What's the Google-Brillouin Connection?

One of the more interesting pieces of information that came out of Gary Hendershot’s interview with Robert Godes and Bob George of Brillouin Energy last night was mention of Google having been to see testing of Brillouin’s technology. They did not provide much detail of Google’s involvement, and Hendershot did not press for more information about it, but it certainly provides an intriguing connection.

Earlier today a poster here on ECW, Morgan, made this comment — “I have confirmed the Google bit. Google is aware of Brillioun and tests are currently ongoing.” Because of the anonymous nature of comments on blogs, one has to be cautious on how much stock we can place in them — but it’s interesting nevertheless.

Google is a company that has shown a good deal of interest in alternative energy over the years, and I have hoped that at some point they would show interest in LENR. They are actively involved in many breakthrough technological areas, and to me LENR would be a logical technology for them to explore. Google has an initiative they call Google Green in which they are committed to supplying their energy needs — which must be very high with all the computing power they need — from renewable energy, and they claim that they have committed over $1 billion to renewables.

The fact that Brillouin are still looking for funding suggests that Google has not (yet) backed them financially — perhaps that’s what the testing is all about. For LENR to become widely known it would be very helpful to have a well-known champion to bring attention to it. Perhaps Google will play a role in doing this.

  • Adam Lepczak

    I wonder if morons at the CIA are aware of LENR and if yes, how it is going to shape our middle-east policy in the future. I wish I run CIA. I’d start pulling our troops and agents from that region like today.

    • GreenWin

      Spend LESS money?? There is no agency capable. Dennis Bushnell keeps the DCI fully informed of LENR developments.

  • Christopher Calder

    Google could finance all of Brillouin’s needs with the change in their pockets. I hope the tests go well.

    A 100:1 COP with no catalyst that needs to be replaced every 6 months would put Brillouin way out ahead of Rossi and Defkalion. Who wants to tear apart a power plant and send it back to the factory twice a year. Brillouin makes claims, but are they true? Time will tell.

  • John Bull

    Astro Teller, who heads the “Moon Shots Department” at Google, announced recently that Google was about to disclose a new invention of incredible proportions. My guess is that Google is involved with Rossi and that they are checking out the competition.



    • Eric Walker

      JF, you wouldn’t happen to have a link for this?

    • Boris Ivanoff

      Hi John. Where did Astro Teller say that? Link if possible, pls? Thanks.

      • John Bull


        Talking about Moon Shots. At the latest X-Games conference (march 2013) he said this;

        Teller didn’t reveal anything new about what Google[x] – Google’s big-thinking experimental ideas lab that has so far produced self-driving cars and Google Glass – except to say that in about a month the company will reveal something it is working on related to “control systems.”

        No update on the matter yet, i believe.


    • fortyniner

      Eric ‘Astro’ Teller and Google X are into everything from Google Glasses and space mirrors to light the arctic, to offshore wind and even kite-bourne wind turbines. The new invention could be virtually anything, but given the fact that they seem to be relative latecomers to cold fusion, if the announcement is imminent then a CF device seems to be an unlikely candidate (unless of course Google X is Rossi’s ‘partner’, as a few people have speculated – that would be a game changer).

    • Hal

      Hopefully this is the link you want


      A truly inspirational speech anyway

  • s

    A little monitor fitted on glasses is an old story, the russians invented space mirror in space and kite generators are running in Italy.

  • Sanjeev

    I’m glad you made a post about it. I also feel that this news is very important and I’m much excited about it.

    Gary should have probed a bit more on this matter, but I guess he was distracted or may be he thought Robert is just dropping a big name to make any potential investor feel good about them.

    Like I commented previously, its highly probable that Google is also taking interest in other major LENR players. If they can send their employees to BEC’s lab, (who are almost hidden from public view when compared to Rossi and DGT) they can also send their testers to Rossi or DGT. Especially DGT seems to be a more likely partner, as they have openly invited others and there is a talk of partnership with top 10 companies of the world.

    Anyway, if Google is into this, the implications are stunning.

  • Everett Collins

    I’m not surprised at Google’s interest in Brillouin. A few years ago, they invested in Bloom Energy fuel cell technology.


