Defkalion CEO: Entering the Toronto Stock Exchange This Year

Many thanks to an ECW reader who forwarded me a link to an article in the Greek magazine Tovima. The article is behind a paywall, so I am not able to post much of it here, (and it was written in Greek, so Google Translate has to be taken into consideration) but there are a few interesting points that I will pick out.

The title of the article is “The return of Defkalion” and the journalist who wrote the article, Kafantaris Tasos, visited DGT’s CEO Alex Xanthoulis in an office in Athens, Greece. Xanthoulis explained that he has moved back to Greece, but the Vancouver presence remains in place. In Greece there will be a manufacturing of engines for ships and desalination plants (non-profit enterprise)

Xanthoulis states that there are business partnerships in place which are for now confidential. When asked what the next step was, the CEO stated that scientifically it would be “optimization of the model”. In business terms it would be entry onto the Toronto Stock Exchange which they think they can join after October 15th. This will be followed by a ‘roadshow’ to promote the stock. As part of the registration of the stock they will have to disclose the partners — this should happen in October.

In other Defkalion news, and somewhat in contrast to the above, the Italian site NextMe has spoken to Franco Cappiello, CEO of Defkalion Europe regarding the controversy over undisclosed discrepancies uncovered in recent testing of the Hyperion reactor. Cappiello states:

“I have made ​​some measurements while streaming video ICCF-18 that have highlighted some inconsistencies measurement, subsequent tests have further confirmed these inconsistencies – the statement – In light of these inconsistencies have been suspended all trade negotiations and were put aware of all potential users of the technology of inconsistencies”

Cappiello says that new testing is scheduled for September to try and get to the bottom of the issue.

It looks like there will be plenty of things to watch out for with regards to Defkalion over the next few months.

  • daniel maris

    Great news!

    Looks like you may have to change the name to “E Cat World, incorporating Defkalion Digest”.

    • Greg Leonard

      Not so sure it is great news.
      Over the last couple of years, all the snippets I’ve heard about Defkalion and their people, have lead me to be quite suspicious.

      There were far too many ‘money men’ involved – more concerned with doing deals and capturing EU money. This floating on the stock market has something of a similar ring to it.

      • Tony2

        I don’t believe they have anything and I also believe this is just another smoke-blowing exercise. If they list on the stock exchange they HAVE to be real or they all wind up going to the big house.

        If they do list on the exchange then I’ll have to eat my words but I think there is zero chance of that happening.


        • dsm

          Must admit I am not sure what to believe as to if they are ready for such a move. It seems ballsy to me.


      • AlainCo

        They are entrepreneur company…
        Passion and money…
        Some think it is evil, but my experience is that it is the secret to break the comfortable consensus. Rossi is no different, and it is nice. Even MFMP is not far.
        I will feel more afraid, if like Rossi and even more like MFMP they claimed the opposite.

        If the only evidence we have were the claims about toronto stock exchange, I would agree with the skeptics.

        Now, I’m not much skeptic, but I’m afraid of obstacles a,d Murphy’s laws…

        I expect their stock introduction to be blocked by the financial authorities, after denunciation by MaryYugo, JohnMillstone, if not Shanahan, Taubes, if not the great physicist of MIT or SciAm…

        It won’t be even lack of honesty by those passionate opponents, but just honest lobbying using all their desperate energy to break what they consider as an heresy of science, a scam, a fraud, an impossibility…

        Normally if they get public, they will propose evidence to the public. Cappiello have found some weakness in their evidences and propose to check all in september.

        If I am wrong and Defkalion is a gang of crook, they will be caught red handed, and planet will be cleaner after.

        If they are genuine innovators, their lab evidence will be even more easy to admit by the skeptics.

        Everybody will win from that.

      • clovis


  • Sanjeev
    • Kim

      Were only in the first inning with the
      bases loaded.


      • Bruce Fast


      • Jim Anderson

        No disrespect meant. To use your analogy the game hasn’t even started. Only two players are even on the field so far and we are waiting for the rest of the players and maybe the most important ones. Lewis Larson and Hagelstein and Miley of the U of Illinois haven’t taken the field. These three and others are likely to very important in how the game is played and the final score.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          The #4 batter is my pick for a grand slam.

        • fortyniner

          When the first truly public and ongoing ‘demo’ (i.e., an accessible pilot plant running continuously) is available there will be a paradigm shift that will completely change the game. It won’t necessarily take place overnight, but when the majority of reasonably well educated people in the world realise the implications, the whole atmosphere surrounding cold fusion (by whatever name) will obviously change.

          The situation will then become a straightforward battle between those researching patentable devices, together with the majority of the public and the many industries that want cheaper power, and those who will attempt to block and delay the introduction in order to protect their investments and the status quo.

