a mathematical contruct, more (than 4) dimensions may be needed to accommodate quantum entanglement and similar space-negating quantum phenomena. Unless of course all ‘dimensions’ are no more than approximations that our limited brains need in order to make sense of our environment.

  • AB

    Very nice and simple experiment. What is the expected temperature delta of the spheres?

    • Dennis

      the delta has averaged about 4C over June in the lab. (but I am at 9000 feet so I am not sure about the pressure differential effects on things. It should really matter, but you never know for sure until it is done– reality is often different than theory).

      I should say the control stays within 0.5 of the bath temp- on the average. I am not sure about the variations in a non temp controlled convention center. It is hard to see from the pic but there is a clear plastic top to keep such changes minimal but …..

      The bath temp control is slow. (Lab Armor) It has proportional heaters but they keep it slow so there are no wild swings.

      I will have a notebook with device specs, example data, thermistor and bath uniformity numbers,…. just not all the material preps.

  • Dennis

    It should be pointed out that this is NOT an attempt for any commercial product or an attempt at selling anything. It is just for public awareness and to help a little with public acceptance. If I can just get 1 or 2 people to look at the existing research, I’ll be happy. That’s all. I have nothing to sale. I expect to retire from the public eye after this event and leave development to others.

    I need to sign off now – got to pack and get ready.

    • Can you publish a detailled manual how to build such a “sphere”?
      I think MFMP could replicate this and spread the basic knowledges?

      This is what the LENR field needs!

      • Bob Greenyer

        We absolutely would love to!

      • Owen

        Hundreds or thousands of schools might very well replicate an experiment like this if provided a manual with details of construction and operation. Widespread replication would provide basic proof of concept to shift public awareness. This could be the straw that breaks the back of entrenched energy interests and general ignorance. Knowledge is power. Go Dennis go.

    • daniel maris

      Bravo Dennis! This sounds like an elegantly simple experiment that might do more to break down suspicion than many other, more elaborate, experiments. I suppose a lot will depend on what sort of COP you are getting. I hope it’s high!

      • Dennis

        I am not claiming any COP. But notice that there is no (zero) input into the spheres. (perhaps microwatts due to the Agilent sampling of the thermistors in both the sample and control, the bath power max’s at 300 watts but is on less than 1% of the time and the that is the same for both the sample and the control in a highly conductive Al bath to maintain a constant 80C environment for both.

        I cannot really do a calibration at the expo so I hate to make any claims for it. All I am trying to show is that the sample is warmer than the control- nothing else will be claimed at the expo. (I would note however, in the lab 4 degrees of differential takes about 1 watt. – draw your own conclusions).

        I am after only one conclusion by the 30 sec booth visitor- there must be some power source in the sample sphere. I am after only after one simple thing at a time. (the “salami theory-you can force a whole salami down even a hungry man’s throat, but he will eat one slice at a time).

        Note: my motive is only to fulfill a promise to a friend.

        • Bob Greenyer

          EXCELLENT news Dennis

          Would be great if you could get something like this to drive two of these

          With one turning visibly faster.

          • Dennis

            I expect to retire out of public view after this demo and devote myself to a special CF project of my own design.

            Just knowing something is possible should be enough for some people. After all once the US developed nuclear power other nations quickly joined in even when that nuclear info was a guarded secret. Knowing something is possible is a powerful (pun intended) incentive.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Dennis,

            We could not agree more. If there is any way the MFMP can assist you, we would be very happy to. It seams your goals and motivations in seeing this technology outed and invested in are aligned with our groups. Please, if you can, send us a mail using the green “+” on our site.


  • Steve G

    This Dennis Cravens guy sounds like our man in Texas for NIWeek !

    • Tom59

      So Dennis, seems you will show a truely self-sustained device without any need for control at that output level. Could you indicate how and when you will start/stop the reaction and if this will be in public?

