Is Cold Fusion Entering the Final Stages? (From

I think the following article by Brian Westenhaus republished by permission from gives a good overview of the current state of play in the world of cold fusion. The author notes, as many others have, the change in communication mode by Andrea Rossi who has become a lot more measured in his statements about the E-Cat recently — which could be seen as a good indication that a more disciplined corporate organization is in charge now.

The University of Missouri hosted this years International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) with the largest event being the Defkalion Demonstration.  The short description is the Defkalion reactor functioned satisfactorily.

The ICCF ran over five days with an impressive group of experimentalists, theorists and engineers attending.  The list of presenters was also impressive, with talks of research from across the planet, involving many nations and reaching deep into the science of Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR

Yet there remains no conclusive theory that can be demonstrated experimentally.  This is the most exasperating fact that keeps the skeptics fully armed.

But the names and the information with the results are getting past the skepticism.  The past year has seen more results in plain view from Dr. Celani, interest from institutions such as CERN and the continuous updating from Andrea Rossi.

The Defkalion demo lasted several hours.  In contrast to the Rossi effort that is hardly concerned at all with the science as he is sure himself that his reactor is working well the Defkalion folks are very concerned with getting the science right, partly in order to produce the best possible product.

The first video is a shortened version that runs about an hour.  Keep in mind it is an observation video, not an information construction so there are a lot of ‘empty’ minutes as the demonstration runs.

The second video is far more complete.  It’s the official video, and the demo runs over 3 ½ hours.  There are several other videos on the livestream page and if you’re patient and take notes most all skeptical questions and concerns have answers provided.

The results are the reactor performed satisfactorily.   The was a glitch, in order to do the live demo for ICCF the Defkalion reactor was started with some of the flushing argon gas still inside.  The effect was a 3 fold power increase instead of the hoped for 4 fold power result.

Now for the discerning and capable a huge body of new information with the presentations and posters can be accessed at “MOSpace” the University of Missouri’s digital repository, by searching for specific authors, titles, or ICCF.  Perhaps over time this new data will make it to Jed Rothwell’s library online at

Lots of people still like to throw the scam bombs and make other desultory comments. But for now the body of evidence, the depth and breadth of experimental data and the oncoming commercial offerings are getting past the silly and becoming market disruptive.

With little fanfare folks might note that Mr. Rossi has become quite less noticeable.  That may have a lot to do with a large corporate partner joining with him and imposing some corporate kinds of sense.  This too will give the skeptics some fuel, but in reality over time it is more like a fire extinguisher.

Lastly, National Instruments is still very much in the effort.  The firm is now a sponsor for the ICCF.  What a firm like that is able to see is far beyond what we will be able to find and report.  But large scientific firms don’t as a rule throw funding at causes – they always support the industries that have customers and have expectations of growth.

Cold fusion news will miss the exuberant and interesting Andrea Rossi making curious points and offering much for interest.  We’re entering the market launch phase, Defkalion is loading up the science, National Instruments is positioning for market share, partners of Mr. Rossi are applying some corporate level conduct boundaries, the science is being explored worldwide.

Cold Fusion, becoming Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and more descriptions still to come point to an interesting moment in history when science is coming to market while we still don’t really understand what’s going on.  That in itself isn’t unique in history, but at this time with the science hubris we have to contend with attacking the new frontiers a revolutionary successful product launch from a new frontier would be very exciting indeed.

  • fortyniner

    Cold fusion just can’t come to market quickly enough. Every extra day gives the nuclear industry more time to regroup and repeat its past follies – especially when m0rons like Cameron are around to help them by fleecing taxpayers to subsidise the ins*nity. This is the current state of play at Fukushima – even ignoring the possibility of collapse of the elevated fuel pond at R4.

    • GreenWin

      fortyniner, see comment above intended for response here.

    • NT

      Ya got me really pissed after reading this report which I had already suspected, but hoped was under some semblance of control according to the limited press reports they have been spoon feeding the public – seems NOT and radical liars/manipulators are everywhere in the top levels of our world governments, scientists and bureaucracies now more than ever in the past…


    I have updated the article “Comparing Energy Sources” to analyze comments made today by Rossi in his journal regarding the specific energy of the nickel fuel used in the E-Cat.

    All I can say is whoa. Bring it on!

