August Quiet

I get the feeling we may be in for a bit of a quiet time as far as LENR news goes. The month of August is traditionally a month off for many in Europe, so I’m not sure if we’ll hear much from Defkalion at this time. One would think the company would need to address recent uncertainty raised by Defkalion Europe, but it is probably not something they would do in public. If there is independent testing going on, DGT may have to update their protocols to satisfy the concerns of testers and that will probably take a bit of time.

As far as the E-Cat goes, it appears that there is somewhat of a lockdown on information coming from Andrea Rossi and Co. Rossi himself says that he won’t be taking August off — he says he is hard at work and that August will be ‘tough’. Rossi now responds to most questions about current developments by repeating the same press release-type statements that talk in only very general terms about ongoing e-cat testing and development.

I don’t doubt that there is much going on behind the scenes, but I think that work on the E-Cat is now being governed in a serious corporate manner now, which will mean tighter control on information flow. I don’t think the lack of news indicates lack of activity, but followers and observers who have been used to getting more regular updates and comments from AR over the years will have to get used to fewer bulletins from him.

I hope people enjoy what’s left of the summer. I’m sorry that our friends in the southern hemisphere won’t be getting much in the way of heat from cold fusion this year!

  • AlainCo

    After Elforsk test by Essen, there was announce that new test should be planned for september, with long duration and addressing the raised concern…
    I imagine that Defkalion with recent controversies have a similar project.

    I know that defkalion is not sleeping, but like Rossi it seems they work hard in silence. At last a rational behavior.

    • Gerrit

      I agree, Elforsk has budgeted real money to investigate the ecat further. We can assume that preparations for the long term test are ongoing.

      • Ecat

        Levi said in his radio interview, that the test will start in July 2013.

        • Gerrit

          Rossi said on 5 August
          “As this technology is still in the development stage and undergoing rigorous review, I want to allow the continued process of testing and validating that technology to determine its potential and its uses.”

          “undergoing rigorous review” and “testing and validating” could be the long term test.

        • Omega Z


          Originally, it was stated to start in the summer, But some of those involved restated that it would probably start in the Fall.

          No reason was given,
          But I would speculate that no one involved would relish setting in a Hot Metal Building in the Summer Heat watching a Hot Cat.

          Especially considering their Age.

          Besides, I can hear MY & Company now-
          Why should we except these data results from 7 people who have all obviously suffered from Heat Stroke.

      • GreenWin

        Gerrit, this is encouraging and great credit goes to Elforsk, and the private foundation that contributes to these studies. But I am focusing on bringing the USA into the good fold by pointing out the old paths that have not worked and the new paths that likely CAN.

        This means pointing to the new Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz – an MIT nuclear physicist. Much as Ernie may oppose the idea of the excess heat effect, it is very real and in need of DOE funding. We will continue to point out the failures in fission and fusion until Ernie comes to his senses and sits down with Dr. Rob Duncan, Hagelstein, Kim, McKubre, etc – and reviews the 23 years hard data proving LENR.

        Ernie and DOE are in for a very rough political ride as long as they remain ignorant of viable alternatives to traditional nuclear science.

  • daniel maris

    As it’s quiet…

    I was just reading about the Regen Motor (google with Pesiwiki) – interesting stuff which took me to Tesla’s car and, in turn, crystal radio receivers.

    I never realised before that crystal sets had no external power source and receive their energy direct from radio waves.

    It seems odd more hasn’t been done to exploit that technology of deriving energy from radio waves. Does anyone know what the fundamental problem is? Is it that there is simply too little of it in a compact area?

    • Craigy

      The regen motor…..( holds head in hands ) Sterling has been taken for a lemon again unfortunately …See the well reasoned comments on that page

      • dsm

        This comment at the PESN page is very laughable as it resembles details from the recent LENR patent filed by the Scandanavian company (magnetic dipoles & quantum tunneling) – it just seems just too far over the top to start claiming a magnetic motor is doing nucleosynthesis or a form of fusion (QT) 🙁

        EXTRACT from PESN:
        This might sound like lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps, but somehow this system draws energy from the environment, whether via a phase angle difference that sets up resonance with the environment, or via a magnetic dipole effect, or possibly via quantum tunneling, or a combination thereof, or something else yet to be determined.

    • Hope4dbest

      Crystal radio receivers derive their energy from the radio broadcasters, so they are not free energy.

    • To get enough energy from radio waves to power ONE single low current LED you need an antenna of 100 meters length (and more, depending on how far away you are from the transmitter)! And even then it’s only a very weak light.