      • SBKch

        Remember to cut the control too…

        • Dennis

          I am not sure what that would do. It is just sand that can be poured out. (Perhaps if someone could come up with a way someone could cool a sealed brass sphere for 5 days it might become important.) But I will tell you what- if you are there, I will let you cut the control. These spheres are about $100 a pop. (Wagner 4inch brass)

        • Dennis

          For those that want more info. The closest thing to my system is that of Les Case.
          See for example

          where it was shown that
          A similar metal in carbon within a sphere gave helium proportional to the net energy produced.

          I will be operating at the expo at a much lower temp than did Case (his near 300C).

          The bulk of my carbon has a mesh of between 1350 and 2000 mesh (micro mesh screening of 10 to 6 microns) with some larger pieces for Hydrogen storage. That was selected to match the 8.2 micron peak wavelength of black body radiation at 80 C. (spectral radiance of about 0.02 W/(cm2 * sr * µm)). The pores holding the metal are nominally 9 nm.

          • Dennis

            another link to Les Case’s work:



            I personally think he was close— real close to a working system.
            He died about 3 years ago. I received some of his old devices and materials. I tried straight nano mateterial but there where health issues with them. Metal in nano level pores of C is much safer.

            Notice in the last paper above he was seeing 20 C delta T at 250 C I now think you need to “tune” the particle size of both the C and the metal for a specific temp range and that alloys help to reduce the energy of vacancy of formation and increase the D dissociation rates.

          • Bob Greenyer


            After 1.5 years of planning, a young PHD student at Missou had finished growing carbon nano tubes of Ni coated abraded palladium foil. On Wednesday of ICCF18 they fired up a wet cell with their first sample treated electrode and saw 27% excess.

            Celani is saying that excess can be doubled in his wires by the addition of Acetone that breaks down to dendritic carbonaceous growths from the surface of the treated skeletal nano coating of his constantan wires.

          • GreenWin

            OT, but fair to say many of us here are supporters of LENR and E-Cat because it represents a dramatic technological and humanitarian step forward. It is radical, disruptive, a hundred years ahead of schedule; but it is needed now. It is the next Act of evolution, a milestone achievement for the human race.

            “On Wednesday, Shunichi Tanaka, the chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, said at a news conference that Tepco needed help with a cleanup that experts acknowledge is unprecedented.

            ‘The difficulties we face at Fukushima Daiichi are on par with the difficulties we faced in the wake of World War II,’ he said. ‘Tepco needs more assistance from others in Japan, me included. We cannot force everything on Tepco; that’s probably not going to solve the problem.’”

            Clean, green, abundant energy. It is here if we want it.

          • Kim

            The Corium has finally hit the ground water
            This is why they are all in panic mode.

            They are literally poisoning the ocean.

            So Sad, A buncha of bully mafia in Japan.


          • georgehants

            A little good news from science.
            Unfortunately the only papers written these days from University’s are all just guess work and “opinion” on Global Warming and G.M. etc.
            Cold Fusion, what’s that? my scientific high priest does not allow us to think or write about things that are not covered in the scientific old testament of Dogma and reductionism.
            Ars Technica
            University of California to allow open access to new academic papers
            On November 1, faculty will be automatically enrolled in the UC’s open access policy.

      • Dennis

        The “start” is accomplished just by raising the temperature. I think the reaction goes linear with B field and mass, and exponential with temperature and energy of vacancy formation. So just raising the temp is often enough to do the trick. For the spheres that is just heating it up. For other devices, it is passing current through the sample (or sparking to it).

    • Stephen

      A bit off-topic, but taking about DGT, which I could not understand yet if will participate or not to NI Week…

      Check out this and translation:

      Even more voices of shady stuff. I think many here are not cautious enough. Consider that if eCat/R5 are not doing what declared this could lead to a MAJOR boomerang effect for anybody doing research on LENR. I do not see big negative sides in being cautious (this does not equates to being sure it’s a fraud) and I think it is very (VERY) dangerous to try to deduce what is real or not based on people behavior: we know nothing about these people, there could be tons of things we don’t understand about their behavior. I think one should all stick to bullet proof facts and remain totally agnostic on everything else. That’s what I think, at least.