          It’s hard to imagine that the latter could succeed in preventing the widespread introduction of CF, but highly likely that they will manage to delay it, and probably will be able to take control of it through their many pocketed politicians.

          IMHO, those pinning their hopes on the ‘BRICS’ to carry the flag forward even if CF is successfully coralled in the West are likely to be disappointed. The Chinese, Indian and Russian governments are already members of the club, and the others could be controlled relatively easily by whatever means are necessary.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            I think Joe 6-Pack will notice when the electric power poles start falling over from decay.

  • stupendous

    I guess no more under the radar flights, I hope they will not have the end of Icarus.
    Their web site definately needs some polishing 🙂 if they want to impress the Canadian audience

  • Thomas

    Hi All,
    entering the exchange in this early stage does not make sense to me. There are no known products. Everything we got to see until now were prototypes. Do they have a patent? And what about a potential lawsuit of
    leonardo/Rossi against DGT. The only thing they claim to have is the promise of infinite energy. OK – it is a great promise, but still not proven by evidence, that is accepted by the sceptics.
    I think if this plan is real and scheduled for october, the upcoming weeks have to be very stretching. If someone will sell this infinite-energy-idea to shareholders/ via public offering, he has to give evidence/theory/buisinnes plan to the public.
    How much funds can they raise with the information they give away to the public until today? They must have something really big behind the curtain and I am very curious what they will show us . . .
    I hope in the end this going public will make sense to me.


    • Kim

      I agree it is premature.


    • Stanny Demesmaker

      I don’t agree, this makes totally business sense, they have a prototype reactor which is almost commercial ready, they have an energy source which is 100 000 times beter then convential ones. This is the most safe bed ever. 🙂

    • Bruce Fast

      I can’t believe that they would enter the exchange, even the TSX Venture, without an available public demonstration model and a bunch of audited studies. However, they may have more studies than they have revealed.

    • Jorge

      Totally agree with you, Thomas.
      Unless they have much more than they have shown us, seems impossible they would enter the stock market this year.

      • AlainCo

        so ?
        they will disclose their partners, and some tests…

        • Thomas

          Hi AlainCo and Stanny,
          what I tried to express was that against the backround of the information they made public so far, a going public seems much too early. I hope they WILL offer shares in October, because this would mean they have to share a great bunch of information with us. In the moment I feel like beeing in a totally dark cave and sometimes someone somewhere give a shout or lights a match. I do not know who is with me in that “cave” and where he is. Going public would be like switch a permanantly light on. Others would also like to join us in our cold fusion cave AND competitors of DGT could feel that they have to switch on their light as well. A going public of one of them would force the others to come out with something as well.

          • AlainCo

            I understand the position.
            With the surface information,
            with a slightly negative bias liked to LENR skepticism (present even in people who admit LENR is real – cognitive dissonance !)
            With only recent informations
            With shallow analysis of announce, claims, controversies
            With black and white analysis short of experience in entrepreneurship and corporate practice and culture
            there are still some doubts,and one is far from 99% confidence level.
            The story does not connect obviously and this let you with a strange feeling of incoherent story, at least of unfinished story.

            if you have a neutral bias (admitting that fraud is on both side, if not dominant on the skeptic side as history shows),
            if you admit LENR is real and take the consequences
            if you have followed most of the exchange, the claims, the anecdotical forum exchange
            if you integrate experience in corporate context, and entrepreneurial culture
            then you get a coherent story, full of human factor, of flesh, of entrepreneurship drama, of corporate culture, of industrial Murphy laws…
            and most of all, the Scam theory which MY and clone loves, looks absolutely incoherent, like a tweaked soviet photography…

            the mains bias is that people don’t apply the scientific method, the police method, the psychiatry method, the business method, to judge the claims of fraud, which is the only alternative.

            of course there is, and there will be, deception, delays, mistakes, changes of strategy, white and black lies… but the main idea, have no alternative….

            Defkalion, and now I can bet also, Rossi, all both have a working reactor.
            I suspect that Rossi is 3 inch late, but who know with Rossi.
            I suspect that Defkalion is much more advanced that what they show, and the COP>100 is not out of the equation with todays data. But I may be wrong.

            The recent italian conspiracy theory abou unidentified testers, who don’t denounce a claimed trick (not error, but trick), may be simply a desperate FUD broadcast by desperate believers.
            How can you imagine that Defkalion choose to partner with a skeptic company run by Luca gamberale, and then try to fool him letting him enough freedom to find the trick…

            When you run a scam, you control the environment…

            This is an example of how the skeptics refuse to use their beloved rational skepticism, the scientific method, the police method, the skeptical method, the business due diligence method, to their own assertion.