    • Felix Fervens

      am still hopefully awaiting a home unit Bloom box

      • GreenWin

        Felix, recently the “bloom” is off the Bloom fuel cell. Primarily due to the fact it is not entirely economical sans subsidies:

        A number of well-known companies have purchased Bloom Boxes, including Adobe, FedEx, Staples, Google, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart. One reason these companies signed up is because of government subsidies. In California 20 percent of the cost is subsidized by the state, and there’s a 30 percent federal tax break because it’s a ‘green’ technology. In other words: the price is cut in half.

        The economics are sideways also due to waste heat. One reason I press commercial LENR to build CHP (Combined Heat and Power.) It is imperative to use E-Cat’s ~65% waste heat (Carnot) for water, area, heating AND cooling. Still, E-Cat’s 1MW unit costs is about 30% cost of equiv Bloom Box.

  • Hope4dbest

    Google has been known for doing things that contradict the common sense, like the wind-powered vehicle that can go downwind faster than the wind.

    • AlainCo

      that is the strategy that nassim Nicholas taleb advice.
      You’d better bet few coins against the common sense than bet your wages on something quite sure.
      because the unexpected happen always more often than planned.
      Of course you should bet with unlimited gain, and limited losses. taking “good antifragile options”. not the usual bad fragile option of serial planners, who win few coins most of the time and lose all when things get rough.

      bet is a bad name, you take a venture … that is what google do.
      imagine investing in impossible things, like LENR, Emdrive, water memory, global cooling, US treasure default, Iran economy boom, China collapse, Fukushima real-estate, Photovoltaic and wind energy collapse, Somalia tourism… just few coins…

      If there is a finance fund builder, he could propose such a venture fund.

  • PaulZ

    Robert Godes – showed he is not a classy guy, disrespecting Rossi in the interview and giving credence to Defkalion the company that we all know stole IP from Rossi, I lost respect for Robert Godes right there no matter what he has.(smart guy no class)

    • clovis

      Hi, paul.
      My sentiments exactly,when you start a conversation and began ridiculing some other developer, before you begin telling about your invention, this is very telling, i give then very little credibility, to none with the only exception maybe they are trying like everyone else to discover the secret sauce.

    • Warthog

      Nope. Godes is an up-front guy. When Rossi was just getting up and going, Godes was one of the first to say that he thought Rossi was indeed generating large amounts of energy, and at that time predicted that there would be control problems. At that time, he offered to partner with Rossi, with his superior control approach paired with Rossi’s high output. Rossi refused, and Godes continued to work on his own approach(es). My take is that Rossi “still” does not have the level of control that Godes does, and that Godes has surpassed Rossi in both COP (100 vs 6) and max temperature (600 vs 400).

      • clovis

        Sorry, but you are the one thats wrong, Dr. Rossi had national instruments, and steamens, two of the largest instrument dealers in the world,advising him at that time, godes is all mouth, nothing else.

    • Omega Z


      Actually, Godes gave credibility to DGT & Rossi, as in having working products.

      If Godes has Issue’s with Rossi, (And I Think he does as follows) It’s probably because they reached out to Rossi…

      Godes had stated around 18 months ago plus that he thought Rossi had control problems & offered to allow Rossi to see how they control their device. Rossi gave No response. A Snub…

      Personally, I would expect no less from Rossi or any of the others involved in LENR. Espionage is a reality, not just in LENR, but any such venture.

      I’m not just talking about stealing Technical Information, But the risk of sabotage such as leading/manipulating one to go in the wrong direction in their research. Thus a great amount of time & resources could be wasted.

      I have read some real-life Corporate espionage stories & witnessed a few in life. Many are ridiculous, some ingenious except for screwing up, And many are Comical. But it is real & happening all the time.
      Some pretty harmless, But some very costly considering the stakes.

      • clovis

        what gives godes the idea that Dr,Rossi has no control over his e-cat. thats the most ridiculous thing i’v heard. absolute bull s_it, godes has nothing, if he did he would have had it out in a demo. all want to beees, Dr.Rossi has full control , why would you think he rossi has his product already in operation now, to say other wise is COMPLETE AND UTTER NONSENSE. Dr. Rossi has the lead and he is so far ahead of all the others they will never catch up, believe it, or not.

  • Kim

    Google Smooogle.

    The truth of this entire can of worms is that the big
    boys are in control of this.

    They know that they have 2 options.

    Release the Technology or Stall.