      • Dennis

        DFG originally said they would demo at NI Week but it does not appear they will. Either they decided they didn’t want to or NI didn’t want them there. I will let you decide which is more likely.

        I personally have problems every time I try HV and sparky systems. they look promising but operating there can really mess with your instruments (especially if you use thermocouples or have loops of conductive water flowing around your device and through a flow meter).

        I would say go with caution with Rossi or Defkalion results. Don’t even believe my work until I can have a system can make 1000 cups of tea unplugged from the wall, turn my power meter backwards, or drive to a conference in a CF vehicle. I think the field has lots of things to try and investigate but still commercialization is still out of reach. But that being said, we need more researchers.

        • fortyniner

          Dennis, it’s good that there are a few such as yourself plugging away in this field. The fact that it really does seem to be just a few is an indictment of the way scientific research has become organised, and on those individuals who control research funding.

          Perhaps you would sometime consider hooking up in some way with the MFMP team, who appear to be one of the few groups of younger minds in this particular game. You never know – perhaps together you might arrive a way to power your CF car sooner than you anticipate! Or at least to make lots of cups of tea.

  • Philippe Goulet

    I would like to be corrected here, but could’nt ther be anyother normal exothermic chemical reaction explaining what seems to be happening in this experiment ?

    I am no chemist but there are surely chemical compound that can, for exemple, slowly release oxygen and fuel a normal combustion reaction inside a closed vessel ?

    Hopefully we could get the advice here of someone that deals which combustion processes ?

    A little search leed me to this:

    Could Sodium Acetate crystalisation at a slow rate be at play here ?

    Thanks and good luck at NIweek !! Hope your demo sparks interest !


    • Roger Bird

      I will excuse the pun about “sparks interest”.

      No, the test concluded in May 2013 Levi et. al. were 100 hours long. The seven fine people who conducted the tests would have noticed a strange smell like cordite or something. And such things as you suggest could not continue “burning” for 100 hours. And Rossi would have had to have been experimenting with this sort of thing to avoid blowing buildings up. And the chances are that he would have already blown himself up practicing.

      This is something NEW, never before seen in the History of the World. Get used to it. (:->) I know that it is difficult to comprehend because it is SO strange, but the evidence is rock solid for anyone who doesn’t think that large groups of unrelated people can and would do a massive con on the world.

      • Philippe Goulet

        I HOPE lenr is real, actually what I realy hope is that lenr realy help to raise standard of life of humains. Unfortunatly, this last part of my sentence is not real yet.

        About my last post I was not refering to lenr devices in general, like Rossi’s or Defkalion’s. I was actually talking about the demo of Dennis at Niweek. It seamed to me that what he will be presenting will be outputting a certain number of watts over a 5 day period. And I could not help to notice for exemple that the lithium battery in my cell phone could probably do the same thing as what he claims is spheres wil be doing. (ok maybe my 1200 mah credit card size cell phone battery would not output over 5 days but my cordless 20v li-ion makita could possibly do it. outputting 4 volts at 1 amp)

        I would think one of the best way to show that something special is happening in his sphere would be to show the power density (kWhr/kg).

        • Philippe Goulet

          Actually reading the comments from Dennis himself he says his shere show a delt T of 4 deg and 4 deg differential represents about a watt. Hopefully this is Lenr but I’m just pointing out that chemical reactants could probably give out the same output He’ll be showing. The “sparks” comment was in no way sarcastic.

        • Dennis

          You are basically right. I figure something with a volume of the sphere would need more than 20 days at 1 W to rule out chemical (compared to a Li battery- those come in at about 4MJ/l). That is why I will cut it open on the last day.

          There is less than 100 ml of “stuff” in the sphere. The total internal volume is 450ml. Mostly black powdery stuff stuck to the walls (carbon with metal). It get “chunky” after long runs. I will have a cut away mock up sphere on display as well.