            I am conscious that it is not easy for people having followed that adventure recently, or having followed it from far, not analysing the detailed claims and messages, to judge if the claim were emitted by a scam company, or genuine innovators.

            This is why Defkalion, and Luca Gamberale really have to present better test addressing the questions…
            I claim that we have already enough evidence, but I admit that it demand fair reasoning, which is not available to most skeptics, and even to simply honest people who have fewer information and stockholm syndrome being hostage of the skeptics.

            my predictioçn is that the attack of FUD will multiply in the next month, less and less based on realy and more and more vicious… circling the wagons.
            and then the evidence will be so unavoidable tha the skeptics, like for Wright brothers, will say that AT LAST there are good evidence, denying the fact that the evidence of LENR were enough in 1990, and the one of LENR+ were enough in 2011.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            “my predictioçn is that the attack of FUD will multiply in the next month, less and less based on realy and more and more vicious… circling the wagons.”

            I suggested to a cyberfriend, who is working on his own device, to name it the “FudNot”. BTW, Alain, this researcher is located in France.

          • AlainCo

            I’m quite skeptic on garage inventors (I’m french), even if more and more data,books,thesis prove that they do the job, instead of clean academics, and corp blacksuit…

            You cannot imagine how challenging it is for me to say I am confident in Defkalion (and even Rossi… brrr).

            I’ve tried to keep the fraud hypothesis in the equation for safety, but it does not hold (even for Rossi… brrr).

            just look how far you have to go to justify a fraud hypothesis…
            how you could justify each actor behavior in that case…

            I’m biased to mainstream, but there is a moment when you have to stop following your bias, and you have to follow the data.

            there is a moment when allowing an improbable fraud hypothesis is simply a coward way not to accept it is practically null.

            just write a scenario where DGT or Rossi have no reactor, and put it up for peer-review here.

            about FUD, my experience is tha the worst evil is done by honest and benevolent people, fighting sincerely for their beliefs…

            as the Milgram experiment shows (and Stanford Prison experiment too), the most benevolent people may go toward horrific behavior, where the greedy flee facing the absurdity of the situation.

          • Roger Bird

            AlainCo, nice comment.

  • artefact

    This article seems to be accordance to what lukedc said. (product announcement until the end of the year)

    I’m glad that not everything is getting quiet.

  • Zedshort

    So let’s see, there has been no third party test of the Defkalion reactor that proves that it works and there is an internal dispute concerning the data and they want to take the company public. This sounds like the perfect opportunity for the small investor to have his pockets fleeced.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    This is the reason they moved to Canada, to take advantage of Canada’s active Penny stock markets. Watch out!

    • Bruce Fast

      This is one of the reasons that Defkalion moved to Canada.

      You are correct that Canada has an active penny stock market. It is called the TSX Venture Exchanage.

      They also moved because of Canada’s SR&ED research and development program. Look it up, its amazingly easy to get government funding for R&D in Canada.  Additionally Canada’s certification system, CSA, is well recognized. Canada is a stable country with excellent reputation around the world. Canada has a much more attractive national debt picture than the US has (It isn’t sitting on the edge of collapse. Though it is likely to go down when the others go.)  There’s lots of reasons to want to move to Canada.

  • georgehants

    To show below the completely pointless, irrational stance of scepticism, even fair scepticism when it can be used to deny the existence of a free running bicycle.
    Only open-minds and Research are scientific on any subject or phenomenon, all else is a waste of time.
    It is such a shame that 21st century science, in many areas, still has less common-sense than the average cave-man with fire and the wheel.
    New Statesman
    We still don’t really know how bicycles work
    The publication plunged bicycle dynamics back into chaos. It turns out that taking into account the angles of the headset and the forks, the distribution of weight and the handlebar turn, the gyroscopic effects are not enough to keep a bike upright after all. What does? We simply don’t know. Forget mysterious dark matter and the inexplicable accelerating expansion of the universe; the bicycle represents a far more embarrassing hole in the accomplishments of physics.

    • fortyniner

      This kind of thing clearly demonstrates the kind of mental boxes that many ‘scientists’ think in, and the limits of their ability to comprehend anything outside the parameters they limit themselves to.

      Of course gyroscopic forces don’t keep a bike and its rider upright – the rider does. Its just an extension of human balancing skills. Because the front wheel is angled forward, the point of contact is behind the projected axis, therefore turning the handles to the left moves the CoG of the bike to the left, and v.v. Combined with shifts in position of the rider, these factors easily account for the ability of a rider to keep the bike upright, even when stationary if he/she is skilled enough.

      It’s a shame that an ability to think doesn’t seem to be a requirement for entering science any more.