      Maybe now you understand the problem…

      • daniel maris

        Thanks, that’s helpful! I see the problem…

    • Jim
    • Mannstein

      To run a xtal set requires microwatts of power and a large antenna which is frequency dependent. The power source is a multi hundred kilowatt radio transmitter. It hardly makes sense to transmit power over long distances with such a system. Frequencies would need to be much higher and the RF power from the transmitter would have to be highly directional. It all gets down to efficiency.

  • AJ

    Is anybody paying attention to this I talked to some people in Las Vegas that said they have seen the system run and it is amazing this company plans on going up to 20 MW within a year.

    • Gerrit

      see you next year then

    • gjan

      I looked up globalenergyfusion’s website and read it. I cannot see that the attitude they exposed there can be compatible with critical investigation. Way too much showbiz, among other sad things!

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Feels like a scam to me.

    • Roger Bird

      I didn’t like the fact that I could not control the speed of presentation, so to heck with ’em.

      I believe it when I or someone I trust sees it, like Mike McKubre.

      • David F

        My friends I would like to make it perfectly clear that with global Energy Systems there’s no scam the technology that is developed by that company is real but we do not owe anything to any of you so I would appreciate it if from now on if you have no proof that there is a scam of any kinds then I suggest you kindly keep your thoughts to yourself don’t be saying things that are misleading when you have no idea what this company actually has. (this product is already been tested by third party people and found to be valid and works as claimed that this company is not interested in putting any of their information out to the public because they are staying private if you can not respect that I simply don’t know what to tell you. So I suggest all you trolls keep your mouth shut. And have a wonderful day. I will also not be sucked in to any of your ridiculous conversations so do not expect a reply.

        • Roger Bird

          I did not say that it was a scam. I said that I would believe it when I or someone I trust sees it. I am not intimidated by your setting me up as a strawman and implying that I said it was a scam. It is my duty as a thinking person to withhold judgment until such time as I see evidence that it is true. Evidence for me is my seeing it and testing it or someone I trust doing thusly.

  • Leo Kaas

    I brought my son to visit the MFMP last week. Ryan Hunt was kind enough to show us around and made us feel welcome. My son is in the local High School FIRST Robotics team, Ryan is also mentor for his local Robotics team. Made me think of future LENR powered robots walking around. haha
    First Ryan showed us their newly installed Electron Microscope. Then we went to the LENR Lab which is outside the main building due to the storage of Hydrogen. They have done a lot of work since my last visit. They seem to be working harder to disprove their positive results then proving them. I wish them the best of luck.

    • Gerrit

      good father !

      • Roger Bird

        Not necessarily. Good fatherly activity, that is for sure. But being a good father is far more than just taking a son or daughter to activities. And, yes, I am an expert on fatherhood. You can tell by my children, 20 and 14.

    • artefact
      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        These people if nothing else are extremely careful and dedicated to detail. “The devil is in the details”

    • GreenWin


      • GreenWin

        The vast array of LENR evidence points to the reaction being some form of nuclear energy. The only commercial form of nuclear energy today is fission used in nuke power plants. Fortunately the US has finally accepted the failure of its nuclear fusion programs (after 62 years.) Now we have an entirely new form of apparent nuclear energy and it is being stonewalled by the fission and fossil energy lobbies.

        DOE Secretary, Ernest Moniz is responsible for pursing all forms of viable energy, especially non-radiative, clean, green, abundant energy as LENR evidence (& NASA’s Chief Scientist writes) and researchers demonstrate. Unhappily the fission lobby is particularly excessive in stonewalling things like LENR. So, let’s look at what the business community has to say:

        Has the advent of LENR anything to do with the collapse of nuclear power?? No. According to Forbes, American nuclear power’s been incompetent for 25 years:

        “The failure of the U.S. nuclear power program ranks as the largest managerial disaster in business history, a disaster on a monumental scale. … It is a defeat for the U.S. consumer and for the competitiveness of U.S. industry, for the utilities that undertook the program and for the private enterprise system that made it possible.” Forbes Business

        So, how about it Ernie?? DOE is a public trust using public funds. Are you going to continue to ignore what your own government Space Agency says is both real and a viable source of energy? Or continue down the same myopic path of ignorance and obedience to political lobbies??

        • Barry

          Don’t count on him Greenwin. I’m pretty sure he’s the one who defunded Peter Hagelstein at MIT.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Perhaps voting should be outlawed. Just randomly pick people out of the phone book and force them (kicking and screaming) to serve in the government (from dog catcher to all the way up to presidents and PMs) for a short time (like jury duty). It could only be better than what we have. Have people in there that don’t want to be there.