    • Dennis

      Most chemical reaction would show an exponentially decaying of the heat release.

      I have a toy stirling engine that I was going to use but decided to keep things bone simple the first go around.

      • fortyniner

        That’s a shame, Dennis – I think people would be much more impressed by a visibly working toy that just kept going like an ‘Energizer bunny’… By comparison a warm sphere is rather — intellectual. Even engineers and scientists are human!

        • daniel maris

          Yes, I agree – do have a go at that next time Dennis!

  • Roger Barker

    Hey Dennis,
    This is REALLY impressive. I know this is just supposed to be a demo but can you try to make it a little bit skeptopath proof?

    It would be great if it was conclusive the sample ball is not being fed any external power. There will always be doubt if devices close to the “reactor” are plugged in.

    • Dennis

      again, the idea here is not to try to prove anything, just to raise awareness. The only way to “prove” such things is a controlled experiments by a third party. You can’t do that at an expo… no use trying. Just make it as simple as possible instead.

  • Stew

    This looks like a magicians trick. Could be easily done by using two different types of beads that look the same (but with different heat conducting properties). I would want him not to cut open the brass sphere but the beads on either side. 😉

    • daniel maris

      Yes, good point. Although I guess that can be resolved by regular check of the temperature of the beads at various points in the bed of beads?

      • Dennis

        yes that was a concern. Notice the Lab Armor bead baths are spec’ed at 1C uniformity across the bed. I measured:
        Uniformity of bead bath

        Taken 2 inches form bottom, on a 1 inch grid (starting one inch from walls)
        79.69 79.46 79.72 79.40 79.40
        79.27 79.10 79.37 79.32 79.32
        79.15 78.90 79.14 79.34 79.34
        79.33 79.09 79.01 79.02 79.02
        79.24 79.10 79.09 78.97 78.97
        79.22 79.01 79.35 79.47 79.47
        79.24 79.21 79.54 79.59 79.59
        79.33 79.42 79.51 79.50 79.50
        79.67 79.49 79.53 79.60 79.60
        79.89 79.77 80.05 79.92 79.92
        80.00 80.20 80.38 80.23 80.23

        ave 79.53
        stdev 0.420335

        however, I would be happy to “stir the beads” on one day to help the perception of some “beads being special”. If you are at NI just introduce yourself and I would let you stir or take a sample of beads if you like.

  • georgehants

    Dennis, assuming you are genuine would you be prepared to supply your device at cost to our wonderful University’s and other centers of higher learning etc. for their appraisal.
    Perhaps having a working device stuck under their noses may achieve something, if only they could find anybody on site to stop giving arrogant “expert opinions” about your device and actually test it.

    • georgehants

      And Dennis does not answer my question, now what am I to make of that.

  • Nixter


    Your Neo-Coulombic LENR Demo for NIWeek is based on your many years of accumulated knowledge in the LENR field, which is evidently comprehensive enough to be able to make an operational LENR device, which is by itself impressive. Has anything you learned recently,(Defkalion Demo and ICCF-18), given you insights into new avenues of research and experimentation? What do you think about the substantial EM Fields reported and the Hydrogen Plasma system used by Defkalion, has anything altered your R&D strategies?

    • Dennis

      I don’t see much new in Defkalion’s system. I don’t think that plasma is needed. You do need to ionize the H or D but that can be done by other methods and at lower V’s

  • andreiko

    Thermopile effect, possibly by fatty and or damp conductive substance mixed with a probably powdered metal in one of the bulb against the wall. Slow oxydation.

    • Roger Bird

      Perhaps. Perhaps not. 4 degrees spread out over 4 days is not that much. 384 watt hours is not a huge amount. But, of course, the setup is completely passive. And if it is chemistry, then the delta should diminish. We shall see.

      • Roger Bird

        Oops, I equated watts with degrees C. Sorry about that. Perhaps a more knowledgeable person could correct me.

      • Andreiko

        The carbon ensures reduction, so that the chemical process of oxidation itself (even in a closed system) can maintain for a long time.