      • jack

        Congratulations! Go and tell those mentally boxed scientists asap!

        But wait… a rolling bicycle is quite stable even without a rider…

        • Roger Bird

          I presume that you are being sarcastic. A rolling bicycle is NOT stable without a rider. In fact, even with a rider, a bicycle is only stable if the rider has learned the subtle art of negative feed back; turning left when he is “falling” right, and turning right when he is “falling” left. Inexperienced riders cannot do this and will fall down and go boom.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            a bicycle is only stable if the rider has learned the subtle art of negative feed back; turning left when he is “falling” right, and turning right when he is “falling” left. Inexperienced riders cannot do this and will fall down and go boom.

            Sorry Roger, but I think you’ve got that backwards. Well, maybe that would work South of the equator.

        • fortyniner

          … for about ten feet, due to the castoring effect of the front wheel/fork. This can be felt if you push a bike along by the saddle. If it leans to the left, the wheel tends to move in this direction, partially restoring stability by moving the CoG in that direction. If the fork’s axis was vertical the bike would crash immediately (and it would be almost impossible to ride).

          The ability to think is surprisingly useful in many areas of life.

      • georgehants

        Morning Peter, see my above to GreenWin.
        While many die while Cold Fusion has no funds we see below —
        Maybe we can find Gold and Diamonds on asteroids and spend billions bringing such useless rubbish back to Earth.
        Try giving some diamonds to a child dying from lack of clean water.
        New NASA Mission to Help Us Learn How to Mine Asteroids

        • fortyniner

          Morning George.

          Entirely agreed – Zeddicus Z Z pretty much expressed my feelings at 6:20pm yesterday, but I doubt that anyone will ever be held personally accountable for all the unneccessary misery and death. Many things including research in science, medicine and so on have been ‘going wrong’ for some time, and there seems to be no sign of any self-corrective movement.

          Only rebellion at many levels can change things at this late stage. Perhaps ‘Thought Catalog’ and others like them are indicative of an unwillingness by some to continue along the current (self) destructive path, regardless of the synthetic pressures to conform. With so many people now dumbed down and accepting of whatever they are fed by the ‘authorities’ though it looks like a long way back to the surface, even if we start heading in that direction immediately.

    • GreenWin

      This has more to say about the stupefied state of “the press.” New Statesman “is Britain’s leading, best written and most authoritative weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine.”

      Published by the venerable (sarc) Progressive Media Intl. owner of Elite Traveler and Show and Tell journals.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      That simply has to be a joke, right?

  • JerryVic

    Vancouver Stock Exchange – Major Fraud there, Hopes are Defkalion have not fallen into the hands of a bunch of Stock Pumpers. Quote: Canada produces more stock market fraud, at least per capita, than do other countries. And there may be good reasons for concern. Unlike other major industrial nations, Canada has no national regulatory agency for securities but leaves the task to the provinces, which pursue oversight with varying degrees of enthusiasm. And efforts at reform have been incomplete.

  • winebuff

    This whole thing cuts both ways going public and showing who your working with (assuming they’re houshold names) would be a shot in the arm and spur more much needed publicity. If the machine is a sham then this will be the “I told you so” moment for a lot of opponents of Lenr and I will be stuck on the fence once again. On a personal note my frustration is with the secrecy of the partnerships these groups have. Make these relationships public and that will go a long way toward legitimacy.

    • Omega Z

      Timing is everything. Sadly, that doesn’t fit our timing.

      • Arthur B

        I agree. The right time will be when Rossi’s factory is powered 100% by E-Cats. As I mentioned in earlier posts here.

        Arthur B

        • clovis


  • Boris Ivanoff

    I would only point out that Mr. Xanthoulis has made previous predictions that didn’t work out. Going public properly requires a lot of disclosures. Is Defkalion really ready to make them? And are they prepared to get independent tests to prove the technology before they start selling stock?

    • Omega Z

      They are aware that their Business partners will have to be made public. It’s stated in Franks Article above.

  • GreenWin

    Brian Westenhaus has written a very even-handed review of where cold fusion LENR is, following the ICCF-18 conference. And though mainstream press remains ordered to ignore the subject, the work behind scenes continues unabated, and positive.