          • Omega Z


            I’ve always said that the best qualified people for the job was the ones who don’t want it.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Yeah Omega, the person who responds to getting a notice to serve with: “Oh damn it! I have to be president.” would be the perfect person.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Very discouraging, Moniz seems to be ignoring or unaware of LENR. Unbelievable or just listening to “the powers that be”

        • Roger Bird

          I find it interesting that Israel had a cold-fusion research lab so advanced that it convinced the then skeptical Rob Duncan that cold-fusion was real. But now you don’t hear diddly about it. Although they are working on gas deposits out in the Meditarranian, way out, they basically have little to no energy, other than solar. The fact that Israel is surrounded by enemies, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with it.

        • georgehants

          Amid Economic and Safety Concerns, Nuclear Advocates Pin Their Hopes on New Designs

        • georgehants

          Laboratory News
          Sea-level rise predictions could be flawed
          However, scientists have failed to reach a consensus about the cause of this recent increase in ice sheet mass loss observed by the satellites. Anthropogenic warming is a suggestion, but sheets can also be affected by many natural processes such as multi-year fluctuations in the atmosphere and changes in ocean currents

          • Felix Fervens

            With sea levels varying by meters per day, changing constantly over every square centimeter of ocean, with local areas of thermal expansion and wind drift, how one can accurately claim to measure sea level rises smaller than the smallest ripple on the ocean is absolutely beyond common sense.

            Exceeding that, then they breathlessly claim these millimeter-scale statistically divined increases clearly are accelerating calamitously!

            Torture statistics enough and they will confess to anything. Climate scientists are master statistical sadists.

          • Anthony

            I dare say that, if you live on a Pacific atoll where the ocean creeps ever higher up the beach, you may disagree !


    I have sort of felt that we were headed into a quiet period since Rossi ‘appears’ to be moving into the production stage and DGK has some problems it has to sort out prior to its next display. Basically, just some problem solving by both parties, not really newsworthy stuff regarding progress.

  • JerryVic

    This is when I head over to Peswiki to see what Sterling is up to, looks like he is going east this time to see a new excellent alternative energy device ) you can not stop Sterling he will go till he finds free energy.

    • fusionrudy

      I checked with ESA: they have never tested anything like the REGEN machine from Chuck Pierson, hence his statement “Chuck claims that last year ESA tested his unit for 10 weeks, producing 12 kW.” is NOT TRUE !

  • V.p.S.

    Interesting news from the continuous work in progress in August might be the order of the 1MW E-Cat through the Swiss licensee. As far as I know, they managed to find enough small investors that were ready to invest some amount (more than 400 Euro) into the crowdfunding-like project and become a co-owner of the first pilot installation of the industrial E-Cat in some Swiss factory. I think it is still possible to join the project, although they are currently already running last preparations before the order will be made. So if anybody wants to make some money with the E-Cat in the Swiss or neighbouring countries, it could be the last chance 😉

    • SammyM

      400 Euro?

    • hempenearth

      Are you talking about Hydrofusion supplying to the Swedish pilot customer? If not what is the source of your information?

      • V.p.S.

        No, I am talking about TransAltec AG, the Swiss licensee of the E-Cat technology. They launched their own initiative aimed on providing first pilot installation of the industrial E-Cat for presenting it to the interested public and potential customers.

        Initial project description in German could be found here:, but it is already outdated as they extended the fundraising campaign until the end of July. I know this because I’ve been in contact with them.

        • KD

          But Hydrofusion is sole licensee for Northern Europe so anyone else might be a fraud.

          • V.p.S.

            So, do you know any other licensee in Northern Europe besides Hydrofusion? Or have you actually thought Switzerland is a country in Northern Europe? 🙂
            By the way, Germany has its own licensee, who also supports this crowdfunding project (according to a TransAltec statement), because this would create a great platform for further E-Cat sales in Western Europe.

        • hempenearth

          Thanks V.P.S., I’d forgotten about them. I tend to think Hydrofusion will win that race.

    • I don’t trust the guys behind TransAltec AG.
      In the past they supported many free-energy frauds and looked for small investors.
      They also support vacuum energy devices and so on. The e-cat is just one of their “products” (and maybe the most credible).

      But I’m curious whats going on there. Do you have more information when and where?

      • V.p.S.