  • Alexvs
    • artefact


      • Steve G

        WHO IS DR CRAVENS: Dr. Dennis Cravens, professor of chemistry and physics at Eastern New Mexico University at Ruidoso – NM

        Dennis Cravens has written both classified and unclassified studies for the U.S. DOD in the area of innovative physical methods for energy and propulsion.

        He is the co-discoverer of the Letts-Cravens effect, a novel method of low-power laser irradiation of cold fusion electrolytic cells which triggers the excess heat effect within seconds. Dennis, along with other co-authors, has been awarded several U.S. patents in various technologies, some in the field of anomalies in metal deuterides and hydrides.

        … Several other patents are pending.

        • Alexvs

          Do not forget a youtube video where he proposes (constructs?) a cold fusion powered car.

          • Dennis

            yes, that is my dream. I love old cars. But it is till just beyond reach. It sounds crazy but notice you only need about 2 w net electrical power to charge batteries to make one work. – a few weeks charging for an hour of use. Not practical but fun. I would say if anyone else tries it, some sticking points are to charge faster than the battery discharge rate, have a method of balancing heat removal with operating temperature of material, and conversion efficiency/temperature of operation.

        • Dennis

          …not really at EMNU anymore. Mostly retire (although teaching one online course for NMSU-A). 5 issued patents in the general area of CF but none really worth anything and most expired.

    • Dennis

      yes, that’s me. My next really wild adventure. You have to have a goal to keep you going in this field. You have to learn to ignore the “arrows” and have dreams to follow. I expect to keep moving to my goal after NI. But to be honest, I am 3 orders of magnitude off the power levels and energy densities I will need to make it realistic. I would say that George Miley’s proposal is a better approach for those attempting to make a practical system.

  • Roger Bird

    After reading everything and checking with the Internet, I conclude that I was wrong with my initial skepticism. Perhaps Frank could be so kind as to delete my initial comment. Dennis has good CF credentials. There is something real here. I predict that Dennis Cravens will impress people with the reality of LENR. This will be an important demo for theoretical reasons.

  • dsm

    If anyone was ever in the slightest doubt about the integrity and honesty of MaryYugo / Al Potenza, please just vist this thread and watch Mary get caught short then her minders moving in to try to protect her when nailed to the floor.

    It gets a bit ugly at times but is a very good reason why DGT should not have anything to do with who ever Mary really is.

    The attacks on Prof Yeong Kim are simply unforgivable. Then when I caught Mary out in a lie the attacks on me started.

    But simply judge for your selves.


    • Dave Lawton

      The problem with the MaryYugo`s of this world is they have very little self awareness and what ever is put in front them they will try to trash it.The reason is they want to become a internet “Celebrity” Sad.

    • fortyniner

      One of the reasons that ‘mary yugo’ can never confirm his real identity is the trail of libel he has left across the internet against people like Prof. Yeong Kim. There must be a growing army of people who would be in a position to seek damages for defamation of their professional standing, if they could be certain they had the right target.

      Of course, LENR blog followers see loons like Hody as being ubiquitous (except of course where he is barred or moderated out of existance) but in reality the noise he generates is inimportant, and many of his victims are probably either unaware of his deranged rantings or simply dismiss them as trivial. There will probably be a few who would quite like to know where to send the correspondence though …

      • fortyniner

        ininportant = unimportant

        Curious – comment editir seems to have stopped working.

        • fortyniner

          I could claim that ‘editir’ was deliberate irony, but sadly no-one would believe me.

    • Zedshort

      Being ignored is the worse thing. Or in the parlance of children: even bad attention is better than none at all. If you want them to go away the best solution is to not respond to them. They might continue for a long while, like spam advertisers, but you will be getting your message through to them and it requires no effort on your part.

      • Roger Bird

        I agree. In fact, I generally delete anyone who has been hostile or put people down.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I try desperately not to feed the trolls.

      • dsm

        MaryYugo is virtually a non stop blogger. What I have gathered is he is (my educated guess) a retired scientist said to have a PhD (but there are doubts on this).