    “Lots of people still like to throw the scam bombs and make other desultory comments. But for now the body of evidence, the depth and breadth of experimental data and the oncoming commercial offerings are getting past the silly and becoming market disruptive.” OilPrice Brian Westenhaus

    Now for public servant Secretary Ernie Moniz of US Dept Energy to travel to University Missouri, sit down with the leading LENR researchers, Kim, McKubre, Hagelstein, Duncan, etc. and work out the R&D funding for comprehensive research into theory and operation.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin would you agree that just one fair report of Cold Fusion in one of the premier scientific comics i.e. Nature, Science etc. would open the flood gates and until that happens we cannot blame politicians or the ordinary media for their reluctance to take the subject seriously.
      It is not I think for the media or government to chase science not reported in the scientific Press.
      It would seem that only Science is to blame for the present state of Cold Fusion Research and many other like subjects.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        I agree fully with you, Georgehants. I’m actually quite angry with the science establishment seeing how they actively suppress cold fusion. The stakes are simply too high. Imagine a world in which CF was reality 10 years ago. Third world countries would benefit so much it would surely cause a rise in living standard. Many deaths could have been prevented. Mankind would benefit. Therefore the people who actively suppresses research and publication should be held accountable. You do want to take lessons from this and not have history repeat itself.

        I don’t want people dead or anything, just held accountable so that they can justify to the public why they did what they did. Science needs to learn to work for the good of mankind, not the egos of some men and the oil money of others.

        • GreenWin

          George I tend to agree that the first stop for good science should be the leading journals (comics.) But as we all know these are simply bottlenecks through which the orthodox fiefdoms control knowledge – what Dr. Henry Bauer calls “knowledge monopolies.”

          Thus we can no longer rely on these old school “experts” and instead must turn to alternative sources of knowledge. Fortunately the internet provides some access – even though it is confined by overseer intel.

          The lesson we learn is that these overseers are greed-driven and care not for the good of humanity. Above that they are militantly prideful, such that to admit error past or present causes a kind of ego infarction. This is a spiritual malady.

          So, we must forge ahead building working models of the technology, enlisting the good will of business, social visionaries, honest scientists and divine wisdom. We are on that very path IMO.

          • georgehants

            All true I think, but all the while one group can put the blame for non-action on another group a negative position can be maintained.
            If as is certainly True it is deemed to be a incompetent and corrupt science establishment and members that is primarily responsible for the non-awareness in government and the media, then the attack from those of us caring about Truth and Cold Fusion will be more forcible directed.
            I say again, one Truthful editorial on the phenomenon of Cold Fusion in one of the biased, Dogmatic, self-important premier comics will allow the establishment huggers to psychologically be able to look and talk about this banned subject.
            It would appear that most scientists are not exactly the the brightest tools in the box and until their high priests give them a sanctioned lead of which direction to think, they mainly stay in a state of mental suspended animation occasionally shouting, I am qualified, I am qualified, I am qualified.
            This simple exercise seems to keep them happily following any rubbish put out by their priests without any further thought.

          • GreenWin

            I’m sure you are correct George – should the truth embargo be lifted, a journal article might dislodge the dead wood.

            Unfortunately harsher tactics must sometimes be used to open the doors to truth. I have posted several stories today of arrests of nuclear energy officials in Korea – prosecuted for fraud, bribery, safety violations. These prosecutions are just getting started. There will be more in Japan, Europe and the United States.

            Obviously the carrot has not pushed the big boys in energy to come to terms with LENR. And so, in its wisdom, the universe has provided the stick. A thorough house-cleaning will precede the full adoption of cold fusion as a viable new form of abundant energy.

            Unfortunately Ernie Monz, Secretary DOE in the US will bear the greatest burden of blame. He was instrumental in neglecting CF in favor of hot fusion funding at MIT. Karma.

  • Gerrit

    it doesn’t seem to make sense on many levels.

  • zvibenyosef

    On a slightly different topic. You may be aware that anyone may start a petition on If it collects enough signatures, it is forwarded for consideration by the President and his administration.
    So far there have been two unsuccessful attempts to pass a petition, requesting finding for research on LENR. Both attempts unfortunately failed due to lack of interest. I wonder if there are now enough regular readers of Ecat World to support another attempt. I think it should be started and organized by the Author of Ecat World.
    I am becoming increasingly concerned at the slow adoption of this technology, and I feel progress is being hampered by a lack of funding. We must do more to spread the word, and get LENR moving, out of the lab and into peoples houses.

    • Omega Z


      100K signatures are needed. Though I think there are more then that following LENR, I don’t think that many would sign on.

      Doesn’t really matter. It would never be presented to the President even if it contained a million. The Lower echelons in charge of this wouldn’t allow it.

      Considering what has taken place at Skinner & other places, It’s very likely these lower Echelons are already Very Aware. There inaction’s speak volumes.

      LENR’s only hope is Capitalism. That some Entities see so much Profit Potential that they are willing to go Toe to Toe against the Handlers. There’s soft evidence this is happening behind the scenes. Lets hope they prevail. AND SOON-

    • In Germany something similar is currently running:

      13 days left for voting. It seems there is no country restriction.