    Here’s Rossi’s comment:
    “Steven N Karels:
    The amount of Ni used by the E-Cat, even in a widespread situation, would not affect the world production of Ni.
    1 g of mass yields 23 000 kWh and the used Ni is anyway recyclable for all the other uses.
    Warm Regards,

    • daniel maris

      So one gram yields 1 MW for one day near enough?

  • Boris Ivanoff

    I was wondering if there is a test prototype of a GeNie reactor working somewhere? Anyone know? It was mentioned by Greg Goble in a response to the article.

    • fortyniner

      It seems not, as the intended ‘pilots’ never reached contract stage, as posted on the previous thread by Shane D. There is some info here about the proposed Guam reactor and GeNiE in general (a pitch by the CEO): and their tech page is at

      Missing from the site these days in the info that the neutron flux in the GeNiE reactor is produced by exposing a metal core (palladium?) to intense microwave radiation.

      • Boris Ivanoff


      • GreenWin

        In keeping with the topic here, there may be a “final stage” being prepped for LENR with respect to the JWK/Global/Navy technology. With the USPTO issued patent for the SPAWAR cold fusion “energetic particle generator” – we have the unheralded official acceptance of LENR. This alone is a triumph for Pons & Fleischmann and fellows.

        It appears, through a convoluted under-radar contract that there is a project to use the patent to develop (disclose) a transmutation device for remediation of nuke waste. This is good. A reasonable face-save for deniers is to pretend Navy invented an entirely new technology to clean up nuke waste. If that keeps the old fartz happy, fine. It also throws open the door to anomalous heat and commercial applications.

        Bottom line is we have official acceptance of cold fusion as both real and useful. But like NASA’s pretending there is no life on Mars, DOE may pretend cold fusion is not in use – for political and budgetary reasons (Congress rightly will slash DOE once it groks fission and fusion are unnecessary.) All in all, progress.

    • AlainCo

      It seems they have signe a MOU with Guam and Mariani island, but Mariana island governor was impeached and the deal will be broken…
      for Guam, dunno.

      I see not reference to a prototype, they just have their patent for hybrid LENR/Fission.

  • GreenWin

    49er, I have been focused on exactly this insanity as it manifests in the US recently. Oddly, I see positive movement (a personal flaw?) from various decision makers including EDF, who must re-think Hinkley in light of their soaring debts of €39bn (£33.3bn). The US nuke power industry and its Dept. of Energy is posed for collapse or transition.

    Fukushima is an environmental catastrophe greater than other nuke meltdowns combined. Under pressure is EDF, Mitsubishi, TepCo, General Electric (Fukushima designer), B&W, Fluor, etc. Congress will likely investigate why the severity of Fukushima has been hushed up – severity Japan’s Chair of Nuclear says is on par with World War II Nagasaki & Hiroshima nuclear destruction.

    If LENR has been held under wraps for whatever reasons, it IS time for full disclosure. The Fukushima disaster proves fission power is a source of energy the planet cannot afford.

    • fortyniner


      I tried to reply but many of my posts are going straight to the spam bin just now.

      • fortyniner

        I’ll try again with a few ‘asterisked’ words removed (why not):


        I hope you are right about a congressional investigation into the whole cover-up, and hopefully also into issues such as the EPA revisions of ‘safe’ levels of nuclear contamination, switching off radiation detectors, refusing to test rainfall samples, refusing to test seafood from Japan and the rest of the unholy mess. Perhaps where the yanks lead, the UK will follow with its nose up … (but I very much doubt it in this case)

        IMO it is beyond belief that any politician, no matter how technically incompetent, could even contemplate building more fission plants after Fukushima. I can only watch in stunned disbelief as Cameron uses every backdoor fix and blatant misrepresentation of the facts, to try to push forward the Hinkley C project. His reasons for doing so are obscure, but as one of his first acts after (not) being elected was to visit EDF headquarters in France, one can make inferences.

        If the disclosure delays continue for much longer I think it will become quite obvious that a successful capture has been performed in the case of Rossi, and most likely any competition will follow the same route. In that case the lun*tics will be completely in charge of the asylum, and we are all f….d.

      • fortyniner

        GreenWin, not GreeWin. Note to self: Must try to get the cat hair out of my keyboard so ‘n’, ‘a’ and ‘s’ can be typed without the use of a hammer.

        • GreenWin

          Peter, it looks like you are getting moral and ethical support from, of all places North Asia. Korean prosecutors are arresting dozens of nuclear power operators and parts suppliers on fraud and bribery charges:

          And as we know from human experience, where there is smoke, there is fire. Unhappily OLD fire in this case. News of wide ranging arrests in the nuclear power industry should send shock waves through top dogs in government and multinationals (EDF, a certain General, etc.) Let’s hope this house clean is for the best and clears the way for clean, abundant, less costly energy for the planet.