        The characteristics that anyone can see over time are …

        – Will rarely if ever acknowledge being wrong
        – Regularly attacks others who catch him out on obvious mistakes
        – Posts at a rate few could manage (unless retired)
        – Exhibits an ego out of proportion with his expertise
        – Abuses people repeatedly who he decides to dislike (John Hadjichristos is one of his current targets)
        – Often walks in on a discussion with a metaphorical punch in the face then says “you are wrong”
        – Shows a continuous pattern of Jeckyl Hyde behavior which raises a lot of questions as to why – i.e. does he post while under the influence of any ‘substance’ as there are few other explanations for this recognizable pattern

        In summary if anyone points out that I am ‘playing the man’ in this post I’ll agree that I am, having concluded that it is one effective way of giving MaryYugo back what MaryYugo dishes out in volumes and having been a regular recipient of this MaryYugo style of debating. So I apologize in advance if this approach disturbs anyone.


        • Roger Bird

          I believe maryyugo is merely the most prolific of a kind of person who is mentally ill. He/she is like the anorexic who can never be convinced they are pathologically underweight. I am not saying that maryyugo is a skeptic. Skeptics finally believed Wegener when the U.S. Navy radar photos of the Atlantic Ocean were revealed. A skeptic would say, “I will believe in heavier-than-air flight when I see it.” A skeptopath would say, “What I just saw was a trick.” and then continue to stridently and insultingly deny heavier-than-air flight.

          Skeptopathology may not be in the psychiatric manual, but it should be.

      • dsm

        To add to the list

        – MaryYugo / Al Potenza now has unheard of new posters logging in just to sing his praises. A well practised tactic.

        Gotta hand it to him – what determination

        One classic MY celebrity post is in the ‘demo winds down thread’ on ECN at August 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm



      • fortyniner

        Cruel – the poor things are starving.

  • artefact
    • Roger Bird

      I don’t know where he gets $500 per reload of the cells. That is $83.33 per month. I already pay close to that for my natural gas and electricity. Why would I want to jump on an untested, unproven technology that has the word nuclear in it’s name when I already get what I need for $156 per month, which also includes water and wastewater. I thought that we were talking about $10 per reload. If it is $500 a reload, then forget about it.

      • daniel maris

        Yes, that would be a deal breaker. But of course it might not be a deal breaker in terms of what could be done with central electricity generation (where the recycling of nanopowder could take place at one location).

  • Jos

    The following setup could do the trick:
    Fill one of the two identical spheres with a small amount of a fluid that boils at the bath temperature and condenses at the airside of the sphere (creating a sort of ‘heat pipe’). Leave the other sphere empty or fill it with some fluid with the same “look and feel” but without the property of boiling at bath temperature (for the elusion of being identical).

    Start the demo.
    One sphere will get hotter at the airside, call this the active sphere.
    The colder one is the control.


    • Dennis

      interesting, however, I do not see how such a system could give you a control that is 4 degrees warmer than the bath (and sample) itself.

  • Felix Fervens

    Whether Cravens has the goods or not, the metaphor of big brass balls is amusing.

    • Dennis

      yes, they told me I need brass balls to do a demo in front of thousands of electrical engineer types 🙂

      • Shane D.


        Thanks for all you do for the field. Hopefully you really don’t retire. There is retirement,and then there is RETIREMENT. Don’t do the latter.

        You mention that in order to rule out chemical, the experiment would have to run 20 days.

        How long have you seen your balls stay warm? On an aside… please next time do squares to avoid the puns! That said; the question was serious… how long?

        • Dennis

          I have some stainless steel ones that have been slightly warm (0.5 C) since last Nov.

          Realize the spheres are just one of many things I am working on. You need to operate with excitation and higher temps for more power. The spheres are just a stepping stone on a much longer path – a slight diversion on the way to my real goal.