      • MK

        Voted. Everybody should please consider to do this!

      • Gerrit

        Anyone who would like to see this question raised to Angela Merkel can vote, it is not restricted to citizens of Germany.

        Let’s see what her answer will be.

        • Merkel has an doctor title in physics. So she should understand the basics.

          But I bet her consultants will downplay the topic.
          Germany, the “land of poets and thinkers” is getting more and more under controll of the financial powers.

      • Krish

        Voted for.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Me too. Had to use caps on capcha.

  • GreenWin

    It is inspiring is to see young journalists cautiously testing the waters of irreverence. A group calling themselves the Thought Catalog described as “an experimental media group based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” has published a piece by James B. Barnes titled Is Free Energy Possible?

    It is devoid of the standard pathological negativity from paid trolls and therefor refreshing. We wish the Thought Catalog well and continued irreverence – which is after all, good journalism.

    • Roger Bird

      Good article except the author didn’t mention diddly about 100s of LENR duplications since 1989.

    • andreiko

      I object to the therm (Free Energy) LENR is freeing up of condensed energy as with any other exothermic reaction.

      • georgehants

        andreiko, do you not think it is time to stop wasting time with semantics and specifics when ordinary people are discussing generalities.
        To an ordinary guy and all plants the energy received from the sun is “free.”
        One does not need to move to a scientific nicety just because dumb scientists are unable to talk without showing their worthless (in most cases) qualifications.
        Such posing makes scientists look very foolish.

      • Barry

        I agree andreiko. I’m often told CF sounds like perpetual motion, or people say they don’t believe in free energy.
        It’s a highly efficient nuclear reaction (compared to chemical) in the same way nuclear fission is.

        • fortyniner

          For the moment I don’t think it really matters what uninformed people think – they’ll do a volte face as soon as the first pilot plant goes public. Then either ‘cold fusion’ will stick, or a new common name for CF/LENR will emerge when there is more understanding of the driving process (perhaps ‘electrofusion’, ‘electronuclear’ or something similar).

          • Barry

            We still have to educate the people around us about what CF is and isn’t. The uninformed can be family and friends.

    • Blanco69

      ‘The waters of irreverence’… More poetry from GW. Nice one. When you compare the speed at which the established scientific community jumped on Pons & Fleischmann to the glacial response to LENR then one can only surmise that something has changed. George is right, there’s a clear and present pomposity around.

  • Venno

    I read the story of Tesla and Westinghouse vs Edison and JP Morgan and the battle between AC and DC
    It reminds me of the struggle of Cold fusion has to survive and whether a “Westinghouse” will arrive and win the battle

    • Kommisar

      Tesla tore up his contract (for patent royalties) with Westinghouse so that he could bring power and light to the world.

      Sadly, neither Rossi nor Defkalion appear to have the same character.

      • Roger Bird

        Gladly not everyone thinks like you do. How much did the world benefit from Tesla tearing up his contract?

        • Venno

          Gave Westinghouse the oppertunity to roll out the correct technology.Which truimphed over DC from money hungry capitalists that dont care about the right thing only if they are making money – sound familiar???? Roger

          • RichyRoo

            Westinghouse wasn’t a captialist?
            I’m so sick of ignorant people decrying capitalism as they sit snug and secure within the material abundance that has flowed from the idea of investing resources into projects which produce more than they consume.
            The absence of capitalism is poverty and death, simple as that.

  • glhf
  • georgehants

    Good work by Greg Goble at comments Cold Fusion Now.

    • Shane D.

      I agree. Looks like Greg Goble did some digging too.

      I always wondered why Guam didn’t accept Global Energy Corps (GEC) GeNie reactor deal 1.5 years ago, and now we know…. according to Greg the then governor agreed, but was subsequently impeached.

      The new governor didn’t like the idea of importing spent nuclear fuel rods onto the island to power the generators. Wonder how Goble found this out?

      Lots of other good things in the letter too. Contacts, phone #s.

      Also, towards the end he sounds like he is part of JKW? May just have been the way the last paragraph was worded and he isn’t, but JKW is intertwined with GEC.

      • Shane D.

        It is now being discovered that former governor Fitial and then Attorney General Edward Buckingham signed a deal in June of 2012, which would’ve constructed nuclear power plant in partnership with Global Energy Corporation. The deal was only discovered last week by newly elected Governor Eloy S. Inois, who assumed his post on February 20th of this year, even though since August of last year the Saipan Tribune had been questioning the Fitial administration about rumors of a possible nuclear energy agreement, but had been stonewalled in response.