          • fortyniner

            Yes it looks like S. Korea have it about right – the nuclear industry in that country doesn’t seem to have as many friends as elsewhere to cover for them.

            The Japanese (and their US partners in crime) continue to lie, stonewall and bluster though, so pretty much business as usual generally.

  • If you want to see wher the mainstream opinion are get there

    they don’t even know the replications of various experiments.
    they ignore the PR papers…
    and when I repeat , they say no news…

    yes, they are blind, no news.

    Anyway I understand that some people doubt on E-cat test, or DGT demo (and nelson test), and even of SRI Brillouin test… I disagree, I find it erroneous,after long evaluation, but it is a very reasonable position…

    however that position that NO lenr exist, no tritium, no He4, no heat, no transmutation, just fraud, fraud, fraud, artifact, fraud, artifact, all over the planet, across all kind of cells… it is conspiracy club.

    currently the only reasonable doubt that I hear are the following, and Would like to share them :

    – Defkalion want to go public, this mean need capital, giving control to foreign shareholder… are they so desperate to find money ? they have no license fees already? just want to sale minority shares ? some shareholders want to exit with big cash ?

    – the test let some people doubt (the one Luca gamberale want to clean I suppose). the most serious is the HV discrepancies. Flowmeter bubbles artifact is not serious, but some moan that the steam should be noisy . anyway I heard huge noise, was it steam when open? I’ve heard them say steam was injected into a waterflow thus liquefying it quickly… any confirmation that it reduce noise
    – if their is real discrepancies, what about nelson test ? having free access to the installation, he could not have missed that…

    -about E-cat, I was a bit shocked that the Elforsk team did not notice afterward that their instrument did not detect DC… I know they are physicist, and not electricians, and I’m afraid it is the problem. on the opposite their calorimetry seems far better and undiscussable.
    Pomp&Ericsson show their incompetence and lack of honesty in the calorimetry part, but on the electric part they play easyly…

    beside that, the story seems clear, and I have many micro-moves which cancel my doubts on the tests…

    Fraud is not impossible to accept if you consider the tests reports/video only (not easy because of the freedom and openness allowed)… but with the whole story since 2011, the scenario of the scam (or variant with huge hidden problems and fraud to gain time) is very hard to swallow…

    I just suspect that E-cat is not so performant and hard to stabilize, or hide his performance, and for Defkalion I hesitate between them hiding a huge COP above 50, and hiding huge financial problems and industrialization problems, or both.

  • Roger Bird

    I really liked the article, except, actually, the title does not make any sense, but that is OK, it is an attention grabber. But LENR is in the final stages of getting started. It is fossil, nuclear, etc. that are in their final stages. Or, fossil, nuclear, etc. are in their beginning stages of ending.

  • captainfletcher

    I LENR news daily, read a lot of articles and this is for example a few questions I ask myself:
    We saw the pictures of a truck loaded with a container containing a central LENR.
    After we have nothing on which boat was loaded on container, which was the port and the destination city? For a journalist these questions are easy and yet nothing!
    We saw last year the pictures of the plant is called Defkalion to build reactors. There were very large cranes, I had a doubt about the ultimate goal of this plant.
    I read last week on CF% 8D% CF% 8E% CE% AD-tau / Translate with Google.
    It is about this tractor factory! Why we have shown these pictures that have nothing to do with LENR reactors?
    Personally I think Rossi was purchased by the U.S.. Rossi claims to work hard, but he spends a lot of time on his voicemail. You must not expect to get more information.
    Same for Defkalion, we LENR when governments and the Big Oil decide.
    They desperately do not care about the suffering of people.
    That’s how I see it, too bad.

    • fortyniner

      It seems fairly clear that Rossi is now a part of the corporate energy sector, and as such we are unlikely to learn much more until his bosses are ready to go public. DGT are probably still in the funding solicitation phase, but if they have what they claim they are likely to go quiet at some point, for the same reason. Ahern, Mills, Brillouin, Piantelli et. al are all mysteries for the time being.

      I just hope that there may be one or two ‘dark horse’ cold fusion developers out there who have the resources to go it alone somewhere outside the US or its immediate sphere of influence, and the sense to keep quiet until they are ready to launch.