          Yes, I am ready to retire. I will keep tinkering in the CF area for my own fun, but my real love is theoretical Physics (entropy, gravity,…. Gen. Rel stuff) and correspondence chess (rating 21554 in IECC). But for some reason it seems the Universe always conspires against me and pushes me back to CF.

  • GreenWin

    Cool experiment, not too disruptive of NI Week’s intent to sell lab equipment.

    Always thought Les Case DSc was doing wonderful things in cold fusion – just at low power levels. Great to see Dennis working in this area of D+D fusion. Leading to a question for Dennis: in the 2D
    →He4 + 24 meV reaction do you see the He4 synchronous to excess heat? At 100ppm He4 is this far enough above error bounds to confirm the source as the D+D fusion??

    Just another step to public acceptance of the failure of hotfusion and the success of cold fusion. Albeit 23 years behind schedule.

    • Dennis

      I do not have the resources to test for He4. You have to have special mass specs to see He4 over D2 and such things.

      I know that Ni + H is all the rage right now, but I have more luck with Pd and D. I never could get the Rossi approach to work for me. I will let you conclude what you will about that.

    • GreenWin

      ADMIN: sorry about double post, the edit/delete function is not working for me.

  • GreenWin

    Cool experiment, not too disruptive of NI Week’s intent to sell lab equipment.

    Always thought Les Case DSc was doing wonderful things in cold fusion – just at low power levels. Great to see Dennis working in this area of D+D fusion. Leading to a question for Dennis: in the 2D→He4 + 24 meV reaction do you see the He4 synchronous to excess heat? At 100ppm He4 is this far enough above error bounds to confirm the source as the D+D fusion??

    Just another step to public acceptance of the failure of hotfusion and the success of cold fusion. Albeit 23 years behind schedule.

  • Kim

    And Uncle Rossi Can’t get the Sterling
    Engine to work with his application?


    • Kim
    • Dennis

      yes it is hard to get a stirling in the 1kw to 5kw range. I looked and looked. Whispergen is about the best out there. Oh I wish I had one or could afford one. However, it is hard to get new ones after the earthquake in NZ few years ago. It messed up their manufacturing.

    • Dennis

      Stirlings have good efficiency, however there are reasons why they are seldom used in practical devices.

      If Rossi actually has what is claimed and the level of steam he claims, he should be able to convert and self sustain even without a Stirling (steam engine/generator system).

      Personally I am now looking more at just a simple low temp heater for entry. Although I am also looking at a papp engine type of configuration but with “good material”. Not really papp but that is the closest I could quickly think of. That is: an internal heater with moving pistons and pulsed reactions at high temps. I pick that because I just have not been able to work out the heat extraction/temperature of reaction thing for steady state type operations. You might could work it out but you would have to have a lot of fancy/fast control of things.

      • Kim

        I understand the ramifications


  • Roger Bird

    This is like just as good as Defkalions demo for anyone who wants to look carefully.

  • buffalo

    probably palladium/carbon mix in there with D2.i wonder if H2 would give similar results

  • Kim

    Looks like Keshe is making noise again.


    • LB

      Please be more specific.

    • V.p.S.

      Again? You mean again since he has started doing noise and nothing more back in 2007? I spend over a year following him and trying to figure out what is behind his claims. And I found enough evidences that comparing to Rossi, this guy is a joke. You can meet a lot of self-made gurus nowadays convinced they figured out how the universe works. But Keshe is the greatest of all.

  • robiD

    Yesterday Luca Gamberale (CTO at Defkalion Europe) has released an interview to the science radio program Moebius broadcast on the Italian Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore station.
    Gamberale said that there are some critical issues in the measurements that has been done until now on the Hyperion reactor.
    Defkalion Europe, as a client of Defkalion Green Technologies, has made the decision to “freeze” (the exact word used by Gamberale) the relationship with DGT as long as these critical issues won’t be solved.