    As the sky is blue they understand at this time that they
    will make huge amounts of money, unfortunately they also
    understand it will be there last hoorah!

    Common man will figure it out and the price to produce unlimited
    free energy will drop to “0” and will be so much free energy
    that all control will be lost.

    This is what is happening right now.

    The Big Decision.


    • Roger Bird

      It is not free energy, neither in the physics sense nor in the financial sense.

    • clovis


    • GreenWin

      Agree Kim. Interesting, that up until mid-nineteenth century, energy was free. If you wanted heat, you chopped wood and burned it. For light, people used wood, tallow, whale oil, alcohol, eventually kerosene. Essentially, we return to a time not too long ago, when homes and businesses each provided their own energy.

      • PaulZ

        Robert Godes: It is good to find out possible business partners Temperaments before investing and sharing IP, many companies have went down because of personality conflicts.

        from this interview I would put together IRON CLAD non – disclosures and any business contracts with Robert Godes would be written to be keep him on a tight rope and focused on the task at hand.

      • Klaus

        why do we not see more money from oil co-orporations flowing in LENR they have the power and need to convert the Oil Dollar to the LENR Dollar after all you can not eat drink or F..ck money but if you have the most you can F..ck the whole world and with global warming over population and dewindeling resources I would think that the top of the Pyramid would acting fast.

  • John Maguire

    Interesting, but I don’t trust Google’s motives in the slightest. They are a mega corporation with deep ties to the military industrial complex, and are interested in increasing their revenue not “liberating the planet”, plain and simple. But at least it shows how seriously LENR is being taken by many major players nowadays.

  • Roger Bird

    The fact that anyone here who believes in LENR is still arguing about AGW, either for or against, PROVES how our egotism drives us. Even after some head-butting has become completely and utterly and 100% moot, we just want to keep on head-butting, proving our point, making the other guy look foolish, etc. We want our ideas on some subject full of sound and fury and signifying nothing to win. I and others like me are so pathetic in doing this.

    I say that this is the engine that drives many skeptics and skeptopaths also. Once they get behind an idea, they just can’t let go, for egotistical reasons. This is especially true for those who have fame and prestige invested in a viewpoint. Bless Stephen Hawking for admitting that he was wrong once about something that had to do with black holes evaporating.

  • GreenWin

    There is a curious inverse reaction afoot – as Rossi’s public statements have decreased, signs of big player interests increase. Take for example the very positive article in Independent Voters Network, “Cold Fusion Energy Is Not Just Science Fiction Anymore.”


    While the story is nothing new for LENR followers, its publisher IS. The Independent Voters Network and allied Independent Voters Project is a political activist organization leaning decidedly to the left. It is also VERY well connected to California politics. Less clear, but intriguing is IVN’s representation by political lobbyists for Pacific Gas & Electric; specifically their (defeated) Prop 16 ballot measure.

    PG&E is California’s largest utility with huge political clout. There is now little doubt that all major US utilities are not only aware of LENR, but are quietly paving the road to adopt Distributed Energy Resources. If one is to assume the IVN cold fusion article is reflective of PG&E’s executive office – LENR in some form or other has already gone mainstream.

    How this plays out for grid consumers is questionable. However, in light of the rapid changes in distributed energy, and the Edison Institute’s report on disruptive technology:

    “Something is happening here
    And you don’t know what it is,
    Do you, Mr. Jones.”
    B Dylan

    • Jim

      Yeah, pretty hard now to think that LENR is not widely known of in the energy industry.

      Energy companies are probably and rightfully concerned that any major endorsements would drop their stock in the tank.

      So, maybe we will see fewer rabid denials (Krivit and Hodie haven’t gotten to IVN yet), and more cautions about dangers and difficulties.

    • Kim

      All correct

      Check my comments I left on this board today.


    • psi

      Excellent and intriguing analysis. Thanks

      • clovis

        Hi, Greenwin,
        dylan,he’s d man, so you think google could be the secret partner, it kinda fits, might it be that google already has the Rossi effect and is nosing around to see what others are doing, if this is the case, i feel there will be one heap big law suit coming down the road, when it all comes out,hopefully for christmas, come on santa give up the big one, to the whole world,–smile.

        • clovis

          oops, sorry psi

  • artefact

    Pane of Science (Blog)

    Goings on in Lightning related to LENR?