        Yes, you are right, but “they supported” actually should mean they where quite naive to support them, but not behind the fraud, if there was one (in many cases you simply cannot say it for sure, but you tend to do so). Although E-Cat is really only the next project for them, if we would not have all those evidences around the E-Cat technology out there, I would not even mention them. But they are still the official licensee of the technology in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, same as Hydrofusion in Sweden. And came up with this interesting idea of fundraising for a people owned E-Cat.

        So far I just know that they are preparing the order. The location for the installation will be selected in August too (among several few candidates). Apparently there were a lot of small investors, which just hopped in with a minimal amount of 400 Euro to be “on board”, to support the technology and perhaps even be the first to see the industrial E-Cat installation in Europe (well, Hydrofusion was apparently quicker 🙂

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about the Nanowire battery, might be the next leap forward in lithium battery tech. Comments?

  • We have now added a Rossi Blog-Comment Reader to the LENR Forum!

    Check it out and say us your oppinion:

    • Pachu

      barty, you have read recent revelations of the creator of the character “Mario Bros”, rigth ?

    • Felix Fervens

      >We have now added a Rossi Blog-Comment Reader to the LENR Forum! Check it out and say us your opinion:

      would rather see the blog filtered to show only comments to or from Rossi

      • We will try to add this function.

        Thank you!

      • Roger Bird

        Yes. I can’t even understand the other comments about this or that nuclear theory. Believe it or not, I am not a nuclear nor a rocket scientist.

  • belvedere

    Yes, in Europe August is a month of Vacation. Neverless Andrea Rossi in the last 3 year gave us some good news in this month.

  • Mark D

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting frustrated with the ” Andrea Rossi – The E-Cat is undergoing in the USA a long process, involving many changes as the technology moves forward.
    This process will continue as long as needed before any specific information is given.” If the new partner is putting the clamps on what can be said it makes sense but for those of us following for the last couple of years it is difficult to take when the US company remains anonomous. Perhaps I’m being over critical and just need a break. I have no right to be upset he owes me nothing. However, I wonder how those that bought licenses to sell e-cats: ecat Australia ect. might be feeling? Admin have you had any contact with them? Might make for an interesting blog or provide details Mr. Rossi can not or is unwilling to share.


    • Roger Bird

      A little detachment will do wonders for your happiness level.

    • Robert Ellefson

      As a human being, I strongly believe that you have _every_ right to be frustrated at Rossi’s antics! Personally, I started feeling frustration and then disgust about Rossi’s greed-dominated approach to this life-saving technology within weeks of learning about the demo to Essen & Kullander in 2011.

      If this technology was a nifty doohickey that Rossi had invented and hoped to market, then we could regard the various antics underway as though we were watching yet another capitalism-inspired “Reality-T.V.” show. However, we are instead watching a horror show, as a band of thieves comes to steal the fruits of the tree, planted long ago by Martin Fleischmann, which have finally started to ripen, while the starving villagers beg for mercy.

      I met several licensees of Rossi’s technology while at ICCF. While I personally liked them, and wish them well, I do not feel much pity for them. Investing involves risk. Investing in what you hope will become monopoly powers over the future of life on earth involves risks that extend beyond the financial ones that most investors consider.

      • Sanjeev

        That’s right. I guessed that a long time ago, when he praised the way of Microsoft and called the open source approach as Brownian movements.
        He chose a monopolistic approach with his own profit being the highest priority. Anyhow, something is better than nothing. Its the spirit of the time that everything a man does is enveloped in greed and selfishness, but sometimes a bit of good comes out of it.

      • GreenWin

        Gentlemen, in light of recent developments re: the apprehension and arrest of dozens of nuclear power officials and suppliers – one might consider this a calm before the storm. That storm is just getting underway as we will be seeing more prosecutions in Asia, the US and Europe.

        It has long been known that while fission and hot fusion power ruled the nuclear energy field – cold fusion LENR stood little to no chance. The strategy taken was to “commercialize” LENR since that would enlist the enormous power of the free market.

        Has all proceeded perfectly? Of course not. However, without the strength of intellectual property law, patents, trade secrecy, the “free market” i.e. powerful investors & manufacturers would not be interested.

        Most people understand that Rossi/Defkalion proprietary technology will be quickly reverse engineered, once in market. So, the Open Approach is on the way, following the “commercial” approach taken now. It’s all good. And without a deep pocket, strong manufacturing partner – LENR will never blossom.

  • ben

    Personally, I prefer that the ECAT delay its launch for another 10-15 years. This is for our country to benefit from the current oil boom.