    According to many _rumors_ (actually well grounded and reported on Defkalion Europe asked independent tests on the Hyperion R5 reactor to several testers groups and, further _speculations_ say that some groups have found out a problem in the water flow reading. It’s not clear whether this is a problem in the functioning of the flow meter or something else but, given the particular problem (the flow meter worked correctly during calibrations), other hypothesis can’t be ruled out.

    • Deleo77

      That seems like seriously bad news for Defkalion.

    • AB

      Good to hear this info from a reputable source.

    • arian558

      This is file from Luca Gamberale interview can someone listen and
      tell us what Gamberale exactly said program about defkalion begin
      after 18 minute.

    • AlainCo

      Hope they can clean the affair quickly, because that uncertainty is very costly for their image.

      It remind me the same story with Hydrofusion and the RMS meter..

      I cannot imagine that DGT have fooled their partner, because it is suicide, and you cannot fool a partner long…

      Hope it is only uncertainty and call for undeniable measurement protocol.

    • lcd

      this is why flow calorimetry is not so superior to IR calorimetry

  • Dennis

    So far it has been interesting. The only serious question was based on self heating of the thermistors, and the possibility that the sample was better insulated than the control. However, it seems to me that Hydrogen is a better conductor than air and the effect would be just the opposite. I need to check that out.

    • humblemechanic

      Was the sample heated to its higher temperature before it was placed in the bath or gained it after it was placed there? Was the extra temperature gain obtained from the bath or drained from the control?
      The level of the beads seems to favour one side of the bath in the picture. Have you thought of switching the position of the spheres or
      just turning the bath 180 degrees?

      • DENNIS

        I just put the spheres in and raised the temp from Rm Temp to 80C. The sample remained 4 C above the bath temperature (i.e. around 84+ while the control was a few fractions of degrees below the bath temp.)

        The point is the sample was hotter than the “room” (i.e. bath) it was in and indicated there was an energy source inside. The point is not how much, just that there is a unique source of heat going on inside.
        Again it is not commercially viable,it is not to prove some theory of method, it is not for scientific numbers, only to introduce a passerby that there must be some new source of energy involved.

        • humblemechanic

          This experiment may not be important but precise description generally is. What goes against swapping the spheres over in their respective positions? And
          perhaps levelling the bath perfectly, that is if I got that right about the look of it and monitoring the temperature of the spheres in their changed over positions.

          • DENNIS

            The picture above is not exactly like the one at NI. In fact the above picture was with black spots for IR optical thermometer, but NI relied on thermistors.

            Most of the time at NI the beads where “leveled” but not always since some people wanted to stir them to verify the beads at each end where the same and there was nothing “special” about them or hidden in the beads.

            but the bottom line is that the sample was hotter than the bath temperature by 4 to 5 degrees C. That remained about the same.

          • DENNIS

            OH yes, this is not an experiment, it is a demo. Those are different things. It is only to show that there must be a heat releasing reaction in the sample. That is done just because the sample is hotter than the bath it is in. (yes, one assumes that it would come to equilibrium over 5 days if there was no internal source)

    • khawk

      Dennis has an excellent demo going at NI Week. The active core gained .2C between yesterday and today and remains very consistently 4C+ over the sand filled brass ball. He also has a very interesting demo going in the back of his booth with a teapot and a LENR heater. I enjoyed my first cup of LENR tea late yesterday – it was warm and delicious.

      Looking forward to the opening of the brass containers at the end of the event tomorrow. Dennis Letts made an appearance as well. Dennis C is carrying the LENR flag at NI – Smartgrid is getting all the energy attention this year.

      Bravo Dennis!

      • AlainCo

        So Dennis have a LENR Tea Kettle ? good for public relation…

        Smart Grid deserve attention, but not the one they prepare.
        LENR with distributed controlled generators, need a coordination system. However we are far from the smart grid that renewable energies want, to manage the intermittence of generators and shutdown consumers.

      • Have you made photos?
        A cup of tea heated by LENR is what all skeptics want to see 😉

        • DENNIS

          I don’t really make claims about the tea. It was only about 1.2COP…. sloppy measurements,…. it was just for fun and my own pleasure.