        According to the dates on the document, Fitial and Buckingham signed off on the nuclear energy document around the time GEC scientists and officials, including CEO Dr. Jay W. Khim, visited Saipan during June of 2012.

        The terms of the deal sound eerily similar to a deal which Global Energy Corporation offered to Guam in February of 2012, in which the location of the reactor was not even discussed until after a memorandum of understanding had been signed. Later that month, the press reported that Global Energy Corp. was proposing to build a 50-megawatt plant as a pilot project on Guam, on a build, operate and transfer basis for which GEC would obtain its own financing. The reports argued that Guam ratepayers would pay only for the electric power generated. GEC CEO Dr. Khim even said that he would finance the estimated $250 million plant himself. “No initial money for Guam at all,” Khim assured the press. “I’ll pay all the money; I’ll run it; and give Guam cheap electricity.” He added that once his company and the CCU enter into a memorandum of understanding, other issues, such as the location of the reactor, will be explored.
        The Global Energy Corporation is a nuclear industry corporation established in Virginia, with a mission to develop and commercialize proprietary fast-breeder reactor technology it dubbed “GeNiE”, which features a logo incorporating an atom atop of a Genie’s Bottle. Although the document signed does infer the willingness of Fitial’s administration to invest in fast-breeder technology, it would be hard to hold the Marianas Commonwealth to the terms of the document, considering that the GeNiE reactor has not been licensed for commercial use and is still in the experimental research stage, despite 20 years of efforts by multiple industry organizations.

        “From my initial review, it doesn’t look like it’s a firm contract. It was essentially memorialization of a desire of the Commonwealth government to avail of that technology but there are conditions precedent to entering into that contract like securing financing and studies, approval of the technology which has yet to be approved, and so forth. It’s long ways from being a contract that can be executed in terms of the provisions but it is interesting that we have that,” Inos said.

        House Speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero (IR-Saipan) also said in his view the document “does not bind the CNMI to anything.”

        The Inos administration has expressed no interest in a nuclear power project and has instead issued orders to conduct a study on the integration of alternative or renewable energy into the existing Commonwealth Utilities Corp. power grid. Governor Inos is going to send the document to the Office of the Attorney General to ensure that there is not any liability or obligation to fulfill under the document that the former governor and former AG signed.

        • Greg Goble

          In the Navy LENR Patented Granted Series… One can see the companies partnered with GEC. Jay Wook Khim has a number of companies with no employees, only board members. One other company has been contracted to run aspects of SPAWAR Labs since 2006. One guy was the head of the Carlyle Group for years. These guys have plenty of money. Big Money. $250 million is peanuts.

          Guam had no self government during the years following world war two. Perhaps the Bikini A Bomb fallout would be remediated if they had a stronger government now, many died – none were compensated. The new Governor had relatives who died from cancers attributed to atom bomb testing in the Pacific.

          Keep in mind that the Navy owns a lot of Guam and could easily grant a small portion for the GeNie development.

          Also, to correct Shane, They proposed to fuel the LENR fusion energy fast fission GeNie Reactor with fresh unprocessed uranium and fission out all the energy, supplying electricity at half the cost without refueling the reactor for 50 years.

          I am creating the “We Love the GeNie Reactor Blog”

          From this point on the emphasis will be building a GeNie at every nuclear power plant in the world that has spent fuel rods stored on sight. This will end the nuclear fuel cycle as we presently know it.

          Non-radioactive LENR Energy cleans up the nasty radioactive leftovers.

          This comment found in this article is noteworthy.

          PULSE magazine debuts with first issue as premium

          GreenWin August 12, 2013 at 2:51 PM – Reply

          A brief look into NSTech LLC partners B&W (Nuclear Fuel Services), and AECOM provide further evidence that development of the GEC GeNie technology, and or the USPTO cold fusion patent (Energetic Particle Generator) issued to Navy/JWK – is in the wrong hands. B&W Nuclear Fuel Services is heavily invested in the management and supply of traditional nuclear fuels for Navy and in downblending enriched uranium for use in nuclear power facilities (fuel rods) and MOX at Savannah River Site. The advent of a successful nuclear waste/weapons transmutation process would severely limit long established financial revenues for B&W.

          AECOM energy is heavily invested in traditional centralized power plant construction and maintenance, including especially hydropower dam building and operations, thermal natural gas/coal-fueled boiler/turbines and construction, and operation licensing (COLA) for nuclear facilities and nuclear process plants.

          The remaining NSTech LLC partner Northrop Grumman is heavily invested in fission-based nuclear energy via its shipbuilding division and partnership with AREVA. In a press release re the JV they wrote as follows:

          “The joint venture, AREVA Newport News, LLC, with AREVA as the majority owner, will establish a world-class facility to manufacture heavy components for the U.S. Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), AREVA’s Generation III+ nuclear reactor, thereby supporting the nuclear energy resurgence, fueling domestic economic growth, and meeting the demand for American energy security.” These are fission technologies based on the French EDF nuclear industry designs.