    “The ground is being prepared for a new generation of physicists who are going to have a remarkable fresh new field to work in compared to the last generation or two.”

    • clovis


  • kasom

    it is wright to look at the competition, because obviously there has been issued a gagging order on A.R. from his Partner.

    The text:
    “I say what I can: as you know there is considerable speculation about the Rossi Effect highlighted in the third indipendent party report published on Arxive Physics (” Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder “). While we test our work in a long term validation test, that probably will endure one year, it will be impossible for me to talk about what we are doing. Where there are discoveries to share, positive or negative, it will be done.
    Warm Regards,

    shows, that he has given up some how…..

    we dont’t have to follow the JONP any longer.


  • Preston

    Google has huge server farms needing energy. It’s been said that a single google search uses enough power to boil a cup of water – that doesn’t sound true; but what is true is in 2011 goggle’s servers were using 260MW of power. Google has set a goal to reduce it’s carbon footprint, they have invested in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. It’s not at all surprising to see them looking into LENR.

  • Sanjeev

    Please note that Godes has not surpassed Rossi yet. The figures of COP 100 and 600C are their expectations, not reality. Their gas based system is still under experimentation, whose pics were shown as a teaser. Its not there on their site yet.

    However, I like the fact that BEC is less secretive then Rossi. We don’t know any names in the Rossi’s team, nor his partners nor his location, nothing except the 3rd party report guys. On the other hand BEC has names to tell (check their website) and they invite people to their lab. The list of people working with BEC is very impressive.

  • Joe Shea

    I just hope that Google, after looking at Brilloun, will turn to AR for further study

  • georgehants

    Wonderful day

  • georgehants

    Roger, it is scientific to neither believe nor disbelieve in something such as Global Warming, simply to ask that those responsible for doing the Research to assassin the True position do so honestly un-biasdly and competently.
    When as with Cold Fusion it is clear that science is corrupt and incompetent then we are left with people being unable to rely on the information being given which of course leads to people taking one side or the other based entirely on pointless “opinion”
    Mail on Line
    Global warming is just HALF what we said: World’s top climate scientists admit computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong
    Leaked report reveals the world is warming at half the rate claimed by IPCC in 2007
    Scientists accept their computers ‘may have exaggerated’
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2420783/Global-warming-just-HALF-said-Worlds-climate-scientists-admit-computers-got-effects-greenhouse-gases-wrong.html#ixzz2ewykcK00

    • Felix Fervens

      Good points GreenWing.

      While I’d rather have an E-Cat, Defkalion generator, Brillion gizmo, one would imagine that the economics of scale might make for an affordable home Bloom Box if widely adopted. Could really use that “waste” heat here in the winter time 🙂

      I suspect the extreme heat of operation is what prevents a safe Bloom home unit from deployment.

    • Warthog

      Free??? I think not. Time (which is money) and energy had to be invested to harvest it, haul it to point of use, convert it (cut/split/season) into a usable form. Anybody who has ever actually used wood for heat, even in a recreational fireplace, would NEVER call it “free”.

      • Mike Cheek

        No, not free. But if we generally accept the assertions by the various investigators then there is the potential of low cost and abundant energy. This would be a great good. Low cost energy would first have a direct effect on manufacturing and the economy in general. Secondary effect would be a movement towards energy independence in this country. For the Europeans they could cut off their dependence on Russian natural gas. And other benefits as well.

        So no, no free energy. But the potential benefits of abundant, green and inexpensive energy are enormous. IF, if, if … this thing works out.

  • Gerrit

    reply to george

    which is good news, because we’ll have more time to completely convert to regenerative energy and/or LENR.

  • georgehants

    Gerrit, the reply’s are not going to the right place this morning.
    Note on the report I put up that it was not the scientists that got everything completely wrong, but the computer all on it’s own decided that it would make-up the information put in and double the effect.
    Very clever these modern computers.

    • Computers are just machines which only do what their programmer command them.
      So either someone developed a wrong algorithm for the calculation, or someone feed the computer with wrong base-information for this calculation.

      -> Not the computers where wrong, the scientists/programmers where.

  • Roger Bird

    I am sure that they will. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t anyone who has any sense at all?

  • Roger Bird

    Perhaps when the Nuclear Regulator Commission raids BEC with drawn guns then maybe they will learn to be more secretive, sort of like the FDA raiding an Amish farmer and Santa Monica greenies with drawn guns because of raw milk. And you thought that you lived in a democracy.

