German E-Cat Licensee Reports Getting Refund on License

A discussion thread on the Swedish Energikatalysatorn forum indicates that Gerd Neumann, a German with a distributor license for the E-Cat has given up on the project. The thread includes this (tranlsated) message that Neumann apparently posted on Facebook.

“Well, I am tired for cold fusion and Andrea Rossi! Now I have my doing in another good things. We get our money back, That is good! All other I don `t know and I don` t want to know it. My future is now in another way. I could have a many experience! Now we can look to brows gas or other good things. My new activity is in Maroc. There we have: Founding Conference Green World Center for Synergy Homeopathy, New Technologies & Wellness
Sidi Ifni, Kingdom of Morocco from 29.11. till 06:12:13 Please don `t ask me about Rossi and cold fusion! For me is this the end! May be not for another people! ”

The full thread translated from Swedish can be seen here:

  • Fortyniner

    As soon as it became clear that e-cat devlopment was in the hands of a multinational, and that there would be no home/portable e-cats in at least the medium term, it was pretty clear that the licensees/distributors would quickly become a group of unhappy bunnies: the ‘partner’ was unlikely to recognise the agreements Rossi had made with them, and a non-corporate scale product to sell seemed increasingly unlikely. I hope that Rossi had the honesty to recognise this and to offer refunds to all of them. Herr Neumann may simply be a little noisier than the others.

    • Fortyniner

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      • Fortyniner

        Mea culpa I think. Anyway I managed to login eventually.

    • GreenWin

      Extend the territorial resale contracts to begin when current prototype development is complete – or refund license fees.

  • Gerrit

    Well that certainly killed the licencing-fee scam theory

  • gbas3 gbas3

    Well people…… have a free license in europe!

    • artefact

      I don’t think this licence will be given away again.
      Rossi sayd, that his partner is active in many countries around the world. The old network is at least parly obsolete. A few good ones like hydrofusion will maybe be integrated into the company.

      • Omega Z

        I doubt this license will be resold- Period.
        I would expect others to be bought out.

        • wapiti22

          Cherokee has a new plan of distribution so the e-cat licence are useless

  • Gerrit

    Yes, I noticed that too.

    But we’d certainly hear from Neumann if, for whatever reason, he wouldn’t get the money back as promised. That would completely picture Rossi as the mean licence-fee scam artist that all the naysayers believe he is.

    I am very confident that Neumann will indeed get his money back and that will be the end of the licence-fee scam assumption.

    • This licensee was an alien from my eyes…
      I prefer people like Aldo Proia … (ok, I’m a boring exec)

  • WantOffTheGrid

    Wow first person to jump ship. Are they all to start heading for the lifeboats now that the “big” company iis in charge? With no house unit on the horizon many licencees’ business model may not fit anymore.

  • V.p.S.

    I’m not surprised with this news. A month ago or so I heard from the Swiss E-Cat licensee that their position became very uncertain as they were having troubles finding a pilot customer for the 1MW plant. The main reason they mentioned was changed requirements from Rossi’s side for the first industrial E-Cat customer that got more restrictive. Among all potential customers they were in talks with nobody was apparently able or ready to meet those requirements. And as we know, the licenses are bound to a minimal amount of sold E-Cat until the agreed deadline. If this is not fullfiled, the license gets withdrawn.
    So it should be pretty clear now that Rossi’s partner is trying to cut off prior Rossi’s obligations in license contracts. What this means for the future E-Cat market introduction is still to be seen. But as soon as old licensee will get refunded, at least the license fee fraud is off the cards.

    • GreenWin

      Business elects to buy back its own shares, equity, contracts of various types when cash flow is good, or the business plan is altered. Any business offering to buy back shares or licenses at a profit to the shareholder or licensee – is strong financially and bullish on future prospects. This simply demonstrates the increased value of equity in e-Cat marketing rights.

      • wapiti22

        I have some inside information. It seems that Chrokee want to get back all the e-cat licences. Cherokee has a plan for a world distribution of the ecat, so they don’t need ecat licences anymore. To get back the licences, they have increase the requirements like say V.p.S.

  • Fortyniner

    “We get our money back, That is good!” could be interpreted as someone with limited English saying that he *had* been refunded.

  • MasterMax

    Looks like the typical behaviour from a big Company. They want total control of the business.
    And perhaps Rossis “old” license agreements dont fit. And Neumann is a victim of this company politics….