          To sum, the NSTech LLC is the most heavily invested fission technology venture in the United States, and as such has absolutely NO incentive to successfully develop and utilize the Global Energy GeNie hybrid design OR the use of the Navy/JWK patent for waste mitigation. The extremely valuable Navy/JWK patent is therefor essentially useless in the hands of NSTech LLC and should be immediately withdrawn. Should NSTech have any proprietary interest in the Navy/JWK patent via e.g. certain joint development experiments with Navy SPAWAR, Congress (via the Bipartisan, Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Legislation) should order DOE to nullify said interest via contractual obligations and termination rights.

          As proposed above post, a completely independent oversight panel reporting to the Congressional Bipartisan Nuclear Waste committee should be assigned the task of assigning licenses to the Navy/JWK patent for the express purpose of fast track development of nuclear waste mitigation. Since the Navy/JWK patent belongs to the American people and is not intended or capable of use in weapons or national security interests, outside the application of significantly reducing the radioactive half life of nuclear waste – the oversight committee should include civilian and military scientists familiar with LENR and cold fusion research. There are many qualified from both Navy Research and institutions like SRI, University Missouri, and e.g. MIT’s Dr. Peter Hagelstein.

          This Navy/JWK patent, the property of the American people is a likely first step to an effective method of reducing the vast quantity of nuclear waste both commercial and from retired weapons stockpiles. Immediate development of the GeNie reactor AND other implementations of the patent technology for waste remediation is a most urgent action for the Congress.

  • Chris I

    This isn’t the topic but here is the sort of thing that GreenWin and George Hants ought to like. Straight from CERN!!!!!! :-;

    • fortyniner

      It’s good that expectations do not always determine the interpretation of data. Such open-mindedness seems to be the exception rather than the rule though.

    • georgehants

      Thanks Chris, always good to see good science thinking, that is open-minded pursuit of the Truth and no bloody “expert opinion” in place of good theories all looked at by unbiased experimentation by able scientists.
      Unlike the crowd of amateurs that that where involved in the P&F fiasco.

      • georgehants

        I do not mean to put down amateurs in any area as they many times are more professional than so called professionals.

  • Roger Bird

    It happens too often that whole populations can be completely off base, can be completely wrong, for even hundreds of years in ways that can become a huge embarrassment for the descendents of those populations. It is not just science that can get it all wrong. An example that comes to mind is the enslavement of black people in the American South for roughly 250 years; and of course the USA was not alone in doing this horror. Many Americans thought that the idea of slavery was completely horrid and wrong, yet slave owners allowed their self-interest to not only influence their own thinking, but the thinking of all Southerners, even the ones that went to war to defend that repulsive institution and died and lost limbs, even though most Confederate soldiers did not even own slaves. If we went through the South today and did a survey asking white people if they thought that slavery should be reinstituted, we would be risking our lives because it would seem that we were proposing that it be reinstituted.

    And I could go on and on: the Nazi insanity, the current Islamic militancy, Communism, the Indian wars, the Spanish Inquisition, etc. etc. etc.

    In science, history is littered with scientific screw-ups. The Phlogiston Theory was maintained in the face of contradictory evidence for 100 years. Alfred Wegener was ridiculed for 50 years because he said that the continents drifted. The USA’s FDA currently suppresses ALL alternative healing and supports all big pharmaceutical companies, despite the obvious evidence that pharmaceutical drugs almost always harm people and alternative healing works, especially if used early on in the course of a disease.

    So, as we watch LENR acceptance unfold, remember this and remember that with regard to resistance to change, nothing new is happening.

    • daniel maris

      Can’t argue with your history.

      I’d argue a current example of insane consensus now is the idea that a 5 day week should be standard. If we moved to a 4 day week over 10 years everyone would be much happier and output would not suffer one iota.

      I hope you are right about LENR. I believe you are…but this story of LENR has been one of the oddest of my lifetime. If LENR is shown to be genuine, I think it might alter our perception of science.

      • Allan Shura

        Not just one of the oddest but a supression that retards the benefit to the general population.

    • georgehants

      Just a few more people willing to actually look at the terrible mess of the World and care, would make a lot of difference.
      There is a lot of good in everybody just waiting to escape, if they would just think for themselves, guided only by the Truth and what actions lead to a benefit for all.

  • Evan Wade

    Any updates with this?

  • Evan Wade

    Any updates with this?

  • Keef Wivaneff


  • Keef Wivaneff