  • GreenWin

    reply to George’s Mail article.

    It is fascinating to read how many of the world’s “expert climate scientists” refuse to utter the words: WE WERE WRONG. Sheer hubris.

    ADMIN reply posts are re-directed to top.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Well, if they’re 1/2 correct, then the GW buffoons are equal to coin-flippers.

  • Andrew Ma

    Google was the first to buy a Bloom Box for their site.

    Hope Rossi can get the $974+ million dollar investment to get E-cat profitable.

  • Andrew Ma

    Report saying Bloom Box less efficient than natural gas plants.

  • PaulZ

    Obviously you are bias here, and support Robert Godes disrespecting Rosi more interestingly you offer the reason why
    that Rossi would not PARTNER with Godes.

    Rossi was VERY SMART INDEED for NOT partnering with Robert Godes pretty clear now, Godes can be a angry man.

    • Roc Joco

      Godes has a very detailed theory that is irrefutable in my opinion. Godes is probably the most frustrated man in the world as he controls LENR in the palm of his hand and nobody seems to care or give him due credit.

  • Roger Bird


  • BroKeeper

    OZ, a name with respect I have as for many other wizards of thought contributing to this site. Another wizard behind the curtain is Rossi of innovative LENR survival, one who has learned from past persecutions with a shield of 180 degrees misdirection to set his opponents off balance and divert their blows.
    I see no deception in what AR is requesting, ‘new Sterling engines to couple with his E-Cat’. Not only would AR benefit from those ideas but his partner like DEKA would also benefit and perhaps acquire new ways to ‘couple’ its Sterling engines with a pure heat source. It’s all in the perspective of the one questioning another’s motive.

    I have no proof that DEKA is his partner. I only deducted circumstantial evidences stated in past post comments that appear DEKA to be the likely candidate. I would not be surprised if it is different company.

    Maybe I went too far asking DEKA’s operator for Rossi (curiosities got my cat), but added possible evidence and excellence backing him, we all are curious about.

  • BroKeeper

    OZ, a name with respect I have as for many other wizards of thought contributing to this site. Another wizard behind the curtain is Rossi of innovative LENR survival, one who has learned from past persecutions with a shield of 180 degrees misdirection to set his opponents off balance and divert their blows.

    I see no deception in what AR is requesting, ‘new Sterling engines to couple with his E-Cat’. Not only would AR benefit from those ideas but his partner like DEKA would also benefit and perhaps acquire new ways to ‘couple’ its Sterling engines with a pure heat source. It’s all in the perspective of the one questioning another’s motive.

    I have no proof that DEKA is his partner. I only pointed out the circumstantial evidences stated in past post comments that appear DEKA to be the likely candidate. I would not be surprised if it is different company.

    Maybe I went too far asking DEKA’s operator for Rossi (curiosities got my cat), but provided possible evidence and excellence backing him, we all are curious about.

    Oh well, I attempted to reply to
    Omega Z on September 15, 2013 at 3:46 am comment.

  • Felix Fervens

    Thanks for that Andrew Ma.

    Curious that the efficiency table they present when comparing Bloom to CoGen shows 0 heat produced by Bloom, which is using half the fuel for the same power output as the Cogen. Looks like for some reason the waste heat isn’t being used on these Bloom devices?

  • AlainCo

    In free software we have the french difference between “libre” and “gratuit” : free like a beer, or free like speech.

    LENR is free like speech, and quite cheap.
    Oil was very cheap at the beginning and allowed our huge development of 20th century. However it is not so “libre” because you need huge capital investment, good geopolitical situation, long logistic, huge refineries to produce it.

    Wood may be more expensive than oil, but it is free like speech for most people in poor woody zone.

    LENR because it is “libre” (like liberty) may solve many problems in zone or contexte where bad governance, monopolies, pathologic markets, logistic, are challenging access to energy.

    It also add some freedom because of less refueling, less logistic.

  • Roger Bird

    Everyone who is sitting pretty will move slowly. Have you ever seen a lion sunning itself move into high gear suddenly. Only if human beings come driving up in a jeep are you going to see that. Otherwise, a lion might take 20 minutes to wake up and get moving. Oil/gas companies are doing just fine, thank you, and they still don’t hear the jeep coming.